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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  February 4, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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the 10:00 news on ktvu starts right now. >> because of three small fires ahead of the deadly firestorm in the northbay. why investigators say evidence points not only to the weather but pg&e. >> we were physically able to witness sparks coming from the utility that were directly associated with the wind. >> good evening. i am ken wayne. a new report says pg&e power lines started those three small fires in santa rosa on the same day that the massive wildfires started back in october. city fire investigators have determined that strong winds caused utility lines to arc, which created sparks that started those three smaller fires. >> andara senior joins us after
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speaking to officials about that report. what are they saying? >> reporter: there is a caveat. the santa rosa fire official tells me pg&e power lines sparked fires at these three locations throughout the city. winds like those that you see from here that night are the likely culprit here of the initial culprit for starting these fires. this is video from october 8, the ninth at the wine country fire raging out of control. the high wind is blowing dirt toward our camera, and threatens to topple our lights, and the santa rosa fire department told me three fires that broke out that night were an active mother nature initially. >> wind played a contributing factor in the ignition of the fire. >> reporter: and he said it was high winds that triggered what happened next. >> we were able to identify that we actually were physically able to witness sparks coming from the utility that were directly associated with the wind. >> reporter: specifically he said, pg&e utility lines sparked the flames that burned two houses on sullivan home,
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damaged a montessori school, and caused structural damage to a building on greensville road. >> we have lines physically connecting with one another -- one another because they were coming in contact with one another. >> reporter: dozens of lawsuits have already been filed against pg&e. among them, negligence. >> there were many calls and witness reports talking about equipment problems, transformer explosions. transformer fires. >> basically we jumped into the pool to survive. and basically for the next 3 hours, we watched everything burn around us. >> reporter: that was gregory wilson and his attorney last number -- last november. wilson lost his voice during the fire from inhaling superheated air. however, the report from the santa rosa fire department does not cast blame on pg&e.
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>> it wasn't a matter of a powerline failing or a transformer feeling. we are able to articulate in our documentation that ultimately it was the wind that caused and led to the ignition. >> reporter: so while the report concludes not -- had it not been for the winds, the incident might not have occurred, it's fair to say that attorneys representing -- representing victims could take that path. by the way, i did reach out to pg&e but i have not heard back. >> but the county of sonoma, apparently has determined pg&e is at fault and they have filed a lawsuit. >> reporter: they have. that happened recently, so if that's any indication of how these other lawsuits will fold out, that might be an indication of how these cases could unfold in the near future. >> thank you so much. on the at 10:00, more than a week after a petaluma high school student was seriously injured in a street racing clash, -- crash, another driver
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has been arrested. petaluma police have been looking for the driver of this subaru wr x since the collision on sonoma parkway. juan guzman garcia was taken into custody friday after a witness to the crash saw the subaru in a parking lot and called police. police say garcia admitted that he had been bracing -- racing but was scared because he was driving with a suspended license for a previous dui. a 17-year-old driver was arrested at that scene. another weekend of chaotic sideshow activity in the east bay that ended with dozens of cars being towed away and almost 150 psi state -- 150 citations. >> reporter: oakland police broke up the side showed in the area of foothill boulevard and high street. they released some pictures of those vehicles being towed. >> the illegal sideshow lead to more serious criminal activity with a business being broken into and robbed. >> reporter: it was one of the
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larger sideshows in oakland. dozens of cars and hundreds of spectators, took over the intersection on high street leading to the 880 on ramp. there was another location further up on high street outside of foothills high school. this time, the illegal activity left the streets and a few people robbed this convenience store. the gas station owner let us record this surveillance video. the store was locked and only a security window was open to customers. just after 2 am, a man is seen kicking to the glass door. the employee hits the security alarm but several people rush into the store and start grabbing items. >> the group of men just broke the glass window and entered the store. they made off with chocolates and candy. they didn't robbed the cashier area. >> reporter: there no -- there were no injuries reported. customers were surprised a sideshow came to such a small intersection. mark simmons says he accidentally attended another sideshow at a different
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location. >> i accidentally was walking. it was like foothills squares about 10 pm some time. like real late at night and i just saw like a lot of smoke and i saw cars revving up and i just walked up and it was like 20 or 30 cars just like parked in the middle of the street. >> reporter: he says he is surprised even a small sideshow would choose high street and foothill boulevard. the damage to the store will cost several thousand dollars. >> i am not at this moment worried about a financial loss, but my concern is the security of my staff. >> reporter: but not everyone got away when oakland police showed up. the department says it impounded 30 cars, and issued 147 citations. in oakland, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. you may remember a richland police officer was injured last weekend when he tried to shut down a sideshow at marina parkway. the officer suffered head trauma along with bumps and
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bruises but he is now at home recovering. an 18-year-old driver and his girlfriend have been charged with slamming their car into that officer. and at 10:00, san francisco police are searching for the person who stabbed a man in the bay view neighborhood. officers were called to flower street and loomis street earlier. the victim's name who has not been released was stabbed in the neck. there is no word on his condition tonight but the motive for that stabbing is also unknown. [ cheering and applause ] >> brady under pressure. that's the sack. launching one into the end zone. it's incomplete. >> reporter: it was the patriot's last chance to avoid defeat for tom brady's hail mary pass fell into the end zone cut -- and son incomplete and the eagles won 41-31 for their first super bowl in. fans were ecstatic.
