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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  March 8, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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mistake for the president. >> reporter: person of interest with the help of pictures from a witness. vallejo police identify a man wanted in connection with a hit- and-run crash that killed an 18- year-old girl. >> i want this guy captured. and i want him punished. >> and strikes and protests on this international women's day with demands for equality, respect, and empowerment. >> we continue to fight. that's the only way there is to go. >> the 4:00 on 2 starts now. >> we just want fairness because we have not been treated fairly by other countries. >> president trump follows through on new tariffs on imported steel and aluminum saying they are needed to help preserve american industries. this comes despite opposition from his own party. >> jillian turner is live from washington, d.c. with more on the president's announcement.
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>> reporter: the president has unveiled sweeping new tariffs on enemies and allies. he's leaving a little bit of wiggle room. >> we want to build our ships, we want to build our planes, we want to build our military equipment with steel and aluminum from our country. >> president trump says he's saving american jobs with a tariff on imported steel and aluminum. the tariffs will exempt next and canada if the countries can agree on the north american free trade agreement. >> don't swing bridally and wildly at our foe, china. establish a well placed jab at china. set them back. >> reporter: gary cohn spent months fighting any possible tariffs. and after it became clear he
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lost the battle, he announced he's out. >> there's no question. but in his own way he's a nationalist because he loves our country. >> reporter: 42% of americans think the tariffs will hurt the economy. 27% think it will help. and 18% no impact whatsoever. members of the steel industry say the president might be aiming internationally with the tariffs but they're getting hit here at home. >> the cost is the biggest thing and that's what is going to hurt us as a company if this goes through. >> responding to all of this, a senior administration official said there has been a lot of hair on fire response to these tariffs from lobbying. and other swamp dwellerrings, but he called the measures modest, targeted, and balanced. but we have that to hang our
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hats on. fox news, jillian turner. >> a lot of debate and one company plans to rehire previously laid off workers. aluminum is one of the most versatile metals on earth. and its uses increase every year. >> reporter: consider this. one of every 5 tons of aluminum used in the united states goes into packaging. mostly beverage cans which represents a large portion of what you pay for beer, sodas, and other canned drinks. the artisan craft beer is large for a small brewer and expects to put out 30 million cans of beer this year. >> the package is a third of the cost of what goes into the beer and the can is a big part
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of that. with 24 cans in a case, it's a big part of the cost. >> sources exempt from the tariffs -- at the moment, any change could cost big time. >> it would cost $300,000 which is money that we would normally go to hiring more brewers, hiring more staff, hiring more production and all the kinds of things. it's difficult to pass the cost on to the customer. increasing our prices would put us in a position where we would no longer be competitive. >> reporter: even for pubs, it's put in steel containers. she's thankful for loyal customers and wants to keep them which be friend more.
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they want to move with members of congress and the administration itself as do individual brewers. ktvu fox 2 news. in addition to making the tariffs announcement, the president took another shot at oakland mayor libby schaaf for her warning about the ice raids. the president said it was a disgrace. >> she warned them all to scatter. very dangerous. she made law enforcement much more dangerous than it had to be. we're looking at that situation very carefully. >> reporter: those comments come a day after jeff sessions leveled similar criticism against libby schaaf. today on mornings on 2, the mayor defended herself against the accusation that she put law
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enforcement in danger by warning the public. >> many law enforcement leaders have agreed that sanctuary policies actually make the city safer. they rely on good community relations. and in a city like oakland where one-third of the residents are immigrants. we rely on every part of our community to feel safe. >> reporter: mayor schaaf said she did not share specific information that may have endangered law enforcement. and she's willing to do to jail to defend oakland's sanctuary policies. a person was struck by a bart train in oakland. these are live pictures from sky fox. the medical emergency was first reported around 3 p.m. on one of the station's four trackways. the other three remain open and trains are passing through the station without stopping. passengers headed to pittsburgh, bay point, fremont, richmond, and san francisco can expect major delays.
