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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  January 10, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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daca. >> this reaffirms that nobody, not even the president of the united states is above the law. >> nationwide injunction ordering the president to keep protections for undocumented dreamers for now. the white house response. a man with a cache of weapons and shot and killed by santa -- san jose police. >> the man had a backpack, pipe and possibly ask. >> that took place outside of major powerplant in the south bay. the rainsoaked northbay sent the driver 100 feet down an embankment in closing stretch of a northbay highway for several hours. that driver died on highway 121. welcome to the four on 2. >> the fire scarred landscape reached its trigger point of saturation. it sent to paris including the
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large boulder on the highway 121 between mile for us valley road and vichy avenue. the stretch of road just reopened a few hours ago.>> reporter: highway state -- highway 121 has reopened. there are not been that minicars coming through. we are here where the slide happened. we want to show you the terrain. you can see how steep the hillside is. the recent rains apparently caused the landslide. tow truck drivers descended about 100 feet to recover the toyota avalon with the driver still seatbelted in but dead. the driver was caught in the large landslide about 5:00 tuesday evening happening on highway 121 in east napa county. >> we had a witness colin and notified us of the collision.>> reporter: a boulder from a landslide came barreling down some 600 feet onto the road
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slamming into the toyota and sending it down the embankment. authorities found the car in the body of the driver a short time later. >> cutting the roof off and checking the patient. the patient was deceased.>> reporter: the highway was closed to inspect the hillside. >> everything that slid had already come out so they were confident there were no smaller rocks or large boulders that were going to come down. >> reporter: the slide happened in the burn area of the northbay fire storm and they are not sure of the fires here helped caused the landslide. >> last year this road slid in this area. there was more dirt and debris on the roadway. >> reporter: cal grant -- caltrans that will keep close watch on the hillsides especially along 121 but they say there are no guarantees that something like this won't happen again. in santa barbara county
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crews are searching right now for at least 24 people who are still missing after the devastating mudslides there yesterday. 15 people are confirmed dead after mud and debris swept through homes in the upscale town of montecito. >> reporter: the search and rescue mission is underway in southern california. centered on santa barbara county with crews out in force and after a series of deadly mudslides swamped the area with dirt and debris. they were triggered when heavy rains drenched the hills recently devastated by wildfires. evacuees describing a scary situation that quickly escalated. >> all the debris came down and it sounded like cars were being dragged. >> we knew it was going to be bad. >> reporter: residents had been bracing for the possibility of flooding due to heavy rain in
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the forecast for the first time in months. mandatory evacuation orders are in effect throughout the area but officials say only 10% to 15% actually laughed. the rest waking up to roads and neighborhoods covered by rivers of mud. >> the water was gushing everywhere. >> this used to be a road. >> reporter: as the rescue mission continues public health officials are telling residence to avoid the water for at least 72 hours warning of increased bacterial levels. >> you could become sick because the water is high in bacteria. >> reporter: most of the fatalities happened here in montecito. all the way -- although an unknown number remains. the sheriffs will go door to door, house to house. >> the mudslides and burn areas are taking your coat all across california. for more, professor of environmental engineering,
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professor green. thank you for joining us. for us layman, not engineers let's start with the differences between mudslides, landslides and debris flows. >> mudslides and debris flows tend to be events where the soil is mixed with the large amount of water and they can happen on relatively flat slopes. landslides tend to be larger scale events and down more steep slopes. >> let's talk about what happened down there. how bacon impacted the fire scarring from the thomas fire weeks back have on some of the mudslides that have occurred the last 48 hours in southern california? >> the fires had a direct impact on what happens in montecito in santa barbara county. when a fire goes through an area
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it can change the chemical composition of the soil and makes the soil repel water so all of that rain that has fallen has nowhere to go. >> it hardens the soil almost like clay, does it not? >> yes. the water cannot penetrate to the first few inches of the soil like it would normally absorb inches into the soil. with the hydrophobic or water repellent layer that is created, the water can go no deeper. >> how about the vegetation? with that strip the roots? >> yes. the vegetation place two important roles in preventing mudslides. it absorbs water and it also
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reinforces the soil so that it is less prone to erosion or runoff. >> i know it was sunny in southern california today. with more rain likely in the weeks to come can we expect to see more sliding or is this one and done so to speak? >> no. the risk still exists in the estimate is that fire scars can impact for up to two years after the fire event. >> what would you state to homeowners that are doing everything they can to protect their homes? >> in this instance, with the rainy season on us, the best thing is to be aware of the surrounding editions and evacuate if asked to do so. >> professor, we want to thank
