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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  January 3, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> yeah. >> enjoy the marshal tucker as well. thank you for that. there's rain on the rain. it le r today something will develop, not for the morning. by this evening, it should bring rain in here. but after a stretch of very, very long dry weather, it's tough to break that down. usually the first system sacrifices itself for the others. there's another one, late thursday and friday. we have to wait for this to move in. rainfall doesn't look that great through the morning or the afternoon. hopefully by this evening, this thing will march in. not a lot of jet stream a support and not a lot of cold air, so this might be a light precipitation. 40s on the temps and 50s and warmer here compared the last couple of mornings. there's an easterly breeze from the valley. should turn southeast later. cloudy and lightning strikes associated
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with this back here. this is not coming over us. it's going to lift northward. 60s on the temps with rain later. 5:01, sal. good morning, sir. did you figure out what that wat was one of our own. let's get to the 580 commute. there's slowing, but it's not as severe or it's not as slow. it's slow coming over the hill. once you make it to livermore, it looks okay. a touch of slowing near the dublin -- those are holiday lights according to our editors who drive-by everyday. it says happy holidays apparently. it's hard to see here, but that's what it is. traffic is moving along well if you're wondering what that is. traffic looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza. moving well into san francisco. 5:01. back to the desk. >> thank you. san jose police are
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searching if a man who walked into a classroom at harker middle school who sexual harassed and robbed an employee and this happened before kids arrived for classes. jesse gary shows us a surveillance video -- >> i have been in this area for four years and never heard something like this happened before. >> desi and his wife says morning walks became a matter of personal safety following a crime against an employee on the harker middle school campus. video was released shortly before the crime early tuesday morning. >> if you think about it, it's a sexual assault. it's a graphic, ugly, type of crime. >> police sergeant garcia says the victim was inside a school classroom around 6:30 a.m. the
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suspect who apparently broken onto the campus prowled the halls into entering the classroom and he allegedly sexually assaulted her and robbed her and left. >> he fled on foot into the area and we have no idea who he is at this point. >> harker is a nonprofit school in west san jose. the 6th through 8th grade schools are charged around $42,000 per year. news that a sexual assault took place on campus has rattled area residents. >> i've lived here for many years and never had issues or heard about problems so it's surprising. >> san jose investigators hope the community can help lead to this suspect's capture which residents say will be a welcomed relief. >> i hope the police catch him and we'll feel safer here once that's done. >> jesse gary, fox 2 news.
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the santa row is a man is behind bars accused of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl. snapchat played a part in his arrest. francisco cortes was arrested after the girl's father spotted him peeping through the girl's window. later police found that cortes exchanged explicit snapchat messages with the girl. a man accused of assaulting his father in fremont was arrested after a three-hour standoff. sky 5 was flying over the scene. firefighters, as you can see here aimed their water hose on the man before he was arrested. fremont police say the man told them he doused himself with a toxic chemical that would be dangerous to anyone who touched him. the suspect was taken away in an ambulance. he reportedly has severe mental problems. time is 5:04.
