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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  February 27, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PST

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this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning to you. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's tuesday morning, february 27th. i'm dave clark. pam cook has the day off. steve paulson is right over here in his office. >> where? i thought i'd show you the water temps. it's not often you see san francisco at 49 degrees. and bodega bay 49. the north wind -- that's the coldest i've seen the bookends,
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bodega bay and san francisco in a long time. i don't think that's going to change any time soon. the trend is for a north system to drop in. there goes the low. that was a very good one for us. you don't get severe parameters like that. and still low snow levels towards monterey, in the hills of monterey and all the way to southern california. the system is now producing rain. 30s and 40s on the temps on the peninsula. palo alto is 135. menlo park is 39. and fremont and union city at 48. 40s on the coast. belmont 46. the wind has cranked up out to the delta. gusts of 40 at vacaville. our system is clearing rapidly. a few partly cloudies in the morning commute. and sunny today and breezy and cool and our next system is on the way for wednesday evening. 50s, 60s, santa rosa is the
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warmest with a nice breeze. 4:31. we had a busy day yesterday. hoping today is a little quieter. i know you say thursday we'll have big time. and on wednesday night i'll have to get my sleep. good morning. i normally stay up all night. >> i don't blame you. >> just kidding. hope that you're getting on the road soon in solano county. right now we have a decent commute from vacaville, fairfield, vallejo, or the richmond area to the carquinez bridge area. 80 westbound looks pretty good. the benicia bridge looks nice. this is 880 in oakland and that's off to a nice start. people who get up early are getting a nice commute. a couple of lanes have a little bit of congestion. and for the most part a nice looking drive getting on the bridge and heading to san
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francisco. it's 4:32 back to the desk. san francisco police are investigating a possible kidnapping on sunday morning. and they say the victim and the suspect are still missing. a witness saw a man drive up to a woman and the man got out, pushed the woman into his car, and drove off. the car was abandoned nearby. the woman is 27 years old. the man is 31 but there's no other information so far. you heard steve talk about the weather. and when you talk about bay area weather there's a lot to talk about. it snowed on the highest peaks, including mount diablo and mount hamilton. and more snow was reported in the south and east bays. the cold caught most by surprise but they're happy to have storms after so many dry days this month. one man who grew up in virginia and is seeing his first california winter says this is
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not at all what he expected. >> it's not actually as beautiful and warm as everybody says it is. beautiful, sunny, but not that warm. >> i hear you. and there was hail and snow in sacramento. unbelievable. it's expected to be drier across northern california today. as you heard steve say, there's another storm in the forecast tomorrow night or thursday morning. time is 4:34. and cal/osha is investigating the death of an experienced landscaper who was electrocuted while trimming a tree. rain and wind could have been factors. he had the day off from his main job and booked a side job with another company. he was 30 feet in the air trimming an oak tree at a vacant house. he cut a tree limb and it fell
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with the front half touching a transmission line. his friends are contacting the family in mexico to plan the funeral. >> he was a great guy. he was calm. he was nice to everybody. he was a really nice guy, funny. >> it was a gruesome scene. his body was tangled in the electrical lines for hours. first responders had to wait for the pg&e to cut off the power before they could remove the body. oakland mayor libby schaaf is being criticized after she issued a warning after hearing from credible sources about possible immigration raids in the bay area. >> many decisions that i make have risks and rewards. i do not regret sharing this information. >> after her statement, the
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alameda county immigration legal and education partnership said it had confirmed 11 ice deportation arrests in the bay area region. the mayor's office has been flooded with angry phone calls and e-mails but not just from conservatives. liberals are questioning whether the mayor did the right thing. >> ice is using rumors of raids in order to scare people. and we've seen immigrant communities refraining from reporting crimes and keeping kids out of school. and refraining from going to the hospital when they needed care. >> this video shows a man being arrested in napa. an ice spokesman in san francisco says sanctuary cities are not immune from federal law. work on the suicide net, the barrier for the golden gate bridge, is expected to begin
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this week. according to the marin independent journal, the steel is due to be cut in oregon, since the bridge board unanimously agreed on a contract to build the barrier in december of 2016, most of the work has been happening off site. the crews will start working at the golden gate bridge by the middle of this year. officials say the net will be gray instead of red to blend in with the water. they hope to have it completed by january of 2021. time is 4:37. a family from texas that recently practiced a fire drill put their skills to good use when their apartment caught fire early yesterday. you can see the flames coming from inside the building. the mother of three children is calmly handing the children over the balcony railing to firefighters who rushed to the scene. the children who were four. >> , and 8 years old, along
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with their mother all escaped safely. her 8-year-old daughter heard the smoke alarm and woke everybody up. all 16 units were destroyed but no one was hurt. time is 4:38. there will be an effort in congress today to raise the minimum age to buy certain guns. we'll tell you more about the proposed reform on both state, local, and national levels. and the golden gate warriors will not be going to the white house today. we'll tell you what they plan to do instead of the traditional visit to see the president. good morning. we're off to a nice start when it comes to the morning commute. if you see that traffic is looking good on highway 4 although it is crowded but still moving along pretty well on the way to concord. well, lots of reports of hail yesterday and also thunderstorm activity and snow. but now we have clear skies. the wind will be a factor
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today. we'll talk about that and when our next rain is going to show up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the month of february as you know is black history month. and each week we have been celebrating by highlighting bay area men and women who are making a difference. this morning, paul chambers introduces us to civil rights pioneer howard moore jr. >> you got to -- we ain't taking a picture. >> he's a friend and a proud man. he's always been a fighter for equality. >> almost everyone -- i did work for muhammad ali and --
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>> he was born in atlanta in 1932. he knew education was important and he knew that knowledge was power. >> i know a little something about everything but not much about anything. >> that's a reporter. that's a reporter. >> that's what i wanted to be before thurgood marshall changed me. >> reporter: he graduated with a law degree and married the woman he's been with for 55 years. >> to honor, serve and obey. but i swear to this day he told her to obey me. two out of three is not bad. >> reporter: life was good but about to get better. in 1966. six years after graduating law school he argued before the united states supreme court. >> it's like winning the nba championship, you know?
