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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  March 8, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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death by police. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. and good morning. we want to a show you a nice picture of the bay, the bay bridge. locks like traffic is moving along pretty smoothly there. >> yeah. >> crowded a long string of lights but moving along and fairly clear. i had a little bit of rain. >> so did i. i used wipers all the way in. >> i did too. intermittent. >> yeah. >> all right. that's about the day that it is thanks for joining us thursday morning march 8th i am pam cook. >> steve paulson did too he knows everything. >> by the time i got here it let up. >> it's out of the area by now? >> that's correct. >> okay. >> thank you. most of it is out of the area. there's a little around santa cruz mountains but we will show you in a second. some areas got really good rain. others hardly any. martinez 53 and nothing in the bucket but i like the tie. thank you.
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this old tie? this old tie? gees. it does once in a while you will get one that pops but thank you, sir. mount tam 3/4. wood acre half inch of rain. that's pretty good from a system that didn't do much for others. but mill valley -- mil valley a quarter of an inch. and fran mountain view .06 to.14. it's about done. there's not a lot left. 40s and 50s on the temps held up by cloud cover. and 49 morgan hill st. martin and gilroy. and 55 campbell. but there's the rain that went through. i don't think there's much left. a little bit around monterey highway south san jose. east breeze east southeast or a south breeze so that's in place. it's really rain and there's a little bit of rain. snow levels high in the mountains. one system lifted north but there's moisture that's on the way. not so much today but out of the west southwest lifted the moisture screaming underneath
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hawaiian island and take the turn heading towards central and southern california. 60s to 70 on the temps. very mild. 5:02 and sal is looking at something. >> just my computer. >> okay. >> was it traffic related or doing something else? >> no. i am ordering all kinds of things on amazon. >> i understand that. why not. i am looking at the if you must know, i am looking at chp's computer. it's called the cab. you don't need to know that. aid list of items and we don't have a lot going on right now. this is a look at westbound 580. you can see traffic is a little bit slow on the commute over the altamont pass. no major problems but it's getting more crowded. stop and go traffic. if you want to pinpoint the speed here on 205 just before 580, it's down to about 20 miles an hour. sheas not very good at all -- that's not very good at all. livermore to pleasanton it's better and driving to the him in its freeway it looks -- nem
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ids freeway -- nimitz freeway it looks good. it won't last through the morning commute and that's good news. should be mostly dry after the things dry off. and when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza it's a backup in the outside lanes. it's 5:03. now back to the desk. >> thank you. a little later oakland mayor libby schaaf will be with us in studio to discuss the ongoing dispute with the trump administration regarding the sanctuary policy in california and specifically in oakland. >> mayor schaaf and jeff sessions are firing tough words at each other. ktvu allie rasmus is in the newsroom. tell us more about the fiery legal battle he over immigration. >> reporter: it continues with the suit against the state of california that u.s. attorney general jeff sessions, he argues that california is violating federal law with its sanctuary state immigration policies. and rehe peated that -- repeated that argument in a interview on fox news last
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night. sanctuary laws limb the amount of corporation local police, jails and businesses can have with federal immigration authorities when it comes to sharing information about a person's legal status. >> federal law determines immigration policy, state of california is not entitled to block that activity. somebody needs to stand up and say no. you've gone too far. and you cannot do this. this is not reasonable. it's radical, really. >> reporter: sessions' appearance on fox news follows a speech he gave in sacramento. he criticized lieutenant governor newsom and said the state's policies were on instructing law enforce meant. sessions called out oakland mayor schaaf forewarning the public about a ice operation saying to her, how dare you. she responded to attorney general sessions' claims about her warnings about a impending ice operation helped criminals escape. >> how dare you distort the
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reality about declining violent crime in a diverse sanctuary city like oakland california to advance your racist agenda. now as you mend dave and pam later this morning at 7:30 oakland mayor libby scha-af will be in the ktvu studios to talk about the trump administration's lawsuit against california and how the attorney general criticized her personally. back to you guys. >> thank you. 5:05 is the time right now. sanctuary laws are not unique to california. they do afford different protections, though, in different areas. in addition to california, illinois and oregon also have sank weary state laws. oregon became the first sanctuary state in 1987. and according to the immigrant legal resource center, hundreds of local governments have sanctuary policies. our time is 5:05. the white house confirms next tuesday president trump will come here to california. his first visit since he took office.
