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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  February 1, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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distancing itself from one of his famous graduates. what palo alto is doing a bit of scandal in hollywood. good morning and thank you for joining us. it is february 1. i am pam cook. . >> i am dave look. were starting with the big problem of the derailment of the bart system. . >> the situation can only get worse as we approach the height of the morning commute. let's check in with alan savage. you have information about the derailment and an impact on the commute. >> reporter: good morning to the we should point out that this derailment of the maintenance vehicle caused damage to some of the equipment on the tracks. so there will be repair work
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that will happen. it will be an issue for some time. we are here at the fremont station this morning. people are trying to get on the train right now could be running a bit behind schedule. there are significant delays this morning about the fremont/warm springs line. this is what it looks like at the fremont station. this is a video we shot early this morning this happened at around 3:20 am. no one was hurt in this accident but a truck that is designed to drive along the tracks derailed this morning. there was damage that was done to the third rail. and the cover to the third rail. crews at the scene are doing two things, they are working to remove the maintenance truck and working to do repairs to all of the damaged equipment. in the meantime, train for single tracking to the area. they have to slow down as they come upon the south hayward bart station and proceed with
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caution through the area. that is slowing things down this morning and leading to delays. this could be an issue for some time as a repair work continues. . >> this is not a quick fix when you had to replace the rails and covers and repair the third rail. will have a better idea shortly . we want riders to know that if you're coming in from that fremont line, allow for extra time. all the stations are open. >> reporter: there is no word on why the maintenance vehicle derailed on the tracks this morning. it happened at around 3:20 am and the last word we got from the scene is that the maintenance truck is still sitting on those northbound tracks. they have not been able to remove the truck. even once they remove the truck they are trying to repair damage that was done on the third rail and the covers to the third rail before they can get the track open and have trained moving along the tracks
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in both directions. so you should expect significant delays along the fremont/warm springs lines. thank you for the update alex. for more on that we want to check in with sal. one of the things that i have noticed, the other trains on the line are doing okay, concord, if you are wondering about the concord/lafayette and trains headed toward san francisco they are doing okay so far. this is primarily affecting the fremont/warm springs line. let's look at the traffic approaching the bay bridge from the carquinez bridge. is taking 24 minutes to make that drive around the corner and continually out toward the toll plaza. there have been no major problems at the toll plaza. it is getting more crowded and it does look like we are seeing some flashing lights.
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maybe what is being pulled over or in the carpool lane. nevertheless, traffic is going to be backed up as you drive out to the maze. and looking at the commute on the san mateo bridge, that is heavy heading out to the high rise. traffic is not doing well at all on westmount 92. there was a crash eastbound near the toll plaza, but westbound i do not see anything going on just yet. i wonder if i can find something out. this is northbound 101 traffic and it looks okay. let's take a look at some of the temperatures from yesterday. it felt warm. . >> yes, you could feel the sun on your back. met carmel valley 76. santa cruz was 70 . >> yes, you could feel the sun on your back.
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met carmel valley 76. santa cruz was 71. san francisco today the eight. what is average is 59. we have a lot of high clouds over us. partly sunny by this afternoon. low 40s, you do not have to go far to find warmer temperatures. 75 in santa cruz. there are some very mild temperatures already for some. a high clouds and mostly partly cloudy skies. let's go back to pam and dave. a youth soccer coach is due
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in court on suspicion of sexually assaulting one of his players. marcial gonzalez, jr. was arrested wednesday at his mother's home in morgan hill. authorities say the suspected assault happened about two years ago but the victim and her parents just came forward. he coached at oak grove high school in san jose, live oak high school in morgan hill, south valley middle school in gilroy and the sentinel soccer club via the girls varsity soccer club in live oak was surprised to hear this news. then when you hear about that, it brings it home. obviously it is from morgan hill. it is disturbing. it seems to be a lot of that coming up. . >> administrators for the east side union school district issued a statement that the students are involved in this
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case. the district also said, we are shocked and deeply disturbed that this could happen. gonzales has been relieved of his position. the police say they are checking into whether there may be more victims. a man is facing charges of sexual assault for impersonating a police officer and raping a woman at a motel. he is accused of contacting the victim through an internet dating site earlier this month and arrange to meet her at the motel. police say he showed her a badge and a gun and ordered her to have sex with him. the victim, fearing for her safety complied. he was arrested in tracy last week authorities believe there may be other victims and they are asking people to come forward. federal immigration authorities say i.c.e. agents will no longer make immigration sleep for courthouses. the policy statement was released yesterday saying, i.c.e. will not make immigration arrest if i courthouses indiscriminately.
