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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  March 2, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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fire chief wouldn't name him by name but these court documents obtained by ktvu news claim more than 2 dozen guns including assault rifles were allegedly found in the home of san francisco firefighter rock plichcik. the 59-year-old is now facing 14 counts, 12 of those for possession of an assault rifle. in september and february, atf investigators received numerous tips that plichcik had a stockpile of multiple assault rifles including machine guns, ar-15s, ak-47s, live grenades and handguns. the complaint says the tipster also alleged that plichcik was mentally unstable threatening to kill everyone and open fire on a smart train. he was arrested at work monday afternoon at station 22 on 1 sixth avenue. >> -- wanted access to the member's locker so entered the workplace and did a search. there was nothing found at the workplace. so we didn't know about this prior to the contact from
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chief scott on monday. >> reporter: at plichcik's home, investigators found 12 registered handguns and assault weapons, all of it in violation of a temporary restraining order filed against him by his sister as the two fought over money. the san francisco d.a. wanted him remanded into custody believing he posed a serious risk to others. in the complaint, the sister says plichcik threatened to kill her numerous times and feared what he would do if he was released. >> he is afforded like anyone else due process rights. >> reporter: back here live, plichcik pled not guilty and will be back in court on march 6th. in san francisco, rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. rob, thank you. we're learning new details about a police shooting outside of an armored truck company in santa rosa. investigators say the officer was called to a report of an armed robbery at guarda world on north point parkway just before 3:00 this morning. that's an armored truck
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company that stores large amounts of money. authorities say two men demanded money from two employees who were inside. those employees managed to hide inside a safe and triggered the holdup alarm. an officer arrived on the scene and confronted one of the suspects as they were trying to leave the building. >> that suspect failed to drop the handgun when he was confronted by the officer. and instead, the suspect raised the firearm towards the officer. the officer was forced to fire multiple rounds at the suspect and the suspect was struck with at least one of those gunshots at the scene. >> after he was shot, the suspect ran into a nearby creekbed where he was later captured. his accomplice was later found hiding inside one of the armored trucks. he was also taken into custody . we hear it barely snows here. it's eye a peculiar opportunity. >> we saw all kinds of precipitation today including
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snow on mount hamilton. the ground was covered with inches of snow. and a plow was even needed to clear some of the roads. >> there were also bursts of rain mixed in with the sun throughout the bay area. this was the view from the windshield of a car heading south on 880 in san leandro today. >> and in the north bay people in downtown petaluma were greeted with hail today. ktvu's ken wayne shot this video of that small hail mixed in the with rain on the sidewalk and cars there. >> let's bring in our meteorologist mark tamayo to talk about the weather. today it was really coming down. >> it's one of those deals where you go out for a walk and you get rained on. we still have showers in the forecast tonight with the possibility of thunderstorms. the numbers are adding up. kentfield over 4 inches of rain, ben lomond over three inches and napa over two inches. i saw some snow reports up in portions of sonoma county as
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well outside of healdsburg with those totals. so it's coming in closer now. we'll show you the rainfall totals santa rosa over an inch. redwood city 1.30. san francisco over 1 inch and san jose three quarters inch. look at the sierra now. these are just numbers from this morning. kirkwood three feet of snow. squaw valley 32 inches. so we are adding to these totals throughout the day through tonight and into your saturday. here's the radar coverage a good portion of the bay area now towards the sierra. let's come in closer because we have been tracking here -- in fact, you can see pockets of white on the radar return. that could translate to snow on the hills. we have low snow levels around 1800 to 2,000 feet. and we still have some rain to talk about, as well. so it's cold enough to snow. in the east bay neighborhoods in concord, walnut creek, danville there's coverage here
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so this is still moderate showers. also redeveloping near the coast out toward palo alto and fremont and closer to morgan hill and gilroy and then once again still tracking some of this action closer to fremont, right around the santa clara area, as well. still showers in the forecast for evening. part of your weekend, as well. we'll have more coming up. as mark said we are seeing wild weather in the south bay where the peaks of mount hamilton got more than just a dusting of snow. jesse gary just came down from the top of mount hamilton and he is in the east san jose foothills tonight with more. what's it like up there? >> reporter: it was so bad we came about two-thirds of the way down the mountain because the conditions deteriorated over the course of the afternoon interfering with our ability to broadcast. we came down. we pan off to the left you can see the valley floor behind me and the sun trying to peek through the clouds at the
