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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  January 3, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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another wounded after a shooting outside a bart station in oakland. what we are learning about a bart officer involved. witnesses say the officer fired his weapon after another man shot someone else during an argument. police are only saying the circumstances are under investigation.>> we still don't have many details at this hour. the shooting happened at seventh and chester street at 4:40 pm this afternoon. steps outside the west oakland bart station. live coverage from rob malcolm. the latest on the investigation.>> reporter: oakland police confirm the bart police officer discharged his weapon while he was responding to an argument across the street. that is as much as we know. they are trying to determine who fired the fatal shot that left a man dead and another injured.
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the chaos played out at 4:41 pm wednesday night. a police officer in full uniform responded to gunfire and discharged his weapon. two men were left injured and one dead and another in serious condition. it is not clear who fired the fatal shot. >> we were requested to seventh and chester. directly over my shoulder. as seventh and chester there was an officer involved shooting.>> reporter: the bart officer was at the location where a witness said two men were exchanging words.>> it was basically an argument between two guys. it turned into a shooting.>> reporter: where did it start?'s. right here by the barbershop.>> reporter: the argument escalated.>> one of them shot my friend and the leg and the police shot and killed him. the guy that shot my friend in the leg. i guess they heard the dispute.
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once he got shot they came running across the street shooting.>> we have recovered a firearm from the same. there are a lot of questions in the community. we want to answer those questions. as we go through the investigation we are able to provide more information we will share that with you.>> reporter: the oakland police are handling the criminal investigation. part police are conducting their own investigation as well. alameda district attorney's office has been notified. the victim's identity has not been released. we don't have the identity of the other male who is listed in serious condition. we also don't know the relationship between both of those males and that he did argument. bart police and the oakland police spent much of the evening gathering surveillance video here. and talking to witnesses to get to the bottom of this
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investigation. the first rain of the new year has arrived in the bay area. in alameda we found a light rain falling this afternoon. people using their umbrellas to keep dry. drivers using their headlights and windshield wipers. >> deborah is in the north bay. let's bring in mark who is tracking the first of several storms coming our way.>> reporter: today's system was poulton. you produce more rain and more date than we picked up in all december in the bay area. we are adding to those totals. oakland and been lohman over a half inch of rainfall. san jose .31. all december they picked up .07. they have quadrupled it with the system. san francisco .09. santa rosa .06. not as much for portions of the
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north bay. you can see today's system coming on board earlier this afternoon and evening. a few thunderstorms as well. lightning strikes detected on the radar earlier. coverage in santa cruz mountains tori gilroy and morgan hill. as we come in closer to the south bay you can see san jose and out toward portions of the east bay for fremont livermore closer to 580. we will move it to the north and fairfield at 10 pm reporting some heavy rainfall. the bulk of the organize rainfall scooting to the east toward antioch rio vista. still talking about shower chances in your thursday forecast and beyond. we will talk more of the doubt that coming up. rain a concern for people in the north bay struggling to recover from the wildfires. deborah live in santa rosa where she found work is proceeding despite the
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weather.>> reporter: fire and rain -- we have been seeing some intermittent drizzle and coffee part. with the fire zones in recovery mode as you can see the rain isn't the problem it was two months ago. a coffee part homeowners stopping by the runs of his house because he is worried about what is left of his 18 foot boat.>> they cleaned my lap. this has been left behind and it concerns me. with the rains coming.>> reporter: it is fiberglass disintegrated and sitting in the street inches from a storm drain. -- storm drain. hazmat suits and more than rank here have been the uniform in these neighborhoods for more than a month. the crews clearing homesites are not inclined to let the return of rain slow them down.>> i talked to contractors and they said they would continue to work. they want to rebuild.
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they want this mess out of here. get it cleaned up for everybody.>> reporter: the firestorm leveled more than 5000 homes in sonoma county over the night of october 8 when heavy rain came a month later neighborhoods were still exposed just as the fire left him. tarps went down fast. to stem erosion and pollution.>> now properties are in various states of recovery. some cleared and some already for sale or sold. lots going for under $200,000. the plans for this home a loss. the architect is mapping the foundation to re-create the footprint.>> i wanted to get it measured up before it was torn out the ground.>> reporter:>> i am so happy for the rain.>> reporter: this homeowner was getting flowers planted before
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it rains. her lot will be cleared in the morning and she wants a spot of color. a new beginning.>> every day is getting better. it is all progress. a lot worse things in the world right now. it is just hard sometimes. >> reporter: wearing a necklace she was able to salvage from the ashes. representing her family of four. people are in different states of recovery just like their homes. everyone we talked to said they welcome the rain.>> such an emotional ordeal. there is still more hazards out.>> reporter: you saw the gentleman who was looking at the fiberglass on the ground where his boat had been. he brought bags in that shovel. he was planning to scrape it up himself. we warned him against that. clearly very hazardous once it is airborne. it should be left to the hazmat team. some of these laws are completely clean.
