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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  January 15, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PST

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march ahead. >> today is the federal holiday honoring dr. martin luther king jr. we have details on several big bay area events on this holiday. celebrating his life. and his legacy. mornings on 2 starts now. well, good morning. thanks for joining us. welcome to mornings on 2. it is monday, january 15. i'm dave clark. pam cook will be here in the next hour. we are starting off this hour, we have breaking news along the peninsula. the police are investigating a possible freeway shooting on southbound interstate 280 at alamany boulevard. traffic is moved off. the freeway is shut down. this is by the daly city bart station. ktvu alley ras muss is on the way to the scene and will have a live report as soon as possible. time is 4:00. let's check your weather on this monday morning. steve paulson is here. right over here. >> i am indeed, dave.
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and fog is a big story. a lot of it to go around. that is mainy inland. not so much around the bay. but if you're anywhere away from the coast or bay, it is as thick as can be. be careful there. it is already thick. the cloud cover may prevent some of that fog from forming later. there are some areas that are mostly clear, without the fog but plenty to go around. a lot of cloud cover on the way. and 40s on the temperatures and. and a couple of low 50s. a couple of low 30s to the north. and 40s for many. if you're in the fog, it is just really cold. easterly breeze. there is a front on the way. more show than go. light rain. and a lot of cloud cover and light rain to the north and not a lot expected out of this, and much colder one thursday and friday and things to look forward to, and sunday into monday, not a lot but at least it will be colder. and watch out for the fog, if you're not there in the south
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bay, really cool today. all fog dependent. 4:01 on monday. here he is, sal. >> thank you very much. as a matter of fact, we are looking at a commute that is expected to be light today. we just told you about the 280. we will keep an eye on that. we have a crew on the way. we are looking at the commute on 580 this morning. we can see traffic is moving along pretty well on the super commute. so traffic is going to be okay so far. as you drive through. there have been no major issues on the 580. traffic is moving along relatively well. also, we are looking at a commute where traffic looks good in most of the east bay drive, peninsula, 101 is doing fine. if you're driving at the bay privilege toll plaza, it is light so far. 4:02. back to you at the desk. i have a dream. that one day, this nation will
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rise up, live out the true meaning of its creed, we hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal. >> dr. martin luther king jr., and in cities around the country, there will be celebrations today, honoring the life and legacy of dr. king. among other things, there will be marches. parades. and volunteer projects. dr. king was assassinated in memphis on april 4, 1968. he was 39 years old. now, today in san francisco, thousands will honor the memory of dr. king, by marching through the financial district. lieutenant governor gavin newsom plans to be there. that march begins at 11:00 this morning. it will go from the san francisco cal train station to the yerba buena gardens. several streets will be closed. so expect heavy traffic. and because of today's mlk federal holiday, some bay area transit agencies are changing their schedules. bart and muni will run on saturday schedules. while sam trans and cal train
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will be on their normal weekday schedule. and just a reminder, for you, banks, post offices, government buildings, will be closed, parking meters though in san francisco will still be enforced. time is 4:04. over the weekend, dr. king's children talked about racial equality in america, in 2018. >> if my dad had lived, if robert kennedy had lived, we as a nation would be on a totally different trajectory. we would be so much further ahead than we are. >> here is what i would like president trump to do on the king holiday. use your twitter account to speak positive and uplifting things in the spirit of dr. king. don't let the king holiday find you using your twitter account in an inappropriate way. >> now, 50 years after he died, the words of dr. king still inspire people, and his children also said his call for
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nonviolence civil disobedience is even more important in today's political climate. >> many are expected to volunteer in community service activities in honor dr. king. it has been called a national day of service. many organizations have expanded that to promote service activities for the entire three-day weekend. if you want to see a list of bay area event, where you can volunteer, go to our web site also, today, at national parks and forests across the country, that charge entrance fees, you can get in for free. this will be the first of four fee-free days at those locations. you can save up to $30 per vehicle at more than 100 of these parks all over the country, that includes nero woods -- muir wood, yosemite and redwood national parks. 4:05. san francisco police are hoping security camera video will lead
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them to a suspect in an early morning shooting. yesterday morning, just after 4:30 yesterday morning, a man was shot in the tenderloin district on mason street. between gary and owe o's farrall near union square. a nearby security guard heard four or fine shots and a hotel guest said he arrived just as the shooting started. >> it was pretty hectic. police cars converging here. i saw two or three of them coming up the one way street here on mason, pulling into, in front of the king george, all different angles. and then after that, there was just, you know, all of the police fanned out in groups three and four, just sweeping the area. >> and so far, police have not released the name of the victim, but he was wounded at least once. he was rushed to the hospital. with life-threatening injuries. but there are no other details. time is 4:06. police in newark, they are investigating a big fight at a family pizza restaurant over the weekend. ktvu ann ruben said it all