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you for your insights. as frank mentioned at least everyone is getting a bit of a break today. still showers out there today. >> a few showers in the bay area and down toward southern california. the intense rain has moved out. we have a change in weather pattern. the big story for us was on monday. down toward southern california yesterday. we talk about heavy rain. when you quantify these numbers, take a look at the rainfall rates. montecito yesterday had a peek rainfall rate of over .5 inches in five minutes. that is how intense the downpour was. these real intense downpours overwhelming the area. taken look at some of the rainfall totals especially in the hills
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to the east of montecito. some of these totals adding up to nearly six inches in a few spots. those rainfall totals, the intensity and the duration, look at the numbers adding up down toward central and southern california. at least you can see the storm system moving to the south. this is a welcome change to the weather pattern. we have the clouds and intense downpours to the south yesterday. you noticed a few scattered showers today and some mist or drizzle. not being picked up by the writer but there are a lot of low moisture level in place and has a result enough to squeeze out light shower activity and that will be in the forecast to this evening. or numbers, santa rosa 55, mid- 50s in san francisco. fremont 56. toward the bay, fog is in the picture.
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that will be the main deal first thing tomorrow morning. mostly cloudy skies, some areas of fog in temperatures in the 40s and 50s to start the day. lower 50s in san francisco. we will scale back in the clouds by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. a dry weather pattern for tomorrow but look at the fog pattern first thing tomorrow morning. we will talk more about your weekend outlook and i will let you know if there are any more rain clouds. early this morning immigration agents served notice of inspection about 100 7-eleven stores all across the country. the notice issued was used by i.c.e. to make sure the businesses are operating with employees who have the proper work authorization. in addition to interviews, there were conducted was store employees and managers. the audits could lead to criminal charges or fines over the stores hiring practices. 21 people suspected of being in
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the country illegally were also arrested. these are the bay area cities or some raids took place including napa, two locations in santa clara, santa rosa, petaluma. officials are not releasing state or local numbers. there are 8000 stores in the u.s. the company says it has previously ended franchise agreements for owners convicted of breaking employment law. coming up the debate over daca continues and we will speak with an expert on the battle taking place between president trump and he ninth circuit judge. man armed with an ax, and i for shot and killed by police in the south bay. details on the shooting coming up. you could generate your own energy,
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at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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amen shot and killed by san jose police yesterday and it powerplant was heavily armed. >> where live outside police headquarters with new details on the deadly confrontation with the police chief is saying. >> reporter: authorities are not sure why the man was at the powerplant but they think he had nearly it doesn't weapons with him and refused to surrender to police.>> he is on foot. >> reporter: for san jose police the preliminary call was concerning. you man had depends at the plant
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and appeared to be armed. this witness asked not to be identified. >> he was sitting down with the windows fogged up. he had an object mounted on his dashboard. >> reporter: that was not all. in addition to the sword authorities say the man carried with him two axis, a long pole, six knives and pepper spray. he was on the grounds of the powerplant which serves part of san jose when he was confronted. >> the suspect ignored commands and yelled shoot me and kill me several times during the incident. the suspect turned around and advanced toward the officers still armed with both the pole and the acts. >> reporter: the police chief said the suspect was asked to drop the weapon at least 23 times but kept advancing. >> when the suspect was approximately five to six feet away from an officer, one officer shot the suspect and the suspect continued toward the second officer the second
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officer also shot. >> reporter: the suspect described as an asian man in his late 20s was pronounced dead at the scene. authority say he had history of narcotics arrest. he was also placed on the psychiatric hold in september. they know nothing about his motive.>> it is sad for everybody involved. we hope that we will figure out what his intent was. >> reporter: authority say the incident was captured on the officers body camera. both of them are now on routine administrative leave. the suspect identity has not yet been released. san jose police department now telling us today they have and building new tool to make use of force incidents by its officers more transparent to the public. it is an online portal where people can get specific details. the system breaks down the data by categories including the type of call, type of force used
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, time, location and more details. the data shows the racial disparities in use of force officers are nonexistent. >> those of us that bleed blue, in our heart of hearts knew the department we are. in the last few years we have not had data to back that up. this isn't vindication. we did not win the game. what i like to think is this organization wants to maintain the lead to a game that will never end. >> san jose pd said it is one of only two agencies in the u.s. using the system and putting it online for the public. president outpost the norwegian prime minister at the white house while tackling the range of issues in separate meetings and on twitter.
