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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  March 2, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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housing. we are speaking with an official about battling the infestation. >> rain and hail around the bay area and more is on the way as snow is seen at low elevations. >> never seen it before in san jose in my whole life. crazy. >> we are tracking your weekend forecast. the "four on 2" starts now. it is a rare sight on mount hamilton. just take a look at the snow flurries falling south bay residents heading up to take a look and much more snow is falling in the sierra. welcome to the "four on 2". i'm cristina rendon. >> i'm andre senior. let's begin with our forecast. meteorologist rosemary orozco is tracking the conditions and has more on what's going on around the bay area and beyond. we asked for it, rosemary. >> we did. and, boy, we received quite a bit today in the way of showers and thunderstorms. snow in our hills and it continues tonight. haven't seen a picture of rainbows lately. i did see one earlier. here's a view for you as we look across the bay a mixture
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of sun and clouds out there today. we had some rain this morning. then it cleared out then right about the lunch hour and into about 1:00, 2:00, widespread once again. i know because i was outdoors covered in t giving you a view of a three-hour time lapse. even at this hour, our evening commute will be slick. north bay showers reported even perhaps a few thunderstorms in and around just on the east side of santa rosa there. highway 101 is a wet one all the way down through novato, san rafael, crossing the richmond/san rafael bridge. if you look to the east, we have napa moderate rainfall along i-80 in fairfield. central bay, san francisco moving through pacifica, half moon bay, right on the coastline, so this is moving east. this is going to cross the peninsula in just a little while here maybe 10 to 15 minutes or so. if we head to the east bay, it's fairly widespread for the east bayshore from alameda through oakland, hayward, crossing into the east bay hills, danville, 680 is a both
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commute. 580, livermore, and then if we move over to highway 4 you can see scattered showers there just on the east side of antioch. heading into the south bay, we have a little bit of rain over san jose. highway 101 down through morgan hill cross over into the santa cruz mountains. scotts valley it's green but at times those higher elevations a little shade of pink and white and we have mount hamilton with a mix of snow and rain right now. the sierra snow levels have been really low as expected. 1500 feet, 2,000 feet at times all the way into areas near placerville, grass valley which sits about 2500 feet. as far as storm reports, not a lot today. we did have a lightning strike over the bay area a little earlier over areas near mount tam, we had some wind and hail reported. so for the rest of today, you can expect showers and thunderstorms to continue. snow levels will remain low and if you are heading to the sierra, expect white-out conditions at times because in
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addition to heavy snow, we are looking at wind until 10 a.m. so if you can avoid travel, maybe wait until tomorrow. i'll detail this morning as we move forward into your weekend. take a look at the temperatures expected. when we'll finally dry out, more on this coming up. the national weather service says at least three feet of snow has fallen around lake tahoe. great news for local ski resorts. heavenly provided this picture of skiers enjoying the day today and forecasters say there could be close to two feet of more snow on the way there. further south mammoth mountain ski resort says it has gotten four feet of snow. and for the latest forecast, stay with ktvu for continuing coverage of the storm and snow conditions. you can also download our free ktvu weather app as well as follow rosemary and the rest of the weather team on facebook, twitter and instagram. there are some dangerous conditions in the sierra this afternoon. placer county sheriff's deputies responded to an avalanche at squaw valley.
