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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  March 8, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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east bay dale. mornings on 2 continues. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning thanks for waking up with us thursday morning. it's march 8th i am pam cook. >> good morning i am dave clark. let's talk about thursday weather. steve paulson has the details for you. >> it rained overnight. >> yep. >> not too bad for some. it was okay. more is on the way. not today, it will be on saturday it looks like. and marin county for march up to the russian river is doing okay. 3/4 of a inch. cazadero 2/3. most locations had a 10th to half inch of rain wednesdayington he will cedeo and -- kensington and he will sore receipto -- he will veto. after that it fell apart. there's two areas of interest here. one is to the west southwest all the way into the weekend.
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and then we will focus or attention to the north for next week. partly sunny -- sunny today. rain on saturday. and could be heavy to the south. and by that i mean santa cruz mountains mount ray south. the system not much left. but cloudy skies here in the morning. 40s to 50s mid-50s sfo55. 49 morgan hill st. martin gilroy. and there's just a little bit of rain left that's been moving through especially but i think it's about done. that's the tail end of the system and it's not doing much for snow up in the sierra. it's too warm. coming in from the westsouthwest. so snow levels have gone way up but we have a break today. the moisture source is racing across pat sick and this is going to play into the -- pacific and this is going to play into the weekend. forerain forecast into saturday and into sunday. 60s to near 70 on the temps. 6:01. is that 24.
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>> highway 24. >> again? >> taking a beating. it's a bad week for highway 24. we have a crash sig-alert 24 and we have a crash on the camino pablo on ram to westbound 24 and maybe a separate incident but near the commute at wilder, there was a crash as well. so it's two or three crashes at least two separate incidents here on 24 near okay atlantis and traffic is going to be a mess if you are taking highway 24 this morning, and you are coming from walnut creek, or pleasant hill or lafayette, you are getting on the freeway, it was you are dealing with. look at it. and we may not be looking at the tv scene. so give yourself extra time to deal with that commute. some people hearing this may be on 80 and traffic is going to be busy on 80 this morning. this is a look at the toll plaza. you can see traffic is backed up here at the pay gates. also jack london square drive
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on to the tracks and this might affect the capital corridor service that runs through here. so if you take the capital corridor train from sacramento to the silicone valley or the other way around, this meet affect your commute. now back to the desk. thank you. keeping an eye on that. 6:03. in the next hour, oakland mayor libby schaaf will be here in our studio at ktvu to discuss the growing dispute with the trump administration. >> it involves the justice department suing california over the sanctuary state policy. allie rasmus, tell us more about the details of this legal debate. >> reporter: it's legal debate stemming from a lawsuit from the department of justice against the state of california. attorney general jeff sessions says california is violating federal law with its sanctuary policies. attorney general sessions reiterated that argument for the suit again last night in an interview with fox news. california sanctuary laws limit the amount of cooperation local police, jails and businesses
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can have with federal immigration authorities. it canly when it comes to sharing information about a person's legal status. although the laws make exceptions for undocumented immigrants convicted of serious crimes. session hes says still, the laws go too far to restrict the efforts of ice agents. >> we have got to challenge it. i don't want to do that. california is a great state witha important part of america. we want a healthy and good relationship with it, but federal law determines immigration policy. state of california is not entitled to block that activity. >> >> reporter: the appearance followed a speech he gave at law enforcement conference in sacramento to announce the lawsuit. in that speech he criticized lieutenant governor newsom for on instruct -- obstructing law enforcement and libby schaaf forewarning the public about a ice operation last month telling her "how dare you." schaaf had this response. >> how dare you.
