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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  January 15, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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straight. the warriors are in the middle of a five-game road trip. they held on saturday to beat the toronto raptors. we will be able to transform the dangling discord of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood. we will be able to work together to pray together, to struggle together. >> honoring the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. today in cities all over the country people are marking -- marching and celebrating to honor the men who fought so hard for racial equality. ty. >> it is 9:00 and this is "mornings on 2" as we give you a live look at the golden gate bridge. if you look closely you can see the tower through the fog in the haze. it is monday and we are honoring dr. martin luther king
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jr. who said the ultimate measure of a man is where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. with that we welcome you inside. pam cook is with us today and that resonates. i talked to my children a little bit about that. the challenge and controversy, that is when you shine. >> history and what is happening today is the perfect time to talk about this.>> i can't think of martin luther king jr. without thinking of rosa parks. they are connected in my mind because of the bus boycott in alabama bringing dr. king into prominence. i studied the boy's boycott a lot.>> happening today there are many events across the country and here in the bay area marking the martin luther king jr. federal holiday. tom vacar is doing us live from san francisco where there is a day of service and a march to honor dr. king. >> the big event at the moment
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in san francisco is the san francisco labor council breakfast in honor of martin luther king jr. along with the community foundation. it is interesting to note the entire slate of san francisco mayoral candidates are here. it is no more important though than the man that we honor, martin luther king who walked among us for just a short while but whose footfalls will be heard for centuries. >> president kennedy is friendly. >> dr. martin luther king jr. the legendary civil rights activist, humanitarian and leader was born 89 years ago in atlanta in the heart of the segregated south. king became a baptist minister who preached resistance to segregation through the use of nonviolent civil disobedience inspired by the life of gandhi. in 1955 king led the black
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boycott of the montgomery alabama bus system. the montgomery to selma marches and significant nonviolent marches and protests, any or all of which could and many times did lead to arrests and other police harassment.>> we will be able to transform the tingling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood. >> he was an organizer of the 1963 march on washington where he delivered his famous i have a dream speech. >> i have a dream that one day this nation will rise up, live out the true meaning of its creed. >> he was assassinated in 1968 on a memphis balcony by james earl ray. he also fought against hunger, poverty, and the vietnam war in the turbulent 1960s. king was awarded the nobel peace prize in 1964 and after
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his murder the presidential medal of freedom and congressional gold medal. martin luther king day was declared a us holiday in 1986 and in 2011 the martin luther king jr. memorial was dedicated in the national mall of washington dc. >> beyond the dignitaries here including the entire flight of mayoral candidates we spoke with the leader of journalism in the bay area, the first african-american to be journalist who often covered martin luther king jr. especially his visit here in the 1960s. >> i think the miracle of martin luther king is that he was so inspirational. he seemed to always know the right tone and words. hitting the middleground, pushing you on but not pushing you over the ledge and i think that makes a great leader. is something that america needs so much more of today.