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officials say everyone is believed to be accounted for but they are working to confirm it. earlier a search-and-rescue team found the body of a snowboarder who was reported missing at squaw valley last night. he is 42-year-old -- of rockland. this was what the conditions looked like last night near boreal. the search had to be suspended overnight due to the danger of avalanches and extremely strong winds. the sheriff says the man was wearing a helmet when he was found as well as a tracking device that helped rescuers find his body. his cause of death hasn't been determined yet. we are not the only ones seeing winter conditions. dangerous nor'easter is bearing down on much. east coast. the storm is dumping snow and rain and leaving some coastal areas under water. we have more from sandwich, massachusetts. >> reporter: a dangerous storm slamming the east coast friday bringing a mix of rain, snow and strong winds. residents from new england to northern georgia bracing for 30 to 50-mile-per-hour winds with gusts on cape cod
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whipping through at hurricane force of 80 miles per hour. the winds sent trees crashing into homes and power lines. >> i heard this crack. it was like a shotgun crack from far away. the tree did not only fall it fell directly across the street. >> reporter: an eagle cam in washington, dc captures a bald eagle hunkering down in the high winds. damaging coastal flooding is a serious concern for folks in massachusetts with the storm occurring over 3 high tides. some residents evacuated ahead of the threat of storm surge and parts of the state are already seeing significant flooding. governor charlie baker is deploying 200 national guardsmen to help with the storm. >> it's possible that first responders will be unable to reach all flooded areas at peak high tide tomorrow. >> reporter: ohio, upstate new york and western pennsylvania seeing the brunt of the snow. the storm is causing widespread power outages, across the region, and creating dangerous driving conditions. more than 2100 flights have been canceled and hundreds more delayed. and amtrak has suspended
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service in the northeast due to the storm. >> everybody should stay home if they have to unless they got to go out. >> reporter: the rain is slated to taper off on saturday. but more strong winds and high tide flooding is expected to hit. in sandwich, massachusetts, molly line, fox news. san francisco police officers who shot and killed two men will not face criminal charges. they were cleared of wrongdoing in the fatal shooting of 32-year-old matthew hoffman in 2015. he was reaching for a realistic looking replica handgun in his waistband when he was slot outside of the mission police station. he left three suicide notes on his phone and another officer was cleared in the deadly shooting of 26-year-old owe shane evans. police were investigating a car burglary in 2014 when they say evans pointed a gun at a respond be officer. new details about an officer involved shootout side an armored truck company. the officer was called to the report of an armed robbery on
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north point parkway around 3 a.m. the truck company stores large amounts of cash. authorities say two men demanded money from two employees inside. those employees hid in a safe and they triggered the holdup alarm and an officer confronted one of the suspects as they were leaving the building. >> that suspect failed to drop the handgun when he was confronted by the officer and instead, the suspect raised the firearm towards the officer. the officer was forced to fire multiple rounds at the suspect. and the suspect was struck with at least one of those gunshots at the scene. >> after he was shot, police say the suspect ran into a nearby creekbed and he was captured shortly after. now, his accomplice was found hiding inside one of the armored trucks and was also taken into custody. today san francisco interim mayor mark farrell began 10-minute conversations by appointment with city
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residents. martin holton takes us inside the even. >> thank you for coming in. please have a seat. i think the mayor's office should be transparent and accessible. and having people come in for ten-minute time slots is something i certainly talked to mayor brown about and something quite frankly that he enjoyed as one of the things he remembers most about being mayor and so right away, it clicked with me and something we wanted to institute and so it's happening here for the first time. >> preschool that's the real point where people decide to leave and move. >> i'll give you the top two. i bet it's going to be homelessness and public say. that's what i hear about all the time through emails, when we're out in the community talking with folks. >> i'm really troubled by the homeless situation as i'm sure you are. >> i came here because i'd like to make audition. i grew up in san francisco and
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i love the city. i'm really disheartened by the direction that it's going. >> so i'd like to ask you what you have learned today. >> we have met with how many people, five folks now? and it's all very diverse in terms of families it's about the tenderloin, technology jobs, it's about cultural district in south of market. so it's awesome. it's all over the place. it's san francisco. >> you're supposed to conduct food safety inspections every six months. and they are not doing so. >> what's happening is that long term residents are being displaced because of economic inequality. >> the impact you can have on people's daily lives is incredible. and that's what's such an awesome responsibility about this job and why i enjoy it so much because that's what public service is all about. >> i think meeting with the mayor is great and i think more politicians should do that because i really feel most politicians are out of touch with the general population. >> can i have another high five on the way? thank you for coming. really nice to have met you. >> thank you. >> thank you, jeff. really nice to have met you. thank you, you, too. >> those open door chats will take place on the first and
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third friday of every month between 8:30 in the morning and noon and again, they are by appointment only. a rat infestation in marin county. coming up, details on how they have taken over public housing and what's being done about it. >> and formal house something hard to come by in the bay area. the meeting that libby schaaf attended that will make it easier eventually for some people. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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new affordable housing is coming soon to oakland's fruitvale neighborhood. oakland mayor libby schaaf and wilma chan took part in a groundbreaking ceremony this morning for casa arabella. it will be on east 12th and 36th avenue and part of the fruitvale transit village. the housing facility is named after arabella martinez who spearheaded the fruitvale village project. >> and arabella martinez was fearless. she stood up and said, bart should not be protecting its riders from this community. it should be benefiting this community. it should integrate itself into this community so that together, as a community, we are stronger and more prosperous. >> the 60 million-dollar project is funded by the unity council and the east bay local asian development corporation. gymnastic champion aly raisman is suing the u.s.
