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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  February 22, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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it looks like we are on our way to getting some rain today. there is a cold system on its way. rain looks likely with snow in lake county. we had rain in fremont and san jose but it looks like that is falling apart. we get a break in between the next system coming ends. the windchill in seattle is 19. so there is some cold air behind the system. and upper 40s for our temperatures. it will be a breezy, blustery
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day. possible thundershowers and maybe low snow levels. we have a lot of slow traffic coming out towards the macarthur maze. you can see traffic is going to be slow. we don't see any problems on the bridge itself. if you're driving from oakland to san francisco, you will be in a lot of slow traffic. the traffic is backed up to the macarthur maze. you may want to give yourself an extra 10 minutes. this is in front of oracle arena, traffic is moving along well in both directions. 580, slow at the altamont pass it so far not a big delay.
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if you're driving into the silicon valley, you will see slowing on 880 heading south. let's go back to the desk. we have more details about a violent crash and bay point. >> two people were killed. alex is there to explain what happened. >> reporter: good morning to you, the car in the truck involved in this accident very nearly crashed into this home that sits on the corner here and bay point. there was a gentleman sleeping, just feet away from where the car and the truck crashed into the house. he said he felt his entire house shake. this is right at the intersection of wharf drive and old chicago. the hp is
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confirming that two people were killed in the accident and a third person was taken to the hospital with injuries. a camaro collided with a dodge pickup truck, and the truck and car slammed into a tree. they wound up going into the home itself. . >> it shook the whole house. i thought it was almost a dream until i heard a man screaming. >> reporter: we are working to get more information on the details of this crash. trying to figure out what led up to the accident and what may have caused it. and hoping to learn more about the two people who were killed in the crash. as bad as this crash was, people lost their lives and it could have been worse.
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it would have got into the home if it were not for a tree in the front yard. we are following developing news from antioch were police are investigating a double shooting last night. a man was killed and a woman was injured. it happened near w. 9th st. and j st. police were called to the parking lot of the residential complex were a man was found dead. we do not of the woman's condition. so far, no arrests have been made. in florida, a 19-year-old is shooting with that . >> is charged with shooting 17 year old people. they are trying to determine if nikolas cruz is eligible for a
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public defender. the public defenders office can also charge him for reimbursement whenever he gets the inheritance from his mother. . >> students from around the country staged walkout yesterday about 50 students in alameda high school walked out of class. they want to call attention to the need for stricter gun laws there hoping that lawmakers will take action. then we have lost so many lives to this. it is hard. knowing that these children are dead. the walkout only lasted for about 15 minutes and it was peaceful. the warriors head coach offered support for the student protest, he has been vocal about gun violence and gun control. this is what he said about the
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movement. . >> what the kids are doing is heroic and heartfelt. and i think it is the beginning of some change. i really believe that. it is heartbreaking and inspiring. >> president trump tweeted some of the proposals he will support for school security saying, i will be pushing comprehensive background checks with an emphasis on mental health. raise aged 21 and banned the sale of bump stocks. the president will also me to gay with educators to talk about that . >> today with school administrators.
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yesterday he spoke with students who survived the shooting. president trump promised them that their administration will come up with a plan to make schools safer. parents and student say something has to be done as soon as possible. i am begging for a change. the solution will not be a singular fix. . >> this is not left and right. this is a human issue. people are dying. . >> next week president trump will be with a group of senators to propose tightening background checks and preventing those with mental illness from getting a gun. the idea that getting the most attention is allowing teachers with special training carry guns. we will talk more about the potential ramifications of this idea. san francisco district atty. says he has a plan to cut the number of car burglaries. san francisco average more than
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three car break-ins every hour. he has established a car burglary line where people can report break-ins after they have filed a police report. he asked people to register their surveillance camera as part of the video networks so they can see video of suspects. he is asking the city to expand his staff. he says he needs to spend million dollars on a burglary task force. this is getting mixed reviews. the fact that they are addressing it or attempting to address the problem is better than sitting on their hands and squabbling. . >> i think the money is better spent dealing with housing. that is far more important. having a car is a luxury in the city. but clearly, housing is too.
