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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  February 8, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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now a manhunt is underway to find two people connected to the crimes. >> police are investigating the crash between the sedan and an ac transit bus. a school in the shutdown for the bay area. shutdown after a water main break. >> announcer: ktvu fox 2news at noon starts now. >> good afternoon. >> we start with breaking news. a search is underway for people wanted in connection with two home invasion robberies. >> giving us some live pictures right now. officers deputies going door-to- door, walking through yards, looking for a man and a woman. henley -- henry lee live with the latest. >> we are a couple blocks away. take a look behind me. a chevy astro minivan that has five suspects inside. there suspects in two home
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invasions. one of which was deadly. the three suspects are in custody. they are looking for a man and a woman. it all started early this morning with two home invasions and shootings near santa rosa. sonoma county sheriff's investigators say at least one incident was tied to marijuana grow operation. a victim was shot at each of those locations. the first one happened around 4:48 this morning. an -- a person was shot. but is expected to survive. two hours later, at about 645 this morning, another home invasion on milk on lane near santa rosa. a man was shot and killed their at a home where marijuana was being grown. >> at 6:45 in the morning, we had a second home invasion robbery. and one person was shot at the house. and died at the scene. and the vehicle description was broadcast. our detectives down the vehicle.
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>> reporter: it was detectives with vile a whole police that -- with police that spotted it. the driver refused to stop and a chase began. that was it ended when the suspect's vendt crashed into a fire hydrant and another motorist. three of those suspects all men were arrested. two other suspects, man and woman, are still at-large at this hour. the investigation is continuing with two s.w.a.t. teams actively going door-to- door in search of that man and woman who are still at-large. the chevy minivan has been towed away as evidence. that's the latest in vallejo. >> if anything happens, let us know. one person is dead after a crash between a vehicle and 80 transit bus. >> investigators are still on the scene this afternoon. we have the story. >> reporter: it happened around
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6:30 this morning in south berkeley. the transit bus was traveling west on ashby. the red honda civic going south. the two vehicles collided. the force of the collision pushed both vehicles touched together across the road and into the front porch of a house. this man was a passenger on that bus. >> i was looking at my gps because i'm not too familiar with this area. we came to this intersection. all of a sudden, i heard a loud bang. and we were sliding across the intersection. crash and last. shooting up at me. we stopped at the house. i had a bag of clothes on me. i gripped on for dear life. >> he was the only passenger on the bus. he and the bus driver were not hurt. but the woman driving the red honda civic died in the collision. >> it didn't really snap at me
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at first what happened until i saw the cart mingled. i went around the back. and called the police. >> reporter: the people who live in this house were at home. they weren't hurt. a neighbor felt the impact. >> i could feel the vibration. i felt the boom, woke up. i thought it was a regular car accident or whatever. but it wasn't. and then i was like, oh my god, i just got dressed, ran through the front door. >> reporter: what did you think when you saw that? >> i just broke down. >> reporter: -- >> we are trying to determine how and what happened when the driver of the car injured into -- entered into the intersection. >> reporter: that video is a piece of evidence that will help investigators together exactly how the crash happened. >> that video has been oh -- now been downloaded. >> reporter: the strand -- the
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standard procedure is to do a drug and alcohol screening as well as a psychological evaluation after this tragic event. in berkeley, ktvu, fox 2news. a broken water main in the city of san mateo is capped, but a huge mess remains. >> live to show us the impact of what is happening. >> extensive damage out here. and repair work continuing here this afternoon. this was the main water lane -- waterline that gave way and ruptured. you could see was flexed -- left behind. a huge sinkhole. right behind el camino real. thousands of gallons of water went gushing into the neighborhood here. they also float into st.
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matthew church and elementary school. we will show you some video we took a short time ago from inside the main church here where restoration crews are working to clean up this giant mess. i'm told the easement here at the church is flooded with several feet of water and relatively new gymnasium is also badly damaged as is a kindergarten classroom. this water main break happened at about 6:30 this morning. there were only a handful of students and staff members here at the time. all of them were safely evacuated. now the big question is, how long it will take to repair all this damage. >> the main church, small chapel . >> reporter: tomorrow? >> i don't know yet. >> that jim's -- that jim costs a lot of money. it still pretty new. it got kind of destroyed.