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olympics committee and usa gymnastics. she says the organizations should have known that team doctor larry nassar was molesting her and others. she filed a lawsuit wednesday in california. nassar spent nearly three decades at usa gymnastics before being fired in 2015 after complaints about his behavior. he continued working at michigan state university until federal charges were filed against him in 2016. nassar will spend the rest of his life in prison for the sexual abuse. investigators in san jose are trying to figure out how a garbage truck driver was run over by his own truck just before 8 a.m. this morning on camden avenue. the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. police say there is no information about the driver's identity out how it happened. new report shows violent crime is down in san francisco but property crimes are a different story. amber lee reports on the 2017 crime stats released.
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>> we installed a new gate and deadbolts. >> reporter: he is the block capital of the neighborhood watch in the outer sunset neighborhood. he took security precautions in response to concerns over property crimes. he said saturday afternoon thieves kicked down a neighbor's door to burglarize the home. >> there's a pandemic of package theft out here, as well. an apartment building owner down the street had his garage broken into several times. >> reporter: crime statistics so there were 54,000 property crimes reported in 2017 up by 7,000 cases from the year before. that includes home burglaries, bicycle and package theft, and vehicle break-ins. police say often, the thieves they arrest are given probation, not jail time. and then they go out and commit another crime. >> we catch them again committing another crime, rather than send them to jail for that first crime they committed, they instead give them probation again. there's no consequences for
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that. >> reporter: that cycle may help explain the citywide spike in vehicle break-ins. the crime report shows a nearly 25% increase. police say property crimes happen in all neighborhoods but hot spots are popular tourist attractions such as lombard street, palace of fine arts and japantown. >> it's a target-rich environment. criminals know that. when they know they can commit these crimes here and not really face significant consequences if they're caught, they have no reason to go commit crimes anywhere else. >> reporter: residents say, they're frustrated. >> slaps on the wrist should probably stop. and, you know, if you repeatedly committed these property crimes and so forth, you know, there should be some harsher sentencing. >> reporter: police urge anyone who sees something suspicious to report it right away. the department says it has increased foot patrols and that they have seen a downward trend in property crimes starting late last year. in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news.
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a village in marin city has a rat problem. residents say rodents have infested the public housing complex climbing inside walls, eating food and running around units. joining us now from marin housing authority is bernadette stewart to talk about it. thanks for joining us. this really isn't a new problem. >> well, you know, golden gate village is enclosed by the national park recreation area. so here we have eight high- rises in the backdrop of the national recreation area and so rodents make their way down into the development and into some of our units. it's not new but the problem increased lately and we're addressing it. >> talk a little bit about how you're addressing it. what's being done? >> we have a vendor who comes
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out thursday and we place bait stations throughout the development. if a resident calls us and reports a sighting or a problem with a rodent entering a unit, then we respond immediately with traps and do exclusion in their unit with our maintenance staff so we create a work order, maintenance goes out and patches any holes and makes sure droppings are cleaned up and traps are placed so we are, you know, picking up traps and people are saying that -- that the problem is getting better. >> this vendor that comes out open week we understand is an exterminator. is that just a temporary solution if these rodents keep coming back? is there a bigger plan to eradicate the rats altogether? >> reporter: well, being that the park is behind us, i don't know that it's possible to completely eradicate the problem. but we can -- we have cut back
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on our overgrown vegetation and cleaned out our garbage area, sanitized our walkways and our storage units, laundry rooms and so there was some property and debris that was collecting in certain areas and when we did clean that up, we did get some new sightings and scattering of rodents but it's -- it's -- it's actually gotten better in the last three months. so i think the vendor has been very aggressive with placing stations and responding to tenants' concerns as well as our maintenance staff. >> is there anything you can say to people who live there who are just kind of fed up with this issue? >> reporter: um, now, i think -- i think that they -- they see us out here every day and addressing the problem. it's important for them to keep their patios clear of clutter and recyclables, cleaning out the front and backyards of clutter and just maintaining sanitary conditions in their units and
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outside their units keeping the community clean. overall, our development is very clean and, you know, calling the work order line and letting us know if they have a problem and we'll respond immediately. so it's sort of a joint effort. and i think they are joining us in making sure that we respond and that we tackle this problem together. so so far it's working out. >> okay. bernadette stewart, we appreciate you taking the time to talk to us from marin county. thank you. >> all right. thanks. coming up after the break, we are heading out to the sierra. get a look at the near white- out conditions. that's next on the "four on 2".
