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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  March 12, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. march 12. i'm pam cook. >> i'm kevin corke. -- frank mallicoat. let's get you right over to whether because we got a lot going on. >> we do. that's a good point. fog is the main story this morning. it will be rain. somebody named allie rasmus sent this on twitter. anyway, she said lots of fog around the bay bridge. right there. right there. right there. a lot of fog at the a bridge toll plaza. i'm sure she will have more on that coming up in just a second. rain is on the way. in fact, it will be here tonight. tomorrow morning, and then the colder air comes in with more rain wednesday night and thursday. maybe all the way into friday. if all that comes in the way it should, we're looking for good rainfall. half inch to 2 inch. other half inch to an inch and
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a half and good mountain snow. we need it. we have low clouds right now. the higher clouds are stowaway away -- ways away. once they do, then we will start with some light rain. then this is the coder sector that has to move in. that won't be until tomorrow morning. 40s, 50s on your temps. we are looking for a low loud deck. good south wind cranking up later on. 60s and low 70s. speaking of that person named allie, here she is with an update on the fog and the traffic. >> it's always favored when your favorite local weatherman read your tweet on air. >> thank you. it's still very early. >> things are so far getting better. they were a little rough around 4 this morning. now it's back open. we have another -- a few other minor issues to tell you about. it is causing a little bit of backup. he spent 80 at the toll plaza, there was a hit-and-run that is under investigation there. you do see some of that usual
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slowdowns on highway for near bay point in pittsburgh. nothing specific to tell you about. we do have something specifically to tell you about in hercules. there is a two vehicle collision. it is slowing things down in that area. taking a look at highway 20 for. getting crowded as the morning goes on. traffic moving, although at a kind of sluggish pace. golden gate bridge. although, there is that fog that you mentioned, steve. fog there and also heavy fog at the bay bridge toll plaza. we've also seen some -- seen some heavy fog at that freeway camera. we can't even show you that picture because the fog is really obscuring the lines. keep that in mind if you're driving through that part of the bay area this morning. time now is 6:02. we are following the latest developments on the deadly officer involved shooting in north oakland last night. >> police shot and killed a man near 40th and market street.
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christian catherine is an open this morning with more on how the police say this all got started. christian kirk good morning. >> good morning. we're getting a better idea of where this officer involved shooting here happened yesterday morning. it happened between those two homes here on 40th street in oakland. oakland police are telling us that the man they shot here had a gun and refused commands to drop that gun. [ sound of gunfire ] ktvu was here as at least one officer here fired multiple rounds at around 6:30 yesterday. you can see some of those officers taking cover behind that tactical vehicle. officers moved in. they say that the man had been hit. he died from his injuries. officers tell us it started around 6 in the evening with a
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call about a person down. initially, the firefighters responded to the call. those firefighters arrived here on scene and called police after discovering that the man had a gun. those firefighters called for those officers. the officers arrived shortly thereafter. they attempted to communicate with the man, ordering him to drop his weapon. that is when they opened fire. >> some time had passed and officers made announcement. it was sometime during this course where officers discharged their firearms. >> officers do say that they've recovered a gun here at the scene. at this point, the whole incident under investigation by oakland police. and by the district attorney's office. there are still a lot of outstanding questions, including the identity of the man who was shot here by police. we hope to learn that as the morning progresses. for now, we are going to send it back to you. >> christian, thanks. as the investigation continues into the deadly shooting at a veterans home in yountville, it's not clear what will happen to the building where that tragedy happened on
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friday. the pathway home building is still a crime scene after a veteran and a former client shot and killed the executive director and two psychologists who work there as mentioned on friday. the six veterans who were living and receiving treatment there have been moved to other facilities. the future of the building is uncertain. alex savidge will have a live report coming up at 6:30 with more on what lies ahead, including a memorial that's planned for the three women who were killed. hundreds of hopeful parents are now on edge after learning thousands of frozen eggs and embryos may have been damage at a fertility center at san francisco. >> for hundred patients at the fertility center ave been notified that a liquid nitrogen storage tank field on march 4. leigh martinez joins us live from the clinic in san francisco with what happened. lee? >> the clinic president is saying that the damage is still unknown to the eggs and the embryos that were stored in that tank. the clinic staff allegedly did
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find that some of the eggs were still viable. they have not been able to check the embryos yet. now, the problem was discovered by the clinic's laboratory director who noticed the love -- level of liquid nitrogen was too low. if it decreases, it will cause the temperature to why -- rise. the news comes days after an unrelated tank failure at a clinic in cleveland where 2000 eggs or embryos were damage. affecting 600 families. officials in cleveland say the failure was brief and was linked to the loss of liquid nitrogen, which is likely what happened in the case in san francisco. >> my heart breaks for these patients and these providers. i don't necessarily think that anything was done wrong or inappropriately. but whenever you deal with technology, there's always going to be the potential for failures.
