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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 24, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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and the decision to increase tuition. tolls on bay area bridges could go up. the support for raising the tolls and when you could have a vote. >>[screaming] >> an outspoken opposition, the san francisco city hall after a new interim mayor is selected. those who were opposed of the vote of supervisor mark farrell. good afternoon, everyone. i'm mike. >> i'm gasia and showers are on the way. let's bring in mark for the next timing of rain. >> the rainfall will pick up in intensity. already rain up along the north coast. approaching ukiah, reporting heavier rainfall and sliding into sonoma county. a big range in rainfall totals and most areas will pick up an inch -- the coastal hills, isolated amounts approaching two inches.
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winds gusting to 40 mile-per-hour and the sierra will pick up snow fall. this is a major snow producer in the sierra. winter storm warning starting right now at 12:00 wednesday lasting through thursday and into friday morning. here is a progression of this next system coming onboard up toward eureka and you'll notice it is dry in the south bay. dry out toward the east bay, but san francisco, there's lots of clouds in place, but rainfall approaching the north coast. we're closer to ukiah and they have been reporting heavy rain within the past hour and this is sliding into sonoma county. as we come in closer to cloverdale approaching hillsburg and hop land, this is heavy rain making a comeback and this will be the theme through the afternoon hours and the key impacts for us is going to target the afternoon and evening commute. here's our live camera looking toward oakland. solid cloud cover. 2:00, this approach is san
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francisco and oakland anden cam passes the -- encumbrances the bay area. lots of ponding on the road and gusty conditions. and low visibility. that's our next system coming on onboard. we'll talk more about this and this will linger on your thursday's forecast. >> mark, thank you. later today the university of california will be voting on whether or not to increase increase student tuition for the second straight year. >> alex savidge is where he heard from frustrated students. >>reporter: mike and gasia, good afternoon. students turned out this morning and told the ucregents, they cannot -- told the uc regents they cannot afford another tuition hike. the barriers are up where the regents are meeting and u.c students spoke out during a public comment period and they
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urged the regents to vote against this proposed tuition increase for the 2018-19 academic year and this will hike tuition by 2.5% for in-state students and they would pay $288 more a year in tuition. out of state students would see a 3.5% increase in their tuition. and they'll be a fee hike of $54 for all students. this would be the second straight year of increasing tuition and u.c. students say another hike would hurt. >> it sounds like everyone's hands are tied, and this is like the last resort is asking students for more money. and we don't have it. and it's time for you all to go to legislature, go to the governor or go to whoever else because you're getting paid to do this job. i'm supposed to be in my class right now, but we have to do this. this vote shouldn't be on the table in the first place. the campuses have asked for this increase because enrollment
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is at an all time high, and the university says the money will be going to hiring factuality and improving student services. uc spokes person says under this plan, at least 100,000 in-state students wouldn't pay more because the increase would be covered by their financial aid. there is also a middle-class scholarship program that will cover part of the increase for families earning less than $165,000 a year. the uc rooekz rengents will discuss this for a public meeting at 4:00 this afternoon at the uc san francisco mission bacon friends center and then we are told that some time during that meeting, some time after 4:00 this afternoon, the regents will take a final vote on this tuition increase. could be $13,000 a year for an in-state student. san francisco has a new interim mayor. farrell was
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sworn in after a tense board of supervisor's meeting and the board voted 6-3 to appoint him to caretaker mayor until the june 5th election. and he replaces breed. it comes after heated -- some people accusing the board of racism and sexism. >> >> my focused and my job as mayor is to represent everybody in the city of san francisco. no matter what their race, ethnicity, religion, my job is to represent everybody and i'll do that. supporters of former acting mayor breed wanted her to keep the temporarily job while she runs for the permanent position. some progressive leaders objected to breed being both acting mayor, president of the board of supervisors and then someone who on top of it all is running for the full time position of mayor. coming up at 12:30, hear breed's response to last night's vote. are you willing to pay more in bridge tolls to cut down on traffic congestion? that's the question bay area voters will
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decide in june. allie rasmus is here to talk about the ballot to increase these tolls. >>reporter: port authority are in a meeting and they're expected to approve a resolution today that would put a ballot on the initiative before voters, an initiative on the ballot this june that if approved by voters would increase the tolls at all state owned bay area bridges. that's all the bridges except for the golden gate bridge. the base toll for most bridges is $5. at the bay bridge, it's $4 because it's a non commute time. if voters approve that commute in june, the base toll would go up to $6 in 2019. $7 by 2022 and $8 by 2025 and that would reduce congestion like adding more bart cars and more bart extensions and more express service and a new ferry system
