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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 8, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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same pattern created on earth by frost heave when repeating freezing and thawing of the ground arranges them in stripes or circles. >> thursday morning here in the bay area as we look at san francisco bay. a light drizzle for many of the folks out there. one of my favorite mornings this time of year when you get a little drizzle. good for a hike, bike or a run. who am i kidding? i don't run anymore. i do like a nice hike in the woods when it is chris lie --
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drizzly. when was the last time that you have been to alcatraz. >> i have never been there. >> you grew up in the city. >> you ask a new yorker if they have been to the empire state building. >> i see astory, me and sal going out to alcatraz. >> you've never been. >> i have been. i want to take you, sal. >> i'm rarely down in fisherman's wharf. i grew up in san francisco. i'm rarely down there. >> i was shooting a story in silicon valley the other day on artificial intelligence. we will air that in a special on saturday. what i learned is a tourist attraction is silicon valley. there are tour buses checking it out. >> like facebook. >> people from outside of the country are coming to see and taking pictures. >> actual tour buses. >> people coming and opening their doors to these tourists who want to get a piece of silicon valley. >> like the hollow owe see the homes of the stars but only here in the bay area.
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>> it is happening. >> busy newscast. >> very. >> already been busy. i know you spoke to the mayor earlier. right now we're going to begin in vallejo. police are searching for the hit and run driver who struck and killed an 18-year-old right off of 80 near the six flags arena. alex savidge is live on the scene with more on the story. alex. >> reporter: good morning. the suv involved in the hit and run crash, according to authorities, was headed up this really steep hill in this vallejo neighborhood yesterday afternoon when the suv started rolling backwards. that's when the gmc suburban rolled down there on the portion of the sidewalk and slammed into a young woman who was just walking along the sidewalk yesterday afternoon. and that woman was struck and killed. an 18-year-old woman. she died from her injuries, suffered in this crash, at the
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hospital. now, she was walking along vervais avenue near fleming around 3:45 in the afternoon. i was told by one neighbor shortly after the accident that the young woman was wearing a backpack, from what he could tell. it was unclear if she was coming from school at the time that she was struck and killed. now, after striking the woman on the sidewalk, the silver 1994gmc suburban flipped over. that's when the driver jumped from the suv and simply ran off. we talked with one neighbor whew was walking in this area this morning. she says the fact that the driver left this scene is disturbing but not necessarily surprising. >> it is sad, but it doesn't -- you know, it happens a lot. people -- you know, do the right thing. do the right thing. start by slowing down. yeah. take responsibility. >> reporter: now, again, police are still searching for the
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person who was behind the wheel of that silver gmc suburban involved in this deadly crash. authorities have not put out a description of the wanted driver in this case. but i was told by a neighbor from what they could tell, it was a man behind the wheel. again, he hopped out of that crashed suv and simply ran off down the street before authorities got here to this scene. so obviously if anybody knows anything about this crash, if they recognize the silver gmc suburban from the photo that we just aired here, they should put in a call to vallejo police right away. they want to find the driver who according to authorities struck and killed an 18-year- old young woman yesterday afternoon. >> alex in vallejo, thank you. this morning there is a new war of words between oakland mayor libby schaaf and the trump administration and it is making headlines around the country i hope you were with us earlier when the mayor joined us live on mornings on 2 to talk about the ongoing dispute own sanctuary state and city laws.