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>> reporter: that same doctor says this type of tank failure is so rare that that a doesn't exist on the risk factor for a malfunction. the technology becky -- that keeps embryos and frozen is behind the birth of more than 50,000 babies every year. there has been reports that the tank has been in storage for about 10 years but was still being actively used. the clinic staff here is now doing that task of trying to reach out to all of the patients and families involved. back to you guys. >> just very heartbreaking. thank you, liko for that update. the pilot of a small plane was seriously injured after crashing into a field in rural simona county -- sonoma county. chp says the 73-year-old pilot out of the basketball -- was rescued and taken to the hospital with majors -- major injuries but is expected to
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survive. the faa and the sheriff's office are investigating the cause of that accident. the white house is detailing its plans on going to does gun control. the plan includes arming school staff and banning the controversial bump stocks. however, the proposal seems to back off the issue of restricting gun sales to adults over the age of 21. reporter douglas 80 -- has a message on gun control. >> a new commission to get into some of the specifics. we do have a broad outline of what the president would like to see. in terms of gun control. with gun-control activists promising to keep up the pressure, the white house has a new plan to address school shootings. calling for federal funding to get volunteer teachers to use firearms. the fbi tipline will be audited and the administration is establishing a new federal commission to examine what else can be done. headed by education secretary
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betsy devos, who appeared on cbs's 60 minutes last night. >> do you feel a sense of urgency? >> yes. >> because this sounds like talking. >> there is a sense of urgency indeed. >> reporter: a sense of urgency, especially after the attack at a parkland, florida, high school that left 17 dead. left out of the current recommendations, a proposal to raise the minimum age to purchase of assault style weapons to 21. >> he has made statements in recent weeks. that -- although he's gone back and forth. and so it isn't hard to tell where this is going to end up. >> reporter: while advocates say this won't go far enough, many conservatives say it gives more power to the federal government. >> i do think that local officials should be allowed to
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set policies that will make people in those communities feel better's -- better on how we treat guys. >> reporter: there's no real timeline here. demonstration only says that they expect to have some reports back within a year. in washington, doug was 80 -- fox news. talking with high school students all out -- at a ton -- town hall meeting on gun violence. kerr has spoken out about the need for stronger gun control on the mass shooting in las vegas and in parkland, florida. the topic also very personal for the coach, whose father was killed by two gunmen when he was a professor in beirut back in 1980 for. on wednesday, students are preparing to protest in response to the deadly florida school shooting. organizers are calling for students and staff to walk out of their classrooms at 10:00 for 17 minutes. one minute for
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each of the people killed in the florida school shooting. dozens of walkouts have been organized for schools right here in the bay area, including san francisco state, berkeley high school, and so -- samone -- simona high school. calling for additional steps towards gun control. 6:11 is the time right now. we can fire brought attention to some bigger issues. at 6:30, the problems the vallejo fire department pointing out after responding to yesterday's fire at a commercial building. tesla and spacex ceo making another big announcement when elon musk plans to test his first interparental terry -- interplanetary ships to mars. tuesday into friday looks pretty promising not only for rain but snow. watch out for fog this morning.
