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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 3, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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rain. a light sprinkle coming down at the studios in oakland. we'll tell you when the rain is expected to arrive in the area you live. back in the northeast it's called a bomb cyclone. a large winter storm with blizzard-like conditions. police in the south bay are searching for a man on surveillance cameras accused of sexually assaulting a middle school woman and robbing her. good afternoon, i'm allie rasmus. >> and i'm mike mibachi. >> let's go to meteorologist steve paulson. >> there's rain out there. on that system in the east -- it means it's intensifying rapidly. so they use that term. >> the bomb cyclone. >> it's going to rapidly intensify and high winds and
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high seas and maybe intense -- >> very dangerous. >> like a northeaster. >> it's something like a tropical system. rapid in-- intensifications. we might see it tuesday, wednesday. that is a week away. we have to deal with two systems before then and our system is inching in. there's bans associated with it and they are beginning to move a little bit inland. you can see that activity southwest of monterey. a possibility of some convective activity and the lower levels the atmosphere are drier. the system did have lightning strikes and it's lifting south than north. what that tells you is this may be a coastal and bay event thane lent because it won't have the energy. it's too far away from the energy source as it moves toward the sacramento valley and sierra. cloudy with rain moving in. we talked about it around
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the noon hour. it will start to pick up for later as we head into the afternoon and evening hours. rainfall from this first system will not be much through today. less than a tenth of an inch. later tonight into tomorrow, it picks up as the low gets closer and a secondary system late thursday into friday. that one i think has a focus toward the north bay and they'll get heavier amounts there, but at least it's a start after the 4th driest december for us on record. we're getting there, but slowly. >> all right, steve, thank you. neighborhoods affected by the october fires is getting ready for rain and minor flooding. >> christien kafton has more -- >>reporter: people looking to do whatever they can to hold the ground where it is and areas that were burned out by the fire storm. >> we're up on a steep slope, a house has been removed and foundations gone.
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there's a lot of exposed dirt work that needs to be protected from getting too wet. >> napa county and sonoma county braced the brunt -- property owners are facing a new problem with rain in the forecast. the fires scoured a lot of hillsides bare and with no homes and vegetation to hold the ground in place, it could bring debris flows and some residents dealing with the aftermath of the fires showed up here as soon -- ready to load up and protect their homes. >> we already got around the foundation yesterday. today we're putting in the drainage channels and stuff and finishing up areas where ash and debris will go down through the drainage. we're trying to do our part. >> napa county and sonoma county bracing for the rains. this distribution at napa valley expo will be open until 4:00 today or
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until supplies run out. christen kafton. >> during the devastation -- federal, state and local officials are updating -- president trump approved a major disaster declaration for the north bay fires which killed 40 people and destroyed more than 5100 homes. yesterday, secretary nelson was in southern california to tour the areas burned by the thomas fire. a man is in jail accused of sexually assaulting a 11-year-old. cortes was arrested after the girl's father spotted him peeping through the girl's window. cortes exchanged sexually explicit snapchat know photos with the girl. he's held on the sonoma county jail on $1 million bail. police are sharing surveillance video of a man wanted for the sexual assault of a teacher on the campus of a middle school. it happened yesterday at 6:30 at harker
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middle school which is a private school in san jose. the victim was a teacher. she came early to prepare her classroom after the winter break. the school says they're saddened and upset by what happened and quote we regularly review all protocols for ways we can help keep the community safe. we hope the efforts of the police and community will result in a swift arrest. san jose police say the suspect seen in surveillance video that they are now releasing broke onto the school campus an hour and a half before classes started so there were no students around, but he walked into one of the classrooms where the teacher was working and sexually assaulted her and robbed her according to police. he's described as 5'9" in his 20s and heavy set with a distinctive walk. >> someone is going to be able to say that's so and so. >> san jose police say they'll have extra patrols in the area.