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distort the reality about declining violent crime in a diverse sanctuary city like oakland california. to advance your race of the agenda. >> reporter: federal officials had said in the past they would review schaaf's actions to see if she violated laws in warning the public about the ice operation last month. the mayor says she is getting pro pro bono legal advice how to handel it from linda h -- melinda haag back to you guys. >> all right thanks for that update. and then again, later on this morning at 7:30 oakland mayor libby schaaf will be here with us in our ktvu studios. we will talk about the trump administration's lawsuit against california. and how the attorney general criticized her personally and her reactions. that's coming up at 7:30. time is 6:05 with the white house confirms next tuesday president trump will come to
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california. his first california visit since taking office. the official agenda of the treppe has not been released. the president is expected to go to san diego -- trip has not been released. the president is expected to go to san diego to see a border wall and then a fund-raiser in beverly hills. the contracosta sheriff's office is banning a group at that visits jails where immigrants are detained according to the san francisco chronicle. the group is called community initiatives for visiting immigrants in confinement or civic for short. members say they put a public spotlight on abuses of what happens in jail. they provide emotional support, provide bond money and help with documents and legal services. the sheriff's office says the group "pose as security and safety -- poses a security and safety hazard. the sheriff's office says they so i lathed guidelines forinterbeing aing with people in custody but didn't provide examples. the group says they will work
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to regain access. people across the east coast waking up to cars covered in snow and widespread power outages this morning. these are some of the conditions. this is king of prussia pennsylvania. >> that's outside philly. some areas had more than two feet of snow in storm that started yesterday and lasted all through the night. lauren blanchard you are in newark new jersey with more to show us what it's like there and other parts of the east. good morning. >> reporter: yeah. good morning pam and dave. we are at newark liberty airport where the runways have reopened. however, across the northeast, there are hundreds of flights canceled today. this winter storm still impacting travel. >> i came in here ready for my flight and i find out that it's been canceled. >> reporter: the late winter storm causing a travel nightmare for thousands. and it could be days before airlines will be able to get schedules back on track after massive storms days apart. >> i was supposed to catch a
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flight to washington today and the flight got canceled. so i came here real early this morning to book the ticket, the train ticket to washington. >> reporter: the winter weather continuing to pound some parts of the northeast while in its path, residents are left to dig out from as much as 2 feet of snow. eventually dry out from coastal flooding, and for hundreds of thousands, wait out a massive power outage. >> we have kerosine heaters and he think we will be okay. and then candles so maybe some board games. >> reporter: but not everybody is complaining about the snow. for some, it's a chance to get outside. >> i actually don't mind it. keeps the dog park cleaner than being muddy. and chappy seems to like the snow so it's not too bad. >> reporter: it looks like it will be another rough day for travelers. airports are checking in with the airlines and check the flight status before heading
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out. and my guess is a lot of folks wands to head out towards your direction in california where it's a little warmer than here. >> definitely a little warmer. what about are they talking about the forecast in the next day or two so that things can get kind of back to normal? >> reporter: well, guys, this is very unfortunate for everybody out in the area. we are hearing there is the possibility for yet another winter tomorrow later on this weekend. forecasters at this point trying to figure out the past event. there is two options one is it will do what we have with snow and flooding and cold or wind and the other is going out to sea. my guess is everybody is hoping for the second option. >> lauren blanchard thanks so much for the update. we will watch that. >> yeah. >> and hope for the best for the rest of the week. >> you have to check this out. snow in pennsylvania. the bus for the women's basketball team from northeastern university got stuck outside a practice facility in philly yesterday
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afternoon. all the players got off the bus and the ladies are pushing that bus, pam. eventually the bus slowly started moving. they cheered and then everybody got back on the bus. >> i mean if you are getting stuck and have bunch of strong young athletes on board. >> that bus has to move. >> you are in luck. >> way to go. >> good job, ladies. oh, i would. is it time to pumpp the brakes on self-driving cars. coming up why san francisco's interim mayor is trying to get the attention of the companies testing the technology. >> guaranteed college admission for students. the plan that could help people get into the school of their choice. >> overnight rain has moved off for the most part. mist be mist drizzle lft behind but cloudy skies but another mild to -- there may be mist and drizzle left behind. but cloudy skies but another mild day.