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welcome back to mornings at 2. president trump heading to southern california tomorrow. it is his first visit to the state since taking office. he's set to visit san diego first to see prototypes for the post border wall. then he is scheduled to attend a republican fundraiser at beverly hills. criticizing libby schaaf for warning the public about the impending ice raids. >> in oakland, you have a mayor. and she -- [ audience reacts ]
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and she told people that were going to be captured in a big raid that there's going to be a raid. can't do it. you can't do it, folks. >> speaking at a rally on saturday, outside of pittsburgh pa, the president called on congress to stop giving money to sanctuary cities across the country. immigration was also a key topic in this week's provincial address. the president went on to say that every state is subject to the laws and constitution of the united states and that california's status as a century state is a direct defiance of those federal laws. conor lamb is facing off against republican rick saccone. president trump was there to tell his support as they needed to vote for republicans to move his agenda for. candidate lamb has been telling voters he will not support nancy pelosi if he's elected.
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that rally in pennsylvania, present trump partially criticized the media and his political opponents, at times using profanity. >> fake news. nbc is perhaps worse than cnn. i'm on meet the press a show now headed by sleepy eye's chuck todd. he's [ bleep ]. and maxie waters, a very low iq individual. ever see her? >> best -- the president's supporters loved the comments. this was his first rally since president trump announced his intention to run for reelection in 2020. it is 6:16. it's a monday. people getting back to work. let's check the roadways. good morning. >> good morning.
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a lot of little things to tell you about. no major backups anymore after the 880 was reopened after the shutdown. let's talk -- start with a look at the maps. in westbound 238 at 880. there's a two car crash that's in the process of being towed away. that other flashing items just popped up. we will try to get some more information on that next time. taking a look at the tri-valley area. slowing on 84th, also south on 680. it looks to be ready backed up. nothing specific there causing that. just the usual backup. and west of there was been 580 near 238, there's a two car crash. both vehicles have been moved over to the shoulder. let's look at 280, getting a little slow. traffic is still moving, so that is good. 880, about an hour ago. the northbound directions were moving pretty nicely. especially after it has been shut down. it reopened. things were clear. it looks like things are and are just getting slow.
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again, 880 in both directions. san mateo bridge also slowing down as we make our way through the morning to meet. bay bridge toll plaza, 20 minute delay. there's also a lot of heavy fog in the area. also on the eastshore freeway as well. time now is 6:18. let's send it over to steve. thank you. there is a lot of fog out there. it's going to thicken up there. rain is the story. not for the morning. it will be here for later this evening. i would plan on having some rain in here. off-and-on rain will take us into wednesday. a stronger system comes in wednesday night into thursday. cold air will continue to work its way in. high clouds overnight. most of them cleared up pretty quickly. the front is still out of here. it has a ways to go. for the morning, you're good.
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this apparent low will set up, and work ever so slowly to send in waves, bands of rain. and then some cold air. i would not be surprised if we get some upper snow levels as well. maybe some more thunderstorm activity later in the week. today, increasing clouds. tonight, we will start that rain. looks pretty good here for the week. also towards the russian river and marin county maybe in a favorable condition. the winter storm warning starts but not until 1:00 tomorrow. that will gosar wednesday at 5:00. maybe 3 feet by the time we begin into wednesday night. 40s, 50s on the temps. i doubt these change very much. we are going to pick up a southerly breeze. 40s and 50s. 46. 51. 23, 38.
