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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  February 12, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PST

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this commute is normal. this is to say it's a bit slow. i'll let you know what happens there. it will be closed for a while. let's move along and take a look at i-80. it's moving along relatively well. at the toll plaza we have a bit of a backup. we will see if that clears up. at 4:30 let's go to rosemary. >> good morning, to you. we are transitioning to a cooler pattern. outside the doors the low 30s to start the day. low 40s for the inner east bay. 48 degrees in oakland. this is a look at the 24 hour temperature change. we are cooler in napa and warmer in half moon bay. the breeze is helping to drive
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the temperatures. winds won't be as strong as today. you can see the wind gusting at 31 miles per hour. mountain view reporting 5. stretching back showing you the pattern in place. we are in this trough now and that brought a few sprinkles to california and snow to the sierra. we are starting the morning partly to mostly cloudy. there is a look at the sierra where we have snowfalling over areas of lake tahoe. after tahoe. it will be another cool one. we will remain right about hear for most of the business week. i'll have a look at the extended forecast coming up. the u.s. senate will start debating immigration reform today. one key topic is funding for the daca program that's set to
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expire next month. another big debate is funding for the border wall. we will join you from washington dc. good morning, doug. >> the senate is orderly and slow. we will see a debate on what to do about immigration. >>reporter: with protests a regular occurrence here on capitol hill the senate will dive in today. >> we'll have something we haven't had in a while. >>reporter: they will have a debate on immigration. including daca. protection for illegal immigrants. what to do about lottery visas. also the proposed border walls. >> loopholes allowed criminals
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and gang members to break into our country. >>reporter: while republicans will introduce a plan he largely supports including a path to citizenships for $1.8 million democrats have bigger issues. we saw how far some will take it. nancy seized the floor for more than 8 hours last week. >> let us thank and acknowledge the dreamers for their inspiration to make america more american. thank you. [ cheering and applause ] ng and applause ] >>reporter: at the other end of the spectrum you have immigration hard liners that see the presidents proposal in the form of amnesty. >> doug, what changes are they looking at. can they save the daca program?
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>>reporter: that's exactly what they are talking about. what the president will propose and republicans will propose. in that group are the current daca recipients. >> all right, this will be interesting to see. thank you, doug. >> all right, doug. the time is 4:34. democrats are prepared to blackout parts of their memo about the fbi's russia investigation to comply with president trump's concerns an national security. the president failed to release the information. he embraced the release of a president's version. president trump said he would consider releasing the memo if that sensitive information was removed. state senator jerry hill
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said tax breaks will remove $500 million per year. he would like it to go back to customers. the savings come from the new tax law that reduces the corporate tax rate from 35% to 31%. last thursday he introduced a bill to lower utility rates to reflect those new savings. they argued the money is needed to deal with increased cost. last month the cpuc which will set the rates and move the savings onto customers. the fbi is investigating a murder suicide. they rushed to a home yesterday morning after someone heard a gunshot. when police arrived they heard another shot from inside the house. they went inside and found two victims. a man in his 60s and woman in
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her 70s. >> we noticed a number of police cars were infiltrating the neighborhood. we saw a dozen police cars up- and-down the street. >> now, oakland paramedics provided medical treatment. both victims died at the scene. they are investigating this as a murder suicide. there is time to determine what lead up to the shooting. >> a carjacking suspect is leading police on a high speed chase across the east bay yesterday. officers say they followed the man reaching speeds of 100 miles per hour. the chase ended at a home on elk horn way. the man who had been armed refused to get out of the car for more than an hour. several officers had guns on nearby rooftops and surrounding the car the entire time. neighbors say it felt unreal.