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welcome bafnlgt 6:13. -- back. 6:13. all the registered democrats running for mayor of san francisco will talk about important issues. democratic party is hosting the event at san francisco lgbt community center on market street. the candidates amy farrow rice weiss. and jane kim london breed mark lino and michelle bravo agreed to take part in the forum. we could soon see the first
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ever court hearing on the science of climate change. a federal judge in san franciscoordered parties in the global warming lawsuit to appear in court on march 21st. lawyers for exxon, bp, chevron and other oil companies will be facing those san francisco and oakland, the attorneys. both cities have accused fossil fuel companies of covering up their role in contributing to global warming -- warming. the judge is calling for tutorial on science behind global warming and many say it's a first but says it makes sense if the judge makes a decision on the topic. san francisco asking for cooperation from companies that make driverless cars as they begin testing next month without a person behind the wheel.right now they are required to have a backup driver inside as a precaution. starting april 2nd, the dmv will issue permits for fulldriver less testing meaning
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no backup drivers. san francisco interim mayor is sending a letter to the 50 companies testing the self- driving technology in california. he acknowledges the city has no regulatory control he is urging companies to volume-terrible demonstrate safety features to city agencies and first responders so they know how to respond if a driverless car breaks down on get into an accident. there's so much to consider with all this. >> sure. it's 6:15. as we go to sal you are seeing things on the roads like highway 24 and other places. >> yeah. highway 24 has a bad week. we have had earlier, this week, we had a bunch of slow traffic. yesterday we kind of had slow traffic again. this morning, we have a sig- alert for 24er. >> lafayette. that's chp's way of letting you know it will be there for a while. now there's a crash on camino pablo with fire department and medics on the scene even though it's not in the lanes of freeway. it's causing people to slow and
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there was a crash westbound 24 near wilder before the tunnel on the shoulder. so the major crash really is 24 and this means traffic from walnut creek to lafayette heading to the tunnel is way behind schedule. you might want to consider public transportation or going mount diablo boulevard. but people think about that as well. if you live in lafayette you will notice more people on the roads trying to avoid the freeways. let's talk about the bay bridge. traffic is backed up. when 24 is slow, 680 slows and more people may be on 80 driving through hercules and richmond. so your commute may abe effected by that. this talk about the car on -- may be affected by that. this talk about the car on thetracks we can see it it's clearly on a track and that may delays for capital corridor and freight trains. but for your commute purpose, the capital corridor is not getting through right now.
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6:16. now let's bring steve in. i said this before and will say it again i am amazed at the a cars on 24 even at 3:30 in the morning. >> all it takes is one day. >> yes. thank you. we had rain totals including william in vallejo. hello, sp not good morning. hello, wt. scattered clouds. .12 fell overnight. the system fell apart as it moved east and south. but not before leaving 3/4 of an inch at mount tam. one acre half inch there were others about with a quarter to a third here i tried to get as many as i could but a third of a an inch and glen he will ann kenwood. alameda 19th and ukiah what 10th of an inch.
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thanks. there's a lot of moisture from the west southwest but will make it here. partly sunny and partly cloudy today. mostly cloudy mild to warm. rain looks like on saturday and saturday night into early sunday could be heavy. again depends on where it sets up but there's a system intensifying approaching the coast. today system has gone through to the east. a con 100th to the south the same. 40s and 50s on the temps. a mild air mass but 54 san rafael to vallejo. american canyon and napa. there's mild air in place under mostly cloudy skies. that's not a lot left here i think the system is just about done. maybe a little bit of rain and precip. for us, the system is gone west southwest. so the snow level is way up there. in fact it's mainly 30s and 40s around lake tahoe. give the system credit. more moisture is on way. low clouds in place and just track the moisture coming in from just south of the hawaiian islands. there's a bunch here that will start to work its way in the
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rain forecast and this is a rain forecast. sometimes we talk about rain snow maybe but this is rain. saturday night sunday after that, forecast models are bullish for a cold pattern coming back in middle of next week. maybe tuesday. 60s and 70s on our temps and with any sun it will be on the mild muggy side with warm air mass everything coming in from the south, southwest. and friday cloudy and rain looks like saturday night into sunday and a break monday. next system colder tuesday into wednesday. >> wow. okay. >> pretty active the next 10 to 15 days. >> as long as we are not hit by a horrendous storm it's nice to get a bit throughout the month. >> space them out. >> thank you. 6:19 is the time. some consider it a attack on rain. later the new fees for property owners in san francisco. >> and, maybe it's laughing with you. not at you. a very bizarre bug that's been found in amazon's smart speaker. ♪
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during the celebrity cruises sail beyond event. welcome back to mornings on 2 news. registered sex offender is behind bars accused of exposing himself to teen. investigators say a 16-year-old girl was walking near martin luther king junior park in san mateo monday evening when she saw the suspect exposing