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>> what about the concern that some might say you're prioritizing immigrants' lives over that of law enforcement in your warning? >> that is not the case. my job is to run a safe city. obviously i've been very serious about crime. part of that has been supporting our good hardworking law enforcement officers. that deserve praise for the incredible results that they have delivered in these last few years. 42% reduction in homicides. 50% reduction in shootings. 55% reduction in armed robberies. >> mayor schaaf was heavily criticized by trump officials for alerting the public late last month about immigration raids across northern california. she told me this morning that the roundup was not a well kept secret and she made sure not to give away specific locations or targets. when i asked the mayor if she had such specific information to give, she would not answer. >> the mayor's response comes after attorney general jeff sessions doubled down on his
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criticism here of california. last night in an interview on fox news, sessions had even more strong words for california. >> people have tried to spin this as somehow we're demanding that the state and local officials go out and do the work of the federal government. we would like their help. most states and jurisdictions around the country help happily. but we just cannot allow them to obstructor block the ability of federal officers to do the job that they are lawfully required to do. >> we showed you live yesterday sessions speaking at a sacramento law enforcement conference in which he discussed the justice department's lawsuit in federal court to overturn california's sanctuary policies. he called out the state's lieutenant governor and mayor schaaf for what sessions said was encouraging the obstruction of immigration enforcement. we are hearing that president trump will make an announcement at 12:30 our time on the tariffs he wants to
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impose on imported steel and aluminum. just a short time ago outside of the white house, the president said australia and other countries may be exempted from the tariffs, along with mexico and canada. caroline shively has the latest from washington. >> reporter: markets open up as investors brace for tariffs. looking forward to 3:30 p.m. meeting. we have to protect and build our steel and aluminum industries while at the same time showing great flexibility and cooperation for those who are real friends and treat us fairly on both trade and the military. >> he wants fair reciprocal trade deals that stop screwing the american workers and industries. >> reporter: the tariffs will be 25% on steel and 10% on aluminum could be exempt for some countries. this week some republicans urged mr. trump to take a surgical approach and only
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target specific countries. in the meantime the president's top economic adviser, gary cohn who fought the tariffs rattled investors when he announced he is leaving the white house. >> i think this is a big mistake for the president. once again it looks like he shot from the hip from a sledge hammer instead of using a scalpel that would be more appropriate. >> reporter: states with auto manufacturing plants or canning are more at risk. states like hawaii and idaho rely very little on aluminum and steel imports. in washington, caroline shively, ktvu fox 2 news. the white house is confirming that next week president trump will come to california. his first visit since taking office. the official agenda of tuesday's trip has not been released but the president is expected to visit san diego to see prototypes for the border wall and attend a fundraiser in
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beverly hills. he is not expected to come to the bay area. today is a celebration of women. some events include a concert in san francisco benefiting female farm workers. in oakland, the second annual women's fest will be held on saturday. voters could see a surge of women running for office in november. some political experts are calling it a historic shift. they point to this week's texas primary in which a record number of female candidates won their party's nomination or a spot in a run-off. the me too movement may be inspiring more women to get involved in politics or seek higher office for both republicans and democrats. 470 women could run for congress this year. currently women make up about 20% of congress. the east coast digging out after a nor'easter. the storm blamed for at least one death. an 88-year-old woman in new york was killed by a falling tree. it hit new england this morning after dropping snow on states
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yesterday. some areas got as much as two feet of snow. driving in the snow has been dangerous and visibility down to just a few hundred feet. officials say more than a million people in maryland to maine were without power this morning. >> we have heaters so i think we will be okay. and then candles. so maybe some board games. >> the storm continues to impact air travel throughout the northeast. hundreds of flights have been canceled. there have been five cancellations at sfo because of the bad weather in boston and newark. if you are flying today, check ahead with the airline before heading off to the airport. all right. in the meantime look at this snow in pennsylvania. the bus for the women's basketball team for northeastern university became stuck outside of a practice facility in philadelphia yesterday afternoon. they all got out and started pushing. eventually the bus slowly moved forward and the team got back on the bus. >> team bonding. >> yeah. >> they got the bus going. >> they got it done, man.
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>> hopefully they get the win. >> exactly. you know, steve, this is why people obviously move to california. we're not dealing with any of that. we might have rain this weekend. >> we will have rain this weekend. i think the next two weeks look good for us, you guys. rain and snow here. the next couple of days, three days, it is all about rain. not a lot of snow. last night's system maybe didn't do much for you but it was okay in mount tam, cazadero. so from marin county to the russian river, it was all right there. some amounts half an inch. guerneville in there. kent field, also richmond about a quarter of an inch. san francisco, .07. mountain view, .06. not much to the south. and then pinole to about two- tent #os in alameda and berkeley -- two tenths of an inch in alameda and berkeley. rain moves in on saturday. look for a lot of cloud cover
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and mild, muggy conditions here with afternoon highs above average. in fact low 70s. it does look like rain will start moving into the picture on saturday. and then we will focus our attention from the north. so we're going from one extreme to the other. a lot of partly sunnies today. we're seeing that already. san jose is already 61. 58, sfo. 58, oakland. concord, 59. brentwood says 60. this is a muggy air mass in place. the cloud cover may be enough to keep the temperatures from getting too warm. low 70s are certainly possible. tomorrow we cloud it up and then rain is on the way. where it decides to take aim is around the monterey peninsula. but i think saturday afternoon we get rain and then it comes in from the north, which will be better for lower snow levels. today, muggy and warm: we will see that about the same tomorrow. and then i would expect rain on saturday. after monday then it will get cold again. so don't be fooled by this, you guys. >> as we spring forward over the weekend.