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started over a missing iphone. >> so there is a fight breaking out right here. they broke up. but none. the fight got hit by the icing machine. >> reporter: it was chaos inside john's incredible pizza in newark saturday night. nicole davis was there with her children, recording as dozens of people threw punches around her. >> should not have to go anywhere and celebrate the life of your child and end p up on the ground trying to protect her with a fight that broke out. absolutely crazy. >> with 250 people rushing out of the restaurant, police were outnumber and calling for backup. >> there was nobody that we could pinpoint and identify as being aggressors and victims. >> as it turns out, authorities say the brawl was over a missing iphone. that the restaurant later recovered. john's incredible pizza declined to comment. still, families headed to the restaurant and arcade had plenty to say when they saw the video of what happened. >> that is not okay for that
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even be happening. this is for kids. and all of the kids saw that, and that's not safe for no kids to see that. >> the bottom line is it is a kid's environment, period. we got toddlers. we got babies. you know. unacceptable. unacceptable. >> a few bystanders and employees suffered minor injuries in the fight. nicole davis says her opinion of the restaurant surfed more permanent damage. >> we will go back to another pizza place, just not that one. >> ann ruben. we know the name of a father fatally shot over the weekend in vallejo. family members say 29-year-old kory lacey junior was shot saturday after around 2:30 and police found him with several gunshot wounds. he later died at the hospital. police are searching for suspects. they are investigating what led to that shooting. our time is 4:08. a false alarm in hawaii caused
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panic. the simple mistake over the weekend that led people there to think a missile was heading right for them. >> plus an end to the cleanup in the north bay wildfires. the new goal to complete much of the work and how the damage compares to another big natural disaster that really shook california. fornia. >> well, hopefully today, we are going to get into a little bit of a lighter commute. we are watching for you, we already do have just one closure and that is in san francisco. we will tell you more about that coming up. >> if you're stuck in that fog, it can be really thick, zero visibility. a little cloud cover on the way otherwise. rain also. better opportunity for tomorrow. tomorrow.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is now 4:12. dozens gathered in santa barbara for a vigil to remember those who were killed in last week's mud slides. >> the latest victim identified as a 30-year-old father. his 2-year-old daughter is still among four people missing. the dead range in age from 3 years old to 89. the people who live in the area say the entire community is affected. >> it is pretty sad, you know, hearing about the tragedy, my backyard right here. so i just wanted to come and show my support. >> the crews out there are still digging through mud and debris, searching for trapped
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victims. more than 70 homes were destroyed. dozens more were damaged. two miles of highway 101 are still closed. time 4:13. in the north bay, state officials say they are close to reaching a milestone in the cleanup after october's devastating wildfires. the press democrat reports debris removal could be finished in two week, and by the end of february for the rest of sonoma county. that announcement was made during a town hall meeting at santa rosa high school on saturday. the newspaper says the head of california's office of emergency services called the debris removal efforts the biggest the state has seen since the 1906 earthquake. a high surf advisory is in effect right now. along the bay area coast. the national weather service says there could be surf as high as 18 feet. that advisory went into effect wednesday morning. it is expected to stay in effect through tomorrow
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afternoon. the national weather service says don't turn urb back to the ocean. -- your back to the ocean. the waves could be unpredictable and there could be strong rip currents. be careful. 4:14. if you are up early and have to get somewhere, sal will take care of you. >> i would advise drivers at this point to avoid southbound 280 in san francisco. that's right. because of police activity near the alamany exit according to chp. we have a crew on the way. so far, traffic is not that busy at this point. gilroy to san jose, gilroy to morgan hill, to san jose, the traffic continues to look pretty good, as you drive through. there have been no major issues g-getting into the main part of the silicon -- getting into the main part of the silicon valley. as we look at the 280 commute, it looks nice. i think today we will have a lighter commute because of the holiday. we will see. traffic is light so far. but southbound 280 at alamany, there is going to be a -- it is because of a shooting
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investigation, and the freeway is going to be closed. again, we have a crew on the way. we will let you know more. now, at 4:14, let's bring steve in. >> what time, did you say? >> 4:14. >> oh, that's early, sam. >> yes. it is. >> so watch out for fog for those inland. not so much around the bay. but boy is it thick. if you encounter the thick. reports from santa rosa and napa, especially the east bay and san jose some fog. so watch out. otherwise, cloudy to mostly cloudy. so far, so good. at sfo. but a little haze there. i woot not be surprised if -- i would not be surprised if fog forms as well. cloud cover part of a weak system. and rain, maybe not until later on this evening and to the night. and for everybody late tonight and tomorrow morning, not a big system at all. some light rain is possible tomorrow morning. 40s on the temperatures. here is near 50 degrees for some. east bay temperature, 42 by the concord pavilion. and 42 in blackhawk. and if you have that fog, you can't see more than 50 feet. 43 in pleasanton. upper 40s for some.