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they had a visible presence as parents dropped their kids off. >> we feel assure and we feel they're doing everything they can. >> the police want anyone who recognizes the man in this video to give them a call. [indiscernible] investigating a fatal investigation in walnut creek. that crash happened before 10:00 on the north main street off ramp on the side of 680. it was a single vehicle into a retain -- the exact number of vehicles affected and victims injured still not known. and take a look at this. a car went over grizzly peek boulevard in oakland. the pictures were taken from sky fox 20 minutes ago. no word what caused that car-to-go over the cliff or if there's injuries and this is the second accident on that portion of the roadway in the past month. the last one happened on december 7th. during that accident, the driver was nowhere to be found. a few hours ago, two democrats were sworn into the
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u.s. senate. the-- reporter karen shiver are the report. >>reporter: looking different tw democrats are sworn into the u.s. senate. narrowing the republican majority to a slim 51-49 count. doug jones the first alabama democrat elected to the senate in a quarter century taking the oath of office on the senate floor. and minnesota lieutenant governor tina smith replacing franken following accusations of sexual misconduct. >> it's going to be interesting to see if smith and jones will work with this -- >> hatch retiring from the senate clearing the way for former presidential candidate romney to potentially make a political come back and take the utah seat. the changes face of the senate complicating efforts for majority leaders mcconnel passing a federal -- the president warning congress there
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will be no deal to protect dreamers without funding for a border wall. >> people want to know that our borders are secure. >> house and senate leaders from both parties are meeting with white house officials on capitol hill to work on hashing out a budget bill. in washington, caroline shively, fox 2 news. a path to citizenship for the so-called dreamers. back in september, president trump said he will not consider citizenship for those enrolled in daca. it allowed undocumented immigrants brought here as children would -- the president announced last year he was ending the obama era program, but he gave congress until last month to come up with a solution. the homeland security says the trump administration is not ruling out a pathway for the dreamers to become citizens, but she did emphasize that building a border
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wall is still the agency's top priorities. critics of california state law are taking an unusual approach. someone put these signs along the california state line. it says official sanctuary state for illegals and -- it does not apply to violent criminals. brown signed the law. it's not clear who put the signs up, but they have since been taken down. with the so-called sanctuary state law in effect, california is getting more attention from federal officials. the acting ice director is upset that governor brown isn't supporting much of the work of federal immigration authorities and plans to put more special agents and deportation officers on the ground in california. he's warned californians about what he prediction about what --
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>> the smuggle organizations are using the sanctuary law and more immigrants coming to california and more criminal immigrants are coming to california. california bit off more than they can chew. >> california never declared itself a sanctuary state. it limits the extend to which local law enforcement officials can -- in hopes of protecting innocent immigrants. california democrats trying to find a way to get around a new cap on state and local tax deductions. they're preparing to unveil a plan. instead of paying taxes to the state, californians would be allowed to donate the money to the state [indiscernible] and deduct the entire sum from their federal taxes. people who donate to those funds often have greater benefits. people who choose not to donate would be required to be -- pay state taxes. taxpayers in the state could deduct an unlimited amount of state and local taxes from their
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federal taxes and that number is limited to 10,000. dangerous conditions continue -- the window for the surfing competition is open. we'll tell you about changes sen this year's mavericks challenge.
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at least 12 people have died
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due to the frigid temperatures across the country and more cold weather is on the way. >> jonathan terry reports parts of georgia and florida are bracing for snow and an ice storm called a bomb cyclone. >> certainly a lot of those areas are going to get up to a tenth of an inch of ice, maybe a quarter of an inch of ice. southeast georgia which would be unheard of and certainly crippling. >>reporter: what is being called a bomb cyclone is set to hit the east coast wednesday and thursday dropping snow and ice in some parts that rarely see winter areas. georgia and florida and parts of north carolina, winter storms have been issued. deal declaring a state of emergency tuesday evening for 28 counties in the peach state. officials are urging drivers to stay off the roads as conditions will be extremely dangerous. >> we all believe it's important we try and keep people off the roads so we are going to -- i'm