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for the first time in a while, the bay area should get rain. in the bird area, people received a warning to prepare for the possibly of flooding and mud slides. in sonoma county, crews have been laying down straw and rocks to protect property. those in the burn zones are being updated. >> we have notified over 4,000 of the owners of these properties through cards we just mailed out saying stay prepared, stay alert, and these are the different ways that you can register for alert so that we can notify them. >> with a long stretch of dry weather, cleanup the fire ravaged areas have been slow but steady. that work will be on hold when the rainy weather comes. your time is 5:05. oakland police searching for a hit-and-run driver who hit and killed an 18-year-old woman in a crosswalk within blocks of her home. ktvu amber lee talked to her mother who has a message for
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the person who killed her daughter. >> i was passing out flyers. knocking on doors. trying to find my daughter. >>reporter: the family of chantel duncan put up fliers not far from her home asking for help in locating her. the teen's mother says the family last saw her sunday night at home for a new year's eve get together. relatives knew something was wrong when she didn't show up for work. but on tuesday afternoon, they learned from the alameda coroner's office that the 18-year-old had been struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver early new year's day. >> it will never be the same. [ crying ]. >> relative and friends gathered at chantel's home to come to terms with their sudden loss. stunned that the driver would leave the scene after hitting chantel. >> that was a real coward move,
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you know. it could have been your mom, your sister, your cousin. it's not right. >> shortly after 5:00 a.m. mondz s say chantel had been returning home from spending new year's eve night with friends. she was only about two blocks from her home when police say a dark-colored sedan speeding southbound on 98th avenue at sunny side street in east oakland struck chantel as she was in the crosswalk. she was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> right here and there was one on the curb and off the curb. >> this neighbor say he saw the 18 year old shoes laying on the street soon after the collision. he says he's had several close calls crossing -- he's calling on the city to install flashing lights. >> they need that right here. it doesn't make since to have -- >> chantel told friends that she needed to get home so she could
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go to work new year's eve morning at fallas discount store. her man energy described her as a person with good ora. mom is asking for the hit-and-run driver to surrender to police. >> i know it's killing your conscious. you won't be able to rest until you come forward. >> chantel's family say they're stunned someone so responsible could have her life ended this way. police are offering a $10,000 reward leading to an arrest. oakland, amber lee, ktvu, fox 2 news. time is 5:08. next week the san francisco board of supervisors will discuss the process of selecting an interim mayor. board of supervisor, president breed has been serving as acting mayor since the unexpected death of ed lee on december 12th. the board will
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have to schedule a vote to elect an interim mayor. the deadline to file for the mayorial race is january 9th. some supervisors would like to see who will run before picking a mayor. whoever wins the june election will serve the remainder of lee's term that runs until january of 2019. >> we're here and -- no one matched the mega million drawings. the jackpot grows to $418 million. last night marks the 23rd straight drawing without a jackpot winner in the game. the numbers were 1, 42, 47, 64 and 70. the mega millions number was 22. the next drawing is friday. none of those are my numbers, dave so i didn't play. i understand why i didn't win. the competing power ball game will have a drawing with a $440 million jackpot and the odds of winning are 1 in 292
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million, but that doesn't stop millions of americans from buying tickets. back in 2016, people spent more than $80 billion. that's more they spent on books, sports tickets, movies, video games, and music combined. >> unreal. we can pretend that we won. >> let's do it. >> all right. time is 5:10. still ahead in san francisco, plans to build an affordable housing complex at the location of a fast food restaurant, coming up, why some neighbors don't like it. whose nuclear button is more powerful? i'm doug luzader. we'll have more on the recent ep and north korean president jong un. live look at highway 4 coming over the willow pass. there's slowing. we'll give you a look at the commute when we come back. after a long stretch of dry weather, it looks like we get a
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break. the system is on the way. the question is when will it show up. we'll have more on that coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's now 5:13. the war of words continues betwh korean leader kim jong un and it's about nuclear weapons. >> president trump -- it sets off a concern with the north.
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doug luzader reports from washington. >>reporter: president trump's button to launch a nuclear launch is a football that's always nearby and carried by a military aide, but in a war of words so far and speaking figuratively, the president shot back at north korean leader jong un and bragged about a button on his desk. the president writing the nuclear button is/desk. will someone from his food-starved regime inform him that i too have a nuclear button. but it's a bigger and more powerful one than his and my button works. >> it's a tongue and cheek comment about a serious issue. >> retired -- the possibility of actual conflict as the north regime develops its nuclear and missile technologies. >> we're getting closer to that to be frank. >> the u.s. [indiscernible]
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stance on north korea is at odds at south korea which hopes -- >> north korea can talk with anyone they want, but the u.s. is not going to recognize it or acknowledge it until they agree to ban the nuclear weapons they have. >> north korea and south korea are reestablishing these lines of communication ahead of next month's winter olympics being held in south korea. >> washington, doug luzader, fox 2 news. congress today begins its 2018 session. the lawmakers are going back to washington. they're going to face a familiar partisan standoff. congressional leaders and the white house will meet and they'll work on a congressional budget they put off for months and democratic senators will meet. jones beat -- governor smith will replace democrat al franken. franken resigned. as congress gets back to won
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the agenda is a -- back in september, president trump said he would not consider citizenship for people enrolled in the deferred action for childhood arrival program or daca which allows an undocumented immigrant brought here as an child to be protected. president trump announced he was ending the obama -- the u.s. homeland security secretary said the trump administration is not ruling out a pathway for dreamers to become citizens but emphasized building a border wall is the first priority. a canadian man held captive by the taliban has been arrested on charges including sexual assault and making death threats. 34-year-old joshua boyle is facing 15 charges. he's due in court in iowa today. boyle and his wife were captured by the taliban while backpacking
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in afghanistan five years ago. they had three children while in captivity. back in october the family was reused and returned to canada. details -- the alleged crimes happened between his return and december 30th. our time is 5:17. we're going to get you moving this morning. we brought sal back. welcome back, first of all, ando find out if everybody is behaving for you on the roads. >> i think so, dave and gasia. we have holiday commute out there. this might be the last week. i know schools are out this week. northbound 101, let's start there in the gilroy commute. northbound 101 looks good from gilroy to morgan hill getting in san jose and that silicon valley commute looks good. some people might be lingering on their vacation time coming in. there had been no major issues as you drive on 880 and 680 and 580, it's a nice looking commute.