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lower elevation. but up top blowing snow and rain, difficult to see, difficult to drive of course. however, perfect conditions for those who want to dare to go up the mountain and enjoy the snow. reporter: for the second time this week, white stuff blanketed mount hamilton and many south bay peaks. the unusual sight brings the curious by the carload. >> it's pretty cool. >> never seen it before in san jose in my whole life. it's crazy. >> because it's snowing in the bay area. just as simple as that. it's just fun to see snow in the local mountains. >> reporter: to make the snow run meant taking the long way up over 4200 feet of winding road from the santa clara valley floor to the mountaintop and the lick observatory. >> it came down pretty good earlier and it was sticking really well to the road. so -- >> reporter: officials say lick, the oldest permanent mountaintop observatory, is
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closed due to the inclement weather. snowplows are clearing the parking lot and surrounding side streets of an estimated 2 inches of snow but officials dissuade anyone from making the trek up to see what's coming down. >> because we're not equipped to handle the type of emergencies that could, you know, arise and it's not a snow park. it's an observatory. >> reporter: those words of warning are falling on deaf ears as the exodus up the mountain tend all day for the young and the young at heart to see a rare bay area sight of nature. >> we love snow. my husband grew up with it. we are trying to raise our kids with snow. it's hard when you live in california, though. >> not today. >> yeah, not today. >> reporter: officials predict another two inches of snow tonight and more tomorrow so as a result, caltrans likely
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to close the roads leading up to the observatory except for locals because of slick roads and treacherous roads. live in the east san jose foothills this afternoon, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. frank, back to you in oakland. >> hey, nothing like a good snowball fight. jesse gary, thank you. driving conditions remain treacherous tonight in parts of the sierra. both highway 50 and interstate 80 have been closed off and on throughout the day. this shows four different locations along those two main roads to the ski areas. as you can see, both 80 and 50 were covered in snow. around noon caltrans closed highway 50 at echo summit. then a couple of hours later crews shut down eastbound 80 because of spinouts over donner pass. if you are heading up to the mountains this weekend, you will need a four-wheel drive vehicle or make sure to pack your chains. one of the people trying to make it up to the sierra is allie rasmus. you left the bay area at 10 a.m. and you're still not there? >> reporter: we just drove
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into truckee actually. we made it! but yeah, we left the bay area at 10 a.m. but we did take -- you know, we're traveling with two children so we took a few stops. so if you subtract a couple of hours that the stops along the way in davis and colfax it's probably about a five-hour drive. but it's beautiful up here. you know, it was very snowy conditions. i'd say when we were passing -- as soon as we got past kingvale, it started to get a little heavier and there was chain control checkpoint at alta and there were a couple of spinouts we got stuck behind and that probably put us back, caused the longest delay getting into town. but we finally did make it up here. >> so do you have four-wheel drive or chains on? and how are the kids doing in all of this? >> we have four-wheel drive and the kids have been great actually. i think they're mesmerized by all the snow outside because the last time we came up here, it was in the middle of january and it was a totally different landscape. it was completely bare. there was no snow on the drive
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up. and so i think this time around, they're taking in all the snow covering the trees and you know, it's been kind of a slow drive, everyone going about 20, 30 miles an hour but they have been impressed by all the snowfall. >> we are looking at video while we're talking to you. we see a few cars on the road. are there a lot of cars or is it spotty? >> i wouldn't say there's a lot of cars on the road. the only time you really notice is when there's a spinout and then things kind of get backed up a little bit. you know, not a ton of traffic going up. i'm sure a lot of people heeded the warning, unlike us, to avoid this drive today during the winter storm. so maybe it might be a different story tomorrow. maybe it was a different story on wednesday evening. but the drive hasn't been that bad. not that many cars going up. >> i know your kids are young. do they like the snow? do they like the cold? are you going to have your 4- year-old put on some skis? >> yeah. that's the whole purpose of us
