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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  February 12, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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53% feel they do the same thing every year and 18% say sharing an experience is the best way to celebrate. what we are learning about the budget just released by president trump. >> we will speak with the director and producer of a documentary looking at the history of surfing in san francisco. it is random act of kindness week. how you can make somebody's day a little better. monday morning, hello san francisco and beyond. that is four points, grab your board because we are talking the history of surfing in san francisco. welcome to "mornings on 2 the 9". we hope you had a beautiful weekend. i think in a matter of four hours yesterday we went to
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basketball, baseball and more. we were a little worried but my son got through the reconciliation. they encouraged parents to sit down but we tiptoed out. >> mine is wednesday. tomorrow is mardi gras, fat tuesday and the first day of spring training although we are talking about football. the 49ers, a promising young member of the team is free on bail. police arrested tran eight at his home of that we can. >> he now faces charges of domestic violence and possession of an assault rifle. >> christien kafton is live with the latest on the arrest and the possible impact this could have on the team. >> reporter: certainly it will impact foster's life and the team. we have contacted the district attorney and at this point we are waiting for a timeline on when foster will be in court to face these allegations.
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the linebacker was arrested sunday morning around 9:15 after the los gatos monte sereno police department received a call of a disturbance. foster was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence and possession of an assault weapon. he was booked into jail on felony charges and posted $75,000 bail. yesterday the team said the organization is aware of the report, we take matters seriously and are gathering all pertinent information. this is not the first time he has run into trouble with the law, last month foster was arrested in alabama on marijuana charges. he was placed in the nfl drug treatment program and at that time the general manager of the 49ers said foster was a special player but he would have to stay clean. this comes after he was kicked out of the nfl combine for a deluded drug sample. what happens now as it concerns the team as a whole is up in
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the air. the burden of proof for the nfl is different than a criminal court for domestic violence. it is much different as the first time offender can face a six-game suspension. the second time they would be accused, that could earn a lifetime nfl ban. at this point we are waiting to hear from the district attorney's office as to how they will proceed, what charges and when they will be pressing them. >> christien kafton, thank you. so the question of the day is do you think the 49ers should release reuben foster after the arrest on domestic violence? 64% say yes, 21% say no and 15% are not sure. one tweet we got says, actually let's look at lauren, she says let him go. kids look up to these athletes.
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this is bad for the team and he is not a good role model. >> on the flipside doug says innocent until proven guilty. >> i don't know the facts of the case. if he has not been convicted basically ron says we should wait and don't release him until the facts come out. >> we will keep talking through the morning. more coming up on this at 9:30. an investigation in alameda county into a stabbing. >> it happened on tesla road near the carnegie state recreation area.>> alex savidge live from the scene with details.>> reporter: good morning to you. this is being headed up by the alameda county sheriff's office and the office has not released any information officially this morning about the case. we have learned the woman in
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the case was found stabbed several times in this remote area just outside of livermore along tesla road. we want to get you to video of the scene several miles up the road. this is tesla road and it is closed in both directions, west of the carnegie recreation area. we saw this morning as the sun came up there was clothing in the middle of the road. detectives are at the scene gathering evidence. someone called 911 at 2:00 this morning to report an injured woman along the road suffering from stab wounds. ultimately firefighters and paramedics airlifted her to a nearby hospital in castro valley. we have not received an update on her condition. listen to some of the radio calls that were made by fire officials and other authorities this morning. >> there is a stabbing, i would
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advise to stay in the area, possible stabbing. units responding on tesla road just be advised the female with short blonde hair and a black pink top. >> reporter: again, according to alameda county fire officials, the woman was suffering from a number of stab wounds as she was airlifted to the hospital we are working to figure out her condition at this time. investigators will remain at the crime scene which is right along tesla road west of the carnegie recreation area outside of livermore. a very remote area where the investigation continues to unfold. we have reached out to the sheriff's office a number of times looking for more information and have yet to hear back from the spokesperson. there is no word on any arrests that may have been made in connection with this case or any word on any possible
