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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  January 4, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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item was 2003 when lemonade was added. the new hot chocolate is available year-round. today, continuing coverage of this morning's magnitude 4.4 earthquake that people all over the bay area felt. we are talking about new technology and lifesaving safety features live from the silicon valley auto show. a new type of singing competition. paul chambers previews the new store before the battle for stardom. it seems like we had a little of everything this thursday morning. the stock market reaching new heights and the "bomb cyclone" taking care of back east. we got a little bit of rain and fog. don't forget about steph curry last night. welcomed everybody. we had a nice looking
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earthquake this morning which woke me up but i was not overly concerned. i knew that it was between four and five mech -- so i went down and checked on everybody we were all good. maybe you guys felt it more. >> i am a little bit closer to the epicenter than you are so we definitely felt it. the kids slept right through it and that is what a lot of people have said. >> everyone but me slept through it. maybe because i am a breaking news guy.>> we felt it for sure. >> my dog was definitely up. i remember in the mountains where it was located last time so i can tell the distance. so if you don't know where the epicenter was, it was in the
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berkeley hills near the claremont hotel. allie rasmus is joining us live from berkeley with reaction from people who felt the shake. >> reporter: it has been easy to talk to people about this because everyone who lives in the area felt it. most describe it as a jolt and some people described hearing something loud going along with it. a lot of folks now have cameras in their homes and apartments so one viewer shared with us video from his camera in his apartment in oakland. you can clearly hear the noise. take a listen. that was about it. not visually impressive although there were some things on the shelves shaking a little bit. for people who were startled and woken up in the middle of the night, it was enough to be alarming. we have been talking to people in berkeley all morning who had a range of descriptions and reactions when they talked
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about what they experienced.>> the sound was quite intense. i kind of just waited to see what was happening. it seemed to last for a long time. >> at first it was a little offputting but we were not sure if it was a big one. and then it subsided. >> something at 2:30 definitely woke me up. i have been through it my whole life. we are used to it.>> reporter: some people are thinking maybe not a big deal but it is a reminder to everyone to have your earthquake kit ready and have an emergency plan in place. now that the morning has gone on and the initial shock of the earthquake has worn off people are starting to think what should i do to prepare for the big one when it does happen? >> allie rasmus, thank you. this was the scene at sfo after the earthquake.
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the air train service was shut down for a while. the trains were stopped inside of the terminal as crews inspected the tracks to make sure there was no damage. the runways were checked and an airport manager tells us there were no problems. >> the usgs is joining us live we have the deputy director of the earthquake science center. >> good morning. >> so, let me ask you about the hayward fault. i feel like this section where the epicenter was this morning has been in the news for the last decade whenever there is a larger earthquake but not necessary the rest of the fault in san jose. why is this happening in that location?>> well, the hayward fault creeps and that means between earthquakes the plates are slowly moving past each other. i think of this as a stuck patch which means the rest of
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the fault is creeping not really producing the earthquake through time and then every so often three or four times in the last 10 years this one little patch ruptures and that is the earthquake. it will then produce the magnitude four events. >> one of the things that i wonder is, earthquakes like this do not relieve pressure right? we are just as likely to have a big earthquake but this is not relieving any pressure along the fault?>> right, in fact we might be more likely to have a bigger earthquake now. it would take thousands of earthquakes of this size to reduce all of the strain that has accumulated to the decades. the small earthquakes really do not play a big role in the bigger earthquake budget. the reason i say the larger earthquake is more likely is because statistically every time we have one in california
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there is a low probability of a larger earthquake following. maybe a 5% possibility of a larger earthquake in the next several days following this one.>> other countries such as japan have sophisticated earthquake warning systems but we do not. is it not feasible because of our location? what is preventing that from happening?>> well, it is not true that we don't. we are working on this with systems in development. we are working with the geological survey, the universities in california as well and the pacific northwest. we called the system shake alert. so there are people who have the system working on the computers right now. we are not ready to issue public alerts but there are a few of us who are getting signals. in fact last night the earthquake did send an early
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warning about four mexicans from the start of the earthquake. we are working on a system and we hope to begin working with partners to send out early alerts by the end of the year. >> that is interesting when we look at august 24, for the napa earthquake which was 6.0 in an isolated region and we had the 4.4 on the hayward fault. if we have the 6.0 on the hayward fault would you expect the same amount of damage or more? >> the damage really depends on the infrastructure that the shaking impacts. so the east bay is part of the older part of the san francisco bay area. there are a lot of older buildings and other structures with pipelines and bridges. so what is the older structures that are more vulnerable. the magnitude 6.0 or even the