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52 down in las vegas. monterey at 47. low clouds. increasing clouds. the sunset breaks but this system will be arriving by tonight. tomorrow morning, that's when the cold front moves through. monday, clouds, that's low and high clouds. cold air is on the way. reinforcement time we get into late wednesday into thursday. that will be the warm sector. light rain thereby monday. 8:00. this is the cold front. that's the one you need to deal with if you're thinking about the community. that will be a series of systems coming right through, all the way into the end of the week. hopefully this all hold because we need the rain and we need the snow. if sacramento can get to a nicer day more than that, that will be really good. that's really lit up therefore snow. 67 -- 60s, 70s on the temps.
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and is going to say goodbye to the 70s. and it will be 60s and upper 50s all the way to the end of the week. >> we will take it. >> yes, we will. >> thanks. elon musk is eyeing a trip to mars. spacex is looking to test its first interplanetary ship next year. 2022 is the target date for a cargo run to mars. the plan is for the ship to drop off some supplies and come back. 6:01 is the time. and international issue could be affecting your next sushi dinner. why there will likely be a major price hike when it comes to popular ingredients in some of those dishes. charges at an organ daycare. what parents learned about this woman here, what she gave the kids and the facility she was running that led to 21 years behind bars. does this map show the
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new this morning, as many as 50 people may have died in a plane crash in the pull. the bank airline plane reportedly veered off the runway . authorities say in addition to the people who died, 20 -- 23 people have been injured.
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witnesses say the plane burst into flames on a field at the edge of the airport. the flight was arriving from bangladesh. we don't yet know what it -- caused that crash. five passengers on board were killed. the pilot survived. the helicopter was a tour helicopter and had been hired for a photo shoot last night. witnesses say it went down hard. they felt the cold water filled that helicopter. >> it took a while for the divers to get these people out. they work very quickly, as fast they could. 50 feet of water there. there was a for miles an hour current. the temperature was below 40. everyone worked very hard. it was a great tragedy that had occurred here on otherwise quiet sunday evening. >> the crash investigation has been turned over to the national transportation safety board. in oregon, a woman is going
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to jail for drugging and abandoning kids at a daycare to go tanning. 32-year-old jan netherland pleaded guilty and was sentenced to more than 21 years in prison. he was arrested last year after police found seven children younger than 5 all left unattended at her illegal daycare center. authorities say she forced the children to take medicine to induce sleep before heading to the tanning salon or to the gym put some parents say she also physically abused some of the kids. china's parliament voted for a constitutional amendment to abolish residential term limits. that means the current president can role for the rest of his life. only two of the nearly 3000 delegates voted against that. a two term limit on presidents was put in place in china more than 30 years ago. there's a new bill that could change the way you drive in one part of the bay area.
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coming up, the busy part of san francisco where you might actually get charged extra every time you drive into it. plus, this morning, the investigation continues into that deadly tech over here at the yountville veterans home on friday that left three employees dead. we will tell you what we are learning about the gunman and plans to honor the victims. and your drive on the 80 eastshore freeway is getting a little longer as the morning goes on. you can see the backup leads all the way to the toll plaza. we will look at the commute coming up. there's a lot of fog to deal with. by tonight, rain will start to return. pretty quiet right now. fog is thickening up. a
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>> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us here on mornings at 2. it's monday, march 12. i'm frank mallicoat. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. we want to check in with steve because we have a lot of rain heading as early as tonight. >> that is correct. on friday, the sunrise was about -- this morning, it will be at 7:20 through. >> i know, it's a good reminder for people to watch out because kids are starting to walk to school and it's dark now. i know you don't like that. >> we have rain on the way.
6:31 am
but not until tonight. morning fog. some of that really thick. low and high clouds. some son, mild. rain moves in. in the the cold front. looks to be a couple moves in tomorrow. pretty good rain for us. another system wednesday night into thursday. maybe around the bay area, thursday into friday. low clouds for us now. now the system is still yonder, has a ways to go. we are not expecting any rain here this morning. then we will start to pick up rain. but that won't be until this evening or maybe even later tonight. winter storm warnings starts at 1 pm tomorrow. for the sierra. you have a ways to go. 40s, 50s on your temps. for low clouds, some sun breaks. south wind will kick in. upper 60s, 70s.