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going up here. unfortunately, i don't know if i'm going to be able to do much skiing myself. the goal is to get him in the season on the slopes and get him to learn and i'm probably going to be doing a lot of babysitting for the 2-year- old. i can't complain about how they have been on this trip. they have been really good. haven't given us a hard time at all even though it's been kind of stop and go at points. >> have a fun weekend and we are glad you made it up there. allie rasmus in truckee, thank you. an avalanche late this afternoon at squaw valley in lake tahoe. the resort said an avalanche had occurred and that rescue teams were responding. authorities believe everyone has been accounted for. a snowboarder who was reported missing in the lake tahoe area has been found dead. the 42-year-old from rockland was reported missing by friends yesterday afternoon. reporter: it the type of snow people -- it's the type of snow people have been waiting for
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but the chair lift stopped friday afternoon. skiers and snowboarders filed out. >> they closed every lift and said there's an avalanche. >> reporter: the fire department and ski patrol responded to that inbound avalanche. >> i heard them bombing all morning, so it's really scary with the slides. >> reporter: the avalanche happened just a few hours after squaw valley ski patrol found a missing snowboarder dead. the placer county sheriff's office says search-and-rescue crews started looking for 42- year-old -- late last night. friends reported him missing and the search had to stop because of avalanche danger. >> really sad. >> reporter: by morning, the search resumed and by 10 a.m., it was over. his body was located. >> kind of scariening considering how young he was early 40s. >> reporter: it's a reminder of the dangers of the sport even for the experienced. >> it's like ski at your own risk. you try to be smart about it. >> reporter: a spokesman for squaw valley said search-and- rescue crews were able to located him because he was using the resort's app which tracked his location but
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didn't find him soon enough. the resort said: a man accused of firing a gun at a san jose elementary school was able to walk out of court free on bail. tonight at 5:30, why parents and neighbors say they worry the man will do something worse. >> plus, he walked into someone's backyard, opened their kennel, picked up a dog and took off. the search is on tonight in the east bay for this dognapper. plus -- >> this may look like a big pile of garbage and debris to you. but unless this stuff is attended to, it can flood whole towns!
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we need to be ready for my name's scott strenfel and r i'm a meteorologist at pg&e.
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we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
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a manhunt is under way for a 19-year suspect of shooting and killing his parents on the campus of central michigan university. the school is in mount pleasant. james eric davis, jr., is a sophomore at the school. he is suspect of absolutely shooting and killing his parents in a dorm room on the fourth floor. the motive is unclear but there are reports that the suspect had just been released from a local hospital where he was being treated for a drug- related issue. >> at this point our campus is safe. we believe the situation involved a domestic type incident. >> the suspect's father has been identified as a police officer in illinois. authorities say the 19-year- old suspect should be considered armed and dangerous. mandatory evacuation orders have been lifted for people living in santa barbara county.
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residents in area at risk of mudslides and debris flows were allowed to return home around 9 a.m. yesterday more than 30,000 people were ordered to leave their homes in montecito and three other towns. it was thought a powerful storm could trigger dangerous flash flooding and mudslides officials say there was minimal impact because they prepared for the storm before it hit. when storms do hit, a small army of little known storm fighters work to protect private property in towns, cities and counties. tom vacar spent part of the day with one of those crews. he is in san rafael. >> reporter: have a look at this. up here you see nice blue skies. it's been squalling all day in and out and in and out. if you pan over here to the left, take a look at what's coming. a storm and it's going to dump a lot of rain as it has several times earlier today. so this thing is hardly over and there's a lot of water on
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the way. but let's now go to that small army of indispensible storm fighters. reporter: these two san rafael department of public works crew members constitute one of eight roving teams who every day roam their territories in search of current or future problems. when it's raining like in the last few days, these crews go to the city's 12 pumping stations where they muck out the debris several times a day. otherwise, the powerful high capacity pumps could not lift the water high enough to pump it into the bay. >> we still though knowing what we went through last year were making sure that the storm drain systems were clean. >> reporter: for a city like san rafael, these pumping stations are the top priority. in just two hours, this is how how much muck and junk gathered up against those drains. it could cause flooding. during heavy rains they are here every hour. if they're not it will flood.