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himself. she went home and called police using her description, officers tracked down the suspect 35- year-old a christian morales. officers know him and says he -- they say he had a history of comoiting similar crimes. uc president janet napolitano announces a new proposal to guarantee admissionof transfer students from community college. >> i am calling on the senate to determine what it will take to extend a guarantee of admission to all qualifying california community college transfer students. >> she made the announcement during a speech to the commonwealth club in san francisco yesterday. students need to complete recommended courses and qualify academically. she said she wants the new guaranteed admission by the fall of next year. 6:23a new poll shows most voters in san mateo county support a tax measure for dealing with traffic jams. a growing problem. the poll commissioned by the
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san mateo county transit district says 74% of county voters support a new half cent sales tax for fixing roads and improving transit services. county leaders are debating whether to put theish eu on the ballot. -- the issue on the ballot. uber and lyft may have to pay a per ride tax in oakland. city council woman rebecca kaplan runs a ballot measure saying under the plan the extra money would be used for road improvements. other major cities have similar taxes. if approved, oakland would be the first california city to impose such a tax. and san francisco is thinking about it. public opinion appears to be split. >> some point in time we are going to pay fee and he think it's worth it for the safety of it i use it if you are not able to drive or safety at night. >> now others in oakland say a tax may affect the decision on whether they would use a ride sharing service. for now, the position of people in the ride sharing business
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is, cities have no right to impose such a tax. now the bay area would not be alone in taxing riders. in chicago, they have a 15 cent per ride tax. philadelphia has a 1.4% surcharge. massachusetts collects 20 cents per ride and new york is proposing a 2 to 5 dollar per ride fee. well, this is creepy. smart speakers like amazon's echo and google's home mini continue to grow in popularity. according to research out this week, more than 47 million people used the devices in the u.s. that's 20% of the adult population. amazon dominates the market with the echo speaker large by because they have been out longer. consumers use the smart speakers in the living room or kitchen followed by the bedroom and home office. but some alexa users are asking what's so funny after the amazon dot and beingo smart speakers randomly started to break out in laughter.
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yeah. i think it's creepy. >> that's a little creepy. alexis -- >> alexis is programmed to -- programmed to laugh if asked but some say it had happened with no prompting and sometimes in the middle of the night, if the morning amazon says it pinpointed a potential cause and changed the phrase needed to get the speakers to laugh from just alexa laugh to alexa can you laugh. my younger daughter has one to play music and. >> it wakes steve up every morning. >> and she unplugs it and puts it in another room because she is creeped out by it. it's 6:26. the conversation about gun violence and now shifting to video games. coming up, what president trump is doing today and who will be meeting with him at the white house. >> plus, vallejo police searching for are a hit-and-run driver who struck and killed a young woman as she walked along
6:27 am
the sidewalk yesterday afternoon. we will tell you how this crash happened and what we are learning about the victim in this case.
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that grow with your business. at&t, not so much. we give you 75 mbps for $59.95. that's more speed than at&t's comparable bundle, for less. call today. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning. thanks for joining us. thursday morning march 8th. i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook thanks for wake up with us. if you are joining us, at 6:30,
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you want to know what the weather and traffic is like. steve will say waking up. it's 6:30. >> there are some and there are some. >> yeah. >> a lot of kids. >> they say you know i was dreaming it was range last night. >> i know. >> it was. >> kids are getting ready do they need the raincoat. >> not today. alexa don't laugh but more rain is on the way but not today. it will be here. [laughter] here on saturday. a lot of low clouds around. very mild. mainly 50s on the temps. we had okay rain a little more sun and clouds today. more clouds tomorrow and turning cloudy on saturday. afterp noon highs continue to be above average. very mild and low 70s. saturday afternoon into sunday morning, looks like a rain event. and you can see the moisture streaming up from the hawaiian island that's going to play into the weather on friday. mostly cowedy and rain could be heavier to the south. by that i mean santa cruz mountains santa clara mountain south. mount tam 3/4. and not bad for a system that
6:31 am
fell apart by the time it went east and south. kensington a third. and yountville and kentfield over a quarter of an inch. same for richmond san francisco. mountainview .07. systems are -- the system is done and we will get low clouds holding on in the morning. fog reported, 40s, 50s on the temps. very mild and air mass in place east bay temps blackhawk 5 #. san ramon is in there. 54 martinez. not much of a change and i think that's the last -- that's it on the rain. so i think we are done. the system will continue to pump in a lot of moisture coming in from just south of the hawaiian islands. now so the warm air mass is not going anywhere until next week when cold ararrives again. 60s 70s on the temps. 6:31. i know you have 24 and jaqueline square and where do you want to start. highway 24 because they are clearing the crash but it is taking a while. at one point it was blocking three lanes on highway 24.