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we'll keep an eye on the situation and update you as we continue to get more information. an update to a story that has provoked outrage in oakland. today a group of people who knew the victim packed the transit agency's monthly meeting. allie rasmus spoke with the father of the victim who explains what they want to see happen. >> reporter: dozens of friends, family members, and supporters packed the meeting to express anger and frustration for what happened to 28-year-old -- who was shot and killed by a bart police officer on january 3rd. there's body cam video that shows the responding officer, joseph ma due was running towards the suspect. bart police say a gun was
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recovered at the scene although it's unclear if anyone had control of the weapon when tindal was shot. they want officer matu to face criminal charges. >> he needs to be stripped of his badge and his gun. and arrested. that's it. you know. he's still a danger to the none in my words, in my books. they should have kept him on desk duty for a while. and then they put him back out there and rubbed it in our faces. >> re-returned to work after undergoing a psychological evaluation, drug testing, and going to the gun range to make sure there's no impacts when he hears a gun go off. >> and officer matu was put back on administrative duty. after the last board meeting
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there were threats to his life. and the chief made the decision to put him on administrative leave. and they have defended the officer's actions saying he responded appropriately. and the body cam video is just one piece of evidence in the ongoing investigation. the alameda county district attorney's office and oakland police are investigating and bart's citizen review board will discuss the officer involved shooting at the next meeting on march 12th. in oakland, allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. a person of interest has been identified in a hit-and- run crash. investigators want to talk to vincent fitzer about the crash that killed -- yesterday afternoon. the high school senior was walking and a silver gmc suburban jumped the curb and hit her. she died at the hospital. after the suv came to rest on
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its roof. the driver crawled out and took off. a neighbor took photos of a man in a dark insure it leaving the scene. >> for him to just not call for help. that's pure evil. >> i want this guy captured. i want him captured and i want him punished. he took a whole lot. he killed me. he killed me. >> family members describe the high school senior as a free spirit who had a bright future. anyone with information is asked to give vallejo police a call. recognizing women from combating sexual harassment in the workplace to equality. the progress around the world where in one country women are months away from legally being able to drive a car. and mcdonald's's is doing something it's never done before. the first system of the
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we have breaking news out of washington right now where south korean officials are announced that kim jong-un has extended an invitation to meet with president trump to discuss de-nuclearization. the national security adviser
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for the republic of korea made the announcement. and the president says he wants to meet by may. >> this is indeed a very big development. what do you make of the announcement? >> certainly good news. even if it doesn't lead to a final agreement, the fact that the two sides are going to be talking is critically important. you move away from the blustering and the threats to -- it's a reminder that in spite everything there may be a diplomatic solution to this process. >> what do you think is happening in the background? the u.s. was performing military exercises several months ago. and it seemed to flip. i didn't see that the u.s. did anything. >> the lack of immediate threats from the united states
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perhaps created a political space where the north koreans could make overtures and not look like they were being womenned. north korea is a very paranoid country and the paranoid structure of the government and propaganda system. threats only harden their attitude. my guess is that there are some quiet negotiations through the south koreans perhaps or other mediators to try to lay the groundwork for something like this. we may find this out eventually. but i think the fact that there's a pause in the rhetoric and the military exercises and the mutual threat may have created the kind of environment we needed. >> this announcement though and the fact that you heard south korean officials saying they are hopeful, that they are optimistic. is it too early to be using words like that, do you think?
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>> probably. but you obviously want to put on a more optimistic face when you're in a situation like this that -- you want to give people hope that at least it will amount to something. that's it's not just going to be fruitless or go on forever. and as a result, i'm personally not super optimistic that there'll be immediate breakthroughs, but they are wise to put a positive spin on it. >> so kim jong-un has invited president trump to meet with him. what do you think the odds of that happening are in your expert opinion? >> reporter: so far, the trump administration has made it clear that they would not meet with kim unless there are preconditions set. and the preconditions that i can't imagine that the north
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korean leadership would agree to. at the same time, i think that the invitation does indicate that the north koreans are open to some kind of talks, maybe not a summit such as this between the two leaders, but certainly either through intermediaries or through lower level officials. some progress could be made to address the mutual concerns of the nations involved. >> professor, we are just getting this into the newsroom. president trump has agreed to meet with kim jong-un in may. >> wow, that's huge. and i'm somewhat surprised. he had mentioned that during  the campaign but as president he's taken something of a harder line. so if this is the case, this is in fact quite significant and it will be very interesting to see what transpires. >> who knows who budged first,
