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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  February 2, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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down here you can see that fire crews are still on scene and still working to contain the fire, making sure that it doesn't rekindle or spread anywhere. the fire started shortly after 3:00. fire crews received multiple 911 calls about the fire on fulton street. crews arrived to find that the fire had spread from one building under construction to a neighboring building. the building was unoccupied and the home next door had a family of five in it. and everyone made it out safely. and now the investigation is underway as to how the fire started in the first place. so at this point fire crews are monitoring the hot spots, making sure that the fire does not start up again. pirate investigators say that the fire started in the building that was under construction. and they are calling that the
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fire building. and they'll have the fire investigators determine how the fire started in the first place. and they are advising people to avoid the area for a half hour or so while fire equipment is still in the area. there's hoes on the road here. and they are advising people to avoid the area. this is a main artery for the morning commute for a lot of san franciscans. if you're coming through on fulton, just avoid it. >> thank you. let's talk about our weather as well. we have the latest from steve paulson. >> temperatures look to be well above average. the forecast highs -- livermore, 75, 75, 75, 74, 73, sold to the man out there by livermore. [ laughter ] records to beat today.
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santa cruz, 74 is the forecast high. the record is 83. that does not look to be in jeopardy. san jose does. liver would tie. san francisco would fall short. and a lot of these go back to the very dry 1976. we do have a few high clouds and that's about it. there's a slight offshore breeze coming off the hills to the coast which translates into warm conditions. 40s and 50s on the temps and around the bay, 63 at the berkeley lab. are you kidding me. tiburon, 57. and 56 in oakland. and 55 in san francisco. that's the official reading. so it's off to a mild start. records look to be in jeopardy for the next few days and the low pressure is locked in and high pressure has definitely built in to the west. dry and warm out until the 10th. 70s on the temps. 5:02 on a friday morning.
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we're doing okay on a friday. you can see the traffic is doing pretty well. let's take a look at the tracy super commute. and westbound 580 traffic is moving along very well and a little bit of slow traffic just after 205. and looks good from livermore. the whole drive. this is a look at interstate 880 if you drive to oakland it should be a nice drive as well. and this is a look at the bay bridge. the traffic is not so slow just yet at the toll plaza. at 5:03 let's go back to the desk. looks like president trump will release that controversial gop memo today. that has become a political lightning rod in washington. >> republicans are saying the fbi is out of control. and democrats say the republicans are trying to discredit the fbi. doug luzader has more from washington. >> reporter: the president
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signaled earlier in the week he wanted to release this memo. we may find out whether it is truly explosive or whether it's been oversold. president trump speaking at a gop dinner last night in washington. but he didn't mention what everyone has been talking about. the secret memo from congress that's said to lay out a case against fbi surveillance in the investigation in the campaign. the president should decide whether to sign off on the release. >> he's all about transparency. he hasn't made a decision yet. but he believes that summit is best in the -- sunlight is best in the session. james comey tweeted this. all should appreciate the fbi speaking up. i wish more of our leaders would. take heart. american history shows that weasels and liars never hold the field.
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not a lot of streets named for joe mccarthy. and this has broken down on party lines. >> if help to release that memo. he would not only be endangering our country but he would also be violating the rules of the congress of the united states. >> it is our job as the legislative branch of the government to conduct oversight if abuses were made. >> it was a tougher call a week and a half ago. at this point, everything has to be released. >> reporter: and we could ultimately be talking about not just the republican memo but a memo drafted by democrats and a response from the fbi. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. early this morning, president trump tweeted quote the top leadership and investigators of the fbi and the justice department have politicized the sacred investigative process in favor of democrats and against republicans. something which would have been unthinkable just a short time ago.