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7.0 might be possible. an earthquake like that will be causing a lot of destruction and interfere with people's lives. there will be impacts that we feel four months after. i live in albany and we talk about this. we do what we can to be prepared. >> we have a question of the day paul in a minute but the vast majority of people say that they will do nothing after the earthquake. what do you say to those people who say i don't have an earthquake kit and i am not getting insurance. what is your argument? >> hopefully this event will make people realize we do live in earthquake country. this is a regular occurrence. it indicates there will be bigger earthquakes in the future. i tell the young people in the schools if they live in the bay area it is extremely likely they will experience a big earthquake. so, you need to set up communication plans with your family which does not cost
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money. you can prepare to be on your own, have those kits so that in the hours and days following an earthquake when police and firemen are tending to other people, you can survive and be self-sufficient. lastly i encourage people to think about the buildings that they occupy. their homes, offices and schools. are the structure save? if they cannot answer the question then talk to an expert. >> whenever we have an earthquake keith picks up the phone so we appreciate your time. thank you. >> you are welcome, bye-bye. question of the day, what action are you taking after this morning's earthquake? let's take a look at the poll results. 24% say that you are preparing a kit. 2% are considering insurance or retrofitting and 74% are doing nothing. amanda tweets i already have a kit with earthquake insurance.
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damage limited to the extension of existing wall cracks. >> one viewer says i have voted nothing because i have prepared in his gear. we have everything we need in the garage. >> another viewer says we have a magnitude 4.5 and that is what we sleep there. asked this question when there's another big earthquake. >> we are super prepared. i have my speakers under the bed because the biggest cause of injury is when people walk on broken glass afterward. i have a theory people who did not grow up in the bay, people from outside the area are more concerned about earthquakes but i think we are like when it happens it will happen.
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i think we are not that concerned. thank you for responding. we will keep taking responses through the morning. are hashtag of course ktvu. extreme weather hitting the east coast. coming up with local live to delaware for more on the ice, the snow and the below freezing temperatures. a deadly shooting just outside of a oakland bart station. we will tell you what led to the shooting.
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we are taking a look at the dow jones which crossed a key threshold in the early morning hours around 6:00. the dow passing the 25,000 mark for the first time in history. five weeks ago it crossed the 24,000 mark. it is up by 151 points.
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technology companies are outpacing the rest of the market. president trump tweeting about the strong numbers. he says there is more good news to come. attributing much of it to the new tax law. san francisco police are searching for a man wearing a santa hat who fired shots at a car full of people last week and it was caught on camera. this happened in the tenderloin district 2 days after christmas. you can see the man wearing a santa hat. he talked with people inside of a black car that stopped at eddy and mason streets, he then takes out a gun and shoots into the vehicle. the car immediately drives away, the man backs up puts the gun in his pocket and walks away. the motive for the shooting is unclear but one man who lives across the street told us what he heard. >> i heard the arguing before hand, so i already knew that somebody owed somebody money for something. >> san francisco police say that they did not receive
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reports of injury connected to the shooting. we are learning more about a deadly shooting by a bart police officer from late yesterday in oakland. >> alex savidge is live near the west oakland bart station with the latest on the investigation and what oakland police have said. we got an update from oakland police, the lead agency investigating the shooting. this all began when two men were involved in a dispute and struggle on the street corner. one of them pulled out a gun and started shooting. a bart police officer on duty at the west oakland bart station heard the gunfire and ran across the street. according to investigators he ordered the man with the gun to drop the weapon. >> it looks like we are having technical difficulties and we lost the shot. we will try to reestablish that and bring him back. a new report in the chronicle
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claims pg&e found damaged electrical equipment at or near the suspected starting point of the north bay wildfires. the chronicle reports the utility file papers that showed damaged equipment. tree limbs or even an entire tree hit power lines. the investigation is underway and north bay residents are suing the company. the federal government says it is committed to helping victims of the north bay wildfires. kirsten nielsen was in sonoma county, she took a tour of the devastation from the october wildfires. she met with fire survivors as part of her visit. at this stage the government is focused on helping property owners clear their property to rebuild. >> i learned today the amount of debris collected is equal to the weight of 4/5 of the weight of the golden gate bridge. that is a tremendous amount. we are only just beginning.