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some people play all their life and never make it. >> reporter: the person arguing the case before his brought things full circle. >> i'm listening to thurgood marshall argue a case and i'm shaking like a leave. he said good luck. and that was like being anointed. julian bond had to go before the high court just to take a seat in the house of representatives. a few years later, another high profile case, activist angela davis. but he had to be with his mother. >> my mother died at the hospital. and coming to california was like a respite from grief, you know? >> reporter: now a family of five, he took the angela davis case and moved to the bay area
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in 1971. davis, a political activist and associate of the black panthers was arrested in association with an attempted prison break. the guns used in the crime were registered in her name. the high profile case put moore in the spotlight where he had to deal with an anonymous man who called him daily for two months. >> go back to africa where you belong. >> you're the smartest white man whoever called. i'm ready to go. get my ticket and i'm ready to hit it. and he hung up. >> reporter: he helped davis get exonerated of all charges and had to deal with racism in the bay area. >> they wouldn't allow me to deposit my check, you know?
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i'm not trying to take -- i'm trying to put money in your bank. >> reporter: people need to remember that everyone is equal but not everyone is given an equal opportunity. >> white people are not smarter than black people but they are better educated. >> reporter: he's won countless cases arguing before the u.s. supreme court on one occasion and helping out in a dozen others. >> reporter: you're such a humble man that you won't take the compliments coming your way. >> you live your life and you're supposed to do something with it. time is 4:45. sal, you do an excellent job of taking care of folks on the road. >> slow on the altamont pass which is not a surprise.
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let's start there. 580 westbound, as you can see traffic is going to be slow. and it's slow on 205. again, this is something that probably isn't surprising you. the good news is 580 before 205 is looking good and looks good into livermore. we had a couple of minor accidents, but for the most part light traffic heading out to castro valley. traffic in both directions is looking good. and if you're at the bay bridge, we're seeing a little bit of congestion in the side lanes or the fast lanes. at 4:46. let's write in steve. a little windy? >> a breezy, blustery day. almost a full moon. it won't be here until march 1st. [wolf howling ]
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>> i know, your dog is going crazy around the house. here we go. mark says this was the snow and the moon and the santa cruz mountains at 2200 feet. we can take a look right there. it has moved out. we had low snow down to 2000 feet for some. after the morning rain we got the clearing and the thunderstorm activity erupted. out of lake county, napa county, solano, out to the valley and on the 680 corridor. that gave low snow levels. mount hamilton and mount diablo. and hail reports all the way down to gilroy. and there's cold conditions and the low is on its way to southern california. it gave l.a. some rain and now san diego.
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and it's going to rotate in the bands throughout the day. 30s and 40s on the temps. if not for the breeze, we'd be cooler. the breeze has cranked up. and el cerrito is 42. oakland 40. san francisco, 46 degrees. and berkeley lab at 40 degrees. northwest at sfo gusting at 20. north at san carlos up to 20 as well. and due north out of half moon bay. and fairfield, vacaville, davis, even at the napa airport. you're seeing 31-mile-per-hour gusts. and 43 in monterey. there goes the low. not much left except some clouds. and we'll get a break today and tomorrow we start with increasing clouds and the system will set up. and it's not going anywhere. wednesday night the rain goes
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into thursday, and off and on friday to saturday before it kicks autoon sunday. the best system we've had since early january and more likely since mid-november. sure looks good. we'll have a good breeze as everything kicks out to southern california. rain starts wednesday night. and off and on thursday, friday, saturday. >> coming in like a lion. time is 4:49. the warriors beat the knicks. and a second half surge was enough to do it. >> couldn't quite finish the give and go. so he'll go for the three and drop that down. >> clay thompson had 26 points, a game high. and mcgee had 10 points including -- look at this basket. jon stewart was out there. and he was watching and shaking his head like how did he do that. but he did. i'm sorry, john.