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>> yes, we do. >> we bring on the rain. >> we do indeed. we bring in lower snow levels next week and pretty good systems even for us. >> great. thank you, steve. coming up next on mornings on 2 the 9, lyft is working to expand its self-driving technology. more on the partnership in the east bay helping them move forward.
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>> this morning the ride sharing company lyft is announcing a new partnership to further develop its self- driving technology. lyft will be testing the self- driving cars in concord which is managed by the contra costa transportation authority at the site of the formal navals station. the director of the california department of motor vehicles expressed excitement about issuing driverless permits beginning in a couple of weeks. many companies feel that one
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day driverless cars will outnumber human-driven cars. for more on the announcement and more on what this means for driverless cars. >> we announced last week that we have been given the green light to start issuing permits for drivingless deployment and we will see the regulations effective on april 2nd. this is a major milestone for us at dmv and the state. >> for more on the partnership with lyft, i'm joined by the executive director of the controversy don't transportation authority -- contra costa transportation authority. thank you for coming in. i know that lyft and uber are racing to get involved in driverless technology. do you think that people are going to trust getting into a vehicle that doesn't have a human operator? >> i think ultimately they will -- the human and the drivers will become more accustomed to the technology. that's why lyft has chosen to begin testing at the station,
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which is a controlled environment. it is a large facility, as you know. >> uh-huh. >> it is about 5,000 acres. and so i think that they're making a step in the right direction. a controlled environment. you can repeat tests over and over again to get the people accustomed to the various maneuvers that the vehicles have to make in a controlled environment. it is more efficient. you don't want to have a vehicle making a thousand right hand turns in a city causing congestion. >> right. do you think this is the way of the future? is this something that ten, maybe even sooner than that, we are going to take for granted that most cars are not driven by people? >> i believe so. i think this is the direction we're headed. imagine a day when cars refuse to crash and they follow closer together. your traffic will smooth out and you won't be worried about your kids getting into an accident when they first learn how to drive. i think these things will be approximatity to rest over time. >> you know, i am skeptical only for one reason. when i started doing traffic back in the clinton
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administration, a long time ago. >> yes. >> they said that the phones or working from home or all of these technology advances were going to get rid of traffic. here we are in 2018 and traffic is as bad as it ever has been. do you think really this is the thing that really is going to change things? >> well, to add further to that prediction, they pre debuted only 900,000 cell phones over the next decade. they have off by a 1,000%. population has grown tremendously over the years. people want to go to work. >> right. >> so the whole maneuvering between work -- i think traffic is a barometer for economic vitality. when there is a recession, traffic volumes go down. >> we saw that. >> when it is a hot economy, traffic increases. >> i have seen video of you doing this. you were on this vehicle. what does it feel like being inside? >> it is getting safer and safer. the initial ride thai took many
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-- that i took many years ago was jerky. it is getting better and better. it is smooth today. >> what do you think the biggest problem is for contra costa traffic that you're dealing with. >> i think a lot of people commute to the bay area or silicon valley and they go to san francisco. they all leave at the same time and want to come home at the same time. that is the problem. you need to spread the peak out or find a way for cars to follow closer and reduce accidents. we're going to provide better mobility options for people. they can work as they go to work. they can work in the car. they don't have to pay attention to the driving. i think this will help a lot in the fight against congestion. >> thank you for coming in. >> you're welcome. >> thank you very much. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, is there a connection between video games and violence? up next the meeting today between president trump and the video game industry.