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rank and file are great people. this week, federal immigration agents ordered 77 northern california businesses to prove their employees are authorized to work in the united states. they have three days to show the paperwork proving all of them are in the country legally. businesses in san francisco, san jose, and sacramento received the notices. the operation showed stepped up enforcement of laws that bar businesses from hiring undocumented workers. last month ice agents raided 11:stores across the -- raided 7-eleven stores across the area. investigators plan to use dna evidence in a case of a deputy hit and dragged. it started near west a street and arbor avenue. the deputy on a motorcycle tried to pull over an suv for
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speeding. the driver stopped briefly and then backed the suv into the motorcycle while the deputy was still sitting on it. the deputy was then dragged. the driver tried to run over the deputy again. and investigators say the officer opened fire. >> in looking at that car, we do not see signs or evidence that he was severely wounded. it's likely he may have ducked down under the dashboard. >> after the suspect rammed the suv into the deputy. he drove to royal avenue where he ditched the car and ran away. law enforcement searched for 3 1/2 hours and never located the suspect. the deputy suffered only minor injuries to his arm and hand. and investigators later determined that the suv was stolen. an undercover police officer was also rammed while trying to arrest a suspect in a car break- in near alamo square park. that officer was on a bicycle.
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and was in the process of arresting a man who he saw break the window of a parked car just before noon yesterday. the driver of a black infinity rammed the officer. we're told the officer's injures are not life- threatening. the fin finnity driver hit another suspect before crashing at hate and buchanan streets. >> saw a black infinity hit a prius at the intersection of buchanan and hate. and two people jumped out, the passenger and driver, both of them split up into two different directions. and both going opposite directions. and i believe the infinity hit a couple more cars. >> the two people who ran are
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in custody. the suspect who was hit by the car was arrested and taken to the hospital. the police officer who was hit is part of a special unit that's targeting car break-ins which hit a record high in san francisco last year. the richmond police officer hit over the weekend during a side show investigation has been identified as 40-year-old ona may ojo. he was hit by a car early sunday and is recovering at home. he used to be a wide receiver in the nfl. and became a police officer when injuries ended his football career. 18-year-old juan vargas was charged with attempted murder and assault. his girlfriend was charged with conspiracy. happening today, lieutenant governor gavin newsom will be campaigning in san jose. he's hosting a town hall meeting to talk about his vision for the california and
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answer questions. he has been hosting town halls as part of the campaign for governor of california. the meeting starts at the laborer's international union. coming up. two candidates running for supervisor in san francisco are suing. they want to move the election up from november to june. why they say it's necessary to make the process fair. and also up next, the arizona house expels a lawmaker over sexual misconduct. good morning. we're off to a nice start here on a friday. traffic continues to look pretty good heading out to the high-rise. and our weather still looks pretty good. it's going to be sunny and warm later today with more record highs possible. very warm for this time of year.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 5:13 and the oldest son of the late suburban leader fidel castro has killed himself. the 68-year-old suffered from depression. he committed suicide yesterday. at one time he was one of cuba's top nuclear scientists, and was nicknamed fidelito because of his resemblance to his father. 18 people in shanghai were
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hurt. a minivan carrying gas tanks slammed into a crowd. the driver was smoking and accidentally ignited the gas tanks. the van jumped a sidewalk in downtown shanghai. and the driver was hurt and is being investigated for illegally transporting hazardous materials. a republican lawmaker is accused of sexual harassment. representative don shooter is believed to be the first lawmaker in the country to be expelled from his seat since the me too movement. this comes after outside investigators found he repeatedly sexually harassed women. shooter is denying the claims. voted to keep its ceo. according to the washington post. seven members of the humane
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society board resigned immediately after the decision to retain wayne -- the board reviewed the allegations by three women who claimed he harassed them. he's been the ceo since 2004. and he denies any wrongdoing. a federal judge ruled that florida's system of restoring voting rights for former felons is unconstitutional. a voting rights organization sued rick scott on behalf of several former felons who completed prison sentences and had their requests to restore the voting rights turned down. the federal judge sided with -- the system should be changed. a spokesperson for governor scott will continue to defend the system in court. we'll get you out the door on a friday morning. sal is right over there. how does it look so far? >> pretty good so far.