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the warriors are off today. and tomorrow night they play the wizards. the defending nba champs will spend the day off in washington, d.c. but not at the white house. president trump never invited the warriors. it appears the players might have turned it down anyway. the warriors plan to spend their day in the city of washington with local children. the white house visit the traditionally scheduled during the trip to face the washington wizards. they met with president obama after the first championship in 2016. time is 4:50. the movie black panther is breaking box office records, and disney, the producers, plan to share some of the profits. the company is donating a million dollars to the boys and girls clubs to help expand s.t.e.m. projects. the donated money will go to materials and introduce kids to
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advanced technologies that stimulate creative approaches to s.t.e.m. careers. bravo. time is 4:50. there's a new study that finds that e-cigarettes may increase the risk of heart attacks. you'll hear the reason why from a researcher who conducted that study. new fructis treats 1 minute hair masks. it's the new way to nourish hair, fast. the creamy masks nourish in just one minute.
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you do have to surround yourself with experts. and for us the expert in gas and electric is pg&e. we run about 2,500/2,800 fire calls a year and on almost every one of those calls pg&e is responding to that call as well. and so when we show up to a fire and pg&e shows up with us it makes a tremendous team during a moment of crisis. i rely on them, the firefighters in this department rely on them, and so we have to practice safety everyday. utilizing pg&e's talent and expertise in that area trains our firefighters on the gas or electric aspect of a fire and when we have an emergency situation we are going to be much more skilled and prepared to mitigate that emergency for all concerned. the things we do every single day that puts ourselves in harm's way, and to have a partner that is so skilled at what they do is indispensable, and i couldn't ask for a better partner.
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welcome back. governor jerry brown has sworn in the first african-american chp commissioner. she's 56-year-old warren stanley of sacramento who has served with the chp since 1982, most recently as the acting commissioner. he was appointed commissioner by governor brown earlier this month and was sworn in. he's held every position in the chp from officer to commissioner. he'll oversee the largest state law enforcement agency in america. a vision by the late ed lee is now reality. it's called the healthy streets operation center where the department of homelessness, public works, public elevation. 311, and the police are working together. creating a more efficient response to the homeless problem. if a report comes in. the center will deploy the
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proper agency. >> this is finally government coming together and doing ethics in a coordinated way which previously never happened. >> the operation center launched in january and city officials are impressed with how well it's working. time is 4:55. and new evidence that e- cigarettes may be more of a health risk than first thought. a new study finds that daily e- cigarette use can double the risk of a smoker for a heart attack. 70,000 people were surveyed. and e-cigarettes deliver lower levels of carcinogens than conventional cigarettes and expose the users to ultra fine particles linked to cardiovascular and non-cancer lung diseases. >> e-cigarettes are not safe and using them brings substantial risks of major
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disease. >> the researchers say regular cigarette smoking triples the risk of a heart attack. and if you do both, regular and e-cigarettes, the risk goes up five times. time is 4:56. a popular golf course in the east bay is about to close. the east bay times says the course in pittsburgh plans to close thursday. the company that operates the business part of the golf course didn't give a reason for the closure. the city of pittsburg owns the land. they hope that a new operating company might improve the staffing out there. tomorrow will be the last day to play a round of golf before the course closes. some parts of europe are dealing with the first round of snow in years. in rome, it became a winter wonderland yesterday. this is really rare as heavy snow blanketed rome's famous
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monuments. tourists-- well, they didn't seem to mind, taking pictures of all the sites covered in snow. you can see patchy snow in the shadows. temperatures are just above freezing in rome today. all of the snow should melt and the temperatures are expected to rise into the 50s. time is 4:57. new information coming in expected about app officer involved shooting that happened earlier this month in san francisco. we'll tell you more about the investigation into the homicide that led into the shooting. >> and former governor schwarzenegger is calling for changes to the republican party in california. who is joining him to promote the idea? we're off to a nice start.
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and photograph on interstate 880 looks good in both directions. and our weather will look good in both directions because we're clearing out the system. almost the first mono. it will be march 1st. more rain on the way.
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good morning. protests are expected when the alameda county supervisors meet about whether sheriff's deputies should take part in the urban shield program. we'll tell you more about the push to stop this law enforcement training program. flames started dropping into the yard. and i realized this thing is closer than i thought. >> a scathing report suggests that sonoma county could have done more to alert people about the wildfires. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> 5:00 and welcome back to mornings on 2 this tuesday, february 27th. i'm gasia mikaelian happy to be in early today for pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about the weather. steve paulson has a trillion things to tell you. >> well, there are a lot of things


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