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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 4, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. in trouble with the law again. a police search now underway for the suspended oakland raiders player. san francisco police say smith fled the scene of a domestic violence incident before officers arrived. good evening.>> that incident happened just last night inside of the apartment building in the 600 block of bush street.
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we have no information on this developing story after talking with a witness.>> reporter: good evening. we are at the raiders facility here in alameda. the raiders have not released a statement on aldon smith, but the san francisco police department special victims unit would like to talk to smith who has not been seen since this incident took place saturday night. some are wondering if this latest brush with the law is enough to end of the 28-year- old nfl career. already suspended by the nfl, aldon smith is now wanted for questioning by the san francisco police.>> there is a police car sitting here. there was an ambulance over there. >> reporter: managing a building across the street, terry recalls the police activity saturday night in front of this building on san francisco's bush street. were san francisco police responded to a domestic violence incident involving aldon smith. graham says she saw the woman
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believed it to be his fiancie escorted from the building.>> a few minutes later they came out with some girl and put her into the police car.>> reporter: according to police reports, smith, a 260 pound linebacker fled the scene before they arrived. graham believes using the fire escape. he would've had to jump down, because the fire escape was not down. they have to be rolled up from the top part. it was not hanging down last night.>> reporter: it has not been confirmed how smith left the scene, but police now want him for current -- questioning. he was always a smart guy. i think he has some demons that are coming out. they haven't left him alone. >> reporter: a sports writer says his problems with the law started with the 49ers. in december 2013 he was arrested under suspicion of dui after a single vehicle car accident in san jose. he entered rehab.
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in 2014 he was suspended by the league for violating the nfl's substance abuse policy. following his third dui arrest in 2015, he was released by the 49ers. he was picked up by the raiders under a year contract and played nine games before he was suspended again. for the hit and run in august 2015. he was waiting to be reinstated. >> he was ready to come back at some point, the nfl said no. there was suspicion that he had failed a drug or alcohol test. >> reporter: sitting on the sidelines, lynch says he is unlikely he will ever see the field again.>> with the situation you wonder if you'll ever play again. he also has a pretty long rap sheet now full -- now. the nfl is the last thing on his mind. >> reporter: late tonight,
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smith did respond on instagram posting a picture of the ground and the caption, you are all wrong. the woman involved in that incident suffered non-life- threatening injuries, san francisco investigators would still like to speak with witnesses. ktvu fox 2 news. parents at a separate cisco elementary school say they are concerned with their children's safety after somebody made a threat to the school. the san francisco unified school district officials say an adult made threats to a school yesterday. the school is on burnet avenue near twin peaks. we do not have official word i what those threats were, but officials say the suspect threatened the school, principal, and secretary. the school was put on lockdown and the suspect was arrested later on tuesday. in a letter to the district, officials say the suspect was released on bail today.
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san francisco police have not confirmed that. they will have patrols at the school and district offices tomorrow. not to the states housing craig -- crisis. the have drafted a bill he hopes will finally put an end to our area's housing shortage. it moves some zoning requirements out of local governments and place it in the hands of the state. it is a proposal not sitting well with some people. we are live at the bart station, one of the areas that would be affected. >> reporter: the plan would give the state control over certain zoning issues like bus terminals. like this one in rockbridge, and they would have the authority to allow developers build a lot more homes in those areas. jobs are growing rapidly, the
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housing market continues to run up against a brick wall. now, with the housing shortage we have seen, prices are so astronomical that it is starting to affect middle-class people as well. an environmentalist at berkeley has been studying the impact. the senator hopes the bill will ease housing crisis by allowing the development. it is local zoning process -- policies that it prevented housing from being built.>> reporter: the new zoning laws would allow for new townhomes to be built. >> 35 is the fourth limit right now. this would boosted another couple of stories. >> reporter: currently, each bay area city has its own zoning requirements. leading a southern california councilman, to call the plan, a bizarre combination of master planning with capitalism. >> it is kind of ironic because
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the soviet style is what local governments are doing by using government to keep out any do develop it. word of the proposal has already been spreading at these bart station which was in heavy use on sunday evening.>> being able to build a story apartments and things like that, which is not really in keeping with the character. it would destroy the downtown. for that reason, i don't know if it would go here. >> i like the open spaces. that may be selfish. there has to be a balance.>> reporter: they say that building around major transit, would mean the people moving into the new developments would not be driving, taking vehicles off the roads and easing congestion. >> the solution is market rate housing and more affordable housing as well. we need to build as many homes for people as we can to address this crisis.
