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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  January 10, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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100 homes were destroyed and as many as 300 more houses were damaged. authorities in montecito gave an update within the hour on the search efforts. >> the favorable weather has allowed them to complete approximately 75% primary search of the debris field. i am very pleased to report that we have over 500 responders working on this search-and-rescue effort and ten search dogs. they have successfully rescued three people since this morning. >> residents in a wide area were bracing for the possibility of flooding and there were mandatory evacuation orders in effect in montecito but only 10 to 15% of people left. they are continuing to urge people to leave the area. >> it was really still very stunning to see the extent of the devastation to see the
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breadth of the area that has been impacted so terribly by this. it is a massive operation that we have under way still in the search-and-rescue mode as mentioned but as we transition and will transition to a recovery mode, we realize that this is going to be a long and difficult journey for all of us. >> also today, officials announced that highway 101 between santa barbara and ventura will remain closed until noon on monday due to flooding mud and debris. a land slide in napa county killed one person last night. the falling rocks and mud smashed into a car and pushed it right off of highway 121. this morning skyfox was over the scene as a tow truck pulled that car up a steep hill. the highway was closed through the night and only reopened this afternoon. it happened in the hills east of the silverado country club and area devastated by the fire last fall.
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ktvu's rob roth reports. >> reporter: here niseting of in this setting a somber scene was playing out. the driver was belted in dead. he was caught in a landslide tuesday evening on 121 in east napa county. >> got a witness calling in and notify us that the collision happened. >> reporter: authorities say a boulder from a landslide loosened by the storm came barreling down some 600 feet on the road slamming into the toyota and sending it down the embankment. authorities found the car and the body of the driver a short time later, but the hillside was too unstable for a recovery operation. >> there was somebody to rescue, we would have -- if there was somebody to rescue, we would have continued our efforts but we have to be safe at the same time. >> reporter: caltrans closed the highway. geologists declared the hillside stable today. >> everything that slid had already come out. so they were confident that there were no smaller rocks or any larger boulders that were going to come down on the
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crews. >> reporter: the slide happened in the burn area of the north bay firestorms but authorities are not sure if the fire here helped cause the landslide. >> last year, this road slid in this area last couple of years, and there was more dirt and debris on the road. >> reporter: caltrans says it has tried to stabilize the hillsides in the fire zones. >> we actually have done a lot of work in the area recently after the fires to -- preventative measures, including rockslide prevention and that's also included, um, hydroseeding of those hillsides after the fires. >> reporter: but caltrans says there are no guarantees. >> with the weather coming and there may be more, um, acts of nature coming, um, but all we can do is prepare the best we can. >> reporter: caltrans geologists have deemed the hillside safe and have reopened the highway. but they say another rainstorm could trigger another mudslide and tragedy down below. in napa county, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. there is new information
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tonight about a mysterious case in stockton. police are searching for one- year-old twins after the family was reported missing last week. stockton police have now arrested the twins' parents, identified as aaron wetles and princess dara walker after finding them yesterday but the twins were not with them. police say the parents are not cooperating with investigators. the parents have been booked on felony child endangerment charges as the search for those missing twins continues tonight. investigators say a suspect who was shot and killed by san jose police last night was carrying nearly a dozen weapons at the time. the shooting happened at the metcalf energy center, a power facility in south san jose. ktvu's ann rubin is outside san jose police headquarters with more. reporter: authorities aren't sure whether the man was looking to damage the power plant or whether he was just looking for a -- [ signal breakup ] [ pause ] >> he is on foot. reporter: for san jose police the preliminary call
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was concerning. a man had hopped a fence at the metcalf energy center on blanchard road and appeared to be armed. this witness asked not to be identified. >> he was sitting in the van, all the windows fogged up. he had a sword or something that looked like an object mounted on his dashboard kind of like a weapon, it looked like. >> reporter: that wasn't all. in addition to the sword, authorities say the man carried with him two axes, a long pole, six throwing knives and pepper spray. he was on the grounds of the power plant which serves part of san jose when officers confronted him. >> the suspect ignored commands and yelled, shoot me and kill me several times during the incident. the suspect turned around and advanced towards the officers still armed with both the pole and the axe. >> reporter: police chief eddie garcia says the suspect was asked to drop the weapons at least 23 times but kept advancing. >> when the suspect was approximately 5 to 6 feet away from one of the officers, one officer shot the suspect and