6:32 am
and you know, even if they were to magically get rid of everything now, the damage is done. this is a look at the traffic from walnut creek through lafayette and driving up to the tunnel will be that way. it's worth mentioning bart is having a decent morning. bart is on time. so they say. and getting up through the area you can take bart or use alternate routes. some people may be on 80 instead because 80 is what people use when they find out 680 and 24 are slow and this morning that's the case. and this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. i want to mention they just drove that car off the tracks. they just backed it out i went out there myself and you know, i saw the person driving the car out. i am not sure why it took so long. and perhaps they were checking to make sure there's no damage to the tracks. the trains were tacking -- stack up so there might be delays on the capital corridor. let's talk about the peninsula. highway 101 looks good. and in the south bay we don't have a lot of slow traffic yet.
6:33 am
driving into the west valley. 6:32 let's go back to the desk. this morning, police in vallejo is searching for driver who hit and killed a woman and drove away. >> that crash happened yesterday in the afternoon. ktvu alex savidge is in the neighborhood where this happened. alex. >> reporter: well, pam, dave, good morning to you. we know the suv involved in this hit-and-run crash was heading up this steep hill here in vallejo when for some reason it suddenly started to rollbackwards down the hill with the driver behind the wheel. now that gmc suburban jumped the curb in the area near the bushes and struck a young woman who was walk being along the sidewalk. -- walking along the sidewalk. this is near flemming. the 18-year-old woman died from her injuries at the hospital. this was the scene yesterday. the victim has not been identified but we do know that she was from vallejo. the crash happened 3:45
6:34 am
yesterday afternoon. and after striking the woman on the sidewalk, that silver 1994gmc suburban overturned and the driver then jumped from the suv and ran off. police are still searching for that person. no description of the driver has been given. of course if you know anything about the deadly hit-and-run crash that left an 18-year-old woman dead, here in vallejo, put in a call right away to police. pam. >> alex thanks. >> thank you. time is 6:34. well, nicholas -- nikolas cruz in florida has been officially charged with killing 17 people in the florida school shooting. a grand jury indicted him yesterday. he is facing 17 counts of premeditated murder and 17 counts of attempted murder. prosecutors have not yet said whether they will seek the death penalty. the attorneys for cruz says he may be willing to plead guilty to avoid execution. he remained separated from the other inmates in jail. jail guards say sometimes he
6:35 am
has a blank stare on his face and shows signs of restlessness and has been heard laughing out loud. state lawmakers in florida approved a package of gun control measures designed to prevent another mass shooting like the one and marginally toneman high school. it's the first gun control measure in florida in 22 years raying the legal age for rifles from 18 to 21. and it requires a 3-day waiting period for all gun sales. and provides money for mental health and school safety programs and creates a school marshal program to give weapons to teachers and that's been a very controversial topic. parents of children who died in the she school shooting say they support the bill. floor dan governor rick scott says he hasn't decided if he will sign it. if he does nothing, the bill becomes law in ten days without his signature. president trump is meeting
6:36 am
with video game industry representatives at the white house today. after the florida high school shooting, critics pointed to violent video games as a problem. there are reports that nikolas cruz charged in the deadly shooting spent 15 hours a day playing violent video games. president trump has said he is concerned about children's exposure to violence in video games. that leads us to the question of the day. do you think there's a connection between violent video games and violent crime. let us know what you think. vote on the ktvu twitter page. you can comment on the ktvu facebook page. school district including right here in the -- district, including here in the bay area, are seeing a spike in the threat of violence aimed at schools since the school shoot ink florida. educators school safety net says they track 10 threats every day. since the shooting in parkland, florida, they arnold 72 a day. most turn out to be a hoax.