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>> reporter: it is important to note that local government is still able to exert control. if they think a developer wants to rip down a historic landmark, they can still deny that permit. what leaders are recommending, the -- that is not new. many states are doing the same thing. back to you. a man is in the hospital tonight after a shooting in san jose. it happened just after 2 am this morning on the rossa circle. police say when they arrived, they found one man had been shot, he was taken to the hospital and does have life- threatening injuries. police say they are still investigating and have not identified any suspects. president trump today defended his decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum. meanwhile the president comments praising china's plans to scrap term limits on the presidency there continue to draw some
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criticism. president trump told republican donors that he thinks it is great that china's president could hold office for life and said maybe the u.s. will do the same someday. it is not clear if the president was making those comments in just but they were reportedly met with laughter and applause. state congressman is not laughing. he took to twitter to blast the president. i have refrained from just being anti-trump, but whether this was a joke or not, talking about being president for life is the most un-american sentiment expressed by an american president. george washington would whirl over in his grave. there is new information tonight about robert mulder's russia investigation. the new york times reports investigators are expanding the probe. they are looking to see if a lebanese american donor tried to buy clinical favor with the administration. we report from washington. >> reporter: the new york times reporting robert mueller is now looking into ties with a
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lebanese american businessman, and the 2016 trump campaign. according to the times sources, investigators want to know if there was any attempts by members of the uae to buy political favor or influence with the trump campaign through campaign money. the businessman, george, was a frequent visitor to the trump white house in 2017. he advised trump eight on middle east policy ahead of his visit to saudi arabia last year and has been a sort of advisor to one of the leaders of the uae. the special counsel is interviewing witnesses about emma roddy influence. the president's son-in-law family business ties to the middle east.>> could not understand what the trump administration was so firmly taking the saudi's side in this dispute between the saudi's and the qatari's.>> reporter: the revelation would also suggest the russian probe is looking beyond election meddling. >> he would serve his own
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interest if he drags it out. to the point there was a prior special counsel. he was there for about three years or more. everybody can see that was a mistake. >> reporter: all of this comes after the mulder investigation last month indicted 13 russian nationals and three russian entities for their role in a alleged plot to interfere with the presidential election. mueller has secured a guilty plea from former trump advisor for lying to investigators and had indicted the former campaign chairman. in washington, fox 2. it is oscar night in hollywood. a look at the big winners for the 90th academy awards. >> the big night came with some controversy. the reason some hollywood a listers skipped talking with ryan seacrest. you're ready for another chilly morning. tonight warming trend is showing up in the five day
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(vo) our subaru outback lets us see the world. sometimes in ways we never imagined. (avo) get 0% apr financing on all-new 2018 subaru outback models. now through april 2nd. ♪ when seeds we sow ♪ give free their fruit ♪ to hands below ♪ as thank you for ♪ the chance to grow pick your free yogurt at the famous love story was named best picture in tonight's the 90th annual academy awards. the film by emo the torah was considered a heavy favorite. it took home for actors --
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oscars including best picture. he referenced being a immigrant in his acceptance speech seeing the film industry erases the line in the sand. award for best actor went to gary oldman. francis took home best actress for three billboards. hollywood's biggest night for fashion took center stage but this year's awards refocused the spotlight on several social movements. we have more from hollywood.>> reporter: oscar sunday brought tinseltown's best and brightest to the red carpet, dressed to the nines creating tomorrow's fashion trends. took back the oscars is the biggest and most important platform when it comes to fashion. when it comes to gowns, tuxedos, jewelry, every single designer once a star wearing their items and their babies on