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then the suspect continued toward a second officer with the axe and pole still in his hands and the second officer then also shot. >> reporter: the suspect, an asian man in his late 20s, it was pronounced dead at the scene. authorities say he had a history of narcotics and weapons offense and he had also been placed on a 72-hour psychiatric hold back in september. at this point, they know nothing about his motive. >> sad for everybody involved and, you know, we hope that we'll be able to figure out his intent at some point. >> reporter: the officers are on routine administrative leave. the incident was captured on their body cameras. ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. high-end purses targeted in a bay area shopping mall. how it took just minutes for thieves to get away with $100,000 in merchandise. >> also ahead tonight, an immigration investigation targets 7-eleven stores across the country including seven locations here in the bay
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immigration and customs enforcement raided nearly 100 7-eleven stores across the country this morning. several of those are here in the bay area. and ktvu's alyana gomez is outside one of the stores raided this morning in petaluma. alyana. >> reporter: good evening, frank. yeah, this store right here in petaluma was raided early this morning. it's in a very busy shopping center off of a major busy roadway. so you can imagine the amount of attention that was drawn to this store here. it alarmed some customers, we are told, and, of course, a lot of people wondering what's going on, concerned about
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what's happening here with i.c.e. coming in and asking questions and asking to see some paperwork here. now, again, this is one of seven stores in the bay area that were raided this morning. there were also three in reno, nevada, which makes 10 in the northern california-nevada area. now, stores in napa, north sebastopol, santa rosa, santa clara, petaluma and suisun city were all surrounded with i.c.e. agents looking for employee status. this is the largest enforcement operation against an employ under president trump. officials say it was a follow- up to a 2013 investigation that resulted in nine arrests after raiding various 7-eleven franchises in new york. we spoke with the manager at a store in another location in petaluma who says while none of their employees were arrested, it was still a frightening experience. >> i was nervous and scared, like why are they coming in to
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check on everybody? because we're not doing anything wrong. >> reporter: nationwide, 21 people were arrested today. i.c.e. won't say if there were any arrests here in northern california or nevada. we asked them to confirm the numbers but they would not give numbers. they wouldn't release information other than the statement they provided today. but again, this is just something that immigration attorneys are saying we're going to see more of under the trump administration. >> so alyana, i'm assuming no one at the 7-eleven behind you would talk today about what happened. >> reporter: correct. the owner here referred me to their media line. they said they didn't want to talk. they said it was a scary experience but they just didn't want to go on camera. >> thank you. authorities identified the bart police officer today who shot and killed a man last week outside the west oakland bart station. bart officials say officer joseph mateo fatally shot 28- year-old shalim tinnedle. he was armed with a gun. the bart officer was near the
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staying when he responded to a shooting on january 3. he saw two men in a struggle and one of them was holding a gun. man with the gun refused commands -- the plan with the gun refused commands to drop the gun and the officer shot him. the officer is on paid leave while they investigate. another person has died from the flu in santa clara county. that brings the total number of deaths throughout california to 28 since the flu season began. officials did not release details about this latest death other than to say the person was under the age of 65 and did not have a flu vaccine. five people have died of the flu so far this season in santa clara county. health officials have said the appears that this flu season is the worst in 10 years. >> influenza 2018 is upon us. the number of cases are just exploding both throughout the county, actually throughout
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the west coast and in our emergency department. >> again, health officials say that so far here in california, 28 people have died from flu-related illnesses this season. about 70% of them didn't have the flu vaccine. typically, at this time, there are only 3 or 4 deaths from the flu. officials note there is plenty of vaccine available and it's not too late to get it. back now to tonight's top story. we are just getting some new numbers from santa barbara county where the sheriff now says 17 people are still reported missing at this hour and 17 people are now confirmed dead following mudslides there. the hardest hit area is the affluent community of montecito where search crews are focusing efforts tonight. phil shuman is in montecito. what's the situation? >> reporter: well, another very difficult day just physically getting through this thick mud.