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others look like the fire was just yesterday. there are still a lot of burned vehicles that have not been taken away. has is like that melted borough. hazards like that melted boat. report that pg&e found damaged electrical equipment at or near the starting point of the four biggest wildfires. san francisco chronicle reporting utility file papers that show damage equipment was found near the ignition point of the atlas nuns and tubs fires. and three of those locations they reported tree limbs were in entire tree had hit power lines. >> touring the devastation from the october wildfires. federal state county and local officials updated nielsen about the fire response and recovery efforts in sonoma county. she said she met with fire
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survivors as part of her visit. at this stage the federal government is focused on helping property owners clear their properties so they can rebuild.>> the amount of debris collected to date is equal to the weight of 4/5 of the weights of the golden gate bridge. that is a tremendous amount of debris. and we are only just beginning.>> trump approved a major disaster declaration for the fires. which killed 44 people and destroyed or than 5100 homes. the secretary said the declaration will allow fema to provide grant money to allow people to rebuild their homes and businesses. police need help identifying a man who sexually assaulted a teacher in her classroom. pay attention to the way he walks. a weather term rarely used. bomb cyclone. details on the major winter storm hitting the northeast tomorrow. it's a lot to take in.
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woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
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new information from san jose police about the sexual assault and robbery of a middle school teacher inside a classroom. and has surveillance video of the suspect and the walk that might help someone recognize him.>> reporter: parents at harper middle school are in shock.>> i'm deeply saddened with what transpired. it makes me very sad.>> reporter: one day since the
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sexual assault of a teacher and police want to make their presence felt. officers are assigned to the school and more in the neighborhood.>> we want to make a strong presence known to the community. to the children and the staff that we do care. we are working to try to identify this person.>> reporter: this is the man they are looking for. he arrived on the campus early tuesday. they did this. he was wandering the grounds for two hours before the attack.>> we are aggressively trying to identify this person. we are asking the public to call us with any tips they have. anybody they suspect looks like this person or waltz like this person.>> reporter: the woman he sexually assaulted was a teacher who came to prepare her classroom. school officials released a statement saying we are saddened and upset by this incident and are leaning in to provide support and privacy to our employee and each other. administrators are cooperating with authorities. a review all safety protocols.
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until the perpetrator is caught parents say the presence is a comfort.>> we feel reassured. we feel they are doing everything they can.>> i have confidence in the school will do what it takes to make sure the campus and secure for faculty and students.>> reporter: police say while the video does not get a good shot at his face it does show he has a distinctive walk in there hoping someone might recognize it. anyone with information should contact san jose police. state water managers say there is a lot of winter left to build up the sierra snowpack. officials with the department of water resources had to try to find different spots to find enough snow to measure. across the state snowpack is a quarter of its long-term average first jet january. reservoirs are still above normal from last year's rain. there is time for california to
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make up for a dry december. conserving water is a good plan. it went to storm descended on the east coast bringing snow as far south as florida. a bomb cyclone for his sudden drop in atmospheric pressure. it brought heavy snow and ice to the southeast. people in florida say this is not what they were expecting and they boat their visit to the sunshine state.>> this isn't vacation weather.>> it is refreshing. i would like 80 degrees weather back.>> the same storm system brought ominous forecast and bone chilling forecast across the entire eastern u.s. this weather system could strengthen tomorrow. as it moves up the east coast and producing strong damaging winds in several states. intends to storm produced by the record chill in the air over portions of the country. the deep trough -- we have two extremes. three below fargo.
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one of the extremes. the other extreme the warm water in the atlantic. 77 degrees within that trough you get development of that intense system. you can see -- isobar is are tightly packed. the storm is intensifying. it will be a major deal heading into thursday forecast. up along the eastern seaboard. our forecast for today lots of clouds. rain showers out there. heavy at times. the radar the past few hours. scattered thunderstorms and lightning strikes. still showing you on the map especially over the southern half of the bay area. san jose the most recent observation reporting heavy rainfall. we have heavy rain reports toward portions of the east bay. out towards livermore in the also my past. shifting to the north fairfield reporting some heavy rainfall. some action showing up in
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portions of napa county and solano county. fairfield and vacaville reporting heavy rain. at this 11 pm hour. looking out to san francisco at the bay bridge. we will scale back on the rainfall intensity heading into tomorrow. we cannot guarantee a dry forecast for thursday. mostly cloudy. the possibility of scattered showers. a lot happening in the pacific. the first system coming on board today. the next one will be early friday morning and maybe left over sprinkles saturday morning. tomorrow morning for the commute some clouds and maybe a shower or two. that will be the theme throughout the day for thursday. look what happens late thursday night and into friday. the next system comes on board. friday morning commute could be wet. scattered showers on friday. left over sprinkle first thing saturday. temperatures tomorrow will be in the 60s.
