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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  January 23, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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it's thick there. also parts of eastern contra costa county. some of that is beginning to move back across san pablo bay and parts of the city. a system is on the way for tomorrow. eight tomorrow morning into early afternoon. it easterly breeze at the oakland airport. 30s and 40s for the temperatures. fairfield was 37 now it's at 41. 41 in fremont. mid 40s and atherton and menlo park. 43, montero. pacifica, 45. the cr is okay today. a winter storm watch begins 4 pm on wednesday. snow could get down to 1500 feet. the system will give rain, good north of the golden gate. 50s for the temperatures. near 60 in san jose. traffic is going to be okay. i am looking at the maps and traffic on interstate 880. it looks pretty good as you are
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driving through. no major problems driving on 880 two downtown oakland or on 580. at the bay bridge toll plaza we can see traffic is going to be okay as you drive through. no major issues but there is a backup. the metering lights went on around 5:30. at the altamont pass we have slow traffic on 580 but it's not a huge delay more than you would normally see. if you're driving from livermore to dublin, a looks good. southbound 880 has slow traffic approaching a crash clearing at decoto. traffic is slowing down in haywood, union city, as you drive through -- toward the decoto exit pick a magnitude 7.9 earthquake struck early this morning off the coast of alaska. the usgs said it happened around 1:30 our time. a warning went out every possible tsunami but that has
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been canceled. in the bay area we are under a tsunami alert for the next several hours. the sonoma alerts one from alaska down to the california- mexico border. >> about 90 minutes ago tsunami warnings and watches have now been canceled. the bay area shoreline still poses a potential danger. leigh martinez is live in san francisco with an update. >> reporter: good morning. the tsunami watch was canceled, however, city officials are warning that the water may still be dangerous. they say the water along the coastlines and harbors and inlets could still have unpredictable and dangerous strong currents. you are being advised to stay away from the coastline for the next 12 hours. early this morning the san francisco department of emergency management that people living within three blocks from the pacific coast or five blocks of the san francisco bay should prepare to evacuate.
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the original tsunami watch was for the california coast down to the mexican border. a more serious tsunami warning was issued for alaska and british columbia. this is video from kodiak alaska of the evacuations. a tsunami may appear as water moving rapidly out to sea, a gentle rising tide, a series of breaking waves or a frothy wall of water. persons caught in the water could drown, be crushed by debris or be swept out to sea. it's advised you had to higher ground or inland. before 4:30 am, the tsunami watch was canceled for california. >> although the tsunami watch has been canceled, there is still a possibility of strong currents in the water. we advise people to stay out of the water for the next 12 hours. >> if there is a serious threat of tsunami, if it's upgraded at any point in time, the emergency management said they will send out emergency text alerts and also have the sirens
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going and also law enforcement will be out using the pa system , driving around and warning people and blocking roads. >> thank you. hundreds of thousands of federal workers can go back to work today. congress passed a stopgap funding measure yesterday and the president signed that into law last night ending the three day shutdown. doug luzader has more on why we may be facing the same crisis next month. >> reporter: this is the image of the shut down this morning. a white house photo of president trump signing into law a short-term funding bill to reopen the government. on twitter he spiked the ball. a big win for republicans as democrats cave on shutdown. republicans clearly see this as a win. >> if we learned anything during this process it's that a strategy to shut down the government over the issue of illegal immigration is