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this is a house against a tree. it's hard to imagine unless you're here. 13 people missing unaccounted for, um, 17 fatalities. it's up 2 from yesterday. so search crews have been here using dogs and probes this stick into the mud. they are trying to stay optimistic. there is a window to find survivors alive but, of course, that window closes with each passing minute. they are going to be here as long as realistically possible. it is possible that bodies won't be found until sometime down the road when they can clear out the mud. >> phil, what can you tell us about the victims? i know they are not releasing the names yet but where were they found? in homes or cars? what can you tell us about that. >> reporter: it's interesting, the coroner isn't releasing
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the name of any victims. we have an 84-year-old, the founder of a private catholic school in nearby ventura but the logical assumption is that they were in their homes because remember, this happened at 2:30, 3 a.m. monday night, tuesday morning. and these houses were just inundated with mud and water, debris, really without much of a warning other than the general warning for the heavy rains that were predicted. again, this was a voluntary evacuation area considerably down the mountain from where the thomas fire burned last month. but we're assuming that the victims for the most part were in their houses. >> phil, how many homes were affected and is the problem as you kind of talked about here that there's so much mud and debris that they can't get to the houses to go inside and look for people? >> reporter: well, it's a combination of things. we'll take a quick walk. i mean, this -- this flat area here, these were lots with houses on them. they were literally worked
5:16 pm
away. they are talking about six houses completely destroyed, about 100 others damaged. and what's left behind is this debris field and the mud literally was up to the waist of rescuers. so yeah, so it's a combination of mud covering things and unable to physically access it, the two problems. >> we have been dramatic stories about people have been to be rescued from rooftops. have you seen any of those rescues or talked to people who have been rescued about what it was like and there are still more people that need to be rescued. >> reporter: the rescued happened early tuesday morning. there were 50 rescues. the coast guard was here. the county sheriffs were here. the fire department was here. the people that are so-called trapped in canyons aren't trapped in the sense of, you know, there's rain and mud falling right now. it's a remote location and difficult to get in and out.
5:17 pm
so the people that were rescued, yeah, it was terrifying. the number between -- 600 911 calls were handled between 3 and 6 a.m. in the morning. this is a history changing event for this small community. nine square miles, less than 10,000 people. you know, they have had fires and floods but nothing on this scale. >> phil, i'm just wondering if you had a chance to talk anybody caught in the flooding about what it was like. but anything specific about how fast it happened and what they did? >> reporter: well, you know, what they said was the sound of it. they used the analogy like a train or like a freight train. they heard it coming. they heard the crackling, the wood, the trees. and then the impact. that's what they really remember talking about really the sound of it.
5:18 pm
>> just a lot of work to do down there. phil shuman, thanks for your reporting down there in santa barbara county. we appreciate it. let's bring in our chief meteorologist bill martin now to talk more about this situation. boy, you see that. >> the mud. >> it looks like the rain is over but the mud is up to here. >> right. >> just seeing how thick it was and how deep it was. those homes were -- it was like halfway up the homes and that one 14-year-old girl we talked about it was up to her neck. >> i was just looking at pictures coming out of santa barbara now before and after. it's an amazing event. those hills behind santa barbara about up to above 4,000 feet. if you have been to santa barbara, you just look straight up and it's not far from town so whenever that rain comes off the hills, mud drains down into the urban areas. so here's what happened. we talked about it last night and the night before, too. but it was rainfall rate, right? i talked to some folks north of montecito in santa barbara, a little closer up towards the airport, and they didn't notice these rainfall rates. it was a very localized heavy rainfall event and you think
5:19 pm