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welcome back. there's some serious snow falling in the sierra right now. we have been talking about it but really there's no better way to show you than to go live. >> oh, yes. so no better way. so kevin cooper, coop, joins us live there now and coop, um, you know, it was a problem getting there. now things are getting a little better if you want to head up to the resorts there. talk about it. >> reporter: yeah. you know, this morning was definitely a challenging situation on california highway. state route 88 over the carson pass we're closed, highway 50 and 80 closed but caltrans and the chp crews are making headway now. the carson pass is open. 50 is open as well as 80. but it's still starting to snow and that second round is starting to move into the region now. its calmed down quite a bit. i
4:24 pm
have none seen winds like this before upper elevations at 125 miles an hour. it was howling last night. but that brought 36 inches of new snow at kirkwood, 30 inches at heavenly, 26 inches at north star. national weather service nailed this storm. look at it! five feet by saturday which is just set it back on. it's midwinter conditions again and we could not be happier. >> we're looking at the white- out conditions on the screen here. do you think that more people are going to show up because this is one of our first major storms or are people staying away because they are dangerous road conditions? they are scared? >> reporter: i think that -- great question. i think people are being smart and playing it smart and taking a step black and slowing on the roads. they are not going to charge through chain controls and get up here. they are going to wait for the system to slow down later tonight into tomorrow, and then come up for saturday and sunday. another series of systems looks like wednesday into thursday. i'll tell you, the quality and
4:25 pm
the quantity has set march up to be absolutely fantastic! as long as you're patient, come on up, you're going to have a good time. if you are coming up, make sure you're carrying chains. chains, chain tensioners. even if you're four-wheel drive you have to have chains in california law. the roads are slick so slow down. once you get here, i guarantee you, you're going to have an amazing time! >> you talk a little bit a moment ago about the roads. what's the best time to head up to enjoy without the crazy conditions around in terms of the snow right now? >> great question. what i would say is if you have time and you can do sunday, monday, that's probably the best time. sunday morning and monday. then you start to go into midweek we still have a lot of new snow. exciting news, too. heavenly is going to up 4157 acres. that's 87% of its trails the most it's been open all season so we are going to open more terrain and you're going to
4:26 pm
have a good time. just slow down on the way up. >> okay. coop, i want to ask you briefly, we have reports or we had heard the report about that avalanche at squaw. i know that's not your resort and thankfully no one was hurt but do you know anything about that avalanche and whether or not there's concern for other avalanches in the area? >> reporter: well, i can't speak specifically for squaw valley. i did read there was an imbalance they had over there and, you know, thank god that everybody is okay. i will tell you if you go to you can the avalanche danger. i believe it's high condition. there was a lot of snow in a short period of time and a lot of wind loading. all the resorts around the lakes are working around the clock tirelessly to ensure that our guest safety and employee safety is at the utmost highest priority for us. so we're working on it inbounds. but if you coming up -- a lot of people down in the bay are adventurous and they want to
4:27 pm
go out into the backcountry. beware, know before you go. beacon pack, shovel. go to sierra avalanche read the advisories and observations. and think twice this time before you go to the backcountry right now. let's let the base settle up a little bit and then venture into the backcountry. at the resorts those mountain teams will work to make them safe. so unfortunately, it does happen and, um, i'm sure they are working tirelessly at squaw valley to make it better. >> we want to have a great time out there. you want to enjoy yourself, not run into trouble. kevin cooper, coop, thank you so much for giving us an update on what's happening up there in the sierra. >> see you guys! >> talk of trade wars heating up after president trump announces his new tariffs. why the president says trade wars are a good thing. >> you may have heard that stereotype that some people are homeless because they don't want to work. next, we'll speak with a man who says he can prove that wrong hundreds of times over.