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the official agenda of next week's trip has not been released yet. but the president is expected to visit san diego to see prototypes for the border wall and will go to a republican fund raiser in beverly hills. he is not expected to come here to the bay area. on, you can see more of the video from yesterday's events including remarks by attorney general jeff sessions and oakland mayor leby schaaf and governor injury brown. last night, about -- jerry brown. last night 100 people showed up in the mission district for vigil to remember the man shot to death by police tuesday night. friends identified the man as 19-year-old jesus delgado of san francisco. officers say delgado was in the trunk of a car that had been linked to an armed robbery minutes before. a man who recorded cell phone video of the shooting doesn't want to be identified but he says delgado fired his gun first. >> he discharged one shot.
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i could tell because i saw the flash from the muzzle. seconds later he fired a second one. that's when all hell broke loose. >> it is unbelievable. and the story they are saying doesn't match with the person he is. >> delgado's friends say he worked at a metro pcs store and stayed out of trouble. police the district attorney and other city officials are all continuing the separate investigations into the shooting. the time is 5:07. the family of a danville woman who was killed is offering a 10,000 dollar reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of her killer. it involves a death of 37-year- old emily courchesne detectives say she was shot to death while house sitting at a home. this is her photo. if you have information, call the police. uc president janet napolitano is offering a proposal to guarantee admission
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of transfer student from california junior college. >> i am calling on uc's academic senate to determine what it willtake to extend a guarantee of admission to all qualifying california community college transfer students. >> she made the announcement during a speech at the commonwealth club in san francisco yesterday. students would need to complete recommended courses and qualify academically with good grades. she says she wants the newguaranteed add mission by the fall of next -- admission by the fall of next year. tonight all 6 registered democrats running to be mayor of san francisco will be given a chance to talk about the important issues facing the city. the democratic party is hosting an event at the san francisco lgbt community center on market street at 8 tonight. candidates amy farrow weiss and jane kim and london breed. mark leto and mi she bravo agreed they will take part in
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the -- michelle bravo agreed to take part. bay area schools are dealing with an increased number of threats follow the school shooting in parkland florida. coming up, we will talk about the efforts to keep students safe without scaring them. >> reporter: the wentry weather creating havoc for travelers nationwide. i am lauren blanchard at new jersey newark liberty airport. i will have more coming up. >> and right here in the bay area, the commute is actually pretty good. we look at oakland about the only thing that might be a little affected is by the weather would be the commute into the silicone valley from the santa cruz mountains. we will talk about that coming up. >> well, a buddy of mine from caldwell new jersey sent me a picture yesterday with beer in hand and snow blower at about 17 inches of snow. but that system is now moving more into boston, new england and up to maine.