half inch in five minutes that's not a big deal. that's a rainfall rate of four inches an hour. that's what you find in a cat- 5 hurricane. it just came down and it dumped! when you look at the rainfall accumulations, not much different than the accumulations we had around here. but what i want you to notice here is the topography. look at how sheer these cliffs are. here's montecito. it rains up in here and it just starts rushing down and that's exactly what happened. they aren't set up like northern california. we have the russian river, the napa river, we have rivers. they don't have rivers, right? what's a river? there's a couple of little creeks and semi-flows in that area but they don't have good drainage there, not like we do. they are not set that up way. different landscape. we do have rain that has ended now and when the showers end we're looking for things to start to clear out a little more tomorrow. we had a few light sprinkles today and that should be it. but now what happens is the valley fog comes back and a
5:20 pm
lot of it. the ground is wet. the models are bullish on the valley fog for tomorrow morning and that's going to be probably the weather headline i think tomorrow morning especially on the commutes and the drives in napa, sacramento, davis, modesto, clayton. there's a live camera shot outside. you can see all the cars coming out of there -- help me with this, that looks like livermore. is that livermore? [ pause ] >> yeah. okay. martinez. yeah, i knew that. [ laughter ] >> that's what you get. thanks, guys. overnight lows forecast -- look for the fog, that's the story. these dew points are right on the temperature. forecast low 43 in napa. dew point in napa is 43. so when the temperature hits the dew point temperature, fog forms so get ready for that. not raining tomorrow but foggy when you get going on that morning commute. when i come back, we'll give you the long- range forecast. the weekend isn't that far away. we'll talk about that and the
5:21 pm
next chance for rain. coming up $100,000 in gucci bags gone in minutes. in a moment, how a group of people got away with expensive purses in a mall. >> dozens of pets rescued from a pet shop. >> a robbery and shooting caught on camera. the surveillance video that's just been released coming up at 6:00.
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steal expensive handbags at a busy shopping mall. our crime reporter henry lee live now in palo alto with more on the heist at gucci. >> reporter: it happened here at this nordstrom at a stanford shopping center when a group of thieves stole gucci bags worth $100,000. reporter: at the nordstrom's store near stanford university, about 10 people walked in a half-hour before the store closed on monday night and made a beeline north gucci purses and cut off security cables with wire cutters. they stole about 50 bags. one female thief tried to punch an employee who tried to intervene. >> it's brazen. they don't care if they get stopped by loss prevention or not. >> reporter: the total loss, about $100,000. we went online to the gucci website where bags were listed average about $2,000 each. palo alto police wouldn't
5:25 pm
release surveillance video of the incident for fear of inspiring copycats. >> lock them in cabinets. >> reporter: a retired daly city police sergeant and security expert says that's one way stores can help avoid these kinds of thefts. >> if somebody wants to see an expensive purse, it's a pain for the employee to unlock it each time somebody wants to see it but it would cut down on retail theft for expensive items. >> reporter: i looked inside the nordstrom's and the only gucci bags i saw were indeed in glass display cases. shoppers we spoke to were shocked by what happened. >> just amazing lawlessness. it's hard to comprehend that anybody could make that happen, that the store could actually not have enough security to stop that. >> i think it's crazy but i don't know, i don't think it's that surprising in this day and age. but, um, yeah, i'm surprised that it happened here. >> reporter: nordstrom would not discuss the security measures with me today saying
5:26 pm
they are cooperating and working with police as part of the ongoing investigation. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> you said it was a number of people, eight to ten people ran into the store all at the same time? >> reporter: yeah. it was a coordinated effort. they all went in and they were out, gone, within 60 seconds. >> thank you. back and forth over immigration between the trump administration and district court covering california. coming up next, an expert tells us why the legal fight surrounding daca is likely to head all the way u.s. supreme court. >> plus the south bay police department's effort to be transparent allows you to track officers' use of force. coming up, what they found when they looked at how that force was applied to different races.