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>> this is the first year we have used a storm water act where we can track what's removed and identify the heavier flows where we might have a problem to get that system cleaned. >> reporter: the roving crews target everything from potholes to downed tree removal to blocked or clogged storm drains, to flood management, fire hazards and the biggest threat of all, landslides. last year san rafael experienced three major landslides. this one, on mountain view road, wiped out two homes. nonetheless, the tarped looming hillside still threatens the neighborhood. another slide on irwin from last year also stabilized by tarps also remains a looming threat. in rain, crews also monitor those landslides frequently just in case. >> if they identify any problems prior to the storm, we'll address it as soon as possible. >> reporter: okay. now, coming back live, you
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have a look at this dark cloud has now gotten heavy. we are near the foot of the richmond/san rafael bridge. one final note. it's finally time we did credit to public works crews because they get so little of it, they surely deserve it. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. thank you. want to check in now for meteorologist mark tamayo in for bill tonight. how much rain did we get? at times it poured. >> it's one of those deals where you see sunshine and think it's over. >> and then those dark clouds. >> down pourdownpours. what's nice with this system, at least we are not talking about stalling out over one area. we haven't been talking about flash flood watches. the rainfall rates are heavy but things move along.
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take a look at the rainfall numbers. >> these numbers are changing. we are still tracking heavy downpours now. you can see all the snow toward the sierra so as you heard, has been some difficult travel in the mountains all day long. this is interesting here. look at the radar. typically, we just show you green. but look at these white returns here indicating the possibility of some very low snow levels up in portions of the north bay right now. so from st. helena down toward portions of the marin county, the hills here, so we are watching out for that. it's that cold that we could have snow levels potentially down to maybe 1500 to 2,000 feet. we have reports of some heavy rain in portions of the east bay about 45 minutes ago heavy rain report out of richmond. things are moved out towards solano county right now out
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towards fairfield and then moving the maps closer to danville and san ramon looks like 680 we have downpours there. coverage from san mateo to palo alto to los altos and still some coverage toward morgan hill and gilroy and scattered showers outside san jose at last check. here's the live camera. you heard about the ominous dark clouds showing up center stage in this live camera looking out towards san francisco bay. reports of some lightning strikes out there, as well. and some hail. we talked about the very low snow levels so it's cold enough as we talked about kind of a safe level here, snow levels right around 2,000 feet. typically, with these cold systems we don't have a lot of moisture to work with but that of course is a different story for today. we are going to hold on to some scattered showers and cold numbers tomorrow morning and we'll have to be concerned with some black ice over the next few days because those temperatures cold enough for the morning hours we could have a freeze out there. now, saturday still some scattered showers. the chance of an isolated
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thunderstorm. and if you want a dry weather pattern looks like that's headed our way sunday into monday. here's the forecast model tonight and then into saturday morning. some scattered showers. notice it's not completely covering the entire bay area. but still, a few pop-up showers and the possibility of a thunderstorm throughout the day tomorrow. highs will be in the lower 50s and your five-day forecast, shaping up like this. we get a break. we'll need it by sunday and into monday. so another night and another day of some showers with the possibility of some thunderstorms. coming up, new evidence the flu season is starting to wind down. but it's not all good news. coming up in a moment, an update on flu outbreaks and flu deaths. >> also coming up at 6:00, california lawmakers are proposing a bill that would require training for people looking to get a concealed carry firearms permit. we'll tell you what that training would entail. >> plus oakland mayor libby schaaf continues to defend her recent tip about i.c.e. operations here in the bay area. what she had to say today coming up at 6:00.