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but in norfolk, some of the ships were taking part in the military exercises off the coast. and that ratcheted up things last summer. it's a good sign because -- tense between military officials and where we could be heading following the military exercises after north korea started testing the nuclear weapons. >> thank you for joining us. we just want to remind the viewers, president donald trump now planning to meet with north korea's kim jong-un by may. thanks so much, professor for your expertise. [ crowd chanting ] we move to this now. hundreds of women stopped traffic in madrid, spain, today. it's one of many demonstrations for billion women's day. women didn't show up to work and took to the streets to demand equality. in paris the focus was equal
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pay. the eiffel tower was illuminated with a message that read now we act. >> each time there is progress for women, and each time the society moves to equality, everyone benefits. >> in the fill pines -- and in saudi arabia, women took their first driving lessons, women will be allowed to get behind the wheel of a car in june. leigh martinez is live in berkeley where a union event is about to get underway calling for improving working conditions for female employees. >> reporter: that's right. it will happen in a half hour. this rally will highlight women janitors who struggle to support their families and they do have a desire to unionize. 2017 saw renewal in women's issues. and today we have a highlight of the events that happened
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earlier today. >> reporter: in the past year, women kept the spotlight on the obstacles women face at work. and across the world, women have pushed for progress. they call for workplace equality and an end to sexual harassment. events around the bay focused on the contributions and achievements of women. san francisco's cloud fair celebrated legendary women in tech with the press for progress. >> i wanted to be a doctor because i love helping people. the thing about technology, you can help people -- >> jennifer taylor says the woman who brought her into the technology field is one of her biggest inspirations. >> we started talking and i said your job sounds really
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interesting. she created an opening for me at her company. >> to play an important role for other women. >> i think for me with technology, i came of age where it was very unstructured. there wasn't a clear path and i really was inspired by the opportunity to define my own path and help bring other people along with me. >> reporter: the county supervisor in san jose spoke to female students at notre dame high school and honored those who work in justice and public service. a highlight was the judge who became the court's first minority presiding judge in 2014. the judge spoke about how she attended a catholic high school in little rock two years after segregation ended. >> i did not anticipate the difficulties that i would have in making friends once i got there. i made a couple of friends, the first year.
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and when i returned, i had to make them all over again. and by the third year, i just gave up. gaining acceptance by the students and the teachers alike was a challenge. that did not dampen my desire to do a good job. >> reporter: the message is for rim to work towards an america that creates equal opportunities and equal recognition. and another thing that all of these inspiring women have in common is that they always believed in themselves. they never doubted what they could do. >> that was leigh martinez reporting for us in berkeley. that union event is about to get underway in a moment. mcdonald's is turning the golden arches upside down. instead of an m, there was a w.
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this is near los angeles, the only one to flip the external sign upside down. >> if we could walk away understanding that we as brand mcdonald's understand the importance of the contribution of women and we want to say thank you and we want to have fun with it. >> in a statement. mcdonald's said it's proud of its diversity. and six of 10 restaurant owners in mcdonald's are women. let's check on the weather with mark tamayo. >> hard to believe we started the day with clouds and scattered showers. >> still a few lingering clouds and mild. 60s in a few spots. this system producing more than just a few sprinkles. some of the rainfall reports, nearly a quarter inch for the mill valley and santa rosa.
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a tenth in -- and still enough to impact the commute. here is the satellite. and you've been hearing a lot about the nor'easter. and you can see the evidence moving up to the north and east. and for us, lingering clouds in place. if you were to look outside the coast right now. looks like a summertime pattern. look at what's developed. a solid fog bank near portions of the coastline. dense fog closer to ocean beach. and out to the sunset district. and locally back into the bay. let's show you the real thing. looks like the middle of june or july. you can barely see the top of the towers here. looks like a summertime weather pattern but it's still march. a little bit of a change in the weather pattern for today. nice and chilly near the immediate coastline. overnight lows are in the 40s
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to the 50s. livermore tomorrow morning will be 45 degrees. santa rosa, 43. and san francisco around 50 first thing tomorrow morning. low 50s, around 52 degrees at 7:00. and then we scale back on some of the cloud cover by 12:00. and skies becoming partly cloudy. so we do not have any rain threat in the forecast for tomorrow. but just some clouds to start out the day. this is 7:00 and then skies becoming partly cloudy. the next system is developing offshore. and look what's happening later in the day on saturday as the system comes on board. we'll increase the rain chances as the energy moves in from the south and the west. we'll talk more about the system. and eventually, a cold storm in the bay area. lawmakers on capitol hill are taking up the issue of violence in video games following the deadly school shooting in parkland, florida.