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there is no single solution to fixing the homeless crisis but one way is showing promise. a group based in the south bay has been giving those living on the streets real jobs with real paychecks. in san jose, the nonprofit downtown streets team teamed with the company that hired homeless residents to keep the downtown area clean and the group has been showing results and was recently recognized for its efforts. so joining me now to talk about the growing effort to help solve the homeless issue by putting them back to work is cris richardson, chief
4:31 pm
program officer for downtown streets team based in palo alto. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. . >> these people are now many of them in permanent housing. how many people have you helped? >> we just hit 800 folks that moved into permanent housing which is pretty exciting. that means folks have a key in hand. it's not transitional housing, although that's an important step and almost 800 folks have moved on into permanent employment. so that's at least 90 days. that's people not jobs. >> so you're -- this is helping a lot of people and this is really a long-term issue not just temporarily putting those into place a long-term issue. your organization was recently recognized and what does this mean for your program? >> sure. so our -- just yesterday actually the league of california cities and the group that recognizes the counties in california recognized us as an evidence based best practice one of five in the state and it's
4:32 pm
important for us to be recognized from an external source. we have been working at this since 2005 and working out the kinks. now we have proved the model in 10 northern california cities and we are ready to expand further. >> so let's talk about it. we started down in the south bay there palo alto, san jose. where have you expanded to in the bay area? >> sure. so we are -- only our second team was in san jose and then we launched about two years ago in san francisco. we have launched teams in the east bay, we have moved up to sacramento now. and moved as far south as santa cruz. >> so are you getting a lot of support from local governments with this program? you are a nonprofit teaming with other companies but are local officials really looking at this program as really effective solution to the homeless issue that we have in the bay area? >> yeah. absolutely. i think they recognize, you know, we are kind of a community program not just a homeless services program and they really recognize the benefit of not only permanently getting folks off the streets but also the benefits that we have in
4:33 pm
beautifying our streets and so we have been quite popular amongst local elected officials forming really great partners here in our marin branch right now. and the mayor just popped in and we had a great conversation with him about our partnership here. >> okay. so when you talk about bringing holds people off the streets giving them jobs, how are you making sure -- a lot of times the homeless need to develop skills on spending money so they don't spend frivolously. how are you fixing it long- term with the jobs? >> downtown streets team is a stepping stone into employment. and it's really about trusting and empowering folks. so what we do is just say, hey, here's a broom, start sweeping up your streets as a volunteer and then we'll work on your goals. once people have really developed a lot of that or regained dignity, a lot of the motivation and hope, they really do it themselves. they say hey, i want to be a contributor in the community and i want a better life. so once someone feels good and
4:34 pm
they are no longer marginalized they can move on into lives of independence and self-sufficiency. and certainly, a lot of them need tools but really that motivation and dignity that hope, that's where we start off. >> all right. well, it's one way of trying to fix this problem that we all have to deal with here in the bay area and help some people in the process. chris, you are with the downtown streets team based down in palo alto helping to fix the homeless crisis. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. president trump facing criticism at home and abroad after announcing plans to place tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. peter doocy says critics are even coming from the within the republican party. >> when our country can't make aluminum and steel someone said it before and i'll tell you, you almost don't have much of a country. >> reporter: the president's trade announcement sent wall street tumbling. president trump planning new
4:35 pm
tariffs on steel and aluminum to protect u.s. jobs and companies. >> this shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody. the president is committed to looking out for protecting the american worker. >> reporter: the president is a frequent critic of unfair trade practices by other countries. his plan is to put in place penalties of 25% on steel imports and 10% on imported aluminum. critics were swift to speak out including members of his own party. >> the people are going to have it pay these tariffs, the american citizens. and frankly, we don't win by assessing tariffs and basically come back to bite us. >> reporter: pushback also coming from overseas. china expressing grave concern while the european union warns of retaliation. >> the eu has been a close security ally of the u.s. for decades. we will not sit idly while our industry is hit with these measure that is put thousands of european jobs at risk. >> reporter: the president for his part tweeted today that he thinks, quote, trade wars are
4:36 pm
good and easy to win. at the white house, peter doocy, fox news. all right. beautiful day in the valley of the sun! everybody is talking about the changes the giants made over the winter. but we are going to reintroduce you to a guy who absolutely embodies the word intense. ! hunter pence talks about the changes when we come back with a full spring training report right after this. >> i'm sure, mark, rub it in. while mark is under blue skies, we are under cloudy wet conditions. we'll check in on the radar once again and talk about the weekend forecast coming up.