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here is more on the topics ranging from russia to immigration. >> reporter: president trump did not leave the white house but as his talking points showed he covered a lot of ground. president trump in the region prime minister brought the white house discussing trade and security. >> i want to think the people of norway for their commitment to fair and reciprocal trade. >> reporter: the president addressing our broad range of topics including tax reform, healthcare and immigration. >> any solution has to include the wall because without that it does not work. >> reporter: pledging his administration will work to change the nation's tribal laws. >> when somebody says something that is false about someone, that person will have meaningful recourse in our courts. >> reporter: those remarks come in the aftermath of the new book, fire is fury. the unflattering portrait of the president. the president also expressing his displeasure with senator dianne feinstein for releasing testimony about the trump russia dossier
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calling it come the single greatest witchhunt. >> there is collusion but it is with the democrats and the russians, for more than it is with the republicans and the russians. >> reporter: the president has been working on several issues as well and is expected to extend relief from economic sanctions on iran this week is part of a nuclear deal and planning her trip to switzerland to attend the world economic forum later this month. >> more on the immigration issue and daca. i am joined by david levine. this injunction issued by the judge in san francisco, what does it do? >> the corbett is, it puts on hold the end of daca or in large measure. absent this order what would have happened is starting on march 5 the people who had been protected by daca would, as the renewals would come up might be subject to deportation.
4:20 pm
what the judge did is that if you are in the system and then you cannot be deported pending further action. this is a preliminary injunction to freeze things until more work can be done. >> it provides protections for the dreamers for the time being while this is handled in the courts. the judge saying killing the program was really improper to do while the legal challenges are pending. >> improper for number of reasons. number one the judge said the attorney general was under misapprehension of law that he made it mistake of law by saying the ta program -- daca program was illegal. the judge went into great lengths to explain why the program was valid and that it was it different program than another one that had been declared invalid in texas and the fifth circuit.
4:21 pm
essential he is saying the attorney general was wrong and everything else flows from that mistake. >> is this good news for the immigrants who are protected under daca or does it add another layer of uncertainty? >> it is temporary news. the problem is they have been living for many months under uncertainty not knowing whether the problem was going to be fixed in congress or not. ironically earlier in the day we saw the film showing the president negotiating on camera with a lot of members of congress and going back and forth about whether daca was an easy fix or not. the real solution will be in washington. for the people who have been protected by daca, if this junction holds, and it will be appeal to the ninth circuit with any matter of days, it at least temporarily has a reprieve and they do not have to worry that on march 5 there is a risk that people might get deported.
4:22 pm
>> i know when you are your last you predicted this outcome. let's talk quickly about what president trump said yesterday. where you predicting that he would in fact say, yes i want to do something on daca? >> he took five different directions in that one meeting. he goes back and forth on this. the judge quoted one of the presidents tweets to say in fact, the president supports this program and if there was a mistake of law that was made i'm helping out the president. it was interesting the way the judge gave it right back.>> couple of diggs. david, always the pleasure. thank you. governor brown releases $130 billion budget for california. the major funds in the budget going toward people in need.