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the red carpet.>> it is great. it is the big one. >> it is the ultimate cinderella. >> reporter: also on display, visual reminders of hot button issues that continue to dominate the industry. >> it is a honor to wear it.>> tonight we are here to celebrate that the struggle is the beginning of the end for the struggle of women. >> it is a important movement and one that has been an honor to participate in. >> reporter: while award shows mainly focus on celebration, many stars feel they are also a powerful platform to advocate for a cause. >> we are storytellers and we have a voice. we have opinions. we have the ability to reach millions of people all over the world. took back -->> and only in hollywood, but i am really hoping it gets out into areas where people are being oppressed
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by people who aren't famous to be taken down.>> it is a huge culture shift as far as i am concerned. it is when i couldn't believe, that we weren't having this conversation 25 years ago. >> reporter: passion was still front and center as the parade of designer gowns, diamonds, and texas, lit up the red carpet on hollywood's biggest night.>> we saw lots of diamonds, lots of color, beautiful gowns. gold and black. nicole kidman was wearing blue. she looked like a statue. the guys all chose different shades of velvet. also they had the pins. >> in hollywood, adam housley, fox 2. >> ryan seacrest escaped awkward encounters about the sexual misconduct allegations that recently surfaced against him. there were some noticeable
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differences in seacrest this line from the red carpet broadcast. many other a listers did not. seacrest interviewed more men than women. last week a former stylist released more details about last years of sexual abuse complaint filed against seacrest. he grabbed her and made inappropriate comments on several occasions. seacrest has denied those allegations. another snowboarder has died following the severe winter storm, lake smith died while he was snowboarding at the china peak out and resort in fresno county. resort officials say smith fell headfirst into a five foot embankment of fresh snow on friday. he was unable to free himself and suffocated. the resort had reopened hours earlier after it was closed for weeks due to a lack of snow. it comes two days after crews
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located the body of a missing snowboarder at squaw valley. about four inches of snow fell at the resort in 24 hours. snowboarders came out in droves today to take advantage of the conditions there. skiers said it was some of the best snow they have seen in a long time. the highways leading to and from the resorts were especially crowded. is get the update on your forecast with our meteorologist mark.>> reporter: last week we were trying to describe how potent the storms would be, and they really delivered. look at all of these numbers. over the past seven days, kentfield picking up four inches of rain, nearly 5 inches. the hills of the county over four inches. some more impressive amounts for napa. one .77, even san francisco got a inch and a half. san jose got over a inch as well. you heard about the sierra totals, those numbers really going up. the seven-day numbers as well. raging from 68 inches, 99
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inches at the summit. a big boost in the snow pack over the past seven days. the satellite is showing you this, high clouds moving into southern california. the storm clouds are moving out of the bay area. we have a dry weather pattern. no rain threat in your monday forecast. just a cold start for your day. taking a look at the numbers right now, we have 30s in santa rosa and napa. san jose is at 46 degrees. a light camera looking out toward the bay bridge. we are in the clear. it is kind of neat. the system is going to clear out the air. we have excellent visibility. get ready for a cool start tomorrow morning, possibly some frost out there. the inland areas will be in the low to mid 40s. we will be bundling up tomorrow morning. center rosie 30, san francisco 44, livermore 33 degrees.
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we have a chance of a few more showers on the five day forecast and we will have more on that in just a few minutes. the warriors took some children to see the black panther movie today as a way to show greatness in the african- american community. moviegoers went to the grant theater this afternoon as part of a afterschool program that helps low income and disadvantaged children. he wanted the kids to see the smash hit from oakland native ryan cooper as a way to inspire and enlighten them.>> it felt right, it is a all-black movie, all-black director, i feel like that is empowering. it is touching for kids in the inner city to see. people of our color doing great things.>> if you haven't seen it, the title character opens a technology center in oakland. he wants to see young people in color to see they can do great things. in addition from the warriors, the oakland-based health sent -- sent people to the film for
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free is -- as well. there is a push the area to been gun shows in the beer area. -- bay area. wasn't enough to beat the blue jackets? we will have the details later in sports. it was a day of racial violence known as bloody sunday. coming up, we have a look back at the bridge crossing 63 years later.
