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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  January 18, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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here's the system. and, boy, it looks impressive, doesn't it? it does. but most of the energy is here. that's where most of energy is, the dynamics. we are on the southern end. all this slides through in the next few hours continuing to produce showers pretty much like what we have just seen, or what we are seeing now, which is like this. it's on the verge of drizzle and rain. it's a heavy mist and drivel and light rain. you can see heavier showers falling out up here in brentwood. we'll show you what you're talking about. antioch out there on 12 and 4. up by 780. sacramento has some showers right now. and the north bay so far has been the most. here's the thing i think you want to notice. you see that, um, pink area?
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that's snow in those areas. so you can see that. and that's indicate conservative of this system. this is a colder weather system, hence the low rainfall amounts. but here's what's good about it. we are going to get into low snow levels in the mountains up to two feet of snow between now and the next 24 to 32 hours or 36 hours. and the upshot to all of this is there's more behind this. not right away. but there's more behind it. so the showers continuing to fall now. so this compute will be slow. the mountains are going to get snow tonight to the tune of over a foot of snow perhaps. and then more is on the way as we head into the tail end of the weekend. if you are waiting for folks to get home, the roads are slick. shaken and lucky to be alive two men have quite a story to tell after their boat capsized at mavericks near pillar point harbor just north of half moon bay. that spot obviously is well
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known for the mavericks big wave surfing contest usually held in january or february. ktvu's tara moriarty tells us the men who nearly drowned were watching surfers when their boat overturned in 20- foot waves. >> reporter: the frantic radio call came in at 10:00 this morning. a 19-foot-long boston whaler carrying two men capsized after a large set of waves rolled in. >> the waves were really big this morning. it was pushing almost 50 to 60 feet. >> reporter: documentary filmmaker erick nelson was shooting video of surfers on a cliff half a mile away. >> it did look like a cork for a moment and there was definitely drama. but we're in contact with the harbor masters and we immediately let them know. >> we were able to recover the two people that were on board very quickly and they were very lucky. the individuals weren't wearing life jackets. >> reporter: the men in their 40s were pulled out of the water unhurt. but their boat was a total loss. >> it drifted all the way from
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mavericks around the harbor entrance to where it is in less than an hour and a half. >> reporter: witnesses at mavericks say the waves reached as high as 50 to 60 feet today. as they got closer to shore where the boat was located, they were only about 20 feet high. but enough to do damage. >> they weren't paying attention and they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: the rescued men were watching surfers but mavericks is no place for beginners, according to experts. on a stormy day like today -- >> respect mother nature. trust your instincts. safety first. >> reporter: at pillar point harbor, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. a family devastated. a 4-year-old gi kled when a man driving a stolen pickup truck slammed into the truck she was riding in and now her younger sister is fighting for her life. the father two of the girls is at one of his little girls'
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bedside hoping she will survive. henry lee reports. >> reporter: the father jesus cardoza is heartbroken. he has already lost his 4-year- old daughter. now he has been told by doctors today there's no signs of life as far as his 2-year- old daughter all because of a crash with an auto theft suspect. >> it was -- >> that's okay. that's okay. take your time. [ speaking spanish ] >> i just want my daughter to live, man. they already took one. >> reporter: jesus cardoza is heartbroken. his 4-year-old daughter dead, his 2-year-old fighting for her life at the hospital but the news is grim. >> just remember her as a beautiful girl. camilla, she is not showing any signs of life. >> reporter: the 4-year-old was riding with her 2-year-old sister and mother in a truck
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when a man ran a light and crashed him on somersville road on highway 4 on wednesday afternoon. authorities say the suspect, 23-year-old saw zito was trying to evade a contra costa county sheriff's deputy at the time of the crash. sheriff's officials say although the deputy had jurs turned on his lights and sirens there was no active pursuit. we asked cardoza what he would say to the suspect if he had the chance. >> not say to him -- >> something you would do to him? >> i just leave it to god. >> reporter: well-wishers including some who witnessed the crash paid their respects. >> i have a 4-year-old granddaughter. makes me sad. i pray for the family. my son and i prayed for them last night. we didn't know that she passed