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today southern california republican guzman darrell eyes announced he will not run for the 10th term in congress in the upcoming midterm election. i sue narrowly won back in 2016 and was considered vulnerable going into the midterm elections. the district he represents covers san diego, orange and riverside counties. his decision not to run will likely open up the battle between democrats and republicans in california. democrats have said they intend
4:26 pm
to target republican seats in california in an attempt to win control of the house. governor brown released his proposed state budget, a $131.7 billion spending plan. the proposal is up 5% from last year's budget but largely avoid spending on new programs. among other things it provides money for community colleges, programs for low income families, non-english speaking families in foster care programs. you uses surplus money to boost the state rainy day fund by $5 billion which browns it is necessary to prepare for his prediction of a looming recession. >> the key to this budget is the fact that california has a very volatile tax system and it means that money comes in very generously but it goes out the same way. we have to take account of the basic reality of our economic business cycle. that is, we have had 10
4:27 pm
recessions since world war ii and we have to get ready for the 11th. >> the plan is the governor's opening proposal starts five months of spending negotiations with the legislature which must approve a balance budget by june 15. the state department is stepping up travel warning for americans headed to mexico. five states of mexico seen on this map are now underage do not travel advisory all do to crime and drugs and they include tamil lupus, the pacifica states of sinaloa and guerrero are also added. alkyl poco is in guerrero. the no warning puts the five states on the same level as somalia, yemen and syria. another person aside from the flu in santa clara county bring the total to 28 in the state since the season began. officials to not release details about the latest death other than to see the person was under the age of 65 and did
4:28 pm
not have a flu vaccine. five people died of the flu this season in santa clara county. health officials say it appears this flu season is the worst in 10 years. >> influenza 2018 is upon us. the number of cases are exploding both throughout the county and the west coast. >> health officials say so far here in california 20 people under the age of 65 have died from flu -related illnesses, about 70% did not have a flu vaccine. typically at this time there are only three or four deaths. officials know there's plenty of vaccine available and it is not to late to get a vaccination. president trump says drilling for oil will not be allowed off of the coast of one state but that state is not california. the backlash to the announcement. coming up next, consumer
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ces 2018 underway in las vegas but it has not gone off without hitch. the las vegas convention center was evacuated couple hours because of a power outage this afternoon. as you may expect, the blackout
4:32 pm
became a trending twitter hashtag. once the lights came on people saw pretty incredible things. i'm joined by our tech expert. my favorite thing, tvs. there is one out there right now they call the wall. >> if you over ari fan of how i met your mother and barney simpson has a television the size of his room is what it is point hundred and 46 inch television comes in little modules that you click together to make it whatever size you wanted to be. one thing samsung is talking about is it is capable of doing 8k quality. for the rest of us or barely adopting for kay, there is no content available for. there is no upscale 4 kay. it -- it is like with the city for blu-ray and dvd. >> they have atv you actually
4:33 pm
rollup like it piece of paper point >> that is kind of cool. that is and lg concept. and lg is famous for doing these bendable displays. it is showing what it can do and what you can make out of it rolling up your tv into a cabinet and putting it away and being up to tell your neighbor, never watch television. >> self driving cars. >> tesla of course is dominating the electric car world but there's been an attempt of a new car coming out. this car will come out in 2020 will have 400 miles to the gallon and it is gorgeous. you know how every car has little winged doors, he has made the most ridiculous looking doors. everybody will want to because when you drive down the street you will say that is gorgeous. >> how much? >> i do not even know. it will be expensive.>>
4:34 pm
augmented reality versus virtual reality. >> virtual reality was everybody -- everywhere but there is not big advances. augmented reality is becoming the dominant thing. they have got a lot of different things showing you like apple ar kit. it is coming out at the show. we are seeing screens that can give you special information, new classes much like the google classics -- glasses. it has a screen and web browser in your eye but you can look things up and talk to her. -- talk to it. >> there like emergency responders. >> it is call the hollow lens allows for telemedicine. a paramedic on scene can assess the patient and get real data. there are really life-saving technologies. the new classes look gorgeous.