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ordering the closure of all government offices for non essential employees for tomorrow. >> after moving through the southeast, the storm is expected to move up the coast. the national weather service warning areas along the coast of new jersey and the mid-atlantic could see up to 6 inches of snow while parts of new england may see over a foot. >> because the intensification of this system, that's going to reinforce the cold air, some areas -- this dispatch of cold air is worse than what we've seen. >> forecasters say after this storm system moves northeast, more cold temperatures are expected to swoop in with some areas plunging near zero. jonathan serrei fox 2 news. >> there's booking fees for those flights affected by the stormy conditions back on the east coast. airlines taking part in the waivers is american, delta, jetblue, and united. back here in the bay area, we are keeping an eye on the
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rain that's coming down now. >> we'll have more on the system in the east coast. that's starting to make its move off the carolina. we'll talk about that now. it has been a cold, cold day and minneapolis is five. chicago, 16. 42 in new orleans. we didn't he was snow on the gulf of mexico yesterday. and there was snow in tallahassee, florida, first time in 28 years they had snow in town. you can see there's a system beginning to wrap up. and what they mean again when they say it bonds out is it's rapid intensification. what it's doing is it's going to take on what we call a negative tilt. that is absolutely textbook to see a system develop in northeaster and that's going to wrap up and as it does, it's not just the blizzard conditions that are possible, certainly in new england, but the waves especially as it tracks over water. if it tracks west, it will get more snow. the wind could be 60 to 70 mile an hour wind. huge. if it's not a winter weather ada
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winter storm warning or a blizzard warning. they're looking for a foot in boston, so i'm sure that will be the major story over the next 48 hours. we had a minor story so far. the negative ions [indiscernible] showing up on the windchills around here. and finally rain has made it in here as what was a bone-dry december. johnny says steady light rain -- well, we'll take it. any light rain in alameda and jack land square. maybe three systems, the first one is coming in now. tough to break through that strong ridge of high pressure, but that's what this is doing. rain is coming in, but more rain later tonight into tomorrow. we'll get another system late thursday into friday. it's the system next tuesday, wednesday that looks really impressive right now. still a week away, but i think that's going to be the main system. until then, we'll get some rain and a lot of cloud cover associated with that. embedded in this, a
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possibility of storm -- we call them spc is labeled for thunderstorm and we're the only ones in the country. there are bands beginning to move in from monterey and santa cruz. this lifts northward, the heavier rain favors areas along the coast. i would think marine and sonoma county into -- how much rain, if everything falls into place, it could be a wide variety or a tenth of an inch to an inch and a half. but rain develops and we'll take that late thursday night. friday system favors areas to the north. this system is more to the coast and the bay. we'll take what we can get because it has been so dry for so long. amounts, a quarter of an inch to a half an inch. they'll be isolaters heavier. that looks like a better system for them. 50s and 60s. and east,
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southeast breeze, so it's mild for some. there's the easterly breeze, and been east all morning for napa airport and that southeasterly breeze is making for mild conditions. 63. 55 in monterey. 54 sacramento.s ystem. it will slide northward so throughout the day, we get the atmosphere to kind of juice up and now the first system comes in, it's a fight between them and the high, but it wins out with rain. that's what's happening and the dynamics are back here. we need that to inch closer and i don't think that will be until late tonight into tomorrow morning. it is getting bumped along by that system and the next one. that helps. if it was out there by itself i would say we would be in trouble. it's moving slowly. 60s on the temps. my old rule of thumb, you two, h equals a new weather pattern. >> i like it. >> i do too. december was quiet, but things are picking up. >> especially as you're talking about next week. >> do you think that could bring sierra snow? >> yes. >> thanks, steve.
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the window is open for the bay area's big wave surfing competition. it has a new name. maverick's challenge. organizee they summon the world's big best surfer and this year for the first time, women will get to compete. and the event is held in 30-foot plus winds in the -- happening right now, a news conference getting underway. the head of the department of homeland security kirstin nelson is set to speak, you can see hear with the blonde hair. she's in santa rosa. let's listen in for a bit. >> they're leading in the rebuilding soon. i'm pleased to have secretary nelson from the department of homeland security who will be speaking, but first i'm pleased to introduce the
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director of california emergency services mark giladuchi. >> mark, from emergency services director. first of all, let me say we're appreciative of secretary nelson coming out and over viewing the progress being made. this is a one-team fight effort. all the non governmental agencies and the whole community coming together to respond to these tragic fires and you know, it has been a tough road and it has been a marathon, not a sprint. i'm really happy to see the progress that continues. that's progress that's being made by all of the different agencies and departments, and the community. everybody chipping in, doing what they can to recover from these events. so we will continue to work with our federal partners and our local agencies to continue to address
