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guy in the wrong jersey. we have more sports coming up in 20 minutes. it is a big day with college football. >> exciting games. great games. thank you. next at 11 pm. >> it is historic,'s are changing. >> history in california as marijuana comes out of the shadows as the first recreational pot sales are made. ktvu fox 2 news 11 pm starts now. it was a monumental day with the dispensaries selling pot legally to the public for the first time.>> customers came out to celebrate the change but not every day area dispensary is cleared to sell recreational cannabis. several cities such as san francisco are working on
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improving regulations. you can buy recreational marijuana in berkeley, oakland, richmond, san jose and santa cruz. the mayor cut the green ribbon. it is the oldest operating dispensaries and they opened up their doors at 6 am. >> to me it means that i can have a sense of relief and i can feel like i am a member of society. this is an exciting moment. >> the mayor says that taxes from the pot sales could double or triple the city's revenue.>> hundreds of people lined outside. this morning was a ribbon- cutting. >> with these scissors i do the free.>> [ applause ] >> the harborside ceo cut the
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green ribbon at 6 am and within minutes, the first official customer completed his transaction, he legally but $20 of cannabis. ? that was very helpful. thank you. thank you. >> it is done. >> [ applause ] >> assuring in a new era of cannabis sales in california. >> it is great, it has been a long time coming. we have battles we fought and we battled to be where we are today. >> reporter: they can sell the cannabis openly, and the ceo has been fighting for this day for four decades. and is looking towards colorado on how the sales will progress in california. >> we learned that in the beginning it is bumpier rocky and it takes a while to work out
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the licensing and the regulation. but what we are going to see is a huge benefit for the state of california in the form of massive tax revenue and new jobs that will be created. >> reporter: actavis hope that the state will benefit from tax revenue. and the customer see a bright future for cannabis in california. >> overall it gives the demands more. it takes the dark alley out of it. that is a good thing. >> reporter: keep in mind while cannabis is legal here in california cannot bite here in california and transported to another state, any cannot use it in national parks they are still in federal jurisdiction. >> marijuana users pack san jose dispensaries, the anticipation and the line started building at 7 am -- 7 pm the night before. they kicked off the recreational
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sales with the raffle and free donis. they serve 300 people in the first few hours of operation. ? i think this is something now that it is legal, that i would like to partake in on a regular basis. >> it feels festive and everybody is extremely happier. >> we have smiles on our face and we are standing in line no longer. >> the retail soils -- sales will double in 2018. many people have questions on how recreational marijuana is tax there is a 50% tax excise tax. cities can opt to charge the cannabis tax in oakland, for example, dispensaries can charge a 10% tax for recreational users. if you by pot in oakland you could be charged more than 34%,
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where will the taxes go? the state wants to give the money to medical cannabis research programs and the highway patrol so that they can create new dui patrols. >> there is no smoking in publican state law says you cannot light up within 1000 feet of a day care center or schools when children are present. use the it under 20 years your old, it is prohibit -- 21 years old is prohibited. they treat cannabis like alcohol. >> it could be annoying to some people but at the same time, people can enjoy what they have been doing for a while now just more legally. >> depending on the user conduct, cities, counties, and the state will come up with the level that needs to be enforced. you can find out more information on her website,
11:06 pm we go to san francisco two people are in the hospital tonight. a box truck hit them it happened just before 4 pm near 21st avenue. police on the scene reviewed security coverage the truck started to make a right turn then the driver decided to go straight and swerved and hit two cars and two elderly men on the corner. a family of five were in one of the cars and they were her but they will be okay. a truck in a historic streetcar collided today. it happened at 9:15 pm. you can see the truck rolled over onto its side the traffic in the area has been affected as they work to remove the truck . a young woman was struck by a stray bullet last night at a new year's eve party. ktvu is in the newsroom after
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speaking to the people who hosted the party. >> they are understandably upset . they are relieved that their friend was not heard. if it had not ricocheted and lost velocity could have ended quite differently.>> reporter: as midnight arrived so did the gunfire. this was like any back yard party, one dozen friends were having fun and popping open the champagne. in the moment, no one even realized that one was hurt. >> she felt something and she said all of a sudden, i got a shot.>> reporter: the person that was shot and the person having the party are recent immigrants and they do not want to be shown on camera. >> she was quiet and then i
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heard she had pain but she didn't want to scare associate didn't say anything. >> reporter: police believe that this spray of automatic gunfire may be the one that sent the bullet into the yard because they got an alarmed call about it i have a block away. >> the likelihood is if this bullet came down, hit the ground then ricocheted and lost its velocity then hit her. >> reporter: just a fit -- a foot or two over it could have hit her directly. >> we got lucky this time. >> reporter: the fact that firing goods in the air as a form of celebration was startling to this group, police explained to them that it happens across the bay area and the country and falling bullets have put people in the hospital.