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something the american people did not understand. >> reporter: democratic leaders defend their decision saying what they got from the shutdown was a commitment to consider the daca issue, protections for young, illegal immigrants. >> if an agreement is not reached by february 8, the senate will immediately proceed to consideration of legislation dealing with daca. >> reporter: but there is plenty of anger among other democrats about the trade-off. >> we could not go against our conscience and vote for a bill that hurts american people. >> reporter: and a host of possible democratic white house contenders for 2020 voted against the measure. when this comes to head again as we approach february 8, it could be a bigger mess. >> if the drumbeat picks up we could see democrats coming back once again with an aggressive standpoint, setting up another crisis on february 8. prompt was up early this
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morning criticizing the democrats and cnn. the president tweeted out -- even crazy jim acosta of fake news cnn agrees trump world and white house sources dancing in the end zone. trump once again. schumer and the dems caved, gambled and lost. today for your honesty, jim. california senate is voted against. kamila harris posted a statement -- the comments fell short of the ironclad guarantee i needed to support a stopgap spending bill. refused to put the lives of nearly 700,000 young people in the hands of someone who has repeatedly gone back on his word. senator feinstein issued a statement -- for four months republicans have promised a vote on the dream act and for four months they kick the can down the road. they spent weeks passing a tax cut bill for the rich and that of working on a belt to keep the government open and help daca recipients. two san francisco
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supervises what the board of supervisors to provide additional funds for legal assistance to undocumented immigrants. supervisor sandra lee fewer and hillary ronen are holding a news conference at noon today to announce legislation that they are sponsoring to provide increase funding for the legal assistance they say the city's new immigrant legal defense unit needs additional funding in response to recent threats by i.c.e. of raids planned in san francisco. crackdowns on impaired drivers don't just happen during the holidays. the chp is launching a zero- tolerance campaign. the chp is putting every available officer and member of the command step on the lookout for dui drivers from now until the end of the month. officers say before people take the first drink or let up for the first time they need to make plans to get home safely. >> they're not thinking of the consequences. as a result you're getting deaths and injuries on the freeways. not just chp officers but also motorists on the way home. >> the issue is close to home for local chp officers. last night another impaired
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driver struck a motorcycle officer burke officer martin lendway on highway 4. he is recovering now from two roque and legs. a crash in hayward code officer cammalleri and injured his partner. they were on interstate 880 the southland mall watching for drunk drivers when a suspected driver slammed into their vehicle. petaluma police are warning residents about someone posing as an officer and asking victims to pay a fine. the impersonator rode a bicycle, stopped a person driving south of the outlet mall. the impersonator told the driver his headlights were not working. he later asked the driver to fill out a form including writing down his social security number. the suspect told the driver to pay a fine immediately or the fine would double the next day. the driver did not have the money and did not pay the fake fine. the suspect is described as a white male in his 20s with a medium build. he wore a black bicycle helmet and dark-colored jacket with no badges. some petaluma police do ride
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bicycles but carry a badge and police patches. a former ucsf surgeon is expected to change his plea this afternoon. doctor christopher owens was arrested for unlawfully prescribing oxycodone 36w2 people who were not his patients. that included his girlfriend who mysteriously died in a shower and was found the next morning. owens was the last person to see her alive. officials say they cannot charge them with her death. he originally entered a not guilty plea. three leaders of the usa gymnastics team, of usa gymnastics has resigned. the 2012 team coach is now under suspension. this comes as more than 140 women and girls have testified in a sentencing hearing for doctor larry nassar. he is the former gymnastics team doctor who had been convicted of sexually abusing
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several ealy gymnast. he is facing a minimum sentence of 25 years in prison. another reported incident involving tesla's autopilot technology. >> this involves one of the company's cars and a fire truck. we will show you what happened on a busy southern california freeway. the raiders may be moving to las vegas but one group of committed fans is not giving up their fight. we tell you about the legal options they are hoping to pursue. fog is kind of a story this morning. not for all but it is forming for some. rain is on the way for tomorrow.