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president trump's announcements of new tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum is causing criticism around the world. yesterday the president proposed a 25% tariff on steel imported to the u.s. and a 10% tariff on aluminum. the announcement sent the stock market into a tailspin. today a top european union official told german media the eu might respond by slapping tariffs on american bourbon,
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bluejeans and harley david sons. some republicans are asking the president to reconsider his position. >> the people who will pay the tariffs are american citizens. we don't win by assessing tariffs and basically come back to bite us. >> on twitter president trump said trade wars are good and easy to win. the most intense flu outbreak in a decade appears to be losing steam but it's not over yet. the latest numbers from the centers for disease control and prevention show the flu remains widespread in 45 states. that's down from 48 states the week before. nationally seven children died from flu-related complications last week bringing the total number of deaths this season to 114. the cdc says fewer people are now showing up at the doctor's office in the past week. here in california, more than 200 pomona have died from the flu this season. moreau catholic high school in hayward announced
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today another student has tested positive for whooping cough. also known as pertussis, it's highly contagious respiratory infection. symptoms often start out like a common cold. but turn into fits of coughing. in a note sent out to parents, the school said all affected classrooms are being thoroughly cleaned. the school asked parents of sick kids to keep them home. coming up, parents feds up after a man is accused of shooting a south bay elementary school is releaseed. >> it's insane that someone who shot up our children's school is on the streets. >> coming up next, parents are worried that they feel threatened. >> also on the hunt for the accused dognapper. authorities say he walked into an east bay backyard, picked up a dog and took off.
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a 21-year-old man accused of shooting a gun on the grounds of brixon elementary school made an appearance in court today. a lot of concerned parents were there two. ann rubin reports. parent are worried he is on bail while the case proceeds. >> reporter: yeah. that's right. they came here to submit letters to the judge. they say they are worried about what already happened about -- at the school and about what could still happen in the future. reporter: today nicholas o'connor walked into court in san jose and when it was over,
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he went home. that's what has willow glen residents up in arms that someone accused of firing a gun at bookson elementary is out on bail. >> it's insane that someone who shot up our children's school is walking on the streets. the legislature should have an emergency session. they say they are concerned about school shootings. they need it act. >> reporter: o'connor was arrested back in november accused of using a shotgun to shoot the security cameras at bookson in the early-morning hours. at the time, neighbor karen scherer chased after him and today, she showed up to see his face in court. she said school shootings like the one in parkland, florida are on her mind. >> i think about him every, single day, every, single day. i'm -- my -- my -- my window faces the school. whenever i'm doing dishes i look out at the school. he lives a half mile from my house. i'm constantly thinking about him. i never stop. >> reporter: the district attorney's office says they are taking this case
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seriously. today in court, they added a new charge for o'connor for possessing a firearm on school grounds, a felony. this was added to existing charges for vandalism and brandishing a firearm. >> especially given what's going on around the country, our office takes this case very seriously. it's important in this community for the children and their parents to have a safe place to go to school. >> reporter: o'connor and his family declined to talk but he has plans to return to school out of state. in the meantime, a restraining order prohibits him from going near bookson. residents in willow glen say that's little comfort. >> he obviously has access or knows how to get access to firearms. a restraining order is a piece of paper. he should be locked up. our children shouldn't be at risk. >> reporter: still, neighbors will have to wait to see what comes up in. o'connor hasn't entered a plea and the next court date is april 13th. >> did the judge explain at all why they are not increase
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the bail to potentially keep him in custody? >> reporter: i think the judge is not the judge who will be hearing the rest of the case. they were essentially just adding -- amending the complaint today. i think they could have had the opportunity to enter a plea. but because they were pushing everybody back i think that might have been why they didn't take any further action. so we'll see what happens when they go back to court in april. >> all right. ann rubin in the south bay tonight. ann, thank you. a 12-year-old is under arrest in the south bay for threatening to shoot up her middle school. police arrested the middle school student from sylvandale today. the child was booked into santa clara county juvenile hall. san jose police officers were contacted by students at the school. they say they had received threatening text messages. the messages made direct threats to kill and shoot up sylvandale middle school. the 12-year-old is now facing felony criminal threat charges. san jose police say a garbage truck driver was hit
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and killed by his own truck this morning. officers responded to camden avenue at el paseo drive around 8 a.m. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver is only identified as an adult male. the circumstances of the death are still under investigation. oakland's fruitvale neighborhood is getting some new affordable housing units. mayor libby schaaf and alameda county supervisor wilma chan took part in a groundbreaking ceremony this morning for casa arabella. the 94-unit building will be on east 12th street and 36th avenue and will be part of the fruitvale transit village. the housing facility is named after arabella martinez. she shepherded the fruitvale village project. >> arabella martinez was fearless. she stood up and said, bart should not be protecting its riders from this community; it
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should be benefiting this community. it should integrate itself into this community so that together, as a community, we are stronger and more prosperous. >> the $60 million project is funded by the unity council and the east bay local asian development corporation. richmond police need help in finding a dognapper who is accused of taking a french bulldog from his owner's backyard caught on camera. leigh martinez gives us a look. >> reporter: every. reporter: police say home surveillance cameras kicked on to record this dognapping 10:30 wednesday morning. police say this man entered the backyard of this murdock street home and opened up the kennel. >> the victim actually had surveillance video -- got an alert on her phone that there was motion in her backyard. >> reporter: he left several dogs out, grabbed a tan 16- month old man and walked away with it leaving the back gate open.
