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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  February 27, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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good morning. protests are expected when the alameda county supervisors meet about whether sheriff's deputies should take part in the urban shield program. we'll tell you more about the push to stop this law enforcement training program. flames started dropping into the yard. and i realized this thing is closer than i thought. >> a scathing report suggests that sonoma county could have done more to alert people about the wildfires. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> 5:00 and welcome back to mornings on 2 this tuesday, february 27th. i'm gasia mikaelian happy to be in early today for pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about the weather. steve paulson has a trillion things to tell you. >> well, there are a lot of things going on.
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yesterday was one big one. things have calmed down. we had rain and afternoon thunderstorms with numerous reports of hail and snow. it's all clearing out rapidly. mostly clear skies and the wind has picked up for many certainly around the bay and out to the delta. there goes the system and i think it's about rain in santa cruz and monterey and southern california. look at that line that went through l.a. and into san diego with more going to rotate in later today. they'll probably get more rounds. 37 in santa rosa. and 37 in fremont. and 39 in sunnyvale. a lot of readings. there's the morning trifecta. advise at 43 -- santa cruz at 43. los gatos. 44. the napa airport has gusts to 32. a windy day out of the north
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and that will cut right through you. after late afternoon, upper 50s, 60s and that north wind and the infection system comes in tomorrow afternoon and evening. and it's going to be here for three days. 50s to near 60 on the temps. 5:02 and we're off to a nice start. traffic is going to be okay if you're driving on the altamont pass. it's a little bit slow and i would say it's normal. let's go there and talk about 580 and 205. you can see traffic is moving along pretty well as you drive on 205 and 580 for this time of the morning. you will be slowing down but nothing unusual. when you get over the altamont pass it picks up all the way to castro valley. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland and traffic is going to be okay. and some of the outside lanes are getting crowded at the bay bridge. an employee with the fremont police department was
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hit by a truck and injured while walking in cost row valley -- castro valley. it happened northwest of don castro regional park. the chp tells ktvu that a ford pick up was going southbound on center street and hit a pedestrian in the crosswalk. the pedestrian is an off duty fremont police employee taken to the hospital with what are described as massive injuries. the truck driver remained at the scene and is cooperating with investigators. alcohol and drugs do not appear to be a factor in the crash. we'll get an update from san francisco police about an officer involved shooting earlier this month in golden gate park. the suspect is accused of shooting two people and killing one. the man reportedly carjack add it to and drove to alameda street where police found him in an rv parked at a homeless
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camp. the suspect fired shots and the police fired back and eventually, the suspect surrendered. san francisco police will give an update at the recology golden gate center. urban shield training is held every year and officers come from around the world and go through intense s.w.a.t. imlations. supporters say it teaches how to deescalate volatile situations. but opponents say it's military training. in gilroy, the death of a suspect who died after being tased by police and then put in a restraint hold is being investigated by the santa clara county coroner's office. gilroy police responded to reports of a suspicious person
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in the backyard of a house on chestnut street. the suspect, a 42-year-old gilroy man ignored demands to surrender and ran on the roofs of several homes. one witness heard him fall. they made physical contact with him when he was on the ground and he acted violently, forcing them to use a taser and a restraint hold. he lost consciousness and later died at the hospital. the case against nikolas cruz, the man charged with killing 17 at parkland will not be in court today. prosecutors are asking for hair samples, fingerprints, dna, and photographs of the suspect. in a separate court matter, cruz's lawyer wants to disqualify a judge on the case. the defense says the judge is biased in favor of prosecutors, threatening cruz's right to a
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fair trial. a committee in the florida state senate has voted to raise the age to buy rifles from 18 to 21 and it would create a three day waiting period for buying weapons. and it would confiscate weapons from those who showed violent tendencies or signs of mental illness. california lawmakers are taking action, proposing 10 new gun control bills. one bill would expand the definition of an assault rifle. and another would crack down on homemade ghost guns. and another bill would permit people convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence from owning a gun >> thoughts and prayers -- that phrase has become an insult. if the federal government is not going to lead. if colleagues are not going to
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lead. california needs to lead. representatives with gun owners of california called these proposals attacks on law- abiding gun owners. the sonoma county board of supervisors meets about a state report that says the county alert systems were uncoordinated and inconsistent during the north bay wildfires last fall. the california office of emergency services released the report and says the county did reach out to 55,000 residents and connected with half that number. another system sent out thousands of texts and e-mails. but both programs require people to sign up in advance. >> we need to do much more. one of the things when we talked to the director of emergency services, we need to look at the opt out programs. >> at one point it wasn't clear who was in charge of issues alerts and evacuations. eleven recommendations were made, starting with updated