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he was actually just opening the door for us to do whatever we needed to do. i am hopeful and thankful that people will one day recognize that kind of skill as some of us will wake up and work harder. >> reporter: after this breakfast is over many folks will come across the street and they will be going to the center where the main activity afternoon will take place. in the meantime we will stay at the breakfast and we will have more on this later in the day coming up at noon, live tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. people are taking the celebration train as tom mentioned to mark the day a celebration train which used to be called the freedom train will depart the san jose station at 9:45, last year 1200 people
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wrote the train. the 54 mile ride marks the distance of dr. king's 1965 march from selma to montgomery alabama. there will be on board activities and entertainment during the trip. >> the celebration train has been going for a number of years. it is a very fun event. we will do a lot of activities. we have a black trivia black history trivia mostly focused on martin luther king jr. and we will have some great entertainment to lift spirits. >> after leaving san jose the train will stop in palo alto and san mateo before arriving in san francisco. dr. king's children talked about racial equality in america in 2018 over the weekend. >> if my dad had lived, if robert kennedy had lived, we as a nation would be on a totally different trajectory. we would be so much further
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ahead than we are. >> what i would like president trump to do on the king holiday, use your twitter account to speak positive and uplifting things in the spirit of dr. king. don't let the king holiday find you using your twitter account inappropriately. >> 50 years after he died the words of dr. king still inspire people. his children say that his call for nonviolent protest is still very important in today's political climate. >> the question of the day is what do you think of racism today compared to the years of martin luther king jr.? better, worse or the same? 37% say better, 21% say worse and 42% say just about the same. randy morgan chimed in and said it is better but we still have a very long way to go until we no longer judge people by the color of their skin. >> alicia says it was always
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there. minorities would speak up but were ignored, the trump campaign, racism and decisive administration have removed the veil. >> another viewer says it is worse because most humans are fake with their loved. it is a fake smile and going home with hate in the heart. >> we will check more responses coming up. you can always reach us on twitter just use our hashtag. the chp is investigating a shooting from early this morning on interstate 280 at alemany boulevard. the scene shut down all lanes for several hours overnight and into early this morning. as allie rasmus explains the freeway is back opened. >> chp opened up the freeway just before 7:00. traffic is now moving pretty smoothly behind us. for about four hours overnight between 3:00 and 7:00 all
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southbound lanes of 280 between alemany boulevard and mission street were shut down to traffic because of this shooting investigation. the shooting happened next to the 280 southbound alemany boulevard offramp and that is where investigators went to the area looking for evidence and shell casings. chp says there were 3 to 6 victims in the shooting. we don't know the extent of their injuries. also, we don't know if the victims were in the same vehicle. >> unfortunately, we do not know. we are investigating and collecting evidence to make the proper arrangements. >> according to chp it was the victim who called police to report the incident. the victims were able to drive themselves to the general hospital where investigators have been trying to speak to them about what happened. the shooting on the freeway overnight shutdown southbound lanes at 280 between alemany boulevard and mission street for about four hours before the
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chp reopened the freeway. in san francisco allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. we now know the name of a man who was shot and killed over the weekend in vallejo. authorities say the man was shot around 2:30 yesterday afternoon. he was found with several gunshot wounds and he later died at the hospital. police are searching for suspects and investigating the shooting. an investigation underway in rohnert park following a shooting. at 10:40, police heard several gunshots near the police station. officers found a man with a gun asking to be shot by police. a crisis negotiator was called and and spoke with matt for one hour. the suspect started walking toward the officers and refused to drop the gun and that is when the officer opened fire. the man was taken to the hospital no word on his condition. police in newark are
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investigating a fight at a family pizza restaurant. ann rubin reports that all started over a missing iphone. >> there is a fight breaking out right here but then they broke it up.>> it was chaos inside of john's incredible pizza company saturday night. nicole davis was there with her children recording as dozens of people were throwing punches. >> you should be able to go anywhere and not have to worry about protecting your child after a fight broke out. >> with 250 people rushing out of the restroom police were outnumbered. officers called in for backup and while dozens were questioned there were no arrests made. >> there was nobody that we could pinpoint and identify as being aggressors. >> authorities say that the brawl was over a missing iphone but the restaurant recovered the phone later. john's incredible pizza company declined to comment but families that are headed to the restaurant had plenty to
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say when they saw the video. >> that is not okay for that to be happening. this is for kids and all the kids saw that which is not safe for the kids. >> the bottom line is that it is a kid's environment. there are toddlers and babies. it is unacceptable. it is unacceptable. >> a few by standards and employees suffered minor injuries. nicole davis says her opinion of the restaurant suffered damage. >> we won't go back to that john's incredible pizza company. >> ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up next, a possible breakthrough in the negotiations between north and south korea over the winter olympics. coming up, the team that might be put together consisting of athletes from both countries. mark wahlberg is making a large donation to the #timesup legal fund following the controversy over how much he was paid compared to his female costar.