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>> the plan could make car break-ins a manageable problem within three years rather than an epidemic. homicide investigators hope you, the public can help them find a man who may have more information about the killing early yesterday morning. police are looking for this man. they are not saying that he is suspect. he was near the scene where a 28-year-old man was found dead in the parking lot on empire street. police believe the victim and whoever killed him knew each other, but they are not telling us the name of the victim until his family has been notified. if you see the man in the photo call fairfield police are 911 immediately. skateboarding crash into a san francisco police officer is suing the city, county and the police officer. the vallejo resident bounced off and officers shoulder
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during the fastest obama contest. he clipped a patrol car before crashing onto the streets. the complaint alleges that the officer shoulder tackle that skateboarder. he suffered several injuries including a broken ankle. the officer involved was treated for minor injuries as well. expanded rights for inmates. the new policy for san francisco's sheriff's department. coming up, space x will attempt something that has never been done before. we will bring it to you live.
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welcome back. the state medical board revoke the license of the doctor from santa rosa saying he had a sexual relationship with one of his patients at the kaiser permanente medical group. the medical board provoked the ob/gyn license on february 8. the state attorney general found the complaint against the doctor in december 2016. according to the complaint, the doctor had an affair with a patient who was also a nurse at kaiser from october 2013 until june 2014. the nurse eventually reported the relationship and the
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medical will board began an investigation. a lawyer says he is considering appealing the board's decision. later today the state senate will consider punishment for a state senator accused of sexual misconduct. tony mendoza could become the first lawmaker to be expelled from the senate and more than a century. lawmakers investigating complaints about that he likely engaged in unwanted flirtatious or sexually suggestive behavior with six women. he is accused of giving alcohol to a 19-year-old intern at a hotel room. he has denied any wrongdoing but did apologize to people who may have been offended by his behavior. later today he plans to defend himself on the senate floor. there is a new twist involving a british model who claimed that she was kidnapped. she told investigators that she went to italy for a modeling job last july but it was a ruse to abduct her and forced her into slavery. the captor allowed her to escape when she told him she had a child. now she is telling a judge that she faked the kidnapping.
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starting this week, san francisco's sheriff's department has a new policy that affect inmates that identify as something other than male or female. inmates can declare their preferred name and gender identity if they are brought into city jails. they can also indicate if they would rather have a female or male deputy before visual searches of them. less than 1% of the jail population identifies as something other than male or female. they say this change will help everyone feel safer. we are looking live, this is vandenberg air force base. space x is about to launch its next mission. they are due to launch at 617 mission. they are due to launch at 6:17 am. they will send the falcon 9 rocket into orbit. and there it goes. it is firing up.
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. >> this is part of the effort to provide internet access around the world . >> it was supposed to launch on saturday, there was a delay because the city needed to perform some additional checks for his right also said the winds were really strong that day. . >> today's launch is the session that . >> second mission of the month. they are trying to find ways to cut costs by using some of the older equipment. set mike pence is really encouraging this type of activity with space x and other operations. . >> this is a elon musk company.
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that . >> they are doing the countdown.
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if you are just joining us we are watching the launch of space x falcon 9, caring the first internet satellite.
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again this launch from vandenberg air force base. . >> this is fascinating. you are watching this live on ktvu, mornings on 2. . >> it kinda brings back memories doesn't it ? . >> this is our roof camera.
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-- we lost that for a second. they have a camera on board. there is the image to the right. that is a very unusual image. that middle shot is on top of our roof. you can see the launch of the space x falcon 9. you concealed from our camera.