6:37 am
but they have to be taken seriously. families say the threats are very scary for students. >> i have a grader and 3rd grader here. they are terrified. they don't want to be at school that's how scarry it has gotten. >> i would like to see more -- safety for the kids they are supposed to enjoy life not be scared. >> there were threats at san jose state, milpitas and alum rock school district. in the last case, a 12-year-old girl was arrested. warriors head coach steve kerr will participate in a town hall discussion on gun violence. the coach and a congressman will speak at newark memorial high school on monday. in the past year kerr spoke out about the need for stronger gun control. the topic is personal for coach
6:38 am
kerr whose father was killed by two gunmen malcolm kerr was a university professor in beirut when he was assassinated in 1984. our time is 6:38. family of a man who was shot to death by a bart police officer in january plans to demonstrate again today at bart's monthly board meeting. 28-year-old was killed. his family and friends want the officer who shot him to be fired and face criminal charges. the video from the officer's body camera shows continuedel struggling on the ground with man and the gun was found nearby after he was shot. the officer went back to work two weeks after the shooting. today's international women's day and a global celebration of women's rights. and last year hundreds marched in cities across the bay area. the theme hashtag press for progress. some events includes a concert
6:39 am
benefiting women farm work he is and in oakland the second international women's day fest will be held on saturday. in the minute of international women day voters could see a surge of women run for office. some political experts call it a historic shift and point to this week's texas primary in which a record number of female candidates won the party's nomination or a spot in a run off. the me too movement may be inspiring more women to get involved in politics or seek higher office for republicans and democrats. >> since 2016 we have seen women turn out and get active and get engaged in every facet of their life across all industries. and when they are calling for equality they are calling for equity and a voice. one that -- >> one that caught my eye is a leading candidate to replease senator bob corker in
6:40 am
tennessee. she would be adding to the numbers of republican women in the senate by one. >> a steady found at least 470 women could run for congress this year. the numbers could rise as some states still have not reached the filing deadlines and currently there are 22 women in the u.s. senate. 84 women in the house. all right. our time is 6:40. we have confirmation from the white house coming up at 7 a.m. what they are saying about the president's first official visit to california. >> parts of the bay area are sinking into the water. what a new report reveals and what can be done to slow it down. >> united airlines taking a new approach to improve customer service. >> good morning. it's slow even though we have better news about highway 24 in that lanes have been cleared from all the crashes, but very slow still on the way to the
6:41 am
tunnel. >> overnight rain is left behind a lot of low clouds. but we will get sun breaks later. a mild air mass in place but big changes by the weekend. more on that coming up.
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6:43 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. taking a look at the numbers this morning. live look at dow jones up about with a half a percent. 135 points right now. and the nasdaq and the s&p 500 up about the same.
6:44 am
we have some good news that has been coming in continuing on earnings. and jobs as well. and that's certainly helping out the numbers this morning. new figures show that speaking of jobs california's unemployment rate fell in january bringing the state jobless rate to the lowest level on record. that unemployment rate for the state fell to 4.4% in january. down from 4.5 in december. the bay area added 12,000 jobs in january. statewide, construction jobs saw the biggest uptick along with transportation. manufacturing well. most bay area counties the unth unemployment rate is less than 3%. >> time is 6:44. ominous words from bill gates about america's economy. last week at a question and answer session on the social media site reddit someone asked whether he thinks there's going to be another economic crisis like the great recession he in 2008. he replied yes. it's hard to say when but this
6:45 am
is a certainty. it was not all gloom and doom from bill gates e wrapped up by saying that although there will be bumps ahead, he is optimistic innovation and capitalism will improve the situation for people everywhere. united airlines sending the employees to compassion training now to help improve customer service. united says the goal of the training is to teach employees to be efficient. make sure operations are safe and do it all with a smile. united is working to try to rebuild the image after last year's public relations disaster when a passenger was dragged off a flight to make room for a crew member. about 30,000 united myos will be required to take the 4-hour long course that will have them in role playing exercises to solve the customer service issues. a research report from u.c. berkely geo physicists is raising alarms about bay front land built on landfill.