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this is a look at the 280 drive that looks good. the lights are on for a normal week, but right now it's not quite there yet. 5:18. let's go to steve. >> thank yo. >> you're welcome, steve. >> good morning, everybody. we'll look nationally because it's darn cold for everybody. there's snow in the gulf of mexico yesterday. even offshore, 25 miles offshore. dave, what's the loneliest number? >> 1. >> one is the -- >> wow. >> 27 atlanta. 18 new york. i talked to a buddy of mine yese said it's brutal. he works in new york city and lives in jersey, he says it's brutal. that's 8 without the windchill. the key is this system developing off florida and south carolina and southeast georgia is expected to deepen rapidly and that will be the one all eyes will be on over the next 48, 72 hours. it could be a heck of a system off new england. this is our system.
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something beginning to move in.n issue for the morning. a lot of cloud cover. some rain is beginning to move e monterey. it does look like this will swe. we need to juice up the atmosphere. it has been dry for so long. we've had high clouds come in the last couple of days so rain later. could start around the noon hour and pick up by this afternoon and then thursday night, friday, the next system. i don't think there's a lot of rain out of these systems, but cloudy with rain. not much in the morning. we're focusing around noon and n . your morning commute should be all right. the evening commute, a different story. i'm using the european on the presip. and it does show -- there's some here. we'll take whatever we can get after desk the 4th driest on record and the system early thursday into friday does look better. i do like the system on the tenth. that looks good to me, but that's a ways away. aloud of cloud cover and development offshore along with lightning strikes that has been detected.
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i would rather see breaks in the clouds, but an easterly breeze continues through the valley. higher pressure inland and off the coast. that's the key. the -- the dynamics is back here need it to get closer. it's funneling in moisture. that will lead to rain. 60s on the temps and a much warmer morning. not the 30s we saw our 20s for some. it looks like a lot of cloud cover. a break on the weekend. tuesday, wednesday next week looks good. >> thank you. time is 5:20. a computer glitch burned off the system that was supposed to track the sale of recreational marijuana. coming up, what vendors are forced to do because of that computer problem. up next, gruden is announcing his candidacy for the raiders' head coaching job. more on that in a moment.
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time is 5:23. a new report says all intel made in the last decade could have a security flaw. the register reports that the processors have a design flaw that could allow malicious programs to read parts of the devices memory and the flaw could expose information such as saved passwords. in order to fix the processors, intel products could slowdown by as much as 30%. time is 5:23. spotify is bi
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$1.6 billion in the -- being sued by $1.6 billion. they're accused of using thousands of songs they didn't have a license for. it includes the beach boys and missy elliot. spotify paid $43 million to settle a claim it didn't pay royalties on music. no comment from spotify. samsung is dealing with another battery problem. this time some galaxy note 8 users say they're unable to charge or even turn on their devices after the batteries run out. samsung says only a small number of users experienced the problem. and the company advising them to get warranty replacement. in 2016, you remember samsung issue a recall after dozens of galaxy note 7 phones caught fire because of defective great-- batteries. gruden was asked if he's
5:25 am
being a candidate for the raiders. yes, i hope i'm a candidate. he says he believes they're interviewing -- they'll let everybody know their decision next week. before they can hire gruden, the raiders have to interview a minority candidate. gruden has contacted potential assistant coaches. the sharks open the new year with a 4-1 one over the montreal canadiens. >> no question about it. here's botker and he scores. mark comes home to score. >> ed edward scores his 4th goal of the year in the second period. when meier scores two goals. >> meier fires and scores. >> meier scored four goals in his last four games and sharks
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win. they play the maple leaves in toronto tomorrow afternoon. time is 5:26. critics of california's news sanctuary state law took an unusual approach to show how they feel. up next, we'll see what they did as the u.s. -- at the u.s. mexico border. the severe cold hitting much of the united states is blamed for at least nine deaths. in a moment, the east coast now bracing for another major storm. good morning, we could see traffic is doing pretty well if you are driving northbound on 101 approaching the 880 split, that traffic looks good all the way to the bridge. after a very long stretch of dry weather, it does look like we'll get a change in our pattern. it's cold across the country. there's no doubt about that. lots of teens, 20s and one up in minneapolis.