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that camera is mounted in san francisco. it is pointed towards the sky. what they are doing here, they are launching the satellite for a spanish telecom company. if you are in san francisco and you can look outside, and you can see this, that is pretty cool, just to see if his . >> that is pretty incredible. knowing that it is being launched near santa barbara. . >> we are bringing this to to live. we also have it at you can watch it online as well. . >> very clear weather.
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his life that they had that camera there. to me that nosecone will cost about $5 million. the that will be a focus of retrieval. >> a local company and palo alto has built the satellite. maybe even some of those people are watching where the sunlight was built. it must be a big moment for that bay area company watching what is happening. . >> i would like to be standing next to elon musk right now. . >> i'm sure he has a big smile on his face. . >> our producer said the fairy built to retrieve the cone has launched. it will head out and retrieve that. it has a special claw and
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netting to retrieve that. and that is one of his focuses, space exploration and lodging the satellite. and his focus is reusing equipment. and there is a lot of waste when you are launching a rocket. but his goal is to try to retool some of this. e of this.
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pam pointed out that the boat has set out to retrieve the nosecone. that boat is called mr. stephen. it has large metal claws and is rich with the net to catch the nosecone. again, there are two things if you are watching.
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if you are just joining us, we were able to capture that on the camera that is on top of the building in san francisco. wherever you are, you might be able to step outside and see that light in the sky. there were a lot of incredible pictures. again, to remind you, elon musk is creating a constellation of thousands of satellites that will beam internet back to earth. a company out of palo alto build this satellite for spanish
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television. and, elon musk is trying to coordinate that and launch more of these. . >> and the weather has cooperated so far. we have been no problems at this point. we are up close and also back. you can see this on two screens on your screen right now. . >> this was launch from vandenberg air force base. and that is why we are seeing here in san francisco in the bay area. it's pretty clear. we just got confirmation of a good orbit. we have reached the intended low earth orbit point. . >> that is fascinating.
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that right there is different from the nassau lunch. they have the camera on board and they are showing what is happening. you may say on the sides a few extra things. we would love to give you footage but, the second stage will be passing out of coverage before the satellites deploy. so we will just cover the
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primary payload satellite. . >> to have this narrative explaining what is happening of what we are looking at. the significance of it, the differences between space x and a massive launch. if you don't know, vandenberg air force base is north of santa barbara. that is why we can see it fairly clearly hear from our camera. we lost a few because it is getting lighter and the contrast is not there. but earlier we saw from our camera and i'm sure the people walking around doing their thing probably wondered what it was. . >> the primary payload will
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going away from the second stage and soon it will start communicating with the ground. this will bring an end to our webcast coverage for those of you who joined us, we had a successful launch. a successful separation and a good second engine burn. and just now a good separation of the pop satellite. i would like to thank the customer for allowing us to film the launch today. unfortunately we cannot bring you coverage -- >> okay. we just watch that live from california. they say it is very different from nassau. it does not have to go to the same safety requirements that nassau would go through. . >> if it works the way they say
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it will it will have a big impact on internet service around the world. elon musk wants to create a constellation of internet satellites. we'll keep you updated on that, we want to bring you back here on earth. where we are concerned about our own weather. >> whoever that man was narrating that was aces. thank he did his research. . >> this guy knows his stuff. that was very good. . >> we have interesting weather pattern as well. they should be some those snow levels coming in around here. this is in mendocino county and lake county.
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this is the first rain in san francisco in 27 days. this will be a much better system for the sierra nevada. they could get up to 10 inches of snow. but the snow level could be down to 2000 and feet. we are under partly sunny, partly cloudy skies hip look at the windchill up in seattle. be advised tomorrow morning to be very cold. 30s and 40s for the temperature. the breeze will be a factor today. and this will give us the possibility of showers, but maybe some scattered snow showers among the peaks. let's go up and take a look at 80 westbound as you come up
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to the macarthur maze. unfortunately i cannot give you great news here it will be a tough commute. as you drive through the bay bridge toll plaza there are no problems on the bridge. but you can see slow traffic from highway 24. and looking at the commute here, you can see some wind, it will be breezy today. note major problems on interstate 880. traffic is moving well north and south. 680 is slow. so can valley commute still looks good. let's go back to the task. president trump is going on twitter this morning to discuss proposals to improve school security. . >> the one possibility is to let teacher carry guns in the classroom.
