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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  January 5, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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february 4th. he joins the starting line-up of puppy bowl that airs on the animal planet. are you looking for love in the new year? more on why this will be the busiest weekend for online dating and also tips to boost your status. 40% of americans are involved in online dating. this sunday will be busy, busy, busy. taking a live look outside on this friday morning. lots of clouds. not that much rain. but many, many fish in the sea. mike and sal. >> i like it, gasia. >> i just came up with it.
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>> i just came up with it. >> i'm standing on an apple box. this is me in real life and me on the apple box. you caught me looking so i have to explain. >> we're lucky we sealed up our dating lives early on. i never jumped into the online dating pool. we will talk with a life coach later today on the 9. do you gentlemen have nonnegotiables. if she is x, i can't be with her. >> if she was quiet and shy. >> okay. >> i like someone who was aggressive and knew what they wanted. wanted a career and i found her. other than that, it was an open book. >> i would say -- i watch a lot of sports. >> i have heard. >> when i met her, she knew i want to giants games and stuff. she approved. if she hadn't, that would have been a problem. >> one of my first dates with my now wife it was a nice restaurant ask it was during
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the world series in 2002 with the joint. i was living in arizona. i kept asking the server for a score update. he would come and have the score written on there. >> i hope you proposed to her there. >> we're going to talk about nonnegotiables, how to hang on to the love that you have right now on the 9. news-wise, let's start in san francisco. the police standoff in the city is now over. >> right. it was at a home on 29th avenue and moraga in the city's outer sunset neighborhood. >> christien kafton is at the scene. christien, what do we know about this so far? >> reporter: yeah. we are here at moraga and 29th. you might be able to see one of the crisis negotiators here on scene. really stressing to us this morning just how critical the crisis negotiation really was. san francisco police confirming for us that they have one man safely in custody. we're hoping to learn more about why the man is in custody and who he is. here is what we have learned so far.
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san francisco police received a 911 call last night at around 11:00 p.m. near 29th avenue and moraga in the city's sunset district. a man called in and saying another man was acting in a threatening manner. officers showed up and encountered the man who had been threatening the other man before. they interacted with the man. that man then ran and barricaded himself inside of the home. officers surrounded the home and they opted to wait him out. >> eventually early this morning at about 7:30, we did make contact with him. and the subject did attempt to assault one of the negotiators. therefore a less lethal device was used and he was taken into custody without further incident. >> reporter: >> there's a live scene at 29th and moraga.
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the situation appears to be resolved. earlier today a lot of police. back east, the white house canceling a policy that was established under president obama. >> it had discouraged the federal government with interested faring with state that's legalized marijuana. >> this occurred just days after california started allowing the sale of recreational marijuana. >> four days into the legal sale and use of recreational cannabis in california and u.s. attorney general jeff sessions is taking action. he announced plans to reverse an obama era policy that discourages interference with marijuana friendly states. he says the previous issuance of guidance undermines the rule of law and the ability of our local, state, tribal enforcement partners to carry out the mission. it means that prosecutions would be left up to u.s. attorneys and they would decide
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how to crack down on pot possession, distribution and cultivation. despite the uncertainty that comes with the announcement, it is business as usual as harbor side dispensary in oakland. >> we sort of saw this coming. i'm not really terribly concerned about it. >> reporter: the same goes for berkeley patients group. >> we certainly intend to keep on with our operations. we are a state licensed locally supported fully compliant cannabis business. and we have the support of our local and state politicians. >> reporter: california politicians are expressing their disappointment. part of the statement from house minority leader nancy pelosi says the decision bulldozes over the will of the american people and insults the democratic process. california will stand together to pursue all legal options to protect its rights as a state. at berkeley city hall, the mayor says it is interesting that attorney general sessions
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believes strongly in states rights but advancing policy to take away the rights of states when it comes to cannabis. >> this has always been something in the back of our minds since trump was elected. it could happen. we don't know what the full impact of this announcement is. but berkeley will stand firm to defend our right and the right of the people of california to decriminalize cannabis. >> reporter: eight states have legalized the use of cannabis and 29 have legalized it for medicinal purposes. in berkeley, cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. the number of investors quickly dumped their marijuana related stocks following the announcement that it will crack down on marijuana sales. a canadian cannabis company the largest in the world by market value fell 17% just a few hours after the markets opened