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away. >> i saw it. i saw the little baby. i saw them doing cpr. so it's just -- it kills me. >> reporter: now, the girls' mother is expected to survive. she had a brokenneck and many other injuries a, in fact, they tried to connect camilla with her mother on a facetime phone call but there was no response on the part of the little girl. doctors here at children's hospital oakland will conduct more tests tomorrow. live in oakland, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> our hearts break for the family and our prayers are with them. henry, thank you. amazon announced today 20 cities are still in the running to become the future home for their second headquarters. unfortunately, the bay area is not on the list. maureen naylor is in san jose tonight with why silicon valley and the rest of the bay area were left off the list. >> reporter: 238 proposals were submitted to amazon, two
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from here in the bay area. both those were reject. tonight we spoke with one author who is disappointed but not surprised amazon is going elsewhere. reporter: amazon already has 4,000 employees and 3 million square feet of office space in the bay area including this new office in east palo alto. but thursday came word the bay area will not be home to the seattle-based company's second headquarters. >> we received a phone call early this morning from the head of public policy at amazon informing us that we did not in fact make the cut. >> reporter: matt regan with the bay area council submitted a collaborative bid to bring amazon to concord, fremont, oakland, richmond and san francisco. >> principal reason was that they alrey have a significant presence here. >> report: the online retailer launched a search to find a second home base equal to the seattle headquarters promising up to 50,000 high paying jobs and more than $5 billion in investment. this map shows amazon's 20 finalists l.a. being the sole west coast city
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under consideration. most are in the midwest or east coast. the announcement comes one day after apple announced its plans for expansion said to be outside california. >> recognition that technology is everywhere. you don't have to necessariably be in silicon valley to -- you don't have to necessarily be in silicon valley to attract big companies. >> reporter: there are cheaper costs of living and more geographically and politically diverse. >> when tech is being scrutinized it's probably smart to be employing people from other parts of the country like silicon valley and seattle. >> reporter: there are still plenty of jobs in the bay area and this kind of expansion elsewhere was bound to happen. >> it could help people with house. when people leave, there's more for us. >> we are victims of our own success in many regards and our job now is to manage that success. >> reporter: as for when we could know the final locations for apple and amazon, both
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companies say they plan to announce that decision later this year. >> maureen naylor in the south bay tonight. ureen, thank you. apple employees could get big bonuses this year. according to bloomberg, apple plans to give its employees $2,500 worth of stock as a bonus after the company received a tax break because of the new tax law that was signed in december. the report says apple will start issuing the stock to employees around the world in the coming months. on wall street today stocks were down following yesterday's big gains. the dow fell 97 points closing at 26,017. the nasdaq was down 2 points. the s&p 500 fell 4 points. wells fargo is in damage control mode again. this time, after a computer glitch drained the bank accounts of customers. the san francisco-based bank declined to say how many customers were affected. it affected online banking customers who had all their
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bills double paid. many customers were furious to find accounts empty or overdrawn. regulators fined wells fargo $185 million over its practice of opening accounts without customer authorization in an effort to meet aggressive sales goals. a short time ago the house of representatives passed a stop-gap spending measure to avoid a government shutdown by tomorrow's deadline. but as lauren blanchard tells us, the shutdown could still happen because it still is unclear what's going to happen in the senate where democrats could block theby . reporter: congress debating another short-term spending bill to keep the government open, the fourth this fiscal year. >> we should not be playing these games. reporter: despite being a day away from a potential federal government shutdown there are still issues lawmakers cannot seem to agree on. >> nampy pambys want to give tax breaks but won't invest in community health centers.
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>> reporter: some want increased military funding, others won't vote for it unless it fixes daca. the president wants money for the wall. >> we have had six meetings of this group and we have not agreed on one thing. nothing other than to have another meeting. that is not how you legislate. >> reporter: president trump speaking in pennsylvania talking taxes, the economy and the looming budget deadline. >> i really believe the democrats want a shutdown to get off the subject of the tax cuts because they have worked so well. >> reporter: adding to the vote count, worries there have been a number of republican and democratic senators who say they will not vote in favor of another short-term spending bill making the possibility of a shutdown more likely. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. horrifying new details of what happened inside the california house of horrors the parents now charged with multiple counts of torture.