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we're looking at the gilroy commute. and traffic is looking good on northbound 101 coming up to gilroy. and continuing up to san jose. it hasn't been a bad commute at all. and it continues to look good. no problems on northbound 101 driving to morgan hill or the san jose area. the traffic continues to look very good. sunnyvale, cupertino, or saratoga, still looks good. this is northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. we're hoping that today is the day that we have the best commute of the week at the bay bridge. looks like it's just a little bit lighter. sometimes we have a full toll plaza. it's not full yet. we'll see what happens. let's bring steve in. >> sal kings tonight on espn. >> friday night plans already. >> these are the forecast highs. we'll take a look at livermore which will be in record setting
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territory. forecast high 75, 75, 75, 74, 73. and yesterday they did set a record along with half moon bay and sfo and also san jose. sfo 73, half moon bay, livermore, and san jose, 74. that's san jose and other areas today will be close. santa cruz will not. the forecast high is 74 and the record is 83. livermore could tie. santa rosa could tie 1982. san francisco would fall three short. and san rafael would fall four short. here's east san jose which tends to run a little warmer. oops, february 2nd, 76, 77, 77 are the forecast highs. way above 15 degrees on some. the last rain was the 25th of january. there's a hint, i mean a subtle
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one, an inside slider. i don't think it will do anything except pick up the breeze. maybe around presidents weekend. that's how far we have to go. the forecast models are in sync on high pressure. and there's a pretty good breeze off the oakland, berkeley hills. 63, above the caldicott tunnel. and 62 above the oakland zoo. this is warm air. and that breeze makes it to the coast. and everybody is in on warm temps. 40s morgan hill. and 50 -- and you don't have to go far to find warmer temps. there's the warm air aloft. 27 in truckee. and 58 in monterey. and some rain in the pacific northwest. and another system barreling in up there. they are getting a lot of rain and we are not. we are on the extreme of dry and very warm.
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cold air settling in. already there throughout the northern plains and great lakes. high pressure is large and in charge, dry and warm all the way through the 10th and beyond. 70s on the temps, and a mild, warm day for the everybody. and i don't see much change going into the weekend or next week. >> there you go. that's all we can do. >> steve, thanks. you heard steve. they took a snow survey in the sierra and it was disappointing. and the fears of the drought are growing. the department of water resources measured 13.6 inches of snow in the second snow survey of the year. that's 14% of the normal historical average. water officials say yesterday's reading comes two months into what is normally california's wettest three month period. and there's a new report showing more and more parts of california are plunging back to drought. look at these pictures. the u.s. drought agency says severely dry conditions exist
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in santa barbara, ventura, and l.a. counties. 44% of the state is in a moderate drought. and that's a dramatic increase from last week when the figure was at 13%. time is 5:20. a new measure on the june ballot could make it easier for california homeowners to install equipment to capture rainwaters, if we get it. if you plan to install the equipment, you have to have your home reassessed for tax purposes. under proposition 72, the reassessment would not be required. steve glazier said people shouldn't have to pay a tax penalty for saving water. the world's most famous ground hog made an appearance this morning. we'll tell you the prediction.
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and a warning about certain shellfish from monterey county. what officials are saying about the toxin levels.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 5:23. a warning not to eat shellfish you harvest yourself from monterey county. a dangerous toxin was found in mussels. it occurs naturally but could be deadly.