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suspects. of course when we learn more throughout the day we will pass the information along. >> alex savidge, thank you. the weather today is more of the same. i was hoping for some rain soon. it does not look like it is coming.>> not this week, but things can change quickly this time of year. in fact over the last couple of days we went from record- breaking warmth to the upper 50s for your afternoon highs. today was a result of the trough over california which is bringing some snow to the sierra. the center of circulation is just to the east into nevada and utah but over the sierra they are close enough on the back end getting some sierra snow. a little bit slick along highway 50 and i-80. caltrans tweeted out to be prepared. partly cloudy skies at home
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with the wind kicking up as the system hit the coastline moving to the south. this is going to stick with us for today with not a strong wind, very light at the moment. half moon bay is gusting at 22 miles per hour right now. most of the morning it was around 30. for the day today partly cloudy and cool so we are seasonal. a bit of wind but not as strong as yesterday. right now we are 49 in the north bay for santa rosa and 44 in livermore. upper 40s in hayward and san francisco. 50 in oakland, for the high today upper 50s with 59 oakland, 57 san francisco. 60 degrees in mountain view and morgan hill. overnight lows won't be changing a lot, 30s and 40s to start with afternoon highs not changing, lower 60s through midweek on wednesday which is valentine's day and into the
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bay area weekend we have a bit of a warm-up with mid 60s on the way for your weekend. dry throughout this week at least for the moment. we are looking at the 24th before we could see a storm rolling in. president trump unveiled a $4.4 trillion budget plan for next year which would increase the federal deficit. this as the administration was being criticized for domestic abuse allegations against a former staffer. lauren blanchard with more. >> president trump tweeted this will be a big week for infrastructure after stupidly spending $7 trillion in the middle east it is time to invest in our country. >> the reason it is crumbling is because of the bureaucracy. what we are going to do is empower the state to use some federal dollars to match it and reinvest. >> the second budget proposal
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includes $200 billion for infrastructure spending. the infrastructure plan is bipartisan but democratic congressman say the parties not on board. >> this is not a real plan. it is another scam and attempt to privatize critical government functions and create windfalls for their buddies on wall street. >> the budget drawing criticism from some criticism -- conservatives ti but it also includes $23 billion for border security and immigration enforcement. this comes as the white house defends their handling of domestic abuse allegations against former staffer rob porter. >> the president thinks domestic violence is grotesque on multiple occasions he has said that. there is no place for it. >> the president tweeted this morning in reference to the
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opioid crisis. the budget proposal includes calling for some $13 billion in new funding to combat the national epidemic. in washington lauren blanchard, ktvu fox 2 news. ice arrests are up around the country including noncriminal arrest. president trump promised he would round up millions of immigrant gang members and drug dealers when elected. according to the washington post since taking office arrests by immigration and customs enforcement have jumped 20%. there were almost 38,000 last year. the category includes those without criminal records as well a suspects facing possible charges. critics say ice is just going after anyone who may be eligible for deportation. the san jose police chief went to a spanish-speaking mass yesterday to reassure people his officers will not hold --
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help federal agents make arrests. the chief spoke telling people it is a long-standing policy not to enforce federal immigration laws. >> the chief says he knows there is a lot of fear in the immigrant community. >> democrats are prepared to redact parts of their memo about the fbi russia investigation to comply with president trump's concerns over national security, last week the president refused to release the memo and said classified and sensitive information would be exposed. earlier the president embraced the release of the republican version. president trump said he would consider releasing the memo if the sensitive information was removed. jay-z made an appearance at a rally for trayvon martin. he joined the parents of trayvon martin on stage. they were honoring violence victims.
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jay-z is producing a documentary called the breast in power the trayvon martin story. martin was 17 years old when he was shot and killed by george zimmerman. zimmerman was later acquitted of the shooting. coming up, a trial expected to begin today that will challenge san francisco's money based bail system. coming up why some people say the current system is unfair. backlash over a new movie for children. the criticism over one scene that people say makes light of a dangerous medical situation. harold hated everything.