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agents can go to courthouses to arrest immigrants who are wanted for crimes and that others encountered in the courthouse like relatives and friends will not be taken into custody. the chief justice complained about immigration suite for courthouses and wrote a letter to i.c.e. saying agents should stop stalking courthouses. she called the new statement a good start. the white house is weighing in on whether or not to release a controversial memo that could embarrass the fbi in connection with the russia investigation. republicans are pitted against the fbi and a president trump has a big decision to make. we have more from washington. . >> this memo has been the subject of a bureaucratic tug- of-war. the president will have to decide this week whether we should all see what the memo says that the memo has caused so much anxiety around. >> reporter: it all in the hands of the white house now. a mysterious memo from congress
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detailing what is said to be fbi abuses in the russia investigation. white house chief of staff saying they are looking into it. . >> verifies the and typing and looking into it so we know what it means. it will be released quickly i think. >> reporter: republicans will the memo say it is alarming. the fbi fans has been clear. we have great concerns about material omissions the fact that fundamentally impact the memo is accurate. the democrats are saying the memo has changed before it was sent to the white house. there are two schools of thought, the fbi is trying to protect itself because the allegations are that explosive or, the bureau have legitimate concerns. . >> you need to take what they are saying seriously. that is not to say that this memo cannot be released or release a modified form. >> reporter: what is the other
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option ? are we going to pretend that this is not happened ? and that we are not going to see what's in the memo ? . >> that is an important point to consider. it is not released in a spur conspiracy theories. some residents question whether the city's emergency alert system after a two state night fire at the scrap metal. it burst into flames at sims metal management on fourth street sending a plume of toxic smoke in the air. the richmond fire department says the warning went out of's p.m. the sheriff's office says it was never notified by the rich and fire department to turn on it sirens. . >> as soon as you see black smoke from any industrial fire, there should be an emergency notification to shelter in
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place for those people in the surrounding area. . >> the richmond fire department says you can sign up for alerts on the community warning system page. authorities say there were no medical calls reported after the incident and the cause of the fire is under investigation. palo alto high school were james franco graduated is now reportedly painted over a mural that the actor made at the school following allegations of sexual misconduct. the high school student newspaper reports that the school's principal has ordered workers to paint over his mural on the student center. five women have accused him of sexual misconduct. there are other paintings by franco inside the media arts center. the principal said she made the decision to take down the mural because it is most visible to the outside community. more than 600,000 cars have been recalled. we'll see about new concerns about airbags and the models affected. in the house of cards resumed production without kevin spacey. who is joining
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the show ? temperatures for april 1 that . >> wait a minute, it is february 1. we are in 60s and the 70s. we'll see how long this continues.
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we are breaking news in arizona. these are live pictures, while fire burning in coolidge,
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arizona about 50 miles southeast of phoenix. a lot of smoke out there, 40 acres have burned so far. we have not heard of any structures that are in danger. several fire crews are trying to put up the flames. this is in coolidge, arizona. . >> steve said arizona is in the same window that we are that's not getting any moisture or rain. . >> that looks like a big while fire. just southeast of phoenix in coolidge, arizona. we will continue to follow this update you from our newsroom. . >> we are also watching this. today in japan 11 people died in a fire at a senior citizens home. reportedly the fire started just before midnight in the city of sapporo, japan.
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the smoke and the flames poured out of the three-story building. 11 people have died. the cause of the fire is under investigation. it has been a painful time for students and teachers at liberty high school in brentwood where 4 students have died start of the school year. liberty is located on second street right near city hall. the principal tells the bay area news crew that a female student died following a short illness. the principal did not disclose the illness but the health department has no special precautions need to be taken. a crisis center has been set up at the school to help students and teachers deal with the loss. three other students at the school have died since the beginning of the school year. no other details are on that. netflix has resumed production of the sixth and last house of cards without actor kevin spacey.