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with pg&e in the sierras. and i'm an arborist since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the white house is backtracking on president trump' planned tariffs on imported steel and aluminium saying there could be exemptions. >> there are potential carve outs for mexico and canada based on national security and possibly other countries as well based on that process. >> the president has said the tariffs of 25% on imported
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steel and 10% on aluminium are needed to preserve american jobs. the head of the european council disagrees with the president's statement that trade wars can be good and easy to win. >> the truth is quite the opposite. trade wars are bad and easy to lose. >> the european union has threatened to impose tariffs on american products in return. they have mentioned motorcycles, harley davidson is based in wisconsin, the home state of republican house speaker paul ryan and bourbon from kentucky home state of republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. the time is 5:13. will president trump today will meet with video game representatives at the white house. after the florida high school shootings, critics again pointed to violent video games as a big problem. nikolas cruz who has been charged in the shootings played 15 hours a day of violent video
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games. president trump said he is concerned about children being exposed to violence in video games. this is our question of the day for you. do you think there's a connection between violent video games and violent crime? yes or no? tell us what you think. vote on the ktvu twitter page. you can comment on the ktvu facebook page. we can see the first ever court hearing on science of climate change. a federal judge in san francisco has ordered parties in a landmark global warming lawsuit to appear in court on march 21st. lawyers for exxon, bp, chevron and other oil companies will face attorneys for san francisco and oakland. both cities have accused fossil fuel companies of covering up their role in contributing to global warming. the judge is calling for tutorial on the science behind global warning and many say it's a first they say it makes sense the judge is going to make a decision on the topic. pack your patience. that's the advice this morning
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if you have to travel as the big winter storm in the northeast is impacting travel across the country. >> it's a big impact. our reporter lauren blanchard is back and you are in newark new jersey. we are looking at the scene behind you. bring us up-to-date on how that storm is affected the east. >> reporter: yeah, good morning pam and dave. we are at newark liberty airport where the runways have reopened today. still, throughout the northeast, hundreds of flights have been canceled as this winter storm continues to impact travel. >> i came in here ready for my flight and i find out it's been canceled. >> reporter: the late winter storm causing a travel nightmare for thousands and it could be days before airlines will be able to get schedules back on track after massive storms days apart. >> i was supposed to take a flight to washington today and it got canceled so i came here really early this morning to book the ticket train ticket to washington. >> reporter: the winter
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weathercontinuing to pound some parts of the northeast while in its path, residents are left to dig out from as much as 2 feet of snow. eventually dry out from coastal flooding, and for hundreds of thousands wait out a massive power outage. >> we have heaters and think we will -- care teen heater and we will be okay and candles so maybe board games. >> reporter: not everyone is complaining about the snow. for some it's chance to get outside. >> i don't mind it. keeps the dog park cleaner than being muddy. so, and chappy seems to like the snow. so it's not too bad. >> reporter: and it looks like it will be another rough day for travel. airports are warning people check in with your airline or check the flight status before you head out. pam, dave. >> lauren. i want to ask you has there been any loss of life. has anybody died during the recent storm?
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>> reporter: this storm was not quite as bad as the nor'easter last weekend. last weekend we saw a number of deaths. this one is not so much. we have heard i believe one death so far but what we didhear this an interesting story. in southern new jersey, a teacher was out as a crossing guard holding an umbrella. she was struck by lightning during some of the thundersnow that we were seeing she is okay. and she was taken to the hospital but miraculously is okay. dave. >> what a story. lauren blanchard thank you from newark new jersey. thank you. 5:17 is the time. let's check in with sal for a look at the commute. what are you keeping an eye on sal. >> we are going to the silicone valley this time. dave and pam, we will look at people driving into the valley from, let's say, gilroy or the santa cruz mountains and into cupertino. traffic is going to be okay. gill roy -- gilroy and into the main part of san jose and the
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valley, and if you are driving on 280, it doesn't look too bad. it's getting more crowded but that's to be expected. at the bay bridge toll plaza we have a crowd here. this looks like the metering lights may be on or going to be on soon. it's still not a huge delay but you can see it's getting more crowded. at 5:18 bring steve in with the weather forecast. >> sal you are too kind. thank you. >> any time. >> thank you. well, we have rain totals to get to. really east bay south bay peninsula there was not much. but from berkeley north oakland berkeley north it was pretty good. we will show you some in second. napa airport says light rain. i imagine that's very light but i think everything else is about done. most locations say cloudy. check out the moisture just taking the turn just south of hawaiian island and heading up in our direction but not until the weekend. partly sunny and mostly cloudy and rain saturday. and this may be one where your santa rosa north you won't get a drop. san jose south may not stop for about a day.