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>> nikolas cruz has been formally charged with killing 17 people in the florida school shooting. a grand jury formally indicted him yesterday. he faces 17 counts of premeditated murder and 17 counts of attempted murder. prosecutors have not announced if they will seek the death penalty. his defense attorney says he may be willing to plead guilty to avoid execution. he remains separated from other inmates. he shows signs of restlessness and can be heard laughing at times. lawmakers in florida have created a bill to prevent school shootings like the one that occurred in parkland, florida. it requires a three-day waiting period for gun sales and will provide money for mental health and will arm some teachers which has been a controversial subject since president trump mentioned it in the days
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afterring the shooting. parents of the children who died in the shooting support the bill. the governor has not decided if he will sign or veto it. if the governor does nothing, the bill will become law in ten days without his signature. president trump will meet with executives of the video game industry today. after the florida high school shooting, critics pointed to violent video gamessa problem. there are are arts that the man charged in the shooting, nikolas cruz, spent 15 hours a day playing violent video games. president trump has also said he is concerned about children's exposure to violence in the games. straitest our question of the day. we've been asking, do you think there is a connection between violent video games and violent crimes? 34% say yes. 6 6% say no. >> frank frank is live at betty's ocean view diner in berkeley asking people what they think. frank. >> reporter: thank you, guys. i'm here with a couple from germany. they're house shopping, about to move to the united states. anneka and marcel. good to have you with us.
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what is your take? is there a connection between watching and playing violent video games and creating violence? >> i think there might be a connection. but the most important thing is things like this also happen over at our place. they happen not so often as your place. but they are also at our place. my opinion on this topic is you always have to take care, that you supervise your kids. that you control the activities. that you don't leave them alone. because at our place i think it is the same here, people doing these things at the end, these terrible things happening are always people which are alone, on their own, isolated and where no supervision is regarding parents or friends. >> you think the onus falls on the parents and not the video game makers themselves. >> i don't think you can avoid kids playing these games. you have to supervise. you can't forbid it. if i forbid it, my older sons, they would have played at other
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friend's house. you have to control it and it should work. >> when you heard about the florida shooting, do you in germany, 17 young people dead, what is the impression of the united states in europe when it comes to guns and that sort of thing? >> that is an interesting question. because we had a similar thing happen four or five years in germany. then it was similar dramatic but not so many people died because here you have easy access to weapons. everybody remembers your weapon laws are not as strict as ours. but at the end, here you have the larger weapons and more people die. at our place, people take hunting guns from their parents out of the cupboards. in the end, it is similar. >> thank you so much. good luck moving to the u.s. >> thanks. >> if i may change the topic a little bit. give betty's a plug. anyplace that has its own book on how to make pancakes has to
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be good. that's the latest from berkeley. back to you. >> thank you, frank. school districts around the country and here in the bay area are seeing a strike in threats of violence since the florida shooting. typically it tracks about 10 threats against schools a day. but it says since the shooting in parkland, florida, it has averaged 72 threats a day. most turn out to be hoaxes but all have to be taken seriously. families say these threats are very scary for children especially. >> i have a fourth grader and a third grader here. and i mean they're terrified. they don't even want to be at school. that's how scare tee has gotten. >> i would like to see more safety for the kids. they're kids. they're supposed to enjoy life. you know, not be scared. >> just this past week there were threats at san jose state in milpitas and the allen rock school district. in the last case a 12-year-old girl was arrested. steve kerr will participate in a town hall discussion on
9:27 am
gun violence. he and a congressman will speak at newark memorial high school on monday. in the past kerr has spoken out about the need of gun control following the mass shootings. the topic is personal for kerr whose father was killed by two gunmen. he was a university professor in beirut when he was assassinated in 1984. coming up, video of a 10- year-old boy jogging to school goes viral. coming up, his three-day bus suspension for bullying that caused his father to take action and teach him a lesson. two santa rosa residents come together to help all those affected by the north bay wildfires. up next, the book they're working on that will provide comfort and raise some money to those who need it.