4:35 pm
>> robots have come along way. >> yes. sony has a new little dog. it has the most adorable award at ces. you can talk to it. his eyes are l.e.d. you can see expressions and things like that. his will be costly. $1800 and there is a subscription if you wanted to do tricks. >> filing some really cool health gadgets. >> l'oreal came out with a.that you can put on your fingernail and it will tell you how much sun you are getting, how much pollen is in the air and it connects to your phone it will and it will last up to three months. it is great for children if they are on the beach and you are not monitoring sunscreen it will tell you what is going on with their skin. >> magic marker scanner.>> ime weird food phobia. if something goes bad in my refrigerator i throw the whole thing out. it is a laser you can point at the meat and it will tell you
4:36 pm
if it is good or bad. you can point it at your class and tell you what alcohol is in there. >> it is all going on in las vegas. why are you not there? >> it is super crowded and there are plenty of reporters. as president trump looks to ramp up offshore drilling there is one area where will not be allowed. >> reporter: less than week after president trump's executive order to dramatically expand the countries offshore drilling for oil and gas affecting every coastal state, florida now becomes the first date exempted. in the past week in a rarity multiple florida republican lawmakers bucked the president and joined florida democrats opposing expansion in federal waters off the coast line. including senator marco rubio.
4:37 pm
>> where highly developed residential coastline. a lot of tourist industry is our main industry. we cannot suffer the risk in other vice president horizon. >> reporter: republican governor rick scott waiting, quote, i've already asked to immediately meet with the secretary to discuss the concerns i have in the crucial needs to remove florida from consideration. scott got that meeting last night with the interior secretary and what he wanted. >> for floridians, we are not drilling off the coast of florida. >> reporter: president trump is urging governor scott to run against florida's democratic senator bill nelson, nelson sees ulterior motives. 12 years ago nelson helped craft the current eastern gulf of mexico moratorium the bands rigs within 125 miles of the florida coast. quote, this is a political stunt orchestrated by the trump administration to help rick scott who has wanted to drill
4:38 pm
off florida's coast his entire career. we should not be playing politics with the future florida. almost as soon as florida won it's plea other governors quickly weighed in with new york's governor asking, where do we sign up for any waiver. organs governor -- oregon's governor asking, how about the same. a few hours ago senator dianne feinstein tweeted about this in, blocking the trump plan to expand offshore drilling is the top priority of mine in 2018. we do not want to be one mistake away from environmental catastrophe. the dangers are two great. public funds going to defendant ghost ship warehouse defendant. we will rake down the unusual move next. our recent storm moving out of town. we still have scattered showers across portions of the bay area.
4:39 pm
coming up i will you know we have a dry weather pattern for thursday and more changes that could develop.
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woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in.