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and even possibly the beginning of a second [indiscernible] for bart. >> the money is raised in the bay area. it stays here in the bay area, and does a thing to relief the corridors we did not do in any other way. the federal government is not going to bail us out. it's not going to happen. the state government is not going to do it either. if the -- here's a plan to do so. some of the people we spoke with say they're unsure about this solution and i'm sure the idea of paying more for already expensive bridge tolls and everyone we talk to something has to be done about the congestion on our bridges and tolls. absolutely, i do. but i don't know what the answer is, and there's no money other than paying tolls, where is the money going to come from. i don't see the roads improving, i don't see anything improving. even if folks aren't necessarily wanting the toll
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increase, it's going to go towards all things that make alternative forms of transportation more accessible and that are -- it's going to make them happen which is going to help everyone. the toll authority spokesman says under this proposal, there would be a discount for drivers who have to cross two bridges. they would pay half price to cross the second bridge in a single trip. this toll increase would have to be approved by voters in june and right now the bay area toll authority is expecting to approve that resolution that would put this on the ballot before voters. back to you guys. >> alli rasmus, thank you. the sports doctor who admitted to molesting gymnast under his car will spend life behind bars. >> the right to convey -- i will carry your words with me for the rest of my days. >> nassar was sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison today and
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the judge told them she signed his death warrant and shed is was her privilege and honor. nassar pleaded guilty for molesting -- about 160 victims or their relatives spoke at this sentencing hearing. [indiscernible] that keep me fighting and [indiscernible]. sometimes there's a better tomorrow. it's the promise to little girls everywhere that i won't stop fighting for you. nassar was sentenced earlier to 60 years in federal prison for child porn crimes and he's said to be sentenced next week on more sexual assault crimes in michigan. an update to a story we brought you yesterday. the man found on fire in san francisco yesterday has passed away. a woman discovered the man in an alley in the mission district and she told police she ran into a local coffee shop to have someone call for help while she tried to put out the fire. police continues to investigate
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the incident. they're calling it suspicious and they're working to find surveillance video. investigators trying to figure out what caused a late night fire that damaged businesses in west portal. it happened before 11:00 last night on west portal. the fire quickly spread through four different stores on the block. firefighters stayed there at the scene overnight looking for hot spots. part of the roof collapsed at a hardware store. the fire damaged the sloane square beauty salon and the west portal daily newsstand and grocery store along with a vacant shore. they share the common attic and the businesses that burned are popular with the people who live in the area. i'm very concerned -- excellent business, absolutely corner stone of the community, they provide great service, i feel very badly for the staff, for the owner, for the manager, and the excellent business center. i hope they can get back and running. >> firefighters were able to keep flames from spreading to
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apartments behind the businesses. no injuries reported. san francisco police are investigating a double shooting that happened last night leaving one person dead and another wounded. the gunfire broke out about 5:15 on richland avenue north of 280. the first officers on the scene provided first aid. one victim was rushed to the hospital where he later died and a second victim is expected to survive. authorities spent several hours working the scene last night and talking to witnesses. upon arriving at the scene, we found two victims of a shooting and the suspect fled the scene on foot according to witnesses at the scene. >> off camera, witnesses told ktvu they saw a woman and man arguing and heard four to six gunshots. as of right now, police are only say the shooter was a man. a critical count to make sure the homeless have the resources they need. coming up, one man's heartbreaking story as contra costa county tries to keep track of people living on the streets. president trump heads to the
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president trump headed to switzerland to attend -- >> tensions mount in washington over the president's stance on immigration. reporter caroline shiefbly has more from washington. >>reporter: president trump touting the u.s. as a power
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house. tremendous investment by companies from all over the world. there has never been anything like it. the promotion coming as the president aims to sale his america's first -- the world economic forum in switzerland. treasury secretary stephen arriving ahead of his boss. >> it's about economic growth to invest in free trade, kind of -- we're looking forward to it. >> 2,000 protestors marched for the financial district carrying banners protesting against -- >> we're protesting against the economic forum. >> president trump is the first to attend -- he's going to hold discussions on -- dispute reports the president used an expletive to describe countries
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in africa during a meeting. the trip coming as -- republicans and democrats deeply divided over boweder protections for young immigrants. >> we have to start on a new basis and the wall is over the table. president trump will meet with -- caroline shively, ktvu. there's a -- this morning the attorney general sessions threatened to subpoena cities that don't provide documents to show who local law enforcements are sharing -- sessions made it his top priorities to crack down on illegal immigration. he threatened to withhold federal funding from sanctuary cities including san francisco, oakland and san jose. about we're at lunch time. many people thinking ahead to their drive home which for many of them could be wet, mark.