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details ahead. >> a war hero missing for 70 years is coming home to the bay area. how his remains were finally identified and the plans now to honor him. >> i would be willing to go to jail to defend oakland's sanctuary status and the policies that reflect the values of this community. >> mayors in the bay area defending their sanctuary cities under the threat of possible i.c.e. raids in the area. ♪ ♪ my husband is probably going to think i'm crazy. he thinks i'm going to see my sister! ♪ ♪ sometimes the confidence to be spontaneous starts with financial stability. once i heard it i was shocked. i just thought, i have to go get it! ♪ ♪ it's our tree! ♪ ♪
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two bay area mayors sounded off today about how far they are willing to go to protect their sanctuary cities and california's attorney general also weighed in today. tensions are rising over a newspaper report that a
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massive federal immigration raid may be coming to northern california. ktvu's rob roth is in the newsroom on the joins us with an update. >> reporter: feds won't say if it will happen but the mayors of two bay area cities are forcefully defending their sanctuaries as the political rhetoric heats up. reporter: in the increasingly tense battle over immigration policy, oakland mayor libby schaaf and san francisco's acting mayor london breed say they are willing to risk their personal freedom to support sanctuary cities. >> this is one of the issues that i wouldn't mind basically going to jail for the first time in my life over. >> i would be willing to go to jail to defend oakland's sanctuary status and the policies that reflect the values of this community. >> reporter: schaaf said that since the "san francisco chronicle" quoted a source stating i.c.e., the federal immigration and customs enforcement, was planning a major raid in northern
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california. that source also said i.c.e. wants to show that federal immigration policy will be enforced in california, a sanctuary state. schaaf has a message for residents. >> you don't have to open your door. keep it closed. don't open the door. >> reporter: the oakland city council voted tuesday to bar any city agency from cooperating in any i.c.e. enforcement actions. the acting director issued a statement saying, those who put politics and their political ambitions and public safety and officer say. should talk to the victims of crimes per trade by criminal aliens to put the decisions they make into perspective. in sacramento, california attorney general xavier becerra cautioned employees not to voluntarily give i.c.e. any information about their employees. >> regardless of what the rumors are, the law is the
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law. the constituti is the constitution. and people have rights. and individuals should not believe that they are absent of rights even if they are immigrants simply because the rumors are swirling that some enforcement action is imminent. >> the impact of just the fears, the threat of i.c.e. raids, is having -- [ signal breakup ] >> reporter: a rapid response team of immigration attorneys has been assembled throughout the bay area willing to take on any cases if a raid should happen. julie and frank? >> rob roth in our newsroom tonight, thank you. a 22-year-old army private from san francisco will be buried with full military honors next tuesday nearly 70 years after he was killed during the korean war. james leonard junior was killed in action in july of 1950. his remained were missing until last spring when a construction crew found them while dugging up a road in a south korean village. >> a cousin provided these yearbook pictures of leonard when he was a students. his remains were identified
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through dental records. a canteen and a fragment of a boot. today governor brown ordered flags flown at half-staff in his memory. a drizzly day around the bay area and gray outside. let's get an update now on the forecast from chief meteorologist bill martin. you can see the rain on the camera behind you. it's drizzly wet all around, not a ton of rain, up north, up around santa rosa but everybody else just trace a tenth to .08." back to some of the totals which are, you know, pretty impressive north like santa rosa .2. mill valley almost a half inch of rain. tenth field about .2. tomorrow the nubbles will be doubled which for fremont means .10" of rain maybe more. so we are not expecting a big accumulation. but with that said, as i said the other day, the door is open. these things are flinging in off the pacific. and every time they do and as
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long as it stays open it gives us more and more opportunity for something with pop. plus, i think this would be very productive for the lake tahoe area. i think they will get a foot of snow up there tonight plus more overnight into the morning hours with lower snow levels. which is really important to our water structures around the bay, the state for that matter. there are the scattered showers. you can see it's intense. i mention the snow flurries up north which is indicative of the cooler air. it's a cooler system than we have seen. the last one dropped 3.5" of rain in parts of the bay area, san francisco specifically. um, that was a warm storm. this is a cool storm. that's why you're not going to see as much precip come out. so there's the rain julie mentioned on the lens. almost all our cameras are showing this. it'sa slowkind of sloshy commute on your way home tonight. um, so be ready for that and just drive safe.