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el cerrito. and alamo, 46. not a lot of oomph with the first system. it is setting the stage for a couple of hours and a lot of energy across the pacific which will play into our weather the next week or so. some rain today, picking up especially tonight and another system comes in thursday, friday, and that one looks colder, it should help us with some lower snow levels. not a ton of rain out of this. but it looks like another system comes in sunday. that one has a little bit more punch to it. all signs are pointing to that, anyway. thick is unbelievely hard on these forecast highs. if you're in that fog, you probably won't get out of the mid-50s. if you don't i saw 10-degree spreads on one location alone on some of the temperatures today, from 55 to 65. so what do do you? kind of split the difference here. but fog, cloudy rain to the north, morning rain tomorrow, and then clearing, wednesday looks good and then cloud it up, and rain comes in thursday, and carry that in friday, and then sunday. that looks to be the best of
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the bunch. thanks, steve. time is 4:16. the short term laws in san francisco are changing, the big deadline, facing many hosts to register with the city or stop renting out their homes to visitors. the clock is ticking on a government funding bill. and a possible daca deal, as the president addresses charges that he is racist. ife got that story coming up. heyi'm craving somethingkin! we're missing. the ceramides in cerave. they help restore my natural barrier,
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see how sylvan can work for your child. call 1-800-educate today! welcome back to mornings on
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2. it is now 4:19. young people who are part of the daca program could once again apply to renew their protected status. u.s. citizenship and immigration services posted on this web site, it has started accepting renewals until further notice. now, the program will operate under the same terms as it did before the trump administration rescinded it back in september. that announcement comes days after a san francisco bay federal judge ordered the trump administration to restart the daca program until a lawsuit challenging the administration's decision to end it is decided in court. also, president trump tweeted this weekend, about what he thinks the future of daca is. the president tweeted, quote, daca is probably dead, because the democrats don't really want it. they just want to talk and take desperately needed money away from our military. time is now 4:20. the president's tweet was a reference to ongoing negotiations by both parties about immigration and the need
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to reach an agreement on the spending bill by friday to avoid a government shutdown. reporter griff jenkins joins us from washington with the latest on all of this. good morning, griff. >> reporter: good morning, dave. what a way to begin your week. wondering whether the government is going to shut down. and of course, democrats as you mentioned wanting to tie the daca deal to the must-pass spending legislation that runs out at midnight on friday. but you know, here in washington, all anybody is talking about is what was or wasn't said in that oval office meeting and whether the president is racist. >> arriving for dinner at his florida golf club last night, president trump made it clear he was going to be talking business. >> we got a lot of business. a lot of business to talk about. we will be talking about daca. >> but washington was talking all weekend about a crude word the president allegedly used to describe certain countries in a white house meeting on immigration last week. >> it is unbelievable, it makes
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me sad, it makes me cry. >> i am telling you he did not use the word and it is a gross misrepresentation. how many times do you want me to see that am. >> it forces a president to defend himself to reporters. >> i am not a racist. i am the least racist president you have ever interviewed, that i can tell you. >> and it was a proposele from lawmakers last week that led to the president's outburst because it failed to address all four pillars of the president's goal, increasing border security, ending chain migration, ending visa lotteries and fixing daca for the 800,000 dreamers brought to the u.s. illegally. democrats want to tie a daca deal to a must-pass government funding bill. but second of homeland security kirsten nielson says not so fast. she doesn't think daca is dead and doesn't need to be linked to friday's spending bill deadline. >> we need to fund our troops and protect them and increase them to homeland security to tie them to a daca deal where