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well, good morning to mornings on 2. i'm dave clark. >> i'm gasia mikaelian in for pam cook. police in san jose searching for a man who alleged walked into a classroom at harker middle school who sexually harassed and robbed a former employee. police released this surveillance video of a suspect. the police hope this video will
5:30 am
help track him down. congress begins its 2018 session today. lawmakers are returning to washington and they'll face a familiar partisan standoff. congressional leaders and white house officials will meet to hash out a budget agreement they've been putting off for months. and the bay area will get some rain today in the north bay burn areas. they're being told to prepare for flooding. mud slides as well. in sonoma county, the crews have been laying down barriers of straw and rocks trying to protect properties from debris flows. christian cap -- christien k rshgs ashgs fshgsraft on -- kafton is going to bring us a report. the ground will soak it up. it's better for next tuesday, wednesday. maybe we can get
5:31 am
rain in here. it has been a long stretch of dry weather. everything has been east of us. the system coming in. coming in mid latitude so there's not a lot of cold air. it has dynamics, but that's offshore. it's beginning to enhance. some of that is coming up and that's what we're going to see playing into our weather. not much in the morning, but in the afternoon, that system gets close. there's been lightning strikes right there associated with it. it has instability, but it's mainly moving south and north. it's not moving west to east. probably not much in the morning. by late this morning and into this evening, that's when we expect this system to -- it's warmer in the morning because of the cloud cover. 40s and 50s and an easterly breeze. look for a cloudy day with rain developing later on today. 60s on the temps. 5:31. sal tells us -- did the meteor n ? i haven't noticed. >> i'm going to look at my
5:32 am
monitors. it didn't look like they have. i'll show you in a moment, but they might switch on soon. usually it will switch on at 5:15. they haven't yet. let's look at the solana countyc is moving along okay. it looks pretty good as you drive through vallejo and lots of times we have slow traffic. on a normer week we might have slow traffic here as you drive through traffic. and continues to look good. highway 4 is better than normal. so i think a lot of people are using up that vacation time. this is a look at 80 westbound, carnegie bridge. we're looking at the bay bridge. it doesn't look like the meter lights are. it looks good. people in the burn area are on notice to get ready for the possibility of flooding and mud
5:33 am
slides. >> ktvu christien kafton, i know -- >>reporter: crews have been busy laying out straw rocks like this trying -- the county is working to keep homeowners in the burn zone informed about the weather and meteorologist, as you heard steve talk about a moment ago, they're expecting an inch of rainfall starting wednesday. that raises the concern for lots of sonoma county officials. >> there are housing standing next to properties that did burn down. and next to lots of property that's did burn down and in those cases, you do need to be prepared for flash flooding and mud flows and mud slides and debris flowing. >> county officials have notified about 4,000 of the owners of the properties.
5:34 am
with the long stretch of dry weather we've had until now, cleanup has been slow. but some of that work though will be put on hold as crews have to deal with this rain that is going to be coming in. so we will certainly be keeping close eye on the skies up here. keeping an eye on work crews that are in the area, again, trying to protect against the possibility of flooding or a possibility of mud slides as well. we'll keep an eye out on that in the north bay. back to you. >> christien, thank you. >> all right, christien. also in the north bay, an armed robbery outside of a normstrom store caused -- just before they opened about 10:00 yesterday morning. police say the man had a semi automatic gun and robbed that ups driver. he's also accused of pistol whipping a mall employee.