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we need to be ready for my name's scott strenfel and r i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at
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together, we're building a better california. the florida senate ejected a proposal to ban assault weapons and voted for a pitcher to arm some teachers. the senate debated dozens of them them is to the bill before finally approving the legislation for a final vote
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tomorrow. the senators move the bill along just weeks after the parkland school shootings that claimed the lives of 17 people. the bill raises the minimum wage -- rate -- age to purchase assault rifles to 21. the florida school shooting had brought together gun control activists, now more than ever. a gun policy reform group called every town for gun safety, says membership has jumped 25% since the shooting in mid-february. when gun violence prevention group has opened 60 new chapters since the florida shootings. 20 corporations has changed gun sales policies in past weeks. student groups lobbying for gun safety have been largely involved in the activism. nationwide they have organized hundreds of events and recruited thousands of new members. one santa clara county lawmakers is working to ban gun shows in the county any effort to reduce gun violence. supervisor ken yeager said he has heard from me number of people that are alarmed by the
10:25 pm
number of local gun shows. nationwide there is more than 4000 gun shows each year. we are told though shows account for less than 10% of annual firearm sales in the u.s. yeager will present his proposal during his revises meeting coming up on tuesday. san francisco-based ridesharing service is taking a political stand in the gun control debate. they say they will offer free rides to people attending gun control rallies. organizers by the survivors of the 40 shooting. an event set for march 24 called march for our lives is scheduled to take place in cities all across the country. they announced the offer any open letter. saying the company was inspired by their leadership. hundreds of people including civil rights activists and members of congress to for any annual event remembering a day of racial violence that took place back in 1965 in
10:26 pm
alabama. it is to recall, bloody sunday. voting rights protesters were attacked by police. they attempted to cross a bridge from soma to montgomery. we report. >> reporter: 53 years ago, 1965, 600 people cross the bridge to march to montgomery. it was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration for the voting rights of african-americans. alabama's governor george ordered date troopers to use whatever means necessary to stop at the march. armed with clubs and gas masks, some even on horseback, charged and attacked the protesters on the bridge. the nation watched on tv as bloody men, women, and children gasp for air. in a day that would become known as bloody sunday. joanne was 11 years old when she participated in the march.>> i thought the teargas cannons were gunshots. i thought they were killing the people down front. that was the first thing we heard.
10:27 pm
>> reporter: outraged by the images, protesters from around the country came to selma and two days later martin luther king junior let a second march but he too was turned around by police after holding a prayer session. finally a third march was successful after a federal judge permitted the protest and president johnson federalized national guard troops ordering them to protect 25,000 protesters over the five-day 54 mile march from selma to the steps of the capital in montgomery.>> this is where people stood that were beaten. they never gave up. they never gave in. >> reporter: sunday, georgia representative john lewis led a bipartisan group of congressional members in the annual celebration of the soma marches which galvanized president johnson to push congress to pass the voting rights act of 1965. the act outlawed this crematory practices like literacy tests
10:28 pm
and that keeping african- americans from voting. ensuring all americans are guaranteed their 15th amendment right to vote. in new york, fox news. rising tensions between the u.s. and north korea. coming up next, details of the reported military drills prompting more hostility. soon you will not be able to buy nest products on amazon. the reason behind the move coming up. closed captioning brought to you by sleep world. save up to $1000 during the mattress sale. visit the website.
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reports of military drills between the u.s. and south korea appear to be adding to tensions of north korea. president trump isn't addressing the latest issue directly, he is talking about the rogue nation and once again referring to the leader as a madman. we have the latest from washington. north korea is threatening to counter the u.s. at the u.s. health -- hold joint military exercises with south korea. those military exercises are set to take place in april. president trump didn't talk about the exercises during his speech at the gridiron dinner but he did talk about talking with north korea. he told of the room the north korea recently reached out and wanted to talk. he said i won't rule out direct talks with the leader. he went on to say, they by the way called up a couple of days
10:32 pm
ago and said we would like to talk. i said so would we but you have to denuclearize, you have to. according to a spokesperson with the north korean foreign ministry, they say they are open to talks with the u.s. and will neither beg for dialogue or bow to the military option claimed by the u.s. president trump and the prime minister are set to meet monday afternoon. at the white house, allison barber, fox news. president trump is stanley -- standing firmly behind his proposal to levy tariffs on steel and aluminum. the administration is making it clear that no it country will be exempt. the u.s. will levy 25% tariff on all four -- for and steal coming in to the country. this is to even the trading
10:33 pm
playing field they say. >> as soon as he starts exempting country, he needs to start raising tariffs on everybody else. >> reporter: republicans have been critical of the president's term strategy saying they will lead it to increase costs at home and won't get to the heart of the matter. british prime minister teresa has also voiced deep concern about the in parenting -- and pending terrace. multilateral action between nations is the only way to resolve the problem of global overcapacity. you will soon not be able to buy nest products on amazon. according to a business insider, amazon will not sell the smart thermostat what's of the current stock runs out. amazon refused to sell nest newest products, as a result of that, amazon will not be able to sell any of its products.