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that's kind of what it's looking like. the rainfall projection is not that much through friday. i mean a couple 100ths here and we don't have anything to worry about until sunday or saturday. it looks like santa cruz mountains san jose south heading towards saturday is the main focus. mount tam pat yourselves on theback. 3/4 of an infen rain. cazadara and wood acre up at a thousand feet i believe half inch there. but there was okay amounts in maren and i -- marin county. napa .20. and oakland .15 and petaluma point 08. san francisco.07. a there were more as well. third of an inch. and glen ellyn quarter of an inch, berkeley.22.
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clear lake and ukiah at a 10th of an inch. after that it was less than a 10th. system is just about done. 50s and 40s on the temps here held up by south breeze or eastern breeze. and a lot of cloud cover. a little cooler up towards kelseyville. 41 but upper 40s. low 50s bodega bay and 53 novato. san rafael and mill valley. not much left that within the through in the last hour. things are about done. maybe around santa cruz and east southeast breeze not that strong and it's there. sierra is warm and wendy more so than snow. so don't expect much. it's going to be above lake level. and our system is scrolling to the north. -- screaming to the north. partly sunny today and the moisture source is going well across the a sick. and some of this will start to lift towards us as we go into friday and the weekend. 60s, 70s on the temps. another mild warm day above average temps. cloudy and rain saturday. and again i would think san jose south looks to be the main
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impact if you will maybe not as much to the north and then turning colder middle of next week. we are going from one extreme to the other. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. it's 5:21. good news about jobs at california economic outlook. new numbers showing the jobless rate is at it's lowest level on record. and up next, before the driver less cars hit the san francisco roads, the city wants more safety assurances from the companies building those cars.
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we come back to mornings on 2. it's 5:24. the value of bitcoin is about half of what it was in decemberch the value took another hit yesterday after the security -- december. the value took a hit yesterday after the securities and exchange commission said many of the platforms should register with the fcc. that sparked concerns tougher regular layings could limit trades. the value is under $10,000 u.s. dollar. last year it was trading for almost 20,000 dollars. uber founder and exceo announced the next project yesterday on twitter. he says he started a new investment fund called 10100 focusing on real estate ecommerce and enervation in china and -- innovation -- innovation in china and the time is 524. uber and lyft may have to
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pay a per ride tax in oak lan. city councilwoman rebecca kaplan wants a ballot measure saying under her plan the extra money would be used for road improvements. other major cities have similar taxes. if approved oakland would be the first california city to impose such a tax. and fran is thinking about it. public opinion on this seems to be split. >> i think it's worth it for the safety of it i use it more so if you are not able to drive or safety at night. >> now others say a tax might affect their decision whether they use the ride sharing services. for now the people in the position for the ride sharing businesses says the city has no right to impose the tax. the city of chicago mass a 15 cent per ride tax. philadelphia has a 1.4% surcharge. massachusetts collects 20 cents per ride and new york is proposing a 2 to 5 dollar per
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ride fee. 5:26 is the time. san francisco is asking for cooperations from companies that make the driverless cars. if they bin testing the cars next month if they begin to test without a human being behind the wheel. right now they are required to have a backup driver in the car as a precaution. but starting april 2nd, the dmv will issue permits for full driverless testing meaning there's no backup drivers. the san francisco interim mayor is sending a letter to the companies testing the self- driving technology. he acknowledges the city has no regulatory control he is urging the companies to demonstrate safely features to city agencies and first responders so they know how to respond if a driverless car breaks down or gets into a accident. time is 5:26a contract impasse involving hundreds of
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teachers in pittsburg. up next a stand off between the teachers and school district. the florida state legislature passed a historic new gun control measure thee weeks after the deadly school shooting in parkland. >> well, it's getting crowded and you can see for yourself. the metering lights are on and traffic is congested here.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank for joining us for mornings on 2 thursday, pam. >> it is. >> march 8th. i am dave clark. >> known as friday eve. thanks for wake up with us. i am pack come -- pam cook. it's 5:30 let's check in with dave the rain is gone. >> yeah it was okay for some. so we get a break later today. partly sunny and partly cloudy skies a lot of moisture streaming from the west southwest. so a different pattern than a week ago. remember that cold pattern, it's going to be back next week. but look at the moisture and it's coming underneath the hawaiian islands and heatedheading up. mostly cloudy try. looks like rain saturday. and -- heading up. mostly cloudy friday. looks like rain saturday. mount tam 3/4 of an inch. mont rio 3/4 of an inch.