5:37 pm
>> then there were three of them and there's a puppy too. >> one of them was the mom. >> reporter: neighbors saw the french bulldogs running loose outside. >> we saw the two dogs and my other neighbor and i look, okay, let's see what we can do. and then the owner showed up at the same time. >> reporter: the rest of the french bulldogs were safely returned to the kennel. but the tan male frenchie hasn't been found. >> that's why we are asking the public to please help us. pets are family. and so we just want them to be able to be reunited as soon as possible. >> it's really, really crummy! i mean, you know, just to have someone invade your property. you know? it doesn't feel good. we all wonder. how does someone know about your dogs even being there? >> reporter: neighbors say they never hear the dogs bark. and they had no idea the dogs lived there until they ran loose. >> a lot of us have dogs and other animals but we are very aware and, you know, look out for each other and for our pets. >> reporter: police say even though the dog was registered
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in contra costa county, he was not, however, microchipped which makes it harder to track him. in richmond, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up here he had a remarkable recovery after he was nearly beaten to death following a giants game in los angeles. in a moment, bryan stow brings an anti-bullying message to a new group of kids. >> he may be the power hitter that the giants have been waiting for. coming up we talk with evan longoria the giants' new star third baseman.
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san francisco giants fan bryan stow spoke with kids today about bullying. he knows firsthand about the consequences. he was attacked and beaten almost to death while attending a giants game at dodger stadium in los angeles. after a heart fought recovery, he now spends his time speaking to students about treating others with kindness, compassion and respect. today stow paid a visit to students at o'hara park middle school in oakley. >> don't just stand in line doing nothing sends a message that the bullying behavior is okay. it's not. >> stow spoke candidly about what he has been through during his recovery, which has been a very long process. he finished his day with the students by having them take part in an anti-bullying
5:42 pm
pledge. today san francisco's interim mayor mark farrell held the first open door chat. people who live in the city make an appointment to get to have a 10-minute conversation with the mayor. and our photographer martin holton takes us inside the event. >> hi, how are you? >> carolyn. >> mark. please have a seat. >> i think the mayor's office should be transparent and accessible to everybody. and having people come in for ten-minute time slots is something i certainly talked to mayor brown about and something quite frankly that he enjoyed as one of the things he remembers most about being mayor and so right away, it clicked with me and something we wanted to institute and so it's happening here for the first time. >> if city continues to lose families and kids, there are fewer people invested in the future of the city. >> coming in a preschool, that's the real point where people decide to leave and move. >> i'll give you the top two. i bet it's going to be homelessness and public say. that's what i hear about all the time through emails, when we're out in the community talking with folks. >> i'm really troubled by the homeless situation as i'm sure you are.
5:43 pm
>> i came here because i'd like to make a difference. i grew up in san francisco and i love the city. i'm really disheartened by the direction that it's going. >> so i'd like to ask you what you have learned today. >> we have met with how many people, five folks now? and it's all very diverse in terms of families it's about the tenderloin, technology jobs, it's about cultural district in south of market. so it's awesome. it's all over the place. it's san francisco. >> you're supposed to conduct food safety inspections every six months. and they are not doing so. >> what's happening is that long term residents are being displaced because of economic inequality. >> the impact you can have on people's daily lives is incredible. and that's what's such an awesome responsibility about this job and why i enjoy it so much because that's what public service is all about. >> i think meeting with the mayor is great and i think more politicians should do that because i really feel most politicians are out of touch with the general population. >> can i have another high five on the way? thank you for coming. really nice to have met you. >> thank you. >> thank you, jeff. really nice to have met you.