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>> president trump approved a major disaster declaration for the fire zone. 44 people were killed in the fire. the declaration will allow fema to provide grant money for people to rebuild. >> in some north bay communities the task of rebuilding is too overwhelming. several homeowners are choosing to sell their burned out lots. the new york times reports in the devastated coffey park area alone more than one dozen lots are up for sale. last month one owner put their lot up for sale at $199,000 and are now in negotiations. some feel the time and effort that it will take to rebuild their home and community is too much and would rather take the insurance sales money and relocate. coming up next, a mirror that can show you what you look like in an outfit before you put it on. the patented -- patent just
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acquired by amazon. a band -- ban on personal cell phones, we will explain the new rule.
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more now on the case of the officer involved shooting in oakland evolving a bart police officer. we have reestablished the signal with alex savidge.>> reporter: as i was saying, good morning. this started with a struggle and argument of some kind between two men on the street corner. one of the men pulled out a gun and started shooting. that is when a police officer on duty across the street at the west oakland station heard the gunfire, ran across the street and according to police in charge of the investigation, the police officer ordered the man with the gun to drop his weapon. when he did not the officer opened fire. the man was shot and later died at the hospital. the shooting happened just
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after 4:30 yesterday afternoon outside of uppercuts barbershop on seventh street at chester. the unarmed man who was involved in the initial scuffle was hit by gunfire and wounded. he was later released from the hospital according to authorities. it is unclear if the second man who was shot and wounded was hit by the bart police officer or by the man he was fighting with initially. we talked with a woman who witnessed the shooting. >> basically it was an argument between two guys and it turned into a shooting. one of them shot my friend in the leg and the police shot and killed him. >> reporter: again, the oakland police department is in charge of the investigation because the shooting happened on city streets. the bart police are conducting their own investigation as well
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as is the alameda county district attorney. authorities have not released the names of either of the men over shot or the name of the police officer who opened fire. we did learn this morning that the officer was wearing a body camera and activated the camera as he responded to the scene of the shooting ultimately opening fire on the man who was armed. >> thank you for the updated information, alex savidge. the white house cracking down on staff and guests using personal cell phones at work. sarah huckabee sanders issued a statement that reads starting next week the use of personal devices will no longer be allowed in the west wing. the decision is about security not weeks. the ban will not apply to the media. the white house also says staffers will need to use their government issued devices. president trump is going after steve bannon and bannon
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is not mincing words. >> lawyers for the president are telling steve bannon to stop disparaging the trump family after some bombshell statements in a new book by journalist michael wolff. >> now with more on what the book says about the election and how the first family is responding. >> in the book, steve bannon criticized the president's son donald trump jr. and his son-in- law jared kushner calling their meeting with the russians during the 2016 campaign treasonous and unpatriotic. it is a legend the meeting was set up so the campaign could get dirt on hillary clinton. steve bannon said at the least they should have called the fbi immediately after the meeting took place. in response the president issued a statement that reads steve bannon has nothing to do with me or my presidency. when he was fired he not only lost his job, he lost his mind. later sarah sanders described
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the president's reaction as furious and disgusted. >> i would certainly think going after the president's son in this outrageous way is probably not the best way to gain favor. >> the book contains other details including allegations that as a candidate trump did not want to be president and never thought he could actually win back. the book alleges trump was stunned when he won. he looked like he had seen a ghost. the first lady's office responded with a statement that says the book is clearly going to be sold in the bargain fiction section. mrs. trump supported his decision to run and in fact encouraged him to do so. she was confident he would win and was very happy. the president blasted steve bannon for the loss of a republican senate seat in alabama to the democrats and says that bannon was only in it
9:25 am
