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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  February 24, 2018 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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it's the year of dog and the celebration continues as the masses flock to the streets of san francisco. good evening to go i'm andri senior. lots of people packed downtown san francisco for inannual chinese parade. >> reporter: some of the cheering crowds there graced with the performance of the san francisco band. they performed atomic dog. the chinese new year parade also featured many cultural displays. and there was something for
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everyone. rob has more highlights from tonight's celebration. >> reporter: fantastic. this parade stretched from market to columbus. this area at one point was filled with people. if you look over my shoulder they're just now breaking down the facilities from if live broadcast. -- the live broadcast. chinese tradition and cultural were everywhere. >> this year michelle yo was the grand marshal. >> it's like an explosion of joy. it was fantastic.
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this some how we welcome the new year with love and hap iness. >> reporter: many families were taking the day to enjoy it all. >> this is just something we do every year. it's a whole dame we leave early in -- day. we leave early in the morning. >> reporter: there were attractions indeluged dragons -- including the dragons. they were getting up close and
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personal with spectators. >> fans love the dragon. >> it's amazing and it's our first year of it parade. >> reporter: others displayed the lights and charm of chinese cullker -- culture. >> i know inmayor as a percentinal friend so it's good to -- personal friend so it's good to come out and celebrate. >> reporter: back here live organizers say everything went smoothly. there was a large police presence so everything was under control. they can now start planning for
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next year which will beebee big answer better -- even bigger and better. now at 10:00 tonight the nevada police department was shut down when a man brought a pipe bomb in. it was in a plastic tube with silver powder inside. the police department was later reopened along with a nearby tropical depression that had been closed. oakland mayor is warning of potential i.c.e. operation in the bay area. she's also reminding resident not to panic.
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new details are emerging tonight about the tucused florida shooter de-- the accused florida shooter. in january a woman called the fbi tipline and said he was heavily armed. tonight we are hearing from kruz himself. >> do you have a gun or anything on you? >> no. i got mad and starting punching was and stuff. >> cruz told the dispatcher hat he -- that he had been struggling emotionally.
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as ttvu's tv lena shows us at the high school. >> reporter: in the past this room was bigger enough for the town hall but this meeting was about violence. >> their lives are ruined by shooting and i believe our government really needs to do something about it. >> it's going to be emotional about people blaze there are strong feelings on both sides. >> reporter: even in his audience there were people that didn't want to hear the other side. during the tonhall there were questions about firearms. >> we invented the faa to regulate it and we could do
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exactly the same legislation around weapons. >> reporter: there were calls around federal bans on weapons. the congressman says he's in favor of some weapons. >> because it's how the guns get here. the same thing that happened in chicago and baltimore but we typically have less gun violence here. in a big country where people can travel and carry these guns in they get here. >> reporter: there was one loan and loud voice in the audience. >> we be regulations on guns and i'm okay with that but when you start to talk tuabout taking them away that's -- about taking them away that's
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where i have a problem with it. >> reporter: the congressman said teachers carrying guns is not inanswer. -- the answer. we are learning more about the woman that drove a vehicle into the white house. she's try today breach these barricades several times before. in 2014 she was arrested for the same issue. ford was reportedly carrying a pistol and after she refuse today drop that weapon it was forcibly removed. she's facing several charges.
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well, president trump's son- in-law has get to get the security clearance. the white house was informed this month that there were issues that needed to be investigated before clearance can be granted. kushner is a senior advisor to the president. republican claims against fbi and surveiliance abuses is out now. >> reporter: the newly released 10 pain memo is -- page memo is a reply to the memo saying that fbi abused their power.
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>> we want it out because we think it is clear evidence that the democrats are not only trying to corb this up but they are also -- cover this up but they are also colluding with the government to cover this up. >> there are many disorganizations and inaccuracies. >> reporter: republicans claim that document was used to acquire surveillance warrants. >> they are saying that it's okay for the fbi and the doj to
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use it against others. >> reporter: the white house's official response is that the democrats memo was designed to cover the president. in washington catherine herage, fox news. coming up, a cease fire in serious. sierra is having snow come in. and in our weather clouds and scattered showers moving in portions of the bay area where it's mostly clear skies and cool conditions. we'll have more on that coming up.