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>> he said, you could be dead, if it would have hit your head or i, we were lucky actually. >> reporter: police will run ballistic tests on the bullet, they got the bullet from the victim, she searched the patio it still -- until she found it. the police say that it was important to report it. they are hoping for a tip for who shot off the gun. >> she is one lucky young woman. we are learning more information about a small plane crash that happened in yesterday -- in costa rica yesterday. the company that arrange the vacation is called, back roads. this couple and their three sons were on the airplane and it was the last stop of their trip. and two doctors from florida and their children and a tour
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guide from wisconsin was killed. our thoughts and prayers are with the families that were impacted by this tragedy. that is from the tour company. ktvu, heather holmes, at a vigil today in oakland. >> reporter: the new year brings up old and painful wounds. >> we know that there is a lot of hurting hearts in this place. >> reporter: it was here in 2009 , oscar grant, was killed. he was unarmed when he was shot by a bart police officer on the platform. >> sometimes you leave with that same pain that you come with. we want to help to kill the
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hurting hearts. >> reporter: she leads the oscar grant foundation. she helps teenagers with grants and other opportunities. >> we want to build a better community.>> reporter: the groups basketball team travels across the country competing in tournaments to inspire teams to stay in school and stata trouble. that is one part of her mission and the other is promoting justice. she has been pushing for changes in policing, his death raised pressure on the government to deal with the issue of gun violence. >> we want them to invest time in their community and as they invest time to work side-by- side with their community when they do that it will feel like a better relationship. >> reporter: she is hopeful with changes in policy and editors and as people gather to
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honor her son they will know what they are fighting for. >> the foundation is making a difference. >> reporter: she plans to speak out on behalf of other mothers. you will recall the officer that shot grant in the back is sentenced to two years. she encourages people to continue to speak up and judge fairly. in the newsroom, heather holmes, ktvu fox 2 news. the era of the $15 an hour minimum wage, it is here. the acting mayor and her priorities as she takes the reins at the san francisco city hall. the new year is bringing a weather pattern. more on that coming up.
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the acting mayor said today that she plans to tackle some of the main issues as their predecessor, with her first sit down interview, she said that her background has helped focus her priorities. >> when you grow up in poverty and you have people make promises to you and they do not keep those promises you are
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sensitive to that and you are sensitive to people who live you and so part of the way that i work in the person i am, i am very direct. >> she is 43 years old and she is the first african-american woman to sit in the seat here in san francisco. she was a scrappy kid believing that certain people in the community saw something in her. >> all these people throughout my life really pushed me and supported me and so it is why i went to college and why i came back and i wanted to work in my community i felt that there were too many young people that grew up the same way i did and fell through the cracks.>> she doesn't say whether she will run with the special election coming up in june. the two cities increase
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their minimum wage to $15 an hour, the new wage is not winning universal praise. >> reporter: the new year's special served up is greed and could go far with easy financial burdens. january 1 marks the start of the $15 an hour minimum wage. they are ready for the race and it is a possible loss for the owners and also the customers they try to entice. >> i do the books and i did the numbers and it is so hard to keep our doors open at this point. >> reporter: he started as a waiter 17 years ago and now he is a district manager for the five south bay locations and he says that the $50 minimum wage could cost customers money. >> who will pay for it?
