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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  January 11, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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bridge, the richmond bridge is pretty socked in. it's a word of warning for you out there. it's thursday morning, january 11th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark, good morning. steve paulson is in the office. >> sal will show it on the bridge too. >> this is the last we saw. we have moistly cloudy skies, we saw a few sprinkles and drizzle, overall there's a lot of cloud cover. there's a band of high clouds moving in that direction. it would be santa rosa north. we're not looking for much here. it looks to be tuesday, increasing clouds, even above some of those low clouds, a cloudy to mostly cloudy day to the north. may be warmer to the south and we went to mid-60s in san jose
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to gilroy. 50s in the north. this is one of the cooler area, it's 49. this area is in there. sebastopol everybody is close. that's the ridge of high pressure that will build in for the weekend it will give more weather and higher sunshine. 50s and 60s today, warmest temperatures to the south. 501 there will be weather on the toll plaza. >> we have traffic that's beginning to wake up as well. good morning to you at home if you're driving on 580 and you're driving into the alternate route month pass you'll see slow traffic -- altamont pass, you'll see this slow traffic. if you're driving from liver more to dublin it looks okay with a little bit of congestion at the dublin grade. this is 580 and 80.
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this is looking good, crossing the bay bridge and toll plaza, we can usually see the 880 ramp. sometimes i point to it. it's right there, it's being obscured by the fog, that's what you're dealing with. 5. 01 -- 5:02, lets go to the desk. another case of confusion on the runway, at sfo. >> this happened tuesday, just before noon. what do we know so far? >> reporter: it was another close call. an incoming flight almost landed on the wrong runway. an air mexico flight coming into sfo from mexico city was clear to land on runway 28 right and sfo officials said the crew repeated back the air tower's instructions when the
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plane was a mile away from the airport, it was out on 28 left. a virgin america was on the runway. the crew went around and it landed without incident. this is not the first time there was miscommunication at sfo in recent years. there was a close call in july when an air canada almost came between two commercial jets because the air canada almost landed on the wrong runway. air traffic control had to have the airplane go around. and another one almost landed on a runway that it wasn't cleared for it. they're wondering why it didn't ignore or hear the warnings. they reported a radio problem. and this is the latest incident here at sfo for the list of
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communication blunders at sfo. >> thank up. the time is 5:03, police in berkeley, they released two surveillance video and they want your help to -- swerveds, they want your help in finding these two suspects. two men walk towards this man. they try to grab his back pack and he corporate let it go and he is shot in the leg and he drags the student and fire two more shots at him. he lets go of the back pack, he never saw them and he didn't speak to them and he realizes he was lucky to be alive. >> i did not burst into tears until the third day. the first and second day, i'm trying to hold back to myself, trying to remember what actually happened. it's only up to the third day
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that i realized i could have been killed. >> now, police also released video of the suspect's car. it's described as a newer model white sedan, it may be pa chevrolet impala, if you have any information about the suspects or that car, call berkeley police. the police search california after deadly mudslides, 17 people have died and 17 others are reported missing. hundreds of searchers looking for people hoping to find survivors as marianne raft reports, this will return into a recovery mission. >> devastation here in southern california from powerful deadly mudslides, mother nature unleashing her furry throughout the montecito area. many homes are gone, and some knocked off their foundation and damaged by falling trees
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and mud. it was a shocking and sobering site for evacuees returning home on wednesday. >> my home is standing but when the flash flood came and couldn't pull the door shut. it's just full of mud, and the back, i guess side it collapsed a little bit. >> more than 15 people are confirmed dead and some residents are still missing, the search is ongoing, but complicated by downed power lines and power poles. those rescue efforts are expected to become a recovery operation. >> as we transition and will transition to a recovery mode, we realize this is going to be a long and difficult journey for all of us. >> the flowing mud was powerful enough to push large cars down the hillsides, some of them ended up on the beach. idle cars are among the debris and muck that is on the long stretch of highway 101, it's