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there has been a possible breakthrough in the negotiations between north and south korea over next month's olympic games. >> the two countries are talking about doing something that would make history. >> the winter olympics kick off next month in south korea. negotiations are taking place to determine if north korea will participate. on monday officials announced the north and south want to put together a women's hockey team. if approved would be the first ever unified korean olympic team. the two sides agreed on a cultural exchange as well. >> the timing of when we come to the south is just right when spring has sprung. >> i predicted results that we will come out of today's talks. >> progress is being threatened
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by warnings from the north calling the us buildup in the area a provocation. now south korean olympic's are trying to focus on the olympics. >> the size of the north korean athlete team should be finalized first. this will be finalized by the ioc. >> president trump touting the talks as proof that his korean strategy is working while denying he has spoken personally to kim jong-un. as had been reported over the weekend. >> the wall street journal was totally wrong but we will see what happens. we have great talks. >> plans for the joint hockey team will be finalized on saturday but a meeting will be between the two countries and the ioc. young people who are part of the daca program can apply to renew their protected status. the us citizenship and immigration services posted it has started accepting renewals until further notice.
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the program will operate under the same terms as before the trump administration rescinded it in september. the announcement comes days after a federal judge ordered the trump administration to restart the program until a lawsuit challenging the decision to end the program is decided in court. president trump took to twitter to talk about daca. the tweets read in part honestly i don't think the democrats want to make a deal. they talk about daca but don't want to help. we are willing and able to make a deal. they don't want security at the border, they want to take money away from the military which we cannot do. my standard is simple, america first. make america great again. >> president trump is defending accusations of being a racist after remarks he is accused of making about immigrants from haiti and africa. >> no, i am not a racist. i am the least racist person
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you have ever interviewed. >> the president denies making the vulgar comment although he has admitted to using tough language in his negotiations with democrats over immigration. the former army intelligence analyst responsible for the largest leak of classified documents in us history is now embarking on a political campaign. chelsea manning is running for u.s. senate in maryland. caroline shively with more. >> chelsea manning announced her senate run sunday morning on social media. posting the upbeat tweet, we are running for senate followed by a happy face, rainbow hearts and hashtag we got this. on youtube she was more ominous talking about current political leaders. >> we don't need them anymore. we can do better. we got this. >> today manning is a transgender woman, writer and cut a candidate but in 2010 she
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was army intelligence analyst private bradley manning who was caught giving wikileaks documents about the us war in iraq and afghanistan. it was a shocker, the largest leak of classified documents in us history. in 2013 manning was convicted and sentenced to 35 years in prison when last year president obama commuted her sentence to the seven years already served and she was released from the military prison. she is challenging ben cardin a two-term senator who is up for reelection in november. the two would meet in a primary in june. ben cardin is thought of as the easy favorite for reelection but someone with this name recognition could bring heavy media coverage and outside money to the race. manning is viewed as a patriotic whistleblower by some and a traitor by others. she has not shied away from controversy since her release. manning posted on twitter expletive the police on law- enforcement appreciation day on twitter last week.
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manning is a convicted felon but that does not appear to bar her from running for congress. caroline shively, fox news. mark wahlberg is showing financial support for the imesup movement donatin $1.5 million he earned for reshooting parts of the money all the money in the world. his costar received $1000 when they needed to reshoot scenes after kevin spacey was replaced in the movie. williams says the decision is not about her but about speaking up. wahlberg says he supports the right for fair pay and the talent agency that represents both actors is donating another $500,000 to the fund. comedian aziz ansari is the latest celebrity to face accusations of sexual misconduct. a new york city photographer says she went on a date with ansari in september. she says throughout the evening she was uncomfortable and felt pressured to have sex with him.
9:21 am
the woman texted him the next day to say she was upset and that is when ansari apologized after receiving the text and he thought it was consensual. scared residence in hawaii on saturday morning. coming up next, widespread panic after a false alarm claiming a missile was headed for the islands. coming up, how the mistake was made and now who is getting involved in the investigation. a miraculous catch during a fire rescue. coming up next, the quick action from one firefighter when she saw a small blue bundle tossed out of a burning building.
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in the north bay officials are close to a milestone in the cleanup after the devastating wildfires. debris removal could be finished in the santa rosa coffey park within two weeks and by the end of next month for the rest of sonoma county.