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you are getting reaction when you hearing alley ? . >> president trump says along with increased background checks and raising the age limit to 21 and banning bump stocks, the other id he suggested is arming teachers in the classroom and giving them the training they would need in order to use the training and weapons in the event of school shootings. in a tweet, he said allowing teachers to do that would allow them to fire back if a savage sicko came into a school with bad intentions. they will also serve as a deterrent at much less cost than guards. there are eight states that allow her to not prevent teachers already from carrying concealed weapons. california is not one of them. the people we spoke with had
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various responses to the idea. then i do not think it is a good idea. instead of arming the educators, we should give them more support as well as put more money into school education. as well as policies on bullying. it could be a good idea. maybe to deter people, they know they will face opposition. we met mr. trump first thought of the idea of arming teachers during the campaign. mr. trump suggested arming and training about 20% of k-12 educators nationwide with add up to 640,000 people. the union that represents about 3 million teachers nature that
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. >> nationwide examine the idea and they say that's the last thing students need is more guns in the classroom. that leads us to our question of the day, do you think teachers should be armed ? yes or no. vote on our twitter page. we would also love to hear your comments. this will generate a lot of conversation. we want to show you the results so far this morning. 70% say yes and 83% say no. police in san jose are looking for whoever is behind the latest case of "swatting". when someone calls the police and reports a fake crime to make the police respond.
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. >> yesterday evening police rushed to a home on n. 11th st. near e. james st. north of san jose state. they got a call about an armed home invasion. please call to talk to me inside the home and asked if anyone was being held hostage in the man said no. as a precaution, the police ordered all five people walked out with their hands behind their backs. we just got swatted. i did nothing that would happen but that is the reality i am dealing with. . >> the original 911 call was a hoax. the victim thinks it may involve a dispute in his neighborhood. there appears to be a rising number of the swatting cases. it also drains police resources. the current and former members of the san francisco fire department are suing the city a
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connection with sexual harassment scandal. the firefighters were reassigned to different stations two years ago after female firefighter accused them of harassment. she accused them of hiding her boots, spreading human waste on her bathroom floor and urinating in her bed. the firefighters denied the allegations and said the woman was having an affair with a battalion chief. the city attorney's office released a statement saying, the city has a legal and moral obligation to provide each employee with a workplace free from sexual harassment and termination. all actions taken were taken to ensure a safe workplace environment. bart police have released the entire video of a police officer who shot and killed sahleem tindle what was fighting with another man. in the video, they have highlighted what appears to be a gun that fell to the ground next to the leg of sahleem tindle. paul chambers reports that by releasing the video, the
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entirety, it was released because the family of sahleem tindle released a clip the prior day. >> reporter: the officer runs across four lanes of traffic to where the men were entangled in a scuffle. the officer had his handgun drawn shouting commands. as the officer gets closer he shouts more commands and fires three shot. the family of sahleem tindle say they are happy that they released video in its entirety. . >> it is difficult for us to release video during an ongoing investigation. i want to emphasize that the loss of any member of the community is tragic.
6:39 am
and there are multiple ongoing investigations taking place. . >> he pointed out these photos in which officers used a yellow circle to show the weapon. . >> to me, it appears, it seems that the other individual is trying to take the gun away from sahleem tindle. that is the first time it shows that it is a handgun. we have posted the full body camera video of the shooting at our website, so you can look for yourself. click on the story right near the top of our home page. a new investigation in san jose in the sexual misconduct at a high school. coming up, why the police are getting involved after complaints that go back decades
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and claims presentation high school and the harassment claims. if you are heading out of town we will tell you the airport which were most likely have your flight canceled. and defining middle class in silicon valley. the high salary some people are but they still consider themselves middle-class. es middle-class. right now, we see that the commute is getting busier. 80 is not a good commute at all. i might hear some complaints from people saying it is too cold tomorrow. and there are low snow levels. sorry. i can't make it.