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emergency plans and training for employees. the time is 5:07 and happening today, the funeral for the 19-year-old woman who was stabbed and left for dead earlier this month on a remote road near livermore. alameda county sheriff's deputies say lizette cuesta stayed alive long enough to tell them who stabbed her. she was friends with the man and woman who were arrested for her death. the funeral will be at oak hill memorial park. the service beginning at 1:00 this morning. wet and start weather continues to blanket much of northern california. we'll look at the current conditions. president trump is planning to come here to california. we have new information on what he plans to do here and whether he'll make a stop in the bay area. good morning. we see some crowded conditions on some of the roads. but for the most part we don't
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have surprises as people come around the corn tore the macarthur maze and get on the bay bridge approach. the pattern is set up for what looks to be the first substantial rain in a long time. that will be tomorrow. we had a pretty good show yesterday. but that system with the thunderstorm activity and hail is now moving into southern california. so we'll get a little break today.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. former president obama says social media is shaping our culture in powerful ways. the former president said that in boston at an m.i.t. conference and described it as a force for good but also a tool that can be used by isis or neo-nazis. the companies need to have a conversation that recognizes they are a public good as well as a commercial enterprise. the california supreme court rule that had prison sentences of 50 years or more for juvenile offenders not convicted of homicide are too harsh. the case before the course concerned two 16-year-old boys from san diego county who sexually assaulted two teenage girls in 2011. one was sentenced to 58 years to life in prison. and the other 50 years to life.
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the court did not say how many years would be appropriate but sent the case back to be reconsidered. there are reports that president trump will come to california for the first time since he became president. he'll attend a fundraiser in los angeles for the republican national committee. and he wanted to see the eight border wall prototypes on display near san diego. there's no indication that the president will come here to the bay area. the president has canceled earlier planned trips to california and he has criticized california officials over sanctuary city policies. former california governor arnold schwarzenegger and john kasich will headline an event to announce a new group that wants to reform the california republican party. they'll take part in panels on march 21st for new way,
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california. schwarzenegger is one of the last to win a statewide election in california. right now the registration of republicans in california has dropped to 26%. the former governor wants the republican party to choose policies to help them grow. the supreme court turned down a request by the trump administration to bypass a federal appeals court and get the high court to intervene in the daca program. >> the decision is seen as a blow to the trump administration while a relief for dreamers. it sends the case back to the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco. 20 states are suing to end the affordable care act. the lawsuit argues that the affordable care act is no longer constitutional since the individual mandate was
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eliminated as part of the republican tax law. the supreme court has ruled twice that the law is constitutional. and almost 12 million people recently signed up under the affordable care act during the last enrollment period. let's help you get to where you need to go. at this hour, it's not too tricky. >> it's getting that way and this is the transition hour. we don't have a lot going on. you can see the traffic in general is getting a lot more crowded. northbound 101 if you're driving from gilroy to san jose at this hour. you'll see the traffic is light. and there's been a little bit of slowing here and there. but for the most part a nice looking commute all the way to the silicon valley. and there are people on the roads, but it's not slow yet. it's crowded though. at the bay bridge, the metering lights appear to have gone on just a little bit on the early side at least for the middle of
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the commute here. it's not a big delay. it's about a five-minute delay before you make it through this and get on the bridge. let's bring in steve with the forecast. >> we'll get right to it. it will be calmer and a windy day. cold out and the rain has ended. and the thunderstorm activity and -- we got some rain. there's more on the way. this system, boy, i'll tell you. what's going on in europe -- remember the pattern is locked in. so trough, ridge, trough. guess who has the area of low pressure? we do. and that was impressive yesterday. parts of the east bay hat the most i've seen so far. i'm getting to all those. there was a lot to look at. and the snow and hail has moved south. gilroy, on the way to monterey, and towards southern california. and look at the system rotating
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around. and this will call all sorts of issues. a quarter of an inch causes problems in l.a. 30s and 40s on the temps. santa rosa is 37. sunnyvale is also in there. the breeze is holding up many of the temps. i've seen gusts in napa county. tiburon, winds sore at 39. 42 bodega bay. eastern solano, contra costa county. clear to mostly sunny today. and tomorrow we'll increase the clouds and the system is going to be a deep cold system that sets up off the oregon, california coast and parks it there. and there'll be a series of
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systems all the way to saturday. and the best rain producer since maybe january 8th of november 16th. and it's a huge deal for the sierra. and they'll measure snow in feet by the time we get to the weekend. mostly sunny, breezy to windy. we get a break today, good air quality. and cold with the breeze kicking in. and tomorrow we increase the clouds, and off and on rain thursday, friday, to saturday. >> all right, steve. you told us there was a change coming. >> in like a lion. time is 5:18. disney makes a big donation and the boys and girls club of oakland is cheering. what the money will be used for and what it had to do with the blockbuster movie black panther. and the big layoff for workers at levi's stadium.