5:44 pm
thank you, you, too. those open door chats take place on the first and third fridays of every month between 8:30 and noon. and once again, they are by appointment only. a stormy day across the bay area. still tracking dark clouds and showers and even some low snow levels here in the bay area. what that means for your saturday forecast coming up.
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who knew a coin flip could mean so much? they tied with the same records last season so today they flipped a coin to see who picks united and tenth in the draft. that's hall of famer woodson flipping the coin and the 49ers now have the ninth overall pick next month. now to spring training where the giants just wrapped up their first week of cactus league play. and a lot of talk about their two big off season acquisitions. let's go now to sports director mark ibanez who has left the ballpark and now joins us live from old town scottsdale. hey, mark. how's it going? >> well, julie, it's going great here. you know, i'm going to tell you all about evan longoria in just a minute one of the newcomers. but i have to take the viewers behind the scenes. the producer said, i want cactus. i want something that really looks like arizona!
5:48 pm
>> you got it. >> you're out in the desert. all right? let me show you where we actually are. we're in a freaking parking lot! but it looks -- >> with cactus! >> that's tv, right? >> i love the behind the scenes -- really in the know now. yeah. >> that's right. that's what really goes on behind the scenes. okay? but back to baseball. i want to roll some videotape. we talked about evan longoria getting in touch with his teammates. but he also took a little time which is always nice to see ballplayers do after batting practice today. he made his way over to the stands and signed autographs for a while getting acquainted with giants fans and he for one has already gone on record as saying how great it's going to be to play in front of huge crowds at at&t when he is used to playing inside that mausoleum in tampa bay. it's good stuff and overall, this is the guy that brings so
5:49 pm
much to the giants' gold glove defense at third. he can hit. he hasn't taken a spring training at bat yet in a game. he says that will happen wednesday. but so far, he is very happy with the camaraderie and the way this team is coming together already in the early stages really of spring training. >> it's been nice. obviously buster and baum and craw and panik, those are the leaders who everybody looks to and i will too in terms of learning the league and just how to go about your business being a giant. and so it's been great. >> on paper it's good. we still have to put in the work and play the game but yeah, having him, you know, anchoring our third base is, you know, going to be great. it's, you know, a true professional offensively, defensively, he will help us out big time so having him is going to be fun playing with him. >> i think there's going to be things i have to learn and some of that stuff is already
5:50 pm
happening in spring training with, you know, the different plays that the national league and the line-ups present. but ultimately i keep saying it's still baseball and it's the same game that i have been playing for the last 10 years. so i'm pretty sure i'll be able to handle it. >> i'm sure he can handle it. more cactus for you. >> you did what you were assigned to do find cactus. >> you and julie can fight over this when i bring it back. all right? i have a nice little cardboard box. but it's great. the mood is good down here. and reporting live from scottsdale, the desert parking lot, i'm mark ibanez. lots of souvenirs around here, too. >> can't see what you're going to think up tomorrow. >> enjoy your time down there. talk to you later. >> bye, mark. one ski resort opened
5:51 pm
today for the first time this season. dodge ridge in tuolumne county sat idle because of no snow but today they took to the lifts and many said it was worth the wait. >> we're excited. it's the first time we got out here, finally got some fresh pow and living it up. >> really tried it and very happy to be here. really excited and very happy to be here took the day off work to come here. >> dodge ridge says during the dry february they took advantage of the lack of snow to work on some projects at the resort. let's bring in our meteorologist mark tamayo. bill is off tonight. so what are we looking at? >> those resorts are very happy they don't have snowmaking because they really need the real snow to move in. that's been happening over the past couple of days. we are looking at some more showers though tonight into saturday so unsettled tomorrow, as well. take a look at the numbers. i should stress they was updated this morning so they
5:52 pm
have probably gone up quite a bit. so easily three feet of snow and expecting upwards of five feet. looks like that will verify nicely that winter storm warning until 10 a.m. on saturday with white-out conditions in the mountains. a lot of coverage today. today's a day when we had sunshine and clouds and showers and snow showers, as well. take a look at the maps right now. some white showing up. so it is cold enough that we have been talking about some very slow snow levels here in the bay area. southern portions of the north bay as you can pick out the possibility here those shades of white showing up there with some snow. and as you can see the tail end of this part of the cell moving into richmond out toward berkeley, out towards emeryville as well so we still have wet roads for your friday afternoon and evening commute. there's the coverage from hayward. we were tracking this one cell now scooting to the east of antioch but still producing some heavier downpours from this portion of the bay area.