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a federal judge in san francisco temporarily blocked the trump administration from the daca program from ending the program while lawsuits are heard in court. the judge's ruling came last night just hours after the president sat down with congressional leaders at the white house to discuss daca and other immigration issues. in the wake of that ruling, the city of san francisco is rallying behind immigrants. acting mayor london breed showed her support today at the unveiling of a new
5:30 pm
resource center for immigrants in the city's bayview neighborhood. ktvu's tara moriarty reports. an expert says why san francisco's ninth circuit seems to have gained a sparring partner in president trump. >> the people who are part of this country, the immigrants and the people part of these communities is what makes our city and our country stronger. [ applause ] >> reporter: acting mayor london breed reaffirming the city's long-standing support of the immigrant community at the opening of a new resource center in the bayview. >> they are afraid, we just don't know what's going to happen, and i think what the community wants more right now is more information. >> reporter: natalie ortiz works at a place which opens friday. she says many immigrants breathed a sigh of relief tuesday when a judge with san francisco's ninth circuit court of appeals barred the trump administration from rescinding daca. it's a program that shielded more than 700,000 people from
5:31 pm
deportation. >> we're targeting young working studying productive people and this is partly what's so baffling and what's so upsetting about this policy. >> reporter: this law professor says dismantling daca amounts to gratuities cruelty. >> many have no recollection of childhood in other countries beyond the united states because they came here as toddlers. >> the kids are in fear and there's stress on our community. so you know, it just makes me mad because they are attacking our -- a vulnerable population. >> reporter: so with san francisco engaged in a legal war with president trump -- >> it's one of the most incisive decisions came out of hawaii, another from new york and virginia so the perception that everything is happening in san francisco is not accurate. >> reporter: but the professor concedes that the ninth circuit has a reputation for being liberal and california is a natural forum for immigration discussion. >> more than a quarter, almost a third actually of daca applicants are in california. >> reporter: the professor expects the case will go to
5:32 pm
the supreme court. meantime, mayor london breed vows not to give up on the city's immigrants. >> it's sad and we got to keep using the courts to fight it. we got to keep pushing for, um, changes to congress. >> reporter: in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. more than 100 corporate leaders are calling on congress to provide legal protection for all those young people at risk for deportation. facebook's mark zuckerberg and tim cook have signed an open letter to congress. the letter urges congress to swiftly pass bipartisan legislation that would protect the roughly 700,000 illegal immigrants who were children when they arrived in the u.s. until last year, they were protected by the daca program. president trump ended the program which allowed them to live and work in the united states without problems. again, congress is now trying to work on a compromise to continue the program. in an effort to be more transparent, san jose police unveiled a new tool today which allows the public to track the department's use of
5:33 pm
force. the online portal breaks down the data by categories including type of call, location, and type of force used. the data is compiled by an independent company which also produced a preliminary analysis. the police chief says it found that racial disparities in use of force by san jose officers are nonexistent. consultants on the project say they are glad the public will be able to form their own conclusions. >> we're not afraid of our stats and we're not afraid to get better. i think putting it out to the community on such a polarizing issue on force is groundbreaking for us and this department. >> the challenge will be to continue that trust and to make sure that the law enforcement agencies like this department continue to maintain quality data with integrity. >> san jose is only the second city in the nation to put this system online for the public. the portal can be accessed through the san jose police
5:34 pm
department web page. a couple from the south bay has now filed a lawsuit to try to win back the san francisco street that they bought in a tax auction. tina lam and michael chen paid $90,000 for presidio terrace in 2015. in november, the board of supervisors reversed the sale and gave the street back to homeowners who had failed to pay $994 in back property taxes. the homeowners argued that they had been denied due process because the tax bills were sent to the address of a bookkeeper who retired back in the '80s. the couple from the south bay claims the board exceeded their authority. a hearing today revealed some disturbing new information about the response to last year's crisis at the oroville dam. reporter vicki gonzalez has this story. reporter: the failure of oroville dam's primary spillway was inevitable. >> it didn't surprise me because i know the way the
5:35 pm
industry works. >> reporter: the state's independent forensic team at the state capital explaining the spillway's flaws are rooted in its initial design. >> the slab had from the very beginning in 1969 cracks. >> reporter: as well as neglect to repair damage unknowingly eroding the ground below. >> we feel there was some overconfidence and complacency. >> reporter: department of water resources also in the line of strong questioning. >> it is natural to feel defensive and under the microscope because you are. >> we feel very fortunate that there were no lives lost. >> reporter: ultimately the evacuation of 188,000 residents last february, decades in the making. >> at no point in the last 50 years did anybody ever go back and look at that design and say, you know? we have problems here and we have to do something about it. >> reporter: as the final stages of construction continue on both spillways, the most difficult repair, mending the fractured
5:36 pm
relationship with communities downstream. >> there's no trust. the agency is not trusted. and i'll say that assemblyman gallagher and i don't trust you, either. ♪[ music ] still to come, a multi- billion-dollar state surplus. in a moment, what governor brown hopes to do with all that money. >> also ahead, a warning about traveling to certain areas in mexico. up next, the new warning that puts five mexican states on the same level as yemen and syria! sorry. i can't make it.