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>> reporter: all the rushing water also flooded a number of nearby streets in this area. i was told by one official here at the scene that there are as many as five homes that have some sort of water damage on air gun avenue. -- aragon avenue. we did talk a short time ago with one man whose car was flooded and badly damaged. >> like a river, big river. on the church. down the side of the church. it was a lot of water. >> it lifted the sidewalks up and one of the main roads over it, it's one of the biggest water main breaks that i have seen in my career here in the city of [ indiscernible ]. >> this water line is managed by the water service. an official told me a short
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time ago it's still unclear exactly what caused this waterline to give weight this morning. there was no instruction work happening in this area at the time. the impact from people -- for people has been significant all morning long. you can see the traffic in the southbound direction along el camino real down to just one lane. this work is expected to continue at least through the rest of the day. it remains to be seen if the elementary school here in st. matthew church will be open for students. to bar. >> a lot of disruption. thank you.'s the flaring began before 8:00 this morning. chevron is calling this an isolated incident and in -- emphasizing, people nearby do not have to shelter in place. robocalls were made this morning to notify neighbors about the flaring. chevron has apologized for this incident and the inconvenience
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to his neighbors. minister justin trudeau is here -- prime minister justin trudeau is here in the bay area. later today, he will visit the offices and meet with leaders of amazon, and ebay. he was -- is set to meet with the governor before adding to los angeles. senate leaders say they have reached a two-year agreement with, which could prevent the government from shutting down. nancy pelosi and other democrats have said that they will refuse to support the measure if house speaker paul ryan does not promise to work on separate immigration legislation. >> reporter: the clock is ticking to avoid another government shutdown. lawmakers are facing a midnight deadline to find a budget solution. senate leaders making progress by striking a bipartisan deal. which would fund the federal government as well as provide money for the military and
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domestic programs over the next two years. >> it will ensure findings for important efforts such as disaster relief, infrastructure , and building on our work and fight opioid lease and drug. addiction. >> at the end of the day, i believe we have reached a budget deal that neither side loves but both sides can be proud of. that's compromise. that government. >> reporter: that plan, however, drawing mixed reaction. it has support from the white house with president trump thing it provides much-needed support for the military. tweeting, it ends the dangerous sequester and gives secretary met is what he needs to keep america great. getting the support of the house will be no easy feat. nancy pelosi is holding the flow for a record breaking eight hours and seven minutes. to voice her operation to the deal. unless republican leadership promises to hold a separate vote on daca. the program which protects immigrants brought to u.s. illegally as children. i hope that the speaker will
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man up and decided that we in the house can also have what mitch mcconnell guarantees in the senate, a vote on the floor. >> we will bring a solution to the for once the -- one that the president will sign. so please know that we are committed to getting this done. >> reporter: is being criticized by fiscally conservative concert -- republicans. ktvu's, fox 2 news. take a look here. the dow jones is down by 626 points. down to and 1/2%. s&p down more than 2%. the story is the same on the nasdaq. stocks are tumbling again. still ahead, highway patrol officer who was run over by a drunk driver is telling his
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story. >> after the break, the interview you will only see on 2. it's been two weeks since we last saw rain. are meteorologist is checking some changes. the san francisco 49ers have signed jimmy j. making him the highest play -- highest- paid player in his story -- history.
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the highway patrol officer who was seriously injured by a suspected drunk driver a few weeks ago is now hoping to save lives by sharing his story. >> the crash broke both of the officer's legs. amberley spoke exclusively with the officer in this story you'll see only on 2. >> reporter: officer martin is purposeful as he rolled his wheelchair into his workplace. the office in martinez. it's his first time back since the suspected dui driver caused a crash that left lynn way with two broken legs, unable to walk. >> i've picked up on that. how are you doing, sarge? i'm good. i'm happy to be alive. quick reminder of you are not as [ indiscernible ] as it used
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to be. >> reporter: the 44-year-old responded to a minor vehicle accident on highway four in concord. the motorcycle officer said he was wrapping things up with one driver involved in the incident when suddenly he heard a crash. the driver of a black suv plowed into his motorcycle and a pickup truck while the officer was standing nearby. >> i have a pretty good regulation -- recollection. the pickup truck knocked me down. as i rolled over, my legs were trapped underneath. the drivers of the pickup truck. >> reporter: he pulled out his cell phone and called 911. >> there was definitely a moment of panic. oh my gosh, what am i going to do? take a deep breath and get myself -- you panic, it doesn't help the situation at all. [ applause ] >> reporter: on friday, he was released from the medical center.