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here is the scene in philadelphia with thousands and thousands of fans pouring out into the streets of the city of brotherly love. it was their first nfl championship since 1960. >> ♪ >> singer pink delivered a -- an emotional rendition of the star-spangled banner despite suffering the flu. she says she has dreamed of this opportunity since an unforgettable performance by whitney houston in 1991. . >> ♪ ♪ >> and justin hunter lake headlines the halftime show with a truly beautiful holographic tribute to minnesota native prince but it was tamer than the one from 2004, when he appeared with janet jackson, and
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ended that performance with the infamous wardrobe malfunction. there were rumors jackson might show up this time but that didn't happen. >> let's talk about the big game with joe fonzi and you know heading into that fourth quarter, we were all talking in the newsroom about this ending in dramatic fashion. >> reporter: and it really did. every time you give brady the glimmer of hope you think it will happen but it didn't this time. anyone who has watched the patriots in the postseason knows why. adelphia eagles were the suit -- were the underdogs and super bowl lii. it was very cold in minneapolis but room temperature inside in the new stadium. the patriots were in their new position, setting themselves up for a comeback, brady to rob gronkowski, 9 minutes 22 to play. the first lead 33-32 but another local guy made the difference. nick foles to monta vista house -- from monta vista high school
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to zach ertz for this 11 yard touchdown play. this play to be reviewed it was determined zach ertz was considered a runner so when the ball crossed the goal line, nothing else mattered. it was 38-33 eagles but never over with brady as quarterback. philadelphia managed it's only sack of the game when brandon graham got to brady, forced a fumble recovered by derek barnett. and from the 49, brady stays on his feet, lets one flight to the end zone and the ball is tipped down but finally hits the ground as the clock runs out for the first time since the super bowl era began. the philadelphia eagles can now call themselves champions as they hoist the lombardi trophy after this 41-33 win. nick foles, the eagle's backup quarterback at the start of the season was named the game's most valuable player. >> it was a hard-fought game. a tremendous team, one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, and just for us, the team all year, just fighting to the end. that locker room is a special locker room and you can see it throughout the course of this game.
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no matter what happened, we just kept leaning on each other. we have an amazing coaching staff, amazing personnel staff. i mean just to be in this moment, just unbelievable. >> reporter: and in the end, this was the super bowl more about people winning than losing. the two teams combined for 1151 yards of offense. that is the most in any nfl game period. we have got lots more super bowl lii coming up in sports and then at 1130 -- 11:30 pm on sports representative. >> thank you. protesters tried to disrupt game day travel ahead of super bowl lii. >> [ chanting ] >> dozens of people formed a human barricade to try to block light rail tracks near u.s. bank stadium. some demonstrators chained themselves to the platforms and each other using u-shaped bicycle locks. police had to use bolt cutters and other heavy tools to break the locks and clear the scene. no injuries were reported but several arrests were made and
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the incident delayed the rail system for more than an hour. chp flooding bay area roads, hoping to catch drunk and high drivers. a look at stepped up patrols this super bowl sunday that have already led to arrests and citations. >> if you want to see yosemite's spectacular firefall, the steps officials are trying to take to ease overcrowding there. and it's the fourth day of the month and the fourth day in a row of record-breaking heat in the bay area. coming up, if the warm temperatures will continue in your forecast. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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a more than 300 -- well, more than 300 bay area drivers have been arrested since a bay area crackdown began last weekend. chp has their eyes on the road this super bowl sunday night. the bay bridge toll plaza has more on the stepped up patrol and the zero tolerance for drinking and driving. rob? >> reporter: good evening. driving under the influence this year, also involves the use of marijuana. now, chp adopted their enough is enough campaign in large part due to the arrests they have been making over the past couple of days. they have been sending a message that they have a zero- tolerance policy when it comes to drinking and driving. >> just being out there in a car patrolling, people saying that, it puts in their mind that we are out there and they will think twice may be about getting behind the wheel. >> reporter: with thousands
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packing bars on super bowl sunday, the california highway patrol stepped up highway patrol is making sure people get home safely after the big game. >> we do generally see quite a bit of an uptick in impaired driving arrests or collisions on super bowl sunday. >> reporter: joining patrols for his 12 hour shift, officer roger pereira, who took myself and photographer will fence in for a ride along with two years on the job, he knows what to look for and also where to go. >> surprisingly because we are san francisco, we like to think the bay bridge is a fish in a barrel thing because the only real way in and out of here is the bridge. >> reporter: according to the chp during last year's super bowl, one person was killed in an alcohol involved collision and 41 others were injured.