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it will be a challenge, gasia and mike. santa rosa reporting heavy rain for the 12:00 hour. so beginning to inch into the north bay, if you can't see on the radar, so 11:00, we had heavy rain up in ukiah and the rain is moving south. there you go towards ports of mendocino county. the airport between the santa rosa and windsor and that's where we have the heavy rain report and is spreading to the south. highway 101 so watching out for rain. here's our live camera looking out toward [indiscernible] and solid overcast. between now and 2:00, we're going to introduce rain into the central portion. bay and that rainfall could be heavy at times. it's not going to be a live event. you can see with our timing through the afternoon hours, closer to 4:00 in the south bay.
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over the next four hours and we'll get breaks as we head toward the evening. can't be dry, but still the most intense rain happening over the next five to six hours out there. rainfall amounts, one of the forecast models suggesting about a half an inch to over an inch and a half toward cloverdale. be watching out for that and for the coastal hills. we could have isolated amounts, we show you toward the coastal hills of sonoma county, maybe approaching two inches. a lot happening out here in the pacific. a progressive flow and we'll be changing by the weekend, but today the rainfall will be developing. thursday, you can see the speckle cloud cover, that's cool air. you'll notice that cooler air and possibility of lower still levels even here in the bay area. maybe a dusting of snow toward mount diablo and mount hamilton. weekend will be a dry, weather pattern. no rain threat at all for the upcoming weekend. if you're thinking the sierra, this will be a major snow producer especially up above 8,000 feet.
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we could have amounts topping two feet so a winter storm warning just started for the west slopes, the sierra, this begins and continues through today, thursday until 10:00 a.m. friday. here we are this afternoon. 2:00, that rain line moving to the south. 4:00, approaching the south neighborhoods and then more breaks in the action tonight, and then tomorrow, this is the cooler part of the system. the cold part, so this could generate thunderstorms and possibly the lower snow levels even here in the bay area, so this is thursday 10:00 and still widely scattered showers rolling through throughout the rest the day on thursday. forecast highs this afternoon will be in the 50s to right around 60 degrees. and here's a look ahead so we're watching out for the rainfall developing this afternoon, off and on showers for your thursday with a possibility of a thunderstorm. then mike and gasia, we're going to dry things up as we head toward friday and the weekend. if we get a dusting of snow fall in the bay area, photographers like that, it could be a nice scene.
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>> get the chopper up there. >> always dramatic. >> get the little ones out there too. with the rain coming the next few days and continued cold weather, the city of san jose want to make sure homeless people have a warm place to go. warming centers will open tomorrow and stay open through friday at several locations including the alan rock library and san jose open the centers when temperatures -- the annual homeless count in contra costa county is underway. >> this is the first time i have been homeless in my life. >> 175 workers, volunteers are heading out across the county to visit the homeless. the volunteers are documenting everyone living in shelters or on the streets who need permanent housing. there were 1,607 people in last year's homeless camps. >> five years ago i had a house up the street on castle hill. my son was murdered, and life
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kind of just went spiralling down after that. >> today's information from the count will be used to gage the homeless problem and plan services accordingly. up next, toys r us announced they're closing more stores and we'll tell you which bay area stores will be shutdown.
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taking a look at the market on this wednesday afternoon.