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it does not supply to commercially sold shellfish which are tested regularly for toxins. the apple home pod is a smart speaker like alexa and google home. the smart speaker system integrates with siri and it can act as a speakerphone. the price tag, $349. it's expected to be in stores on february ninth. time is 5:24. after four days on the market. elon musk's controversial flame throwers are sold out. they were sold for $500. the goal was to raise $10 million for the boring company, a company that he founded in 2006 with plans to create a network of underground tunnels to ease traffic jams. the company insists that the novelty flame thrower is safe and comes with a fire
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extinguisher. one lawmaker in southern california called it insensitive because of the recent wildfires we've had in california. he plans to introduce legislation to ban the flame throwers. aaa is helping to make sure that everybody gets home safely. aaa is offering the free tipsy tow service after the super bowl. if you've had too much to drink you can call for a free ride and a tow home even if you're not a aaa member. it runs from 6 p.m. sunday to 6 a.m. monday. what to you enjoy most about the super bowl? is it the game? is it the commercials? >> is it the food? or maybe you're not going to watch. time is 5:25 and gas prices are rising again. you may see $4 a gallon by
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memorial day. right now a gallon of regular unleaded is $3.30. and 47 cents higher than last year. normally, gasoline prices are at the lowest in the month of february. analysts are worried that the prices may keep going up into the summer driving season. people in willow glenn are on alert. a man looks like he's casing some homes. a school shooting in los angeles leaves several injured, but was it an accident? i'll have the details coming up. good morning. we can see that the traffic is doing well on the golden gate bridge. looks good as you drive to the toll plaza.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's friday, a pam cook friday, february 2nd. i'mday clark. >> i'll share it with you. why are we wearing red? >> i don't know. we woke up and thought about it. there's a reason. >> go red for women. raising awareness, heart disease. today is the day. go red for women. and share that awareness and talk about it. get those tests that you need
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to get done, right, steve? >> yes, i keep putting that off. but not all the tests. >> to i need to nag you. >> most of the tests. >> i'll be texting you. >> some of the tests are not fun. >> that's true. >> we have record setting territory for early if he can on the high temps. santa cruz, i do not think so. that's a tough one to beat. san jose is not. that would be a record going back to 1963. livermore would tie, 1967. 1975-- very dry around here. santa rosa would tie. san rafael, falling four short. san francisco 71, 55 today. average is 59, 47. way above on both. 74 in 1994, the record high. these are the forecast temps for east san jose going into
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your weekend. the average is 62. that's pretty warm when you're 15 degrees above average. it must be cold somewhere else. minneapolis has a wind chill of 19 below. yesterday was 26 below on the wind chill. the forecast is nine. they play in a dome. we have mostly clear skies. and there's an easterly breeze coming off the oakland, berkeley hills. you get up about not even a thousand feet. 40s and 50s on the temps. san francisco is very mild. and 50 in santa cruz. and 60 above loss gators -- los gatos. and for us. it's high and dry and not going anywhere. and the pattern is locked in. we are dry with above normal temps. 5:31. are things picking up, sal? they are a little bit. but i think it's going to be a
5:32 am
better day by looking at the indicators. good morning to you. and good morning to you at home. vacaville, fairfield, vallejo, traffic is okay. a little bit of slowing 37 west to sonoma and marin county. on 80 we don't have any slowing yet. when you get to the macarthur maze -- getting out to the bay bridge we have slow traffic. the metering lights went on. and i have a feeling that today we'll have a lighter than usual day if we don't have incidents on the bridge. back to the desk. one san jose school board will close three elementary schools because enrollment is down. they voted to close del roble, glider, and minor elementary schools starting in the 2018,
5:33 am
2019 school year. a decision will be made no later than march 1st. the families affected by school closures and boundary reassignments will be getting a letter with your child's new school assignment and grandfathering options that are available. once enrollment is finalized, staff assignments will take place. los angeles police say a gun brought to a middle school by a 12-year-old girl accidentally went off injuring several students. >> reporter: gunfire breaks out at a middle school, leaving several students and a staffer injured. authorities in los angeles say the shooter was a 12-year-old girl. >> 12-year-old, yes, with a gun. wow, that's something. >> five people were injured, two by gunfire. a 15-year-old male was shot in the head. and a 15-year-old female was
5:34 am
shot in the wrist. two other students and a staffer were injured in the resulting commotion. some were getting text messages from kids as the shooting played out. >> police are everywhere and there was a shooting. one of the kids got shot right in front of us. >> we asked him if he was okay and he said yes, i don't know what's going on. he was confused. >> the investigation is still in the early stages. losangeles police say the shooting was actually an accident. a classmate tells police the gun was in the girl's backpack and it went off accidentally when she dropped the bag. no word on how she got the gun. and police say if it came from an adult in her home, additional charges may be warranted. a 16-year-old shot a classmate
5:35 am
in texas. and in kentucky, two students were killed and 18 injured. in los angeles, will carr, fox news. in wisconsin a girl will spent 40 years in a mental hospital. she lames she was driven to kill by slenderman and she thought held kill her family. the victim was stabbed 19 some times and was able to crawl to safety. she's sorry for what she did. the search continues for a pit bull and its owner after a woman was mauled in vallejo. the woman was near a closed walmart store two weeks ago. and she pulled over to close her hood and the dog attacked her. >> i remember trying to pull my arm and he had a hold of it.