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tonight at 11:00, morgan hill has something down there but not well organized. i suspect the model is underplaying the intensity of the drizzle especially in the north bay at 11 p.m. the models are not sure -- i think these areas will be more filled in. but it will be a persistent drizzle. right through 3 a.m. drizzle. and then at 7 a.m., the morning commute, wet roads but an okay commute for friday morning. then lunchtime or so more scattered showers possible. and not really -- i mean, it's going to be hit and miss. i think the sun will come out a little bit. i don't even know what you're doing with that forecast. i'm not changing my plans. be ready for something around lunchtime tomorrow. 5:00 doesn't look half bad. we'll be tracking it for you. the doors are open for weather to come in. and it is. it's just not very, um, robust yet but hopefully that will change here in the next system which shows up on the weekend. pope francis performed his first-ever wedding service at
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36,000 feet. the pope married two flight attendants from chile's flagship airline during a flight from santiago. the bride and groom were married during a civil service in 2010 only after their plans for a church ceremony were derailed when an earthquake destroyed their church. so ty wereever formally married in the es of god. pope francis offered to marry them aboard the aircraftand the couple was quick to take him up on the offer. still to come here, new information on a mysterious story of missing 2-year-old twins in the central valley. >> also, starving them to the point their growth was stunted and chaining their children to their beds for months at a time. horrifying new details coming out of court today involving the california parents who are accused of torturing their 13 children. ♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future...
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the parents who were accused of torturing and holding their 13 children captive were officially charged today. and tonight, we are learning new details about their life including the fact that the oldest of their children who is 29 weighs only 82 points. jonathan hunt reports from los angeles. reporter: new details on what happened inside the house of horrors. 57-year-old david alan turpin and 49-year-old louise anna turpin are now charged with several counts of torturing and holding their 13 children captive. >> the abuse and severe
5:25 pm
neglect intensified over time. >> reporter: riverside county district attorney michael hestrin providing a snapshot of the virtual prison saying the children were only allowed to shower twice a year, food waration and they slept all day and were awake all ght. the victims told officials the parents would chain them, at them and even strangle them as punishment. >> these punishments would last for weeks or even months at a time. >> reporter: all of the victims are severely malnourished and some lack basic cognitive functions as a result of the abuse. police are also providing more details about the 17-year-old who exposed the horrific conditions. they say the escape plan had been in the works for two years. the teen took one of her siblings with her but that child got scared and turned back. >> we're fully prepared to seek justice in the case. >> reporter: the couple is
5:26 pm
charged with 12 counts of torture, 7 counts of abuse of a dependent adult, six counts of child abuse and another 12 of false imprisonment and david turpin is also facing a charge of a lewd act on a child by force or fear. the couple appearing before a judge for the first time thursday. their bail has been raised to $30 million each. if convicted, they face up to 94 years to life in prison. in los angeles, jonathan hunt, fox news. in stockton, police have released a picture they hope will lp themto locate missing 20-month-old twins. twins santina and ran wettles haveeen missing since january 4th. this is a picture of one of the little girls santina. their parents aaron and princess walk remember in jail facing child endangerment charges. police found the couple living in an suv with three other young children in conditions that social workers described as deplorable. police say the parents are not
5:27 pm
being cooperative and won't say where the twins are. the other children have been placed in protective custody. coming up, some good news if you ride bart. when those new train cars we have been hearing so much about will be in service, plus -- >> a quick-thinking passenger hits the emergency shutoff on a smart train because a little girl had fallen through the 7" gap down to the railway. >> and a study on the bay area commute based on information from real bay area drivers. coming up, the safest bridges, the most dangerous time to be on the roads, and the riskiest route in the bay area.
