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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  January 22, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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jose -- san jose. police have been at a hotel overnight for hours. >> there are reports of a hostage situation unfolding there at that hotel. police have been at the windom garden hotel which is in the southern part of the city since late yesterday afternoon. this has been going on for quite some time. we have leigh martinez joining us with the latest developments. >> reporter: good morning. i was able to walk into the lobby and then once i was in there, i saw about five men who said they were staying on the second floor and all of them had been evacuated at about 7:00 yesterday evening. they were told it was a possible hostage situation out here. the confirmation from san jose police is that there is an individual who has barricaded themselves inside the hotel at about 6:00 yesterday evening. we have san jose police cars out here and we have fire and
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paramedics as well positioned out here. we saw negotiators out here as well. at this time, the san jose police could only confirm for us that it is a barricade situation. this hotel is one of two, this is off of silicone valley boulevard. this started around 6:00 yesterday evening. the guests at the hotel tell me they were told it was a possible hostage situation. at this time, we do not know what the situation is from police, where they are in negotiations or who the person is. and we do not have it confirmed from police that it is a hostage situation. but this is what we are looking at here at the windom garden hotel on silicone valley
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boulevard. >> thank you, we will check back with you throughout the morning. right now, let's check in with steve. >> the rain is moving south but really good totals to the north. they keep going up. certainly, we will get in as many as we can. mount tam at 2.67. fort frag over 2. windsor over an inch. ken wood has 0.82. i know glenn alan had about the same as well. san molina at 1.44. up in napa county, you can find 1.5. there was a big dividing line. san francisco now at 0.25. the system is moving east and south. on the peninsula, some saw only
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a couple one hundredths. most of napa county and in sonoma county, a little bit there. out near livermore back towards union city, still some isolated cells there. the peninsula kind of missed out except for one line close to the coast. now it is in the santa cruz area. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. we will get a break on tuesday, the last system of the series will arrive on wednesday. 50s for the temperatures. peninsula, you know, where you said it was raining is where the traffic is slowest. we are having rain all over the place in parts of the bay area. we will start with the east shore. we will get to the peninsula where the traffic is not doing well. this is a look at 80 westbound,
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33 mints from car tinas. the later you wait, the better it will be for your commute. there have been no major problems. the rain is preventing us from seeing some of the pictures we normally see. northbound 880, passing oracle arena, traffic is okay with no major issues as you drive through. traffic continues to be okay in the south bay, northbound 280. the big problem we have is the peninsula. southbound highway 1, they are clearing a crash at manor drive. they are clearing a crash now. traffic is recovering. it is 6:04, back to the desk. >> today is day three of a government shutdown. we could see a deal later this morning. we have more on the negotiations and the impact of the closure. >> reporter: the closures have
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started here and there around the country. here in washington, congress is not making much headway with another vote scheduled for today. >> let's step back, stop victimizing the american people and get back to work on their behalf. >> reporter: democrats, most of whom are holding out for protection for illegal immigrants who came to the country as children sought to blame the president. >> this is the trump shutdown, only president trump can end it. we democrats are at the table, ready to negotiate. the president needs to pull up a chair and end this shutdown. >> reporter: the president has been relatively quiet over the weekend but he did tweet out support for the so called nuclear option in the senate, changing the rules to stop the filibuster. some offices and parks will close. the state of new york is picking up the tab to keep the statue of
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liberty open. unlike the last shutdown, this time around, many open air monuments will stay open. >> most americans will not see a difference. the tsa at the airports will still work. the military is still working. it will not be as dramatic as in 2013. >> president trump took to twitter this morning, tweeting, the democrats are turning down services and security for citizens in favor for security and sufbss for noncitizens, not good. >> the shutdown is having an impact on some of the tourist destinations in the bay area. no behind the scene tours or night tours for alcatraz. vincent beach and beer woods is
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closed because of the shut down. at the foot of the golden gate bridge, federal park police closed the road to fork point. but some visitors ducked under the locked gate, others took photos of the bridge from a little further away. clean up will continue despite the government shutdown for the bay area fires because the relief is not dependent on the government. on twitter president trump accused democrats of holding the military hostage to get a deal on immigration. the president tweeted can't let that happen. and that drew a sharp response from democratic senator from
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illinois who is an army veteran who lost both of her legs in her service. >> i will not be lectured by a five time draft dodger. >> she is referring to a diagnosis that allowed him to be exempt from service during the vietnam war. >> a new add is causing some controversy. it features illegal immigrant who is on trial for killing two deputies in 2014. it also supports the president's promise to build a wall on the mexican border and to strengthen