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not expected to reopen monday at the earliest, it's part of what is expected to be and massive costly clean up effort. most people did not heed mandatory evacuation orders, those are the areas that suffered the most damage, marianne raft, fox news. >> santa barbra county did not send out alerts and they sent out alerts shortly before 4:00 tuesday morning, that's after tons of rocks, mud and trees were rolling down the hills of it the fire zone. messages for mandatory and voluntary evacuations were sent out to registered phone calls in the area, but it's not clear how many actually received those alerts. a plan to clean debris hit
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a snag over government contracts. people had to suspend work after there was protests over debris maneuver. the cham came from a florida based companies whether crews can meet a target date for the cleanup. they set a goal for the end of the month. the cleanup is less than 50% finished. our time is 5:08, a victim of a homicide last may is identified as a missing uber driver from san francisco. he disappeared may 14th. his remains were found six weeks later at a warehouse in hayward. he vanished after telling his wife he was going to help a family friend. bob tang, and he worked at the warehouse where his remains were found. he apparently went to cambodia to avoid being questioned and they have not been able to find him. today is the critical day
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in an effort to remove a controversial judge who gave brock turner a lenient sentence in the sexual assault case. they're the 700,000 signatures. he sparked national outrage when he sentenced brock turner to six months of jail for sexual assaulting a woman at a frat party to six months. getting rid of a judge has only happened 4 times. the congress is about to go through major changes because of a wave of retirements. we'll have more on what that
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can mean for the midterm elections. good morning, traffic is moving along well, if you're driving on interstate 880 or oakland pass or oakland arena. there's fog, that's the only problem in the forecast. we'll have more conditions on the weekend coming up. ♪
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2, 5:12 is the time, a federal immigration agent performed a series of raids on 7-eleven stores, they did 7 raids here in the bay area and others in the u.s., yesterday's operation was designed to send a message to businesses about hiring undocumented immigrants and it is renewing the pledge to crackdown on illegal immigration. >> they're checking on everybody, we're not doing anything wrong. >> where immigrants are prevalent, it will put the fear factor. >> ice called it a fileup to insure the chain is complying with federal law.
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the ovens of 9 7-elevens were arrested for employing illegal immigrants, wire theft and identity fraud. and a court ruling blocked it from ending the daca program. the white house called the ruling outrageous. president trump says it reflects a court system that he calls broken. yesterday in san francisco, city leaders reaffirm their long support of the program that has protected 700,000 young people from being deported. >> a people who are part of this country, the immigrants and the folks that are part of these communities makes our city and country stronger. >> now, a federal judge ruled that daca must stay intact while legal challenges go through the court system and the people who are currently protected by daca must be allowed to renew their work permits before they inspire. and president trump is expected to announce he intends
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to pull the us out of the north american free trade agreement between us, canada and mexico, he's called the nafta treaty a bad deal and the u.s., mexico and canada are holding the negotiations in montreal from january 23rd to the 28th. the us state department has raised its travel warning to the highest level for five states in mexico that include popular tourist destinations, the do not travel advisory is due to widespread violent crime. they -- they put it on the same threat level as somalia, yemen and syria. republicans are throwing in the town ahead of the midterm elections. >> one thing is certain, the
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capitol will look different next year. douglas has more on that. >> you can feel the democratic optimism growing around here. the party thinks it's god for the midterm elections and more and more republicans in particular are getting ready to head home. >> what is happening on canada road. this could be the calm before the storm. >> we see the future and it isn't pretty. >> she is out. she's going to retire, she's not mincing words. >> this political climate right now, it's about as bad as it can be for gop members in moderate districts. >> they're rearranging the flags outside of his office, he'll be packing his things as well. he's pointing to a growing economy. >> it's a good chance to go out on top. >> the gop majority and the senate is one seat, even though
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the large republican majority in the house could be in perfectly with 29 republicans leading making it tougher to hold on to seats without an incumbent. and kevin mccarthy sees the glass half full but much depends on the president. >> the president is toxic -- >> they can turn the numbers around if they can score more legislative wins this year. r. all right. it's 5:17, back to sal, i know you're keeping an eye on the commute, the fogger commute this morning. >> you're actually right and steve i'll know a little bit about this as well. lets start with the northbound 101, it looks good driving up to the morgan hill area continuing into san jose.