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yesterday. in the meantime the american fertilizer and gardening company scott's miracle grow dropped before bouncing back. it is expanding into fertilizer and lighting for cannabis. san francisco will allow dispensaries within the city to start selling recreational marijuana tomorrow. while california allowed sales this past monday, san francisco was working to bring dispensaries into compliance with state and local laws. pot clubs in the city must have approval from both the san francisco office of cannabis along with california's cannabis bureau. >> we're joined by the professor of law. thank you for coming in. his ability to file charges, maybe, maybe not and state law on the other side. how does this play out legally. >> given what the attorney general did yesterday, we don't know. that is the whole point. that's why you saw uncertainty with the stocks. we don't know what is going to happen. in california, northern california in particular, there is real uncertainty because there is only a directive to
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the u.s. attorneys. so the justice department in washington only has so much control over 94 u.s. attorneys around the country. of course we will have a brand- new one. ours is leaving at the end of this week. he is leaving. and we don't know what the policies will be of the next person. there might be that there is no change or there might be dramatic change. we just don't know yet. >> the supremacy clause in the constitution, federal law overrides any state laws. if they wanted to, they could come here and shut everything down, couldn't they? >> they could. it is really that there is overlapping law, the state law and federal law. at the moment, california has decided that marijuana will be legal within the regulations. but federal law still says it is illegal. so when you have overlapping jurisdictions, it is quite possible for one to come in, not the other. what the obama administration had done was to say, we're going to make this a low
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priority. and what sessions memo does is to say, no, it is now standard priority. so we will see what that really -- what that really means going forward. >> 29 states and the district of columbia have legalized recreational and/or medical marijuana. is it likely in the future the states will band together to challenge the national law? >> i think that will happen. even yesterday you saw republican senators, the senator from alaska, senator gardner from colorado speaking out really strongly about this. these are big industries in the state. and they see this as a state right. >> what would it take to change the law. >> the president would have to sign it. you may find bipartisan support to do that. the other thing that could happen that is more under the radar and more likely to happen is you could attach riders to
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spending and say that the justice department, you can't spend money on this. currently there are riders with respect to medical marijuana. that could be spread to recreational marijuana as well. while the law wouldn't change, the justice department would not have resources to enforce the law. >> gasia mentioned a legal challenge. what would the legal issue be? >> there isn't is the answer. >> right. >> because of the supremacy clause. because the federal government is perfectly entitled to regulate in this area. what happens is there's always cooperation between state enforcement officials and federal enforcement officials. usually those things work out all right. but in this instance, we're looking at a shift in priorities. and we just don't know quite what that will be. i don't think you could challenge this policy. but you could work with the new u.s. attorney or the u.s. attorneys in the four districted in california to say why don't we keep it the way it
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was. it was working well. >> when it comes down to it, the person who went out on monday and bout an ounce of marijuana recreationally and spoking it, what do you tell them. >> have a great time. >> are they going to go after the people or not? they're low level offenders. >> extremely unlikely. >> they are under the federal government's eyes. >> but not under state law. >> law enforcement is discretionary. >> right. you're not going to have fbi agents wasting their time. >> and the resources. >> yeah. if my mom goes and buys her first bag of marijuana, she is not likely going to rise. under the obama administration, we saw numerous dispensaries in the bay area being raided and people led away in handcuffs and that was under the obama administration. >> the concern was that they weren't following the rule that's were set up at that point. the concerns at that point had been drug cartels, criminal gangs and selling out of state into places where it was not legal. so there were concerns that
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those rules were actually being followed. so you're not completely home free. it is the same as when you're driving. did you go at exactly the speed limit to come in tonight. >> probably not. >> maybe not. maybe i didn't either. maybe overstayed that parking ticket. it happens all the time. how likely will be you caught. the people who so joyously bought marijuana last week. >> it was a party. >> perfectly all right. keep enjoying the marijuana within the rules. do it at home. don't do it on the street. don't -- you know, don't do it in front of kids and everything will be fine. >> the u.s. attorneys that they appoint are usually conservative people. they are both really kind of conservative. and they have cracked down in the past. >> uh-huh. >> that's why people are concerned. >> sure. but it is a matter of resources as you were saying. they have discretion to decide what to go to. can you imagine. take grandma. let's bust her for the moment.