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welcome back. the dow jones cross 200 points on the upside moments ago. the nasdaq and s&p 500 also are up today. the 10 year yield has come back from a four year high. that is helping to drive things up. we will continue to have some good earnings. united technology is up on the
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dow jones. a new study about revealing a list of nationwide airports of the highest percentage of cancellations in 2017. an sfo is on the list it according to the study, they are night on the list with almost 2% of its life canceled last year. new york's laguardia airport is number one on the list. in terms of total cancellations, atlanta's hartsfield jackson was number one with 5419. sfo had 3300 total flights canceled . >> controversial statute that for a controversial statue is a step closer to being mumu. the historic preservation commission voted to remove the early days statue. this shows a native american man sitting on the ground with a missionary in spanish cowboy standing over him.
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they say that is offensive to native americans. the arts commission is expected to approve removing the statue and possibly putting it in storage. a new report is out which defines what is considered middle-class. according to a few research center study. middle-class americans earn about 39,000-$118,000 per year. here in the bay area, middle- class incomes range from $64,000-$193,000. that is the highest of the 25 metro areas survey. when there are decisions made in washington and they talk about the middle class, it's very different. let's check in and see what
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is happening in the next hour. in the next hour we continue on the money theme and explore a new study that shows just how much the average american spends on impulse buys. and let me tell you, all of those little purchases add up to a very big total. one of the most common supply splurges and how your mood affects how much five. . >> and you have likely been a driverless car on the road. right now you have to have a driver but that may soon change. we may see autonomous vehicles on city streets with no one inside. the stories and much more when i joined the two of you in just minutes. the nba all-star break is over and the warriors get back to work today against the los angeles clippers. >> they were able to get some much-needed rest during the
6:47 am
break. they went back to practice and by warriors standards they do not appear to be struggling. and the players say, they are focused on the common goal. . >> we are still a good team. maybe not as far as the records over the passed few years. but we are still a good team. this is still a good team. >> we have a different focus level. we are in a pretty good spot right now. and we need to get ready to make a run. . >> 24 games remain in the regular season. the warriors are battling houston rockets for the top spot in the conference. next week the warriors had to washington, dc and we now know what the nba champions
6:48 am
will be doing instead of going to the white house. many of the players said they do not want to appear with president trump. they said that after they won the nba championship last year. that caused president trump to tweet that he was withdrawing the invitation to the warriors. espn says next tuesday the warriors will interact with a group of children in the dc area at an undisclosed location. head coach says he wants his players to have a good day into something positive. and on wednesday the warriors will play the washington wizards. . >> that seems like a nice thing to do. let's check in with villaraigosa for for traffic. we have a new deadly crash. we can put a map up of this. the oregon expressway, it is at west bayshore right before highway 101. you cannot get to the freeway going this way because of a crash.
6:49 am
the best way to get around is to use embarcadero instead. for the time being. this is a deadly collision with two cars. they are investigating, this came out a few moments ago. it will be there for a while. so far, no affect on highway 101. carquinez bridge, traffic is slow. i think the rocket launch did not have an effect on traffic. i hear some people pulled over to look at the rocket launch. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is backed up to the macarthur maze. you to tell how windy it is. but i look at this picture and look at the bay, and look at
6:50 am
all the water moving around. . >> that is a good observation and that is correct. let's get to it. if you have to get going, it is mostly cloudy and cool. highs only in the 50. we are looking south from san jose. our last rain was on 25 january. it is 27 days with no rain in san francisco. we are going to need a miracle march. the last one was 2016. and there is a history of miracle marches.