for himself. the president said bannon did not want to make america great again but was simply seeking to burn it all down. >> one other piece of information is that steve bannon's statement that the russia investigation was centered on money laundering and investigators would crack donald trump jr. like an egg on national tv. attorney angela alioto who once served as supervisor of san francisco with officially file paperwork to run for mayor of san francisco. she is one of several people interested in running in the election set for june. the term for ed lee will end in january 2020. the deadline to file the paperwork to run is tuesday. the city attorney dennis herrera may enter the race. he has requested the paperwork as of yesterday. he is a veteran of city politics. peninsula congresswoman jackie speier does not plan to
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run for governor of california. there had been speculation recently that she was considering a run next year as governor jerry brown prepares to leave office but in a statement released yesterday she denies any interest in running and has said she has a lot of work to do in washington. we will be talking more about the governor's race including the top questions tomorrow when we are joined by the san francisco chronicle senior political writer. monday we will be talking about the mayor's race as well with heather night a columnist who has covered city hall for 10 years. coming up next, a new health craze involving water taking over silicon valley. why experts say this could make people more vulnerable to bacteria. the silicon valley auto show begins today in san jose. coming up we will take a look at the new technology and safety features that are on display.
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we are continuing coverage of the 4.4 magnitude earthquake that hit the bay area earlier this morning. the epicenter in the berkeley hills near the claremont hotel. the earthquake hit at 2:39 this morning. this morning the earthquake took place on the hayward fault and earlier this morning a geologist with the usgs talked about the potential of a bigger earthquake. >> 5% of the time earthquakes are followed by larger earthquakes. there is a low probability but there is some probability this is a forthshock to a bigger event. honestly it would not be a big surprise if we had a big one. the last big earthquake was 1868 and we are about at the 150 year anniversary. so we know from geological excavation the big earthquakes
9:30 am
happen every 150 years. so people like me think that a large earthquake is probably the most likely earthquake to occur in the near future.>> so far more than six hours later there have been no reports of significant damage from the earthquake. >> we have been asking you what action are you taking after the earthquake? 23% say that you are preparing your earthquake weight -- kit 2% are retrofitting your home or calling for insurance and most of you, 75% are doing nothing. some people are getting their food supply and the cash.>> carlos says we are not taking it seriously. i am having a bloodied mary to celebrate it was not the big one. >> a lot of people have said i am ready. >> i'm sure napa helps with
9:31 am
that. >> thank you for using our hashtag and talking with us. moving to the extreme weather in the east coast. andrew cuomo the governor of new york has declared a state of emergency for new york city, westchester and long island because of the current conditions. >> single digits and subzero temperatures are creating a dangerous mix meeting days of recovery and people are being advised to stay off the roads. caroline shively is live from delaware in the thick of it. it looks like the snow is persisting but has the wind died down? >> reporter: within the last few moments it has but then you get a massive gust and it will practically knock you off of your feet. it is hard to know if it is just a one or two minute break. >> i like to your tweet of your little outfit but i wanted to ask, in cities like savannah, georgia where they don't get
9:32 am
snow and they don't have snow plows or the equipment, that is where this is most likely to have a big effect, correct? >> reporter: absolutely. because a lot of those places got freezing rain it is dragging down the power lines. in parts of minneapolis everybody has a snowplow you put it on your truck and you are fine. these cities that are not prepared. talking to the bartender last night, here come the wind. the bartender joked we only have one snowplow because as far north in delaware they don't get a lot of snow. when you add in the mix of the "bomb cyclone" with the awful wind that is what is tough.>> it looks like a virtual ghost town behind you, kind of like a movie set. are all of the schools closed where you are? what about the businesses
9:33 am
behind you?>> reporter: businesses are closed and the schools are closed. city hall is closed and state offices are closed. random people are walking through at the strangest times. we saw an old man who walked over one mile in this for exercise. 20 minutes ago we saw a man with a baby and a carrier on his back. he was too far away for us to talk to him but random people are walking in. near the bigger highway there are semi trucks and jeeps trying to get through. the fire chief said some tractor-trailers are stuck. >> it is great that people are hunkering down today but there is danger continuing after the storm passes through correct? >> reporter: yes, absolutely. if you look around you can see the icicles melting. we will be running into that sort of thing. the terrible temperatures will get down to four below today.