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but was put on hold after spacey was accused of sexual misconduct back in october. netflix says that diane lane and greg kinnear have joined the cast. the system will focus on robin wright character. let's go back over to set with a big problem and bart. how bad is the commute ? . >> we have not seen anything to major. but we see little signs. we are also look at some of the other commutes. bart is still running. they are single tracking around the derailment that happened this morning. it was a maintenance vehicle on the maintenance that . >> on the fremont/warm springs line. this commute is about normal from the carquinez bridge to the maze. you will see traffic will be backed up for at least another 20 minutes. we are looking at more people
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on the san mateo bridge. perhaps some of these people are on the road, mixed with others that may not ordinarily be on the road. san francisco, the northbound 101 traffic was okay and so does southbound 101. concord to walnut creek was pretty good. let's bring stephen with today's forecast. we have quiet weather here and also well above average temperatures. the boot is still out. watch the plunge of cold air in minneapolis. it is going to be brutally cold for some. on the west coast, it will be
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most sunny and warm. 60s and 70s for your forecast today. it is warm forecast for 1 february. and it was like a warm forecast for a while. the last rain was on 25 january with no rain in sight. this thing there may be rain around the 15th but that looks we. 68 is the forecast high for san francisco. there are many possibilities of record highs over the next couple of weeks. will have mostly cloudy skies in the morning and mostly sunny and partly sunny in the afternoon. there is an easterly breeze about the oakland zoo.
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it is all in place. the translate to warm conditions. look at the berkeley lab. 58 degrees, 54 in alameda and in san francisco. these are up by a good seven or 8 degrees five yesterday. they're looking at well above average temperatures in the mountains. high pressure has parked itself and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. lots of fun and warmer as we go into the weekend and dry, dry. 60s and 70s. we will see if things change. the first half of the month and was mild and warm. no statistics or professional advice.
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the issue is preventing suicide . we will tell you how this new movie may save lives. a judge takes a swipe at tender.
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more than 500 suspects were arrested statewide in the human trafficking staying. the three to raid called operation reclaim the rebuild was led by sheriff deputies and that to the rescue of 56 people including 11 girls. federal and local law enforcement agencies from across the state were part of the raids. . >> operation reclaim and rebuild was a three-day assault on one of the most heinous crimes a modern crimes, sexual expectation of another human being for profit. across california operation reclaim and rebuild focused on reclaiming or rescuing human trafficking victims and helping them to rebuild their lives. . >> here in the bay area, sheriff deputies teamed up with deputies in san rafael. they made six arrest during the operation. lawmakers in virginia are debating whether to charge $20
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to watch parnell graffiti on line and see other things considered obscene. uses can only unlock the site if they paid $20 to the virginia prevention of human trafficking fund. we do not know if that is a one time cost or an annual fee. toyota is recalling 645,000 cars worldwide because of a problem involving airbags there in electrical problem could prevent the airbags from inflating during a crash. the recall covers certain corollas, high landers, previous and lexus cars. they were produced from may 2015 to march 2016. toyota will notify owners affected. the state appeals court has ruled that villaraigosa for cannot charge more for its older
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users. those older than 30 have to pay $10 more than users younger than 30. the company was sued for age discrimination. it uses the pay scale because it is younger uses are less likely to use the service without a discount. they do not have as much disposable income. from the east bay to vietnam, local authorities uncovered a massive crime ring, the most coveted items and what tipped off police. thousands of marijuana convictions going back to the 1970s will be thrown out. what prompted the district atty. to make that decision ? that is coming up.
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good morning to you and thank you for joining us. today is thursday, the first day of february i am dave clark. . >> and i am pam cook. it feels like it is almost summer but it is not it is february. . >> it is pretty warm. if it's warm here it must be cold somewhere else. i know some of you are heading out to the airport go to the super bowl. take a jacket, gloves and a
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scarf. thermal socks. it is 26 below. watch chicago. that is the source of another arctic out break. for us, if it's cold there it must be warm here and it was. we were 70-76. high clouds came down and the northeast breeze. there is warm air aloft already. 40s and 50s are the tips here.