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border security. republicans are already distancing themselves from the ad. a student at berkeley who was detained by immigration officials is now back in the bay area. >> i am excited to continue my education. >> luis mora is a junior at cal who came to the country when he was 11 years old. he wound up in an immigration checkpoint while visiting his girlfriend where he was detained for over staying his visa. he was finally allowed to return to the bay area which he considers his home. he says this incident shows how broken the u.s. immigration system is. >> good to be back. i am excited to continue my education. >> federal immigration officials did put out a statement on the
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matter saying ice will transfer the case to removal operation offices in the area where he resides. his removal proceedings are ongoing and an immigration judge will make the final decision at a hearing that could happen a year from now. mora says this entire experience has made him consider a career as an immigration attorney. san jose police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened about 8:45 last night on charlotte drive. police found one man dead after responding to a report of shots fired. no arrests have been made. san francisco police have now arrested a man for driving his fan on to a busy cost row business sidewalk. originally, police thought he accidently jumped the curb but
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now kenneth rodder has been arrested and he is facing charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault, hit and run and drives under the influence. he hit several parking meters and trees and backed into a deli. he did not hit anyone or other cars. roders who lives in his van told police he was having problems with the van's brakes. >> quite a scene there. it is 6:11. starting today, californians can apply for a real i.d. driver's license at the dmv, coming up, who needs one and the paperwork you will need to bring with you to apply. >> rain moving through, good for some and others were still looking for it. we will have a look at the next couple fo days -- couple of days, coming up.
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welcome back. new this morning, vice president mike pence started his visit to israel today saying it is an honor to be in israel's capital, jerusalem. the president thanked president trump pr the historic recognition of jerusalem. the u.s. will open the embassy in jerusalem next year which is ahead of earlier announced plans. he is urging palestinians to return to the negotiation table but they say the u.s. cannot be
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trusted. the state will start issuing the new real i.d. cards to require more secure identification. starting in 2020, you will need the new i.d. to get on a plane, if you don't have one, you can use your pass port as well. you still have plenty of time to get the i.d. >> there is no need to rush into the office. until 2020, a valid driver's license or i.d. card can be used for boarding flights or entering military facilities. >> to apply, you have to go to the dmv, bring an identifying document like a birth certificate, something verifying your social security number like a card or pay stub, you need proof of residency, a utility
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bill, lease agreement or other documents. a new driver's license will cost $35, new state i.d.'s will be $30 and a little side note, you can not get a pass port right now with the government shutdown. so if you need a pass port, you are out of luck. >> sounds like a lot of people will be making trips to the dmv soon. and nobody loves those more than sal. >> that is the day that i get myself a coffee and stand in line, that is living. .a make it a --. >> make an appointment. then you don't have to wait as long. i want to talk about the slow traffic because of the wet weather. they are clearing an accident in pacificica, southbound at manor drive. it is not a great area to be
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driving. you will see busy traffic. the east bay, richmond heading out to the toll plaza, it is crowded. the wet weather is making it crowded and it will be crowded because it is monday and everyone is back to work. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland and both those directions in front of oracle arena are going okay. let's bring steve in. >> i know some of the good folks at the dmv in concord watch us and they have always been very nice to me. >> there you go. >> all right. our good friend out in val eo did not get much rain. they currently have light drizzle at 53 droez and only 0.14. and there were some that had
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less than that. others went through the roof. gurnville had 2 inches. mill valley had 1.3. santa rosa had 1.09. napa went anywhere from 0.17 to 0.6. piedmont had a third, some around red wood shores only had a couple of one hundredths. and in mount tam, 2.3. windsor had 1.3. and kemp wood had 0.89. so for some it was pretty good and for others it was not. lark spur had almost 2 inches. you can see things are winding down to the north. i don't think there is too much left, maybe a little bit to the
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east but it is falling apart. there are still a few pockets down towards san jose, now heading to the santa cruz mountains but it is losing its energy as it moves south. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. there is a winter weather advisory for truckee until 7 -- 10 a.m. and the snow is forming at about 3,000 feet. and the last system of the series will be here on wednesday. that will be the strongest of the four that have gone through. rain develops on wednesday, moderate to heavy. this looks to be the last of the series as high pressure builds in. that is the way it works in california. when the ridge wants to come
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back, nothing to stop it. 50s on the temperatures and after wednesday into early thursday, i would say go ahead and make plans. everything is saying dry for the weekend. >> thank you, steve. it is 6:20. at least 729 people have died so far from the flu season nationwide. >> that is more than 100 deaths a week between october 7 and december 23. last week, the california department of public health said there was a spike in flu deaths across the state, at least 74 people have died state wide since october, including 32 people in just a matter of a week. the latest effort to save lives on the golden gate bridge is working, coming up, how a new strategy made a difference last year and what to expect in the years to come. >> now money, no lines, no
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welcome back. several beaches in monteray county remain closed after millions of gallons of sewage spilled into the bay.