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motorcycle officers from around the bay area surprised him. they presented him with gifts paid for out of their own pockets. one item were the [ indiscernible ] that he was wearing when he was injured. [ applause ] lend weight says he expects to make a full recovery. he's had surgery in both legs. >> they made an incision here. a wrought down that leg. -- put a rod down that leg. >> reporter: the highway patrol says too many citizens and officers have been injured or killed by drunk drivers. >> we can try to find impaired drivers. it's up to the people in this area cannot do that. not put other people's lives at risk. >> reporter: he is not angry with the suspected drug driver.
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just -- drunk driver. just frustrated. he hopes his experience will help save lives. >> i hope one person says, take a i'm not going to drive tonight because i remember what happened to the officer. the injuries that were caused by drinking and driving. >> reporter: he tells me he hopes to start walking again in several weeks. the goal is to get back to work and back on a motorcycle by late may or early june. take care -- >> take care. >> i love you, man. >> reporter: amberley, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> the woman accused of driving drunk remains at the jail. she's charged with two counts of felony dui including driving on a suspended license for a prior dui conviction. it also injured another person. temperatures still on the mild side. changes -- any changes? >> very mild pages. we have been dealing with this
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dry weather pattern for two weeks. infirmary, a warm start out there as well. record heat. there is a live camera near the golden gate bridge. you probably noticed some haze. kind of the same deal for today. we are starting to see that he's developed. the very, very warm start. these are all records for the first and second and third and fourth, the fifth, the sixth, the seventh. there is the chance we could be checking on another set of records for today. for fairbury eighth. santa rosa, we have to tie that record. san francisco just below it as well. san jose could be 4 degrees shy. within striking distance. we will see if that streak continues in the bay area. cold temperatures. we have that as well. we have one degree in fargo. minneapolis, 16. as you work your way out to the west, 70s out toward phoenix and los angeles. satellite showing you the high clouds.
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this almost look like this i like we've been showing you for about a week. clouds arcing up to our north. we had the dry pattern. and probably the biggest change could see some low clouds and fog. just offshore. but look at this. we've traced in the surface winds here. and the north and northeast afloat should keep the fog moving -- from moving up to our coastline. more hazy sunshine and a warm afternoon. santa rosa 68 degrees. san jose is 70. 61. a lot of 60s and 70s for today. this area of high pressure still in charge of our weather pattern for your thursday. same deal as we head into your friday. now, into the weekend, we will watch this guy move in from the north. but this will bring off a drop off of numbers both saturday and sunday and also a bit of a breeze, especially for the hills. winds gusty -- gusting to over 30-40 miles per hour. last rainfall, january 25. we are continuing to check on a
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day here. today is 14 days of dry weather stretch here in the bay area. we could most likely tack on at least another week. not much change at their. here's the forecast models. we put this into motion. take this into nest -- next week. a bunch of zeros here for the bay area. maybe a few light showers. they could impact the moderate forecast for next week. temperatures for this afternoon, 50s and 70s. san francisco, low 70 downtown. santa rosa 74. and some more neighborhoods. gilroy 76 degrees. here is a look ahead. your five day forecast. it is quiet. except for the weekend. primarily in the 60s for both saturday and sunday with partly cloudy sky into monday of next week. it is just amazing. the same weather story each and every day. it's been like that for at least a week. we can tack on more days.