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well, a fire caused the taco bell in fremont to close today. fire officials say when they arrived they saw that insulation and duck work was burning. no one was hurt. investigators are still looking into what caused this. teachters in san francisco took to the streets -- teachers
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in san francisco took to the street in a day of action. >> reporter: there was a flash mob in front of the ferry building. the goal of the event is an attempt to stop silencing workers. >> we are strong unions and we need our voice. we need our voice in order to advocate for our student and we know that if the voices of working people are silent that it won't be good for anyone in our community. >> reporter: it could effect 5 million public workers across 22 states. it was sunny skies and
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breezy conditions. another cold front is expected to move into the area. cooper has more. >> reporter: we're talking about a significant snowstorm that's starting to come in. and then another larger system coming in wednesday into thursday. it couldn't be better. all year lock it's now a good time to come up on carson pass. it was awesome. my voice is gone because i've been yelling at photographers all day. >> others have been pretty optimistic about the forecast in the sierras. >> reporter: yes, mark is spot on when it comes to the
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forecast. it's been such a touch winter. but now it looks like it's really shaping up to hit lake tuhoe and bring more -- tahoe and bring moisture to the area. i will tell you the snow powder was true. but that's interesting because it has been so cold and that's what we kind of need going into the summertime. so for skiers and riders it's perfect right now. >> what's your advice to folks coming up? >> reporter: definitely prepare. keep that number in your phone
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and look for road conditions. be prepared for changing conditions over the next week or two weeks. but if you slow your roll you're going to have a good time. sorry guys, my voice is gone. i've been yelling for days. >> coop, thank you so much for giving us an update from that area. folks have been waiting for weeks for this. >> reporter: yes, slow your roll and get on up here and you'll have a good time. >> thanks. that's right take advantage of the great snow all weekend long. a winter storm watch will go
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into effect on monday and sunday. up above 8000 feet we could talk about amounts approaching 1 foot. the satellite is showing you this, we have action out there with a series of storms that will impact the bay area in the next few days. we had a few showers today up in portions of the north bay. things have cleared hot and this will stet -- out and this will set the stage for the snow. there is our live camera looking out towards the bay bridge in san francisco. a fairly quiet even as
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temperatures drop off. it's been a cold week and still a few spots close to the freezing marks.  san francisco 41, san thosway 37. tomorrow -- san jose 37. tomorrow morning it will be partly cloudy with sunny chances. temperatures will be in the mid- 50s. here's our forecast model tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. still partly cloudy skies and mostly sunny skies. we'll thicken up the cloud cover by 8:00 and then we will bump up those chances late sunday into early monday morning. so this one will not be a strong system but will add rain
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into monday morning. we'll talk more about that system in just a few minutes. nearly 40 years of walking each and everyday is lafayette man hit his final miles. his journey started 40 years ago when his doctor told him to walk three miles everyday for his health. >> i finished 50,000 and i started my 3rd 25 so i'm on my way to my third trip around the world and i'm probably not going to make it. >> who knows?
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he's pretty healthy. valentine said he prefers to walk on a trail and always listens to careen carpenter. president trump slapped more sanctions on north korea. details on who and what they target when we return.
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♪ they're super...
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...but they can fly. ♪ united. helping superheroes fly. the casket carrying the body of billy graham was transported today. he will then honor in the u.s. capitol next week. >> reporter: a motorcade traveling with the body of billy graham drove from ash vill
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-- ashas i recollect ille and he became the 1st person in history to get such an honor. 77million people saw billy graham peach in person. known as the president pastor he also met with president trum in 2013. glib the power of god's word gave hope to millions and millions who listened to him with his very beautiful but
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very simple message, god loves you. in a the wall street journal message titled how billy graham changed my life, his care and his teachers were the help that i got to stop drinking. billy graham will be buried friday in charlotte. a trip to the dentist maybe in order for millennials because they can go 2 or more days without brushing their teeth. they found 3 in 10 millennials only brush their teeth once a day and they're making it worst
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may avoiding the dentist because they fear the dentist. in somalia a blast went off in the capitol. the fist happened near inpalace and the second near inintelligence -- the palace and the second near the building. during a 30 day cease fire period humanitarian aid will go out and teams will vacate. the trump association are imposing new sanctions in north korea. they will target 28 ships and
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trade companies. the ships are tie today places like china and taiwan. the white house is calling the sanctions the toughest economic restrictions yet against north korea in response to its nuclear missile program. on the surface unearthing a cemetery seems mccob. but they've since found tombs
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with mummies. >> we found jewelry and amulets, more than 1000 and it's only the beginning. >> egypt hopes that this will jump start tourism. coming up, former first lady michelle obama are planning an event and how you can get tickets. major americans companies ditching the nra after the stoneman douglas high school shooting. coming up.