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whatever the needs are in the communities throughout sonoma and napa lake and mendocino and counties in the far north impacted by these fires. with that, let me say i'm appreciative of fema, fema region nine, bob and the homeland security secretary is here visiting today. with that let me -- happy to introduce secretary nelson of homeland security. >> good afternoon, everyone. thank you for -- thank you for being here. today is -- it was mentioned i toured some of the neighborhoods affected and some areas devastated by the fires you have experienced here. it was important for me to come out myself and see the damage and have the opportunity to learn from the folks here what their needs are. i met with state, local -- i met with survivors
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and it was a privilege to be here with the heroic men and women combatting the fires since early fall. they faced the impact of these fires and we're proud of and grateful for the dedicated service of our first responders. as firefighters from across the country work to contain the blaze, fema worked with the state of california and mark to approve fire assistant grants and fighting fires is expensive and hard work and dangerous work, but these grants help offset the cost and allow and provide funding for additional manpower. we at dhs has been in contact with governor brown's office. we appreciate the very strong partnership that we have. i would like to thank all the state and local officials and federal partners such as epa and the core of engineers for their tireless and dedicated efforts and i thank you all for your leadership in dealing with this crisis. i would like to thank all the men and women of fema and dhs who served from near and
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far to help our fellow americans in the face of these historic wild fires and we have learned solid lessons and coordination and partnership and we'll carry these throughout the country to other disasters we face. there's a lot of work to do. the fires left many californians facing the daunting task of recovery in one of the debris largest -- i learned today that the amount of debris collected to date is equal to the weight of 4/5 of the weight of the golden gate bridge. that is a tremendous amount of debris and we're just beginning. in addition -- in addition to the grant, the president approved public assistance for some of the hardest hit counties in northern california. this assistance cannot only help with that debris removal and repair damage infrastructure, but it allows fema to supply -- and 7
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other counties can apply for grants to begin to rebuild their homes. i want to thank fema administrator bob and mark, the director of california office of emergency services who have taken time to meet with me today and yesterday to brief me on the status of recovery of the fires. according to cal fires statistics, 245,000 acres were burned. and more than 8,000 and 900 structures were destroyed and the impact of these fires -- the long road to recovery remains. as the people of california rebuild, what these fires are destroyed, the federal government and fema and dhs are committed to supporting state and local authorities throughout the recovery process. we'll be here arms locked with state and local officials to help california recover from the fires. i also many at awe at the community spirit that i have witnessed. thank you for your time today. i appreciate you standing with me in the rain. and if you don't mind, we would
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be happy to take a few questions. >> you've been listen to the homeland security nelson speaking to the media in the city of santa rosa park neighborhood. she talked about meeting with survivor and first responders and also about the money that the federal government is offering to those who have been affected by the fires to get them money so they can start the rebuilding process and the debris removal. >> she mentioned the debris removal process that fema is involved in and says it is the largest debris cleaning efforts in history. she says the amount of debris they have to remove from the fire zones is equal to the weight of 4/5 of the golden gate bridge and she says that work is just beginning. >> just beginning. with that, we'll be right back after the break.
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in a new book, former white house strategy bannon criticizes the trump administration for a 2016 meeting with a group of russians and the book written by michael wolf is entitled "white house -- in the book, banning describes the meeting as unpatriotic. donald trump jr. along with kushner and then campaign manager paul manafort met with russian operatives at the trump tower during the 2016 presidential campaign. it is set to be released next week and
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a short time ago, president trump responded to bannon's criticism saying quote when he was fired he not only lost his job, he lost his mind end quote. president trump once again getting the attention of north korea leader because of twitter. >> the two are going at each other with the highest stakes possible. >>reporter: this isn't the first time that president trump called out north korea on twitter, but the references to a nuclear button shows how serious the situation has become. president trump button to launch a nuclear strike is a large briefcase. the so-called football that is always nearby and carried by a military aide, but in a war of words so far and speaking figuratively, the president shot back at north korean leader jong un and bragged about a nuclear button on his desk. writering jong un stated the nuclear button is on his desk at all times.