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governor brown unveiled his steady as you go budget today. the state is projecting a budget surplus of more than $6 billion. but the governor wants most of that to go into the state's rainy day fund with $300 million being used toward new spending next year. lawmakers have until june 30th to sign off on the nearly $132 billion budget plan. that plan includes more money for healthcare and transportation but mike luery says probably the biggest winner in this budget plan is education. >> schools have reaped an enormous revenue gain. >> reporter: governor brown's budget includes $3 billion more for california schools k- 12 and community colleges will get an extra $46 million to cover the first year of school for first-time, full time
5:40 pm
students. that's appealing to this high school student > yes. it helps with staying focused and not really worrying about the payments and books and a lot of things. >> reporter: the governor's plan also includes $100 million to help working students enroll in college. >> we also are funding an online community college that is targeted at people who are in the workforce and they need to upgrade their skills and get an opportunity to improve their lives. >> reporter: sacramento city college student briana perez said that new online program could help her. >> i think it's good. it will help a lot of students out especially the ones in the poor communities that don't get enough money. >> reporter: there's also a 3% increase for the university of california and california state university, although some of the faculty want the governor to spend even more money. >> last year, they turned away over 30,000 qualified csu students and the state can't afford the loss. >> reporter: reps set up empty chairs on the capital lawn today symbolizing qualified students turned away from cal
5:41 pm
state university because of previous funding issues. in response, governor brown said today, universities need to take a closer look at how they are spending money. >> it is enough. they are getting 3% more. and that's it. they are not getting any more. a funeral was held today for former california secretary of state march fong eu at chapel of the chimes in oakland. she died last month. she was the first asian- american woman in the country to be elected to a statewide office. she represented oakland and castro valley in the state assembly before being elected secretary of state five times from 1974 to 1994. former speaker and san francisco mayor willie brown and secretary of state alex padilla were among the former around current leaders at the service. eu died following complications from surgery after falling at her home in irvine. march fong eu was the 5. new york city is following the lead of bay area cities in
5:42 pm
suing five oil companies. the lawsuit seeks to hold those companies responsible for present and future damages to the city from climate change. the suit names bp, chevron, conocophillips, exxonmobil, and royal dutch shell. the suit claims they are to blame for 11% of all global warming gases as a result of all the oil and gas products they have sold over the years. san francisco and other bay area cities have filed a similar lawsuit on monday. the port of oakland is tied to a settlement announced by the california air resources today. they announced a settlement with ssa containers, inc. the settlement comes in respond to alleged air quality violations by the company at the ports of oakland and long beach. the settlement money will fund pollution research and healthcare for children with asthma. a do not travel advisory to five states in mexico. coming up next, the warning that puts two popular resort
5:43 pm
cities on the same warning level as somalia, yemen and syria. >> also, the president of the oakland a's talked to ktvu this morning about plans for a new stadium in oakland. >> we are tracking the weather around here. the rain is still a few sprinkles around but basically over to tomorrow? talking about a lot of fog for the morning commute.
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
the state department is stepping up its travel warning for americans heading to
5:46 pm
mexico. five states are under' do not travel advisory -- five states are under a do not travel advisory due to crimes and drugs. it includes one adjacent to texas and two home to the popular resort cities of mazatlan and acapulco. those five states are on the same level as somalia, yemen and syria. president trump is getting some of the credit for the talks between north and south korea. the south korean president said measures taken by the trump administration helped get the north to the table. >> the accomplishments of south-north dialogue was largely credited to president trump. i would like to express gratitude to him. >> the south korean president said that south korea and the united states are in close cooperation in dealing with north korea's missile and nuclear programs. as a result of these most recent talks, athletes from the north will be going to the olympics in south korea next month.