6:32 am
we will cloud it up. we will start to get some rain in the. and then it will send in some pretty cold systems. rain returns. wednesday night and thursday, increase in clouds throughout the day. it's going to be a colder system that's going to send these temps down but not today. 60s and 70s. 6:32. allie is in for sal, and she has fog pictures. >> yes, there's some fog pitchers. good thing sal is back because it could be kind of a harry commute. >> you hope he's here and you don't want to deal with it. >> well, i will be dealing with it in another way. let's take a look at the maps this morning. let's start with what's the and 80. you can see the traffic, the collision icon, there's a two vehicle crash. it's in the preface of being clear. it is causing backup there. and also south just before the toll plaza, 580 and 80, there's a stalled vehicle on the right-
6:33 am
hand lane. all of that is impacting your drivetime. and here's the fog we are talking about. the fog is so thick you can barely see the headlights. so you -- this is our drive. 52 minutes now. kevin is going to zoom in a little bit so we can see those headlights. so keep that in mind as you're driving to that area. in oakland, you can see not to mid -- much fog but a lot of traffic and congestion >> slow going in the northbound direction in the coliseum. highway 20. also for the sluggish. no specific -- specific issues to talk about. fog still pretty sick out there. you're looking at a delay of 20 minutes or so. drive safely out there. 6:30 three. let's go back to the desk. >> thanks. we are following developing
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news out of oakland, where police shot and killed a man who they say refused to drop his gun. police say they responded to reports of a man with a gun and that the man refused their commands to drop the weapon. officers opened fire. the man died at the scene. investigation into that shooting well underway now. we will have a report from the scene coming up at 7:00. bart's port of directors has approved dozens of recommendations. that is the board's latest -- response to the death of 28 year old shaleem tindle, who was shot and killed by a bart police officer near the west oakland station in january. the recommendations include improving the office of the independent police auditor and the bart police citizen review board. the board has also agreed to hear public comment about 10 -- tyndale's death tonight. san francisco police plan to talk about last tuesday's author -- officer involved shooting. the shooting happened on 21st and street. jesus was in the
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trunk of a car. witnesses say delgado fired first. town hall meeting will begin at 6:00 tonight. at the save are set -- cesar savage school. -- cesar chavez school. income and killed three people, three employees before taking his own life. >> we are learning more about the three women who died during that hostage takeover. more on how the community plans to pay tribute to those three victims. alex? >> reporter: a good morning. we've learned that one week from today, there will be a large memorial service here on the ground of that yountville veterans home to honor the three women who were killed on friday. this morning, you could see that there is a memorial here at the entrance to the facility. many people have left flowers
6:36 am
and candles for these three women, employees. highly skilled professionals who have dedicated their lives to helping post-9/11 veterans suffer from ptsd. loved ones are continuing to mourn the loss of jennifer gonzalez, the clinical psychologist who's just been married one year ago and she was seven months pregnant when she died. another victim of friday's violence was a 42-year-old jennifer. friends say she was a wonderful therapist who leaves behind a husband and an eight year old daughter. also killed, 48-year-old christine loeber the executive director of the pathway home. she taught yoga classes to veterans in order to help them reduce stress. >> she just had this way about her. she just smiled. everyone just felt so comfortable and eased around her. and i know that with that attitude that she had, bringing that the people who were dealing with deep stress and trauma is a really great way to
6:37 am
take the edge off and break the ice. >> the gunman in friday's hostage takeover has now been identified as 36-year-old albert wong from sacramento. the army veteran had been a client at the pathway home until days ago when he was asked to leave the program because of his behavior. on friday morning, authorities say wong stormed at the facility and took those three employees hostage before eventually killing them and taking his own life. after this tragedy, it's possible the pathway home may never reopen at its current location. >> i was in there yesterday. the place has got bullet holes. and whether people will want to come back to work and live at a place were such a tragedy happened, that's a very real thing. >> reporter: there were six veterans staying at the pathway home as of friday. all of them have now been moved