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in one day, 247 people were arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. >> we are out looking for impaired drivers. a lot of people like to go out on this sort of day, and unfortunately drink and drive so we are out here making sure everyone stays safe. >> reporter: there is extra effort on the roads this year, especially now that marijuana is legal in california. >> people seem to believe that because marijuana has become legalized, that you can essentially drive while impaired by marijuana, which is definitely not the case. >> reporter: but pereira says even with stepped-up enforcement, the message isn't sinking in. >> as a shift i think we had five arrests. for yesterday. today, like i said there will probably be a spike. >> reporter: at this local watering hole, some customers weren't taking chances. >> no need to drink and drive. tomorrow is not a holiday. i have a laminated because i guess i am the designated fan but most importantly just be smart. we want to be here for tomorrow and next year's super bowl. >> reporter: it also helps a
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lyft driver is sitting in the bar looking for potential customers. >> i actually am a bartender here part-time and then i come after the game. i will hop into my car and do a little driving. >> reporter: and back here live, we will check in with chp on monday to find out what those final numbers are in terms of arrests made tonight. as you heard in that story, they are expecting a spike in arrests tonight and again on our brief right along, there were really no issues on the road other than minor fender benders. at the bay bridge, rod malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. a suspected drunk driver killed indianapolis colts linebacker edwin jackson and another man today as they stood outside their car on the highway. police believe jackson pulled to the side because he was sick. they say another man stopped to help when a pickup truck swerved right into them. officers say the 37-year-old
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driver tried to run off but was caught by police. in addition to drunk driving, authorities say he was driving without a license. people in palo alto are on alert after two mountain lion sightings. the first cat was spotted around 10 pm by a woman driving on wildwood lane. a bit later, another woman out for an evening walk on sutter avenue also sought a mountain lion. those streets are about a mile and a half from each other. police say there is no way to tell if it was the same one. parking reservations will be needed for people hoping to visit yosemite for the firefall show. horsetail falls takes on a fiery, orange glow at sunset. this phenomenon as beautiful as it is has been attracting larger and larger crowds so the park service will issue 250 free, advanced parking reservations per day and 51st come first serve reservations. you can also walk to viewing
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locations as well or take guided tours. . our weather this weekend was very warm. the fourth day in a row we have had record heat in the bay area. take a look for half moon bay. 78 degrees. canfield 75 degrees. san francisco 74 degrees. breaking the old record of 73 degrees. we have a lot more to report. we will reveal those right now. santa rosa, sfo, san rafael, san jose. oakland airport, 70 degrees tying a record so today more records across a good portion of the bay area. even if you didn't have a record, you are warm with lots of 70s showing up. santa rosa 77 degrees, 75 degrees toward napa and antioch 74 degrees. temperatures really warming up over the past few days. unusual to be this warm in february. showing you this satellite, we have some high clouds approaching the pacific northwest. it has been more than a week
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since rainfall here in northern california and the bay area. as we come in closer, we have clear to partly cloudy skies as radar beams try to find rain but there is none to detect so far. as for the current numbers, we have some 50s and some 60s. san francisco still mild. 64 degrees. napa 53 degrees and san jose 16 degrees. outside right now, our live camera looking out toward san francisco bay for your sunday night. no fog, just a few high clouds. the key headline for your monday, it will be just a little bit cooler out there but still, no big temperature drops expected in the short term. overnight lows starting out were monday in the 40s to around 50 degrees near the coast, and your portions of the bay. here is the deal in san francisco, 7:00, partly cloudy skies into the afternoon hours, temperatures in the upper 60s so instead of the mid-70s we have today -- had today, we will warm you up close to 70 degrees by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon.