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we're going to haul here in court. >> let's do it. >> cameras everywhere. >> right. examine jury is going to be pulled from the northern district of california to convict that person? give me a break. >> what is the reasoning behind it? what is the attorney general of the united states doing by sending this notice out. >> attorney general sessions has long felt that marijuana is a very dangerous drug. now, i think attitudes have changed about that. >> it is still a schedule 1 drug. >> yes. by a matter of law. formally all he is doing is saying, look, this issue deserves regular priority. it doesn't deserve low priority as the obama administration wanted or does it deserve high priority which certain issues will get. let's turn it to normal priority and leave it to the 94 u.s. attorneys to decide in their districts what is important to do and what is less important to do. i bet in the northern district of california, grandma doesn't
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have to worry. >> grandma is okay. a good conversation that will continue i'm sure. >> thanks for having me. coming up in a moment, we will talk about the governor's race. in a couple months, we will see the candidates for the governor of california take the stage in forums and debates. up next, the top questions that each have to answer. here's your receipt. have a nice day! thank you. ♪ ♪ start the car! start the car! start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea.
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>> a controversial tell-all book about president trump goes on sale today. it is available on store shelves earlier than originally planned. as kevin reports washington, d.c., the white house is not happy about it. >> a lot of people are interested because it blew up so quickly. >> reporter: this is not what president trump wanted. fire and fury on bookshelves four days early after sending a cease and desist lear to the
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publisher and author. copies selling out at this washington, d.c. bookstore that started selling it at midnight. >> people have been talking about it. >> reporter: sarah sanders focusing on the book. in it michael wolff has an unflattering look at the commander in chief and sanders says wolff made up much of the content. >> he refuse today speak with the president and was denied access. >> reporter: wolff tells the today show he spent three hours with president trump during the campaign and after the inauguration. he has recordings and notes and is comfortable with everything that he has reported. >> my credibility is being questioned by a man who has less credibility than perhaps anyone who has ever walked on earth at this point. >> reporter: president trump in a tweet said he never talked to the author about fire and fury and he referenced steve bannon who is liberally quoted in the
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new book and fairly critical of donald trump jr. and ivanka trump. the president in his tweet calling mr. bannon sloppy steve. at the white house, i'm kevin cork, ktvu fox 2 news. well, as that bookkeeps things up on the national stage, things are cooking back home where we are beginning a race to the governor's election. >> several forum and debates will take place before voters go to the polls. there are certain questions that the candidates have to answer. >> we're joined by joe garofoli to discuss this issue. we will get to california in a second. about fire and fury. >> yes. >> it appears that the president's image is getting rbied by what is inside of the book, whether factual or not. from my reading, bannon has not come out and denied the quotes. how big a deal is this. >> here is the big deal, the big effect is, number one, it breaks up the bromance between bannon and the president.
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bannon is in touch with the trump base. so far the folks have been lining up behind the president. we will see how that plays out. remember, bannon has the mega phone of breibart. how is breibart going to react to this? breibart is the -- is the oracle of the conservative right. >> let's jump back to the california governor race. >> yes. >> newsom is running about 26%. should he be higher or is that where you would expect? >> we did a column in the chronicle and i talked to insiders, people with the campaigns. some candidates themselves. and i said, what is the one burning question that every candidate has to answer? one of the ones for newsom, this guy has been running for governor for nine years. he was going to run against jerry brown. he is only 26%. should he be higher than that? he has more money than everybody combined. several points out in front. is that enough?