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with pg&e in the sierras. and i'm an arborist since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought
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we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. that anything that matches your taste can match your budget. that green living doesn't have to cost much green. we believe that you should always have room for the little things. and that your dream kitchen should work as hard as you do. ikea family members get 15% back when you spend $2000 or more at the ikea kitchen event. and financing is now available with the ikea projekt credit card.
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>> 9:30. let's take a look at the markets. dow jones not making too many major moves right now. s&p 500 is flat. >> for more on the other headlines we have been working on, let's go to dave clark. >> california's drought situation a little while ago the latest information from the u.s. drought monitor was released. on the monitor side, on the left side of the monitor, the situation exists as -- as it is right now. on the other half there's a situation from last week. the bottom line is the bay area is is abnormally dry. southern california has extreme drought. there's either moderate or severe drought for most of southern california. in the meantime tonight at 8:00, the six registered democrats running for mayor of san francisco will come together. they will talk about issues. the san francisco democratic
9:31 am
party is hosting the event at the lgbt community in san francisco on market street. well, the trial has begun for a san francisco police officer charged with felony hit and run. christopher core who became known as the hot cop of the castro in 2014 is accused of driving a car in 2015 that hit two pedestrians in a north beach crosswalk and then he left his car at the scene and ran away. he was off duty at the time. the two men who were hit suffered serious injuries. his lawyer told the jury that he abandoned his car because an angry crowd formed at the scene and they recognized him and he felt he was in danger. uber and lyft may soon have to pay a per-ride tax in oakland. city council woman kaplan wants a ballot measure saying under her plan, the extra money would
9:32 am
be used for road improvements. other major cities have similar taxes. if approved, oakland would be the first california city with a tax like that. san francisco is thinking about it as well. now, the bay area would not be alone in taxing riders. chicago has a 15 cent per-ride tax. philadelphia has a 1.4% surcharge. massachusetts collects 20 cents per ride. and new york is considering a fee of between $2 to $5 per ride. those are just some of your morning headlines. mike, sal, gasia, i'll send it back to you. >> thank you, dave. these are smaller than the engines you're probably used to seeing around the city. the department says the new engines are uniquely suited to handle the narrow streets in the city and expected to be safer for pedestrians and bicyclists. there is also a 360 degree camera on top of the engines to
9:33 am
allow firefighters to see vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians from the entire truck from just the driver's seat alone. the city has six more on order to add to the fleet of 60 vehicles. the family and friends of a man shot and killed by a bart police officer back in january is at the monthly board meeting of the transit agency. allie rasmus was inside the meeting and joins us live with more on the story. allie. >> reporter: yes. that meeting is still underway which is why we have been asked to step outside. we can walk towards here. i'm going to keep my voice down. we can open the doors so my photographer, george, can walk in. this meeting is still going on. this is a regularly scheduled board meeting. there are a cup dozen supporters and family members of the family of tindel have shown up here. i'm going to move away so george can step inside. at the podium, you hear some people speaking in support of the family of tindel. back on january 3rd, the 28- year-old man was shot and killed by a bart police
9:34 am
officer. and the family says that they plan on showing up at these regular bart board meetings from here on out into the future to express their anger and frustration about what happened. now, there is body camera video from the responding bart police officer, officer joseph m acho. that shows the officer running towards a call about shots fired. in the video you can see tindel and another man wrestling. the officer with yells to the men to show their hands twice. and then the officer fires his weapon three times. now, bart police say a gun was recovered at the scene. it is unclear if anyone had control of the weapon when tindel was shot. the family is suing bart police for wrongful death and they want the officer to face criminal charges. >> he needs to be stripped of his badge and his gun and arrested. that's it. he's still a danger to the community in my words, in my
9:35 am
book. if he is on desk duty, they should have kept him on desk duty for a while until the investigation was done. they put him out there and rubbed it in our faces. >> reporter: the officer returned to work on january 18th, about two weeks after the shooting happened. bart's police chief has defended the officer's actions saying he responded appropriately. again, family members of the man who was killed are in that bart board meeting right now. they plan to show up to these meetings on a regular basis. again, what the family is calling for is for some criminal charges to be leveled against the officer involved in this shooting. it is up to the alameda county district attorney's office and oakland police which are conducting an investigation into the exact circumstances about what happened that day. and that investigation is still pending. back to you guys. >> thank you, allie, for the update. today marks five months since fires broke out in sonoma
9:36 am
and napa counties. it destroyed more than 8,000 structures and killed 43 people. today families and businesses are still working to rebuild after what is being called the most destructive fire storm in california history. when the fires began, sent the astarted posting poems on a fire storm update page. people urged her to put them into a book. that's when they found marlene. >> together they wrote and brought pictures together. now they're working on a children's book about the valuable items found in the aftermath. they join us live in the studio this morning. thank you for taking the time. >> thank you. >> just seeing the images, it has been a while since i have seen the images from five months ago. i'll open it up to, you cynthia, what was it like getting out there was. >> it was terrifying.