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the raiders a losing to las vegas but some things have not given up their fight. >> alex savidge joins us live with more on the legal action that may be taking place. good morning. this group of committed fans is still working to try to keep the raiders in oakland. at the least they said they would like to make sure that an nfl team winds up laying here. later this morning a group called, we stand with oakland, will hold a news conference outside the alameda county administration building in downtown oakland. the group will be talking about the legal options they have related to the raiders' relocation to las vegas. nfl owners have already
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approved the move to las vegas where plans are in the works for a new stadium which is expected to open by 2020. this coalition of fans and community leaders and local politicians believes that even if the team leaves, there is a legal strategy for oakland to keep the raiders name and colors. that is one possible legal option they're looking at. this group, we stand with oakland, will unveil more of their plan, the legal strategy related to the raiders' relocation when they hold a news conference outside the alameda county administration building at 8:30 am. >> we will need to stand by and watch for those developments. let's check traffic with sal on what looks like a busy tuesday. we do have a problem in oakland. i'm trying to pull up a camera
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for your. it would be 880 in oakland. let me tell you they crash on south on 880 at high street. we managed to turn one of our cameras to face south. southbound 880 at high street. the two left lanes are blocked. 8 cars, no major injuries although there are some injuries. emergency vehicles are blocking the left lanes. that's why traffic is slow. i would not recommend 880 south at this point. i would use something else. i want to mention that traffic is going to be busy as you drive through on 880. traffic is also going to be slow northbound. let's go to the east bay. traffic on 880 south is also slow from hayward to union city heading south. the nimitz freeway is off to a tricky start. an alternate route, eastbound 580, is a good one. it looks good out to 238.
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we will keep an eye on that for you and let you know. we are looking at a crowded livermore valley commute if you're driving in from tracy. slow traffic here and on 580. by the main part of the livermore area, it looks okay. the bay bridge is probably one of the top two or three you try to reporting, correct? have you seen what's going on? look at the fog coming in. >> that fog was not there a little while ago. >> it was not but it is now. it came back over san pablo bay, parts of the city and there's plenty to go around north and east. not as much to the south but we will see. that fog has set up shop quick considering we only had one dry day. tomorrow we have rain. the fog is in place. is not enough of a priest to chew it up.
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a system tomorrow. 35 at napa airport. 30s for novato. low 40s for some. 43 in half moon bay. 40 at morgan hill and gilroy. upper 30s in ben lomond and scotts valley. right at 40 in los gatos. ukiah, 38. 21 and 25 for truckee and reno. in the mountains, you are okay. by wednesday at 4 pm, a winter storm watch starts for the sierra. snow levels around 3000 feet. maybe around 2000 feet around shasta. a system is on the way tomorrow. a similar pattern, the best opportunity for rain would be north of the golden gate. after that it will weaken. that seems to be the trend.
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maybe another three quarters to an inch and a half for some around santa rosa and points north. far less to the south. one model is wetter than the other. the trend has been to decrease the rainfall as we get closer to it. 50s for the temperatures. mid-fifties, upper 50s and near 60s for some. watch for the valley fog. rain will developed tomorrow in the late morning. >> that fog rolls in from nowhere. >> we see it all the time. san francisco supervisor's will be busy. >> they will take up the issue of columbus day. we will show you what's being voted on later today. a move by the white house rocks the renewable energy industry. how costs are expected to search.
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we can now repair complex at saortic aneurysmsare, without invasive surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for varicose veins. and if we can precisely treat eye cancer with minimal damage to the rest of the eye, imagine what we can do for glaucoma, even cataracts. if we can use dna to diagnose the rarest of diseases, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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the san francisco board of supervisors set to vote on a proposal that we recognize columbus day as indigenous peoples day. supervisor malia cohen introduced the legislation to honor the native americans that were here. several other cities around the country have already replaced columbus day with indigenous peoples day.
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we will talk with the supervisor about her proposal coming up. tesla driver said his car was on autopilot when it slammed into a fire engine in southern california. the engine was part of the emergency left lane on the side of the 405 freeway near los angeles yesterday when the crew was responding to a crash. no one was standing behind the fire engine at the time. firefighters estimated the tesla is going around 65 miles per hour when the crash occurred. the driver was not seriously injured but the tesla was badly damaged and there's also damage to the fire engine. tesla said the autopilot function is only supposed to be used when the driver is giving full attention to operating his car. and uber driver and san luis obispo county facing rape in grand theft charges. investigators say alphonso nunez would use the system to find potential victims. they say he looked for college aged women who'd been drinking and wanted a safe ride home. investigators say he would assault and robbed them once he took them to their home.