9:20 am
should he be dominating even more. >> we know how polls are wrong. they were wrong for the presidential election. is 26 a real number? >> even more important number is about 30% to 33% of the people are undecided. so they haven't picked a voice yet. except the political nerds here are not paying attention. >> it is a race for second. whoever gets second in the june primary. >> privately these guys will be saying. it is a race for second for the most part. newsom has to do something horrible not to be first. 41% of the voters expected to turn out in the june primary will be republicans. now, are they all going to go behind one candidate or are they going to divide? if they divide, it is more unlikely that there will be a republican in the november election. but if they -- if they all go behind one person, there will likely be a republican in the
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race. >> would jackie sphere -- she decided not to run. would she have affected the race and how? >> it's unclear how she would have affected the race. she has run statewide before, about 10, 12 years ago and she lost the governor race. we don't know how much of a statewide constituency she has. she is known nationally and on the peninsula. she would have to ramped up her fundraising quickly. she could take advantage of the metoo movement right now. >> early on. >> yeah. she could have some women backers there. she has decided not to run. it is moot at this point. >> i've been curious, what do you suppose newsom's ultimate goal, governor or president. >> there are people around newsom who have been eyeing the white house. he is young. he is my age, 50, 52. there's plenty of time.
9:22 am
we have a 70-year-old in the office now. we had a 78-year-old running last time. there is plenty of time. >> you know who is going to run from the bay area is tom stire. he has a big news conference on monday in d.c. >> i think he's going to say -- first of all, you don't announce something in washington, d.c. if you're running for office in california. let's take that off the table. what is likely to happen is he may sort of run -- what will be a shadow run for the presidency. >> what does that mean. >> he is going to be saying i'm going to be giving -- i'm going to work on taking back the house for democrats. i'm going to be working on getting -- helping dreamers, et cetera, et cetera. outlining his plans. and the impeachment movement of course. by that he will be building his mailing list and building his campaign and getting his name
9:23 am
out there. >> in the spotlight. >> he has two years. one of the burning questions that we had for stire, will he announce in new hampshire or iowa. we will see. it will begin on monday. >> after a tough year, some much needed light laughter. going against the federal government. a new law being proposed in california on net neutrality. why one state senator says it is so important.
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>> we will take a look at stocks one day after the dow crossed the 25,000 mark. it continues to climb up almost 100 points. up almost one half of a percent. that is the same that we're seeing on the nasdaq and s&p. california driver's licenses will soon have a new look that will allow to you get through airport security when new regulations kick in two years from now.
9:26 am
the compliant licenses will be available through the dmv starting january 22nd. right now a valid driver's license or id card can be used. but in 2020, you will need a real id to board a commercial flight. the id license or id card can be used to get through airport security. it includes a golden bear with a white star in the upper right. an image of a 49 miner with fruit orchards and mountains. under ultraviolet lights, images of the golden gate bridge and the koit tower. a new bill that would require net neutrality in california. it comes a month after nationwide net neutrality was repealed. they want to make sure that people with access websites freely and fairly. the senator joined us yesterday on the 4th to explain why he thinks his bill is so important. >> without net neutrality an internet service provider can block access to a website, can
9:27 am
de divide which websites get faster access or slower access based on who is paying more. they're deciding for us which websites we go to. that is why it is so important. >> the bill was co-authored by a number of bay area democrats. new york and washington state are introducing similar legislation to keep net neutrality rules. yesterday's earthquake in berkeley has many people questioning technology that is supposed to warn people about an earth quake. it struck at 2:39 a.m. yesterday, close to where highway 24 leads into the caldecott tunnel. it caused no damage but frazzled some nerves. the early warning system at uc berkeley sounded the alert moments before the ground started shaking. because it was in berkeley, the warning time was limited. the farther the seismic signs travel, the earlier the warning sign. it has many people thinking about the measures that they have taken or not taken to
9:28 am
protect their home. we spoke with san francisco's insurance attorney lee harris about earthquake insurance itself. he said that many californians are underinsured. >> the problem of underinsurance has been a serious problem in california. probably 40 pes of the people in california are underinsured. and it is very important for people to take a look at their policy and make sure that the reconstruction cost in the policy actually matches what the reconstruction cost for your house is. and you will probably find out that it it's not. >> harris says homeowners should check to see how much per square foot you're actually insured for. if it is less than $400 a square foot, you might want to think about increasing the policy. coming up on mornings on 2, a big time winter storm continues to slam into the east coast. up next we go live to delaware with more on the freezing temperatures, the snow, the wind, and the ice. and a special surprise for a little girl who lost her
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delsym. the joy of not coughing. and don't forget kids 4 and up. delsym is #1 pediatrician recommended. >> a winter storm slamming the east coast is not only bringing a lot of snow but coastal flooding as well. more than 18 inches of snow has dropped in some areas. parts in the northeast could have windchills of nine us 15 in some spots through the weekend. once again caroline shively braving the elements for us. today is a little better than yesterday, wouldn't you say? >> reporter: yeah. definitely colder but we're not taking snow to the snoot the entire day. check out this red bmw. we just met her. she is going to take this across the street.