10:34 pm
the reason for this decision is unclear. many experts say it may be due to the ongoing feud between amazon and google. google acquired nest just last month. google is reportedly close to finalize a deal to expand its offices in new york city. the $2.4 billion deal will add to his already substantial new york campus. the google expansion comes as other tech companies including amazon, facebook, and spotify, are also growing in manhattan. google has not commented. the price to look perfect for the high school prom make cost teenagers and their parents a pretty penny. the san francisco chapter of the princess project opens its doors and we report the group provides three prime jesses to any teenager that needs one. >> reporter: a few months before prom, high school girls begin the hunt for the perfect dress. >> i have tried on 1 million.
10:35 pm
>> reporter: twins natalie and nicole are going to the same from but their style is very different.>> i am more formfitting, she is more classic. >> reporter: two teenage daughters going to the same from could be very expensive for one family. luckily, older sister scarlett discovered this princess project use before the twins.>> we have to be a little thrifty. they are used to having my dresses. having the opportunity of having more of a selection is nice.>> reporter: all of them are organized by size, they were organized by color as well. the princess project displays thousands of dresses in different styles and sizes all donated.>> this is totally free. all you have to do is make a appointment online and bring a high school id and you will definitely get a dress. >> reporter: 400 teenage girls are expected on day one to pick out one dress and one accessory
10:36 pm
item. >> they have about 15 minutes to shop and then the have 13 minutes to try on and 15 minutes to pick the one favorite accessory. about 45 minutes to an hour. >> reporter: the princess project also teamed up with cosmetics to help the girls get ready. to make things have changed. these women are trying to look like women they have seen in magazines were on the internet.>> reporter: the princess project may hopes to make that possible. it goes on until march 24 and any beautiful dress that is not picked up will be held over for next year's prom. in san francisco, ktvu fox 2 news. such a good thing. coming up, keeping travelers say. the partnership between the tsa and amtrak aimed at creating technology that protects -- detects explosive devices. yesterday we are tracking showers and hail. this week is a bit of a warming
10:37 pm
trend. at least a few neighborhoods could approach 70 degrees. we are still talking about the chance of a few showers.
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(door bell rings) (cell phone vibrating) ♪ hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. hello, i got your package. you can just leave it, thanks. (cell phone vibrating) hello, can i help you? hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. ♪ rare footage of the aftermath of the 1906 earthquake in san francisco has been unearthed at the flea
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market. the nine minute real shows of the city's ruins two weeks after the earthquake that killed thousands of people. the footage was produced by a studio run by the bell's brothers is known for a trip down market street. the public will soon be able to view the footage, april 14 at the silent film museum in fremont. the oakland school district will receive a state grant to support new students. oakland will get a total of one $.8 million for the next two school years. district officials say the money will pay for bilingual counselors, career training, and streamlining the processing of transfers for students. the district will also work with mentoring programs and community groups to help new students feel safe. the superintendent says all of that will make it easier for students to focus on their academic work. the tsa is partnering with amtrak to test new security technology aimed at helping officials the tact whether an individual is carrying or
10:41 pm
wearing a bomb. rick reports the testing was done at the busiest train station in the country.>> reporter: penn station is the nation's busiest commuter rail hub. 64,000 travelers passing through everyday. several agencies patrol the station. screening every person would be impractical and incredibly expensive. even as concerned about suicide bombers remain high. now amtrak and the tsa are testing new passive devices, standoff ex post of detection units will stop set up at natural chokepoints like escalators and stairs. the review metallic or nonmetallic objects blocking a person's body heat. the images do not show anatomical details. with a officer watching the screen ready to pull somebody aside for closer inspection. >> nobody has to take anything out of their bags or take off a
10:42 pm
belt, they just walk by and they don't have to stop. the devices are portable, they may not have enough to put on every single entrance or exit, they can move them whenever they want. the machines are being tested at the la metro station last december. on the very day age would be suicide bomber detonated a homemade pipe bomb. injuring himself and several others. the tsa says these screeners could have spotted that device but they are still not ready for mass distribution. after more than 10 years of development.>> why is this taking so long?>> that is something the developers are continuing to work on. it was easy to build, we would already have them.>> reporter: new york senator has been pushing for testing here. saying these machines need to be deployed as quickly as possible. took mac the idea that we have this technology is good, the idea that is taking so long to develop it is bad.