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the marina is closed to the public. monteray 1 waters says there was an equipment failure at the treatment facility and around 4.4 million gallons of waste water flowed into the bay. the health department warns that contact with the contaminated water can cause illnesses. once samples indicate it is safe for contact, the beaches will reopen. the golden gate bridge saw a drop in suicides in 2017. patrols intervenes with a record number of people who came to the bridge to possibly end their lives last year. there were 245 interventions and 33 confirmed suicides in 2017. that number is down from 39 suicides in 2016. bridge board members are crediting increased p atrolls and intervention training for the drop in suicides, this comes at a suicide net is being
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installed on the bridge. the goal is to have the barrier completed by 2021. san francisco's board of supervisors is set to vote tomorrow on a proposal that would recognize columbus day as indigenous people's day. legislation was introduced to honor the native americans who were already here when christopher columbus arrived. several other cities around the area have already replaced columbus day with indigenous people's day. facebook is working to fight fake news. starting today, facebook will allow you to decide what qualifies as genuine news stories. they will change the rankings of the news feeds, giving more priorities to trust worthy news sources. the social media site will be surveying users to find out sources are most trusted. these changes are expected to roll out once the survey is
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completed. today amazon is opening a new brick and mortar store in downtown seattle with no cashiers. the first of the stores is called amazon go. shoppers will be able to scan their smart phone with the amazon go app at a turn style, then they go pick out the items they want and then they leave. their amazon account will be charged. the store is offering fresh food, baked goods, bread and cheese, as well as meal kits. prince harry and meghan markle's wedding is just months away and the royal house is looking for a communication assistant. they will update social media, write press releases, and maybe help assist the queen herself. the listing is on linked in and the job is based in buckingham palace but includes travel. 33 days of leave and a benefit
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package. the will not last forever because it is only a 12 month contract. >> you are pretty good at communicating. >> what a great opportunity for someone. >> good gig. it is 6:27, the super bowl is all set, the patriots and eagles are headed to minneapolis, how much the fans will be spending on tickets for the big game. >> it might be january but we will tell you why it is back to school day for some students in the north bay. we will explain coming up. coming up.
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good morning to you. welcome back. it is monday, january 22, i'm alex savage, i'm in for dave today. >> and i'm pam cook. time now is 6:30. if you are in marin county, you had a lot of rain overnight. >> but not everyone got it. >> not everyone was in on it. it was all or nothing. for some, very good rain, up north, south, not a lot. still some moving through east and south on the peninsula. but parts of the east bay did
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not get much. and antioch had nothing. i think you had more than brent wood attont 0.04. but many in mendocino county had more than 2 inches. kempfield had an inch and a quarter. and lark spur had about 2 inches. for san francisco, about 2 bits. our system is moving pretty rapidly. this system is pretty much done, a little bit out to say eastern solano. back towards san rumoan, a little bit, not completely done. it is heading into the santa cruz mountains right now.