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>> we will absolutely prosecute this case in our county. his immigration status is not relevant for the purpose of this prosecution. >> officials say nunez is an undocumented immigrant. he does have a california drivers license which can be legally obtained by undocumented immigrants. they say they have linkedin 2' 4" other attacks and are asking anyone else who may have been a victim to contact officials. local police remind uber users to double check that the driver who picks you up is the driver you are expecting. two men from the east bay have died in separate struggling incidents at the same state park beach in maui. the honolulu star advertiser said a castro valley man was swimming on saturday when friends onshore noticed he was facedown and unresponsive.
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he was later pronounced dead at the scene. on thursday, a 50-year-old oakland man also died was darkling at the same beach. authorities have not identified the victims. the spending plan that allowed the government to reopen provided long-term funding for a health insurance program for low income children. funding for the children's health insurance program ended on september 30 because lawmakers did not reauthorize it. states have been running short of funds for the program waited for congress to act. the measure approved yesterday funds for chip through 2023. intense moments during a planned disruption by dreamers outside of disneyland before the vote. dozens of daca recipients alice blocked buses from entering the theme park but were quickly removed by police and relocated to a sidewalk. activists organized the event. protesters say the demonstration was symbolic
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saying the theme park is where dreams come true but that daca recipients are still waiting for their dreams to come true. they say they are tired of living in constant fear of deportation. president trump has approved new tariffs on several imported goods the white house hopes will help u.s. manufacturers. most notably was an immediate 30% tariff on all imported solar modules. nearly 30 us-based solar manufacturing companies have been forced to close in the past five years because of what they say is competition from cheaper alternatives coming from china. solar installers and manufacturers of solar related equipment believe these new tariffs will ultimately hurt consumers by reducing the competition. the new tariff also impacts many appliances made outside the country. a major earthquake in the gulf of alaska triggered fears of a tsunami this morning. >> the watch for the bay area and the entire west coast has now been called off. we will tell you why authorities are still watching the water. >> reporter: city leaders could
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take steps today to nominate and appoint a new temporary mayor. we will explain what changes that would mean for city leadership. we have a tough commute on interstate 880 and out. there is a crash at hyde street and traffic is slow heading down south. think about of an alternate route. fought for some and at last check it was not at the bay bridge toll plaza but it is around t.i. some of it is on the deck so be careful.
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. tuesday, january 23. i'm frank mallicoat.. >> i'm claudine wong. dave and pam are off this morning. a magnitude 7.9 earthquake did strike this morning off the coast of alaska. the usgs said it happened around 1:30 am our time. tsunami watch issued for parts of washington, oregon and california was canceled after 4 am. >> this tsunami warning issue for much of the coast of alaska and british columbia was also canceled an hour ago. officials say a tsunami did form but does not pose a threat to anyone anymore. as far as the impact, no reports of damage or injuries
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but it was a scare because it was a big earthquake. >> at the time we were expecting it to arrive about now. >> that's right. if it traveled as planned. >> instead of the earthquake, we have fog. >> let's take the fog. some of that is really thick. there wasn't much but now we have a lot. look at that. a blanket has formed over san pablo day. temperatures in dew points a very close so it does not take much for that to form. the breeze is a slight easterly so it will bring that back in. some of the fog could be slow to burn off, especially toward the eastern parts of solano and contra costa county and north. a system will be here late morning, early afternoon tomorrow. low 40s and 30s. napa airport, 35. american canyon, 38.