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the dow jones up 53 points and the nasdaq down 43 points. airlines down sharply after united continental says it plans to ramp up capacity and matel dipped after toys r us says it will close 20% of its stores. >> toys r us is trying to recover from bankruptcy and fallen holiday sells and the closure of 180 stores will begin next month and will continue through mid april. here are the bay area cities -- fairfield, pittsburgh, pinole, union city and san jose which has two locations closing. business leaders spend a lot of money lobbying federal lawmakers, but one bay area company spent more than any other company. goggle's parent company alphabet allocated $18 million to lobby congress and
12:25 pm
federal agents last year and goggle was interested in -- facebook, amazon and apple set new company records for the amount of money spent on lobbying last year. starbucks employees are going to get a pay raise and other perks. workers will get a pay raise in april and a second one in one year and get stock grants and parental leave. this will affect -- the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%. online ' em employment site -- employment glass door released its top 50 jobs in america and for the third year in a row, number one on that list is the high tech job of data scientist. meeting base salary, $110,000 and second is the type of computer engineer who works with software developers and their
12:26 pm
salary, 105,000. the criteria for the list including earning potential, satisfaction rating and the number of job openings. millennials are getting better at saving money. 16% of millennials has $16,000 saved. that's double -- 47% have $15,000 in their savings and that's up from 33% three years ago. dispute these numbers, the majority of millennials struggle with -- coming up, a test program to help families in need. backed by facebook executives to give a monthly stipend to low income families in one california city. a new interim mayor in san francisco. a former acting mayor breed is reacting to what should are calling a controversial decision. for singing definitely dry mouth has been a problem for me.
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i'm also on a lot of medications that dry my mouth. i just drank tons of water all the time. it was never enough. i wasn't sure i was going to be able to continue singing. i saw my dentist. he suggested biotene. it feels refreshing. my mouth felt more lubricated. i use biotene rinse twice a day and then i use the spray throughout the day. it actually saved my career in a way. biotene really did make a difference. [heartbeat]
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the board of supervisors in san francisco voted to replace acting mayor london breed are supervisor mark farrell. >> allie rasmus reports on this issue that surprised some and angered others. >>reporter: the board of supervisors voted 6-3 to appoint farrell as the city's new interim mayor and that means the acting mayor breed had to step down from that role.
12:30 pm
this was her reaction about that vote. >> it wasn't about who supports me or who doesn't support me. i have to work with my colleagues and being diplomatic and continuing to move forward. that's what a real leader does. you don't walk around with a chip on your shoulder and you don't hold grudges, you keep moving and get the work done. farrell's appointment came after hours of public comment and tense debate. after that vote, breed supporters were upset and says racism and sexism were out to oust the first african-american mayor. breed be call the acting mayor when the late mayor ed lee passed away on december 12th. there's a special mayoral election -- over the past month, supervisors raised concerns that breed would have had an unfair -- which was the reasons the supervisors said they decided to appoint farrell. farrell will hold that post temporarily as interim mayor
12:31 pm
between now and june 5th. last night he was sworn in with his wife and kids by his side. the most important concern for me is the continuity of the city and county of san francisco. residents waking up tomorrow morning, expecting buses to run-on time, they expect police officers to be walking the beat, public works cleaning our streets, and all vital services to of the public expects us to deliver as a city and we'll do that. >> farrell will have to appoint a replacement for his district 2 supervisor seat which covers the neighborhoods of the pacific heights and the marina and parts of russian hill. in san francisco, alley rasmus, ktvu, fox 2 news. the board of san francisco supervisors also approved a proposal recognizing columbus day as indigenous people's day at last night's meeting. san francisco's supervisor cohen introduced the legislature --
12:32 pm
a community in kentucky continues to grieve after yesterday's deadly high school shooting. people gathered last night for a prayer service at a church in benton in southwest kentucky. they prayed for the two students killed and the 17 others who were hurt. the 15-year-old boy is now in custody. officials say he'll likely face murder charges. witnesses say the shooter opened fire with a handgun while students were gathering before class. one student said he kept shooting until he ran out of ammunition and then was arrested moments later. police have yet to release a motive for the shooting. we're learning new information about the man who barricaded himself inside a san jose hotel for more than 24 hours. edward ruiz iii was wanted for an alleged home robbery on january 13th. he's adduced of using a shot gun to gain entry into that home assaulting a victim and robbing the property on sunday afternoon. he was located. holdup in a room at the in sin college valley -- a room in silicon