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44 in lack port to 52 in san jose. the last and coldest of the systems will arrive on wednesday. sunshine and clouds later today and breezy. sal tells us the traffic is? >> it is a little dicy out there. a lot of standing water. i will talk about a couple of spots we know of. the accident in pacifica has been cleared at highway 1 and manor drive headed down the hill to the bottom of the hill there near the shell station and mcdonald's. traffic is going to be a little bit of an adventure. east bay, a lot of slow traffic on 80, part of it is just the normal commute and part of it is being slowed down by the wet weather. it has been raining pretty hard in the east bay. bay bridge toll plaza, some slow
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traffic. i want to take about 880 at 980, if you are coming around and exiting here at jackson street, there is a huge puddle at the bottom of that ramp and that's what we are dealing with. parts of 280 in san francisco and many spots we may not know about. so be careful. if you drive through standing water, there is a good chance your car could die and you wouldn't want that to happen. this is 808 north and southbound, traffic is owing. if you are on the san mateo bridge, it is a little more crowded. back to the desk. we are following developing news out of san jose where police have surrounded the windom gardens hotel. they have been at the scene since 6:00 yesterday afternoon. authorities are not being more specific about what is going on. they located a suspected felon
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at the hotel but he refused to leave the room. officers have surrounded the hotel and they have set up a perimeter. we have a reporter live at the scene and we will have a report coming up in the next half hour. police in southern florida are searching for a person of interest after two explosive devices were detonated inside eagle ridge mall in lake wales, about 30 miles east of tampa. no one was hurt in the explosion. police found two pipe bombs near the entrance of a store and a book bag with other undetonated explosives inside. police are searching for a man seen running from the area at the time of the explosion. this morning, cardinal newman high school will open for the first time since the bay
6:35 am
area fires. >> we are live at the school to talk about what is happening today to welcome to students back to the school. >> reporter: many times, students are not excited for the return of school but today will be different. cardinal newman and more schools will be reopening their doors three months after the north bay fires destroyed those schools, portions of those schools. more than 600 students have been attending classes at four different locations while the campus here was cleaned up and portable classrooms were installed. at cardinal newman, students will return to 22 new portable classrooms to replace those lost in the fire. first responders and community members will be here to welcome the students and staff back to the school. students will be dropped off around 7:40 this morning, there will be an assembly at 8:15,
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students expected to head to class at around 9:00. again, this hopefully will be a moment of exultation. these students are exited to come back. they have been playing football at other schools, they have been attending class at other locations, now they will be coming together once again, three months after the fire here. we are hoping to talk to some parents and students and teachers, administrators, and find out what they're motions are this first day back on campus. back to you guys. >> certainly a tumultituous time. they have been moving around to different campuses. >> and christian, i think you are right. this is going to be some of the happiest kids to return to school we have ever seen. >> reporter: i think so. sometimes kids are not that excited but i think we will see a slightly different story here.
6:37 am
i think they will be happy to be going back to their school with their classmates at their location. it has to be a great feeling. >> more smiles than you might see on an average monday. thank you, christian. in southern california, a lot of progress being made with highway 101 in santa barbara county nearly two weeks after the deadly mud slides. crews worked around the clock to repair and stabilize the highway. it has been closed since the mud slide hit on january 9. the slide killed at least 21 people and destroyed hundreds of homes. a candle light vigil was held last night for two little girls killed in a crash in antioch involving a stolen truck. after days on life support, 2-year-old camila cardoza died just days after the crash killed
6:38 am
her 4-year-old sister, lenexy. family members and friends say they are struggling to come to terms with the loss of the two little girls. last wednesday, a man in a stolen truck ran a red-light and crash under to the truck the girls were riding in with their mother. the man was trying to get away from a sheriff 's deputy at the time of the crash. the girls' mother was seriously hurt but is expected to survive. >> this has been a nightmare that is unbelievable. it is hard to come to reality, but it is very unfortunate. >> the suspect is 23-year-old noe saucedo and he has been charged with one count of murder. a deputy had just turned on his lights and siren but there was
6:39 am
no active pursuit at the time of the crash. a gofund me page has been set up for the family. you can find a link on our website. the patriots are headed back to the super bowl after another classic comeback against the jaguars yesterday. >> what an effort, touchdown. >> the jags led by 10 in the fourth quarter of this game but tom brady marched his team down the field and connected with amendola for a pair of touchdowns. and blake bortles and the jags turned the ball over on downs. no such luck. tom brady is headed back to the super bowl where he has a chance to win a record six championship rings. >> you cherish these moments and