9:34 am
the snow should be stopping tomorrow and maybe the wind will die down but the temperature will be terrible. if we have power outages as we have seen to the south but they have been getting online quickly. if we see more power outages that is when we get into the danger zone. >> caroline shively live from a very chilly delaware, thank you. >> she says she needs a bigger better outfit. we have light rain in our area. >> steve paulson can talk about the local weather. >> i can but i want to show you new york. we have a couple of reports in delaware of 16 inches of snow. not only the wind and the snow but the brutally cold temperatures behind this. we will be getting this fluffy
9:35 am
snow getting it turned into ice. from philadelphia into new york the lowest pressure was montauk in long island. 29.01. if you have a barometer at home you likely did a double take. there is the system with that warm atlantic current. atlantic water which was in the 70s but now coming in behind that will be some really cold air. the development of the system is coming through with extremely cold air down into the gulf which will interact with the gulf water. there will be really cold temperatures behind that with the windchill at 25 to 30 below into parts of the new england area. we did have some rain so santa cruz picked up the most. foster city, san carlos, san mateo all getting really good rain and the east bay as well with the oakland hills.
9:36 am
one system giving two inches to kirkwood. i don't think there is going to be much other than a few drifts but most of it is about done until later this afternoon and tonight. 58 san jose, livermore 47, there is the next system but this one will be taking aim at areas north of the golden gate, not to the south. 60s for the temperatures with the next system coming with rain on friday. fog is expected over the weekend and we have an impressive system monday night and tuesday. widespread rain. >> good, bring it on. now to the latest health craze in silicon valley. unfiltered untreated and non- sterilized water known as "raw water". >> the product has been flying off the shelves in san francisco but is it safe?>> tara moriarty has a reaction from officials
9:37 am
and the ceo of live water. >> welcome to fountain of truth. >> introducing the silicon valley's latest obsession, "raw water". >> i set out to find the best spring available. >> the company that produces "raw water" says it is untreated unfiltered derived from a mountain spring in oregon and people in san francisco are guzzling it. >> they are unique and more power to them if they want to drink "raw water". >> after news of the latest health trend jugs were flying off the shelves. signs indicate a future price surge. >> it is expensive so it is seven dollars per gallon and tapwater is literally pennies per gallon. >> water and health officials say that the concern is over the safety. >> tapwater is treated for a reason. there are harmful things in the water you don't want to drink.
9:38 am
you could have bacteria like e. coli. >> 85% of san francisco's water comes from the virtually untouched reservoirs. >> i could never go back to drinking dead water. >> the founder and ceo of live water stands by his product. >> it is not tainted by any of the surface water on the earth that has a lot of industrial aged contamination. each batch is tested for harmful bacteria. >> the water is touted as having healthy probiotics and minerals but health officials say that it is not subject to testing standards and after one month it turned green because after all it is living. would you try it?>> probably not. especially if it turns green. >> time will tell if sales search for good. in san francisco tara moriarty,
9:39 am
"ktvu mornings on 2". the silicon valley autoshow is kicking off this morning and some students will be getting the chance to show off impressive projects. jesse gary has the story. >> the road to tomorrow for the students that created cards begins on the back of a truck. six vehicles are headed to the 2018 silicon valley autoshow.>> it is nice to see the school is being showcased and all the work is being done. >> one mile away the last of the spartan race team cars rolls into the convention center. from thursday through sunday 30 manufacturers will showcase the latest in the automotive industry from the cutting edge corvette to the hybrids to the suv. >> we have seen a lot of trends in the automotive industry with crossover vehicles and alternative fuel vehicles.