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spoke a good start to the week. strike a new budget for san francisco police includes money for tasers. the police commission voted to allow tasers, recently the department of justice has been reviewing san francisco police after several shootings and they say the department should consider deploying the devices but critics say that tasers can cause injury or death and can escalate situations. the proposal could be approved by july. a judge in oakland will consider a challenge to the san francisco money based jail system. two women arrested in san francisco who spend days in jail say that the bail system is unconstitutional. they say the system is unfair because people with more money can pay their way out of jail. the lawsuit asks the court to declare the system unconstitutional and orders the city to use alternative methods to assess the risk of releasing those arrested. in the meantime the judge criticizes both sides for their
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quality of evidence saying you can't just pull things out of the air. the united states dealing with one of the worst flu seasons and it could be one of the deadliest. according to the centers for disease control and prevention 4000 deaths have been reported weekly and it is not slowing down. the cdc director says we could surpass the numbers from previous severe flu seasons which averaged 700,000 hospitalizations and 56,000 deaths. orange juice sales are on the rise. retailers have seen the first spike in sales since 2013. sales went up 1% last month. overall the market has been down 50% since 2001 with people turning away from the drink because of its high sugar content. sony pictures is apologizing after he seen in the new "peter rabbit" movie.
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part of the storyline centers on farmer macgregor being allergic to blackberries, at one point the bunnies throw blackberries at mr. mcgregor and he has to use an epipen. a group is saying people with food allergies can experience a very real fear during allergic reactions. group leaders say making fun of that could make the public take the risk lightly and say you could put an allergic person at risk. a championship football team from the east bay is headed to the state capital. mcclymond high school players and coaches will be honored by the assembly and senate for winning their second consecutive state championship. the warriors won there championship for the second year straight which kept their undefeated season. no other public high school has one back to back. a california skater made history in the team skating event at the olympics. landing the triple axle 19
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seconds into the program. she is the first american and only the third woman to ever land the 3 1/2 rotation jump at the olympics leading the us team to the bronze medal. now she has a chance to make more history when she repeats the program when the ladies skate solo later in the winter games. after four days of winter sports one of the smallest countries in the world is holding the lead on the overall medal account. norway has nine including two gold. germany is second with four gold . the netherlands is third with three gold and a total of seven. canada is fourth with two. the united states holding steady with four medals. a new report says the value of the napa county grape harvest hit record levels.
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the value of the county grape harvest was $736 million last year, compared to $683 million the year before. strong demand for wine was part of the reason for the increase and much of the crop was already picked before the fires kicked up. coming up, changes to your drivers license which could make life easier. coming up the testing being done on a new app that could limit the amount of personal information that you have to share. coming up we will talk live with the producer and creator of a documentary that takes a look at surfing in the bay area.
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hey hun. look at all this extra room i have on this king size ikea bed. are you wearing a... duvet cover? why yes. yes i am. where's mom? we finally redid our bedroom and she's prettttttttttty into it. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours. the documentary great highway journey to the soul of san francisco surfing is now available on amazon prime and it traces the history of san francisco surfing as told by everyone from lifeguards to jack o'neill. the movie is made up of characters who appreciate the san francisco beach lifestyle
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that comes with the cold weather and overcast skies. for more we are joined by the film producer and director. welcome both of you. one of the lines is we were the rebels, nobody wanted to go down to the ocean beach, when did that start popping up? the surfing in san francisco?>> it started in the 40s at ocean beach. a little down the coast in pacifica it started in the late 30s so we just thought the surfacing -- surf scene has been a long longer than the sports teams so we wanted to give a shout out. spoke where did you get your hands on some of this video?>> it was a big community effort. we found people who wanted to donate images they had stored in their closets and the whole
9:24 am
community really helped us out a lot. it took several years to make this and a lot of it was looking for footage and photographs.>> to go back to the comment from jack o'neill, people going down to ocean beach, they were looked at little bit differently in the early decades right? >> right, to be a surfer in the 40s or 50s was out of the mainstream. it was something, most of them were considered beach bums. that is what they called them. so it was not something that was popular. it was definitely out of the mainstream. >> now where has it gone over the decade? -- decades to where we are today? >>, now everyone is doing it and hopefully people are interested in the broad appeal of surfing and we just want to educate people about the lineage and history of the sport that is a lot easier to do now.