5:31 am
cazadero 2/3. connectionington -- kensington good rain. witchmond quarter of an inch. else reado berkeley and kensington pretty good rain. mountainview .06. a quarter of a inch to a half inch north. far less to the south. the system not much left. 40s and a lot of 50s. cloud cover maybe mist and drizzle. east bay temps 5 # seems possible. alamo and danville blackhawk and brentwood shows that as well. temperatures will be on the mild side again and with that last little push that's about it. a little around scotts valley. partly cloudies later. but a few sun breaks. the moisture from the tropics will play into the weather and weekend. rainfall progeeks looks good especially monterey south. it will be in line for us. that's from the north. so from the south mild warm to cold pattern and lower snow
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levels again. middle of next week. 60s mid to upper to low 70s. this is when sal is getting his working boots on big time because things change about this time. >> that's right. now, kevin and i have been told kevin is the guy who operates the cameras back there. that there's a guy who drove on or guy or gal i should say a person who drove on to the tracks here railroad tracks outside the station. and that means it could affect the trains coming through. we have the capital corridor trains and freight trains and we will try to figure it out. we are looking for it at the camera and if we get it maybe the control room can keep a eye on roof cam and i will go through the progression and see if we can find it. let's go to the vacaville commute. we see traffic that's going to be okay if you are driving through on 80 westbound. a little bit slow getting up towards the area. no mainly problems there.
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looking at the car keenis bridge, that -- carquinez bridge, that looks good. this is the bay bring toll plaza all of a sudden we are very full. a lot of people up and early. if the control room can bring up the roof cam, this car drove on to the tracks, and people have made the wrong turn there before stuck. and that means capital corridor and freight trains i am more worried about a big freight train coming through here. so we are going to keep ion on it for -- an eye on it for. you this is outside jack london square and police are on the scene. 5:33. now back to the desks. >> -- desk. >> thanks. nikolas cruz has been formally charged with killing 17 people in the florida school shooting. he was indicted yesterday. he faces 17 counts of premeditated murder and 17 counts of attempted murder. prosecutors have not announced whether they will seek the death penalty his defense attorney says he may be willing
5:34 am
to plead guilty to avoid execution. he is separated from other inmates and guards say he has a blank stare and shows signs ofrestlessness and has been heard laughing. state law makers approved gun control measures designed to prevent another mass shooting like the one at the stoneman douglas high schoolch it's the first gun control measure in florida in 22 years. the bill raises the legal age from 18 to 21 and requires a #- day waiting period for gun sales. it provides money for mental health and school safety programs. and it creates a school marshal program to arm teachers which is a controversial subject. parents of children who died in the high school shootings say they support the bill. governor scott said he has not decided if he will sign it. but if he does nothing the bill becomes law in ten days even without his signature. school district all over the country are seeing and
5:35 am
dealing with a spike in threats targeting schools since -- targeting the schools since the deadly shooting in florida. ann rubin shows us how school officials and families try to keep students safe without scaring them. >> reporter: last week, trisha kept her children home for two days after someone tweeted a threat of violent in alum rock school district. she says the kids have not recovered. >> i have a 4th and 3rd grader here. and they are terrified and they don't want to be at school. that's how scarry it has gotten. >> reporter: they are not alone. number information connected by the nonprofit educator school safety network shows a significant upparticular in threats. since the shooting in parkland florida, they have been averaging 72 a day. that's 797 school threats nationwide since mid-february. >> the biggest take away is
5:36 am
this stuff is not going away. whether it's substive threat or tokens they are happening in our schools and we have to have a plan in place. >> and the bay area there's no exception. last week there were threats at sanp jose state, milpitas and alum rock school district. in the last case a 12 year old girl was arrested. >> the disturbing piece about the threats is they come in so many shapes and forms. >> reporter: and so do the responses. alum rock superintendent found a robo call did nothing to reassure parents. she put together a video for social media and says it made a difference when people could see her explaining the facts. >> when it hits, everybody goes into panic mode. but i think the most important thing for all is to really keep our calm. >> reporter: families say they are fed up and tired of beingafraid. >> i would like to see more safety for the kids. they are kids. they are supposed to enjoy