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another mild to warm monday afternoon tomorrow, but you know if we have any rain clouds to talk about in our 5-day forecast, we will have that in the next few minutes. still to come another deadly amtrak crash. officials are trying to learn what caused a passenger train to slam into a freight train that was just sitting on the tracks. the 49ers hope to be a contender for a super bowl soon and the team appears to be close to lockingup jimmy dean long term. joe fonzo has the report coming up. and this flu season is the worst in recent history. what officials are saying about the deadly illness that has already taken dozens of lives in southern california. the bay area's home team, ktvu, fox 2.
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federal investigators are on the scene of a deadly train collision that happened this morning in south carolina. the crash left an amtrak conductor and an engineer dead. brian maness has details on the investigation. >> reporter: amtrak 391 was traveling to me your -- from
10:24 pm
new york to california when it collided with a freight train in pineridge, south carolina. the train carrying 147 people and eight crewmembers, 139 passengers, two amtrak crewmembers died in this crash. 116 people were sent to area hospitals. according to governor henry mcmaster, it appeared to him the amtrak train was traveling on the wrong track because the freight train was parked on a loading track or a side track when the amtrak train slammed into the freight train. the governor believes the amtrak train was traveling at approximately 59 miles per hour at the time but he reiterated all of the information is preliminary. the national transportation safety board or the ntsb go team is on the scene. >> at the time it happened, we are trying to determine why it happened and what equipment or instrumentalities, you'll electronics were deficient, or
10:25 pm
if there was an error, and if so, why? and where was the train supposed to be? >> reporter: the red cross opened a shelter at pine ridge middle school near the crash, and volunteers helped dozens of passengers get food, stay warm, and make contact with loved ones. governor mcmaster commended first responders, who arrived just 5 minutes after the first 911 call came in and he asked churchgoers this sunday to say a prayer for the victims. in new york, brian maness, fox news. ws. and new at 10:00, a tribute withheld during the ucla- oklahoma gymnastics meet in honor of the sexual assault survivors of disgraced usa gymnastics larry nasser. a 3 minute video was at the center of today's tribute. larry nasser was sentenced up
10:26 pm
to 175 years in prison for 10 counts of first-degree criminal sexual misconduct. the new york times reports larry nasser first came under scrutiny back in 2015 but it took the fbi a year to interview two of the three victims who first came forward. the man accused of trying to kidnap lana delray made his first court appearance today. michael hunt is charged with aggravated stalking. the judge dismissed an original charge of kidnapping with a weapon. hunt told his story saying he traveled from tampa to orlando to bring her some paintings he made. he declined a lawyer saying he thinks the truth will exonerate him. we have been talking about how bad this year's flu season is and just last week in california we saw 30 deaths from the flu and a week before that, 23 deaths were reported. the department of public health says the 30 deaths all involve people 65 or younger. the numbers sound grim but officials say health -- flu
10:27 pm
activity is decreasing and they and it's still not too late to get a flu shot. coming up, the trump administration says a new memo clears it of wrongdoing in the russia investigation. now, democrats are demanding their memo be cleared for release. closed captioning for the 10:00 news brought to you by mancini sleep world. rest easy with huge savings during our tax-free mattress sale.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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a political firestorm continues tonight over that controversial memo written by gop house staffers that was released on friday. fox's molly hindenburg is in washington with more reaction from lawmakers. >> reporter: a key point in this memo is that republicans say the secret is courts were not told the dossier presented as evidence was paid for by democrats. that dossier, the memo says, helped secure a warrant for the fbi to spy on carter page, a trump advisor. it was material collected by a
10:30 pm
former british spy who was funded by the democratic national committee and the hillary clinton campaign. republicans say the fifa courts were not informed of that but democrats say there was some disclosure. >> it is relevant information to alert the fisa court and the court was notified a political actor was involved. >> it is really bad precedent and unprecedented to not tell a court that a source has this level of bias. just look at the disclosure of who paid for it. they could have easily said it was the dnc and hillary clinton. that would have been really easy. >> reporter: there is also some dispute about what now former fbi director andrew mccabe told lawmakers. the memo indicates he said no surveillance warrant would have been sought without the dossier but that's not true say democrats. >> i was there. i was part of the questioning. i promise you, the intent of his answers was that we would not have gone forward were it
10:31 pm
not for this dossier. >> i asked andy mccabe. that is not what he said. i don't understand why they won't quote the transcript. >> reporter: chuck schumer urged president donald trump to back democratic efforts to get their own memo at -- memo out. devin nunes said his committee will vote on it once a democrat's memo goes through the review procedures. in washington, molly henneberger, fox news. ws. california is gearing up for a lawsuit against the trump administration in a battle over car emission regulations. the federal government is expected to issue new fuel economy standards by march 30 and new tailpipe emissions standards by february 1. people close to the president say the rules may also eliminate state authority to override federal standards. mary nichols, the chair of the resources board said california and other states would fight back.