9:25 am
it is very different from what the early guys were doing. >> so what did you learn by being involved in the project? >> i wouldn't even know where to start. i am so blessed to have met these great legends. many of them who are not with us anymore but we are very glad we got to tell their stories. they really paved the way for a lot of people. >> what is one thing that doing this project taught you? >> well, it taught me that the older people that got into the sport early on, they were really tough people. they were very interesting people, eccentric people and if i have learned one thing, it is that people who grew up next to the ocean have a real appreciation and love for the lifestyle and they take it all
9:26 am
the way to the grave and pass it on to their children. >> there is something special about ocean beach. it takes a unique individual to go out to even get past the break and serve. is that known around the country or maybe around the world? >> yes it is, on surfline the surfers look at it to see where to go surf and they will rate the paddle out and on ocean beach it is like 10. as tough as it gets. all of the current coming in and out of the bay. trillions of gallons of water being displaced between the tides so when you surf at ocean beach you're in the current. you can swim against it and still lose ground so it is very challenging and the water is cold. it is very challenging. >> you talked about the documentary how you talk about
9:27 am
the past but what about the future?>> well, because of the cold water it does weed out a lot of people. people love to surf in hawaii but here it is too cold. so maybe with global warming it will look more like hawaii. >> so what would you say about the state in surfing today? >> i think it has become a lot more popular. it is becoming more of a destination. maverick also, it drew him a lot of people and now people are starting to discover that on good days it is amazing at ocean beach. >> do you guys still get out? >> oh, yes. not today because we are working. >> congratulations and now watch it on amazon prime. we will be right back after the break. please keep your shoes on!
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for special offers now. this morning we are waiting to see how the 49ers respond to the arrest of reuben foster on charges of domestic violence and possession of an assault rifle. this is the second time this year foster has been arrested, last month he was arrested in alabama on marijuana charges and the nfl enrolled him in drug treatment programs. do you think the 49ers should release reuben foster after the arrest? 63% say yes, 21% say no and 16% say you are not sure. a little bit of chatter on social media, ron says i don't know the facts. if he has not been convicted i say wait. if he is found guilty, then yes.
9:31 am
handle it properly but he needs to have his day in court. >> another viewer says two arrests in one month, let them go. >> chris tweets the 49ers need to get back to the class act they used to be, let him go. we need -- can get another linebacker. >> you can always respond to the question of the day on twitter and facebook. a former oakland a's pitcher under arrest after transporting drugs. esta von liza was arrested on friday in san diego county for transporting 40 pounds of heroin and cocaine. he played for the oakland a's in 2006 and is said to be arraigned on wednesday. bail has been set at $200,000. new information from san francisco fire.