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we just need to push it out of here. it's not happening anytime soon. investigators say copper thieves caused the flooding at the oakland coliseum as we reported yesterday. the office was forced to close because of that flooding. it's now expected to be closed until at least monday. investigators say the thieves scaled the roof of the building and stole copper tubing from an air-conditioning system on the roof. it's estimated to be worth $50 when recycled but a cost tens of thousands of dollars in damage. the coliseum dmv will be closed for the remainder of the week. other apartments are being honored at nearby dmv offices like oklahoma avenue in oakland as well as walnut creek. >> -- coming up, a santa rosa construction crew willing to work at 12 hours days -- 12 hour days to help homeowners
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nasa is expected to sue over the wildfires. focusing on the roles -- strong winds and falling powerlines. the napa valley register is reporting they plan to sue the
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county utility. other counties have also filed lawsuits. santa rosa construction company is facing problems of its own. tom reports crews are facing a a catch-22. >> the people who live in these trailers are employees of wolff contracting. here they are today helping to speed up the cleanup and recovery. working 12 hours a day. cleaned up what hundred properties. michael wolff, a retired u.s. marine, and a better business bureau a+ rated contractor was facing a $10,000 a day fine if these trailers were not gone today. >> there's a lot of work that needs to be done. and there's not enough people to do the work. and there's not enough for them to stay if they are coming here
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from outside of the area. >> reporter: reasonably caused by browns, telegrams, -- campgrounds, already full. he's supplying them with water, power, and toilet facilities. this is nonetheless an illegal trailer park. the director of housing is that lot requires such parts to be set up in accordance with health and safety codes. the city has decided that this trailer park can be left to stand. the current zoning doesn't allow for a single-family lot to have multiple trailers on it. in this case, we think we can make an exception and look at it. >> reporter: a temporary use permit to be for a day to even several years. so problem solved. >> it's always had a great relationship with the city of santa rosa. i would like to keep it that
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way. >> reporter: this is far from over. once we go into the construction phase, we are still 6-7000 people short on construction crews. there's no place for them to stain out. we're going to have to make some sort of room for them. >> all i want to do is find a way to start putting -- bringing the community back together. >> ktvu, fox 2 -- fox 2 news. >> devastating flooding. victims are taking the city, county, and water district court. why those agencies failed to keep them safe and what they want in return. accusations of abuse. investigation into a south bay catholic school then used to grow. as more alleged victims have come forward. fire fighting is a very dangerous profession.
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we have one to two fires a day and when you respond together and you put your lives on the line, you do have to surround yourself with experts. and for us the expert in gas and electric is pg&e. we run about 2,500/2,800 fire calls a year and on almost every one of those calls pg&e is responding to that call as well. and so when we show up to a fire and pg&e shows up with us it makes a tremendous team during a moment of crisis. i rely on them, the firefighters in this department rely on them, and so we have to practice safety everyday. utilizing pg&e's talent and expertise in that area trains our firefighters on the gas or electric aspect of a fire and when we have an emergency situation
12:31 pm
we are going to be much more skilled and prepared to mitigate that emergency for all concerned. the things we do every single day that puts ourselves in harm's way, and to have a partner that is so skilled at what they do is indispensable, and i couldn't ask for a better partner. taking a peek back at the markets. stocks and afternoon trading in while straw -- wall street. the major index, not off the loads. tech companies and banks skating hit the hardest. as for the nasdaq, also in the red. down 164 points. s&p 500 is down 67 points. devastating floods in san jose. flood victims are now taking legal action. >> live from san jose with what they are asking for.