9:24 am
the announcement was made saturday during a town hall meeting at santa rosa high school. the newspaper says the head of the california office of emergency services called the debris removal the largest in the state since the 2006 earthquake. thousands of people gathered last night in santa barbara for a vigil to remember the 20 people killed in the mudslides last week. >> [ music ] >> the latest victim was identified as a 30-year-old father, his two-year-old daughter is among the four missing. the dead range from three years old to 89 years old. people in the area say the entire community is affected. >> it is pretty sad to hear about the tragedy. it is my backyard so i just wanted to come and show support. >> the crews are digging through the mud and debris searching for anyone who may be trapped. more than 70 homes were destroyed. dozens more were damaged and a
9:25 am
two-mile stretch of 101 is closed. crews are calling the catch a miracle after a baby was thrown out of a burning apartment building in georgia. the firefighter caught the newborn baby in mid air logic fighting the fire. several people were rescued including one woman in a wheelchair. the biggest surprise to the fire captain was when she was climbing up the ladder and saw a flash of blue baby blanket coming at her with a newborn inside. >> i saw the blue coming, the blanket and my hands came off the ladder and i got him. there is no better feeling in the world to know that they get to go home. >> the family that was trapped has eight children. all of them were safely rescued. police in stockton are asking the public for help to find 20-month-old missing twins. their parents were found living in a dirty suv with three other
9:26 am
young children in conditions being called deplorable. they also found knives, a machete and drugs in the suv. the other children have been placed in protective custody but the parents refuse to tell police where the other children are located. police say that something the father said has them worried. >> you are the one getting paid, do your job. this is the investigation we are dealing with. as the investigation moves on into the next week or so, we want to remain optimistic, but we have to suspect foul play is involved. >> stockton police say that relatives of the parents have repeatedly said they have no idea where the twins could be. the parents do not have any photos of the children so they cannot even as the public if they have seen the twins. coming up next, san francisco fire department is under investigation accused of allowing some paramedics to work without the proper credentials. coming up, we will take a look
9:27 am
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so don't miss out. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today. on today's martin luther king jr. holiday the children of the civil rights leader are asking everyone including the president to speak positively in the spirit of their father. >> this comes as president trump defends himself against accusations that he is racist after disparaging remarks he has been accused of making about immigrants from haiti and africa. >> the question of the day, what do you think of racism in our country today? compared to 50 years ago? better, worse or the same? 37% say better, 21% say worse and 42% say the same. a lot of conversation on social media.
9:30 am
one woman replied and said i believe it was better for some time but is now declining in the last 10 years or so. thank you for your comments, just use our twitter to reach us on twitter. ds -- the fcc is investigating the false alarm in hawaii alerting that a ballistic missile was on its way to the island. lauren blanchard with the latest from washington. >> the federal communications commission is now investigating how a false emergency alarm was mistakenly set off across hawaii alerting cell phones, televisions and radio stations of an imminent ballistic missile strike. >> most people are familiar with the boy who cried wolf, the worst thing to go forward would be to undermine public confidence in the system because when the real emergency hits you want people to take it seriously. >> the emergency management agency and hawaii apologized
9:31 am
and said an emergency worker hit the wrong button during a routine drill. president trump remarking on the incident logic in west palm beach. >> we are going to get involved with them.>> the fcc has regulated that wireless emergency alert system since 2012 yet critics say the system is flawed either blasting messages to broadly or not at all. it was criticized during the wildfires in northern california. the false alert in hawaii lasted for 38 minutes before the correction was sent out. >> the false alarm has to be fixed and corrected with people held accountable. >> the fcc is planning a full investigation to improve the system to better target people directly affected. lawmakers will be holding a hearing on the matter friday. in washington, lauren blanchard, ktvu fox 2 news. >> how seriously will people
9:32 am