5:53 pm
and look at down towards san jose, we have some rainfall approaching a cell around sunnyvale approaching santa clara so there we get with the wet roads and heavier downpours, in fact moderate to heavy over the next few hours. here's the current temperatures. you can see some breaks in the cloud cover here but keep the umbrella nearby if you are heading out this evening. for tomorrow morning, scattered showers, cold and keep an eye on black ice because we have some temperatures near freezing and a lot of moisture of course from all these showers. so saturday's showers off and on throughout the day. possibility of a thunderstorm. looks like a dry weather pattern for sunday and monday. here's the forecast model for this evening 9:00 and into tomorrow morning scattered showers moving across the bay area, 1:00. and then by might be able to
5:54 pm
scale back on the chance later in the day on saturday. temperatures for tomorrow, in the 50s only low to mid-50s so chilly out there and then we'll have partly cloudy skies for monday and tuesday. we'll thicken up cloud cover by wednesday. we need the rain after february not delivering. so it's been a nice productive period for us. >> thank you. he still to come here, saying good-bye to america's pastor. friends, family and the president all gathered to honor the late billy graham. how the memorial service honored his simple beginnings. >> still to come, oakland's mayor is standing by her decision to warn people about an i.c.e. operation last weekend. coming up at 6:00, her response to people who say her warning was illegal. >> also at 6:00, new training could be coming for those who want to get a concealed carry permit. the new bill that lawmakers are proposing.
5:55 pm
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about 2,000 people poured into a massive white tent today for a final farewell to billy graham. he was an iconic evangelist who preached to millions around the globe. lauren blanchard is at the billy graham library with more on how he is being remembered. reporter: billy graham laid to rest friday in the
5:58 pm
billy graham friday in north carolina. >> he was reminded when i heard that my brother died of the song that the choirs used to sing, heaven came down and filled my soul with glory. >> reporter: president trump and the first lady and vice president mike pence and mrs. pence joining more than 2,000 people under a tent honoring the legacy of graham's canvas cathedral starting his ministry in los angeles in 1949 and preaching for more than 60 years around the world. the message focused on faith, family and teaching. >> he was faithful. he was available. and he was teachable. i want each one of to remember that. faithful, available and teachable. may we all be that way. >> reporter: graham buried in the prayer garden of the library beside his wife, ruth. his grave marker will read, billy graham, preacher of the gospel of the lord jesus
5:59 pm
christ. >> i can only imagine what it was like for my father to step into heaven and there was the lord jesus christ to say, well done, good and faithful servant. not because it was billy graham. it's just another child of god had come home. another child of god. >> reporter: many called the service graham's last crusade. the library will be closed until wednesday in honor of his passing. at the billy graham library in charlotte, lauren blanchard, fox news. another day of wild weather in the bay area, rain, hail, even another dusting of snow. >> it's snow in the bay area. it's just as simple as that. it's fun to see snow in the local mountains. >> the bay area saw all kinds of weather today. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. some people were rushing to get out of the rain while
6:00 pm
others headed to mount hamilton for an unexpected snow day. right now, let's take a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. we saw clouds for much of the afternoon and at times the rain was really coming down and it's not over yet. in the north bay hail fell on cars and sidewalks this afternoon. ken wayne shot this video in petaluma today. >> and an unusual sight in the south bay where snow fell on mount hamilton. crews tell us a couple of inches of snow fell there altogether. they even had to bring out a plow to clear the roads. ktvu's jesse gary just came down from the top of mount hamilton about an hour ago and jesse is in the foothills of east san jose. >> reporter: good evening. we have come down about 3,000 feet. at this elevation it's been rain. just went past hour or so, we have had some heavy rain falling. as we pan to the left you can see the system that's making its way over the santa clara valley. but when you go up higher elevations, that's when you get the snow and


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