9:40 am
>> parked outside of the main hall sits the san jose state display. >> we are the next generation of engineers. >> this sophomore has a racer that is all electric going 0 to 60 in three seconds. >> i hope to show them the opportunity we have at san jose state. most people don't know about our program and there is a lot to learn here. especially with electric cars rising up in the market. >> san jose state mechanical engineering professors say that building and showcasing the car creates a path to professional success. >> i am motivated to pursue my students in that direction. i am here to recruit students to the program as well so we can show them the future and the path of the auto industry. >> what catches attention could pale in comparison with the prideful beam coming from one college race team ready to pull
9:41 am
into the car design lead. >> they may have the next future car design right here. >> jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. >> the autoshow will feature future -- virtual reality test drives. for more on the latest technology and safety features i'm joined by autoshow spokesperson deedee taft. one of the things i wanted to ask about with the autoshow is all of the new technology, for the once in a while they come out with things like lane drifting technology. do we see that kind of thing at the autoshow? >> that is the best part of the show. we have more than 300 vehicles from 30 manufacturers. all of the product specialists are here and they can answer your questions and demonstrate the new features.
9:42 am
it is all about driver assist technology, whether it is lane assist or pre-collision breaking. it is anything that will help keep you alert and aware. it will even slow down and hit the brakes for you. it is really a great place to come down and see the technology so you can learn about it from the experts. there is no pressure here. you can sit in anything and it is all here. >> so do the manufacturers know that their cars, like a three- year-old computer, what do the manufacturers do to make sure the car can adapt to the new stuff as it comes out? >> they are definitely adapting. i will have to tell you about the teenage driver program. you can program your key fob to actually track your teenage
9:43 am
driver. so you know after they have driven the car if safety assist went on. you can know the speeds and you can get alerts via text or email as to how they are doing. if they are going out of bounds or staying in their area. it is amazing what you can do to be safe with your new drivers as well. >> it used to be only the higher end cars had the technology, but now i notice you're standing near the chevys which are cars people can afford. they have the latest technology right? >> exactly. everybody, chevrolet, subaru, ford, honda, it is not just for luxury vehicles. not even just the basic features. i am talking all of the new technology including driver assist, pre-collision breaking. it is a great time to come see what is available. >> okay, i cannot wait, thank you for the interview.
9:44 am
again, the silicon valley autoshow running today through sunday at the san jose mchenry convention center. start coming up, a singing competition. paul chambers takes us behind the scenes of "the four"
9:45 am
9:46 am
with the 2018 winter olympic games taking place next month san jose is in the spotlight as they will be hosting the figure skating championships. last night was opening night. skating legend that we grew up with participated in the ceremony. the first competition was the lady's short program.
9:47 am
paulina edmonds was first, the 19-year-old is making a comeback after a serious foot injury. after the performance she described the pressure of competition. >> even though i was happy with each element, i did not fully relax until it was over. >> the competition wraps up on sunday. that is when we know which skaters will represent the us. steph curry bailed out the warriors and they beat the mavericks 125-122. >> he knows he has protection, steph curry from fort worth. >> steph curry led the team with 32 points. eight assists and five rebounds. the stars combine for 100 points and the game came down to the last few seconds with steph curry and the ball. >> this is a freebie. steph curry 43, good.