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the actual expiration date is in march, is irresponsible. >> adding another wrinkle to the whole immigration debate, the federal judge ruled that the whole administration must continue taking daca's rules as a court challenge, with the daca determination, making its way through the legal system. dave, as to whether your question, that tweet were you talking about, right before you came to me, certainly, it would not suggest that the president is getting closer to a deal with the democrats. >> well, look, griff, before you go, who has the most to lose if a government shutdown cannot be stopped? >> boy, that is a great question. you know, traditionally, when the government has shut down, it is the party in control that carried the most blame. democrats feeling that they've got leverage here to hold out on this daca deal, because they believe that the blame ultimately for the military suffering, through when
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sequestration happened, and they lose funding and other issues, they believe that would be laid bare at the president's feet, not democrats. we will see what happens. >> we will. griff jenkins in washington, thank you. time now is 4:24. a recent college graduate was recently appointed by the trump administration to lead the efforts to curb the opioid crisis. the washington post says he is 24-year-old taylor rayennen, working as deputy chief of staff at the office of national drug control policy and you can see his photo. the role came a year after graduating from st. john's university and qorked on the trump administration. he earn -- and worked on the trump administration. he earned that high-ranking job after several staff members left the office. however an official says he is doing administrative work and not making policy decisions. time now is 4:24. a plane lost control, as it was landing in turkey. almost crashed into the black sea.
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just incredible. we have new information on this commercial jet that dangled dangerously off of a click as it skidded off a runway. >> and 2 investigates, looks into the san francisco fire department after if it is accused of having paramedics without the right credentials. the detail of our investigation, coming up next. >> good morning, we do have mostly good traffic out there. there is a freeway closure, we are going to tell you about, in san francisco. and that is on interstate 280. we will tell you more about that coming up. up. >> well, watch out for fog. otherwise, we have a lot of cloud cover. not much happening yet. but we are waiting on the system to maybe bring us a little rain. and see what is in store for later this afternoon.
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good morning, i'm dave clark. pam cook will be here in a little bit. but steve is already here talking about the fog and everything else. >> a little bit of rain. and fog. if you don't have the fog, you're lucky. but if you do, not only is it thick but it is cold with the fog. rain is the bigger story. not so much this morning. but later this afternoon, this evening, toward the north. and late tonight into tomorrow morning. for everyone else, not much in the system. but thursday and friday shows some rain and colder and maybe that will help with the snow level. fog is really kind of the main factor here, for 6:00 a.m. all the way through noon. and some rain will pick up to the north. and the main impact will be later this evening, late tonight, into tomorrow. there are some returns, but they are pretty far offshore. but if you're out in mendocino
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county, a better opportunity than everybody else. otherwise a lot of cloud cover. some of that will help prevent the fog from forming but there is enough already in place. and 40s on the temperatures. even some 30s. peninsula, mid-40s. over by the coast, though, 56. and you get that easterly breeze, union city, 47, and there it is. fairfield, north wind. boy that brings that valley fog right back to the west. and a lot of cloud cover. not much organization to it. but there will be some rain developing here, tuesday system, it doesn't look like much. but the better system is on its way for thursday and into friday. it looks colder as we talked about, 50s, low to mid for some. and 50s for others. and brutal high temperature forecast today. all fog dependent. 4:29. and everything quiet? something on your screen? >> we do have the thing on 280 we have been talking about steve, everything else is quiet today, the holiday and i know a lot of people have the day off. let's take a look at the
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commute now, southbound 280, at alamany boulevard is closed. as you get out to the alamany exit here, there are two alamany exits, the second at mission street, just basically after you get on the freeway. you should avoy that. the easy -- avoid that. the easy way is to avoid that stretch of 280 and use city streets to get on san jose avenue, or after that, use 101, which is in pretty good shape heading down the peninsula. and then rejoin 280 using 380 in the area. let's talk about some of the other commutes here. vacaville, fairfield, vallejo, these commutes are light. on the vacaville, i'm sorry, the solano county super commute, it looks pretty good. all the way in through, so we are hoping it is going to be a nice commute. and bay bridge, very light. 4:30, let's go back to the desk. all right, sal, people in the north bay are being warned about a phone scam and this one


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