12:33 pm
valley. he was taken into custody. walnut creek are investigating a hit-and-run crash. it happened at north main street and second avenue last night. it's off 680. two pedestrian were hurt and thy were transported to the hospital. police say they did catch the hit-and-run driver a short distance away, but they're not releasing any other information. the santa clara voters will decide whether to remove persky from the bench. they have collected enough signatures -- he drew criticism after sentencing swimmer turner to 6 months in jail on his conviction for sexually assaulting an intoxicated and unconscious woman at a forecast party in 2015. critics say the sentence was too lenient, but he said he was following the orders of probation officers. the city looks into accusations of sexual
12:34 pm
harassment. the san leandro city council voted to place zapata on leave while they investigate he harassed a ceo of a david -- which provides services to the working poor. saturday zapata denied any wrong doing. he's -- still protecting our state's financial reserves. the governor leaves office with california much better shape than when he took over. california is projected to have billions of dollars in surplus money but the governor is cautioning lawmakers not to over spend. the ktvu will have a crew in sacramento tomorrow to bring you full coverage of the state of the state address and we'll have a live preview tomorrow morning on the 9. the city of stockton is
12:35 pm
launching an experimental program to help the poor. the city will give low income families $500 a month for the inspire year. this project will examine the economic and social impact of this money on the families. mark zuckerberg pushed for this concept while another facebook executive donated $1 million to the the project. a quarter of stockton residents live below the poverty level. the banning of fur clothing could be -- a neighborhood committee is considering the ban. a vote is expected shortly. the measure sponsored by supervisor tang who says it will save animals from being killed for their fur. the measure would exempt secondhand and vintage stores. if passed, san francisco would be the third city in california to ban fur sales after berkeley and west hollywood. the mcclymonds high school won back-to-back championships.
12:36 pm
a local professional sports team has stepped in to help. >>reporter: the mcclymonds high school team may have recently won the state championship for the second year in a row, they even had a parade through oakland last week to celebrate, but still something is missing. the championship rings like this one from last year. the team dressed here in white in the championship game last month went undefeated. the players -- to the players the ring mean a lot and richard played -- >> the ring would be something i can treasure for my whole life and i can show it to my family and children -- >> to the student manager and league girl on the team, the ring represents a lot of hard work. it's something to say we did something that not a lot of kids our age especially coming from west oakland has done. >> the problem is the ring made of silver cost about $400 each. that's money many of these students or their families don't
12:37 pm
have. >> everybody is struggling, and nobody's parents want to tell their athlete or even my mom didn't want to tell me that, like, you know, we might not be able to get that ring. >> my mom, single mom, she had to support me and my support. the jeweler makes the price and some rings are more expensive than the ones we have so we went the cheapest route. last year the oakland unified school district paid for the rings through the oakland athletic league, but this year the school district is facing budget cuts and buying rings just isn't possible. but that's not the end of this story. word got to the oakland athletic's baseball team which started a page to raise $25,000 for the rings and badly needed football equipment and the team issued a statement saying we feel it's our responsibility as an oakland sports team to support local student athletes. we are extreme proud of mcclymonds high school and the students say
12:38 pm
they're moved by the fundraising effort on their behalf. people who understand how it is to live in our community, even to us it's wonderful. >> with a lot of hard work, the mcclymonds high school may be in the same predicament next year. >> and so far that site raised 6,099. for a link to the fundraising page, head to and click on web links. housing demands are at record highs in the bay area. in a moment a break down of the housing push in the south bay. as many homes are sold and listed within days. and more rain is on the way as we give you a live lookout there at san francisco bay. near buena island. up next, mark tells us what to expect for the rest of the day.
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part of the span of the bay bridge is set to become a public pier under a plan approved last night. an oversight committee says three piers will be redeveloped for public access along the shoreline. the group says instead of spending millions, they can offer spaces for boaters and spectacular views of the bay all at little coast. the deck could be complete by the end of the year and a similar project is proposed -- down to santa clara county where homes are selling faster than anyone can remember even as the prices soar.