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if you're hoping to get out of home and taking advantage, there is not a lot of slow traffic here. this is a look at the runway at san jose airport. the fog -- lets go back to that runway shot for a second. no fog here really, if you go up to the bay bridge, there is fog, it's dense fog here, you can't see what is out to the maze, we can see maybe a quarter after mile here. lets bring steve in at 5:18. >> well, done, sal, you covered it. we have areas around on the richmond san rafael bridge, hayward and be advised some will thicken up by 7:00. 50, 63, what's average 56/65. above on both. the record low, 49, and the
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record high not that long. 6, 2009. all of the record low he is on the information i set were set in 1949 except santa rosa which had 28 on this day 2012, not that long ago. high clouds, low clouds, combination, it's a mostly cloudy forecast, a little drizzle and mist in this. one would think according to this forecast projection, it could be santa rosa northward. the next hint after system will be on tuesday, there's cloud cover and breaking through a ridge of high pressure, that low cloud deck is easy to form in the fog. the ridge of high pressure went out on saturday, sunday and monday. east bay temperatures, 51, concord, a little warmer for some out towards brentwood and antioch. san ramon and danville, you
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guys at 50, 21 in truckee. fog if you're heading to the mountains. blue canyon has fog. it will deflect everything to the north in the next three days. there's a lot of energy, the jet stream, where those pilots fly, if they have a flight coming in from japan or asia they'll make it in good time. this is coming next tuesday, and thursday and friday looks wet. it doesn't look strong, but a stage is being set for a more active pattern. upper 50s to the north due to cloud cover, we could get mid- 60s to peek through that cloud deck. we have night and morning fog and increasing clouds on monday. the time is 5:20, are you thinking about a tropical vacation may be? how about good news if you can escape this winter and take a trip to hawaii.
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how google is taking action, now, against the controversial and now disgraced youtuber.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, california's attorney general will announce the state reached a settlement with a major energy producer. it deals with reports that the bp energy company overcharged california for natural gas between 2003 and 2012.
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we'll get the details at 10:30 this morning, it wants apple to answer questions after the company slowed down older iphones, it cut the cost of replacement batteries and said it would change its software so that users can see the condition of the phone's battery. it sent a letter to apple ceo tim cook to see if it will replace free batteries and offeree baits for customers who has full price for the battery. it wants answers for january 23rd. google is taking action against a disgraced youtube star. they've removed logan paul's channels from google preferred. he was dropped from new jersey projects with youtube. last month paul posted a video
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of a man who committed suicide in japan. he was seen laughing and joking, he has since apologized to his more than 15 million subscribers. the time is 5:25, kevin durant of the warriors reached a milestone last night. they still lost to the clippers, 125-106. he will get to 20,000 in the first half. here it is. and there it is! >> there it is. kevin durant scored his 20,000th point last night. it gave the second youngest player to do it. he's 29. five players have scored that many points before 30. steph curry was watching from the bench, he has a sprained ankle. lew williams was hot, he had a career high of 50 points and
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the clippers win and the warriors go on the road now, and they'll play milwaukee tomorrow. and one of the top home run hitters is coming back to the a's, davis agreed to $10.5 million for one year. he had a career high 43 homers last season, the 85 homers in the past two seasons are the second most in baseball. he joins jimmy faction as the only other a's player with back to back 40s for home run seasons. how about good news. a trip to hawaii, fares are remarkably low during the early part of 2018. a round trip ticket has dropped to about $325 last fall. those ticket prices have gone up, but only slightly to about
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$370 now. the cheapest destination in hawaii is maui. new developments on a controversial bill that would make abortion pills available on college campuses, what the critics are saying about it. and right now, we're looking at a commute that is doing well if you're driving on the san mateo bridge if you're headed out to the peninsula. >> and our weather looks good, but cloudy. we're not expecting much in the way of rain, and maybe next week. it looks better for the weekend. we'll have an update on
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. welcome back to mornings on 2, i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. it's 5:30 right on the doubt. it's looking nice for the weekend? >> correct. >> foggy today and rain coming tuesday. >> that's correct. >> that's two in a row. here's sal. we have fog, it was starting to pick up. what would that be steve, hayward is one, and fog and american canyon maybe, watch out in that direction, it's possible. and on he bay bridge, the toll plaza, we have a lot of cloud cover low and high, sneaking in one more piece of cloud cover,
5:31 am
that's to zip on by to give as you mostly cloudy day. precipitation is light, high pressure is building in for friday and taking us into the weekend. peninsula temperatures mainly low 50s, 52, palo alto, san mateo and atherton, 50s on the san mateo coast. more rain next week, again your weekend is 5, increasing clouds on sunday, sunday afternoon might be quick here, there's your system coming in late monday and tuesday morning, another one next wednesday night and thursday. next thursday and friday night is colder, it's still 7 days away. 5:31, you're looking at something. >> i'm looking at my computer. >> i know that. >> i don't know, i do see traffic is getting busier, i don't know how i did my job before computers, but this job was done before computers, but