12:32 pm
>> reporter: this is a copy of lawsuit the attorney says is being filed today against the city of san jose, the water district, and the county. 150+ households. the attorney says it was a preventable nightmare. that attorney shows a video and held a press conference that ended about a half hour ago. some flood victims spoke up. the lawsuit claims negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress claiming the city, the water district, and the county did not do enough to protect the san jose residents. we asked the attorneys who is filing the lawsuit what specifically she claims was preventable. >> i think the overtopping of the dam was preventable. the flooding of the creek because of failing to maintain storm james -- drains, that was
12:33 pm
inexcusable. therefore venable. the failure to provide timely notice. >> we need to get reimbursed and compensated for our pain and suffering that we have endured. for almost a year. >> reporter: in a statement, the water district responded, saying their hearts go out to the flood victims and the district has taken action since last year to reduce future flood risks including lowering anderson reservoir, temporary building a flood wall in rock springs area, moving trees, and implementing a new emergency plan. the county of santa clara responded, saying it's unfortunate that the county is being included in this litigation when the county does not have responsibility for evacuation within city limits. in the meantime, the attorney has not mentioned how much they are seeking in damages. they won't say specifically. at this point, they say they will be seeking millions of dollars. back to you. >> thank you. oakland schools, having to
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spend tens of millions of dollars to ensure the safety of drinking water. it will cost about $38 million to eliminate the high levels of lead found at 15 schools. $22 million will go to replace old water lines. the rest of that money will pay for a new sink and drinking water fixtures. the project would primarily be funded through bonds and grants. number of students claiming they were abused at an all- girls catholic school continues to grow. the claims go back to the late 1980s. >> i cannot understand how they can be a catholic school and respond to victims like this. i can't. i can't wrap my head around it. >> reporter: 20 accusers targeting the high school for an internal investigation and sweeping change. this comes after multiple victims who attended the all- girls school say administrators did not report instances of sexual abuse and assault by at least eight teachers and coaches, stretching back three
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decades. >> i reported that the teacher in a publicly touched me and kissed my hand and showed me a pornographic picture. that is reasonable suspicion. >> reporter: catherine told officials about the incident but nothing was done. >> had the administration listen to the first known report of abuse, which was four years prior to mine, he would have been dealt with. >> reporter: we try to talk to principal mary miller, who has been in the leadership position dating back to the earliest allegation. we were told she was unavailable. a spokesperson provided a lengthy statement which said, we unequivocally condemn the type of condon -- conduct described. due to privacy laws, we cannot disclose the details or outcome
12:36 pm
of that investigation. the allegations being made today are not the same claims that were reported to us in the past. >> it's not the school's place to investigate or to look for evidence. it's their job to report suspicions or to report when a child reports abuse. >> i don't know what this mean allegations, how anything could change without a leadership change. >> reporter: jessica ktvu, fox 2 news. a 17-year-old boy arrested on suspicion of murder. a man was found shot to death in his car near spartan stadium. the victim's name has not been released. police say they were able to track down and rest the teen after witnesses gave officers a description of the car involved in the shooting. the mayor spoke at the annual state of the city address. he will speak at the college starting at 6:30 tonight.
12:37 pm
he joined us live on the 9 this morning. he will focus this speech on affordable housing for san jose resident. a member of his staff also added that the mayor is expected to honor outstanding city workers. attending a forum this time hosted by the firefighter union. focusing on issues related to first responders and the future of the fire department. they tweeted out these photos. the supervisors along with former supervisors are there along with hundreds of firefighters. the four candidates are answering unscripted questions as well as questions from the union. such as, the fire department have veto power over street safety projects? the poll by the public policy institute of health and finds lieutenant governor newsom with 23% support. treasurer donte young -- [
12:38 pm
indiscernible ] 9%. the top two candidates in the june primary will face off in november. cleanup crews cleared out a home. -- homeless and katniss. -- encampment. they'd have to leave this morning. they say there were no problems. the homeless say they're hard -- lies are hard enough already. some people came out to show their support. >> i'm very lucky. these people are not fortunate. they do not have anything that they can afford to live in. >> reporter: they think they know why they are being moved. they told us a couple of days ago's -- ago there was a fire
12:39 pm
that started by someone who doesn't usually live there. they say that made have been the motivation asian -- motivation. 49ers lock in their new franchise quebec. talking about the new deal that makes jimmy g the highest paid player in nfl history. will we go one full month without any rain? looking for changes. after the break.