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woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away) it is a rather unusual motion. and alameda county superior court judge has ruled to allow the use of public money to cover the cost of defending max harris. he is one of two defendants
4:42 pm
accused of 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter in the ghost ship warehouse fire that happened more than year ago. let's talk more about the use of public money with our legal analyst. michael, you said it is unusual but not completely rare. >> they have the fund there so remember we have a public defenders office in alameda county so some might ask, why don't they put the public defender there. if that attorney needs money why should the county and taxpayers pay for it. it does not work that way. it is like an alternate defender program. hypothetically i take over a case i am the attorney. i am being paid but all of a sudden in the middle they run out of money and cannot pay me. i can then go to the court, i know the case better than anybody, i have worked 800 hours on this case so why would
4:43 pm
you push it to the public defender who would have to do 800 hours worth of work? the court then comes in if the defense makes emotion and says, we want to be paid. he cannot afford to pay us so we want the county to pay. a lot of those motions are denied by the judge they say let them go get somebody else or let them go to the public defender. this is a complicated case and that is what the judge is allowing the county to pay. >> in this case the attorney started out working on this on a pro bono case because he knew the defendant max harris was not going to be able to pay him. to come back now to the court and say i have invested in the firm has invested, i think he estimated it was 800 hours spent on the case to then say, we are exhausted. we need to be paid. what do you make of that?>> that happens where you want to do something pro bono you get into it and it explodes like a
4:44 pm
bomb. >> the ghost ship warehouse, 36 people, manslaughter. >> that is what is unusual for judge to say we will start paying you. i know he started pro bono. most attorney start by being paid and then they run out of money and that is what i was talking about. in this case he starts pro bono. i would think there was some money exchanged. some clients that have very little money will pay a little bit and say let me pick up this cost but i cannot pay for you. you go to the judge and make a motion. you do not want to get a conviction in the case. the judge worries about an appeal. if we get a conviction they will say, you would not pay us, someone else came in and there is another avenue for the defense two and appealable issue. >> not retroactive so he will not be reimbursed for the 800 hours. this is just moving forward.
4:45 pm
>> yes. i know tony was in it from the get-go pro bono. he said he does not want to get paid. tony does that in a lot of cases. he is a good attorney and a great trial attorney. i do not know much about the other attorney but i know he will get $150 per hour for doing the rest of the trial. when they go to the county and ask for the money, they scrutinize it. they are very judicious in giving the money to the attorney. a lot of attorneys wanted to because it is difficult to get the money. by the time you put in the hours you are not getting paid for the real value of the work you put in. >> thank you for explaining that. let's turn things over to mark. tomorrow you should be okay. you may need fog lights for the morning commute because the rain will move out and be
4:46 pm
replaced by fog. we get a break for couple of days. take a look at some of the totals. monday, tuesday to this afternoon you may have encountered showers. kentfield, san francisco, 3.5 inches. oakland 2.39 inches. widespread moderate to heavy rain across portions across the entire bay area but as you can see things starting to quiet a little. we're looking for our next chance of rain fall. we are taking this long-term and could track another system into next week. it will not be in major deal, a classic setup with the boca rainfall to our north and the amounts fading out as you work your way closer to monterey bay. satellite showing the clouds and scattered rain showers across portions throughout the day. low-level moisture.
4:47 pm
it is hard to detect the moisture. enough to what the roadways and trigger the use of the windshield wipers. here is our close-up satellite. fog in place and higher clouds point let's check in on some current numbers. we have 50s across the board for santa rosa, oakland, toward fremont and san jose. alive, looking out toward san francisco bay. you can see the bay bridge. that was a different story today. solid overcast but we will start out thursday morning with pockets of fog that will become the developing headline. a lot of moisture out there so we have fog more morning. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. this explained the overall weather pattern perfectly. here is our old system moving out and this will develop. with that all of the leftover moisture, you have the high try to squash things. that will be right about here.
4:48 pm
we will have areas of dense fog in the central valley even around the bay itself. as we head toward the weekend a dry weather pattern in it bump in the numbers and more 60s in the forecast. being pushed up to our north for the next chance of shower activity, as we head toward tuesday of next week. our forecast model showing the fog and rain fall to our north. not to mention there may be at chance of a sprinkle in the up northbay tomorrow especially up in sonoma county where the clouds will be out the afternoon hours. you slight chance of a sprinkle or light shower. for the rest of the bay area skies become cloudy and once again as we head toward friday morning we will do it all over with fog in the morning and clearing skies into the afternoon forecast eyes for tomorrow mainly in the 50s. warmest locations approaching 60. san jose 60, gilroy 62. your five day forecast, it quite weather pattern.