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we need to be ready for my name's scott strenfel and r i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
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yesterday we were mesa, arizona, checking out a's. this afternoon mark ibanez is in scottsdale with the giants. >> earlier on the nine you dodged one of those balls being tossed around by the players. how are you doing now? >> reporter: it's great because there are no players throwing or hitting baseballs around. but this i tell you what, this actually was the first day it really felt like what we're used to down here in the cactus league. yesterday, the sun was out. but you needed a little bit of a coat a little chilly. this is the warmest day of spring so far. you can see the ballpark now empty but man, this place was jumping this afternoon for a cactus league game between the
4:40 pm
giants and reds which i will mention 3-2 the final. much made over the winter changes adding mccutchen and longoria. my comeback player of the year is hunter pence. he has a lot of people talking about him. this is a guy who has been through it all with world series rings to prove it. you have to produce on the field though if that leadership role is going to shine through. but man! i interviewed him this afternoon. he is intense and so far, anyway, despite the fact they are 2-5-1, he likes what's happening in the giants training camp. >> it's been a nice build-up for me kind of hit a couple of little crazy things that happened good thing to get them out of the way early but, you know, it's been really a lot of fun and excitement and enthusiasm. i think we're all eager to get back into playing shape and that's one of those things where you have a lot of veterans. you have that build-up and momentum but there's been a
4:41 pm
lot to learn. there's been a lot of good talk a lot of good camaraderie. it's really special right now. >> that's good to hear about the camaraderie because there was some talk about the giants being a very clicky team last year. some factions not getting along with others and, of course, when you lose 98 games, that is going to happen. winning cures everything as they say. but you have to make a nice meld between the old guys that are holdovers and the new faces and we are going to meet one next. i had a chance to sit down with evan longoria who is really the face of the tampa bay franchise down there. and now he is here taking a back seat in a way to the likes of buster posey, madison bumgarner and another newcomer an every andrew mccutchen who was the face of the pirates for many years. so good stuff happening in camp. despite the fact they are
4:42 pm
losing, a lot of fun in scottsdale. evan longoria the guy i need to get acquainted with next hour on the 5:00 news. >> know him very well when i was down in tampa when he was on the rays. >> all right. rosemary, over to you. no sunglasses here for us. >> no. well, we had just a few peeks of blue early on. the clouds rolled back in. the rain cam back and yeah, hard pressed to see that sunshine although you can see a bit of a glow there. sun trying to pull through. we have very unstable air in place. that's actually a gorgeous shot. you can see san francisco there amongst the raindrops. this is all preliminary because as now the rain continues to fall but two, three inches reported in areas like over kentfield, ross reporting four inches, lexington hills more than three inches. pacifica almost 2 inches. piedmont two inches reported there. here's a three-hour time lapse. we continue to see rounds and
4:43 pm
rounds of moisture move through the bay area with unstable pattern in place not only for today but for part of tomorrow, as well. for folks trying to get on the evening drive home, santa rosa, petaluma, highway 101, it's a wet commute. around american canyon, napa and vallejo, around american canyon, perhaps highway 37. east bay richard green and yellows through berkeley, oakland and san leandro. cuts off right about hayward along highway 24. it's a slow drive through caldecott and lafayette and at the moment 680 is dry and this is moving east so they will eventually be in it, as well. here's a look at portions of the south bay. sunnyville, milpitas, san jose, in and out of rain around morgan hill and over santa cruz we continue to see the rain there. snow levels remain low.