5:36 am
and looking in his eyes and that's when i thought jab him in his eyes. so i was trying to jab him in his eyes and i heard someone cussing and yelling. >> a man ended up pulling the dog away. the dog and its owner have still not been found. and anyone with information is asked to call police. time is 5:36. the san francisco public defender's office says missing video from a body camera played a key role in the acquittal of a homeless man who was threatening someone. he appears to be intentionally turning off the body camera while responding to a complaint. there's a two minute gap in the video. in court, the deputy public defender said the gap was part of a conspiracy possibly between the officer and the man who called in the complaint to
5:37 am
figure out how to get the man off the streets and into jail. the san francisco police department is investigating. people living in willow glenn are concerned after a video shows a man who looks like he's casing some homes. we have reaction from neighbors. >> reporter: a willow glen resident posted this to social media. an unknown man is taking pictures of the security system. >> i never thought the area was like that. it's really gone to hell. >> reporter: we showed the recording to neighbors who were out for a walk. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: most tell us they seen an uptick in crime followed by an uptick in nerves. >> every day i read something on the internet. something is going on around town that's not favorable. homes are being broken into or
5:38 am
packaging stolen or homes cased. >> reporter: the same suspicious man was talking to workmen, asking for personal information about the owner. we tried to talk to san jose police about the incidents and officers declined and residents say police have not been much of a help. the same residents are taking steps to increase their own security. all the fences with criminal deterrents are now the luxury add ons in the land of seven figure homes. >> that's a shame that a person has to make a fortress of their house just to feel secure. >> reporter: some say it's the only way to keep them from committing a robbery. >> i'm sure the answer is very complicated. not as easy as just more police. time is 5:38. a union protesters who was
5:39 am
arrested when uc berkeley -- >> hopefully, we will win our contract. goodbye. >> reporter: during the protests, several officers pulled him to the ground and arrested him. the police claim that just before they took him into custody cole threw his sign at an occupied vehicle and damaged it. they say when they tried to arrest him he was uncooperative. others claim that he was racially profiled by police. >> this is a problem that ucpd has on the campus. it's police brutality and racism. >> there were protests at uc campuses all over the state. the union has been bargaining with the school for a new contract. a state senator is introducing legislation to make it easier for cities to make
5:40 am
decisions for mentally ill or homeless who cannot care for themselves. scott wiener introduced the bill yesterday. it's meant to help chronically homeless people who are mentally ill or severely drug addicted and can't make sound decisions for themselves. a candidate running to succeed mark farrell as the district 2 supervisor filed a lawsuit to move the election from november to june.  according to the chronicle. nick-- filed the lawsuit in san francisco superior court along with another candidate for the seat. when former district 2 supervisor mark farrell was named the interim mayor he appointed the county clerk to fill out the rest of the term. she's going to run for the supervisor seat in november. the two candidates filing the
5:41 am
lawsuit say allowing her to serve as supervisor until november gives her an unfair advantage. they want the district 2 supervisor race moved up to the june 5th ballot. 5:41 is the time. there's new safety measures that might be confusing for drivers, we'll show you what went up last night in san mateo. and the warriors teaming up with young people in a way to celebrate black history month. there's a new video that the teenagers created. we'll take you behind the scenes. traffic in the east bay is getting more crowded on interstate 880 as you drive towards downtown oakland. we had some records yesterday. 73 sfo. and livermore, san jose, and half moon bay, 74 warm degrees. hey hun. look at all this extra room iha.