10:32 pm
california is working toward a fuel economy of 50 miles per hour by 2025 and 5 million zero emission vehicles by 3030. president donald trump has withdrawn his nomination of a climate change skeptic as the head of the council on environmental cal -- committee. kathleen hartnett failed to gain the support of democrats and some republicans because of her anti-climate change views and her apparent lack of scientific knowledge. the council was created back in the 1970s to coordinate environmental policy for governmental agencies, but critics who believe she would have used the office to dismantle environmental law. the new nuclear posture review unveiled by the trump administration takes a stronger stance against russia and north korea. the review mostly follows a strategy laid out by the obama administration, including modernizing the nuclear arsenal but the review also recommends adding more submarine launched nuclear capabilities. president donald trump spoke about that in his state of the union address. >> as part of our defense, we must modernize and rebuild our
10:33 pm
nuclear arsenal, hopefully never having to use it. but making it so strong, and so powerful, that it will deter any acts of aggression. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi lashed out against the new review. she mourned, "president donald trump is pushing a stunning reversal of our nation's long- standing commitment to advancing a nuclear free future." she also warned it would ramp up warhead production and threaten millions of lives. it's shutdown showdown part two, as a deadline looms on capitol hill for a short-term spending bill. as ellison barber reports, congress must pass a bill by thursday to avoid another government shutdown. >> reporter: disagreements over immigration and darko led to the shutdown last month. right now, lawmakers say they do not expect to have a deal on daca before the february 8 deadline, but they also say don't expect to see a shutdown.
10:34 pm
>> there is not likely to be a daca deal but i don't see a government shutdown coming. i do see a promise by senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to finally bring this critical issue that affects the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in america, finally bringing it to a full debate in the senate. that's what we were looking for before the shut down. that's what we have achieved. >> reporter: daca is set to end march 5. nearly 800,000 dreamers could face deportation. mitch mcconnell promised to take up the issue after this week. >> i am perfectly happy provided the government is still open, on february 8. to go to the subject and to treat it in a fair way, not try to tilt the playing field in anybody's direction, and we will see who can get to 60 votes. >> reporter: immigration isn't the only budget disagreement on either side of the aisle. but nobody wants a government
10:35 pm
shutdown, but we also cannot continue to inflict the damage that crs inflict on the military. >> reporter: if you want -- >> if you want to increase defense spending and we are not fighting that, we need a domestic increase. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan says they are making progress on a long-term budget deal, particularly when it comes to a budgetary cap agreement, but he says even if republicans and democrats could come together on a long-term spending bill, he says at this point, they wouldn't have time to draft it. we are told republicans will likely pass and push for a short-term spending bill that funds the government through march 23. in washington, i am ellison barber, fox news. rebel fighters accused of downing a fighter jet over syria . coming up next, how russia retaliated following the incident. incident. and the weather in the bay area is clear right now. a drop in the numbers for your monday forecast. we will take a look at those and let you know if we have any rain chances over the next 5 to
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7 days. fire fighting is a very dangerous profession. we have one to two fires a day and when you respond together and you put your lives on the line, you do have to surround yourself with experts. and for us the expert in gas and electric is pg&e. we run about 2,500/2,800 fire calls a year and on almost every one of those calls pg&e is responding to that call as well. and so when we show up to a fire and pg&e shows up with us it makes a tremendous team during a moment of crisis.