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mostly sunny and partly sunny and high pressure is our friend. it is large and in charge. it's not going anywhere for about two weeks. i think record highs are in our foreseeable future. we have had an issue with bart since the chomp. as a matter of fact steve, the issue is on the fremont/warm springs line. bart has significant delays on the fremont line. this is the vehicle here that we are looking at. they're trying to get off of the track and do some repairs, it will take some time. they say it will be until 8 am until they can get it fixed. meanwhile that mine is going to be delayed. the other lines are not experiencing major delays. let's go to the bay bridge. you say things are backed up to a 20 minute delay of a toll
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plaza. if you are using the san mateo ridge, this commute is busy. visibility is good. you get to highway 101 we have no major delays. highway 4 is slow with no delays. driving on 880, i don't see slow traffic like i normally do. were not sure if some of these people are in the car is that you can bart this morning. let's go back to the desk. thousands of people convicted of marijuana related crimes in san francisco will have those convictions thrown out . >> it is a big story, the convictions that happen before the marijuana laws changed. we explain what this is all about. >> reporter: some of these convictions go back to 1975, long before the state legalize the commercial sale and
6:33 am
personal use of marijuana. the district attorney says, in addition to the 3000 convictions that will be thrown out automatically his office will also review another 4900 felony convictions related to marijuana and consider on a case by case, possibly reducing some of those two misdemeanors. the criminal conviction for marijuana related crimes can hot people for the rest of their lives and prevent them from getting jobs and housing. and since it is not a crime today, it makes moral sense to have their records cleared. so the process will take no hearings, people will not have to hire an attorney. they do not have to come to court. we believe that this is the right thing to do and the just thing to do. >> reporter: those people who have been affected by the war
6:34 am
on drugs get a little bit of a break. from a system that has been targeting african-americans and latino communities since the 80s. >> reporter: california voters approved prop 64 in november 2016. and legalize the profession and person that . >> purchase of what -- of up to 1 ounce of pot. it is more fair to be proactive about this and dismissed those convictions for those who have misdemeanor convictions going back to 1975. our question of the day is this, how should your local district attorney handle the criminal records of people with marijuana related convictions ? let us know what you think by voting on the ktvu and twitter
6:35 am
page. you can also comment on our facebook page. fremont police have broken up an international crime ring. 8 people have been charged in connection to the theft of 2000 laptops and cell phones. they are to the breaking into cars all over the bay area to steal the items which are being sold on the black market in vietnam. in december, they saw shipping container in a storage facility being filled with 900 stolen devices. . >> we believe the estimate is about $2 million. it was mainly laptops but we had tablets cellular phones. . >> fremont police say the investigation started late last year with a notice of 35% increase in car burglaries in the city. they are working to return the stolen items back to the people who lost them. a man is in jail after they
6:36 am
found him prowling on the roof of a house in palo alto. a neighbor called 911 about 5:30 am reporting a man walking on the roof of someone's garage on oxford avenue. when police arrived, they say that mark harmon jumped over the back of the garage and man. the police found him hiding in bushes. they did not find evidence that he tried to break into the house. he is facing charges of prowling and resisting arrest. . >> san jose mayor announced his support for antonio villaraigosa , the former lost angeles mayor. he is the first bay area mirror to endorse villaraigosa and they agree on issues like housing and immigration. villaraigosa is well known in southern california but does not have the same recognition in the bay area as rival candidate gary new some. . >> he misses up the divide a little bit. that is not surprising. they are more moderate democrats.
6:37 am
they have a lot in common politically. the democrats were able to appeal more to the center to attract more of those independent and moderate republican votes. and that will be important. . >> there are 9 candidates for governor. gavin newsom leads all of them in fundraising with more than $16 million. san francisco, board of supervisors president london breeds that she is race $320,000 since announcing her campaign for mayor. the money is more than 1000 individual donors and not more than 50% of the donations came from people who live in the city. a bay area filmmaker is using a documentary to raise awareness about preventing teenage suicide. last night there was a special screening in mill valley. we have more on how this movie is helping teenagers all over the country. . >> how do you know is someone
6:38 am
is being a regular teenager ? >> reporter: jacqueline, a teenager which he made this film has friends who took their own lives. she wanted answers. truck she got answers interviewing high school students who had attempted suicide thought about it. and the 20 hours of footage became the hour-long documentary, not alone. . >> she felt like it teenagers heard it from someone else they would realize they are not alone. that this is something that they can live through. that they can deal with future is a film making its way through schools across the country. a capacity crowd came to view it at the mill valley community center. they noted that no family is a moon. >> they were star athletes and