12:42 pm
the average days on the market nine days until they're sold and as jesse gary explains, the homes on the market, they're not there very long. >>reporter: like a grill master, kim robertson knows when a prime cut is ready. the same can be said of his home -- >> like a guy that's ready to sale a house and that's happy to sale a house. looks like a guy that's going to do well. you just added to your bank account. we work hard for it. >> the robertson's listed their craftsman style house in san jose glen neighborhood last thursday. asking price, $1.5 million. even at 7 figures, hundreds ever people came over the weekend and as recently as monday night to see and wish upon a star. five days later, he's accepting one of seven offers according to realtor -- >> does it surprise you you can get a house tuesday and today
12:43 pm
this surrenders and -- >> it doesn't surprise me, not with the market that we're in here in willow glen. it's just an area that's in high demand and the inventory is low. high demand and low inventory explains the blessing and curse of selling and buying real-estate in the south bay. santa clara county, realtors say there's 350 single family homes for sale. and in a normal market, there would be 1200 so the lack of supply is moving inventory and the average listing last nine days before it's sold. in some cases, realtors say properties are selling even sooner. when the sign goes up, announcing a pending sale, dozens of buy ares are bidding in hopes of avoiding a bidding war, few survive. there's a ferm for all this, it's called the goggle affect. experts say goggle and other high tech -- it has increased
12:44 pm
demand for good homes, close to mass transient and award winning school districts. i expect any homey put on the market to be sold in two weeks. realtor jeff holland says this two bedroom town home in a gated community in san jose's valley neighborhood came on the market last thursday and will be sold next week if not this weekend. >> as long as there's low inventory and not enough homes and interest rates are still incredibly attractive, the market is going to continue to go up. for buyers, it pushes a -- but for sellers such as the robertson's, timing the market is leading them to a place in the sun in florida. we got to leave -- >> but you don't leave empty handed? >> exactly. that's a good thing. in san jose, i'm jesse gary, ktvu, fox 2 news. some people who live along the coast and bay are complaining they didn't receive
12:45 pm
emergency alerts when the tsunami watch was issued earlier yes morning. the san francisco department of emergency services did text and tweet about the tsunami watch saying quote if you're within san francisco and three blocks of the pacific coast or five blocks of sfa, prepare to evacuate. that's because the experts weren't sure if there was a tsunami, but they wanted people who opted into the system to be able to leave if a tsunami was detected. >> the reports of a tsunami is being evaluated. >> if you're not opted into the system you won't get the alerts from the system. state lawmakers are proposing a single system for all of california, and bun that can be used for all kinds of emergencies and they want to target danger zones to a square block. we're getting rain pretty soon here. i'm excited for it. i'm really excited for it and it's going to be quick. it's not going to linger around for 
12:46 pm
day. a big burst with sun. we grew up in the bay area when you're inside for recess. that will be happening over the next few hours here as that front moves from the north bay which is moving into sonoma county ask spreading to the south. rainfall expectations, most areas will pick up between a quarter of an inch to an inch. but we could have a few areas for the coastal hills and isolated amounts topping one inch and massive amounts -- winds gusting to 40 miles-an-hour and a winter storm warning for the sierra. take a look at the numbers. you can see these numbers adding up ask these are rough estimates here. you get the idea. we're not talking about a few sprinkles and everybody picking up over a quarter of an inch. here's the satellite and the radar, the bulk of the rainfall all morning long has been along the north coast, and here's the coverage right now. so still dry in the south bay. still dry in livermore, but there's the coverage right now moving into the north bay.
12:47 pm
so mendocino county, lake county and you see the little whites showing up on the lay car, that's the snow fall with the snow fall up in the hills there. and here we go, rainfall moving into portions of sonoma county, so out toward windsor and roener park and that trend will continue, that rain line moving to the south over the next three to four hours. wind speeds up there as well. out of the south in advance of a storm direction. that's the storm, the wind is coming from the south and that's happening right now. sfo, that's a gust to 20 miles-an-hour. so lots of clouds in place over a good portion of the area for your wednesday afternoon and a lot happening out here in the pacific, so for today we have the main frontal passage for this afternoon, and the key headline the afternoon and commute will be a challenge out there with the downpours. tomorrow, cool showers. tomorrow is one of those deals where it's sunny and passing clouds, and then maybe some thunderstorm with possibility some hail. watching out for that on thursday.