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>> it was definitely scary being in the house and hearing the dogs go crazy and seeing the cops. when they asked us to evacuate we know there was guns and people on roofs with guns ready to shoot. >> officers finally fired tear gas rounds into the car that shattered a window and injured a suspect. police are handling the case. they are not releasing the name of the suspect or his medical condition. a science fair projects that questions the intelligence of african-americans sparked outrage among students, parents, and more. it questioned whether african- americans were smart enough for the schools program and whether
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racial disparity was justified. it tried to connect race to i.q. programs. disgraced harvey weinstein and his production company are facing a lawsuit. they are suing them for failing to protect employees from harassment, discrimination, and more. if weinstein sells the company everyone involved should be compensated. he was fired after the allegations came out. the grape harvest hit record levels last year in napa valley. they had $736 million in 2017. that compares the 683 million the year before. a strong demand for cabinet was a reason for the increase. most of the crop was picked
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before the wildfires in october. a fire department captain has been awarded the bronze star. he was on a combat mission last year. this is rewarded to those who distinguish themself in a combat zone. he's preponderance with the fire department since 1996. captain atkinson is a active member of the national guard. looking back at the oroville dam break. we'll take a look at the cost of fixing the dam and the impact the dam is still having now. is valentine's day is over rated. many say it's a gift of giving instead of love. good morning, you can see traffic is moving along pretty well if you are on the bay bridge. we'll tell you more about the
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bay area commute when we come back. another chilly start to the day followed by a cool afternoon. i'll have more coming up.
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welcome back. it's 4:42. over the weekend dozens of guide dogs moved through the airport learning to help visually impaired travelers move along. 30 of them checked in. the guide dogs for the blind paired them up with the airlines to host the trainings. this was the fourth year in a row. >> everything from going through security and boarding the plane. getting settled in a seat.
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hearing the noises that happen on a plane. there is an interesting movement of things going on. >> the airport training is just one part. once they graduate they are paired with visually impaired handlers. their first job is getting on the plane. they will get 55 new environmentally friendly buses. they will run on clean diesel and have wi-fi. the time is 4:43. bart promises to cleanup
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stations after a number of drop in drivers. bart said they will have station attendance in downtown san francisco stations clean around the elevators and platforms. they will shutdown part of those stations at night. they also plan to update the way they clean. most crews will work during the hours when stations are open instead of overnight. they will also expand their homeless outreach program. they are helping to connect people trying to live inside the stations with community services. now they will use the same approach in other counties severed by bart. directors say riders should start seeing changes by april. >> okay. 4:44 is the time right now. let's check in with traffic. >> we are looking at the pass here. we always do the super commute. there is a new wrinkle in the
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commute. traffic on the pass will be slow. there is no doubt about that. nearby there is an investigation going on on tesla road. that means tesla road is not available. this is a road people use to get to livermoore if they don't want go go up and do that. this morning that option is not an option. police said they will be out their for a while with an investigation. this could affect your commute. if you get on the roads in livermoore. this is the big boy and big girl commute. that's where this traffic is. if you are driving from dublin to the valley it looks pretty good there. we'll keep an eye on tesla
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road. this is a look at interstate 880. you can see traffic moving along there well. if you see traffic on the bridge it's unusual. we have a big line of traffic here. if this couldn'ts we could have lights on. >>reporter: all right, we have another cool day out their today. you think back to friday some of us warmed to the 80s. yes, there is definitely a difference. we saw the transition over the weekend. saturday was cooler than friday. for today we will be very similar to where we landed on sunday. partly cloudy. a bit of a cool down. we are right about where we should be for this time of year. we have been unseasonably warm we forget how chilly we are in february. right now 39 degrees in walnut creek. 42 in santa rosa.
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around the bay 46 in hayward. 49 in redwood city. some of unites states are cooler and some of us are warmer. 36 in alamo. today not going to be as breezy for most. we saw a bit of wind out there along the coast. here is the look at the forecast for santa rosa. a chilly start will remain in the 40s as we get into the 10:00 hour. we will finally hit 50. as we get into the second part of the day we have 60s for the areas across the north bay. go to the east bay 60 degrees for concord. 57 as we head west of san francisco. half moon bay 57. 60 degrees for san jose and morgan hill. a look at your extended forecast notice not a lot of
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change here. 30s, 40s for the afternoon tomorrow. low 60s on valentine's day. thursda low 60s. we'll start to warmup for the weekend. we'll have a mix of sun and clouds and the extended forecast remains dry. no rain in the forecast. >> all right, thank you. the sharks were down 2-0 in the third period. they got san jose's first point in the game. they pulled jones and meyer tips a pass into the net. that tied it at two. no scoring during overtime. they go to a shootout.