5:35 am
>> there were several armed robberies that ended up occurring in this. one victim was injured. minor injuries. >> the driver escaped in a white are hoping surveillance video will help track him down. they also say they evacuated the mall out of an abundance of caution. ups released a statement saying we're thankful the ups driver is safe. we appreciate the willingness of area businesses and residents to share what they and their security cameras have seen. the deep freeze continues across the united states and it's not expected to go away anytime soon. there are windchill advisories in place from texas to canada. in minnesota, the windchill dipped to 36 degrees below zero. today, fargo north da cotea is expected to hit minus 3 degrees. new york city is expected to be 29 degrees. chicago is also dealing with very cold weather. the cold even froze part of the chicago river. >> you thought you were cold
5:36 am
last year, you thought you were cold last month, but you weren't cold. now you're cold. it hurts, it hurts the face. >>p ped by the weather. you got to fight through here. we're chicagoans and that's what you do. >> the severe cold is blamed for nine deaths and another arctic blast is expected to come down from canada toward the end of the week. it will bring another snow storm. time is 5:36. state law took an unusual approach to show their anger. they put up signs along the california state line welcoming violent immigrant criminals to the california. the law limits corporation between local officials and federal immigration authorities, but it does not apply to violent criminals. governor brown signed the sanctuary state bill into law in october. it took effect new year's day. it's not clear who put up those signs which by the way have been taken down. some people in san francisco
5:37 am
ashbury district are raising concerns over an affordable housing complex which is set to be built at the site of a mcdonald's -- supporters say the worries are premature. >>reporter: in a city plagued by sky rocketing rents, the affordable housing complex like this one on -- this would be a no-brainer. >> i grew up in this neighborhood and there's not much option >> the hate ashbury -- they say the plans for a 7-story building is too tall. >> i think it's ill-fit to the areas. >> neighbors have complained that this new building simply wouldn't have the character that the others have. >> not that there's a very specific architecture in the area or anything like that, but i think it would stick out. >> jim realizes the city needs more housing -- >> everybody can't live in san
5:38 am
francisco. that's part -- it's 49 square miles. that's apart of the problem. >> neighbors say they're not only eager for morehousing, they're itching to get rid of this mcdonald. they say the site has been violence-ridden. >> the business attracted drug dealers and drug buyers, people with mental health issues. >> tony green says he understands traffic concerns, but supports morehousing for low and middle income residents. >> the nature of the whole city is changing from the influx of very highly paid people. >> there's not been a decision made. >> acting mayor breed who helped the city security the spot for $15.5 million say the concerns over the building's height is premature. >> there's nothing to talk about at this point other than they'll be a community process with people who live there involved
5:39 am
in the process. >> another proposal calls for a five-story building. >> four or five, i think would be a good medium. >> in san francisco, tare moriarty. the dollar's value on the first day of trading in 2018 was way down. by expectations of a slow interest rate by the federal reserve. the dollar under performed last year dropping almost 10%. experts say 2017 was the weakesr since 2004. in the meantime the euro is gete dollar was weaker against the canadian dollar. a rat made its way onboard a plane. passengers on the alaska airline flight had to find a different way to get to portland. someone spotted a rodent jumping from the jet way into the aircraft during boarding yesterday morning. 110 passengers had to be put on
5:40 am
other flights to portland. the plane has been placed out of service and an exterminator has been brought in to remove the rat and any friends it may have onboard. >> are you kidding? we're not kidding about this. a passenger walked out onto the wing of a plane. we'll show you why the passenger was fed up -- former heavyweight champion mike tyson is ready to cash in on recreational marijuana in california. next, details for his plans of a cannabis resort. as we look at northbound 101 in san francisco, we see it's moving along very nicely. approaching the 80 split. we'll tell you what the general commute is like straight ahead. a lot of cloud cover here this morning. not much in the way of rain. later this afternoon, it looks like some will make its way in here. we'll look at that and temperatures on the milder side in the 60s.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. our time is 5:42. the legal sale of recreation mal ifornia. but state officials say not everything is in place. a computer system that was supposed to track all the marijuana that's grown and sold, it's not working. instead, they're asking growers and sellers to document everything manually using paper invoices or shipping manifest. the state department of food and agriculture says the system was actually implemented yesterday, but it's not required since training is going to have to go first before it becoming mandatory later in the year. the state wants to track sells to prevent the marijuana from going into the black market. former heavyweight champion mike tyson and his business partners broken ground on a cannabis resort. it's to be call "tyson ranch."