9:32 am
allie rasmus reports strong wind tossed around construction material that ended up hitting people walking by. >> san francisco firefighters confirm there were three people injured in the incident. two pedestrians walking by on 23rd street right in front of this commercial building that is under construction. a worker was injured as well when a fence and construction material were swept up by strong wind, this morning you can see the workers were moving the temporary fencing that has now been taken down. in this video you can see and hear how strong the wind was yesterday. this happened around 2:00 in the afternoon. one woman suffered some minor neck and back injuries when the debris hit her as she was walking by, an elderly man was injured when part of the fence a large piece of wood and
9:33 am
plastic traffic barricades were swept up. some materials hit him in the head as he was walking by. he was sitting up and speaking when he -- responders arrived but he was taken to the hospital. he eventually underwent surgery for the head injury but we do not have an update on his condition. firefighters tell us a third parker -- person, a worker at the site received minor injuries. an on-call representative from the building inspection department also was called to the site to check out the area. we are waiting to hear back about what sort of investigation will follow after what happened. from san francisco allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. for more on some of are other headlines let's get to dave clark. >> here are some of the top stories. police are searching for a 19- year-old robbery suspect who
9:34 am
was released from jail last week. dante oliver was arrested wednesday night for injuring a female officer. he was wanted for another crime but police have not said what i was. they have said he was arrested for breaking the nose of a business owner as well. he was released a short time later but it is not clear why he was let go. now police are searching for him again. you can see this photo of him. please call 911 if you know anything. rallies are planned today in oakland and san jose by fast food workers pushing for a $15 per hour national minimum wage. other rallies have been planned as well. today at noon oakland demonstrators will gather at mcdonald's on east 14th street in san jose the protests will be on north first street. the rallies are separate today because it is the 50th anniversary of the historic memphis sanitation strike in 1968 led by dr. martin luther king jr. strike one year ago
9:35 am
water flooded from the oroville dam emergency spillway into the valley forcing 200,000 people to evacuate. erosion caused serious problems on the dam. the price tag for the repairs is up to $870 million. three times the original estimate. the department of water resources blames a higher cost on removing debris, removing transmission lines and other work. most of the overall cost is for rebuilding the damaged spillways. those are some of your morning headlines, hey, mike, sal, gasia back to you. russian officials have ruled out a terrorist attack as a cause of the regional jet crash from yesterday when all 71 people on board the plane died. search teams in russia have found the second black box from the jet determining the cause of the crash could take
9:36 am
months. three people died and four are in the hospital after a helicopter crash in the grand canyon. six british passengers and a pilot were on board when the helicopter crashed and exploded saturday night. a storm was rolling in at the time of the crash and weather conditions were not normal but there were no flight restrictions. the helicopter went down in extremely rugged terrain making the rescue efforts even more challenging. water department officials say that tap water in vallejo is safe to use. 1000 people woke up to brown water yesterday after sediment was pumped from the swansea reservoir into the water system by accident. people were asked not to run the water to prevent more sediment from getting into the pipes.>> we turned on the faucet and we said that is the wrong color of water. it was discolored and had particles in it. at first i assumed it was going
9:37 am
to be a plumbing job for me. >> this morning vallejo residents are being asked to run cold water for 5 to 10 minutes until the water runs clear. the san jose mayor sam liccardo said in his state of the city address he is focusing on affordable housing but that is not sitting well with some people who interrupted him during the speech. the mayor spoke with us live about his plan and the heckling. >> we know that folks may be unhappy with the google campus but they yell because they love the city. we love the city as well and we want what is best. some folks are unhappy but a lot of folks showed up to talk about progress.>> during the speech he talked about compartments including the increase in police officers reducing trash and graffiti in the city as well as the rising minimum wage. bart is promising to clean
9:38 am
up stations after seeing a drop in riders. bart will now have station attendance in downtown san francisco stations around the elevators and platforms. they will shut down part of the stations at night. they will plan to have cleanup crews working during the hours that the stations are open to the public instead of working overnight. they will also expand the homeless outreach program which already helps connect people trying to live inside of the san francisco stations with services. now it will use the same approach in other counties. your drivers license could soon be a thing of the past. the dmv is testing a program that puts your drivers license on your phone. we take a look at how it works.>> your drivers license could soon be replaced by an abject -- app on your phone. think mobile boarding pass but better.