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i digress. traffic is moving along okay, if you're driving on the celina commute. traffic will be okay on 80 westbound. it's getting clouder, i saw slow traffic right here on 37 heading towards marin county. for the most part it looks good. i can see here, you can drag the map over here, traffic looks good at the east bay. the metering lights has come on and as steve mentioned here, i don't know if it's what huge deal, but you'll notice it when coming to the toll plaza. san jose police released information about tuesday night's deadly officer-involved shooting. a man killed at the metcalf energy center was killing nearly a dozen weapons. >> he was on foot. he was carrying a large pole. >> for san jose police, a call
5:33 am
was concerning, a man hopped a fence on blanchard center and he appeared to be armed. >> all of the windows was fogged up. he had a sword, or an object mounted on his dashboard. it looked like a weapon. >> that wasn't all. >> in addition to the sword, authorities say the man carried with him, two axes a pole and six throwing knives and pepper spray. >> this served the spray when officers confronted him. >> he yelled shoot me afternoon kill me several times during the incident. the suspect turned around and advanced towards the officers, still armed with both the pole and the axe. >> and eddie garcia, the suspect was asked to drop the weapons 23 times and kept strapsing. >> it's 5 to 6 ways away from
5:34 am
the officers. >> the officer shot the suspect, and the second officer was also shot. >> the suspect described as an asian man in the late 20s was pronounced dead at the scene. he had a history of narcotics and weapons offenses and was placed on a 72-hour psychiatric hold this september. >> it's sad for everybody involved. we hope what they'll be able to figure out what his intent was. >> authorities say the incident was captured on the officer's body camera. both are on routine paid administrative leave, the identity of the suspect has not been released. been released. the time now is 5:34, san jose police say they want to be more transparent. they unveiled a tool that lets the public see information about the police use of force incident. they show the type of call, the type of force used, the time,
5:35 am
the location and more. it's all being compiled by an independent company that also produced an early analysis. the police chief says it shows that racial disparities and police use of force is virtually nonexistent. >> those of us that bleed blue, that bleed this patch, in our heart of hearts know the type of department that we are. in the last few years, we haven't had data to really back that up. again this is not a vindication or touchdown dance, we didn't win the game. it's an organization, we want to maintain a load to a game that will never end. >> they're one of two police departments in the countries that are using this system and putting online for the public to see. >> authorities have identified the bart police officer who has shot and killed an armed man last week. officer joseph mate owe was in
5:36 am
the -- mateo was in the driveway when he had gunshots, he was ordered to drop the weapon and the officer killed the armed man who was identified. our time is 5:36, a police detective who identified a zodiac killer has died. he started investigating the zodiac killer in 1969 but was taken off the case nine years later after he sent anonymous fan mail to the san francisco chronical praising his work. he may have been responsible for more. he was called the zodiac because he sent taunting letters and crypto grams to both the police and to newspapers. the zodiac killer was never caught. u.s. marshals say a man who
5:37 am
made his way to the bay area after escaping from a mental hospital is back in ohahu, he walked out of hospital and he was able to board a flight to maui and san jose, he was captured in stockton where his brother lives and he was found not guilty by reason of insanity of a woman nearly 40 years ago women stole thousands of dollars worth of gucci hand bags. >> at the nordstrom store at stanford university, they walked in a half-hour before the store closed. they made a beeline for the gucci bags on display. they cut off the bags with wire cutters. they ran off with bags over the
5:38 am
shoulder and one punched an employee who tried to stop her. >> these thieves don't care if they get stopped by loss prevention. >> the total loss? $100,000. bags were listed at $2,000 each. palo alto would not release video of the incident for fear of inspiring copycat. it's one way stores can help avoid these types of thefts. >> if someone wants to see an expensive purse, it's a pain to unlock a cabinet, it would cut down on retail theft for expensive items. >> the only thing i saw was in glass display cases, they were shocked by what happened. >> it's amazing, the lawlessness. it's hard to comprehend that
5:39 am
anybody could make that happen at a store, the store not having enough security to stop that. >> it's crazy, but i don't think it's surprising in this day and age. but, that it happened at this nordstrom though, i'm surprised. they would work with palo alto as part of an ongoing discussion. discussion. the time is 5:39, though california is projecting a big budget surplus, he's taking a cautious approach and released his $132 billion plan. while there's more money for education, critics say it's not enough to cover the rising school costs. the governor doesn't want to spend all of the surplus money, just because the economy is
5:40 am
good now, doesn't mean it will last. >> and that is, we have had ten recessions since world war ii, and we have to get ready for the 11th. >> now, the governor wants to put 13.5 billion in the state's rainy day fund. he wants to create an online community college system. and right now, it's 5:40, the raiders got their man, and and group is calling for an investigation into the hiring of john gruden, the possible rule violation and the consequences. and asbestos was found on demolition on this big project in oakland, now, there's controversy over what to do with a development that was already under way. we see traffic is doing well, good morning, this is a look at the east shore freeway. a little bit of fog here, you can't see as much as we normally see, but the traffic is moving well. >> and our cloud cover continues to move well.