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i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency.
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we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 5:21 this morning. the international energy agency predict it had united states will be the biggest producer of crude oil before the end of next year. and it may happen this year. production of shale oil is very strong and that will push the u.s. past russia in production levels. right now russia is the world's top crude oil producer. the rising production comes at a time when most other
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countries are cutting back on the production to try to keep the price of crude oil high. macy's in san francisco is downsizing the space once again. macy's may sell the former i magnum building which has 240,000 square feet of retail space. and they are planning to convert street space into shops leased out to third party sellers. that would leave them with 700,000 square feet of retail space at union square. and they are closing down the stone town mall location. 750 jobs will be eliminated from levi's stadium in april when they switch concessions providers. the company center plate has lost the contract. and 759 people who work at levi's stadium will be laid off
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april 15th. the 49ers are expected to make a recommendation on a new company to provide the services. it's official. driverless cars will soon be tested on california roads and for the first time a human will not be in the car behind the wheel. up until now, the cars could only be tested on public roads if a person could take over in an emergency. but new rules were approved. it's a big win for tesla and waymo who are leading the way with driverless car technology. manufacturers can apply for permits when the regulations take effect april 2nd. our question of the day is this? would you get into an autonomous car without a backup driver? yes? no? let's wait and see. tell us what you think. and you can comment on twitter
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or facebook. the san francisco board of supervisors will -- the plan calls for $860 to apply for a permit to test a robotic device. and nearly $2000 to test 3 devices. if the board of supervisors approves the fees, a full vote march 13th. sam's is teaming up with inista cart. they'll receive special discounts on goods, and anybody can use the service. inta cart -- time is 5:24. would you pay money to blow off steam and just smash things to
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pieces? well, you can do it now in las vegas. it's called the vegas wreck room. you walk in and put on a protective suit and face mask and pick out a tool to destroy them. and then you spend up to 30 minutes smashing lynx like beer bottles, porcelain lamps, and guitars. >> this is going to be a hit. >> it was scary at first, and you get in the rhythm and want to break everything. >> a half hour in that room costs 35 bucks. the owners say for some people it's just cutting loose your anger. for others, it's fun. >> i don't know. when i'm stressed i do other things. i bring it in and get calm. that's a little violent for me. but it's a good option. better to do it there than at yo house. construction is set to
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begin at the golden gate on the suicide net. and some people are not happy about the immigration warning issued over the weekend by oakland mayor libby schaaf. one councilmember says it was a scare tactic aimed at ending a community into a false panic. if you're heading to the middle of the county, we'll tell you more straight ahead. it was a beauty. the cold upper low was over us, and now it's on its way to southern california. quiet today and the wind will pick up and more rain is on the way. more on that.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> i have to show you this. some parts of europe are getting snow for the first time in years. this is rome, italy. it became a winter wonderland, a rare scene, heavy snow blanketing the famous monuments. tourists didn't seem to mind. a lot of the snow has melted today. this is live in rome, totally different scene, gasia. yeah, right? you can see the snow in the shadows and rooftops. and temperatures are just above freezing today. beautiful live pictures and all the snow should melt this week.
5:30 am
temperatures will climb into the 50s. we just had to take you there to europe. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's tuesday. it's february 27th. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. my kids jumped up and went to the back patio to catch the hail. >> there were a lot of reports of hail. the polar vortex split and the north pole is warmer. and part of that split into europe and part to the east coast. and that's why they are so cold and getting snow and that's why we're getting active weather. >> interesting. >> sudden stratospheric warming. there won't be a quiz. no, i take that back. put the pencils down. until the cold air in europe lifts out. i don't think our pattern is going to change that much.