6:51 am
we are going to need a big time miracle march. san jose is only 45% of normal for the season. and santa rosa is 51%, we have is for a long time on these numbers. there is some on the play. i think the day is the day that it ends for san francisco. a cold system dropping in. 6-10 inches could fall at lake level and above. 30s and 40s are the temperatures. there is your breeze.
6:52 am
it's west at hayward and out to the delta. it was trending a little bit over land and water. a pretty good snow into tahoe. we will take it. upper 40s to the north and cold tomorrow morning. i would expect rain later next week. it will cost $12 billion but that will not stop bart from dreaming. how they can help customers between san francisco and the east bay.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street
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♪ helping superheroes fly. united. ♪ >> welcome. we have new information from the north bay about an unlicensed contractor accused of defrauding victims of the north bay wildfires. last week the state contractor's license board launched an investigation of peter koch and koch cleanup. he says he will keep working in the fire zones without a license. he is accused of taking large down payments from fire victims
6:56 am
for tree and debris removal but he has done little to none of the work. he says the allegations are politically motivated. the mayors of the 11 biggest cities in california are throwing their support behind new state legislation that would earmark a billion dollars to fight homelessness. it would use $500 million to provide to cities dealing with homeless people. the number of homeless people have surged in cal as the housing crisis has become worse. a census showed 135,000 people across the state. city leaders say they need help from the state to address the magnitude and complexity of the issue. >> we believe if the state of california invests its surplus into addressing this humanitarian crisis, it is california's mayors that will
6:57 am
deliver results fastest. >> oakland mayor schaaf says she is working to help how's the almost 2,000 people living on the streets of oakland. our time is now 6:57. on saturday a group of bay area police officers and retired officers will go to puerto rico to help the hurricane victims there. it's been five months now since hurricane maria and families and police officers across puerto rico are still struggling. right after the hurricane, they raised money, they collected donations to help law enforcement officers in 20 different cities. now they're bringing more help to those same cities where the police have been working for months in jeans and t-shirts. d t-shirts. >> we saw some of the news clips of police departments literally being washed away. and i knew that there would be a need for supplies and uniforms and equipment.
6:58 am
>> it's -- it was tough. >> the bay area officers say the greatest need right now is for uniforms, reflective vests and police vehicles. now to a story about a controversial lawyer from berkeley who is also an animal rights activists. this shows him removing a baby goat from a meat farm outside of the bay area and says the goat was sick and infested with lice. he formed the group direct action everywhere. he gets tips from all over the country about reports of animal abuse and then he and other volunteers rescue the animals. escue the animals. >> we're confident when people are actually empowered to make choices they believe in, it will change for animals. that these will gradually disappear and the world will be one that animals are not
6:59 am
unnecessarily harmed. >> a self described goat farmer sent us a statement that said in part that the group are criminals. they brag about breaking on to people's farms and ranches to steal livestock. the time is 6:59. bart officials are ready to talk about a second transit tube under the bay. there is no money for it. it is expected to cost $12 billion. bart officials say having a second tube would double bart capacity across the bay and also give them the option to run trains 24 hours a day. >> should have been one school shooting and we should have fixed it. and i'm because my daughter i'm not going to see again. >> families speak out about gun control in president trump's
7:00 am
listening session after the deadly school shooting last week. what the president is saying about bringing more guns into schools. police release body cam video after a shooting by a bart police officer. how the bart police chief is defending that officer. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> a busy and beautiful thursday morning. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it is a chilly, chilly thursday morning. steve paulson is right over here. >> where? oh, here. gasia, good morning. thank you, dave. some areas are clear and some have a cloud system. low snow levels are possible later today. the streak of 27 days in a row in san francisco without rain will end today. we're going to get cloud cover later this afternoon. here is the system coming in. look at that. very low snow levels up in mendocino and lake county and there is a possibility of


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