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bart riders are in for a surprise. after years of delays, the first 10 new bart train cars are expected to carry "2 investigas" candice orrow. nguyen has been following the project closely and has more from the newsroom. >> reporter: this is good news that bart plans to roll out these new cars. but for perspective, according to the original contract, by this time, the bay area was supposed to have 230 of these cars. the end goal, 1,081 cars. by tomorrow, riders will see 10. reporter: chopper video over bart's hayward yard thursday shows some of the ten
5:31 pm
new trains expected to roll out friday. >> i think that's amazing. >> i would like to get on one. >> reporter: more responses online from a bart board member thrilled that the first new bart cars will begin carrying riders tomorrow and bart tweeting, we have been given the go-ahead. in a letter obtained by "2 investigates," the california public utilities commission confirmed bart successfully passed a test run of the new cars january 9th. this comes after first failing that teslas november missing their thanksgiving deadline that had already been repeatedly delayed. this rider has been following the saga. in 2012, bart signed a $2.5 billion deal with canadian manufacturer bombardier after which "2 investigates" exposed a list of delivery delays and problems with thmaker one that contributed to bart
5:32 pm
crashing a pilot car in 2016. even though riders are getting 10 new trains friday, according to the original contract, by this time, the bay area was supposed to have 230. >> it feels kind of funny being in the tech hub of the world and we have this kind of, like, archaic, um, transportation system. >> reporter: with 10 cars now and the hope for 775 new trains by 2023, bart riders say they are excited but not confident. >> bart is such a critical part of the bay area. and the better that can be, the better off the bay area will be. >> reporter: bart had no comment but said there will be a news conference tomorrow. last year they said they are working with bombardier to correct the problems causing the delays. for bart to roll out any more cars other than these 10 they are going to have to pass more of those tests. >> so are they thinking that the ones the -- future ones
5:33 pm
that cam out, are they going to be delayed more or will they rolling them out on time? >> reporter: they haven't said. just that according to the original contract we are supposed to get all 775 cars by 2023. but with all these delays, it's inevitable that that deadline will be pushed back but we have no confirmation. >> at least the first 10 start tomorrow. candice nguyen in the newsroom tonight, thank you. a san francisco tech company has released the most dangerous bay area communities. they say the riskiest route per mile is 280 because of the speed and dangerous driving. the safest is 580 from oakland to s during the morning commute is the most dangerous is the san mateo. the safest bridge is the golden gate. zen drive says it studied 100,000 drivers who made more than a million trips into and out of san francisco last
5:34 pm
november. one of the findings is that driving during lunchtime is actually more dangerous than the morning or evening commutes. on the "four on 2", the ceo explained it's all about distracted driving. >> it's very dangerous and people on the 101 because there are a lot of other vehicles around them slow down and tend to pay more attention to the road than fabook or email. >> zendrive collected data using sensors on driver smartphones. it's released an interactive map on its website with the goal of helping drivers find the best routes and the safest time to get to work. a little girl's fall through a gap between the new smart train and the boarding platform in the north bay this month is raising questions now about safety. that little girl was not hurt. ktvu's tom vacar talked with a train official about what they are doing to prevent future
5:35 pm
accidents. reporter: a 5-year-old with her parents a few weeks ago exited from the smart train on to the petaluma station platform and fell through a 7" gap between the train and the platform. she fell to the railway below but a passenger hit the emergency switch disabling the train from moving and the girl was rescued uninjured. designers, engineers and contractors had never envisioned such a scenario. >> immediately after this incident, we sent out our engineering and operations team to investigate. >> reporter: smart says some remedial steps were taken right away. >> we have the safety strips. we added this red strip reminding people to stand behind the yellow strip before boarding and after exiting the train. we are also making on board announcements and we are asking our conductors when they watch the disembarking process to be extra vigilant and remind people to stay behind the yellow lines. >> reporter: years ago on the golden gate bridge, a 2-year-
5:36 pm
old fell to her death from a tiny gap on the pedestrian walkway. the first such incident since the bridge was built 60 years earlier. the bridge district immediately installed cables to prevent a recurrence. smart train may have to do something to prevent this at its ten stations. >> we are continuing to investigate. if there's any additional measures that can be taken and should be taken, we'll certainly do that. >> reporter: until then, extra caution is required. >> parents traveling with young children should always hold their hands, always stay together. >> reporter: the mother has taken a lot of criticism in social media, but one commuter told me he does not blame the parents at all. >> as a father of two kids, i can tell you that sometimes the kids get away from you. you know? accidents happen with little kids. every mechanical system sometimes has flaws. and they seem to be taking care of it. >> reporter: we reached out to the mother, who is a doctor, for comment but so far haven't