5:41 am
some of the fog is thick in spots. it looks like, it's improving the forecast for the weekend. ♪
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enjoy two free perks like complimentary wifi and drinks, plus savings for everyone in your stateroom, when you book now. during the celebrity cruises sail beyond event. welcome back to mornings on 2, happening today caltran is holding a public meeting to discuss the managed lanes project on 101. the project will build a continuous express lane on highway 101. a meeting will be on 450poplar avenue. caltrans will inspect overpasses on fairfield and interstate 680. it will happen between 680 and travis boulevard. two eastbound lanes will be closed from 9 and 10:00 this morning and 10 to 11:00 two
5:44 am
westbound lanes will be shut down. the inspections are routine maintenance. and raising the tolls is a step closer to being real. the bay bridge toll authority is putting the proposal before voters, it goes through the full toll authority in two weeks. if the board approves it, it will go on the june ballot, the toll hikes will be phased in over six years, starting with adds 1 in 2019. by the year 2025 it will cost $9 going over the bridge in commute hours and it will not affect tolls in the golden gate bridge, it's operated by its own district. and there's activity in oakland's rock ridge neighborhood. last year crews had to stop demolition work at the old
5:45 am
chase bank when asbestos was found in the concrete. now, they're back at work after figuring out how to make sure the public is not exposed. the developer originally wanted to return this into a restaurant and retailer and a parking garage. but, the project has been put on hold until now. >> i'm glad something is going on, and feeling of frustration that the plan that had been approved isn't going forward, and hope because maybe there will be residential finally. >> they're trying to figure out how to make the project work. >> they think phase 2 will happen at some point. >>. >> they're not commenting on the plans for the property. what's happening on the roads. >> right now we're looking a the a commute where traffic is going to be busy. especially on the altamont
5:46 am
pass, and they're getting busier, and 580 is slow. you can see on the tracy triangle, it's moving along fine. and it's not a bad commute. this is a look at interstate 880, it looks good in both directions. traffic is moving along nicely with no major issues. at the bay bridge toll plaza, you'll see traffic is backed up. a little bit of fog as steve has been mentioning, it's not slow enough to affect -- low enough to affect drivers. lets bring steve in with today's forecast? >> you and i noticed it. many reports are coming in from north and east. some of the bridges, watch out for that. in case you missed it, look at the heavy rain totals that fell in santa barbra and montecito.
5:47 am
there was a video i saw on twitter, it was a minute long, showing the devastation and the mud. the last shot was on 101 on the freeway, it was a lake. it was unbelievable. so, you can see 6 to 6 and a half inches of rain, when you put that on a burn area, you'll have problems. things have calmed down for them as well. maybe a tiny bit. everything has cleared out. when you get 6.5 inches of rain, that's more rain they've had in the last ten months combined. that's the problem, all or nothing. it's way above on the average low, the record is 24 back in 1949. record high 72 back in 2009. a lot of low clouds, higher clouds coming up above that. that will keep that low cloud deck in place. if there's drizzle or light rain, i would think it's not well defined and very localized and if anything falls, the heaviest amounts if you will,
5:48 am
it's santa rosa north. there's drizzle and light rain. there's a lot of cloud cover and fog, there's cloudy and a mostly cloudy day. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. 45 in lake port and 55 in san jose. they went up and upper 40s to 50s, 53 san francisco. a lot of low 50s around alameda and oakland, 21 in truckee, they had it and 43, watch out for fog, it's the only bugaboo, you can see the circulation, it will affect everything to north on saturday. there are changes moving in the western pacific and a really strong jet stream, and they're sending in a series of systems poised to make an appearance for us, starting tuesday with the first one and another one thursday into friday.