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winds are, 35. one more system in this pattern . this will bring rain tomorrow. after that we go dry for a while. 50s to near 60 for the temps. we do have a problem if you're trying to get to oakland airport. we had a crash at high street. that clearing it now. it was blocking all the lanes for a moment but now blocking the two left lanes. minor injuries. it is causing a backup from downtown oakland all the way down to high street before it gets better. if you're trying to catch a flight out of oakland international, i would suggest using a different route. you can see slow traffic exists all the way out to the accident. it's also slow northbound. i would use 580 eastbound as an alternate route if you're going to drive through oakland. use 580 and connect with 238 to
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get back on 880. slow traffic at the macarthur maze coming around to the bay bridge toll plaza which is crowded as well. the south bay commute really has not woken up yet. traffic is getting more crowded but we do not have a lot of stop and go traffic yet. today, the san francisco board of supervisors could take steps to appoint a new mayor. >> allie rasmus is live in san francisco to talk about why some city leaders have called for a new interim mayor who would replace the act and mayor, london breed. >> reporter: the san francisco board of supervisors have their regular meeting this afternoon and one of the items on the agenda is to accept nominations for a new temporary or interim mayor. london breed has been the acting mayor of san francisco since december 12 when then mayor ed lee died unexpectedly.
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read had been the board of supervisors president and under charter rules, the person in that role automatically becomes the acting mayor when there is a vacancy. breed is also running in the special election in hopes of winning the mayoral seed permanently. other supervisors who are also in the running for this special election expressed concerns that breed, as the incumbent, gives her an unfair advantage. that's when some supervisor started calling for a temporary mayor to fill the role for the next months until the june 5 election. on the agenda today, supervisors will be able to go ahead with the process and nominate or appoint a new interim mayor as early as today. this only happens if they have enough votes and that's what is not clear. any possible nominee that could be thrown into the mix this afternoon would have the support of at least six supervisors. we will need to see if that happens. back to you guys. a south bay youth pastor is
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under arrest, accused of sending sexually explicit messages to a minor. investigators say 24-year-old luis cruz cruz send two sexually explicit images of himself to a 13-year-old girl using social media. authorities say he met the girl at san jose seven day adventist church where he worked as a pastor for the youth. the girl and her family attend the church. investigators say there is evidence he may have sent similar photos to other young people and are asking other possible victim to come forward. a judge in san francisco turned down a request by the city of berkeley to dismiss a civil rights lawsuit filed by a group of homeless people. the group camped on land owned by bart on the border between berkeley and oakland for about 10 months until bart ordered them to leave last october. the members say before that berkeley police made them from 12 different locations and
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seized property. the lawsuit accuses the berkeley of unlawful seizure of property, failing to give them notice and retaliation for comments criticizing the treatment of people who are homeless. the standoff we told you about yesterday in san jose is over. police started negotiating with a man who had barricaded himself into a room at the wyndham garden hotel on sunday afternoon. police say they were able to  take the man into custody this morning and no one was injured. police told us the man had felony arrest warrants against him. police are not saying at this point how they managed to get the suspect out. today, santa clara county board of supervisors are discussing jail reform including replacing their main jail. this plan unveiled called for a seventh story, 815 bed jail. the county has reduced the jail population with bare reforms and diversion programs. the plan calls for 535 bed facility on the site of the existing main jail south which would be torn down. the new facility would offer
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bigger classrooms, health clinic and larger recreational space. the board is expected to set up a model for an independent jail monitor to oversee the county jails. we are learning the man accused of killing two girls in antioch when he crashed into a pickup truck they were in may be related to them. 23-year-old noe saucedo was charged yesterday with two counts of murder. he did not enter a plea. outside of court, saucedo's mother said she's heartbroken over what happened and set her son is a distant relative of the girls he is accused of killing. >> she said, we are family. we've always known each other. i am asking forgiveness from the family. from my heart i'm asking for forgiveness. may god bless them. >> saucedo is accused of killing the sisters. he ran a red light and plowed into a truck driven by the girls' mother. authorities say he was trying deputy when he smashed into the truck on highway 4. investigators and rohnert
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park are trying to find the driver who may have witnessed a police shooting last week. authorities releasing these images of the vehicle. this was taken outside the public safety building on the night of sunday, january 14. an armed man fired several shots at the building and yelled he wanted officers to kill him. police say they ordered him to drop the gun but when he walked toward them and officer shot and wounded him. investigators want to talk to the person in the car who may have valuable information about the shooting. and santa cruz county, for thieves who struck a toys r us. the sheriff's office posted the surveillance video online of the theft. authorities say based on the level of sophistication and the planning involved they or sure the thieves have hit other stores. anyone with information, please call the santa cruz county sheriff's office. two of bart's new train cars are out of service, three
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days after making their debut. the agency said some new cars are due for routine maintenance because of the tests. critics say taking cars out so soon after a rollout is a bad sign. candace nguyen went to bart for answers. >> reporter: the monday after their big debut, eight new bart cars carried passengers at the start of the work week. the problem is they were supposed to be 10. >> they probably still have some issues to work out. >> reporter: three days after celebrating the new cars. bart confirmed it took two out of service for maintenance. a spokeswoman said it's not a surprise to them telling us they had projected only 7 of the 10 cars being in service during the initial rollout. bart said the new machines are complex and operators and technicians face a learning curve. also, some cars are already do for routine maintenance.