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michelle obama is scheduled
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to peer in oakland next month. a moderator has not been announced yet. ticket prices start at $93.50. new charges were filed late friday against paul manafort. this comes just hours after his partner, bill gates, entered a guilty plea. >> reporter: there appears to be no coordination between the trump campaign and the russian government. the time line for the past 30 hours, gates is in court for a
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plea deal. the flee deal gives rick -- plea deal gives rick gates time to file. gates pled guilty to two counts, conspiracy and other law enforcement authorities are identified by this office by which this office deems them relevant. the indictment on friday lists charges of failing to report bacaccounts. the new charge -- bank accounts. the new charges were involving eucaine. -- ukrain.
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a statement says, for reasons yet to surface he chose to do otherwise. gates now joins two other associates in pleading guilty. former advisory michael flynn and george papadopoulos. the proposed bill in the state senate will put an end to conversion therapy. it has already been outlawed for minors in california. the new measure would extend
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the ban to adults. >> when you go to a healthcare provider you want to get the services fulfilled and have a place in society. conversion therapy is not that path. >> it will allow people to sue. four years and the national rifle association yielded its significant power in washington. but follow the florida shooting people are ditching them and that includes two of the largest airlines. >> reporter: president trump speaking just days after a gunman opened fire at the school. otherwises are backing away. -- others are backing away.
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delta and united are joining a list of companies cutting ties. >> ask me that same question in four years. >> reporter: meanwhile, the nra are digging their heels into background checks and others are pointing fingers are other sides. >> cris murphy and others others are to blame. >> reporter: we're seeing a
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difference in comparing to mass shootings. in parkland, florida mark fynn. the bay area is in the clear for right now but that will be changing. coming up, we're breaking the timing of the first one and then it looks like a stronger system is developing later in the week.
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well, the chinese new year parade in san francisco is the biggest outside of asia and a lot goes into the event. cris shows us what it takes to
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pull off the big celebration. >> reporter: it has been a fast few months for stefany munson and her crew. >> we have got hundreds of miles of fringe and styrofoam. >> reporter: for the last ten years munson has built floats and this year she dreamed up 21 of the float. >> we started picking up the crew in january and it started increasing and now it's decreasing. >> reporter: the chinese parade is one of the biggest lunar parade outside of asia and that
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comes with challenges. >> glitter looks different than it does in the night or the day. >> reporter: this year expect to see new additions, more tech companies are participating. amazon's float comes with slexa. and when it's the year of the dog it could be even easier to please. >> this is my 10th new year and of all the zodiacs i've never seen people be so attached to the dog. we lucked out this year. we had a few showers up in parts of the north bay early this afternoon but the main
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weather story all week long has been the cold temperatures. take a look we had record lows, napa, livermore reporting 35 degrees and that was a record low. we are tracking develop up to our north. in fact, that is our next system and by this time tomorrow we could be tracking storms out there. we had storms pop up near the sierras. and right now napa is 37, san francisco is 37 and san jose is 38. our camera looking out towards san francisco and we have clear to party sunny skies. this will be the developing
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weather coming up, and there will be pretty good rainfall. the first system moves in on monday. not a strong one, but it will produce a few storms. here we are through monday. nothing too extreme, about a 10 10th of an inch to a quarter of an inch. and look what happens on thursday, the next sym comes in. and -- system comes in. and it's not just a few sprinkles, a good soaking from monterey bay and down to the south as well. tomorrow will be partly sunny for your sunday.
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probably more clouds late in the afternoon into the even hours. some scattered rain showers out there, especially for inmorning commute between 4:00 and 7:00 -- the morning commute between 4:00 and 7:00. look what happens early monday morning. this is 4:00 with that band moving across the bay area. and then we could see more redevelopment into the afternoon hours for it east bay and the south bay and then we get a break into monday night and tuesday. lots of 50s out there with clouds increasing from mid to late afternoon. there will be a chance of a
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shower on wednesday, not a big deal. at this point, it appears we will have soakp rain later in the -- soaking rain late were in the week. coming up next, the warriors try to beat the thunder for the first time this week. the sports wrap with joe is next.
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