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i rely on them, the firefighters in this department rely on them, and so we have to practice safety everyday. utilizing pg&e's talent and expertise in that area trains our firefighters on the gas or electric aspect of a fire and when we have an emergency situation we are going to be much more skilled and prepared to mitigate that emergency for all concerned. the things we do every single day that puts ourselves in harm's way, and to have a partner that is so skilled at what they do is indispensable, and i couldn't ask for a better partner.
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russia has retaliated for the downing of one of its fighter jets over syria. the pilot survived in the crash but was killed in a ground fight. david leigh miller has the story. >> reporter: russia has retaliated for the downing of one of its jets over syria. moscow says one of its aircrafts was shot down by a service to air missile. a group linked to al qaeda has claimed responsibility saying one of its fighters fired a direct hit. fighters have been battling antigovernment rebels. the pilot of the plane ejected before it crashed. according to a pilot on the ground, the pilot tried to open fire with a pistol and was killed. the russian mattila -- the
10:39 pm
russian military retaliated and used high artillery weapons to kill the fighters. eight turkish troops were also killed in a series of eight separate attacks by the ypd. the peoples protection units. five of those soldiers died near -- nearby when their tank became under assault. the others were killed in different crashes. it's considered a terrorist group, an extension of the movement to establish kurdish autonomy. complicating the situation, the u.s. has supported the ypd in the fight against isis, turkey and the u.s., nato allies find themselves a -- on different sides of the conflict. and in response to a u.s. claim that syria is now producing and using new types of chemical weapons, the syrian foreign ministry said the accusation was "null and void." the administration went on to say that the u.s. is looking for an excuse to attack syria.
10:40 pm
david leigh miller, fox news. the 2018 winter olympic games start later this week, but the head of the international olympic committee was focused on gymnastics. ioc president thomas bloch of germany opened his 1st news conference in south korea by saying the entire olympic board is shocked by the u.s. sexual abuse scandal involving disgraced doctor larry nasser. he also said the board supports all of the victims and applauds their courage for testifying against nasser who has been sentenced to what amounts to life in prison. opening ceremonies come up on friday but the first events start on thursday. struck ancient drawings were discovered inside a tomb near the pyramids of egypt called the tomb of hetpet believed to be a priestess of fertility. you can see hetpet in different scenes, but the mummy
10:41 pm
of the tomb was missing. archaeologists say it could have been stolen. the golden state warriors are celebrating black history month. a look at the relationship made between two teams and the minute -- and the video they made expected to debut soon. >> mark tamayo will have the complete bay area forecast when we come back.
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concerned of the power of social media to control our attention. they say facebook, twitter, instagram and google have produced some amazing products but they are also turning adults and children into technology attics. they are partnering with common sense expedia for a -- a commission, and an ad campaign at 55,000 public schools. struck a santa cruz county committee wants to create an air taxi service in the area. the founder of jobi aviation says his company is creating the next generation of aviation focusing on a two seat air -- two seat aircraft with electric propellers. he says taxes could make the trip from palo alto to san francisco in less than 10 minutes and claims it would cost less than $60, which is what uber charges for the trip. they announced last thursday it received 100 million surveys -- and funds to continue.
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a bay area profit that serves young people in need is celebrating black history month. >> amberly gives us a sneak peek of the video created from the collaboration set to debut this week at oracle arena. >> ♪ i learned through our history that the best is enough, and when the odds are against us we never give up. ♪ >> reporter: isaiah manual and gina king tell their story with a video they created about black history. >> ♪ black people don't stop. ♪ >> reporter: they are sharing their struggles to fight stereotypes, and change perceptions about minority youth. >> i want people to know that there are people like me that look and feel their struggles in my community and i want to be that voice to speak out. i want people to see that if i can do it, you most definitely can do it.
10:46 pm
>> we black and proud. just stay alive. >> ♪ grew up at hp, live right on third street. ♪ >> reporter: both grew up in bayview and overcame obstacles. isaiah says he was bullied. >> a couple of times i have thought about taking my life because i just felt there was no hope for me. >> reporter: the 15-year-old says writing songs has gotten him through the dark times. >> there is a lot of people that go through that and i have gotten this far, so it's like it will expire -- inspire people to keep going in life. >> reporter: the teenagers are part of the tap, a nonprofit that serves youth ages 11 through 25 for low income families. li the organization educates them in digital media arts and technology, placing them in internships and jobs with the warriors. >> just as they are changing the game of basketball, we are changing the face of media one face at a time. me.