5:44 am
they'll use 20 angers of the rae -- the resort will feature amphitheater and edible factor. two major airlines revealing what they're doing with the wind fall they'll be getting from the new tax law. yesterday, american airlines and southwest airlines said they're going to pay their employees bonuses of $1,000 a piece. the airlines joined several companies who promised to pay bonuses or invest more in training after the biggest tax overhaul in 30 years. last month, president trump signed the tax overhaul into law cutting the corporate tax rate from 35% down to 21%. this week, fox kicked off bd we're taking you behind the scene of some of them. paul chambers talked with some of the cast members of "l.a. to vegas" which premiered last night. >> do you want to do the honors, alan? >> yeah.
5:45 am
>> you never touch this, this is captain dave time. >> that is how it begins. fox new comedy "l.a. to vegas" follows the crew of the budget airline and their cast of the passengers. >> they all -- i thought i dressed in bright colors, come on man. >> i'm modest dressed today. i'm dressed down. >> dylan mack did he make is captain dave. >> when i read it, i knew this was my role. >> the captain of this airline is not like any we have seen or want to see in real life. >> most of the time he's not even flying the plane. he's out with a passenger talking to them and having a good time, having a drink with them. >> the show starts with the crew taking the roundtrip flight from l.a. to sin city on friday with the hope of a plane full of winners on sunday as the passengers return home. >> anybody sitting next to an unoccupied seat and willing to move gets free beer. not you. >> lonnie is a mess. she doesnt
5:46 am
the hell she's doing in her personal life which makes her really fun. >> lonnie is played by kim matula. >> don't you quick early on and you start drinking. >> she sure did. >> one of the show's writers and producers took moments from his real life when he would fly between the two cities, often times cast members say the show seems like it was based on their real lives. >> sometimes i wonder if they heard me tell a story and put it in there. >> every episode something is snuck in and i go, that's me. >> for the show premiere, we didn't just sit back and watched, we went on a journey which ended with a party. >> it's time to get high and fly this old bird. i like to get high -- >> paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. >> you can see "l.a.
5:47 am
to vegas" on ktvu on friday nights at 9:00. sal is back. everybody behaving for you? >> so far, this week has been just a little lighter. i happen to catch one of allie's traffic reports yesterday. it was light today and it seems to be light. this is a look at 580 westbound. there's slowing on 205 and 580, no problems on livermore. the rest of it looks good. this is 880 north and southbound, you can see traffic is moving along well in both directions and at the bay bridge toll plaza, we do look like the metering lights are on. although the traffic on the ramps here look pretty good. this ramp is the telling factor. still looking good if you can approach from this way and use the fast track lanes, you're on the bridge in little or no time. 5:47. let's bring steve in with
5:48 am
today's forecast. >> thank you, sal. >> you're welcome. >> good to see you, my friend. cloud cover and rain on the way. gosh, the pest mist in me -- the rain is coming from the west, is the west. issues i have with this system. there's not a lot of jet stream support and dynamics and the core of the better dynamics is offshore, but it looks like we're beginning to see this police tour inch closer and you can see to the west side especially through monterey. this will hopefully lead to okay rain. a better opportunity is next wednesday. it looks really good to me, but until we get there, late rain. and by that i mean more in the afternoon. another could be some before and another system late thursday, early friday. again, the first system will come through a long stretch of dry weather. usually it gets chewed up. we'll go for -- if you have plans in the morning, that's your best chance. by the afternoon, it looks like the rain is moving
5:49 am
in. i'm using the european model and not the gfs which is our model. it's not rain-fall happy, but it brings in some. not a lot. but after the 4th driest december, we'll take whatever we can get. the lows are up because cloud cover. this is a milder system, and a warmer system so snow very high. by the time it gets this high into the sierra, i think it's going to lose a lot of its energy and we'll deal with rain than snow. it's staying out here. it needs a kicker. and it will get one as it opensp and it will inch closer. there's been lightning strikes to the southwest to us. here's 6:00. there's not a lot here. but there's a little bit and hes ystem late thursday right there into friday. we'll get a break on the weekend. it does look like by friday afternoon we should be done with this system. we have can clouds, but i think dry. 60s on the temps. on the mild sides, lows are there.