6:38 am
to other facilities to continue their treatment. again, there will be a large public memorial to honor the three women who died serving the pathway program. it will be held next monday, march 19, at the lincoln theater, which is here on the campus of the yountville veterans home. it will be a program -- public service. veterans are expecting an overflow crowd to be on hand here. >> just terribly tragic. thank you, alex, for that update. 6:38. an 18-year-old man is in custody for hitting 40 people in a hit-and-run. police say at about one deck 50, jose ortiz drove into 40 people outside a restaurant on brookwood avenue and fourth street. witnesses say ortiz tried to drive away after losing a rear tire in the crash. but stopped his ford explorer after about two blocks and then ran from the scene. police set up a perimeter near the abandoned car, found ortiz
6:39 am
finding -- hiding a couple blocks away. officers say all four victims suffered seriously -- serious injures. but are expected to survive. firefighter's posted on facebook that they are currently working mandatory overtime, nearly 100 hours straight and say there is an increasing number of fire calls. this video they posted of firefighters responding to a fire early yesterday morning. in the post, they hinder the ability to hire enough personnel . palo alto police are searching for man who robbed another man at gunpoint. that happened just before 11:00 saturday night on homer avenue in the city's downtown area. police say in armed men approached the victim from behind and demanded his wallet. the victim ran away but the thief taught him.
6:40 am
shoved him to the ground, stole his wife -- wallet and his cell phone. police have a vague description of the suspect. he is described as about 5 feet 6 inches tall. he was wearing a white and red baseball hat at the time. and a dark-colored jacket. time now is is -- 6:40. a man shot by the concord police department. it happened on allegro avenue. the suspect identified as 20- year-old joshua robertson. officers say the annual command ran from -- antioch man ran from a car. he was then rushed to the hospital. police say he was wanted on a felony warrant for domestic violence related charges. state senator scott weiner is cosponsoring a bill that could clear the way for congestion pricing in downtown
6:41 am
san francisco. the bill would allow local jurisdictions to charge drivers a toll to enter congested areas of a city during certain times of the day or at certain days of the week. as a way to reduce traffic. if the bill passes, two pilot programs would be set up in southern california and two in northern california. san francisco supervisor aaron persky and supports starting one of those pilot programs but similar proposal have failed to get citywide support in the past. that brings us to our question of the day on this monday. do you think cities should be able to charge drivers to enter downtown san francisco during peak hours? let us know what you thing. you can vote on her twitter page. you can also make comments on our facebook page. here's a look at the results. 15 percent say yes. 85% say no, thank you. lyft and uber may have a little
6:42 am
something to do with that congestion. >> yes. >> extra cars. >> and a lot of them double parking. interesting. 6:42 is the time right now. a deadly shooting in oakland. coming up in our next hour, what we now know about the situation that led officers to open fire right near the bart station. a clever camper gets hard. the unique place antioch police found a homeless man taking up residence. that should be a good clue coming your way. we are seeing a lot of fog on our traffic cameras. take it easy and drive safely on the roads. this is a picture of the san mateo bridge. things slow going in the westbound direction. we will have a look at the commute coming up. this might be the last day of 70s at least for a week or so. not until tonight. more on that. watch out for the fog. it's really thick.
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welcome back to mornings at 2. taking a live look at starts right now. the dow jones up 88 points. about a third of a person. s&p 500 had just about out of correction territory there. it's up as well, about a third of the present. nasdaq gaining about half of the present.