10:47 pm
>> reporter: this video is a reflection of the partnership between the warriors and p tab to promote diversity, and end racism. >> writing music is like a gateway to like another place where i can be myself. >> being part of the black community into the bay area and the bay view is very important to know that you have strength. you are powerful and you represent black excellence in your own way. >> reporter: the video will be shown at oracle arena here on tuesday when the war years play at home. it will be shown throughout february to honor black history. at oracle arena in oakland, amberly, ktvu fox 2 news. . by early february we could be tracking some very cold temperatures, low snow levels and intense rainfall. a completely different story of course today february 4. lots of sunshine over the bay and average temperatures this time
10:48 pm
of year in the upper 50s to 60 degrees but look at today. temperatures in the 70s and even approaching 80 degrees for your sunday afternoon. so it's been an unusual weather stretch with some records today for half moon bay, santa rosa, san jose, tying a record and in some other neighborhoods toward sfo. we had nine records to report. oakland airport, san rafael, and mountain view. a very warm day here in the bay area and it looks like this will continue although we will shave off a few degrees as we head into your monday forecast. outside right now, looking out towards san francisco and toward the bay bridge lights. we are in the clear. no fog to speak of. many -- maybe just a few high clouds towards monday morning. this morning, we had scattered, high clouds move into the bay area from the north. satellites show you the main stormtrac way up to our north,
10:49 pm
up to the pacific northwest and we are locked in this dry weather pattern and a warm weather pattern as well. no rain detected from eureka down toward monterey bay, down toward los angeles and it's a dry weather pattern across the state. we will check in on some of the current numbers. fairfield 48 degrees, san francisco still a mild 63 degrees. santa rosa 53 degrees and san jose 60 degrees at last check for the 10:00 hour. the last rainfall was january 25, so it hasn't -- has some quite some time. we are going to add on another 7 to 10 days, so there is a possibility this might double with no real rainfall insight just yet. taking a look at the forecast model, a bunch of zeros. we are taking this all the way into the week, into next weekend and maybe some rainfall up towards seattle, but a bunch of zeros for eureka down toward the san francisco bay area, so no big changes. this high is going to strengthen or weaken a little bit every day. so the overall mechanism, that they -- that sinking, warming air, is temperatures over the next coming week in the 60s to the 70s.
10:50 pm
we cool things off tuesday and then warm up again slightly into wednesday. these are all just some very minor changes. let's keep an eye on the wins by tuesday and possibly a stronger wind event for the upcoming weekend by saturday, especially for the north bay hills and the east bay hills. some of the high clouds paying us a visit tomorrow morning with patchy fog out there as well and then into the afternoon hours, more sunshine and temperatures are still very warm. look at the 70s towards santa rosa, san rafael 73, san francisco warming close to 70 degrees, 69 degrees and 73 degrees in santa cruz -- 76 in santa cruz. here is your 5-day forecast and it is a warm week. by wednesday, a little bit of a bump in the numbers and then heading into the weekend, we do -- we do cool things off but we still have 60 degrees as we make a little deal about that if that was just happening but we are actually well above that range this week, and maybe
10:51 pm
later in the month, maybe as we work our way closer to the 17th, 18th, 19th. so far out we will have to keep an eye on it but the upcoming week is dry. >> enjoyed while it's here. thank you. a new report says at least 9000 massage parlays -- massage parlors across the country are being used as fronts for sex trafficking. the anti-human trafficking organization, the polaris project, says more than a third of those illegal massage parlors are here in california and nationwide, they make up about $2.5 billion a year. san francisco is one of three main port cities were victims are exploited from china and south korea. it also says there are at least 400 of these massage parlors in san francisco as of three years ago but more than 100 have closed since recent crackdowns. directed uber still trade seifert -- trade secrets for self-driving technology. that is part of a trial set to get underway tomorrow. a self-driving company owned by google's parent company is suing uber for hiring one of its engineers, and stealing its
10:52 pm
key technology. waymo is seeking almost $12 billion in damages and jurors were selected last week. opening statements are expected to begin tomorrow. the super bowl has come and gone but those who attended the game maybe spending -- paying their bills for some time to come. the tickets were expensive but how about getting something to eat or drink? $30 for a soda was the cost at one restaurant inside the stadium. a cup of draft beer set you back $17 and a can of bud light, $13. a hot dog, $15. fries, $13. the best deal might have been the minnesota cheese kurds paired with blue moon beer for $19 for a small serving. >> steep prices for the super bowl. coming up on the 11:00 news, a landlord's poor actions
10:53 pm
caught on camera. he drinks their liquor and let his dog urinate on the carpet. >> post game analysis after the eagles win over the patriots right after the break. the ktvu fox 2 news app. it's about you, staying informed, about you, watching live coverage. >> a 2 investigates update. >> reporter: it's about you taking the bay area's news leader everywhere you go, the free ktvu fox 2 news app. the power of 2 on the go.