5:37 pm
been able to make contact. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. a former cal women's basketball player has filed a lawsuit against the university saying that she was sexually assaulted by an employee of the school's athletic department. layshia clarendon was at cal from 2009 through 2013 and currently plays for the wnba's atlanta dream. in a civil suit filed yesterday, she said that she was sexually assaulted by long-time assistant athletic director for students services mohammad muktar. it accuses the university's regents of negligence and names him as a defendant. the school says he has been placed on paid leave. in a statement, the university said it's aware of the complaint but had not yet reviewed the allegations. clarendon talked about the lawsuit on twitter saying, quote, i want the shame not to be my own anymore because it's not my shame to carry. she went on to say, it's a horrible thing to live in
5:38 pm
silence, to carry that pain and that weight and the guilt." coming up, new information about brain injuries in athletes. why it's not just about concussion. >> a push to get rid of plastic straws in california. the problems they are causing and the attempt to ban them. >> and it's almost that time of year again time for the chinese new year. but the celebrations have a dark side. how to stay safe coming up next. sfx: tinny headphone music
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sfx: feet shuffling life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. open enrollment ends january 31st, so don't miss out. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today.
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scott weiber reintroduced legislation today that would allow a handful of cities to extend alcohol sales as late as 4 a.m. senate bill 905 would create a five-year pilot program in six cities. the option to extend the hours for alcohol sales at bars, nightclubs and restaurants but not at liquor stores. the 6 cities are san francisco, oakland, los angeles, sacramento, west hollywood, and long beach. this isn't the first time senator weiner has tried to extend last call. he introduced a similar bill last year that passed the senate but died in committee. plastic straws may be more difficult to come by in california restaurants under a new proposal that was introduced today. to reduce pollution on beaches and lakes plastic straws would
5:42 pm
only be given if asked for. strauss and drink stirrers are among the most collected items at beach cleaniums. the california restaurant association has yet to take a position on the proposal. they say the proposal is better than a complete ban. that assemblyman has managed to come up with something that looks like if everything goes well could be a nice balance. you know? between protecting the environment which is the key herebut also hopefully allowing small businesses and eir customers to still maintain some choice in the matter. >> some restaurants have already chosen to only hand out straws on request. the proposed law may carry a small fine for violators. the chinese lunar new year is less than a month away and the city of san francisco wants to make sure everyone celebrates safely. officials held a news conference in chinatown today. the annual citywide campaign educates asian merchants and those who celebrate the lunar new year to prevent robbery,
5:43 pm
extortion and burglary during the season. >> all that we have a good time and love the excitement of it all, it sadly also provides an opportunity for criminals. so we need our residents to be vigilant and we need them to be alert and to please remember, if you see something, say something. >> the chinese new year celebration begins on february 16th and this year, it's the year of the dog. a new study says it's not concussions but, rather, repetitive hits to the head that can cause traumatic brain injury in football players. a team of researchers from the lawrence livermore national lab assisted a team at boston university with the study. scientists examined the brains of four teenaged athletes who either died from their injuries or committed suicide. researchers found that it was anaccumulaon of smaller hits to thhead that caused their injuries, not concussions. earlier on the "four on 2", we
5:44 pm
talked to one of the scientists involved in the study. >> you never are going to mitigate it completely. and thinking youcan stop playing football completely is probably irrational. but we have a better understanding of how to prevent concussion and -- and -- and the origin of the chronic traumatic encephalopothy so it leads to diagnostics and therapies. >> researchers say the findings are important because all the attention has been on preventing concussions which in the end may not prevent traumatic brain injuries from happening. problem after problem, it started with a mistaken missile alert but the problems didn't stop there. the timeline and new information on the botched missile warning that created widespread panic in hawaii. >> also, census worries. a question in the 2020 census that has immigrants in california concerned. >> we are tracking some pretty persistent light rain out there to the tune of over a half inch of rain in the north bay. it's going to keep coming tonight, too. when we come back we'll tell
5:45 pm
you about the latest model.