9:32 am
they're trying to clear out. is that why you're moving. >> the parking lot, yes. >> reporter: you're from pennsylvania. >> i am. >> reporter: your husband said you don't need the jeep, honey. why? >> because the storm is going to go off shore. >> reporter: do you have any messages if your husband is watching this morning. >> thank you for now driving three hours to come get me. >> reporter: so it is a happy story. we will step out of your way so you can start reversing. this snow plow back there, that's what they had to bring in. can you see that at the the other end of the parking lot. >> got it. >> reporter: the plow couldn't do it so they brought in a front end loader. >> would you say this morning we're starting to see the county and city crews come out and do what they do best? >> reporter: yeah. absolutely. that is a private front end loader. check out on the street out here. things are starting to move. they were out. honest to goodness, they were out the entire time of the storm. they stopped there about 4:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. buzz every time they plowed, the drifts would come back
9:33 am
almost instantly. within minutes. the drift would cover the roads again. they're out there today and working hard. things are getting back to normal except for the temperatures. it is dangerous to be out here. local authorities and state authorities are saying try not to spend more than 30 minutes out there because you could get frost bite with prolonged exposure to the elements. >> in your picture it is misleading because i see the sun. you're saying it is really, really cold. >> reporter: oh, yeah. i think we're going to top the windchill at 0. yeah. it is incredibly cold. you know what happens when the gusts -- i think we were getting gusts the last hit. it just hits the wind and goes. even crushing the visibility. the sun of course is great news in a way. you know the crusty top, when you have the nice fluffy snow and things melt and you get the crusty top that you have to
9:34 am
drive over, we could be facing that. thank you, sun, for returning but we need the temperatures to get up on the windchill so people can be outdoors and clean up. >> very deceiving. i saw your tweet this morning. can you tell our viewers how you pulled out the old hair dryer. you couldn't get into the crew car. >> reporter: yes. the crew car, you might not be able to see it. that is our hotel. we deck in between live shots over there. we had to take two extension cords and take the hey dryer and put it on there. water had gotten in there. the snow had gotten in there and melted and refroze. we finally opened our crew car. it would have been a skimpy live shot without our gear. >> your twitter game is strong, caroline. >> we love it. >> such a coat game. thank you, caroline shively in delaware. >> there are cancellations and
9:35 am
delays because of the weather back east. more than 21 cancellations this morning and delays. flights in and out of new york, boston and new jersey are all affected. sfo expects to see even more canceled flights. yesterday there were close to 100 cancellations at sfo. we just saw that weather back in delaware. here in the bay area, maybe a little bit of rain. right, steve? >> that is correct. go ahead, sal. >> on friday. you surprise me. >> we are looking at the windchills that are moderating a little bit. still minus 4 in new york city. even raleigh at 17. atlanta had 8 degrees this morning. miami had 43. that is really cold that far south. minneapolis and chicago, 16 below and 6 below. we had rain there and good rain. certainly up towards the russian river. cazadero an inch and three quarters in the last hour.