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you want your news when you want it. >> ktvu fox 2 news is around- the-clock coverage. >> your choice for news. >> from morning >> to evening. >> ktvu fox 2 news, complete bay area news coverage.
10:55 pm
ktvu fox 2 news, complete bay area coverage. this was certainly one super bowl that lived up to the hype. >> it was quite a game and there's always historic significance we try to attach to these games, especially when the patriots goes as many times as they have been there. one team writing it's name deeper into the history books and another just desperate for its first win in the super bowl. new england against philadelphia in super bowl lii, freezing outside in minneapolis but comfortable inside the new stadium. the game turned into an offensive shootout. the eagles knew they needed touchdowns, not field goals so
10:56 pm
on this fourth down play, they emptied out the playbook. trey burton throws a touchdown pass to his quarterback, nick foles. headed to the locker room with the eagles leading 22-12. the patriots came out in the 2nd half. that was brady to gronkowski, and then on their usual positions, coming from behind, setting themselves up, gronkowski again and they lead 33-32. it was another local guy who made this play that made the difference. nick foles to monta vista high school product zach ertz for an 11 yard touchdown. this play had to be reviewed but determined alerts had taken enough steps to be considered a runner. that was to the relief of his mother and wife. touchdown. 38-33 eagles. never over with brady as quarterback. philadelphia manages it's only sack of the game when brandon graham got to brady and forced the fumble and recovered by derek barnett. the patriots still had one last gasp from their own 49. brady stays on his feet, let's one flight to the end zone.
10:57 pm
the ball gets tipped around and it hits the ground as the clock runs out for the first time since the super bowl era began. the philadelphia eagles can call themselves nfl champions as they raise the lombardi trophy after this 41-33 win. the game's mvp talked about the big fourth down play before halftime. >> yeah, i mean that is something we have been working on. doug and i were talking let's just run it. it's a good time. the end was a little wider than i thought so i felt like i'm not doing anything and it worked. an amazing throw right on the money. i just looked at him and man, we revved it for a while. i was excited for the run in the super bowl. >> and a little 49ers news on this super bowl sunday. reports tonight that the team is close to agreeing to conditions on a long-term contract with quarterback jimmy garoppolo after being acquired via trade. he took over 18 that was 1-10
10:58 pm
and led them to 5 straight wins to close out the season. the report says groppel and team management are expected to agree to a deal that would make rob lowe one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the league. the streaky san jose sharks are streaking in the right direction. san jose in carolina, the fourth stop on a five game road trip. 1st period in the scoreless game, the sharks score a pretty goal. the sharks have a 1-0 lead. the hurricanes, even it out. we are in the final seconds of the period. carlson digs the puck out of the board and finds chris turney for the goal. the sharks added to the lead in the second period. watch this effort by brent burns. he finds the top shelf. that one was worth another look. the sharks win 3-1 and they are back to number five in the west. the phoenix open has become a super bowl morning tradition. shades of caddy shack in today's final round. it's been all about playoffs so far.
10:59 pm
-- that is the fourth straight that has ended in a playoff. that's it for me, jason l baban and i will see you on sports representative. heather and ken mack now with the news at 11:00. >> we were physically able to witness sparks coming from the utility that were directly associated with the wind. >> a new report out is blaming the weather and pg&e equipment for three small fires in the north bay that broke out just ahead of october's deadly firestorm.>> 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 news.
11:00 pm
>> i am heather holmes. the new report says pg&e power lines started three small fires. strong winds caused utility lines to arc which created sparks that started the fires. >> there is a caveat for this. a fire official tells me pg&e power lines did >> fires at three locations, these three locations back in october. however, he told me investigators determined that high winds like those that you see in this video from that night, is the likely initial culprit. >> reporter: this is video from october 8, the wine country fire raging out of control. the high wind is blowing dirt toward our camera.


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