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5:47 pm
new information on what led up to the false nuclear missile alert in hawaii. hawaiian officials botched efforts to immediately correct the frhtfalse alert and the problems kept coming. adam housley reports. reporter: hawaii residents still reeling from a false alert warning of an incoming
5:48 pm
missile attack. the investigation is ramping up with a new timeline showing state officials took more than 20 minutes to contact the feds for approval they didn't even need. and another 15 minutes was taken to canceling the alert that was sent to mobile devices. public safety experts say there's no excuse for that kind of confusion. >> everyone has thought about, like, oh, my gosh that could have been me. but that's why we did go over our procedures all the time. >> reporter: the incident has people asking questions about how state officials got it wrong and who should be in charge in the event of a national security crisis. house speaker paul ryan says the military should be playing a greater role and that will require more training and funding. >> we have to be clear-eyed in laying out for the american people why so much is at stake. north korea is working to build ballistic missiles capable of hitting the continental united states! >> reporter: there are also new warnings about old fallout shelters some of which were used in hawaii over the weekend. experts say the shelters are mostly relics from the cold war which haven't been maintained and aren't likely
5:49 pm
to offer much protection. >> hawaii might have been a false alarm, but next time it might be real. so they should have a fallout plan. the mayor should have one. >> reporter: hawaii senators say fema is launching an investigation into the incident. also the fcc is sending two officials to hawaii to help develop new protocols for the emergency alert system there. in los angeles, adam housley, fox news. the snow has stopped in the deep south but the dangerous weather is far from over. >> the slow-moving storm dumped up to 12 inches of snow in north carolina. other southern states got snow. at least 10 people died. the snow tapered off this morning. there are still dangerous conditions in the area because of cold temperatures and black ice. a police officer in charlotte took the opportunity to have some fun in the snow and to issue a social media challenge. that officer in short sleeves, there he is, stopped and made a snow angel posted the video and then challenged other people to see who could do the
5:50 pm
best job. it's been viewed thousands of times in the past 24 hours and other people now including the city's mayor got in on the snow angel challenge. not your usual swim practice. this was the scene this morning for the virginia beach swim team. despite heavy snowfall in the area, practice went on. the swimmers say despite the cold conditions and the snow, they were comfortable in the water because the pool was heated to 82 degrees. that's always fun when you're in really warm water but it's cold. >> getting out. >> outside, yeah. >> okay. let's check the forecast now with chief meteorologist bill martin. >> you just described a hot tub. tahoe snowing 104. >> getting out is sketchy. >> yeah. they have had some crazy cold weather and snow out there. we have had just kind of drizzle, wet weather all day. um, but that's going to continue all night. i think by the time it's all done we could see a quarter inch to half inch of rain in some places. we have already seen a half inch in the north bay.
5:51 pm
um, so here's -- these numbers have been updated since last time we -- we talked. not big differences but it's going to keep coming. the models and the radar not picking up on a lot of this. copious amounts of moisture are moving in. without a lot of dynamic, but the coastal hills, mount tam, mount diablo, mount hamilton, those lifting dynamics or those hills are causing a lot of the rain. we have had nearly an inch of rain on the south side of twin peaks area out in south san francisco. i can't verify that. that's one of the observations. but that would make sense, south wind, moisture hitting the side of the hill there and condensing out. um, the afternoon commute is slow and messy. it's not heavy rain, not, you know, like it was a couple well, last big storm we had when the commutes were just hammered. this is more of a persistent -- got a little seattle vibe to it huh, julie, doesn't it a little bit? yeah. >> total seattle weather.
5:52 pm
>> exactly. i kind of feel -- i spent a little time in seattle but julie spent time there. that's what you get. you don't get heavy rain. you get a lot of heavy mist or light rain. here we are at midnight. it keeps coming. i suspect there will be more than what we're showing here. there will be moisture in these areas and it will be drizzle. that's 3 a.m. by the morning commute time, it should be kind of dry from the sky. foggy maybe because of the moisture, um, and wet roads. round 2 a weak pulse around noon on friday and that's it. break on saturday. break on sunday, but then sunday night, things get going again. so we'll watch that for you closely. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow. >> what are you thinking about sunday night? >> it's starting to look pretty good. >> more than just drizzle?