5:37 am
life. you know not be scared. >> reporter: but until something changes, trisha was take matters into her hands and has spending the days circling the school tokeep watch. >> i drive around constantly to make sure my kids are safe. >> the educator school safety net says how we respond is critical and educators have to know there's a plan in place and kids need to know there's consequences for the hoaxes. ann rubin ktvu fox news. steve kerr will participate in a towel hahn discussion on gun violence. he and congressman will speak at a newark memorial high school on monday. in the past year kerr has spoke out about the need for stronger gun control following the shooting in texas and las vegas and parkland florida. it is also personal for himbecause his father was killed by a gunman.
5:38 am
his father was assassinated in 1984. the trial has bun for a san francisco police officer charged with felony hit-and- run. he became known as the hot cop of the decastro is accused of driving a car that hit two pedestrians in a north beach crosswalk and left the car at scene and ran away. he was off the duty. his lawyer told the jury that he abandoned the car because a angry -- employees inside a domino's pizza were startled when a car crashed right into the restaurant. it happened at the union avenue location. fire officials say when they arrived they found the driver had plowed right through the front window. fortunately, no one, including the driver, was hurt. >> time is 5:38. 600 teachers in pits is on a
5:39 am
stand off they have not been able to agreet on a -- agree on a new contract and they are headed for state mediation. no salary increases but the school district says they gave them a $18% salary hike over the past three wears that raised levels from the bottom third to the top third. >> contracosta county. nearby communities still pay more. >> we have a shortage of teachers. we would go anywhere we like and they have a district that canoffer $10,000 more than we can. one big concern is pittsburgh schools have overcrowded classrooms. they say redewing the class size would cost millions and they point out district is not laying off teachers and offered to may the 0% of -- 90% of teachers health benefits. a fire at a homeless camp in oakland damaged several cars
5:40 am
parked nearby. at noon yesterday, a huge column of black smoke could be seen in the sky. this was on webster place at 5th street. the fire burned several cars. two parked along the street and another three inside a large parking lot located interstate 880. one woman returned to her parked s-uv after getting off orange and -- work and sought fire damage. >> i was -- saw the fire damage. >> i was looking at it like what happened here. >> and this young woman said she worked nearby in china town andparks there often. the battalion chief says the cause of the fire appears to be accidental. he says according to the arson investigator it may have started from someone cooking at that homeless camp. an advow crit from the homeless you won't be -- people who work
5:41 am
nearby say that camp is causing problems and they want police to patrol the area. we have new video of a fire that broke out on the underside of bay bridge. look on the left of the screen. that water you see gushing is coming from a san francisco fire boat water cannon about 100 feet down. caltrans says netting that used to keep the birds from roosting caught fire. no one was hurt. caltrans says there was no structural damage to the bridge. >> it would be a little alarming driving by and your car is doused with fire. good things there were naccidents. >> right the group that visits detained immigrants says they have been banned from local jails. coming up, we will tell you why they are being turned away. >> a surge in women running for office. up next, why some say it's a historic shift. >> good morning. someone got into a little bit oftrouble this morning on
5:42 am
thetracks here in oakland near the square and beside the person who is in trouble. trains may be delayed. up to sacramento, we will check on those coming up. >> overnight rain was pretty good for some not so much for soars today's forecast we will see what's in storm by the weekend.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 5:44. today is international women's day. aid global celebration of -- it's a global celebration of women's rights. last year hundreds of womenmarched in cities across the bay area. the theme this year mash tag press for progress. some of the events include a concert in san francisco. it's going to benefit female farm workers. and in oakland, the second annual international women's day fest will be held saturday. in the spirit of