4:44 pm
we have some snow falling over areas that looks like the diablo range, mount hamilton right now and here's a look at the sierra where down about looks like pines and even below, right about 4,000 feet, so it's come up just a little bit. areas over grass valley foresthill closer to 2500 feet. there is an advisory still in place until tomorrow morning. here's the center of the storm and why it continues to bring thus wraparound moisture so even though we get breaks at times, more moves in and that's going to be what we see for tonight as well as tomorrow. the winter storm morning goes until tomorrow morning for the sierra. they will in fact probably see five feet of snow when it's all said and done maybe even local amounts of 6, 7-foot range so that's some great
4:45 pm
news there. here's tonight. if you have evening plans, notice it does begin to wind down but it's not going to go away completely. here's tomorrow morning. we are still dealing with scattered showers. tomorrow afternoon dealing with scattered showers. expect saturday to be on and off partly cloudy scattered showers and then into sunday and monday, we are dry. temperatures mid-50s to mid- 40s. overnight going to be cold, 30s and 40s to start the day and then for the afternoon, a chilly one low 50s in the forecast for our afternoon highs. we are looking at 52 degrees for morgan hill. 53 santa cruz. there's your extended forecast. finally drying out on sunday. we'll be dry monday, tuesday. it looks like we may get more rain come wednesday, thursday. we'll see. >> good news for us. all right. thank you so much, rosemary. well, frank joins us now with a look at the stories we're working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00. some upset parents in the south bay. >> very upset. today the man accused of firing a gun at a san jose
4:46 pm
elementary school walked into court and out of court when it was over and the parents of the students are outraged. tonight at 5:00 they explain why they are worried that this man is still a threat to their kids. >> a man whose job it is to save lives -- >> a san francisco firefighter arrested on the job and is behind bars tonight. the threats that he allegedly made that included shooting at a smart train and the illegal weapons that investigators found at his home. >> all right. thank you so much, frank >> and next on the "four on 2" history comes to life in the old san francisco bank. how finance and currency paints a vivid picture of san francisco's past.
4:47 pm
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students at an elementary school in castro valley celebrated read around america day today all in honor of dr. seuss's birthday and all those cheers for ktvu's frank mallicoat. he read to a kindergarten class this morning and these are students just learning how to read and they love dr. seuss. >> what's your favorite dr. seuss book? >> um, are you my mother? >> that's my favorite, too! how much do you like to read? >> um, i -- i don't like it now because it's really hard. >> yeah. >> but i like it because you get to see silly pictures. >> exactly. >> well, read around america day was established in 1998 to encourage children to embrace books and read. >> if you know frank, you know it probably was a good time there. this weekend, the old u.s. mint on fifth and mission streets is celebrating the history of san francisco. the third annual event is free to the public. it will feature nearly 100 exhibits telling the story of
4:50 pm
the city. today ktvu's christien kafton was able to get a preview of what you can expect. >> we have three f's to remember around the building today. that's fortress, foundry, and finance. >> reporter: history is coming alive inside the old san francisco mint. the california historical society is opening the doors and welcoming the public to look back on how san francisco grew from pre-history to the world famous city it is today. >> with 90 different exhibitors, we are welcoming thousands and thousands of people to our free event each day, saturday and sunday to learn all about the depths and the complexities and the beauties and the pains, too, of san francisco's past. >> reporter: nearly 100 exhibitors will be displaying their collections at this pop- up history experience. >> from cable cars to history of drag, we have it. we have it all. so it should be really great. >> reporter: students got a preview today learning about
4:51 pm
the mint and getting to interact with some of san francisco's eccentric historical figures. >> i was a man who came here and i was a very successful businessman and then lost all my money trying to corner the market on rice. and then i just declared myself emperor and everybody here went along with it and what that really speaks to, i think, is the spirit of reinvention that runs throughout this city's history. >> reporter: san francisco historical days are open and available on saturday and sunday here inside the old u.s. mint in san francisco and the best part is the price is right, it's free. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. was it fair for spokers to be able to take several smoke breaks at work? a new survey shows a lot of nonsmokers say it's fine but they want something in turn people were surveyed about smoke breaks and the average smoker uses 6 days a year on
4:52 pm
work smoke breaks alone. the smokers were surveyed said they would give up their breaks if they got 11 extra vacation days in return but the nonsmokers say they are the ones who should get more vacation days. >> i just think the smokers should be penalized however they do it, they should do it. i'm a nonsmoker. >> that's up to the company's discretion. and if they -- if you know to try to squeak out a couple of paid off times, that's not fair to anybody. >> according to the survey, 81% of smokers say they think smoke breaks are fair. 75% of nonsmokers disagree. >> hm. well, you know, you can go skiing this weekend if you want to snowboarding but if you looking for something else to do this week, we have you covered. whether you're in flowers, food or freezing for a good cause, there's something or for everybody. rosemary orozco has the details in your "weekend watch." >> reporter: heading into the weekend, and here are a few events happening around the bay. calling on rummage sale enthusiasts, the 59th "white
4:53 pm
elephant sale" will be in oakland on saturday. the 96,000-square-foot warehouse of treasures is at 33 lancaster street. across the bay bridge, san francisco will celebrate african-american tradition at the black cuisine festival on saturday in the bayview district. you can enjoy music, booths, kids zone and variety of food. feeling adventurous? the annual polar plunge is on saturday. freeze your taylor watch others during the dash and splash at the aquatic park to benefit of the special olympics of northern california. it's free to observe but you must raise $125 to participate. 100,000 tulips are expected to fill union square on saturday for the american tulip day. you're being invited to pick your own bunch from the colorful display free of charge. if you prefer magnolias, head to the san francisco botanical garden magnolia plant on saturday.