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hey hun. look at all this extra room i have on this king size ikea bed. are you wearing a... duvet cover? why yes. yes i am. where's mom? we finally redid our bedroom and she's prettttttttttty into it. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours.
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st. mary's men's basketball team blew out usf 79-43 extending the winning streak to 17 games. they scored 38 in the first half and -- the team's australian center did things like this. he led the scoring with 26 points. he and the rest of the st. mary's team beat them 79-43. down in palo alto. stanford's men's basketball team beat the oregon state beavers. the 80-71 win ends a three game losing streak for stanford.
5:45 am
back in november, the kings beat the warriors with steph curry and kevin durant out of the lineup. hopefully, a different story today. tonight's game begins at 7:30. the golden state warriors are teaming up with bay cat, a nonprofit that served underprivileged youth wean the ages of 11 and 25. they're celebrating black history month and a new video will debut at oracle arena. the video was created by two teenager. ♪ when the odds are against us we never give up. ♪ >> angela king and isaiah manuel tell their stories through the video. they're sharing struggles and
5:46 am
how stereotypes change people's views. >> there are people that feel the struggles. and i want to be the voice to speak out. if i can do it. you most definitely can do it too. >> both of them grew up in the bay view neighborhood and overcame obstacles. isaiah says he was bullied. >> a couple times i felt like taking my life. there's a lot of people that go through that. and i've gotten this far so it will like, it will inspire people to keep going in life. >> the nonprofit organization educates young people in the digital media arts and technology. and places them in internships and in jobs with partners like the warriors. the video will be shown at oracle next tuesday and the warriors will be playing at home. and it will be played throughout february in honor of black history month. >> very nice.
5:47 am
5:46 is the time. let's check in with sal. traffic hopefully is nice. hold on, i have to sit up straight. if my mother is watching. >> good morning, everyone. let's take a look at the commute on westbound 580 towards the altamont pass. you'll see slowing as you drive from 205 and 580. no major issues though. a couple of minor accidents here. traffic is looking okay on 880 in both directions with no major issues. if you're going to the bay bridge toll plaza, we have been filled in since about 5:30 although i have a feeling that today will be slightly lighter than usual because of the way the cars are moving through. let's bring steve in. >> the temps will be warm.
5:48 am
it's early february but all signs point to warm weather. the average high is 62 for this time of year. and friday, saturday, and sunday, 76, 77, 77, that's pretty warm. these are the records to beat. if santa cruz hits 83 you know it's warm. livermore would tie 1976. santa rosa 76 would tie 1982. and san francisco would fall short. and san rafael 73 would fall short. 1975, 1976, and 1977 were very dry rain years. we're going back in climate data. and the rain year, not the water year. the rain year starts july 1st and goes to june 30th. that's what we used to do. now it's the water year.