9:39 am
a two-year pilot program funded by the commerce department institute of standards and technology. is being tested in four states and dc. >> the digital format will let you select specific information. >> designers for the app say that it works without wi-fi and is separate from other information on your phone and requires added security layers. even with the privacy protection measures in place, not everyone is convinced. >> what comes to my mind is the possibility of frightening privacy invasion by the government. >> denver attorney and privacy advocate says this could clear the way for an invasive national database. the company says the information stays with individual states but critics caution safeguards could be whittled away. >> what keeps the government from overreaching? from taking the next step or two
9:40 am
to the national id? >> unlike your plastic drivers license, you can restrict information to the situation. when shopping at a liquor store it would only show your photo. >> it is a great idea especially in a store where we have thousands of transactions per day.>> consumer appetite for increased convenience could trump concerns especially with the prospect of fewer dmv lines and a drivers license that can be updated remotely. the pilot program has one more year and then it will be up to the states if they do want to rollout the digital credentials. california is one of the seven states developing a digital drivers license program but there is no timeframe for when they could be used. >> maybe i am old-fashioned. i'm not on board yet.
9:41 am
>> i don't think that is wrong, i like the license. >> what about my dad without a smart phone? my dad is holding on. a new study shows other cities are challenging the bay area as the center of the high tech world by offering competitive salaries to technology workers. according to the study the san francisco bay area had the highest average tech salary at $142,000 per year but the increase from 2015 to 2017 was less than jake in los angeles and dallas. kensington palace is releasing information on the upcoming oil wedding. prince harry and meghan markle will be getting married saturday, may 19 at windsor castle. the ceremony will start at noon , 4:00 am pacific time. it will ride through the streets in a carriage after exchanging vows and then an reception will
9:42 am
be held followed by a private reception hosted by prince charles. coming up, things are a little less cheerful at the happiest place on earth. coming up, the price increase at disneyland that now makes a trip to the park out of reach. today starts the mark of random acts of kindness week. we will tell you how you could easily brighten up someone's day. get in for lunch now at olive garden with lunch duos, starting at $6.99. choose your favorite pasta, sandwich, or our new meatball pizza bowl and pair it with all the soup or salad and breadsticks you want. get never ending value for lunch at olive garden.
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you don't even want to know protection detergent alone doesn't kill bacteria but adding lysol laundry sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria with 0% bleach.
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lysol. what it takes to protect. today is the start of random acts of kindness week all ending with random acts of kindness on saturday. >> during the holidays a business and lifestyle coach hit the streets of san francisco handing out envelopes
9:45 am
of money and notes of kindness, now she's leading a social media contest asking people to submit photos of themselves doing acts of kindness. she is live in studio with us this morning. so how does this all work?>> this happened several years ago and i realized how incredible i felt afterward. it was so simple. my family loved it and we had an amazing time so recently i have challenged my entrepreneur group to do this in their own businesses and it has been amazing to watch their response and how people are creating a ripple effect. >> i feel that i pass by dozens or hundreds of people every day, sometimes i don't even make eye contact. how alone can you feel in the middle of a big city? >> that is the thing. the growing trend is social media and everyone getting busy
9:46 am
and we are all very busy so sometimes we don't stop to acknowledge or have that eye contact. this is a powerful thing because one person, it has been documented can create an incredible ripple effect where they will impact multiple people after that and it is incredible to know. i have one of my winners from the challenge to demonstrate this but it can make a incredible ripple effect that can create this positivity. >> i heard when you do these things you are giving but also getting. it is helping you as well. some people say it helps me more because of the feeling i got.>> absolutely. in 2008 there was a study by harvard that documented people were happier giving and spending money on others rather than on themselves.