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>> probably have to wait and see . >> reporter: people have been waiting. 2 investigates has been holding bart accountable for months reported on the fleet of the future project being a year and a half behind schedule. by now the bay area was supposed to have not just dozens but hundreds of new cars from the manufacturer. >> i think everybody who uses bart on a daily basis when they see the nine car train come by rather than the 10 car train, that's a huge reduction in capacity and that's because it is an old system. it is breaking down. they had promised to be in front of those breakdowns by getting new cars in service and they've not been able to do that. >> reporter: in an email bart said, are competent the fact that two was undergoing maintenance today does not extrapolate into a larger systemic problem. the pilot cars have passed all our tests and all the cpu's test. on monday riders who did ride
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the new cars said they enjoyed it. >> it's quite nice. pretty convenient. it's a more gentle ride. i like the screen. it tells you where you are at on it. >> reporter: still, some, given the history, refused to give bart the benefit of the doubt. >> the bigger picture is the more delays are bound to happen in the years ahead. a tsunami watch for the bay area has been lifted after a powerful earthquake in the gulf of alaska. why people are still being warned to stay away from the water pick the long road to recovery. the difficult decisions ahead for fire victims and why for some rebuilding is not an option. denominations for the 90th academy awards -- week will tell you who could bring home the most oscars. unexpected backup on the east bay commute. 880 southbound is slow because
6:41 am
of an accident on high street. that is making it slow. we have alternate routes for you coming up. some of that fog is dancing on the bay and parts of the bay bridge. otherwise, a dry day. tomorrow will be a different story.
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welcome back. you can see the dow is down slightly. there are some burning reports coming in lower than expected.
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verizon missed expectations. the s&p 500 is up but the s&p -- but the nasdaq is down. earnings are coming in. lots of new subscribers to netflix. cisco reportedly sold three office buildings in san jose. this comes from recent layoffs. cisco sold several buildings in north san jose to a san francisco-based realty group. last year cisco cut more than 700 jobs. the company has not commented on the sale of its buildings. two well known brands will be owned by the same company. bermuda-based, bacardi rum, and announced its buying the maker of petrone tequila. the deal allows bacardi to add an additional brand-name liquor to its list of spirits. this includes grey goose, bombay sapphire and other
6:45 am
realms. bacardi is the world's largest private spirits company. it held a minority stake in petrone since 2008. apple could be getting ready to pull the plug on its iphone x. insiders are reporting apple could be planning to discontinue the new model after introducing its new line of phones later this year. apple is worried that if it sells the x at a discount it may eat the sales of the new devices. new numbers from apple show the less expensive iphone 8 outsold the iphone x last year. thousands of families burned out of their homes and the north bay wildfires are deciding whether to stay and rebuild our move to another area. dan bradford was lucky enough to find his blueprints and is the first to rebuild his house. many neighbors are looking for a contractor to build their
6:46 am