5:31 am
it's like a boulder ina stream. everything is backed up downstream. if you want more, write me and i'll tell you what's going on. mount diablo, almost an inch of rain. clayton, 6800s. milpitas. danville, .56. castro valley. .52. i'm not just favoring certain areas. that's where the heaviest rain was. clear with a slight breeze. and pinole 40. and walnut creek, 43. alamo, 35. and orinda, 36. there are some cold readings. it was very, very impressive out to sacramento. if you haven't seen the hail pictures, looked like it snowed. the system moved south and it's out of my forecast zone and
5:32 am
heading to southern california. you know darn well this will cause issues in southern california. 30s, 40s for us. and we'll rebound and there's a good breeze. out of the north at sfo to 23. and out to the delta it's just cranked up big times with gusts almost 40 miles per hour. the air quality is good and visibility will be great. and the next system is on its way for wednesday evening to thursday, friday, probably saturday. and they are going to measure snow in feet. we get to the weekend. 50s and 60s on the temps. 5:32. 5:32. the metering lights are on. the traffic is beginning to change as you know. when we started at 4:00, there was not a lot. let's start with the solano county commute and 80 westbound. you don't see a lot of stop and go traffic yet. things are getting slow on 37.
5:33 am
80 is not yet. getting to the carquinez bridge and driving over to the other side in crockett. this is a look at 880 in oakland. and you can see traffic is moving along very well in both directions. and at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's a little bit more of a backup. this is more like a 10 to 15 minute backup before you make it to the bridge. we've talked about unusual weather in the past 24 hours. we saw rainbows, hail, snow in parts of the bay area. leigh martinez -- >> reporter: i'm not playing in any snow but it's really cold last i looked, 36 degrees. mount diablo is 3600 feet. we're hearing some coyotes which is kind of scaring me. elsewhere in the bay area, we
5:34 am
do have some snow. this is video from mount hamilton in san jose. you can see some snow covering the ground. mount hamilton is the tallest peak in the bay area. and we have video from overnight shot from mines road in livermore. check out these flurries falling down just love livermore valley at 2 a.m. and snow is sticking to the trees and the ground. and there were icy conditions at 2 a.m. so use caution in rural areas. circling back around to contra costa county. this was mount diablo last night. the pair of storms from the gulf of alaska considerably colder and dropping snow at lower elevations. a man from virginia was surprised by his first california winter. >> it's not as beautiful and
5:35 am
warm as everybody says it is. it's beautiful, sunny, but not that warm. >> yes. and i am from the east coast as well. jersey outside of philadelphia. and i moved out to california so i wouldn't have to be near the snow. yes, very cold this morning. again, we're too far down to see if there's snow in mount diablo. we heard from folks that it might be melted by sunrise. chilly in the rural areas near livermore. be careful in case there might be ice out there. >> temperatures were in the mid- 70s and we were complaining about how hot it is. it is california weather after all. >> reporter: it's a funny california winter, that's for sure. >> leigh martinez, thank you. >> >> the bay area hills are not the only spots getting weird weather.
5:36 am
it was cold from the ocean to the mountains. the dark clouds moved in during the evening commute and hail fell in napa, walnut creek, hollister, and burlingame. gasia got some at her house. and there was more at the state capitol in sacramento. and that messed up the drive for a lot of people. most people tried to keep the big picture in mind. >> we need the rain. that's for sure. it's great but i wish it happened on the weekend rather than when you have to drive in it. >> well, yeah. the storms were good for the sierra ski resorts. they started to get patchy. and there could be a fresh three or 4 feet of snow which would make skiers, snowboarders, and restaurants and hotels very happy. and the next round of storms is expected tomorrow night or thursday morning.