12:31 pm
when someone from his depleted and food-starved regime inform him i have a nuclear button, but it's more powerful than his and my button works. >> it's a tongue and cheek comment about a serious issue. >> this is a harsh reality. the possibility of actual conflict as the north develops its nuclear and missile technologies. >> we're getting closer to that to be frank. >> the stance on north korea is at odds at south korea which is hoping to open new lines of communication with its neighbor. >> north korea can talk with anyone they want, but the u.s. is not going to recognize it or acknowledge it until they agree to ban the nuclear weapons they have. >> but north korea and south korea are reestablishing these lines of communication ahead of the winter olympics held in north korea. doug luzader, fox 2 news. the group projected jack is
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hash tag complicit on the headquarters and shared the image on its facebook page. jack dorsey breaks the rules of his own company by allowing trump to tweet and the group called for dorsey's resignation if he doesn't ban the president from using twitter. police are looking for a driver who hit and killed an 18-year-old while she was walking home -- >> the mother had a message for that driver. >> i was passing out flyers, knocking on doors trying to find my daughter. >>reporter: the family of chantel of oakland put up flyers asking for help to locate her. the family saw her sunday nighta new year's get together and relatives knew something was wrong when she didn't show up for work, but on tuesday afternoon, they learned from the alameda county
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coroner's office that the 18-year-old had been struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver early new year's day. >> it will never be the same. >> instead of celebrating the new year, relatives and friends gathered at chantel's home to come to terms with their loss, stunned the driver would leave the scene after hitting chantel. >> that was a real coward move, you know. it could have been your mom, your sister, your cousin. um, it's not right. >> shortly after 5:00 a.m. monds s say chantel had been returning home from spreadending new year's night with friends. she was two blocks from her home when a white sedan speeding on sunny side street in east oakland struck chantel while she was in the crosswalk and she was pronounced -- >> there was on the curb --
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>> this neighbor say he saw the 18 year old shoes laying on the street after the collision. he said he had close calls crossing this intersection and he's calling on the city to install crossing lights. >> they need that right here. it doesn't make no sense to have a school and a park and kids can't safely cross the street. it doesn't make sense. >> chantel told friends that she needed to get home so she could go to work new year's morning at fellas discount store. she was a cashier and a manager says chantel was the best employee describing her as a great spirit and easy to get along with, a person with good ora. mom is asking for the hit-and-run driver to surrender to police. >> i know it's killing your conscious right now. you won't be able to rest until you come forward. >> chantel's family says they're stunned that someone so responsible could have her life ended this way. police are offering a $10,000 reward for
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information leading to an arrest. in oakland, amber lee, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> the number of people killed in california in dui crashes are up. the highway patrol says between 6:00 friday evening and midnight monday, january 1st, at least 40 people were killed in traffic collisions. that's an increase of almost 38% from the same period last year. chp officers made 936 arrest for driving under the influence during their 72-hour new year's day maximum enforcement period. that's a 22% increase from last year. and the bay area, two people were killed in dui-related -- a man accused of assaulting his fire was arrested. firefighters aimed a water hose on the man before arresting him. fremont pd says the man told them he doused himself with a toxic chemical that would be dangerous to anyone who touched him. the suspect was taken away
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in an ambulance and he reportedly has severe mental problems. mountain view police are investigating an atm machine. >> the machine was stolen on north shoreline boulevard. investigators believe the thieves used a flat bed truck to crash through the restaurant. the atm was found a mile away on charlton road and police said someone set it on fair. police aren't saying if the thieves got away with money and the truck was found near the atm and no arrest made. the board of supervisors in san francisco will discussion investigating an interim mayor. breed has been serving as the mayor -- the board could schedule a vote on appointing an interim mayor and that person would hold the position until a special election on june 5th and the deadline to file for the mayoral race is tuesday. the san francisco examiner reports that some supervisors would like to see -- will run before
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picking an interim mayor. whoever wins the june election will serve the remainder of lee's term until november of 2019. a new survey by public policy polling finds that former mayor willy brown is the preferred chase -- lillie brown is the preferred choice. according to the chronicle, brown says he's not interested in the job. the poll surrender viced 600 san francisco voters and brown was the first choice of 30% and others were behind including assembly man -- and former mayor art agnos with 13%. the business officer for tha statement new superintendent johnson says hall was a long time dedicated servant of the students who saved taxpayers by refinancing the district -- some blame hall for the budget crisis. the cuts
12:38 pm
came after years of over spending by the district and sparked marches and protest across the city. still ahead, we're tracking the rain headed for the bay area. we'll check in with sea falls on details and what it means for your evening commute. plus the wet weather coming is the first rain we've had in weeks so what does that mean for the sierra. after the break, we'll tell you the results from the snow survey.