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it will be the customers. we have to adjust our price accordingly. >> reporter: he has increase prices and the other restaurants in this area admit that they are considering the same. they say that the price increases will hurt businesses by forcing some regulars to stay home and not spend their money. >> we are happy about this and quite frankly i wouldn't mind if the midshipman-is him -- minimum rage -- wage raised further. they say an increase in prices will not put a crimp in their dinner plans. >> there would be a breaking point, maybe 20% higher than whatever they would raise it to. there is a ways to go. >> reporter: last week, $15 an hour minimum wage is not the end of it but the cities of mountain view and sunnyvale will see annual increases tied to the consumer price index and
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each year as that goes up workers will see a raise according -- accordingly. if you have been in san francisco you may have noticed that the bridge is out of commission, the 84-year-old drawbridge is undergoing a $25 million overhaul that started december 11. currently it is in the up position and it will remain so until january 26. major work is being done. they are working to repair corrosion and replace the bridge deck. the clouds are increasing across parts of that bay area you can count on more clouds tomorrow morning, the heist today mild, a lot of 60s to start out the year cut the start out 2018. take a look at some of those
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highs, santa rosa 67 degrees, 62 oakland, san jose 64. the clouds are approaching the bay area. most of this is falling in the upper levels but there is a chance we could have a sprinkle tonight and tomorrow but the main action, our next system there is a storm moving in from offshore wednesday night. the temperatures will drop to the lower 40s and upper 30s, here is the live camera look looking towards san francisco with more clouds and some patchy fog added to the mix tomorrow morning, increasing clouds tomorrow morning, 7 am 50 degrees lunchtime more cloud cover and temperatures will approach the lower 60s at 62 degrees. the next system, we are talking about this guy it moves and wednesday, wednesday evening, we could have rainfall amounts not just a few sprinkles but the
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the coastal hills could approach a into the range, -- approach an inch. the heaviest rainfall we are highlighting will move in wednesday evening with the possibility of thunder and we will hold onto the chance of a scattered shower for your thursday forecast. tomorrow a transition day, cloud cover than the main event, especially by wednesday evening, we will hold onto the possibility of a few scattered showers into your thursday, a lot of clouds for tomorrow. here we go with that rain line approaching wednesday, wednesday night, this is wednesday 6 pm this will be a rain producer primarily in the sierra and snow levels above 8000 feet. santa cruz 70 degrees and get the umbrella ready especially by wednesday, there could be a shower or two, into thursday and we will keep an eye on the
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upcoming weekend. it is a nice change and we need the rain coming our way. it is a dream day for college football fans. the highlights is coming up next in sports. this is a stunning view of downtown san francisco. thank you for joining us. woman: so, greg,
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it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
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we will put sugar on top at the super picture. >> it was a glorious day, alabama had to win that, if clemson won they would have been alabama twice in three years and that would not happen. that was on nice smoking jacket, this is the third quarter, number 94 going 24 yards into the tiger territory. they are throwing the ball. that is the best way -- best day of that guys life. clemson the next offensive play, it is intercepted by matt wilson, 18 yards later a
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ballgame. the rose bowl, georgia, oklahoma, the heisman trophy winner baker mayfield front and center, this is a little razzle- dazzle, they run the reverse, they pull up and throws to baker mayfield. 3117 -- 31-17, the sinners at the have. in the final minute he makes it 45-45. we get bonus footgame- winner it is his fourth touchdown of the day, 54, 48 the highest scoring rose bowl ever. the other bowl games, notre dame, lsu, the citrus bowl, irish is on top 3-0. that was a 20 yard touchdown the tigers,
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with the 7-3 lead. this is the final 90 seconds. myles boykin, that was the play of the day. that was a 55 yard touchdown and he has regained the mvp, notre dame does when this a triple 21-17. how about the peach bowl? he will take over with nebraska next year. this is the fourth quarter, 27- 20, they are looking for the tie and they are not looking in the right place. that was 45 yards. it was a touchdown ucf does win. the cleveland browns have caused their fans misery the last few years, and it has caused one fan more than that, paul stark passed away this past wednesday he said he died in a
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hospice facility after a brief illness, because of the hopeless condition of the cleveland browns, four days after his passing he completed -- they completed the 0-16 season. >> that was are real cleveland browns fan. thank you for joining us, good night. the power of 2.
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jay? have you seen the grapes? yeah, i ate them. why would you eat the grapes? they were in a bowl, they were washed, i paid for them. they were for the new year's. oh, right. what's that goofy thing again? it's not goofy. it's a tradition. at midnight, you eat 12 grapes, you make 12 wishes, 1 for each month of the year. and you really think that works? five years ago, i was a single mother living in a slum. today, i'm driving to palm springs in my new car with my rich husband. you do what you want. i'm eating the grapes. for new year's eve, we're taking phil and claire and mitch and cam to this amazing hotel i used to go to in palm springs. they got a whole package-- dinner, dancing, toast at midnight. i mean, what more do you need? grapes. (lowered voice) i said we'd stop on the way. haley, it's new year's eve. are you sure you don't wanna go to a party or something? and listen to all my friends talk about how awesome college is? i know how awesome college is. that's what got me kicked out.


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