10:43 pm
i can guarantee that you see that congress will give them all of the dollars they need to do this. >> reporter: the tsa says the equipment could be up and running full-time at the end of this year. in new york, fox news. coming up, a historic search in san francisco, now a official landmark. details on the latest addition to the city's historic register. get ready for more warm weather. we will be here with the springlike temperatures expected this week and also the next chance of rain. let our first responders come out and handle it. police and fire will respond as well as pg&e. pg&e will make the scene safe. ♪ ♪ they're super... ...but they can fly.
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one of san francisco's historic search -- churches is being recognized as a san francisco landmark. the third baptist church near alamo square and has been added to the historic register. the church's pastor says the church has been a house of worship and a center for the fight of civil rights and human dignity.>> it is significant that they could not ignore the stellar story of this significant congregation. >> reporter: the church building was built in 1952, the congregation has been gathering since 1852. organizers say the church has always worked to dedicate itself to administrating to those in need and says that the
10:47 pm
historic register will ensure generations to come it will record nice all that the church has accomplished. spring training is in full swing in arizona and already some rookies are making headlines. scott is in scottsdale where he spoke with two giants prospects about their big league aspirations. >> reporter: it is no longer a pirates life for andrew or tony, both long time bucks, or about to find their hearts in san francisco. as long as it seemed to take for the giants to work out a deal this off-season, it didn't take andrew long to figure out his new clubhouse. tech neck i have been around enough that too many things aren't going to surprise me. it is laid-back, but the reason it is, is because he has a lot of faith in us. he knows that we know what to do. >> reporter: the 10 year veteran and five-time all-star has never played in a world series. he fully expects to buck the trend.>> there has been some
10:48 pm
guys that a been a part of championships here. that is great because you are able to be with those guys and play with them. they know what it takes to be able to get there.>> reporter: watsons addition is a bit more abrupt. the left-hander signed on days after spring training began.>> i put my stuff in a suitcase and got out as fast as i could.>> reporter: like his former and current teammate, the san francisco manager and pedigree were obvious selling point.>> i enjoy watching from the other side how they run the team. it is a winning organization. that is what i want to do. >> reporter: he is expected to be a big-time run producer for the giants. watson is slated to set up for a another former pirates. both players should make this team a whole lot better in 2018. in scottsdale, scott reese, ktvu fox 2 sports. looking at tonight warm
10:49 pm
temperatures in arizona for spring training, the bay area finally warning up a little bit as well. a cold pattern with showers and low snow levels, the heavy rainfall over the past few days, the storm clouds are clearing out now. you can see a few clouds out here in the pacific but it looks like we will have mostly sunny forecast for tomorrow. once again on tuesday as well. member over the past few days, on the radar we have also -- all sorts of greed. things are clearing out for tonight but temperatures are definitely cooling off. you can see some 30s for santa rosa. nava, for cisco checking in at 47 degrees, fremont 46, san jose 46. definitely grab the sweater or coat. another coldstart for the day. here is a live camera look at san francisco. we are in the clear. we have noticed that system really clearing things up as part is the air.
10:50 pm
great visibility across the very area today. also as we head into sunday night. one thing that could impact the visibility would be some fog. we have fog this morning in santa rosa. a lot of moisture on the ground, once the pitcher cools off, that is when we could have some patchy dense fog so be careful tomorrow morning especially in the north bay. you could have relatively clear skies and then all of a sudden you uncover the fog bank. here is the plan tomorrow in san francisco, 7:00, partly cloudy skies and 44 degrees in the afternoon hours. we will have more sunshine and temperatures and most areas are a little bit warmer than today. we should see some more 60s on the maps for tomorrow. we have been watching this cold weather system, this was blanketing us that it is now kicking off to the east. the storm track is up to the north and you will notice a bit of a warming trend for monday and tuesday. lots of 60s out there which is some minor cooling later in the week. cooling in response to this front that is developing offshore.
10:51 pm
more clouds on wednesday and we do have a chance of more scattered showers wednesday afternoon. especially by wednesday night. be watching out for that by midweek. in fact, here is the forecast model where we are in the clear for tomorrow. on tuesday a few high clouds especially by tuesday morning and more clouds on wednesday, it starts out dry and then later in the day he will thicken up and here is a chance of something -- some rain showers. forecast times for tomorrow, lots of 60s out there. we will have santa rosa 61, concorde 62, san francisco lower 60s, more 60s with san jose and gilroy. there is a look at the five day forecast. a little bit of a warming trend. we do bring in rain clouds, but by wednesday we could be tracking some rain showers here. maybe a few leftover sprinkles on thursday. a slight chance by friday and maybe day seven a chance of
10:52 pm
some showers. it is amazing. yesterday we were shivering. low snow levels in the bay area, by tuesday if you spots could be inching closer to 70 degrees. it is called a roller coaster. what you think about this? a new restaurant dedicated to the love of french fries. get fried, the fry cafi is set to open. can will be there. the restaurant only sells french fries but you have the option to get it was several different styles and a lot of toppings. it will be the restaurants first california location. they do have others in texas and new york. coming up, a woman and her dog rescued after falling off a cliff. we will have an update on their conditions. we are your string -- spring training session -- station. we have more from that coming up. we use our phones and computers the same way these days.