5:50 am
there's no difference between the lows and highs. late rain today into early thursday and the system late thursday into friday looks okay through the weekend. >> thank you, steve. >> you're welcome. time is 5:50. up next, the cats come home. we'll tell you how almost three months after the north bay wild fires, cats are being rescued and reunited with their families.
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welcome back to mornings on
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2. it's now 5:52. president trump declared a majos s effected by the huge thomas -- area ss affected by the thomas fire. there's emergency work in ventura and santa barbara counties. the thomas fire started back on december 4th. it quickly became a win-driven fire, destroying more than 1,000 homes and other buildings. according to cal fire, more than 440 square miles have burned. the fire is 92% contained. full containment expected january 20th. the cause of the fire is still not known. happening today, the head of the department of homeland security will take a tour of the areas hardest hit by the north bay wild fires. yesterday, nelson toured california areas burned by the thomas fire. today she'll get an update from federal, state, and county and local officials about the fire response and the recovery efforts in the north bay.
5:54 am
as you know, president trump approved that disaster declaration of the fires which killed 40 and stroi -- and destroyed 440 homes. more than 100 volunteers workday and night to bring home cats that escaped the flames almost three months ago. the volunteers store their supplies in the burn zones where they set and monitored traps every night. they placed bait foods and change location because the lot where they were storing their supplies were being cleared of debris. volunteers say the hard work is worth it once a cat is reunited with its owner. >> it's amazing to be able to bring a cat home to an owner and see the joy and the happiness it brings to a family. that's why we do it. >> in santa rosa's coffee park neighborhood, volunteers caught 70 cats and they say it's another 70 out there. as long
5:55 am
as there's a need, they'll reunite animals with their owners. our time is 5:54. two companies considered competitors work together against cyber threats. the department of homeland security says facebook and microsoft collaborated against the threats. microsoft patched existing attacks while facebook deleted accounts linked from hackers from the lazarth group. facebook also notified the people who had contact with those suspicious accounts. in san francisco, breast feeding mothers have new rights under a new law that went into effect january 1st. employers have to provide a private space where mothers can pump. lactation in the work place orders specifying the private space must provide access to a sink and electricity and there
5:56 am
has to be a refrigerator near the mother's work space where -- she hopes other cities will follow suit. our time is 5:56. the number of autism cases involving teenagers and children could finally be levelling off here in the u.s. the study found there were no is statistical change in the autism rate between 2014 and 2016. however, the research says it's too early to determine why the autism rates stabilized or if this trend will continue. about 2.5% of children in the u.s. have been diagnosed as autistic. this new report was published in the journal of the american medical association. 5:56. we're tracking rain that should be heading down to the bay area. in a moment we'll show you how north bay fire victims are preparing for the worst. coach steve kerr talks about marijuana laws and what he says about the drug itself.
5:57 am
a live look now at highway 101 in san rafael. traffic is moving well as you approach interstate 580. it looks like rain is on the way. we hope so. we need it. woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
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now the first time in weeks, bait area is expected to -- the bay area is expected to get rain today. how much and what people are being warned about the potential for flooding. also a potential shakeup in san francisco at city hall. what lawmakers will consider and the approaching deadline. mornings on 2 continues. good morning, and welcome back to mornings on 2 this wednesday, january 3rd. i'm gasia mikaelian. in early for pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. steve paulson is back and he'll tell you if you need to take an umbrella. >> not early this morning, but this afternoon i would think. we'll get something in here. i'm really hard pressed. all the signs point toward signs. the first system breaks through a long stretch of dry weather. it's a push between the ridge of
6:00 am
high pressure and the system, but it is coming in mid latitude and it is starting to show up more on radar. as you can see to the west, southwest, there's been lightning strikes. most of the dynamics move offshore. cloudy today and not much in the morning. but the evening, the best opportunity for the rain to make it and we need it. 40s and 50s on the temps and they'll holdup because of the cloud. we don't get the rain until later. a cloudy day. the first system, another one late thursday, friday and the best opportunity looks to me, that's the best opportunity -- the best opportunity -- 60s on the temps is next wednesday. cloudy skies and late rain. here's an update on your traffic and so far so good, sal? >> it's getting crowded. thank you, steve. as we look at the bay bridge, the busiest commutes in the bay. you'll see traffic is backed up. slowing developing getting onto the


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