take the system now? moving forward are you going to take it seriously? i would. i don't know. >> i have a friend in hawaii and he was incredibly chill. may be in hawaii people are more chill. for more on some of our headlines we have been working on let's go to dave clark.>> happening today, it is the start of the dungeness crab season for commercial fishermen on the far northern california coast. the season started late but on the far northern coast it was delayed three times. the shellfish were not ready to harvest. the last time that poor quality crab delayed the season in the area was five years ago. opposition to a plan to put a bike lane on the upper deck of the richmond san rafael bridge. the lane would be 10 feet wide for cyclists and pedestrians
9:33 am
with a movable median barrier separating them from traffic. the marin county supervisor on the transportation commission and the bay area toll authority says it makes more sense to use the space for another lane for cars and trucks. the price tag for the project is $13.5 million. in april a third line for vehicles on the bottom eastbound deck is due to open. people in sonoma county are warned about a phone scam involving pg&e billing. the rohnert park public safety department says scammers are posing as pg&e workers threatening to cut off utility service unless they get payment. investigators say the scammers can make caller id numbers look like real pg&e phone numbers. often they ask for prepaid cash cards which pg&e says they never do. if you get a call like that hang up and then call the pg&e customer service number on your bill. you can see the number on our
9:34 am
screen right now. it is also on the website. those are some of your morning headlines, mike, pam, sal back to you. san francisco police hope that footage from a security camera will lead them to a gunman from a shooting yesterday morning after a man was shot on mason yesterday morning west of union square in the tenderloin. a nearby security guard heard four or five shots and one guest arrived at the hotel just as the shooting happened. >> it was pretty hectic. there were police cars converging and i saw a few of them coming up the one-way street on mason pulling into and in front of this king george hotel from all angles. after that, although the police fanned out in groups of three and four sweeping the area. >> police have not released the name of the victim but he was
9:35 am
hit by at least one bullet. he was transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. people concerned about homelessness set up camp at the front door of the oakland mayor libby schaaf's home during the weekend, protesters held a rally before going to the neighborhood saturday night. she says she is continuing to do what she can to ease the homeless crisis. protesters say that more people are being pushed out of their homes by rising rent and little protection. the san francisco fire department is under investigation after allegations that it allowed a group of paramedics to work without proper credentials. as candice nguyen found out the employees are worried their jobs are on the line. >> the paramedics say this came as a huge surprise even though some were told it was a paperwork mistake they fear that their jobs, reputation have been jeopardized.
9:36 am
when every second counts, paramedics are some of the first on scene, highly skilled individuals whose careers depend on the public trust. on january 8, 13 paramedics received this letter of an open investigation against their employer the san francisco fire department. a state medical services investigator is looking into if the department allowed them to work in the field without proper county accreditation. >> keep in mind none of these people ever had a lapse in their state license or their city and county accreditation. >> stephen with san francisco fire local 798 is representing the 13 paramedics. he says that they are individually licensed but the department made a clerical error allowing them to work in the field for months without the correct paperwork. that was reported back to the state and now if investigators decide to pull their licenses
9:37 am
the paramedics are worried they might lose their jobs. >> do you think they dropped the ball? >> i think so, yes. i mean, this was something they are in charge of. all of our members, all of the men and women work so hard every day. it is for the city to have this happen, you know you make them upset and angry. obviously you put some fear that something else could happen to their livelihood. >> since 2014 we have been reporting on delays with ambulance response times in san francisco. the city cannot afford to lose even one more paramedic. >> it could potentially cause a problem to the system in the city which is already being pushed to the limit. >> why do you think this happened? >> i don't know, that is a great question.>> how confident are you this will not happen
9:38 am
again?>> from my understanding they are working with the local agency and with the state ems authority so this does not happen again. what the department specifically is doing about it, i don't know. >> candice nguyen, ktvu fox 2 news. >> we received a response from san francisco fire lieutenant jonathan baxter who says there was a procedural error which was identified and corrected. safeguards have been put in place to prevent this type of error from occurring in the future. at no time was public safety compromised. it is going to rain later today according to my friend steve paulson who says the rain is coming tonight. >> that is correct. the big story is the fog this morning. this pattern is tough to move unless you get wind or rain and we will late tonight or tomorrow. it looks like maybe four or five systems might be coming.