4:54 pm
the annual bloom is typically at their peak from mid-january through march. in the south bay, visit the 34th annual tails and no tails cat show. that's saturday and sunday at the santa clara county fairgrounds in san jose. in the north bay, sonoma county restaurant week starts this weekend. get a prefix lunch or dinner at a discounting price at participating restaurants. sharks are home, warriors are away. i'm rosemary orozco and that's your "weekend watch." saying good-bye to america's pastor coming up families, friends and america's leaders gather to remember billy graham.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
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(cell phone vibrating) hello, can i help you? hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. ♪ an emotional final good-bye to the late billy graham. lauren blanchard reports. reporter: billy graham laid to rest at his library in north carolina on friday. >> i was reminded when i heard that my brother died of the sound that the choirs used to sing -- of the song that the choir used to sing, heaven came down and -- >> reporter: president trump and the first lady and vice president mike pence and mrs. pence joining more than 2,000 people under a tent honoring
4:58 pm
the legacy of graham's canvas cathedral starting his ministry in los angeles in 19489. the message of the service focused on faith, family and way of teaching. >> he was faithful. he was available. and he was teachable. i want each one of you to remember that. faithful, available, and teachable. may we all be that way. >> reporter: graham buried in the prayer garden of the library beside his wife ruth. his grave marker will read billy graham, preacher of the gospel of the lord jesus christ. >> i can only imagine what it was like for my father to step into heaven and there was the lord jesus christ to say, well done, good and faithful servant. not because it was billy graham, it's just another child of god had come home. another child of god. >> reporter: many called the service graham's last crusade. the library will be closed
4:59 pm
until wednesday in honor of his passing. at the billy graham library in north carolina, lauren blanchard, fox news. news. a san francisco firefighter arrested on the job and is behind bars tonight. details on the threat and the illegal guns that he had in his home. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. that firefighter was accused of stockpiling high-powered weapons and making criminal threats. rob malcolm joins us now from san francisco county jail with the details. reporter: the details of the 14 page complaint are alarming. over 14 pages all of it detailing the potential for danger. reporter: this san francisco firefighter who has been arrested is facing serious charges. >> printly we have the member on unpaid leave. they are very serious charges we are keeping an eye on. >> reporter: the san francisco
5:00 pm
fire chief wouldn't name him by name but these court documents obtained by ktvu news claim more than 2 dozen guns including assault rifles were allegedly found in the home of san francisco firefighter rock plichcik. the 59-year-old is now facing 14 counts, 12 of those for possession of an assault rifle. in september and february, atf investigators received numerous tips that plichcik had a stockpile of multiple assault rifles including machine guns, ar-15s, ak-47s, live grenades and handguns. the complaint says the tipster also alleged that plichcik was mentally unstable threatening to kill everyone and open fire on a smart train. he was arrested at work monday afternoon at station 22 on 1 sixth avenue. >> -- wanted access to the member's locker so entered the workplace and did a search. there was nothing found at the workplace. so we didn't know about this prior to the


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