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new at noon, the first snow pack survey the season was taken over an hour ago near echo summit there in the sierra. as you can see it hasn't snowed much there this winter. the state water resource department found the water content is four inches which is 3% of its long term average. last year it had 6 inches of content and waterman energies aren't too concerned and they say it reaches its peak in april. they use the measurements to anticipate run off during the snow melt. five measures are taken between january and may. residents in florida woke up to an unusual site. snow on the ground. we have been telling you about the cold storm headed to the northeast. that is the first time in 30 years it has snowed in the sunshine state. >> in south dakota, the falls of the sioux falls river are frozen. temperatures not
12:42 pm
expected to get above freezing anytime soon. sioux park is the number one attraction. the water drops 100 feet. the freezing temperatures across the country have caused at least a dozen deaths so far. in fill if i, the city is bracing for several inches of snow. >> joining us live is meteorologist scott williams from fox 29 and scott, not just the snow, but you guys are expecting like 30, 40, 50 mile an hour wind gust out there. >>reporter: absolutely. good afternoon, mike and allie. we're bracing for blizzard conditions for the delaware beaches here and also for the jersey shore. this storm system has already begun taking shape along the carolina coastal sections dumping snow as far as charleston and savannah. that system is moisture loaded right now over the gulf stream waters. it has been antarctic blast here in philadelphia for the past week. temperatures have been below freezing so that cold
12:43 pm
polar air mass merging with that storm system over the gulf waters will create the bomogensis. we're talking 24 millibar pressure drops within 24 hours. so when the pressure drops, the storm intensifies and the winds become stronger as well. blizzard warnings will go into effect for part of our area. so that means we do anticipate the visibility to be reduced less than a quarter of a mile and winds gusting over 35 mile-per-hour for a long duration period so that will classify it as a blizzard for us. here in philadelphia, anticipating two to as much as six inches and for the delaware beaches and jersey shore, some locations could see over ten inches before all is said and done. this thing is going to
12:44 pm
race up the eastern seaboard and cape cod could experience hurricane-forced gust. and that will be over 74 miles-per-hour. we anticipate over tropical storm -- over 39 mile-per-hour. hurricane hunters are scheduled to fly into this system to kind of assess its rapid an at thises if i cajun and get a better handle on how close it will track to our coastline. guys, back over to you. >> scott real quick, how are people preparing for something like this? are they preparing like you would a hurricane boarding up window or is it getting extra snow plows out. >> the salt plow trucks are out and folk was stocking up on the typical milk and also the bread it is grocery stores, but we're used to northeasters in this part of the country. so they're preparing how they would for any type of northeaster or coastal
12:45 pm
storm or hurricane. absolutely. >> scott, meteorologist steve po you. this is one of those ones where you pick a model and go. there's been westward drift in some of those especially the gfs, are you concerned about that? six inches of snow could be double that. are you concerned with that? >> the latest model guidance has continued to trend a little further to the west, so in fact we're still working on our snow fall totals kind of massaging them, but we're increasing they will for the philadelphia area and also for the jersey shore because of that track a little further to the west. but i mean it's not set in stone that's why we get the latest computer model guidance in later this evening and that will help us better kind of fine tune the system. but i know it's going to rapidly intensify so that concerns me and also a lot of moisture with this system. we're watching all the moisture kind of evolve to our south, so that gibbs us an indication that we could be
12:46 pm
dealing with snow fall rates for a time. maybe as much as two, three, inches per hour, so that will definitely impact some of the totals that we see, but not out of the question that some of us could see half a foot to as much as a foot in parts of our immediate area here in the philadelphia vicinity. >> in sunny california, there's a lot of talk in our news room about the word bomb cyclone. have you ever heard -- have you used this on-air before? >> yes, absolutely. so it's not an uncommon term. it means it's going to rapidly intensify within a 24 hour window. so those pressure drops are going to occur over 24 millibars and that transitions to stronger winds and also a stronger storm, so i mean this is a textbook scenario basically that's going to unfold for the earn seaboard as it bombs out so there's that
12:47 pm
sharp bara clinic zone and that's the contrast between the cold polar air interacting with the -- that will allow the storm to bomb out. a lot of us in the weather world are geeking out over this powerful event that will take shape the next 24 to 48 hours. >> very non technical is a snow hurricane. >> they're not just flying in the hurricanes, they're flying into this which is unusual. can you get me on that? >> absolutely. i mean, we're -- they're basically going to fly in so they can assess how fast it's intensifying and look at the pressure drops and that will help us better prepare for how much snow we're going to see and how strong the winds are going to get. they'll put all of that data into the various computer models that will use to give us a better guidance as to, are we