6:46 am
couple of bay areas. we will have that in the next half hour. first, to date, we should find out officially if toys "r" us will close all of its stores. the retailer is reportedly considering liquidation in the u.s. to save what you can of the company. weaker than expected holiday season. that load major factor. they fired for bankruptcy in september. a decision could be made today. starting next month, you'll be able to stream major league baseball games exclusively on facebook. streaming 25 major-league ballgames -- games this year. facebook will be the only place you can watch those games. exclusive game between the phillies and the mets will stream on april 4. bart is working to install wi-fi at all of its stations. and all the trains. that's one of the most requested improvements. the agency is looking for a vendor to install wi-fi systems at all 46 stations and on board all the new cars that are
6:47 am
rolling out over the next few years. the chronicle reports art is hoping to have a contract in place in the next few months so that installation can begin this summer. they are hoping into tap into bart wi-fi, where the two sheer stations. no plans for wi-fi's on uni buses. the smart train that runs through marine and simona counties has wi-fi. time now to check in with what's going on. >> a lot is happening. coming up, a secretive religion. the big indicator that scientology may sue be -- cindy coming to a tv near you and how may -- colorado may have a role in that. many of you lost an hour of sleep because the time change. many americans, particularly san franciscans, are losing sleep for another reason, work.
6:48 am
which workers are more likely to lie awake because of what's happening in the office and which cities have workers who are apparently well rested. we will see the two of you in minutes, frank and pam. >> you had me at rested. >> thank you. we will see you then. some sushi prices could be going up because of an international shortage of baby eels. in asia, there is a poor harvest this year. maine is really the only state with a significant baby eel fishing industry. they saw the tiny fish to companies. they are a key component to some of those roles. they are sold for about $1300 per pound at the docks last year. does baby eels, the same price as an ounce of gold. >> altoona, a little salmon, good to go. minus the eel. how about traffic. cell is up. there's alley with more. >> traffic on the roadways not
6:49 am
looking too terrible. there is something to let you know about. there was a delay on all trains because there was a train that hit a vehicle between the fremont and great america station. that is having an impact station wide. expect delays this morning. now we can show you where all the trouble spots are. there was an earlier two car crash. and that has been cleared out of the way. it caused a big back up. also, a hit-and-run crash under investigation. northbound 880 at marina boulevard. this is a look at 280. north and southbound directions. it looks pretty good in this area. 880, getting a little bit slow in the north and southbound directions. it does look like it's better than it was an hour ago. maybe now is your chance to skate on through. this is where your commute takes you. some fog clearing and moving
6:50 am
on. you can see that fog bank in the distance. if i had my 20 for camera ready, maybe we would be able to see a little bit of that fog. it looks like it hasn't passed the tunnel yet. you're looking at a 20 minute delay. time now is 6:50. steve, it looks like that fog is moving on out heading over east bay. >> it's dancing around. it does that. that's true. some areas were foggy, now they are clear. we will get some sun in the morning. we do have increasing clouds, low and high, throughout the day. it's going to be the mild to warm side. just me, who is very weather savvy, the rain-snow coming this week sure made it easier to enjoy the warm temps. i would agree with you. some mid 70s. down around san jose, santa clara valley. thankfully, we have some rain and snow on the way. so around the bay, look for very
6:51 am
foggy morning. warm air still aloft that has to get modified. rain is underway tonight. tomorrow is when the cold front early tomorrow morning, when the cold front arrives. next system, wednesday night into thursday. cold air will come in. snow levels will come down. more thunderstorms or hail reports later on in the week. tonight, we will have the warm sector coming in. until then, just low and high clouds on the way. the front is out here. low is there. that's pretty impressive. it's moving very slowly. it needs something to bump it along. it's going to take a while to get here. we haven't had too much. it does look good going into wednesday. there will be even more coming in wednesday into friday. with that much mountain snow up there. feet being forecasted here. the winter storm warning in the mountain starts tomorrow at 1:00. yeah, that far.