9:36 am
mount diablo, .55. kent field now half an inch of rain. and santa rosa, .40 on the precip. greta says .67 in lake county in the past 24 hours. light, steady rain. the worst has gone through. but there is the cell that went through earlier that was moderate to heavy. still light rain in parse of sonoma county and glenn helen. some moving across benecia and vallejo across hercules. marin county had a decent amount of rain. some of the bands are moving on shore. not obviously there but san francisco and oakland and san mateo and half moon bay. woodside over to mountain view getting close. and here is where, again, it doesn't look like much but it can add up as bolder creek just showed you. 50s and 60s. mild air over us. the system will continue to
9:37 am
funnel in moisture. off and on rain. not everybody in on it. some will get over an inch to maybe two. i want to draw your attention for the monday and tuesday system. this is looking like the best system by far that we have had in the young season. there could be three to three and a half inch amounts. that will be monday and tuesday. your weekend won't be too bad. rain early saturday morning. then sunday looks good. get ready for monday and tuesday. i should add that the rain is welcome but remember with all of the burn areas and the burn scars, we need to keep a close watch on all of these. >> this one is packing a punch. >> yes. >> thank you, steve. a spike in the number of flu cases in the south bay and across the state of california. state wise, seven people have died due to the flu. some hospitals are taking steps to slow the spread of the virus by banning younger visitors. everybody is encouraged to get the flu vaccine, especially
9:38 am
young children and older adults. they're are steps you can take to slow the spread of the flu. stay at home if you're sick. also cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough. wash the hands and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth if you can. our question of the day, have you gotten your flu shot. >> reporter: 40% say yes but 60% say no. jessica tweets got mine the first week of october. mandatory for me too or we have to wear a mask from october to april. >> nope. when i did in the past, i always got sick. >> rg says no i did get over the flu already. i think you should get the shot. my flu lasted about two weeks. he says no, but i got the flu. it is no joke. his wife got the shot and got the flu just as bad as he did. >> there is some talk that maybe the vaccine may or may not be as, you know, effective. >> right. i think in australia it was a
9:39 am
10% effective and they're ahead of us when it comes to the flu. it can't hurt by getting it. i actually got one this year. >> i'm rolling the dice. i did not get one. >> not yet. >> that's our version of living on the edge when you're in your 40s. >> for more on the other headlines we have been working on, let's go to dave clark. >> thank you. here are some of the top stories we're following. the man accused of plotting a christmas day terror attack at san francisco's pier 39 is due back in court today after being indicted on federal charges. 26-year-old jamison is accused of attempting to give material support to a foreign terrorist organization and distributing information related to destructive devices. court documents say that jamison told an undercover agent who he thought was a member of isis that he knew how to make pipe bombs and planned to set them off at pier 39 to get people to run to an area where he could shoot them. if he is convicted on both charges, jamison could get 20 years in prison. the man acquitted of murder
9:40 am
in the shooting death of kate steinle is due back in a san francisco courtroom this morning. a judge is scheduled to sentence zarate for being a felon in possession of a firearm. he will still face federal charges. today at noon time, san jose police will hold a news conference about last night's arrest of a man accused of sexually assaulting a middle school teacher in a classroom early tuesday morning. surveillance video shows the suspect walking around hacker middle school. investigators say the teacher was in the classroom early preparing for class. those are just some of your morning headlines. mike, sal, gasia, i'll send it back to you. >> thank you, dave. a comedy fundraiser provided much relief to sonoma county residents who lost their homes in the fires. >> it raised money for fire victims and gave them something
9:41 am
to laugh about. >> as deborah reports, law enforcement enter can be a powerful tool. >> reporter: the audience drove through charred neighborhoods to get to the theater. >> we flew here on a plane that had propellers. >> reporter: that left those woes outside for a while. >> i like comedy. i know comedians. i thought why not try it. >> reporter: the benefit was hatched by beer maker jacob totz and chris port. >> tragedy is a great time for comedy. >> reporter: stand up sonoma with the prominent line-up is the flag ship beer that has been spear heading fire storm fundraising. they met two years ago when porter doing stand up spotted totz in the crowd. >> it is super hard to get. i made a bunch much of jokes how it is the holy grail. i feel like indiana jones trying to find beer sometimes. >> we talked after the show and stayed in contact. that's how it started.