9:39 am
don't forget the high surf advisory from yesterday going into today and tomorrow. a big northwest swell of waves tomorrow. there are some breaks in the clouds to the north as you can see there will be moments of sunshine but the easterly breeze makes it worse if you're stuck in the fog coming back from the valley into napa, fairfield and vacaville. rain is coming. late tonight into early tomorrow there's a little bit of rain with a better system thursday and friday with an even better system sunday. for the next 7 to 10 days we will be getting some rain but not this morning. tonight though we will start to see some rain. nothing yet on the radar. look at redwood 48, livermore 47, they are in for a world of hurt because there is too much fog and not enough to move it out. the system will be coming tonight with a little bit of rain. north of the golden gate may be
9:40 am
1/3 inch but thursday things are looking better with a cold system coming sunday. that would really help the snow levels. today we have fog with 50s or mostly cloudy skies with 60s but rain is coming over the next 7 to 10 days. rather bullish for some precipitation. the jacksonville jaguars are headed to the afc championship game after beating the pittsburgh steelers 45-42.>> it would be new england and pittsburgh. ben roethlisberger, the ball pops free and kelvin smith, goodbye. touchdown jaguars. >> jacksonville looked like they were going to rollover the steelers, but ben roethlisberger got the steelers back in the game. bryant with the long touchdown. overall roethlisberger had 569 yards with five touchdowns but
9:41 am
the jaguars were too much. they will play the patriots in the afc championship game.>> i hope you watched this. the minnesota vikings beat the new orleans saints 29-24 all because of this incredible walkoff touchdown. the vikings were up 17-0 in the third quarter but the saints rallied from behind. drew brees threw three touchdowns and the saints took the lead with less than 30 seconds to go. they thought they had won but on the next drive, case keenum and the minnesota bench pray for a miracle. here it comes, wait for it. watch this. >> case keenum steps into it, the pass is caught. stefon diggs , sideline, touchdown, unbelievable. the vikings when it. >> talk about a missed tackle,
9:42 am
that was marcus williams a rookie who missed the tackle. stefon diggs takes it 61 yards to win the game. this is what stefon diggs said after the game. >> the offense had to do something. case keenum said i will give somebody a shot. look at him. that man said i will give somebody a shot and that somebody was me. >> what was in your brain as you were crossing over the goal line for the touchdown? >> i can't believe it just happened. i can't believe it. >> the vikings are now one game away from playing in the super bowl in front of their home crowd and by the way they played last week at home now they play this week at home and they could play at home in the super bowl. sunday the afc championship game is at 12:05 and the nfc
9:43 am
championship game with the vikings and eagles is at 3:40. that will be on ktvu fox 2. >> i asked the question have the vikings been in the super bowl and he said yes four times but they never won. >> in 2010 they were in the nfc championship game when they lost to the saints. spoke with the super bowl less than three weeks away people in minneapolis are making sure the stadium and the city are ready. the city has been preparing for three years. roads will be shut down, there is a new pedestrian bridge being constructed. more features for the super bowl will arrive today as crews will be installing a concert stage later this week.>> wrap them up and keep your head up. coming up next, the animated show family guy is celebrating its 300th episode. still to come watch some of the
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", investigators in turkey are trying to figure out how a commercial plane skidded off the runway and went right off of a cliff. i thought this was fake when i saw this. authorities say that this is the pegasus airlines flight that overshot the airstrip on saturday. the plane skidded off the edge of the cliff. one report says the only thing keeping the plane from plunging into the sea is that its wheels were stuck in the mud.