12:48 pm
going to see over ten inches of snow or are those winds going to gust over 50 miles-per-hour for some in our viewing area in the jersey shore. >> scott williams, we appreciate your time and have a safe rest of the week for you and everyone there in philadelphia. >> all right, thank you. >> steve. your thoughts on that. >> that was good key talk. >> he's into it. >> he's talking about good stuff. >> non technical stuff. >> he made a good point on the national hurricane. they're flying in. but what he meant is also there's some deepening of this system, i'm not going to get too technical of 29 millibars. this is incredibly deep, so that's the -- the key is a lot of wind and the question is how close does it move to the west? that makes a difference between a -- >> and here we're trying to get an inch of rain. >> it's all or nothing out here. that was good stuff by scott. we have temperatures you can
12:49 pm
see now. most of the country is rather darn cold here. still five in minneapolis and a lot of cold air coming in as they head toward friday and saturday. freddie says how come we don't get affected by cold, massive air like everybody else do? >> we do, but not often. we could -- the pacific ocean modifies those -- high pressure when it builds northward, that drives that cold air from canada south ward. that's kind of a permanent feature, the ridge of high pressure and unless that backs off and comes down from in the northwest territories, we don't usually see as cold of air. the system starts to develop. it's wrapping up intensely and cold air is spilling behind that. as it goes over the warm atlantic ocean, that's coming together. the ingredients for a
12:50 pm
meteorological bomb is what they're called. stephanie say it's raining here. yay! started at 11:15 at redwood estates santa cruz mountains. i don't think it's raining that much. but i understand the picture. we have our first system coming in. it's not much for some. better for others, but i like ts thursday into friday. next tuesday, wednesday looks impressive right now. let's hope that holds. that may be the best in the sere lies the rub. the first system comes through.t of resistance, but it's starting to moisten things up. the layers of the atmosphere has been bone dry for a long time. it take a while to get things going. this system does not have a lot of dynamics and it's offshore. you need the lift and the cold air. but we're seeing this system move upward. so from south to north. this may be more of a deal for d also the bay or some of the coastal hills, santa cruz mountains certainly in line
12:51 pm
for more areas than others. later tonight into tomorrow, from marin county to sonoma county, rushing area -- this favors areas to the west. this system again, they'll be some areas that may not get much. a tenth of an inch. it defends if you get those perimeters, but rain develops. the system for friday looks better north of the golden gate. that's the one coming in early friday. i think that has better potential for more wide spread -- this system coming in might be hit and miss, but you can see the system coming in friday. that's favoring north and things should juice up as we head toward next week. 50s on the temps to near 60 degrees. half moon bay 60. we get that east, southeast brea first rain yes, sir for-- we get rain comeing in and it has been
12:52 pm
a long time coming and i think -- we get rain coming and i think it looks -- a man convicted of killing two jewelry store clerks in 2013 learned his fate today. white was faced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. last year, a jury found him guilty of 16 felony counts including one count of attempted murder and two counts of first-degree murder. prosecutors say white shot and killed the two -- he killed the owner because he thought the owner short-changed him on a necklace he bought at the store. more news coming up. stay with us.
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just into our news room, paul manafort, trump's former campaign -- he filed a lawsuit against muller and the justice department. in the suit manafort says muller exceeded his authority by investigating him for a conduct that was not related to russia interference in the 2017 presidential election. manafort was indicted on charges of conspiracy and money laundering in october. we're getting reports of light rain showers around the bay area this afternoon. >> we've been talking to steve paulson about that this morning. the -- we're going to have a full update on that today on the
12:56 pm
4 on 2 with meteorologist mark. >> tech companies leading stocks higher as u.s. indexes remain at all time highs. as you can see here the dow jones inching closer to the 25,000 point mark. up 107 points and the nasdaq up nearly 60 points. well, no one matched all six numbers in last night's mega millions. the $360 million jackpot will grow to $418 million. last night marks the 23rd straight drawing without a jackpot winner in the game. the numbers were 1, 42, 47, 64 and 7 and the mega millions number was 22 and the next drawing is friday. >> the competing power ball game will have a drawing tonight with a $440 million jackpot at stake. the odds of winning this one, 1 in 292 million. however, that does not stop americans from buying tickets. back in 2016, people spent more than $80 billion on lotto tickets and
12:57 pm
that's more they spent on books, sports tickets, movies, video games, music, all of it combined. $80 billion. >> whether it gets this big i ui haven't, so next time get me a ticket. >> 2-dollar winner. >> thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. ,,
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