houses at once to save time and money. other neighbors say they are going to take their money and leave. >> it's too expensive. their insurance was short and they can't afford to rebuild. the whole county in general is an expensive area to live. it sounded like many were going out of state. in santa rosa alone there 103 vacant lots for sale and only 125 properties available in all price ranges. >> for many victims the insurance coverage as less than current inflated building costs. that's why many of the lot buyers or investors who want to build and rent or sell and flip as lot rises -- lot prices rise. here's a look was coming up next at 7:00. good morning. coming up, as we work to learn more about what was happening and what many described as a house of horrors in california, we know the couple accused of starving and torturing their 13 children dreamed of making it big on reality tv. the brother of one of the turpins said the mother was
6:47 am
fixated on the reality show, k+ a. more details on how the family may have merit other popular reality shows. many stores have a generous return policy when it comes to makeup allowing customers to return items they've opened and tried but have not liked. now there are questions about what happens to those returned items. we tell you about allegations involving a chain with many outlets in the bay area and how the company is responding. i'm sure it will surprise no one when i say i buy most of my makeup and drugstores. i've returned items, i assume they go in the trash but it looks like maybe that's not the case. >> i always assumed the same. thank you. how about traffic. let's kick it over to sell -- sal. i think i'm here. my voice is here. i use makeup on this face as well.
6:48 am
you should see it. let's look at the commute on 880 southbound. it's pretty slow. i want to mention if you're driving to the airport, you will see an unexpected slowdown heading south and a slowdown north as well. there is an accident at high street. northbound traffic is slowing early as you drive past oracle arena and up to high street which is just out of camera view. it's up here where the accident is. once you get past the crash, it looks okay. on the map you can see the traffic will be busy as you drive on 880 south and north approaching the accident. the good thing about this is you can use 580 as an alternate route. 580 looks good heading eastbound. take that out to 238. bay bridge toll plaza, a backup that stretches beyond the maze. a 40 minute drive between the carquinez bridge and the maze. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is backed up for a big delay. let's bring stephen.
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there is no fog at the toll plaza get. it's on parts of the bay bridge. we do have some fault near the golden gates coming coming over san pablo bay. watch out. it could be thick in spots. some of this continues to drift back. 33 and clear in cordelia. no fog here but there is some by fairfield and napa airport. fog would be the only real issue today. some of that will lift and some will not. certainly to the east, that's where it put down the stakes and does not want to go anywhere. one more system in the pipeline. that will be here tomorrow. there is an easterly component at the oakland airport and the oakland hills. 30s and 40s for the temperatures. starting to cool off, livermore
6:50 am
down to 41. napa airport, 35. 30s in walnut creek and blackhawk and danville. 42 and el cerrito and lafayette. a little chill in the morning air. 19 in truckee and 38 and ukiah. this er is okay today. winter storm watch starts tomorrow at 4 pm. this will go through friday morning. snow levels north of writing could get down to 1500-2000 feet. the system here has a ways to go. it looks like tomorrow morning, late morning and early afternoon will be the arrival time. lifting before it swings in. rainfall will be one of the best for some although the last system north of the golden gate was very good. not so much to the south. this one looks to be better if this projection is correct. the trend has been to cut back on rainfall projections as we get closer to what. after tomorrow, the forecast looks very dry.