5:45 am
international women's day, voters could see a surge of women running for office in november. some political experts are calling it an historic shift and point to the texas primary in way record number of female candidates won the party'snomination or a spot in the runo. me too movement may be inspiring more women to get involved in politics or seek higher office for republicans and democrats. >> since 2016, we have seen be women turn out and get active and get engaged in every facet of their live across all energies. when he was calling for equality they are calling for equity and their voice. >> marcia blackburn is a member of congress from ten so the leading candidate to replace bob corker in tennessee. she would add to the number of republican women in the senate by one. >> the study found 470 women could run for congress this
5:46 am
yearch number could rise as some states have not reached the filing deadlines and currently there are 22 women in the u.s. senate, 84 in the house. time is 5:46. new figures showing california's unemployment rate fell in january and the jobless rate dropped to the lowest level on record. falling to 4.4% in january down from 4.5% in december. the bay area added almost 12,000 jobs in january. statewide, the construction jobs saw the biggest injuries along with transportation and manufacturing. in most bay area counties. the unemployment rate is less than 3%. >> 5:46 is the time. let's check back in with sal with traffic. we are looking at the freeway traffic. we are looking at possible capital corridor delays because of a car that ran on to the tracks right here in oakland. i know for a fact that a lot of the commuter trains come
5:47 am
through about this time. i am not sure what is happening now. the cars car is on the track -- this is what happen a train would come and hit the car. sore i -- sorry. traffic is going to be on the system is going to be affected. i haven't seen anything from capital core door but i know it's going to affect the traffic on the system. if you take the train, listen or watch for announcements on the website. let's go out and look at the altamont pass. traffic is going to be backed up on 205 and 580. there's been no major problems but it's slow and gets better by the time you reach livermore. and this is a live look at interstate 880 in oakland. it looks pretty good. this is a backup to the toll plaza to the maze. a 15 minute delay. once you make it on to the span, it looks pretty good.
5:48 am
the time, 13 minutes before the hour. >> i think it's 12 minutes now, sal. >> 12 minutes before the hour. is that the power our. >> yeah power hour steve. thank you. we have had rain overnight for some. it was a couple 100s for others a half inch to 3/4. we will look at those totals but first nicole says steve is that a lynn particular lar cloud over the tree. the answer is yes. it's a standing lynn particular lar yet, i know there will be a quiz on friday. she is talking about they look like flying sourceers. do ashly they form over mountains. you get moist table airs -- they usually do form over the mountains. you get the moist table air and it happens. kent miller good morning, steve. i've received a quarter of an
5:49 am
inch of rain in west santa rosa. let's look at some of the totals. that sounds about right. 27 and glen ellyn a quarter of an inch. there were other locations in marin county up to the russian river with a half inch to 3/4. there is a lot of moisture on our way for the next 3 to 5 days and then the focus will turn to the north. it will be to the south. partly sunny today. mostly cloudy and get out of the way to see that. looks like rain on saturday. where it sets up is going to make a big difference between some rain and steady moderate rain. the first system last night went by. it held together. 42in lake worth and 57 san jose. 53 half-moon bay and everyone is closer. losalityos and moss -- los altos and moss beach.
5:50 am
not much left of the rain. a teeny little bit around cap tolla and i think we are done. 36 in truckee. and it's very mild to warm up there because they have a southsouthwest wind. snow levels with the weak systemgoes above lake level. this looks like rain and it seems to be falling apart. there's the low all the way up towards the pacific northwest but our poe cuss is to the south. watch the train of moisture as it comes in around the highwayan islands. it lift northward. there could be good rain if it's monterey peninsula. farther north us and south toward big sur santa barbara. but next week we bring the system from the north. there are signs of a pretty good rain forecast over the next 7, 10 days i should actually add 15 for some. 60s on the temps and low 70s. temperatures very mild within the sun breaks. it warms up fast.