4:49 pm
we will gradually pick up the clouds by monday and maybe rain showers extending into tuesday. thankfully this was not a three to five day storm. looking back at december it was so dry that set us up. we will take what we can get. frank joins us now they look at some stories where working on for ktvu fox news at 5:00. sadly some new numbers. >> emergency responders updated the search for survivors in the death toll following the mudslides in montecito in southern california. we know 17 people are confirmed dead and at least 13 others are missing. tonight at 5:00 we will get information on the situation. some thieves with very good taste took off with quite the
4:50 pm
heist. >> very expensive taste. a group of people spent minutes inside the store at the mall on the peninsula. they ended up getting away with $100,000 worth of purses. coming up next, a final good by for former secretary of state. those who came out to pay respects coming up next.
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4:53 pm
earth's atmosphere. is believed to be in military satellite and because it was classified it is not clear what went wrong. funeral services will today for former california secretary of state, march fong eu at chapel of the chimes in oakland. he died last month was the first asian-american woman in the nation to be elected to statewide office. she represented oakland in the state assembly before being elected secretary of state five- time serving from 1974 to 1994. former speaker in san francisco mayor brown and secretary of state padilla are among the former and current leaders who attended the service remembering some of march fong eu's accomplishments. >> march fong eu was fighting for women's rights and fighting to break open the doors for women, asian americans and other underrepresented minorities to get into public service and hold high-ranking public office.>> march fong eu died
4:54 pm
following complication from surgery after falling at her home. she was 95. the president of south korea with praise for president trump as korean diplomatic talks continue. details coming up after the break. big news from advil... advil liqui-gels minis. our first concentrated pill that rushes powerful relief. a small size... that's fast, 'cause it's liquid.
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the vice president mike pence and his wife will lead
4:57 pm
the united states delegation to the 2018 winter games in south korea next month. the olympics, the announcement coming from the white house today along with attending the games in pyeongchang, the vice president is also scheduled to visit japan and alaska to review intercontinental ballistic missile systems there. leaders of north korea have agreed to hold more meetings with south korea to discuss easing tensions along the border. and early today, president trump telling the president of south korea that the united states is open to talks with north korea at, quote, the appropriate time under the right circumstances. president trump is getting some of the credit for getting north korea and south carolina talking. greg palkot reports. reporter: praise for president trump following yesterday's talks between
4:58 pm
north and south korea. south korea criticized in the past by trump says tough measures taken by the administration helped get the north to the table. >> the dialogue was credited to president trump. i would like to express gratitude to him. >> reporter: president moon also said south korea and the united states are closely cooperating in dealing with north korea's missile and nuclear program. the special adviser thinks the same. >> south korea wouldn't go against the united states in dealing with north korea. >> going in tandem. >> precisely. >> in dealing with north korea. >> reporter: even north korea state media was positive about the talks which will see athletes from the north in the olympics in south korea next month plus close cooperation. not all are so optimistic. some see the gap as wide as ever. critics say north korean leader kim jong-un is buying time as he builds up his banned arsenal and plays allies off each other, south
4:59 pm
korea and the united states. talks have gone nowhere in the past. the u.s. is sending a high level delegation to the olympics led by vice president mike pence in part to show backing for stability in the region. in seoul, south korea, greg palkot, fox news. ♪[ music ] the death toll is still rising in southern california following mudslides in santa barbara county. 17 people tonight are now confirmed dead. >> i tried to get out and couldn't. >> emergency responders just updated the media and the public on the latest search for survivors. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the search continues in santa barbara county for 13 people still missing in yesterday's mudslides. that's down from 24 earlier today. the death toll rose from 15 to 17 people killed after mud and debris swept through their homes in the early-morning hours. authorities now say at least
5:00 pm
100 homes were destroyed and as many as 300 more houses were damaged. authorities in montecito gave an update within the hour on the search efforts. >> the favorable weather has allowed them to complete approximately 75% primary search of the debris field. i am very pleased to report that we have over 500 responders working on this search-and-rescue effort and ten search dogs. they have successfully rescued three people since this morning. >> residents in a wide area were bracing for the possibility of flooding and there were mandatory evacuation orders in effect in montecito but only 10 to 15% of people left. they are continuing to urge people to leave the area. >> it was really still very stunning to see the extent of the devastation to


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