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well, is there a link between video games and violent acts? president trump says yes and discussed the topic with industry executives at the white house. griff jenkins is in washington with more. >> president trump in meeting at the white house, talking video games and whether they make children more aggressive and contribute to the nation's higher level of gun violence. industry leaders have argued no, they don't. following the school shooting in florida, the president pointed to video games as an influencer. a neighbor of 19-year-old
4:29 pm
nikolas cruz telling police the teenager played violent video games for up to 15 hours a day. >> we need to stop and step back without going to censorship. and ask what is the impact of allowing kids to see violence over and over and over again in the form of a game? >> the white house is committed to a holistic approach to stop gun violence in schools. the president tells cabinet members that great progress has been made. >> we're taking strong action as you know. bump stocks -- we have statute story ceilings we have to go through to get rid of things that people agree we should get rid of >> lamar alexander says schools should focus on mental health and violence prevention. and is urging congress to invest federal dollars. >> we can't just let our children be killed and we
4:30 pm
washington to do what we can. >> today's meeting was not the first time that game makers have been called to the white house. in 2013, vice president biden met with industry leaders after the elementary school massacre in newtown, connecticut. the white house says president trump's meeting will be the first of several more to come. in washington, griff jenkins, fox news. ♪ >> protesters gathered outside the headquarters in foster city today. their calling on the company to stop processing payments from those that sell bump stocks and assault weapons. >> paypal, square, and apple pay already don't allow any vendors who sell guns at all to do business on their networks.
4:31 pm
so we think that it is a modest ask, a fair ask, and a just ask to ask visa, mastercard, credit card companies to take similar action to stop assault weapons. we believe visa's acceptance policy should be guided by the laws of the country in which we do business. the trial is underway for a san francisco police officer accused of running from the scene of a crash in north beach. our legal analyst talks with me next about the unusual consequence. and breaking news. >> north korea will halt nuclear ambitions. and president trump will meet with north korean leader kim jong-un. we'll have more coming up.
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more details on that breaking news that we are falling out of washington with a national security advisor for south korea has just announced that kim jong un has extended an invitation to meet with president donald trump . >> i told tracy i -- i told president donald trump at our meeting that the north korean leader kim jong un has said he
4:35 pm
is committed to denuclearization. he pledged that north korea will refrain from any further nuclear test. he understands that the routine joint leadership exercises between the united states and south korea must continue. he has expressed eagerness to meet president donald trump as soon as possible. president donald trump officiated the briefing and said he would meet kim jong un by may to achieve total denuclearization. >> that is the south korea national security advisor speaking about 20 minutes ago outside of the white house. he said that north korea will see! not do anymore nuclear testing. we are getting a look at a
4:36 pm
san francisco police office defense in a hit-and-run crash in north beach back in 2015. the trial for this man is now underway, and he is accused of crashing his personal car. he was off-duty at the time and injured two pedestrians at north beach. for more, the spring in our legal analysis and is amazing, as you are starting to snicker already, we got a look at the -- the possible defense. pictures of castro and his bulging biceps, that is sort of what a lot of people are following. that -- the defense says that he was well known and after this crash, a lot of people recognized him and an angry mob was gathering, and that is why he ran from the scene.>> now we did not do a hit run now okay, where we did tremendous damage to two people almost taking a person's life. looking at this as objectively as i can, and i am a defense
4:37 pm
attorney, he had a knee operation a couple of weeks before this accident. now someone might think he is on medication, and then he is at a bar, a club, in san francisco. one person might think he was drinking combined with the drugs. we don't know that no. then he gets into this accident at rockaway and montgomery and severely injures people. then he gets out and goes on my god i am so afraid of this crowd. here is a police officer that might be armed because they do where the weapon off-duty, so i am assuming that he is armed, tough guy, and used to dealing with this, and he says oh my god i am so afraid and i have to run. so off i go! baloney. it might work on a san francisco jury, i don't know. but my common sense tells me that he assessed what should i do. if he is either under the influence of drugs or alcohol,
4:38 pm
he takes off and is doing what is good for him because he knows that would be felony drunk driving with the great bodily injury. that is a lot a prison time. now the district attorney cannot prove sense off he goes, whether or not he is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. but he did himself a world of good when he ran. >> so you think you really knew what was at stake here? >> he is a police officer. he knows exactly what he is doing. he knows if he gets popped for drinking and driving and causes great bodily injury, that is state prison on steroids. he thinks, oh my god, if i leave, they will never leave -- prove that i am under the influence, and they will get me in the hit-and-run. it might work. good luck to him. >> do you feel like the defense is grasping at straws? >> they are not grasping at straws. when you are talking about circumstantial evidence, if it is sub separable to recent
4:39 pm
interpretations, then the jury has to point to innocence. in this one, there will be no proof of drugs or drinking, so the hit-and-run jury has to decide if we believe you, the big hulk from castro and you would so afraid of this cry, i don't believe it! you are not afraid! you are a cop. you are doing this every day. he is going to get it handed to him. >> we will see what this jury decides. a new study shows just a quick false information can spread on twitter. but who is to blame may be a bit of a surprise. details are coming up after the break. the rain cloud from this morning have moved out, but we have some dense fog showing up off sore -- offshore and what that means for your friday forecast and at least two systems that show up in your five-day forecast coming up when we come back.