6:46 am
>> this report shows that the ground is sinking and that's only half the bad news. ktvu jesse gary has details. >> reporter: researchers say the problem of sinking started as soon as progress dictated portions of the bay front foster city union city, treasure island and sfo were filled in for development. >> we knew this was happening but we didn't really have observations showing where the sinkings have remained past. >> reporter: by skype the doctor says he spent the better part of the decade using saturday m light images and hands on measurements to map the problem n blue, local land subs tans or sinking is at at rate of a thickness of a nickel annually. yellow shows incursions from see level rise at a 10th an inch per year. combined and by the end of the century, it's a red alert for large areas unindated with
6:47 am
water. >> by 2000, large areas in these places will be flooded and we are looking at average sea level he. >> he don't see infratruck sture -- infrastructure to support a move away from that. there would be chaos to try to respond to that. >> reporter: many residents living at or close to the bay say they have known fill areas were gradually sinking but their alarm to learn adding in rising sea levels could put the properties under water literally within a few generations. >> we need to be thinking a lot about solutions. we can't just keep doing things the way we have been doing them.>> reporter: the doctor has been talking about incorporating the new data into future urban planning n short- term he suggested building sea walls levees or berms and harshlands to preserve existing communities in it affects
6:48 am
everyone -- communities. >> this affects all of us. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news. >> all right. it's 6:48. let's check in with gasia for a look at what's coming up on mornings on 2. >> good morning. coming up in the next hour, oakland mayor libby schaaf joins us in studio after being called out by jeff sessions forewarning about impending immigration rates and in his words putting law ep forcement at risk -- enforcement at risk. we will focus on what's next for oakland and the mayor in her fight again the trump administration a few weeks ago she said she would be willing to go to jail to uphold oakland's status as a sanctuary city. we know boom range child who returns to live at home after going to college or striking out on his or her own. a study says those adult children are causing their parents stress and conflict. so many americans are boom ranging and the key condition that likely leads to a drop in the parents' quality of life. these stories and more pam and
6:49 am
dave. see you in minutes. >> all right. thank you. >> time is 6:49. let's go over to sal and check the commute. it's a busy commute a lot happening on the roads. >> yeah. we have better news. a crash on highway 24 has been cleared. and the slow traffic is still there. it's going to take a while to unwind. we will start there and look at highway 24 especially on lafayette and wall net scene on 608 you will -- walnut creek and on 680. it should get better. this is a look ain't state 80. some people who come from solano county might stay on 80 and that's getting a little bit more crowded as well. bay bridge toll plaza is backed up for a 20 minute delay. san mateo bridge not too bad. dunn barton traffic about the same as you see every day getting to the peninsula. and as we look at this commute, not a bad commute right now on 101 getting up to millbrae and
6:50 am
redwood city. slowing at 101 at 92 but that's about all. 6:50 now back to steve. >> thanks. we have a lot of low clouds in place after last night's rain which was not much for some but good for others i mean about marin county over to oakland, berkeley north that was okay. east and south of that not much. but a lot of low clouds, mild air mass in place. stephanie says she is in redwood estates. our plans are -- plants are singing in the rain. i hesitate to say store because it has to have a strong wind. it looks like a rain system if you are in santa rosa north you won't get anything. that's how it's looking for saturday afternoon and evening. a third of an inch. and glen ellyn. berkeley around a quarter. and alameda .19. eu keya a 10th of an inch. and there was greater amounts
6:51 am
of rain. cazadero 2/3 of an inch of rain. wood acre a half inch. a third for kensington. kentfield over a quarter. and richmond about that. san francisco .07 mountainview .06. there will be low clouds, mix of sun and clouds continued very mild. afternoon highs getting up with sun breaks. the focus is santa cruz and moderate to heavy. north of that not so much. but i will wrestle with that on friday. partly sunny. partly cloudy today. mostly cloudy friday. and then saturday into sunday morning and the pattern changes. we will get rain and it will come in from the north enstead of the west southwest. our system is long gone and there's not much left except for the low clouds. airflow is out of the west southwest that's going to continue to funnel in moisture. so we will get sun breaks and clouds. 40s, 50s on the temps. around the bay 50s. alameda 54. the city is 52.