6:39 am
great students had great friends. and children struggle but you do not think that they are struggling to that point. >> reporter: she speaks of it openly but so many families don't pay . >> they are scared if they talk about it will plant an idea of someone's mind. >> reporter: 12,000 calls come to the suicide hotline each year. one in for our young people. the point of the film, be the hotline yourself. . >> if you are worried about a friend, tell someone or an adult. >> reporter: young people may think they can handle it themselves. but every one of these teenagers, do not worry about making them upset, tell a parent or friend. >> reporter: as he keeps the depression and suicide going. teenagers and turmoil say they were ashamed to tell their parents. . >> they felt guilty for being a mess up. like i am provided
6:40 am
everything, my life is so good. i do not want to bring them down. truck families in the audience had questions and suggestions. >> reporter: not alone is a film with no adults in and no statistics, no professional advice, such as teenagers testimonials. it premiered at the mill valley film festival in the fall and is now on netflix, generating reaction from young people all over the world. think they are saying that was me i identify with this person. i felt hopeless and i do not feel all alone. california public schools have been required to have a policy of suicide prevention. . >> james franco is back in the
6:41 am
spotlight here in the bay area. the reason his former high school and apollo alto is painting over murals. check when you wake up in the morning is your facebook be the first thing you check ? the signs that people are changing their habits. it is no secret, buying a home is not easy. we will tell you where homes when it more than 30% last year, and the top market where millennial's are buying. highway 24 looks like it is getting crowded in lafayette, into oakland. high pressure, and the second one stick around for a while. there will be warm temperatures we are close to record highs with high clouds today. ♪
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for a limited time enjoy two free perks, like complimentary wi-fi and drinks. a savings for everyone in your stateroom when you book now, during the celebrity cruises sail beyond event. welcome back to mornings on 2. checking in on the numbers right now here is a live look. the dow is down 74 points. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 even down more percentagewise. good news coming in, lowe's announcing it will pay bonuses
6:45 am
because of the tax cut. but bad news from pandora. they say they will lay off about 5% of their workforce. this comes as pandora has struggled to compete against apple music and other rivals. we do not know how many employees will be laid off, but they last reported that it has almost 2500 employees. according to the san francisco chronicle, the company plans to expand its offices in atlanta because it is cheaper to operate there. facebook ceo says users are spending less time on facebook. businesses save facebook and its earnings report a 5% drop in the use of facebook. and happen after facebook changed the number of viral videos people see in the news feeds. but he is not worried about the
6:46 am
drop in numbers. and think the changes will be good in the long run. next week, uber will test electric bicycles. users can join an online wait list to reserve a bike. each ride will cost two dollars for the first 30 minutes and a dollar each -- and dollars each additional minute. is time to check in with a look at what's coming up. this morning san franciscans could be one step closer to deciding who will be the next mayor. the five candidates running for mayor spoke in a form last night. the plans for the city, the top issues discussed, and the familiar thing that emerge. some of my friends you standing desk here in the newsroom. a new study points to other health benefits. the comes from being on your feet instead of on your seats.
6:47 am
what you think of an idea of a standup desk. would you try a quick . >> it feels so nice to stand up. if you feel a little bit more alert. >> i am going to start. . >> there are so many benefits. i have that for you coming up at 7 am. strong demand and a limited amount of homes for sale are driving up prices for the bay area housing market. . >> there is a report by the real estate firm that the median sales price for a single- family home in the region was $755,000 last december. it's 14% higher than december 2016. this is the 69th straight monthly increase. san mateo home prices went up
6:48 am
17.6% to $1.4 million. santa clara county soared to 35% last year to nearly $1.2 million. . >> despite reports that say that millennial's are the renters of generation and looks like they are finding a house in the bay area's most expensive counties. santa rosa is ranking in one of the 10 places for millennial's buy a house. their research shows that millennial homeownership santa rosa shot up 11% from 2007-2016. as of 2016, 34.7% of americans under the age of 35 are able to buy their own home. right now, let's check in with sal. if you're waking up we are following a big problem on bart. select yes there are delays in the bart fremont/warm springs line because of the vehicle
6:49 am
that . >> how am i saying this ? it derailed. it derailed this morning at around 3:20 am between south hayward and union city station. they up in single tracking around the incident. the warm springs line is the only the legs, the other miser moving okay. but they will not be fixing this until about 8 am. here comes the train now getting through. trains are moving very slow around this delayed vehicle. delays are about 20 minutes. that's move along and take a look at 280 in san jose. traffic is moving along well. there have been no major problems. as you look at the map, traffic is beginning to flow on 85 and the 101.