5:47 pm
there are also hopes for closer military and political cooperation between the two countries in the future. a new report by congress warns that russia is working to undermine democracy and president trump isn't doing enough to safeguard the u.s. it comes as the president's lawyer files a defamation lawsuit against buzzfeed for publishing an anti-trump dossier. griff jenkins reports. >> reporter: a new 200 page report by congressional democrats warning russia's deepening its interference across europe and undermining democracy! senators on the foreign relations committee also blasting president trump directly saying, quote, never before in american history has so clear a threat to national security been so clearly ignored by a u.s. president. yet not a single republican is backing the report. congress' first to comprehensively detail russian meddling since the 2016 presidential election. >> i think it's shameful. we spent over a year now on an investigation which is coming up with nothing.
5:48 pm
now, listen, maybe bob mueller has something that we don't know about. but i have been at testimony after testimony after testimony of all these witnesses and so far there's been no evidence of any collusion shown whatsoever. >> reporter: while the president has repeatedly denied accusations that his campaign colluded with russia, the report comes as several congressional and federal investigations probe into what exactly took place. meantime, the president blasting democrat senator dianne feinstein on twitter this morning saying her release of the transcripts for the interview between the judiciary committee and one of the founders of the firm that produced the so-called trump russia dossier was underhanded, possibly illegal and a disgrace and the president's long-time attorney michael cohen filed two defamation lawsuits over the release of the dossier. now the senate intelligence committee plans to release its own bipartisan report on election security in the coming weeks. in washington, i'm griff jenkins, ktvu fox 2 news.
5:49 pm
darrell isis. darrell issa is not running for office again. issa was considered vulnerable going into the midterm elections in november. democrats are targeting republican congressional seats here in california in an effort to win back control of the house. all righty. watching that weather system that rolled through here, 24, 36 hours ago. you could have put it back. we'll go back a few hours. i want you to see the extent of the moisture as it moves through the state yesterday. there it goes into southern california, into san diego where they saw heavy winds gusty winds up to 50, 60 miles an hour and obviously the concerns and the problems in santa barbara. the rain has ended for now. with the showers gone, we are getting a break but we have wet ground which means valley fog.
5:50 pm
that's back in the forecast. so get ready for that tomorrow morning when you wake up and dew points are running high representing increased moisture at the surface and that -- i'll tell you what, it can be -- if you have a commute and it's there sometimes and it messes with you, it will be there tomorrow morning. you know who you are and now the spots. but, um, especially the early- morning commute, the 3 to 5 a.m. commute, bay bridge, boy that thing just never slows down, does it? it's always busy especially right now going into the city. but there's no fog out there now. there might be a little bit of valley fog on the bay bridge which often happens. it blows around and causes problems. dew point temperature gets met and fog forms and that's what happens. dew points are high and these temperatures basically almost everybody will see -- livermore is going to see valley fog, antioch, concord valley fog, santa rosa, petaluma, san rafael. um, the story is high pressure back. and that's another thing about
5:51 pm
fog. you know, when you see fog, that's a stable environment typically. that's why you see so much coastal fog in the summer. it's not a wet dynamic environment. it's a different kind of dynamic. it's air sinking. when you see valley fog, it's not rain. this is a dry pattern that will stick with us through the bay area weekend and with that high pressure dominating, i think valley fog nights and mornings will be a thing. 58 in vallejo and cool in one 24-hour period places like san francisco gets 3.5" of rain which is really like the equivalent of three or four really good storms in one day and, boy do we need that. so we do have an opportunity here for some more rain showing up early next week and hopefully things will break loose. we are seeing some signs that the models the long- range models want to get going with some weather but meantime valley fog is your weather. the oakland athletics announced today former a's
5:52 pm
pitcher dallas braden joined their broadcast team as a color commentator for the 2018 season. david cavill's club is take a second look at three previously considered sites for a new ballpark for the a's in oakland. he is looking after his plan to build one near laney college was ended. he discussed the plan this morning on "the 9." >> the key thing is we are 100% committed to an option in oakland. we are going to find a place here that the community at a's can partner and find a way to make work. we're valuating the final three sites, the terminal, peralta, to find the best location and we want to be thoughtful before we make another announcement. >> the a's have set up shop in the new state-of-the-art headquarters in oakland's jack london square still to come, opposition is growing to the plan to expand offshore oil drilling. in a moment, the latest state that wants the same coastal protections that were just
5:53 pm
given to florida. >> a robbery an shooting caught on camera. the surveillance video just released. >> dozens of sick dogs all rescued from a pet shop in the east bay. what we're learning from police coming up at 6:00. ♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future...