6:52 am
richmond 5 #. berkeley 52a lot of 53s in oak lan. there's moisture moving -- 53. berkeley 52a lot of 53s in oak lan. 46, 47 eu keyinga -- cue a and 30s -- ukiah. the snow level has gone up. a lot of cloud cover on the way and look at the train of moisture that extends south to the hawaiian islands. this is going to deepen as it moves southward. and it lifts northward and as it does, that will give us rain. here's the projection for right now. they have a tough time but it looks like pretty good rain on saturday and sunday and then we will focus to the north sloarg snow levels big time. 60s and 70s on the temps. sun breaks mace it warmer than this. these are - makes it warmer than this. these are above average temps. owning property in san francisco could get more expensive.
6:53 am
coming up, the so-called rain tax and how the city will use the money. plus, saving that cracked cell phone. the proposed new law but not everyone is happy about it.
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 6:55. a bill making its way through
6:56 am
state legislature would require cell phone companies to make repair information available to independent repair shops. it would henry deuce electronic waste and create more jobs in california. apple along with other tech companies such as ib m and cisco oppose the proposal. apple says it is stepping up efforts to make the products more environmentally friendly while ensuring quality and safety. if you eat shellfish from drake's bay, there was a toxin found. this also affects clams and oysters from drake's bay. it does not include commercially sold shellfish because they're monitored for
6:57 am
the toxin. the toxin is dangerous. it could even be deadly. so far there are no reports of anyone becoming sick. san francisco property owners may soon be paying a new storm drain fee. while we need the water, every time it rains, the runoff affects the city's old sewer system. the examiner reports 500 owners of vacant lots are being told they may soon have to pay an annual wastewater fee of $377. it could go up to $421 by the year 2022. every inch of rainfall puts 430 million gallons of water into the runoff system. officials want all property owners to pay for the maintenance of the sewage treatment system. there is a standoff between 600 teachers in pittsburgh and the school district. the two sides have not agreed on a new contract and are
6:58 am
heading for state mediation. the state gave an 18% pay hike over the past three years. that raised teacher pay levels from the bottom third to the bottom third in contra costa county. but those in nearby communities still pay more. >> we have a shortage teachers. they can go anywhere they would like and they have a district really close to here, mount diablo, that can cover them $10,000 more than we can. >> one big concern in pittsburgh schools, overcrowded classrooms. the district says reducing class size would cost millions of dollars. they pointed out that the district is not laying off teachers and offered to pay 90% of teachers' health benefits. nasa released a new photo showing the surface of mars. it looks different. it is a picture of the north pole of mars. take a look. the brown wavy images are sand dunes. if you look closer to the gray
6:59 am
around them, they are boulders piled in what looks like a specific tile pattern. scientists say it was not created by anything living on mars. and that is the same pattern created here on a earth caused by frost half where the ground repeatedly freezes and thaws, bringing rocks to the surfaces and arming them into stripes or circles. you're throwing down the gauntlet in california. >> somebody needs to stand up and say no. >> u.s. attorney general jeff sessions doubling down on his criticism of california's sanctuary state policy. his latest comments but oakland mayor libby schaaf joins us in the studio as we talk about the barbs that were traded yesterday and what is to come. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> 7:00 on a busy thursday. >> yes, it is. >> rainy as well, march 8th.
7:00 am
i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. lots of clouds outside. just went out. steve is right here with the forecast. >> we had the rain overnight and now the fog is in place. everything is coming in from the west/southwest. the rainfall was pretty good for those marin county to berkeley north. a foggy morning, super foggy for some. it may be muggy. afternoon highs, 60s to low 70s. the next rain will be here saturday afternoon into sunday. the focus seems to be about san francisco, oakland, concord souths. heavier down towards santa clara valley. the clouds will give way to partly sunny, partly cloudy skies. we will be mostly tomorrow. rain moves in saturday afternoon into early sunday morning. these are warm systems so the snow level has gone way up. you see the airflow oust the west


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