9:42 am
>> reporter: this venue, luther burbank center a perfect spot. the fire damaged a fourth of the performing arts complex. >> we have coworkers who lost their homes or volunteers. and so it is -- it is around us. so we have to make the most of it. >> a little comic relief is good. >> reporter: after this couple lost their coffey park home, their kids received free bikes from the charity founded by levi who lost his own house to the fire storm. king ridge will receive the comedy proceeds, adding to $700,000 already raised. >> we want to give the money directly to the victims. not to the landlords, not in the form of vouchers. for the most part, these are cash grants between $500 and $1,500. >> i can't say enough about the community and the people in the
9:43 am
community that supported us. and everybody else who has lost their homes. >> reporter: i think trump was very torn because he saw the russian river brewing company. [laughter] >> reporter: king ridge has already helped more than 100 families with rent and necessities. but on this occasion, silliness ruled. >> we can fly up here and tell some jokes and have a good time and it also helps people. that's a no brainer. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news. the harlem globetrotters surprised a little girl in hillsberg who was a victim of the wildfires. the 10-year-old lost her prosthetic legs when the fire destroyed her family's home near santa rosa. since then she has gotten new legs and showed them off to the globetrotter when he surprised her at her school. she is a resilient and powerful little girl. she has a birthday this month. so the globetrotters gave her a jersey and invited her and her family to see them play at
9:44 am
oracle. >> nice. coming up, this sunday is the busiest day for online dating. if you're in the market, we have ideas how to prepare yourself to find love in the new year. what you should and definitely should not do. ♪[music] ♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ all because of you ♪ ♪ attention homeowners age sixty-two and older.
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>> if you're thinking of jumping into the online dating pool, this sunday, january 7th, will be the single busiest day for new users. plenty of fish is expecting more than 100,000 people to sign up. is expecting a 42% increase in new users. match says it sees some 50
9:47 am
million messages and 1 million dates between its users from december 26th through valentine's day. for guidelines on navigating your online love life and if it is different than what happens in real life, we're happy to be joined by brianna. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> it is astounding that half of americans use online dating sites to find love. they use them for what i don't know exactly. there are a couple things. >> 40% of americans are online dating. only 20% are actually in long- term relationships from those matches. but it gets you out and it gets you the skill of dating. a way to start meeting people and they know people. you never know what will happen have the online first day. >> the stigma is gone, like gasia was saying, we would downplay if we met someone online. people are all in now, right? >> technology makes it easier. we're busier. we don't have time to go out to the bar like we used to. this is a great way to get
9:48 am
started. >> there is a lot of nervous energy for people oust the game but now getting back into it. when you are coaching, what are the dos and don'ts and have they changed over the years. >> they have changed. i think some of the core things are the same. you definitely need to start by boosting your confidence. that's to delve back into your passions. what are you excited about and always want today do, learn that foreign language. that makes you excited about laugh. the second thing is to heal past relationships. we all learn from something that we have had in the past. we all know what we want different. make sure that the past relationships have purpose and meaning. then heal from that and then choose the next person that will be better because you had a difficult time in the past relationship. and the last thing that is important is figure ought what you want in a relationship. is it adventure, fun, excitement. and try to create that in another place in your life.