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so, why do we pay to have a phone connected, when we're already paying for internet. shouldn't it all just be one thing? that's why xfinity mobile comes with your internet. you can get up to 5 lines of talk and text included at no extra cost. so, all you pay for is data. choose by the gig or unlimited plus for a limited time get a $250 prepaid card when you buy any new samsung. xfinity mobile. it's a new kind of network designed to save you money. click, call, or visit an xfinity store today. joe with the latest from arizona and spring training. when the dodgers are in town it is was something a little bit special, not quite that bad in the ballpark today that you would see in the regular-season when the giants play the dodgers. this young man turned out in his best darts for the game. got a nice play behind him from
10:56 pm
rocky stephen. he hustles into the gap and he has a base hit away. the dodgers weren't kind to a former teammate. the opposite field drive with a runner on. that is a two run shot and a three nothing dodgers lead. it was a bright spot for the giants at the plate as well. he gets a hold of a pigeon puts it into the seats. the dodgers are victorious 9-3. trying to break through on a veteran of -- team a veteran outfielders. we have a strategy. >> a lot of guys in this clubhouse have been in the league for a long time. for me as a young guy, trying to find his way, i think just being able to talk to these guys and get a idea how they do things is beneficial for me. >> they hit five home runs. josh, franklin, and mark among
10:57 pm
them. in a 12-4 route of the padres. the jungle and the nhl's western conference continues to make every game these days crucial for the sharks. san jose hosting the blue jackets in columbus. the team that already gives them trouble. here comes a big shot by ian cole. just redirected by penner and. make it 3-0. that was all for martin shows that was pulled from the net in favor of aaron. they got within one. can gets his first goal as a member of the sharks. columbus in danger of giving up the big lead. here is how close they came to a tie. burns shot will be the redirected but the blue jackets goalie, takes the puck in the gut for the safe. added a empty netter for a 4-2 victory.
10:58 pm
just the two points of falling out of the top eight. the stanford women knew they were heading to the ncaa tournament. winning the pack 12 tournament tonight would go a long way toward a higher seating. what the cardinals didn't have the answer for was sabrina. the cardinal hung around for a while when britney drove to the hoop. stanford had a four-point lead. the stanford scorches seven points in the second quarter. she was on the way to a career- high 36 points. check out this sequence, about to go out of bounds, passes it to save the turnover, she then heads to the corner and knocks down a three. oregon is victorious by 20. both teams will now await selection day. bradford alum frank in the house for the big championship game. it is a tie game with liberty, radford inbounds, freshman
10:59 pm
jones runs down the clock. ball game. the highlanders are victorious 55-52. they are now ncaa tournament bound for the first time in 20 -- nine years. the golf tournament in mexico city. this is jefferson finishing off his round. the ball rolls for an eagle. it put the heat on mickelson. who was play behind. mickelson finished strong. here is 16, on the way to the 66. he had to the playoffs. both 16 under par for the tournament. mickelson a routine par on his first hole, and thomas needed that pot to keep it going. thomas was a winner in the playoff last week but this one goes to mickelson. this ends the five year drought for mickelson. he will turn 48 in june.
11:00 pm
that is sports for now. jason will see you in half an hour in sports representative. next on 11.>> he was always a smart guy believe it or not. i just think he has some demons. they haven't left him alone. >> another run-in with the law, san francisco police are still trying to track down oakland raider aldon smith. following a domestic violence incident in the city. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. the suspended linebacker is wanted for questioning after officers were called to a apartment building near union square. hello again everyone.>> authority say when police arrived last night in the building and the 600 block of bush street, smith wasn't there. we are live in alameda with smith's response on instagram. >> reporter: that is right. good evening. the raiders have not released a response but aldon smith did respond on


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