9:37 am
we went home and loaded up three cars. my husband and my nephew and i. and pretty much grabbed everything of importance and many things that we couldn't grab had to stay behind. i wrote a poem called home about that experience where i left the home thinking it's okay. if it goes, it is just things. it is just a home. by the time i got done with the poem, i realized i was lying to myself. because it is more than -- it is more than a house. it is a home. it is where you made your memories. it is where the things that are important to you are kept. it's your starting point of your day. it is your ending point when you go to sleep at night. it is important. >> marlene, i imagine when you evacuated as a photographer. >> yes. >> you grabbed your gear and your negatives. you describe a feeling of not knowing what to do. >> that's right. you kind of go blank. at least i did. i asked my husband, what -- what am i missing? what is it that i haven't grabbed already?
9:38 am
because you do. you go blank. and the lights were out. i had to get a flashlight. and i didn't have my contacts on. it was one thing after the other. i had to try to find my glasses, get on the floor and try to find a flashlight. it was intense. and how we found out is my daughter actually called us from windsor. she heard about the fire. we didn't have a clue and the fire was probably a mile at most behind our house. >> hope rises, discovering beauty after the fires. where was the seed planted between you two. >> we met online. >> after the fires. >> yes. it was more of a fluke. i was looking for somebody to publish and print the book. i had posted a message online, does anybody know a publisher. and marlene can tell you what happened from there. >> the night before -- it was meant to be. i had any computer on but it was on sleep mode. when i woke up, there was
9:39 am
cynthia's post asking for a local printer. i answered her right away. i had just done a sonoma county strong calendar with scott hartly. so i recommended him highly. that's how we got started. i answered her and she looked athe my page and saw i was a photographer. >> as an author, someone who writes poetry, writing it for yourself is one thing. posting it online is another. what is it like to make that leap, to a book that all can share now? >> at first i thought just a few people would read it and respond. and then i started getting messages after messages and instant messages and e-mails from people who said the poetry was really helping them. one girl called me and said she literally looked for it every day. i realized it was really important. it is healing. and i've had death in my family where i've held it in and not expressed how i felt. and i know the repercussions of
9:40 am
holding it in. we need to get people talking. >> you can express often in words as we all do. but also with images, marlene. >> yes. >> we work in a visual medium. we understand images. >> that's right. >> you and understand the power they can provide and you do that in here. >> thank you. >> what were you looking for in some of these images to capture and pass along? >> there's a feeling that you get when you look at something and it just talks to you. there's the building with the house. the shell of the house. and the sunset in the back told me a lot. it just told a whole story right there. >> uh-huh. >> but there's so much beauty in sonoma county. that's why i take sonoma county pictures. and we are just lucky to live here. >> it must be gratifying for the two of you to see your art actually bringing good old fashion money to the people who need it most. >> yes. >> tell me about that. >> we originally decided that
9:41 am
we are going to donate the first fund that's are coming through to journeys end. and those are the folks that lost their mobile homes at the park. some of the mobile homes are still standing but they're not able to go home. so we want to donate our first funds, first profits from the book to them. then as time moves on, we will look for other people that maybe need assistance and we will help them as well. >> can you touch real quick on the farmers market in may? >> yeah. >> may 16th. >> what is going on? >> it is a community strong. there will be all kinds of vendors for the community. and it will be wonderful. about 8,000 people should be going through. >> great. >> cynthia, marlene, hope rises, rediscovering beauty after the fires. congratulations. i'm glad you met and came together. >> thank you. we appreciate it. >> we put more information on how to get the books on look for it in the web links section under the mornings on 2 tab and you can also find it on the ktvu mobile app. with that, we will be right
9:42 am
back after the break.