6:51 am
if the long-range outlooks are correct, february 1 through the eighth, not a drop of rain as high pressure builds in on the west coast. that's the way it looks after thursday. let's see if it holds. 50s for the temperatures today. if you're in the fog you may not get over 55 or 56. if you can, low 60s. tomorrow, some rain after 10 or 11. >> may be a good day for a movie. >> there is plenty to watch. the nominations for the 90th animal academy awards have officially been announced. >> we have a look at some of the oscar nominees for lead actor, timothy schemel lake. daniel day-lewis for phantom thread. gary oldman in darkest hour and denzel washington for roman j. israel, esq. >> the nominees for lead actress, sally hawkins, francis smith dormant for three
6:52 am
billboards outside ebbing, missouri. margot robbie in, i, tonya. and saoirse ronan for lady bird and meryl streep for the post. >> the nominees for the best picture are call me by your name, darkest hour, dunkirk, get out, and lady bird. phantom thread, the post, the shape of water and three billboards outside ebbing, missouri. the shape of water led the pack with 13 nominations will dunkirk scored 8 and three billboards outside ebbing, missouri got 7. >> that's the longest title ever. and it won the golden globe for best movie. >> i have not seen it yet. it's on my list. the academy has announced new protocols for handling envelopes at the oscars to prevent what happened last year when la la land was mistakenly announced as the best picture
6:53 am
instead of moonlight. it will have an additional personnel and oversight plus practice for what to do if a presenter reads the wrong name. >> there will be a third ballot partner with a complete set of when -- winner's envelopes in the control room. coming up next, bill cosby returning to the stage ahead of his sexual assault retrial. >> we will talk about what he had to say during a surprise standup appearance. what was the governor of hawaii doing a false missile warning? why the governor failed to send out a correction. woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do.
6:54 am
the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
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>> well, the most active volcano in the philippines continues to erupt. it sent nearly 60,000 villagers fleeing to evacuation centers. lava fountains gushed up to 2300 feet above the volcano's craters. ash plumes reached high. so far no immediate reports of deaths or injuries. the gun industry will hold its biggest annual trade show this week in las vegas, a few miles from where 58 people died in the mass shooting. the shot show convention begins today and will run through friday. some of the specifics of the show are still a mystery.
6:57 am
but a company that manufactures bump stocks will reportedly not be in attendance. the gun accessory gained attention after the mass shooting. it allows a semi automatic rifle to fire faster. people are being told to avoid the water. wastewater flowed into monterey bay. eight beaches between marina state beach and cold water cove were closed. officials say an equipment failure is to blame. the health department says people should stay out of the water until at least friday. and we're learning more about hawaii's governor and his response to a false alarm warning of an imminent missile attack on the islands. the governor says the public was not addressed sooner because he forgot his twitter password. he took some of the blame for the panic.
6:58 am
a second alert clarifying there was no threat to hawaii was sent out 38 minutes after the initial notice. soon after officials confirmed that the alert was a big mistake. san francisco police are praising two good samaritans for stopping an attack on a convenient store clerk. they released video of the december 14th incident. the clerk was pulled down to the ground and put in a chokehold. moments later you will see two good samaritans enter the store and break up the attack. they helped officers track down this man. he was booked on aggravated assault and burglary charges. bill cosby returned to the stage since 2015 as he awaits a retrial on the sexual assault charges. >> sit down and be quiet. let me tell you something about being blind.
6:59 am
>> 80-year-old performed in a jazz club in his hometown of philadelphia. his tour came to an abrupt stop after assault charges came to light. that case ended in a mistrial and a retrial will begin in april. cosby has pleaded not guilty and remains free on bail. ♪[music] ♪ sweet caroline ♪ and legendary singer song writer neil diamond announced he will be retiring from touring after a diagnosis of parkinson's disease. he said with great reluctance and disappointment i announce retirement from concert touring. this has been so good, so good, so good. he plans to remain active in
7:00 am
writing and recording and some of his other projects. diamond, by the way, is one of the best selling artists of all time with record sales topping 100 million records. he has 38 top ten songs on the billboard charts. the tsunami watch was canceled. but coming up, why city authorities say you should still stay away from the water. the government is reopening this morning. but why the threat of another shutdown still looms. this and more ahead on mornings on 2. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> 7:00. thanks for joining us. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning again. i'm frank mallicoat in for dave clark. let's go to steve with more on the weather. >> weather department is open this morning. >> open. >> just so you know. gasia, good morning. >> no fog on my way in, by the way. >> you're lucky. >> i'm one of the few. >> you're one of the fe


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