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listen to this. a new study finds that false information on twitter travel six times faster than the truth. it reaches far more people too. you cannot blame it on robots know. researchers say human beings are spreading the bogus stories . for more on the study and what is begun to prevent the spread of false information, we are joint by brian. >> i was going to say that the research at mit released a
4:43 pm
study today in that they studied hundred 26,000 tweets over a ten-year period from 2006 two 2016. they found -- to 2016. they found that a true tweet take 60 hours to reach users, and the interesting thing is the penetration of those false tweets is way more grant than the true one. this is kind of like our mom has always told us that lies spread fast. the more sensational the story, then the faster he travels. >> that is what i was going to ask you. what is the common thread here?>> it is mostly false political stories. something that is surprising or evokes anger in you. there was a yell university professor who said that more
4:44 pm
strange and more sensational the story sounds, the more likely they are going to retweet it. >> so how far are those fake stories going out there? >> the interesting thing is that the top 1% of the fault stories can reach over 100,000 people, and reach 24 different generations. so a true story, unfortunate, does not penetrate that far. it reaches under a dozen generations and is rarely retweeted by more than 1000 people. here is the thing. i have a solution for all of this. all that needs to be done is take the same algorithm that these social media companies are applying to their and distributors, and apply the same quality standards to the people that are posting. it is as simple as being able to play two star facebook posts as false -- flag facebook posts as false. if enough people were to flag a
4:45 pm
story is untrue, then the logarithm would wipe it from the system, and nobody would see a.>> who funded this study? >> this study was funded by twitter, but it was conducted by mit, and it is being cited all over the place. it is amazing information and i don't know how many time you open up -- times you open up your social media and you see these crazy tweets. all you have to do is go to certain websites like snoop.tom -- com and take two seconds to verify. >> twitter is not everything. you have to do a little research on your said.:you so much. back to our meteorologist and we are talking about how things have turned around from earlier this morning. >> it is hard to believe that
4:46 pm
12 hours ago we had some rain moving across portions of the bay area. the rain is moving out in the fog is moving back in. this look i -- like a summertime pattern there. you can see a patch of fog moving out toward the airport, and it could impact the air travel. the satellite is showing you from the green this morning, and the rain showers are moving off to the east. there is that fog bank that is showing up on the satellite. this has developed over the past few hours so around ocean beach and golden gate bridge, reports are that that fog bank is trying to cover portions of the marina district. if you are in the fog, then it is cold as the 50s are showing up in san francisco. away from that though, it was a warm afternoon. concord reached 69 degrees. here is that dramatic picture
4:47 pm
once again, and we typically show you a scene like this maybe in june or july, but here we are in march and you can barely pick out the towers here at the golden gate bridge. that fog is contouring that heals. watching out for that as this could be a factor for the morning commute. eventually we are talking about the return of some rainfall, but not for tomorrow. we are tracking multiple systems next week and into the weekend. another one will come in on monday evening and the strongest of all of the systems could potentially be wednesday. that is a few days away, but this is something that we will watch. the rain numbers are adding up and we easily have -- could see over two inches of rain. a cloud mix into the afternoon with it being partly cloudy and a temperature of 62 degrees. you probably felt the warmth
4:48 pm
today because this is the overall pattern here. a low latitude set up here is bringing in some warm southwest winds. this cold air will moving next week, and it looks like that will be tuesday into wednesday. our nexus to move then and we will have rain by saturday evening. the rainfall rates could be picking up and next week, it looks like by wednesday this could be a factor with a strong system that will bring in some cold air. here is the forecast model, and once again for tomorrow morning, we could be tracking some areas of fog. then into the afternoon hours, it will be partly cloudy skies with a slight chance of isolated showers over the heals. saturday will -- hill. we had to keep the possibility of showers in your sunday forecast especially for the morning hours. temperatures for tomorrow will have is in the 60s and lots of places. pacifica will reach 60 degrees.