5:37 am
>> cal osha is looking into the death of an experienced landscaper who was electrocuted while trimming a tree in san jose. rain and wind were likely factors. pablo gonzalez that had day off from his main job and booked a side job with another company. he was 30 feet aboveground trimming an oak tree. he cut a tree limb and it fell and hit a transmission line. his family is being contacted to make funeral arrangements. >> he was a great guy. he was calm. he was nice to everybody. he was a really nice guy. he was funny. >> first responders had to wait for the pg&e to deenergize the line before they could remove gonzalez. 953 customers lost electrical service for a couple of hours last night. san francisco police
5:38 am
investigating a possible kidnapping sunday morning say the victim and the suspect are still missing. according to -- a witness saw a man drive up next to a woman at baker and vance mcallister streets. the man got out and pushed the woman into the car. the car was found abandoned. the woman is 27 and the man is 31 and we have no other information. oakland mayor libby schaaf is being criticized for issuing a warning about impending immigration operations. >> many decisions that i make have risks and rewards. i do not regret sharing the information. >> the legal and education partnership says it confirmed 11 ice deportation arrests in the greater bay area region. the mayor's office has been flooded with angry phone calls
5:39 am
and e-mails. >> ice is using rumors of raids in order to scare people. and we've seen immigrant communities refraining from reporting crimes and keeping their kids out of school. and refraining from going to the hospital when they need care. >> this video we're showing was given to us by -- it shows her husband being arrested at their home on sunday. an ice spokesman in san francisco says sanctuary cities are not immune to federal law. work on the suicide net for the golden gate bridge is starting. the board unanimously agreed on a contract to build the barrier in december of 2016. and most of the work has been happening off site. but the crews will start working at the golden gate bridge by the middle of this year. the net will be gray, not red,
5:40 am
to blend in with the water. they hope to have it completed by january of 2021. the answer to gridlock traffic in the bay area might be on the water. we'll tell you about the idea for ferry services, including much smaller boats. and the warriors will not go to the white house today. what the team plans to do in washington, d.c. instead of going to see the president. good morning. i'm telling you. this commute is getting busier. however, it's better than yesterday because it's not raining. we'll tell you more coming up.
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time is 5:42. there's a new sport that requires you not leave your couch. scott reese tells us the bay
5:43 am
area is about to get a new e sports arena. >> reporter: the warriors are trend setters on the actual court and the cyber court. they are hoping aboard the burgeoning bandwagon that's e sports. >> it wept from nothing, independent tournaments around the world, to hosting championships at stadiums with 40,000 fans. >> reporter: 2 billion worldwide have made it $100 billion industry. the nba is capitalizing with the 2 k colleague starting this may. the warriors are one of 17 franchises. >> steph curry has enough to do. >> it could be you playing for -- and getting paid to do it. >> literally, anybody in the world in theory could be on our
5:44 am
team. and once you've won 50 games, you have a chance to shine and get seen by the regular nba combine. >> it's not like traditional sports. he's a foot taller than me. there's something approachable about e sports. if i get good enough. i'll be a pro too. >> and the e sports explosion is not confined to playing games. turns out it's a legitimate spectator sport. the bay area is about to have its own arena next to jack london square. >> what you're looking at is a giant warehouse space. >> it will be transformed into a 16,000 square foot arena that seats a thousand fans for video game events. >> we'll have 100 computers, pcs, xboxs, nintendos, and
5:45 am
playstations. basically, catering to any gamer. in here will be the analysts. >> analysts? >> like e sports analysts. >> reporter: this will be the third e sports arena. the first two in orange county and las vegas will be enormously successful. gamers come to play and watch and most importantly interact. >> the number one competitor to watch is -- someone's bed room. >> what is it like to come here? >> the same like -- i don't like to stay home and drink. >> why here? >> a lot of the bay area rivalries with socal. >> we wanted to build that rivalry. >> which brings us back to the warriors, ready to foster the
5:46 am
cyber rivalries, not sure where the bandwagon is heading but certain they want a front row seat. >> we'll end up somewhere really awesome. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news. >> love it and i'm going to do it. i'm going to do it, gasia. >> you can have it. the real warriors beat the knicks last night 125-111 and a second half surge was enough to do it. >> couldn't quite finish the give and go so he'll go for the three and drop that down. >> clay thompson was ridiculous. 26points, a game high. mcfee had 10 points, including a basket that he hit. comedian jon stewart was there
5:47 am
-- what? he made that? the warriors are off today. i'm serious. tomorrow night they play the washington wizards. >> the defending nba champs will spend the day off in washington, d.c. but they won't be at the white house. president trump never invited the warriors and the warriors may have turned it down anyway. the warriors will spend the day in washington with local kids, taking the kids to the museum of african-american history and culture. back in 2016, the warriors met with president obama after their first nba championship. the commute is heating up so to speak and it's very cold out there. >> can i tell you how much i enjoy it when the warriors are playing east coast teams. you might figure out why? >> because it's earlier. >> i can watch every second of