5:49 am
that looks colder for a week from today. we had a great december, january things have changed, there's the system late monday, probably coming early tuesday. there's the next system late wednesday into thursday. that's next week, this time of the year, we'll have to look out ahead. >> drizzle and light rain, a little warmer, especially low to mid-60s, and santa clara valley to santa cruz, watch out for fog, and it looks warmer, we'll focus on our attention, what we need on monday, rain coming in monday night and tuesday. >> we'll keep an eye on the fog. >> i saw a little bit. >> a teeny bit but not much. >> lee is down at sfo we'll check in with her. 5:49 is the time right now. are you trying to lose weight after the holidays? how the true of 12 can help you shed those pounds and get the
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>> reporter: to be honest, i made it up based on the interviews i was doing with several doctors. this is good stuff. it's a simple way for us to remember a few rules. we begin with what we shouldn't do, which is eat for 12 hours a day. that sandstrom. if you eat at 7, don't eat until 7 in the morning. in other words, you're fasting for 12 hours, and if you know, you're watching a show going to bed, that's the easiest time to do it. it causes your metabolism to reset, and exercise for 12 minutes, there are these apps that you can do a google search right now, you'll find really useful apps, no gym works out, we're talking about pushups, situps, jumping jacks or a 12- minute walk and you do it once
5:54 am
a day or twice a day and you build on that. and timely you're going to get into 12 servings of fruits and vegetables. that sounds like a lot. you think you'll sit down and eat 12 bananas or apples. and you eat bananas and fruits and you're aiming for 12, it's on the high end of recommendations, most of us are falling way short of that. a half cup of fresh fruit or vegetables count as a survey. it's to the hard to get into it. every time you eat your meal or snack. >> a lot of people throw it in -- >> and 12. >> you throw in the smoothie, that's what you do. >> i eat at 3:00 a.m. because of this early schedule, the stopping at 3:00 p.m. is hard. do you get benefits if you fast from 8 to 10 hours, maybe? >> yes, really when would he talk about fasting, if you want
5:55 am
to look at it a different way, the doctor told me we eat too much food. remember we were to eat 3 meals a day and two snacks a day. the fast, even if you can't do it for 12 hours, do a 8 to 10 hour fast. we're talking about a way to cut out calories and reduce the obesity epidemic that we're dealing with right now. and we just don't know how many calories are on the foods we're eating too. >> the late night snack, it's not the healthiest usually. >> the fox medical team, thank you so much for that. >> all right, pam, thank you, the time is 5:55, the white house will let states impose medicaid work requirements. they want new medicaid guidelines and a big shift in the 50 year old program, new rules will let medicaid recipients they have to work to
5:56 am
qualify for medicaid benefits. patient advocates say the small amount of people with medicaid are working age. there are disabled and nonemployed. the main impact of the rules will subject poor people to stack the paperwork that will drive some to drop their coverage. it's 5:56 in sacramento, they're debating a controversial bill that should require public universities to offer an abortion pills. it will mandate all you see in cal state camp uses to make the abortion pill available to students on campuses by the year 2022. they have on campus health centers, but none provide abortion options for students. >> medicated abortion is so much safer and easier than
5:57 am
surgical abortion. having access at the campus is critical. >> the abortion pills come in form of a two pill dosage, women who are less than ten weeks pregnant can get it from a doctor. and publicly funded universities should not be involved in student abortions. >> there's another close call at sfo and coming up in the 6:00 hour, we'll talk about a mix up between a pilot and air traffic controller and how they avoided a disaster. >> and the search for survivors go on in santa santa barbra county and what people can do to protect homes.
5:58 am
5:59 am
it was another close call at the san francisco international airport, a plane almost landed on the wrong runway. there's a call for the oakland raiders and john ruden, did they violent a policy of
6:00 am
nfl. good morning, thanks for joining us here on this thursday morning, january 11th. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. good morning. and i know where steve paulson, he's right here. >> i'm looking at fog, there's a lot of cloud cover, before we get that. a little comedy coming out of moffet hangar one. i wish they would close minority doors, it's getting drafty out here. a load cloud deck in place, close that north door out there. just go over there and close it. cloudy and drizzle there, light rain. i don't think there will be much here. i'll mention it because it's possible. 40s on the temperatures, and 50s on the temperatures to the north. there's mid- to upper 40s, 48 windsor, vallejo


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