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and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ all because of you ♪ ♪
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it's just my eczema again, but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. eczema exposed. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. in las vegas the convention center was evacuated today after the building was powerless during the world's biggest tech show.
5:56 pm
the outage at the consumer electronics show lasted about 2 hours. during that time, many of the companies were not able to show off product and gadgets. the cause of the outage wasn't immediately known. record-breaking rains flooded the show yesterday and forced some of the booths to close. south carolina's governor is the latest to ask for an exemption from the trump administration's plan to expand offshore oil drilling. governor henry mcmaster said the risk associated with drilling with a danger to south carolina's coastline and $20 billion tourism industry. the request came a day after florida was assured there will be no drilling off its coastline. phil keating has more. >> reporter: less than a week after president trump's executive order to dramatically expand the country's offshore drilling for oil and gas affecting every coastal state, florida now becomes the first state exempted. in the past week, in a rarity it multiple florida
5:57 pm
republicans bucked the president and joined florida democrats opposing expansion in federal waters off florida's coastline including senator marco rubio and gulf coast congressman francis rooney. >> we are highly developed residential coastlines, a lot of tourist industry our main industry and we can't suffer the risk another bp horizon. >> reporter: and republican governor rick scott weighed in: >> reporter: well, scott got that meeting last night with the interior second and what he wanted. >> and so for floridians, we are not drilling off the coast of florida. >> reporter: but since president trump is urging governor scott to run against florida's democratic senator bill nelson in november, nelson sees ulterior motives. 12-year-old nelson crafted the east gulf of mexico moratorium
5:58 pm
that banned rigs with 125 miles of the florida coast. quote, this is a political stunt orchestrated by the trump administration to help rick scott, who has wanted to drill off florida's coast his entire career. we shouldn't be playing politics with the future of florida. >> reporter: almost as soon as florida won its plea, other governors quickly weighed in with new york's governor asking where do we sign up for a waiver? and oregon's governor asking, how about the same for oregon? in miami, phil keating, fox news. ♪[ music ] dozens of 7-eleven stores targeted by federal immigration agents. tonight controversy over the nationwide raid and the several locations searched here in the bay area. >> why are they coming in to check everybody? we're not doing anything wrong. >> immigration and customs
5:59 pm
enforcement says the raid was meant to send a strong message to businesses about hiring illegal immigrants. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. nearly 100 7-eleven stores were raided including the seven here in the bay area. we get new details now from alyana gomez. she is live at one of those stores in petaluma tonight. alyana. reporter: frank and julie, it was a very frightening morning for employees here at the 7-eleven on old redwood highway near petaluma. it's located in a busy shopping center right in between an ihop off to my right and then there's a starbucks here off to my left. both were likely filled with early-morning customers. you can imagine the amount of attention this drew. reporter: in the wee hours of the morning on wednesday, i.c.e. agents descended on nearly 100 7-eleven stores nationwide in the largest enforcement operation against an employer
6:00 pm
under the trump presidency. seven bay area stores were raided, in napa, north sebastopol, santa rosa, santa clara, suisun city, petaluma and three other franchises in reno, nevada. >> i was really nervous too, why are they coming in to check on everybody? we're not doing anything wrong. >> reporter: he is the store manager at a different 7- eleven in petaluma. his store wasn't raided but his friend owns this other 7- eleven and three others in the bay area. i'm told all four were searched by i.c.e. no arrests were made. >> using tactics like the 7- eleven raids [ indiscernible ] is going to continue to put that fear factor. >> reporter: an immigration attorney who found out about the raids from clients who have been expressing heightened fear with the 40% increase in deportation arrests -- >> from january to june last year, 54,000


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