9:47 am
the study indicated that was the truth.>> that it does not always have to be about money right? what examples stand out for you?>> one time i found an incredible book on a park bench and there was a note that said i loved this book i am leaving it for you and i hope you find it and enjoy it. it was like oh, my gosh it was an amazing day because i had this cool book and then i regifted it. things like that, it does not have to cost money but it is taking the moment to do something random heartfelt. i left it on the park bench as well buy a coffee shop. >> what i have to get over is realizing i myself have enough. so many of us hoard resources time and money. >> what i think i find is that
9:48 am
when people give, they are giving away their things they don't need maybe they are cleansing their home, it makes space to receive more and it is an anomaly. you think you have to keep but if you give things away it gives space for things to come back. >> i would imagine this is good to show children as well to set the example. >> yes it is. physically these are little cards my kids have done. this is really awesome, you can kind of help brighten somebody's day that might need a pickup. it made my kids super happy. >> i love it. >> it is chinese new year coming up so these envelopes are amazing. it is just something simple and fun and that is what it is all about. even in the drive-through line may be paying backwards with cups of coffee it can go on for
9:49 am
hours. >> so somebody sitting at home they can take a photo and submit it? >> absolutely. you can go to my website and do it that way or go through the giving blueprint i have designed for people so they can learn how to do this effectively. one of the challenge winners, did we have a chance to look at the photos? i brought one of those photos. this is such an incredible story. >> what is the name? >> andrea bennett. she was one of my challenge winners and she was gifted a bracelet in kenya many years ago and has since created this incredible demand for these bracelets. that is andrea bennett. she created this trend and now it is basically supporting an entire village in kenya with
9:50 am
these bracelets. it is just from this random thing where she started giving them away. >> i love it. very good. we will link your website. coming up next, the new marvel movie "black panther" is in theaters and we are looking at a fund-raising effort trying to send children to the movie for free.
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all aboard, enter to win a ktvu fox 2 news coffee mug. go to and click on the entry link. we will be taking entries through 1:00 this afternoon. these are the mugs. they are fancy. don't forget, if you are the big winner please take a picture with the mug and send it over to us. >> earlier this morning we showed you the unveiling of the official portraits of former president barack obama and michelle obama at the national portrait gallery in washington dc. the president and first lady said it was their first experience at having a portrait done. they both chose african- american artists for their portraits. the gallery was part of the smithsonian institution and is the only complete collection of
9:54 am
presidential portraits outside of the white house. if you're headed to the magic kingdom expect to pay more money. the price for disneyland tickets during peak periods is $135 which is up $11, the lowest price is $97 for off- season tickets. disney wants to give guests many budget options to spread out park attendance throughout the year. that way more people can enjoy time at the themepark. dozens of guide dogs moved to the oakland airport to learn how to help visually impaired travelers. 30 dogs in training checked in at the alaska airlines ticket counter and the nonprofit teamed up with the airline to host the training in oakland airport. the airport exercise is one part of a formal training program that last several months. when the dogs graduate they will be paired up with visually impaired people. underdog beating the
9:55 am
world's number one golfer to win the at&t pebble beach. ted connors jr. played in the last group sunday for the first time since 2011. he began with a bogey but then made 30 birdies. he finished at 17 under, this marks a significant moment for his career after he broke his ankle in 2014. legendary rocker ozzy osbourne has sold more than 100 million albums and has 50 years of touring under his belt and he's getting ready to hit the road one last time. he and his wife announced no more tours part two. the former black sabbath front man took his final bow with the bandmaster and this solo tour will be his last. >> it is just, you get homesick. i have grandchildren and i want to see them more. i didn't get to see the kids grow up.
9:56 am
>> the next time we have him on could we put words under the soundbite? the tour kicks off in the united states late in the summer and includes a show in mountain view october 6. he is 69 years old but he says he will book an occasional festival gig after the tour. i also read he will do some small surprise shows. a sacramento woman raising money to send young children to see the new movie "black panther". it is a movie with a powerful cultural movement behind it. it is the first comic book and major motion picture to feature an african superhero in the leading role along with a mainly black cast. organizers want to give children the opportunity to see the film that shows a positive representation of africa and features heroes that look like them. >> we have seen that genesis of black stories being told by
9:57 am
black creators and producers. the fact that there is a movie coming out that will represent black kids, it is important that the kids get to go see it. >> there is a nationwide campaign to raise money to send children to see "black panther" as well. >> i was looking this morning for the cal, stanford and st. mary's basketball highlights but all three of them lost. that is the show for this morning everyone. thank you for watching. we will see you back here at noon.
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