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>> welcome back. our next guest has been on the bits screen, tv. this weekend he is back on the standup stage at cob's comedy club in san francisco. welcome to the bay area. >> oh. >> you do a lot of new york, east coast. >> yes. >> is there a difference between the new york comedy screen and the west coast comedy screen. >> yeah. new york is better. >> oh, wait a minute. >> thanks for watching, everyone. >> we're out of here. [laughter] >> i mean, you know, san francisco is a really good comedy town. the bay area.
9:45 am
they love comedy. it is funny. sometimes you will literally do a joke and san franciscans, you bay area people start laughing. then the political correctness will kick in in the middle of the joke. hahaha. wait a minute. >> none of that in new york. >> no. it is like give it to us. especially -- especially it is very international in new york. so it is all just honesty. >> that has to be disappointing to you if you're rattling off a joke and feel good. >> it is great. if you can catch it, when i make fun of it, they go, he's right. >> this leads to the next question. do people laugh at the same things all across the country. >> yeah. i have to go to russia in a couple months. i'm doing a show in russia and malaysia and the jokes, they laugh at them. there's a point now with youtube and with instagram where there is standup in countries that never allowed
9:46 am
it. i know chinese comedians in a communist country, it was forbidden to stand in front of an audience and make front of people. now they are doing it in indonesia who has the highest amount of muslims. now people get comedy. this is what they do now. they will go -- the overseas comedians will watch the american comics and do it in their language. right now there is an indonesia robin williams. >> are you going to see "black panther" again. >> i might. i have seen it twice. i am wondering why i wasn't in it. forest whitaker's accident bothered me. >> your parents are from
9:47 am
nigeria. >> yes. >> you dropped your last name which is hard to pronounce. >> yes. >> how did they feel about you dropping that last name professionally? >> they didn't care about that. they were just -- they were mad that i was being -- i wanted to be a standup. >> right. >> it was more like -- >> what did they want to be. >> i was a premed psych major in college. i love human behavior. my father is like what are you doing? i was like -- >> you're throwing it away. >> has it changed now that you're successful. >> they're happy. it was all about security. >> right. >> what are you going to do for a backup? this is it. >> i'm all in. >> are they funny people. >> they are very funny people. always had -- my brother, sister, everybody is funny. you know how your parents have their own kind of humor. everybody has a sense of humor. that is why i'm going to tell you guys on this channel, everybody has suggestions for comedians that are not performers. they always have to say do you
9:48 am
know what you can do with that joke? no. i did enough with it. no comedian will ever come to your job and tell you how to do it. >> anchor the news. >> it's because everyone has a sense of humor. everybody does. >> right. >> everybody makes somebody laugh. >> right. >> they figure since i make people l the guys doing it professionally, it is the same thing. it is not. >> do your parents -- does your mom say you should -- >> no. my mom never does. my father is like, you know, i have a joke for you. i'm good, dad. literally. >> he probably has a lot of them on index cards. >> i've been writing a couple of things that you need to do. >> so much love. >> whatever. >> that is exactly what it is. >> we have more information for tickets to see godfrey on on the mornings on 2 tab and then we have the ktvu mobile app. you can find it there as well. congratulations.