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we have a lot to talk about. the rain tonight. another system early friday. a chance of a sprinkles saturday morning. we have to keep an eye on next week. it could be busy. some positive news for people who live on the marin coast. caltrans will open highway 1 to one-way traffic starting tomorrow. as we showed you last year storm damage eroded the highway in that section of road has been closed since february. one-way traffic resumes thursday. it will be june before the highway is completely repaired. white house the threatening legal action against steve bennett. the president's lawyer sent a cease and desist letter. in response to a new book by michael wolf titled fire in fury inside the trump white house. in excerpts published then and the size donald trump junior and his son-in-law jared kushner. calling their meeting with
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russians during the campaign treasonous and unpatriotic. in response the president issued a statement that said in part steve bannon has nothing to do with me or my presidency. when he was fired he not only lost his job he lost his mind. later white house spokeswoman described the president's reaction to his comments as furious and disgusted.>> i was certainly think going after the president's son and and outrageous and unprecedented way is probably not the best way to curry favor with anybody.. it contains explosive details including allegations trump himself did not want to be president and never thought he could wind. the tell-all book is due out next week. transformer campaign chairman paul manafort filed a lawsuit against robert mueller. and the justice department. in the lawsuit he says uhler exceeded his authority by investigating him for conduct
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not related to russian interference in the 2016 election. in october manafort was indicted on charges of conspiracy and money laundering. and has pleaded not guilty. jackie spears does not plan to run for governor of california. there had been speculation that she was considering a run next year as governor jerry brown prepares to leave office. in a statement today she denies any interest in running saying she still has a lot of work to do in washington. the senate is back to business. two new democratic senators. doug jones of alabama. tina smith of minnesota. there were joined by two former vice presidents. smith replaces al franken the former comedian resigned after facing allegations of sexual harassment. jones comes to washington after defeating roy moore. accused of sexual misconduct.
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republicans hold a 51-49 majority. one of the first orders of business to reach a funding deal to keep the government running past january 19. with the warriors and mavericks coming down to the final seconds in dallas. the buzzer beater. next in sports. no one was happier this christmas than this golden retriever in michigan who got exactly what he wanted. he is 12 years old. he looked lonely after his four- legged friend rosie passed away. they got an idea. he got exactly what most 12- year-old dogs want. a new puppy. his reaction was caught on video. they decided to post the video to spread the joy. it took off spreading to social media everywhere. the video has received more than 1 million views.
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the highlights from a nailbiter and a heart stopper.>> we have been saying every night they did not have a steph curry. they of the missing people. tonight they had everybody. the big four. they needed them all to barely beat the low and down and out dallas mavericks. who are improving.
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steph curry -- six more threes tonight. ice water in the veins. first-quarter drain mann will play catch with the -- david west. 18 points and 11 rebounds. six assists for drain mann. he did not get kicked out. one of his offices here. to kevin durand who quietly had 25 points and 12 rebounds. warriors up by 14 and the fourth quarter. here comes dennis smith junior. everybody is talking about him. dallas winds up tying the game. the warriors cool and calm when it counts. klay thompson difficult shot. 24.2 seconds left. they lead by 2. thompson had 25. harrison barnes he was never this aggressive when he played with the warriors. he just let the time keep
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ticking. watch the clock. steph curry wanted this. pulls up a nice screen by green. he drains it. the warriors wind up 125-122 winners. the big four had 100 of them. they needed them and they need to be better tomorrow night against the rockets. a done deal and i john gruden has decided not to play to correlate with this. he will be the next coach for the raiders. returning for a second stent. probably $10 million a year. he said today there will be no ownership peace to that. there have been rumors about him potentially being the gm. i don't know about that. this interview gives it away. he is coming to oakland. >> there is a good chance. i'm excited about where i am in terms of studying the game and prepare to come back and coach.
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i have to be honest. it has been a long couple weeks. they have gone through their process of interviewing. until they are done i won't know. i did have a good meeting with mark. i have known him a long time. i have a lot of respect for the organization.. he has always wanted to come back. probably monday or tuesday they will make it official. this was last night. you have to see this. to nobly pass up top. they just keep playing. however that ball went through the basket. watch this. the next play it off like it was a missed shot. beasley brings it up. that ball went in. popovich is laughing about it on the sideline. they will review it. the proper call was made.>> nobody noticed.>> most
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particularly the referee. i like how the guy just played it off like i would just keep going if nobody is going to count it. thank you for joining us tonight. join us tomorrow. you can find us any time online on twitter and facebook.>> ok
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huh. (flashlight clicks) my super-awesome family was throwing me a surprise early birthday party. i'm guess i'm the only one at home. haley: how could you do this?! alex: dad! luke: you were supposed to be my hero! you let me down! or i forgot to meet the electrician today to fix our faulty junction box. (flashlight clicks) guys, i'm not gonna make excuses. i've been really busy at work. well, i was halfway through straightening my hair. and i was in the middle of doing three weeks' worth of laundry. and i was actually writing a term paper right when the lights went out, and...what? this isn't soda. okay, before you guys say anything, i only put this on because i didn't have anything -- (laughing) aah! well, the problem obviously self-corrected, which i knew it would. well, i fixed it. yeah, mom called a guy. oh, claire, i'm so sorry. i got busy at work, and -- oh, honey, don't even worry about it. mwah. i'm just glad the fridge is up and running. i pre-packed all the lunches for tomorrow.


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