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from the olympic games are officially underway in south
12:42 pm
korea. mike pence has arrived to lead the u.s. delegation. >> greg powell, has more. ♪ >> reporter: musicians performing at a flag raising ceremony in south korea. a major moment marking another step in an unexpected warming of relations in the two countries. including a visit by kim jong- un's sister. >> translator: we hope to utilize this opportunity that the winter olympic teams can become an avenue that leads to dialogue. >> reporter: the trump administration is focused on the trump of the north korean nuclear program. mike pence arrived for meetings with south korea's president. increasing diplomatic pressure. saying all military options are on the table. >> united states of america
12:43 pm
will stance -- stands shoulder to shoulder. >> reporter: north korea is marking the start of the parade with massive military parade. claiming the parade marks north korea's emergence as a global military power. >> translator: as long as the anti-north korea policy from the united states continues, the mission of our military to secure peace can never change. >> reporter: pence said that he would be open to meeting with members of the delegation during his visit. but north korea said today it had no intention of meeting with representatives of the united states. in seoul, south korea, greg, ktvu, fox 2 news. [ horn sounding ] [ cheering ] >> the eagles beat the patriots on sunday. denville natives. the players
12:44 pm
cruised along a 5 mile parade route on open -- open area double-decker buses. the van somebody trophy. schools, universities, even the philadelphia zoo closed today to celebrate the big win. the 49ers have reported made the highest played -- highest-paid player in nfl history. >> small sample size. seven-0. how can you argue with that? five years, 137 and half million dollars. -- half million dollars. quite frankly, i've never seen anyone play or change the fortunes of and in the full team so dramatically like garoppolo did with the 49ers they were 1-10 when they -- he
12:45 pm
took over in chicago. then lose another game. he had that look from the moment he walked in. of a franchise quarterback when they traded with the new england patriots back on halloween. looking like a bargain now. as we said, enough sample size in seven games for kyle shanahan and john lynch to pull the trigger. they may have a press conference. we haven't heard five -- from the 49ers. garoppolo has that sort of tom brady look to him. he played under tom brady for a few years. new england, he stands in the pocket. he goes through it. he is more mobile of -- mobile. lightning quick release. extremely accurate. as for what kind of teammate he is, a video that the 49ers put together give you some idea. >> great job. here we go. >> good job, baby. >> that's perfect. >> good job.
12:46 pm
>> good job. good job. >> bitte -- big time play. >> let's go! >> that's a big time catch. >> good time, fellas. >> good job. >> good job. that was unbelievable. great job. >> very complimentary. that was only five games. but he commanded the huddle. he played outstanding for the 49ers. some folks are little shocked. i know some of your friends, too. you just got a text. >> diehard eagles fans laughing at it. >> that will be the big test. can he live up to that contract? will they shrink under the pressure? it sure didn't look like that and what we saw. so the niners, this is the face of the franchise. they have it. for the niners, who have been down for so long, this is pretty cool. >> i like that they did it early in the off-season. it if they can refocus on the rest of the off-season. >> that's what washington did with kirk cousins.
12:47 pm
and then they -- and then he's gone. he's gone. i think the franchise thing wouldn't have worked with him. moving the ball forward. not making a deal on this. jimmy garoppolo with the 49ers, they have a first round pick. top 10 pick. wonder $30 million under the salary cap. they have a franchise quarterback. they almost beat the jags. the jags almost went to the super bowl late in the season. i mean, expeditions are going to be pretty skyhigh for the 49ers. you are paying for the potential and you've seen the potential. it looks real. as of now. >> thank you. a no amount of money will bring any more rain to the sky. >> we can always experiment. >> never hurts. >> note rainfall. it's been two weeks ago today we had some rainfall here. for the bay area. we had a hailstorm. it's been 14 days. i'm showing you this. just some high clouds
12:48 pm
approaching pacific northwest. they are not even picking up as much as -- in way of significant rainfall. this looks like a summertime weather pattern because we have this. this is fog. out and fog hanging out of the coastline. what is developing, looks like a fall weather pattern. you have those offshore winds keeping the fog out of here. just lots of haze in place. hazy sunshine for today. it will be mild. temperatures right now, we have santa rosa 68 degrees. 70s out toward concord and fairfield. fairfield 67. down toward monterey bay, very nice. temperatures in the 70s for monterey. checking into sunday degrees. this area of high pressure is diluted. -- it does not want to move too much. a lot of 70s. rear expecting to change by the weekend. this weather system was in from the north.