12:48 pm
the weekend, it's an easy one. dry, and a bit of a warming trend after morning fog. this will be a snow producer with a winter storm warning in place. it started at 12:00 today. right through thursday until 10:00 a.m. friday and snow levels -- the snow fall above 8,000 feet could be topping two feet. so here's our forecast model. this is 3:00 this afternoon. once again we are concerned with the afternoon and evening commute. this is 4:00. and then some more breaks in the action. it won't go completely dry, but breaks later on tonight and with these showers tomorrow, this could trigger some thunderstorms and possibly some hail. cold enough we could have a dusting of snow up above 3500 feet. so we're thinking in mount hamilton and mount diablo and showers rolling to the bay area thursday afternoon. so watching out for those rain clouds, increase in coverage this afternoon. and here's a look ahead. what is nice, we need the breaks and we will get a break, so after thursday, we're going to warm things up into the weekend, in fact, more 60s out there.
12:49 pm
just taking a look at the weekend forecast. it's going to be in the clear. thinking about the snow fall. this will be the best weekends to be in the mountains so it's headed our way. >> get the fresh powder. thank you, mark. the golden state warriors beat the knicks last night thanks to a good second half. >> lee and what a block. 2-1. curry three. and [indiscernibl. >> that's how you do it. curry hit eight three pointers and left arena with about 3 point asks durant left this game early with under three minutes left in the game. durant thought he was fouled and there was no whistle and he would have words with the referee and he was told to hit the locker room. this was his 4th ejection of the season. the warriors still won. the warriors are sending four
12:50 pm
players to the all-star game -- curry, durant are voted in as starters. this is the 9th time four players from one team were selected, but this is the first time it happened in consecutive seasons. the san jose sharks came out against the jets ask they lost more than the game. winnipeg scored 3 times. the sharks started their come back and managed to tie it up at 3 all with a pass to tyranny. the jets took the game and took 5-4 in overtime and the bigger concern is an injury. he hobbled off the ice after hurting his right leg. about an hour later, the team posted this to its twitter page saying he'll be out for several weeks with an acl injury.  [ music ]  
12:51 pm
sir elton john makes a huge announcement about his future. up next, details about his next tour. sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. open enrollment ends january 31st, so don't miss out. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today.
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we're about two weeks away from the start of the winter olympic games in south korea. >> greg has more on the
12:54 pm
preparations still underway. >>reporter: south korea is honored on wednesday with a special inauguration ceremony of the start of olympic activities of the pyeongchang games and officials are promising a flawless event. they'll make it the best winter games and we'll make preparations. >> final security preparations are underway. the military is holding drills preparing for international terrorist and organizing special accommodations for north korean -- >> we need to protect the athletes and step up security. >> official was hoping the games will defuse tension with the north. but there's new signs north korea may hold a massive military parade the day before the olympic opening ceremony.
12:55 pm
and the cia is warning, they're expecting jong un to fire missiles at the same time. something the u.s. to consider military options. their testing capacity has improved putting them to a place where americans can be held at-risk. >> those -- filet joint women's hockey team. >> in london, bringing, ktvu fox 2 news. after last night -- it resulted in a new mayor taking office. we will hear from acting mayor mark farrell and get reaction on former acting mayor breed being voted out of that position, that is today on the four on 2. let's take a look at stocks before we go. a little up. a little down, but we're end ing the dow jones gaining 1 quarter of one percent.
12:56 pm
>> looks like yellow brook road coming to an end for elton john.  [ music ]   >> elton john announced he's retiring from the road. the retirement will come at the end of a three-yearlong farewell yellow brick tour. it will have stops in san jose, oakland and sacramento. he's 70-year-old and he's a singer and composer and he wants to spend more time with his family. his children will be 10 and 8-year-old when the tour is finished. >> it does look like it will be up to you whether or not you want the tolls to be boosted here in the bay area at least on bridges. they approved a resolution -- to put it on the ballot in june. the toll possibly going up to $3 more on those bridges. >> i think i remember when the toll was $2. >> a $1 on the golden gate if you want to go back. thank you for joining us at noon. our coverage continues on
12:57 pm and we'll take you back you up here for the fours on two. ,,
12:58 pm
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