5:48 am
the games. when the games start at 7:30 i might watch the first half. good morning, everyone. hope you're up and early out the door. you'll need a little bit -- in fact let me dial up the tracy commute first. i seem to be out of position. we can go to the tracy commute and the traffic is busy 580 westbound coming up through the altamont pass. and getting to the altamont pass and into livermore. 205 is the same. what we don't have is all the slow traffic brought on by the rain. so it's more like a normal commute. and a lot of people are happy that this is going to happen. later this week we'll get more rain and a more rainier commute. this is a look at interstate 880 in front of oracle arena. traffic is moving well in both directions. and also on 580. al the bay bridge toll plaza,
5:49 am
no major problems. we talked about the breezy conditions. sometimes i point to the flags, looks like it's a wind from the north. and these flags are unfurled. sometimes i see them not moving at all. >> you're correct, oh, wise one. >> i learned it from you. >> i appreciate that. likewise. we have a northerly breeze and for some it's a wind. yesterday though -- parts of marin county, sonoma, peninsula, you had rain. but the show was lake county, contra costa. big time thunderstorm activity. and rainbows and hail, and sacramento was just covered in hail. the rainfall was pretty good. near clayton, 2/3. blackhawk, allen rock, a half inch. and cost row valley a half
5:50 am
inch. 49 bodega bay. it's been a long time since i've seen both of those at 49. the system has moved south and it's in southern california. one band went through l.a. and this will be a major concern for the burn areas, and they'll get a wide variety of weather including thunderstorm sift. 30s and 40s on the temps. palo alto, one observation dipped to 33. 39 menlo park, los altos. and 37 fremont. and 40 pacifica. and 45 san mateo. and if you have any breeze that holds the temp up. sfo due north at 23. oakland, northwest at eight. and 30, almost 40-mile-per-hour gusts to fairfield, vacaville, davis. and the napa airport has gusts to 42. and that makes it feel cold.
5:51 am
ukiah 28. 15 in reno. and south lake tahoe. 19 in homewood. and they get a break. and everything drives into southern california. great visibility, good air quality. upper 50s, low 60s and the next system is set to move in wednesday evening and two for thursday, friday, and all the way to saturday. the best system since january 8th of november 16th by far. and this will be a good rain producers and a big time snow producers. i've seen projections of 58 inches of snow. they would get a northerly breeze and today, nice, breezy, windy at times. and cloud up and get ready for the rain towards the end of the week. >> what a week. time is 5:51. the movie black panther is breaking box office records, and now disney is sharing the
5:52 am
profits. the company is donating a million dollars to the boys and girls clubs to expand youth s.t.e.m. programs. it will be split between oakland, new york, chicago, and other locations. it will introduce kids to creative careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. e-cigarettes may increase the risk of heart attacks. the researcher who conducted the study is next.
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time is 5:55 and a vision by the late san francisco mayor ed lee is now a reality. it's where the department of homelessness, public works, 311, and police work together to coordinate a response to the homeless crisis. if a report comes in, the center will deploy the appropriate agency. this is finally government coming together and doing things in a coordinated way which unfortunately previously never happened. the time is 5:55. and new evidence that e- cigarettes may be more of a health risk that are first
5:56 am
thought. daily e great use can double is risk for a heart attack. there are lower levels of car since generals, but high levels of ultra fine particles linked to heart and lung disease. >> e-cigarettes are not safe. and using them bringing substantial risks of major disease. >> researchers say regular cigarette smoking triples the risk for a heart attack. and for people who do both, regular, and e-cigarette smoking, the risk is five times higher. warren stanley has been worn in as the chp commissioner. he was appointed by governor brown earlier this month and was sworn in just yesterday. he's 56 years old. and one of the distinguished few to hold every position in the chp from officer to
5:57 am
commissioner. still ahead, the rain is on hold until later this week. you heard steve. but some parts of the bay area got snow. where the roads were covered and where else we're seeing snow. more gun control proposals today in the washington, including one to raise the minimum age to purchase rifles. we'll have details on that just ahead.
5:58 am
5:59 am
it is cold in the bay area and we even saw snow overnight. and we have the videos to prove it. >> also it's not every day that drivers are told to ignore certain traffic signs. what's happening today on the richmond, san rafael bridge? mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> welcome back to mornings on 2. i'm gasia mikaelian. i'm in for pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. and steve paulson is here too. >> we'll show sacramento hail.
6:00 am
there were 3-inch amounts. getting hail in the valley is not unusual. but getting it in sacramento at the capitol is. they were building hailmen. traffic shut down a lot of the city. thank you, patricia. it was hail, not snow. and that's the reflectivity. it's a lot quieter today. once the system went through late afternoon right there, that's what did it. and it caused all sorts of buzz on social media. 49 is the water temp at bodega bay and san francisco buoy. the coldest i've seen in a long time. the system is moving out rapidly. and now southern california and that's going to swing in a lot of thundershower activity. 30s and 40s on the


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