5:53 pm
>> more than just drizzle. this next one might give us an inch of rain in some places, and that's a significant amount. >> that's real rain. >> that's real rain. >> and upside is they are producing snow in the mountains at lower elevations. >> that's what we need. >> thank you. it seems like a simple question. one of many asked in the census. [ pause ] >> we'll have that question for you coming up. [ laughter ] >> yeah. the question is, potentially causing trouble for some in california. and it also could potentially hurt the state financially.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
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a three-story home in malibu is teetering on the edge of a canyon during an active landslide. no one knows if it's from the recent rains the ones that triggered the montecito mudslides or from some type of water leak. the home is red-tagged as unsafe but it's vacant. the owner remains out of town. the home with the views of the pacific and the valley is the only home threatened in the area at this time. there is a growing controversy surrounding a new question proposed for the 2020 census. the question would ask about a resident's citizenship status. >> as reporter mike luery tells us, many people worry it would incite fear among illegal immigrants and hurt
5:57 pm
california as a whole. reporter: julio molina lived in sacramento since childhood but is an undocumented immigrant. he is worried about a newly proposed question for the 2020 census asking people if they are a u.s. citizen. >> with that question, you're targeting undocumented immigrants. >> reporter: molina says the question puts thousands of people in the undocumented community in jeopardy. >> that means that you are likely to be targeted now. you know, you're a higher risk for deportation. >> reporter: california's top elections official, the secretary of state told us today he believes the question is politically motivated by the trump administration. >> this is yet another attack on the people of california. we embrace diversity. we embrace immigration. >> reporter: padilla is concerned about intimidation. if immigrants are afraid to participate, it could be an undercount of the population.
5:58 pm
>> it could be the loss of billions in federal revenues and it could certainly mean the loss of a seat in the house of representatives which has never happened since california became a state in 1850. >> reporter: less power in congress and less money for california is a big concern to governor brown's administration. >> for every californian who isn't counted in the next census in 2020, we estimate that for each of those uncounted individuals the state will losenearly $2,000 per year for 10 years because of that undercount. >> reporter: that's $2,000 per person per year for the next decade. billions of dollars that won't be there to pay for healthcare, education, or transportation. what's more, the 2020 census is expected to survey most people via the internet while deemphasizing door to door counts and this person wonders if the federal government will be ready. >> they have failed to do the most recent test of the new online system.
5:59 pm
♪[ music ] ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 starts now. ♪[ music ] >> pillar point, pillar point! rescue! >> mavericks rescue copy! >> a boat overturns in dangerous surf at mavericks. a wave throws two men in the water but fortunately there was a quick response by people on jet skis who came to the rescue. >> got a 30-foot boston whale their flipped over at mavericks. all crew are safe. >> a close call at mavericks. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. the boat capsized at the world famous surf spot off half moon bay's pillar point. the area is famous for the annual big wave contest but people have been seriously hurt in some cases even killed by the huge waves. today as surfers were testing their skills, we saw how quick the waves can turndangerous. the two men have a story to
6:00 pm
tell and tara moriarty tells us, they nearly drowned when their boat overturned in 20- foot waves. reporter: the frantic radio call came in at 10:00 this morning. a 19-foot-long boston whaler carrying two men capsized after a large set of waves rolled in. >> the waves were really big this morning. it was pushing almost 50 to 60 feet. >> reporter: documentary filmmaker erick nelson was shooting video of surfers on a cliff half a mile away. >> it did look like a cork for a moment and there was definitely drama. but we're in contact with the harbor masters and we immediately let them know. >> we were able to recover the two people that were on board very quickly and they were very lucky. the individuals weren't wearing life jackets. >> reporter: the men in their 40s were pulled out of the water unhurt. but their boat was a total loss. >> it drifted all the way from mavericks around the harbor entrance to where it is in less than an hour and a half. >> reporter: witnesses at mavericks say the waves reacas


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