5:49 am
second driest ever. january, 1976, a third of an inch. .33. february, 1976. and november, december, and january were very, very dry. a lot of the record highs were set then. and we're in a similar pattern where there's not much rain. and there's nothing through the 10th. there's a hint around the 12th. that's an inside slider in the sierra only. and they never do anything here. there's a few hints around presidents weekend but that's a long way off. high pressure is not going anywhere. 55 in the city. and warm temperatures already. 40s for some. and 59 los altos hills, and 60 in pacifica. and the coast will be very warm. 58 down in monterey. seattle, portland, still getting rain. and another system barreling in up there but it's lifting northward as the high pressure
5:50 am
builds in. we have no opportunity for rain here for a while. it's cold. the high forecast temp in minneapolis will be nine. for us, dry and warm. and record highs possible all the way to the weekend. 70s on the temps, these are mild to warm and well above average which is 59 to 62 degrees. and might as well just say get out there and enjoy you february temps because they won't last but they are here for now. >> i've heard a lot of people on twitter saying you know what? we're not getting rain but i'm enjoying the weather and i don't want to feel guilty about it. good time to exercise, walk the dog. >> just the weather people and the water people are nervous. >> but you might as well enjoy it because that's what we have. >> but we're nervous. >> we all are. a hiring spree by google. how google plans to increase its footprint outside of silicon valley. n:3:3:3
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5:53 am
before >> people who lost their homes in the wildfires are being warned about unlicensed contractors. they are taking advantage of people who want to rebuild their homes. the district attorney's office will release the results of an undercover sting conducted this week. >> there should be a lot to do
5:54 am
this weekend from the chinese new year's celebrations to the great sonoma crab and wine fest. >> rosemary orozco has the weekend watch. >> reporter: we're heading into the weekend and here are a few events happening around the bay. celebrate the year of the dog at a new year's festival in oakland on a saturday. there will be dance, music, arts, crafts, it's taking place at the asian cultural center. the 29th annual crab and wine fest will feature local cuisine complete with a live and silent auction. the great sonoma crab and wine fest is at the sonoma fairgrounds. head to the indie fest. they'll celebrate alternative films and film makers.
5:55 am
you have the opportunity to watch 80 films over the course of two weeks. the events are showing at alamo draft house in san francisco. kick off super bowl sunday with the guadalupe river run. a 10k or a 5k run. in sports warriors and sharks are away. i'm rosemary orozco. google is expanding into san jose and has plans to continue expanding beyond silicon valley. they are planning to hire across nine states, including colorado and michigan. google's ceo broke the news during an earnings call yesterday. guess what? today is ground hog day.
5:56 am
earlier this morning, punxsutawney phil came out and saw his shadow. that means six more weeks of winter. ground hog day has been around since 1887. if he didn't see his shadow, the legend means an early spring. phil saw his shadow. >> we don't need phil. we have steve. and spring is here, it feels like. gosh. we're coming up on the 6:00 hour. five people were displaced in san francisco. and firefighters still there on the scene. it burned through two homes and we're out there live. we'll show you what is happening this morning. and two days away from the super bowl. and justin timberlake is talking about who will be with him on stage during sunday's halftime stage. hey, that's me. traffic is slow in some areas
5:57 am
as we get closer to 6:00. we'll tell you more straight ahead. and more about the sunny and warm weather. we had records yesterday. four, including sfo at 73 and livermore, san jose, and half moon bay at 74 degrees. ♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, michaela deprince could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while performing a grand jeté between two grand pianos. she could... in a commercial. in real life she uses it to pay her sister, from her couch, for that sweater she stained. what sweater? (phone buzzes) life, lived michaela's way. chase. make more of what's yours.
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good morning. fire in san francisco early this morning displaced several people as flames raced through two victorian homes. where it started and what investigators are saying now. and a local business is accused of polluting the air and water. details of a lawsuit and the impact on people living in west oakland. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning. thank you for joining us. friday morning, february 2nd. and i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. i know where steve paulson is. second verse same as the first. >> get out and enjoy it. more records possible. it's warm and dry. it's not so much the warm, it's
6:00 am
the dry. santa cruz would fall short of the record. san jose is right in there. livermore would tie. santa rosa would tie. and san francisco would fall short. and san rafael would be four short of the 1975, 1976, and 1977. the average high is 62 this time of year. so there you go. lots of sunshine. get out the sunscreen. 40s and 50s on the temps and around the bay. 62 at the berkeley lab. that's warm air and an easterly breeze coming off. 55 in san francisco. and 56 in tiburon. that's warm for this time of the morning. and it's going to be sunny side up and warm for everybody with 70s. 6:00 in the morning on a friday. >> does it get boring? >> it gets boring when it goes dry


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