9:48 am
>> steph curry had the game- winner. despite the last-second heroic shot head coach steve kerr admits they did not play their best. >> we walked the fine line between chaos and disorder. we are at our best when we can be loose and free, but we have to have the discipline that goes with that. when we find the balance, we are really really hard to beat.>> the warriors will take on the houston rockets tonight with tip offset at 5:00. >> the battle for stardom. it will premiere tonight at 8:00 on ktvu. is singing competition boasts it starts where others will be ending. it will feature four performers defending their seats against
9:49 am
newcomers. paul chambers talked with the judges. >> it will be a battle on fox, the star-studded panel of music experts and you the viewers searched the globe for the new music competition, "the four". >> we are starting with the best, the top four and we are looking for somebody who has what it takes to challenge them. >> the show boasted it starts where others end where the finalists defend their spots against challengers. it -- if the panel believes the challenger is better they will take the spot and become part of the four. then it is up to you to vote on who you feel should be brought to the show.>> this is what we came here to do. >> the panel consists of sean doody combs, megan trainor and
9:50 am
record executive charlie walk. >> it is about the artist. the makeup of an artist is someone who can sing and move. >> at the end of the season the four remaining finalists will battle until there is one winner who gets a big prize. >> you will get to work with us. i will be honest it is a win. >> so you guys will also pick the winner. you want to say good luck goodbye. >> after the last episode we get to work. >> with other competitions what makes "the four" different? >> it is more like an artist competition. who will prove to us i will do this. >> that is the difference, after un you are just the winner then you don't have the support. we are securing it. you will get guaranteed radio play. >> it is the best show and the
9:51 am
only show. whatever you used to watch is over.>> paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up next, you better stock up on your favorite candy specifically chocolate. it could be extinct by 2050. coming up next the reason behind the possible shortage and how uc berkeley might be stepping in to save your sweet tooth.
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lottery players have a chance to win two giant jackpots. the lottery pots amount to $1 billion. >> you have to be in it to win it. >> winning the lottery would be a great way to kick off the new year and the luck of the draw could make one american very rich. >> the customer gets really excited and previously we had big winners so we can definitely see the excitement. >> nearly $1 billion up for grabs. the mega millions has climbed to over $400 million. the powerball lottery has an unclaimed pool of over $500 million. people say the jackpots are  unreal. >> that is not pocket change.>> it would pay off my student loans. i would buy everyone a house. >> the lottery pots are growing after nobody matched the winning numbers tuesday in the
9:55 am
mega millions and wednesday in the powerball. >> whether it is $8 million or $50 million you have to be into it. >> the odds of winning are incredibly small. the mega millions has odds of one out of 302 million and powerball slightly better at one 292 million.>> if it was not meant to be i will keep playing maybe i'll get lucky one day. >> the average american spends $200 per year on lottery tickets although residence of some states spend more, massachusetts spend the most at $735 annually. in new york david lee miller, fox news. do you have a problem picking out what to wear in the morning? amazon is working on an easier way. may be dark suit with a bright tie and white shirt? the company was granted a patent for a blended reality mirror. the idea could one day superimpose clothing onto your
9:56 am
reflection and it will project a virtual scene so you can match your outfit to the occasion. amazon will be starting focusing on artificial intelligence software. this story may panic chocolate lovers. the sweet treat could disappear by the year 2050. scientists predict the chocolate plant will go extinct due to climate change. rising temperatures are threatening to shrink the number and size of rain forests around the equator but uc berkeley is teaming up with mars candy to develop a steadier plant that will not wilt in the dry climate. >> my mother is freaking out right now. she loves chocolate. breakfast lunch and dinner. a lot of people like to eat chocolate for valentine's day
9:57 am
and a lot of people are looking ahead to the holidays, this sunday, january 7 is supposed to be the busiest day for online dating so we will bring in our life coach to talk about putting yourself out there. how many people are looking for love online and how attitudes have really changed in regards to online dating. >> valentine's day, can we take a break?>> no we love the diamonds. thank you for being with us. we will see you at noon. here's your receipt. have a nice day! thank you. ♪ ♪ start the car! start the car!
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