9:49 am
because then when you're dating, you're not desperate to have that. i need someone who will support me. create that with another friendship or another support system. so that key thing that you feel like you're missing, you can create that somewhere else. >> how important are photos? >> number one. photos are number one online. >> you have to look like your photo. >> yes. >> a photo of me 25 years ago. >> about 50% to 53% of men lie online about their age and photo and their eight and weight. it is a disservice. you don't want the first date. >> you're wasting my time. >> and you betrayed me already. how do we build from that. current photo is important. and you should look good. >> bring it. >> you should really look good. and the photo, the teeth really matter. people look at your teeth. and shared interest. in that online profile you want to take the time to put in lots of interests and things,
9:50 am
personal stories about yourself. not just a laundry list. that's how people find connection. when you're believable and you really -- your stories are relatable. >> not just long walks on the beach, nice dinners by the fire. >> cliche phrases. >> right. >> keep those out. >> yes. better to talk about stories and trips, specific experiences. the longer your personal profile is, the more you are actually matched. >> do you talk more about yourself? is it better to ask questions or share more about your life, maybe not your past relationships. >> when you're in person finally. >> yes. >> you want to balance it. you want to have good open- ended questions that you can use that get to something meaningful about them. don't make it an interview. that is one of the things in the bay area. people make it an interview. talking about who is more successful at work. that just kills the romance. >> check this out. i haven't been single for a bit. i used to always do this. you would not commit to like
9:51 am
dinner. you would go for coffee. in case it becomes a disaster, you can get out. >> just 45 minutes. >> does that rule still apply. >> a lot of millennials do coffee. you're vetting so much online that you should commit to the drinks. >> drinks but maybe not dinner. >> the challenge with coffee is it takes women longer to realize they are interested in someone. >> so you may be missing out. >> women don't have enough time to assess if they're interested in the other person. it is actually a disservice, i think. you should do drinks that can roll into dinner so you have a little more time. it takes them two to thready its. >> it could be coffee, an afternoon date. >> look at you. >> i'm just pulling back on old experience. >> things that have obviously worked for him. >> brianna hatcher, it is a pleasure having you. coming up on the 9, it looks like stephen curry trying his hand at a life coach.
9:52 am
you have competition, brianna. he helps a youtube star keep his new year's resolution. >> don't let it affect your shot. >> right. here's your receipt. have a nice day! thank you. ♪ ♪
9:53 am
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>> in san francisco the list of potential candidates for mayor that want to complete the remainder of the late mayor ed lee's term is growing. the list has now reached 20 names. those officially running include mark leno, jane kim and former board of supervisors
9:55 am
president angela alioto. those considering a run include london breed, dennis herrera and carmen khu. >> we haven't seen an open race since 2003. the voters deserve to have a fair and transparent and open election where the voters get to determine who gets to sit in the highest office in our city. >> if acting mayor london breed decides to enter the race, the board of supervisors could choose to replace her with an interim mayor until june. on the 9 on monday we will look a closer look at the mayor's race. we're happy to be joined by heather knight who has been covering city hall in san francisco for more than ten years. people will admit they're addicted to their smart phones. it is the first thing that you wake up, the last thing you do before you go to bed. u.s. smart phone owners say
9:56 am
they check their devices 47 times a day on average. 85% say they use their phones while also talking to friends and family. nearly half say they have tried to limit their phone use in the past. the survey reveals some of the most common steps to limit phone usage, 38% keep their phones this their pockets or bags when meeting with people. 32% say they have turned off audio notifications. 32% turn them off at night. 28% have deleted apps from phones. steph curry is starring in a light hearted music video that is going viral. ♪[music] >> he came into my life and now things are less blurry. >> this video with rudy is pop sored by brita. he encourages him to get rid of plastic bottles to protect the environment and get in shape. a version of the video on youtube has more than a million
9:57 am
views. multiple reports say that gruden will be named as the raiders head coach on tuesday at a news conference. they're saying that chucky will be announced on tuesday as the new head coach of the raiders. we expect touchdown. >> guess whose back. >> i said i'm a candidate. we will see what happens. have a great weekend. what a week it has been. >> 2018. >> that's right. >> stick to the resolutions. find the love on sunday. thanks for joining us. we will be back here at noon with more news of the day. scrambler plate, with jimmy dean sausage, homestyle potatoes and scrambled eggs mixed with bacon, ham and cheese. part of my brunchfast menu.
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