9:49 am
>> congratulations. sorry for the background. it is just a median. >> pay no attention. >> pleasure to have you here. the ross spring dress event. it's here. where you'll find the perfect dress at the perfect price. whether you want to stand out from the crowd
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never ending classics is bstarting at $11.99.. all the helpings you want of all the classics you love. because the best things in life should be never ending. for a limited time, only at olive garden. >> president trump now speaking out about oakland mayor libby schaaf and her warning of a raid by ice agents. the president made the comments at a cabinet meeting right there at the white house a short time ago. >> what the mayor of oakland did the other day was a disgrace. where they had close to a
9:52 am
thousand people ready to be gotten. ready to be taken off the streets. many of them, they say 85% of them were criminals. >> i hope you were with us earlier this morning when mayor schaaf joined us in the studio in the 7:00 hour to talk about the ongoing dispute with the trump administration and its criticism of her actions. she remains committed to protecting the community and doing so makes city safer, not more dangerous. a father had an unusual reaction when he learned his son was kicked off the school bus for being a bully. he told his 10-year-old son there would be no ride to school at all. the only way to get to school and back was to run one mile in each direction for the week of the suspension from the school bus approximate. >> he has got especially in trouble but never been suspended, kicked off the bus or suspended. that really scared me. and the week of extreme bad
9:53 am
behavior at school, very disruptive, notes home every day. i was like this has to stop. >> i was sliding under the seat. i was yelling, being really obnoxious. i jumped on one kid and hit him in his back side. >> hayden didn't have to go by himself. his dad drove alongside to make sure he was safe. father and son agreed that he was better behaved at school the next week after he ran. the city of carlsbad is introducing the lego land submarine ride. it is the first in the country where people go underwater in a real submarine. there is also going to be a new lego castle hotel opening next month. i spoke with the master builder about all of this and a nationwide lego building competition for children. >> first of all, let's talk about this new hotel opening in
9:54 am
time for the kids to head down to southern california. >> it is opening april 27th. we're counting down. and you're seeing some of the models that are going into the rooms. there are three different room themes. royal princess, knights and dragons and magic wizards. >> matt, did you build this. >> yes. this is a lego model of one of the rooms, the knights and dragons room. you can kind of see the adult area and the kid area, the bathroom and then the ultimate paradox, it is a lego model of lego models. you see there is a red dragon is a smaller version of a bigger dragon you will be able to look at and interact with in the rooms. there are lego models in each room that you can look at and get inspired by to build in the play area in the kids portions of the rooms. >> parents who have been to lego land, specifically to the hotel, it is set up for the parents enjoyment because the kids are kept busy right next
9:55 am
to you. >> that's right. when you check in there is a lego play pin, there is a slide in the lobby to go in while the parents are checking in. keeping them engaged. there's a thrown that they can sit on. even in jester's bar there are different game tables. in the rooms themselves, as soon as you walk in, there's a treasure box that you go through the hotel and you have to discover what numbers you're counting up to and open up the treasure box to get a lego treasure. >> let's look ahead to the new hotel. my little boys are all about lego city. what i love most is when they get a big bin of random legos from the neighbor and they create something amazing from their own imagination. >> that is the great thing about lego. there are infinity possibilities. i can build this helmet with 3,000 lego bricks. your boys can take ten pieces and we can both tell what they are. that's the great thing about lego. no matter what your age and your experience level, anybody including yourself i'm sure can
9:56 am
build awesome creations. >> and there's a way for the children's creations to perhaps make it to the hotel itself. >> yeah. we have run -- i have run out of ideas. we have over 2,000 -- >> we need help. >> we have 2,000 models in the hotel. we're looking for one more idea. we're looking for kids ages 6 -- >> 5 to 12. >> 5 to 12. we want to hear their idea for the last model for the hotel. so parents go on our facebook page and click on the contest tab and submit your idea. it can be a photo or a drawing and a little description what was they think the last model should be. we will pick a winner and build a model based off of their idea. and then your family gets to come down and help us finish the model, stay in the hotel. >> this is incredible. heavier than i thought it would be. >> very good. matt and julie, thanks for
9:57 am
joining us from lego land, california. >> thanks for having us. >> all of the information is on in the web links section under the mornings on 2 tab and also on the mobile app. join us tomorrow on the 9. we will be speaking live with mark farrell about the number of issues from ice raids to tasers. that will be a good conversation. we will talk to two of the people behind the effort to get people to turn off their devices for national unplug day. >> good luck with that. >> i like it. >> i hope it's not on a saturday or sunday. >> come on. >> we will see you back here at noon. taste can match your budget. ing that matches your that green living doesn't have to cost much green. we believe that you should always have room for the little things. and that your dream kitchen should work as hard as you do. ikea family members get 15% back when you spend $2000 or more at the ikea kitchen event. and financing is now available with the ikea projekt credit card.
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