6:52 am
around lake level and above one, two, maybe 3 feet. it will get down to 3500 feet or four thousand feet. not much of a breeze yet. it will pick up later, though. partly cloudy. watch out for the low clouds. it's going to be the mild. and then the system will rotate in tonight. that will bring us back into a rainy pattern. clouds coming in monday. still, some sun in there. again, on thursday. for those of you working outside , you need to plan accordingly. 60s or 70s on the temps here. we do have some low 70s. after today, those temps will be going down and then no go way down. it does look like a little bit of a breakdown on the weekend. 6:52 is the time right now. country music superstar tim mcgraw collapsed on stage
6:53 am
during a concert in dublin, ireland, last night. he dropped to his knees and sat down. fans, of course, worried. his wife, faith hill, went to check on him. then walked out on stage and told the crowd that he was okay. just really dehydrated. and apologized for cutting the concert short. doctors say he will be of -- okay. black panther continued its historic run at the box office this weekend. the movie past the 1 million mark -- million mark in global sales. black panther brought in another $41 million in ticket sales. it is projected to be the second highest grossing superhero release of all time, right behind the dark knight. two new films made their debut behind black panther. legal in time three $2 million. and that movie and adaptation of the series of books. horror film, strangers: prey at night, debuted at third place.
6:54 am
$10 million in sales. determines criminal up next. the unique way one man broke into a sacramento business and how he eventually got away with the gumball machine.
6:55 am
♪ ♪ hello? hello! ♪ hello? hello. hello? hello. ♪ hello, i got your package. you can just leave it, than ♪ ♪ hello? can i help you? hello! hello? hello!!! hello hello!!! ♪
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", we are taking you back east because they are preparing for another big winter storm. the third nor'easter is headed to the east coast and this is
6:57 am
what it looked like in pennsylvania last week when the storm dumped over two feet of snow in some areas leaving 500,000 people without power. the good news, the third round is not expected to be as severe as the last two. >> the warriors with a rare sunday matinee taking on minnesota who they have handled easily this year twice but not this time around, kevin durant carrying the load with steph curry out and others on the bench. another slow first-quarter start for the warriors but they made it close in the end but cannot pull it out. the timberwolves and the warriors their second straight loss. now the warriors are one full game and one/half -- game behind the rockets. tiger woods was near the top of the leaderboard in florida all weekend and the 44
6:58 am
foot birdie putt on the 17th hole. slowly gets it there. that puts him in contention for the first time since 2014. tiger woods went with -- to the final whole to tie the leader but unfortunately he could not get the birdie but he did finish with a one under 70. >> the ratings were through the roof. richard sherman is now a 49er. here is a picture of sherman at team headquarters while agreeing to a three-year $39 million contract. the nfl making up the graphic which is likely shocking to the fans and those of the seattle seahawks where he has spent all of his career. the teams had a major rivalry during the earlier part of the decade with richard sherman right here who literally had a hand in keeping the 49ers out of the second straight super bowl when he tipped that pass.
6:59 am
he is now a 49er. antioch police have removed a homeless camp from an unusual place. it was on the roof of the amtrak station. there it is, the police department sharing these pictures on facebook of the camp which included a large yellow tent, last thursday a bystander reported seeing someone lowering a bicycle from the station roof. police responded using a boom truck to get on the roof and remove the camp. an animal shelter in california is looking for a man who broke into the shelter and stole a gun ball machine. police released a surveillance video of the man sneaking into the front street animal shelter wednesday night. he then tries to force the gumball machine through the doggie door picking up some quarters in the process. eventually he gets it outside through a back door and then throws it over a barbed wire
7:00 am
fence. apparently he really wanted it. there is also a donation box filled with money that the thief left unnoticed. the shelters hoping someone recognizes him. a couple of lottery jackpots are growing even bigger after another weekend with no winners. nobody won the powerball or mega millions so the prizes are getting into record territory, tomorrow the mega millions will be worth $318 million while wednesday the powerball will have a $420 million check out. if you're feeling lucky pick up some of those tickets. an unexpected problem at a fertility clinic in san francisco could lead thousands of roldan -- frozen eggs and embryos damaged. a call for a man down in the city of oakland led to an officer involved shooting. this is


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