4:49 pm
half moon bay will be in the lower 60s. here is a look ahead at your five-day forecast and a lot to talk about you with that next system coming on board saturday evening. scattered showers into sunday with a chance of a shower by monday, especially monday night. we will have mostly cloudy scott by tuesday. if you are walking around saying it is too warm for me today, then wait until next week to remind us that we are still in winter. julie would join us now with a look at some of the stories that we are working on for our needs at 5:00 p.m. included that big announcement from trenton today. >> a busy day at the white house as the president rolled out a new plan for tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. in the last half hour, were also that the president has plan to meet with the north korean leader kim jong un . full coverage on these two major announcements coming up at 5:00 p.m. >> a large amount of weapons are off of the street tonight thanks to the quick thinking of an east bay police department.
4:50 pm
we will talk about the details of the special training that officers use to make discoveries like this. there is still much more head as surveillance video shows an incredible act in the middle of the day. police are looking into who torched this suv and why. sounds good --
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
police in stockton are asking for help in a brazen daytime arson caught on video. >> residents say this is not the first time this victim has been targeted, and as our reporter says there is growing concern from neighbors about their own safety.>> this man is not watching the car. he is pouring a flammable liquid on it. he is not done just yet.
4:53 pm
he will take it one step further.>> we don't usually have problems like that in this neighbor.>> reporter: but the police department says this attack was targeted. although the victim does not recognize the man in the video, they also did not know the motive. the easiest way to identify him if with your help.>> we definitely need to figure out exactly who this man is and ask him why he did what he did and put them in jail where he belongs.>> reporter: nobody was hurt, but the badly burned car still sits in the driveway four days later, and neighbors are scared. >> i have a huge concern that one of these fires will ignite my house on fire or one of the cars. and kim carney has lived in the house next door for nearly 30 years and said her neighbor just moved in last year and it is not the first time that somebody attacked his cars.>> he has had his tires slashed multiple times. someone else to a molotov cocktail into one of his other
4:54 pm
cars.>> reporter: the police department said the prior case is a part of the investigation. what the department needs to know as soon as possible is who this man is who casually lit a car on fire with a cigarette in his mouth in broad daylight. >> we need to get him off of the street before he continues with this type of brazen activity. coming up, details are emerging from a bizarre case of a russian working as a british spy poison. government officials in england and russia are bowing to get to the bottom of what happened.
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more for your thing. that's our thing. a man who was working for british intelligence is recovering with his daughter after they were poisoned by a nerve agent. a british official suspects that russia is behind the poisoning. reporter: a brazen act of war. that's the assessment from uk officials after the near fatal poisoning after a former russian spy. the man and his daughter were poisoned by the same agent. he was convicted in russia of spying for britain. he was freed after a spy swap and settled in the uk. british authorities aren't rushing to conclusions, they insist, but they have the kremlin in their sights despite russia's denial of involvement. home secretary amber rud says
4:58 pm
they are not taking this lightly. >> the use of a nerve agent on uk soil is a brazen and reckless act. this was attempted murder in the most cruel and public way. >> reporter: counter-terrorism specialists have taken over the case. official were back on the scene thursday. investigators in hazmat suits cordening off the park where sergey and yulia were found unconscious. some 20 people have sought medical attention. three people are the only ones still in the hospital including an officer who is awake, alert and talking. >> he is well. he sat up. he is not the nick i know but he is receiving a high level of tree. he is very anxious and concerned. >> reporter: investigators returned to a pub and restaurant slipped by the skripals -- visited by the skripals and britain has vowed
4:59 pm
to act if russia is responsible. they are focused on gathering facts. ryan chillicothe, fox news. president trump rolls a new plan to put tariffs on imports sparking worries of a global trade war. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm ken wayne. first breaking news about north korea. within the last hour a south korean national security adviser delivered a message from the white house about an upcoming meeting between president trump and north korea's kim jong-un. >> i told president trump that in our meeting north korean leader kim jong-un said he is committed to denuclearization. kim pledged that north korea will refrain from any further
5:00 pm
nuclear or missile tests. he understands that the routine joint military exercises between the republic of korea and the united states must continue and he -- to meet president trump as soon as possible. president trump appreciated the briefing and said he would meet kim jong-un by may to achieve denuclearization. the republic of korea along with the united states, japan and our many partners around the world remain fully and resolutely committed to the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. along with president trump, we are optimistic about continuing a diplomatic process to test the possibility of a peaceful resolution. the republic of korea, the united states


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