6:50 am
as you look at the peninsula traffic it is slow in san mateo but the east bay traffic is that at least four between haywood and fremont. some people may be in the car because of the bart issues. the san mateo bridge is monetarily -- moderately heavy across the bridge. don't you hate it when you lose your train of thought in the middle of a tv broadcast ? . >> if you are heading to minneapolis for the super bowl, this will probably be the coldest morning. the forecast on sunday will be 9. but it could be worse, this morning it was 26 below. watch the plunge of cold air, focusing on chicago. there you go. 10 degrees in chicago. the plunge is heading down to the deep south.
6:51 am
the highs yesterday, there were a lot of 70s here. san jose today, if you are in san jose, or heading that direction, a possibility of a record high. my forecast is 71 and the record is 72 and 1982. so it will be close, the average is 64 degrees. the record low is 25 back in 1904. is there any rain in our near future ? no. the only it would be around the 15th. but the first 10 days of february look very dry. a lot of high clouds are cruising by, but that is it. there is a slight easterly component coming in off of the oakland/berkeley hills off to
6:52 am
the coast. that will translate into warm temperatures. 40s and 50s. we have a lot more 30 yesterday. look at lost all toes. last christmas party 58 degrees. san carlos is 53. there are already some rather mild temperatures. if you heading to the mountains, they are looking at a possibility of record highs. high-pressure is here to stay. the pattern storms that . >> shows very warm, dry air heading into the weekend. we will continue to be warm as we go into the weekend. a record amount of guns in
6:53 am
the one place you should not carry a firearm. the airport were the most guns are co
6:54 am
6:55 am
welcome back. insurance claims for last year's wildfires in california now approaching $12 billion. the fires hit the wine country
6:56 am
last october in southern california in december of the most expensive wildfires in california history. claims from the north bay fires alone are about $10 billion. the california buyers combine damage or destroy 32,000 homes, 4300 businesses, and more than 8200 cars and boats and other equipment. the 1991 oakland fire was previously the most expensive fire in california, that was almost $3 billion in insurance claims. bay area airports are seeing an increase in travelers since last year. sfo traffic hit the 5 million people. passenger numbers in oakland airport reached 13 million. the transportation security administration removed a record number of guns as well at airports across the country last year. close to 4000 guns were discovered and removed from
6:57 am
carry-on bags at checkpoints. of those confiscated, more than a 4% were loaded. tsa say grenades and gunpowder were also confiscated at airports. at mammoth airport let the way of the top airports in the country for people trying to bring guns on board a plane. if you are ready for the super bowl, super bowl lii is around the corner and purity is a big concern. they laid out their security plans to keep fans and players safe this weekend in minneapolis, police will be using armored vehicles and blackhawk helicopters and several cameras around the city. the security plan has been shaped by the recent incidents like octobers deadly shooting rampage in las vegas, they say they are prepared to pull off a safe and enjoyable weekend. . >> philadelphia and new england coaches have done the x's and o's and built the game plan and it will be the player's job to execute the plan. law enforcement it is the same thing, we plan and train, it's
6:58 am
game time for us and we are ready. even though there is a lot of security in place, authority . >> there is no specific or credible threat targeting the super bowl. the bay area pharmacies are running out of flu shots. cvs pharmacies are out of the flu vaccine for those under the age of 65 you can fly that . >> find the flu vaccine at safeway stores. one doctor says he is not surprised chain stores are running out of flu shots. then i do not think anyone expected to see such a crush for later in the season demand for flu vaccines. most people are giving them in october, november and december. . >> the cdc says there are plenty of vaccine available poor that's right.. of legal settlement has led
6:59 am
companies including 7-eleven to put up warning signs that say coffee could cause cancer. they argued that copy contains a carcinogen. the chemical occurs naturally in some foods they say they will post the signs rather than fight the lawsuit. starbucks is fighting the lawsuit. the wealth of organization does not consider coffee to be a carcinogen.
7:00 am
this is "ktvu fox 2 news at noon". >> 7:00 this thursday morning the first day of february i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning i'm dave clark. we have a major traffic alert for bart riders. >> we have been following this story since 4:00. bart experiencing systemwide delays with a maintenance vehicle derailing near the south hayward bart station causing problems. especially on the fremont and warm springs line. let's go live to alex savidge from the fremont station with a look at what this is doing to riders on the line.>> reporter: is a tough morning so far for the riders. at last check 10 to 15 minute delays along the fremont warm sp


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