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he fires the shot into the net. >> scores and the sharks come back. >> the sharks win 3-2. they move into the sixth place. that will put this them in the post season if the play offs started today. an underdog beat the pro golfer. ted potter jr. played for the first time since 2011. he began with an bogie but then made four birdies. he closed with a 3 under par. he finished at 17 under. potter won the tournament by three shots. this marks a huge moment for his career. he broke his ankle and know he's the winner for the first time in six years. then there are the winner olympics. when people pay attention to sports they usually don't
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follow. norway holds the lead in the over all metal count with eight including one gold. canada is number two. germany number three with four gold metals. the most of any country. the neitherlands is number four. the united states has four metals including two golds. is valentine's day over rated? many say the holiday is boring. half of the people surveyed by groupon said it's too predictable. 50% said they do the same thing year after year. >> i'm board with the usual. let's go to the movie, let's go back home. >> that's what everybody does. >> 80% of people said sharing an experience is key to the perfect valentine's day. >> that's for sure. there is a new survey on if
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money can buy love. the survey is by eharmony. they found that household incomes greater than $200,000 equated to happiness in a marriage. 71% of people agree happy elevates to completely in love. couples are even happier if they have more than one child. the ideal is between two and four children. >> interesting. it's 4:51. moving on. new surveillance video capturing a russian passenger plane as it passes. investigators work to determine what caused the plane to go down killing all 71 people onboard.
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welcome back. the explosion in puerto rico happened yesterday afternoon. it included sections of the capital city of said one. the fire was caused from a chemical spill where 400,000 homes are still without power the devastating hurricane five minutes ago. the restore power to most of the affected people last
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night. the time is 4:54. investigators are still searching for that shortly after the take off of moscow killing samuel people onboard. officials say that the -- plane was headed for the border. authorities everyone on board the plane was from that region. none of the planes like boxes and the bodies of the victims have been found in the debris. search teams are searching around the board as well as the other blackbox. three people died and four but will remain in the hospital this morning after a fiery helicopter crash in the grand canyon. six passages from the uk and three others were all bore the helicopter when it crashed and exploded into a fireball on saturday night. yesterday, we were hampered by severe weather conditions. we had guests of to 50 miles
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per hour. weather conditions were not there, have been imposed. the chopper went down very challenging. grizzly bears were taken up with the endangered list after being federally protected from 24 years. the population control of grizzly bears falls into the state. the 670 grizzly bears living in yellowstone will be safe as long as they stay within the boundaries of the park; however, if they leave the park they could be legally hunted by those who have a state issued permit. wyoming game are dropping
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regulations. montana will recommend, but they left open for has in the future. we have more coming up in the 5:00 hour. for the second time in less than a month, and we will explain why. in san francisco after being thrown of favor a seven story parking garage, we have new details about a video that led police to this is a. you can see the traffic is getting through here, including highway four. and eventually start, we will look at the highs for today and we can expect for the weekend coming up.
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we will see you which 49er has been arrested for the second time this year. one year ago today, the or avail weather poor down an emergency spillway into the valley below causing major evacuations. will look at the repair work on the dale that is still taking place. warnings onto continues. this is ktvu earnings onto.
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-- mornings on 2. good morning. i dave clark. just like that, monday comes back around once again. >> just like that. is a partly cloudy start to the day. that will be the headline for your afternoon as well. temperatures this morning are back into the 30s for some, and low 60s. those the transition over the weekend, and temperatures will we were experience all of that record-breaking warmth and we didn't have 30s in the forecast garden start off the morning with 30s, with that is what we are seeing this morning. 36 in napa


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