12:49 pm
we will cool off a little bit into the weekend. not a major drop off in numbers. 70s. 60s. we could also be tracking some wins may be gusting to over 30 miles per hour for the north and east bay hills. as early as saturday morning. so we remember, generate 25th, the last rainfall here in the bay area. we continue to update this map. as to date marks 14 days. a chance we could be adding at least another 7-10 days. after that, who knows? we will see what happens at the end of february. forecast models. a bunch of zeros in the bay area. maybe if you sprinkled approaching monterey bay as the weather system developed after and approaches southern california. a better chance of picking up some rainfall than we do over the next few days. still not much in the range of significant rainfall. forecast highs this afternoon, once again, hazy sunshine. temperatures most areas will be in the 70s this afternoon. san mateo is 70 degrees. here is the look ahead at your
12:50 pm
five day forecast. temperatures are cool off a little bit into the weekend. sunday will be the coolest day of the upcoming weekend. we talk about the longest dry stretch. you guys want to guess? >> this month. >> in winter. >> i would say five weeks. >> 43 days. yeah, that happened in 1864. and then actually recent, december 20 14th. 43 days. hopefully we don't approach that. >> thank you. >> let's take a look at the market. the down jones dropping more than 800 point here. 3%. as the market extends its losses. the turmoil really began last friday. it's continued this week as investors worry about early signs of inflation. unless have also kind of said that the modern -- markets got too expensive and has been long overdue for a call back. this is the fourth big loss on
12:51 pm
the dow the last six days.'s governor brown is downsizing the proposed tunnel project. this after the original proposal failed to get support from the water agencies. state officials is the amended proposal still leads -- leave the option for the second tunnel if funding is found. one tunnel is estimated to cost $10.7 billion. it would pump water through a tunnel to southern california. it will take until october to complete the simple mental environmental review of these modified plants. >> critics plan to hold a protest right before a public hearing on plans to expand offshore drilling. state lands commission and coastal commission say they will use their power to block pipe lines that would get the oil onto land. ryan zinke wants to open nearly all u.s. coastlines to offshore oil and gas drilling. the u.s. euro of ocean emergency management as opposed
12:52 pm
-- proposed seven. between 2020 and 2023. we will be right back after the break.
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we continue to follow developing news we brought you at the beginning of this newscast.
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including the manhunt that is underway to find those involved in a deadly santa rosa shooting. >> we are learning more about the victim of the deadly bus crash in the city of brooklyn. -- berkeley. that is today on the 4 on 2. facebook and google is setting up rules of dating in the workplace. those company's are allowing workers to ask a coworker out but only allowed to ask once. if there turned on, they're not allowed to ask again. >> says ambiguous answers such as i'm busy or i can't that night count as a no. workers also don't have to report it to the hr department. if there is a conflict of interest and the relationship is not disclose, workers could be disciplined. companies have been trying to tackle any risk of inappropriate behavior following a rise in workplace misconduct reports in the past year. if you own an apple watch, maybe even more helpful to detect health problems than previously thought. the watch's built an heart rate center can detect diabetes with
12:56 pm
85% accuracy. it can detect abnormal heart rhythm and hypertensive -- hypertension. coming up next tesla is preparing to unveil its production plans for its new model why sports utility vehicle. the plans may be released in the next month. ceo elon musk said tesla will start capital investments for the model why, which generally means investing in production by the end of the year. this is model 3 production bottlenecks are caused by the battery assembly line at the company in factory in nevada. tesla's stock is down on those delays. let's take a look at the broader markets. it appears we are on track for the second biggest drop we've seen in a week. we lost 666 last friday. remember, monday is when the dow jones closed down by almost 12 hundred points -- 1200 points. it's down by three and half
12:57 pm
percent losing more than 880 points. it was a relatively quiet moment -- morning. still, the dow took a sharp plant and was never on the positive side today. we have been due for a correction and it does appear that continues to happen. our news continues right now on we are tracking it for you back here at 4. with advil's fast relief, you'll ask, "what pulled muscle?" "what headache?" nothing works faster to make pain a distant memory. advil liqui-gels and advil liqui-gels minis. what pain?
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>> the drowning death of hollywood icon natalie wood, a tragic accident or the perfect cover up for murder? her, had to have pushed not her around, but she ended up in the water. >> and, a buyer beware alert about essential oils. are they real or the latest health scam? >> coming up next. crime today, a true daytime exclusive, breaking news out of the l.a. sheriff's


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