9:47 am
chaos and panic erupted in the plane with one passenger saying they had to wait 20 minutes before rescue crews arrived but all 162 passengers were able to make it out safely. investigators have interviewed the pilots now they are focusing on the black boxes to figure out what went wrong. we are in the middle of a deadly flu season and some pharmacies are running out of the flu vaccine. the numbers of flu deaths have led to a spike in the number of people getting the flu shot. officials have not said there is a vaccine shortage but some pharmacies say they have run out or are in short supply and it could take days to restock. >> you would have to use standard precautions so just be vigilant about being clean around people. stay away from sick contacts. >> at least 42 people have died from the flu in california since october. many of those who died were not
9:48 am
vaccinated. if the flu vaccine is in short supply at your pharmacy always check with the health department in your county for other locations. the san francisco symphony and opera are looking for conductors. the opera has been looking for a new conductor since october and the director plans to retire in 2020 from the san francisco symphony after more than 25 years in the position. there is a global search to find the right people to fill the positions. >> uc santa cruz is making plans to accept 10,000 more students over the next 20 years. the santa cruz sentinel says the chancellor wants to grow the student body by 50% by 2040. enrollment is currently capped at 19,500 students but the goal is to accept more students over the next 20 years so the campus can become a more prominent research institution and meet
9:49 am
the needs of a growing number of applicants. a piece of bay area history is open its doors to couples looking to get married on valentine's day. the john mayer house landmark in martinez will be opening for 16 couples who want to get married on february 14. the ceremonies will be performed in one of the rooms with a grand piano, chandelier and a view overlooking the home's property. the home was built in 1882. lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers will be challenged today when the warriors come to town. the defending champion warriors beat the cavaliers in five games in the 2017 nba finals. the warriors have won 12 straight on the road and are in the middle of a five-game road trip. the game today begins at 5:00. all of the warriors are healthy it should be a good game. the mavericks surf contest in half moon bay could happen later this week. organizers are looking at
9:50 am
thursday as the swell is expected to hit the coast. officials canceled the competition for tomorrow out of concern for southerly wind projected in the morning. for the first time six women will be competing along with 24 men. the window to hold the event began january 3 and goes until february 28. >> be careful around the water for sure. coming up next, a special gift from a young man in kentucky to his grandson. coming up next, the work he put into a special ride and what the two plan to do now. you can get...
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it is mug monday and it is your chance to win a ktvu fox 2 news mug. just go to facebook and click on contests to enter. fill out the entry form. we will take entries until 1:00 this afternoon so don't miss out. there are the mugs we are talking about. if you are the big winner take a picture with the mug and send it over to us. fox long-running show the family guy celebrated its 300th episode last night and now there is talk the family might be headed to the big screen. rich denison has more. >> that is odd. i thought that would be big news.
9:54 am
>> the long-running animated series family guy is celebrating a milestone and the creator seth mcfarland with some voice actors told us the reason, the show has connected with viewers. >> an animated show has a capacity to stay topical in a way that a live action show doesn't. nothing changes about the characters. it is a way to capture a certain point in time and hold it captive for the viewer. i think people like that. >> i always thought the show was really funny and satirical in a nostalgic kind of way. apparently people have the same opinion which is comforting. >> family guy is hilarious and it tells the truth and that all three second internet friendly soundbites and we can get away with really dirty jokes because
9:55 am
it is animated. >> what are you an idiot?>> the cast which includes alex ford steen and mila kuhn is usually record separately. >> we don't go to the studio together unless there is some specific interaction. it is the best job i have ever had. >> you would be shocked at the amount of episodes where all the characters are recorded in the bathroom. >> depending on seth's schedule they may have a big screen debut. >> there could be a movie down the line. there is always a possibility. i do have a fairly specific idea in my back pocket but the timing has not presented itself in a way that has worked for me. but it is always covering the horizon. >> this is everything i have ever be -- dreamed of.
9:56 am
>> pretty funny. always chuckling at that show. an 81-year-old man now has a sweet new ride which is his old one that was restored by his grandson. look at the newly restored 1957 chevy bel air. the grandson and father share a love of classic cars. the grandson presented it to his grandfather is a big surprise gift.>> it means the world to me. >> i saw his reaction and i couldn't help but tear up a little bit.>> he says that his grandfather was 28 when he bought the car. it had not been driven in a while. the grandfather says he did not think he would ever see it again. now they plan to hit all major car shows in the area. a delaware brewery says it has
9:57 am
just the thing for people putting together emergency kits. a nutrient rich beer. it is called the end of the world as we know it. the brewery says the beer recipe includes several essential vitamins as well as extra amino acids. the company will sell the beer packaged with a swiss army knife, solar blanket and a rope. there you have it. thank you for watching everyone, we will see you back here at noon.
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