5:51 am
and cloudy on friday. and rain on saturday. and lingering into early sunday and then break monday. next system tuesday will be cold. >> quite a bit of rain. >> you want pam to have her umbrella. >> keep it handity rest of the month. a state assembly member wants to reduce -- [ inaudible ]
5:52 am
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a bill making its way through the state legislature would require cell phone and other electronic companies to make repairmannuals in part available to the public. the right to repair act would make repair information and parts available to independent repair shops. supporters say the bill would help reduce electronic waste and create more repair jobs in california. apple along with other tech companies such as ibm and cisco oppose the proposal. apple reportedly says it is stepping up efforts to make products more environmentally friendly while keeping a tight hold of the product design and repairs to ensure quality and safety. our time is 5:54. warning if you eat shellfish from drakes bay in marin county they found high else will of a naturally occurring toxin called psp and it was found in
5:55 am
mussels within the point reyes national sea shore. it affects clams and oysters from drakes bay but doesn't include commercially sold shellfish. they are monitored for that alreadych the warning is mainly for people who go out fishing, recreationally. the toxin is dangerous and can be deadly. so far there's no reports of anyone becoming sick. a u.c. berkely research report says peninsula cities built on landfill are sinking. along the emof the bay. accord -- edge of the bay. according to the report, the ground is sinking at a relatively slow rate but sea levels are going up every year. that means parts of foster city, sfo and across the bay in union city they may only be accessible by a boat by the year 2100. >> we knew this was happening but we didn't really have observations showing where the sinkings are happening and how
5:56 am
fast. we need to be thinking a lot about solutions. we can't just keep doing things the way we have been doing them. >> hearing the reports people may be alarmed to find out their homes could be under water within a few generations. the doctor suggest building a seawall and levees to help save the community. contracosta animal services is offering a discount on adoption fees to reduce shelter populations. service fees such as spay, or neutering, vaccinations and microchipping can run as high as 264 dollars but from now into st. patrick's day adopt a dog or cat for $25 and this applies to the martinez and the pinole shelters. it's 5:56a war of words between washington and california is heating up. >> how dare you needlessly endanger the lives of our law enforcement officers to promote
5:57 am
a radical open boarders agenda. >> coming up at 6, local reaction to attorney general jeff sessions' comments about oakland mayor libby schaaf and sanctuary city state laws. >> and the east coast digging out after the huge storm swept through the area. we will show you what's happening today. >> another two crashes on heyway 24 -- highway 24 making it a bad week for highway 24. one at wilder. and that's right before the tunnel and suddenly highway 24 is not doing well. with the chase mobile app, michaela deprince could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while performing a grand jeté between two grand pianos. she could... in a commercial. in real life she uses it to pay her sister, from her couch, for that sweater she stained. what sweater?
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(phone buzzes) life, lived michaela's way. chase. make more of what's yours.
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federal law determines immigration policy. state of california is not entitled to block that activity. somebody needs to stand up and say no. you've gone too far. >> the attacks continue as local lawmakers respond attorney general jeff sessions. more about the war of words over immigration law. >> and an advocacy group for immigrants says it is being turned away. why they are being banned at
6:00 am
east bay dale. mornings on 2 continues. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning thanks for waking up with us thursday morning. it's march 8th i am pam cook. >> good morning i am dave clark. let's talk about thursday weather. steve paulson has the details for you. >> it rained overnight. >> yep. >> not too bad for some. it was okay. more is on the way. not today, it will be on saturday it looks like. and marin county for march up to the russian river is doing okay. 3/4 of a inch. cazadero 2/3. most locations had a 10th to half inch of rain wednesdayington he will cedeo and -- kensington and he will sore receipto -- he will veto. after that it fell apart. there's two areas of interest here. one is to the west southwest all the wa


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