6:40 am
opportunities and we have had quite a few of them, we are very blessed. it has been an unbelievable run. everyone should be proud of what we accomplished. it is a different team than last year's team. it didn't look good at 2-2 but we show up every day and coach belichick demands a lot out of us. it is not always great. sometimes it is pretty average and you are just trying to get better and better and get to the point where you can make the fourth quarter of a game and play well enough to get yourself into the next one. >> the patriots seems to be that over and over. at 40 years old, tom brady has played 16nfl seasons. the philadelphia eagles had headed to the super bowl after
6:41 am
defeating the minnesota vikings. >> lunches downfield, smith, touchdown. >> quite a catch there and quite a throw by nick bowls. he through three touchdowns including this one to tory smith. this game was a complete blow out with philadelphia running away with it. they won by a final score of 38-7. the eagles have never won a super bowl but their players believe this could be the team that finally bringathize lombardi trophy to philly. >> i love all of these guys and i know we are going to do something special this year. we are on the road to that but we are not finished yet. we are not done. >> the super bowl will be played sunday, february 4 in minnesota. the las vegas odd makers have the eagles as 5.5 underdogs in this game, the biggest ones
6:42 am
since 2009. >> tickets to the big game could reach record highs. eagle fans are expected to drive up the prices as they have gone 10 years without a championship. we took a look at the online ticket prices. the cheapest seat is $5,000, that's the cheapest, way up high. >> i can't afford the cheapest seat. go on. >> i'm looking at some of the club level, lower club level, $11,000 but $48,000 is what we are hearing for field level, 50 yard line. that is a heck of a lot of money. >> someone is going to pay it and they will probably pay more than that, too. impressive. it is 6:42. we may know the front runners for this year's oscars already, coming up, the winners from last
6:43 am
night's stag awards and some of the stars get emotional during the show. >> and united airlines finds a way to cut costs that does not involve changing schedules, the very small change the company is making to save money. >> and right now, we see traffic just as you might expect, it is going to be a little slow with the wet weather, this is highway 24 in lafayette, it is crowded. >> the system is moving through, for some really good rain and others just 0.02, but the system is still there for a couple more hours. there's only one place where you can get...
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...more adventure, and more memories. stay at a disneyland resort hotel, and you can save up to 25% on select rooms. so now's the time to get more happy!
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welcome back to mornings on 2. let's take a look at stocks. a little bit of a mixed picture as far as the numbers go, and mixed impression as to what effect the shutdown will have on stocks. some saying it will have a negative impact. here is the dow jones, off a little bit, 26 points to 26045, near report territory, the s & p and nasdaq up a little bit. facebook is opening community centers with the goal of training small business owners by 2020. the community hubs will be in spain, italy andpoland to teach
6:47 am
digital safety to under represented groups. they will help people compete in the work place. facebook also plans to invest 12 million in an artificial intelligence research facility in france. a new report says the global economy is far out of balance. 82% of all of the wealth created in the world last year went to one% of the population that is already the richest. it also says there is a wealth gender gap. men own more land and capital assets than women even though there are more women in the world. they are calling for more changes such as support for labor unions to help close the gap. the sag awards brought together some of the biggest
6:48 am
stars last night. >> i am tracey ellis and i'm an actress. >> reporter: it was a night for the actors to celebrate their own in tv and film as the highest honors were passed out. francis mcdaurm t picked up an eward for bill boards. gary oldsman got one for his portrayal of winston church hill. three bill boards outside of ebbing missouri won for best motion picture, and veep for tv comedy series. >> we are a small collection of a lot of very talented and very hard-working people. >> i want to thank sag for this
6:49 am
enormous honor. >> reporter: 80-year-old morgan freeman accepted the lifetime achievement award. the show's first ever host kristin bell kicked things off with an empassioned speech. >> you are the silence breakers and we owe you a debt of graditute. >> reporter: back stage, others were asked their feelings about the topic of sexual harassment. >> i think there is a new feeling that is saying, i am uncomfortable and that should transcend very industry. >> there is the need to be seen in the same light, in the same respect and equally. >> up next, for award season, the oscar nominations will be announced first thing tomorrow
6:50 am
morning. >> we were just talking about catching up on watching these movies. >> that is already an important question. >> i am not caught up. we ended the conversation right there. >> all right. it is 6:50 and guess who is back? >> thank you, pam. it was your idea for my family to take a southern california road trip and boy, did we. we went to all of your favorite spots and i am more in love with my home state than ever. but i am glad to be back. it is a very busy day in the news. the government shutdown is now in day three, we are also looking at the cost associated with it from people temporarily laid off to national parks and museums closed. we will also look at how some say the most recent shutdown cost americans more than just money. and if you are looking for a job in the bay area, one sector dominates and that is tech.
6:51 am
we are looking at what skills are in top demand and give job listings by neighborhood as well as the top companies hiring in san francisco, oakland, and across the bay area. these stories and much more when i join you in just minutes, pam and alex. it is 6:51. back to sal, what are you keeping an eye on? >> it is very slow now. traffic on 80 westbound is slow. it is taking almost an hour to drive from the carquinez bridge but it is very crowded on a monday. everyone seems to be back in the fold. it is raining on the bridge toll plaza and it is very crowded and wet. 880 northbound is slowing down and again, the wet weather, raining right now in oakland, traffic is beginning to slow down. in the south bay, a little slow
6:52 am
traffic on 85 headed up the valley. i don't think it is as slow as it is going to be but already slowing northbound 280 on the right. traffic here is okay. but it is getting crowded just around the corner getting up highway 17. let's bring in steve with the weather. >> some areas it is raining and others, it is done but not before they had over 2 inches of rain but some locations only getting 0.02. fort bragg had reports of 2 inches, russian river, as well. windsor had an inch and a heard. ken wood had 0.89. the areas north of the golden gate had the most. kempfield had an inch and a quarter. almena had 0 .38. san francisco is up to 0.28.
6:53 am
things are wiping down. there is not a lot left, maybe a little bit in napa county. it is now moving out of marin into parts of the east bay. not a lot, but some locations are getting less than a tenth of an inch. in the oakland hills, i know piedmont had a third of an inch. so some are getting the rain. the peninsula was hit and miss. once it gets down to into the santa cruz mountains, not as much. the system is losing its punch. it is a little breezy at times, 40s and 50s. it is 27 in truckee with a winter weather advisory until 10 a.m. but this is not a big snow producer. the system on wednesday looks to be the strongest and after that,
6:54 am
high pressure will build in after that. things look quiet after that as we head into the weekend, sunshine and warmer temperatures. 50s and 60s for some but a lot of 50s. mid-to upper 50s for most locations. mostly sunny and partly cloudy on tuesday. 6:54 is the time, nearly 70 years later, a fallen soldier finally comes up, coming up, hear how a war hero reached his final resting place here in the bay area. >> there is also a warning for dog owners in san francisco, the first tine your pet has come down with the flu.
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welcome back, jamaica has declared a state of emergency and popular tourist towns after a sudden rise in violent crime. the jamaica defense force says the st. james area has been especially rough with seven murders in the first 20 days of 2018. the area includes the tourist hotspot meant to go bay, the state of emergency gives law enforcement additional power to search arrest and detain suspects. tourists are advised to stay on resort property. the remains of army private first class james leonard jr. have finally returned home for the bay area. leonard grew up in san francisco and ran on the track
6:58 am
team at poly ethnic high. in 1950 when he was 22 years old he joined the army and was sent to fight in the korean war. he died five days later. his remains were never found until last year when a road construction crew found teeth, a canteen and the soul of a boot. a military laboratory in hawaii positively identified leonard and he was brought home to sfo yesterday. one cousin who remembers him as a teenager is still alive, they have always wondered if this day would come. >> after that many years, they finally did. they never gave up hope. we appreciate that.>> leonard's only sister died as a child and his parents died many years ago but his cousins say they are proud of the service and glad to finally have him home. he will be buried with full
6:59 am
military honors. san francisco is the latest city in the bay area to confirm cases of the flu in dogs. symptoms include coughing, fever and nasal and eye discharge. the spca is urging owners to get their dogs back united -- vaccinated. humans cannot get the flu from dogs but canine flu can be passed on to other dogs through leash and human clothing. seven that's in the south bay are reporting cases. united airlines says it is saving $300,000 per year in fuel cost by making one very small change. the airline is publishing in- flight magazines on lighter paper making each magazine way just one ounce less. it may not sound like a lot but united has 4500 flights per day and that will add up to about 11 pounds per flight. united is printing service
7:00 am
guides on lighter paper as well, last year united cut more weight when you stop selling duty-free perfume liquor and chocolate on board flights cutting fuel cost by $2.5 million. a wet start to the work week already. there is rain on the way out likely we will tell you about even more rain set for this week. this is "ktvu mornings on 2". >> it is 7:00, good morning i'm mike mibach. >> i'm alex savidge, we want to talk about the wet weather and the rain that started overnight although steve paulson tells us not everybody got it. >> very good rain but others not so much. we are working on it though. some locations are picking up


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