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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  March 13, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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outside. today's storm is expected to bring in possible mudslides to southern california. they've been dealing with such a tragedy out there. another evacuation order was issued in santa barbara county late last night. just been devastated by those mudslides. police and fire officials went door to door to let people know two months ago, of course, the mudslide killed 17 people, caused massive destruction in the area. that's all after the horrible fires in december. >> i think you're getting the brunt of at least the early storms. good morning. welcome back to mornings at 2. it is tuesday, march 13. and i'm frank mallicoat. >> nice to have you here again. good morning to you. i'm pam cook. it's 4:30. steve is here. a decent amount of rain. >> over an inch of rain. i think it's next week that looks even more ominous. >> oh, for southern. >> next tuesday, wednesday. >> they are not used to get -- getting this amount.
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>> we have our own to deal with. we have our own issues and rain is moving in. rainfall rates will pick up. the wind has already cranked up. third of an inch to three quarters of an inch. there's plenty to go. until the front goes through. that's not until late morning or early afternoon. series of systems digging in not only today and tomorrow but all the way into probably saturday morning. some half inch to even better amounts towards san jose and ben lomond. cloverdale and points north as well. three quarters to an inch for the week. 50s, 60s. robust southerly breeze all the way up 25 to 35 miles per hour. windy at times. again, it's going to take a while. what morning commute for many. we will see if you sent. >> there's going to be son, clouds and possibility of some more rain picking up. statewide looks okay. not too bad for southern california. there friday. you can see things are mixed with a lot -- we will see if
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that materializes. sierra snow will be on the go. not until later, the. 50s, 60s on the temps. 4:32. >> and we do have people who are driving perhaps a little too fast for the conditions, steve. and that leads to crashes. let's take a look at traffic on the commute inch llano county. you can see traffic is okay as you drive out to the vallejo area. but we already have people slowing down and we sat a couple of fender vendors along the way on interstate 80. we've had a couple fender benders here and there. northbound one-to-one just before stealing. a car flipped over there. at the bay bridge, we have a little bit of a backup. it's not raining here yet. as we heard, rain is going to be a factor for this morning's commute. let's go back to the desk. coming up next five home invasion robbery suspects are still on the run this morning.
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four more are now into custody. simona county sheriff's office says the nine suspects were apparently looking for marijuana when they broke into three different homes on eugenia and drive near petaluma about 3:00 yesterday morning. investigators say the home didn't even have marijuana inside. authorities say it's possible that someone may have been growing pot in the neighborhood some time ago. or that the criminals just had some bad information. >> a group of men went door-to- door kicking in residents' doors and tying up some people, slipping some people in search for marijuana. >> petaluma police sergeant -- spotted the suspects leaving in a white minivan. that led to a chase where people were told to shelter in place. investigators say the man stopped and five men ran out and took off. one of them was caught because he went into a home and asked if they could use their phone to call for a neighbor -- uber.
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police say eight woman was able to get away. authorities say the suspects are from north carolina and sacramento. sheriff's department confirms it never received reports that albert wong, the gunman on friday's shooting, could possibly be violent. a woman who served as wong's liedle -- legal guardian says she was also surprised by what happened. telling ktvu when wong returned from afghanistan, he had a plan to get on with his life. she says that included getting an education and the g.i. bill, despite him suffering from severe post dramatic stress disorder. he -- she says when his program lost its accreditation, he became frustrated. then he was reportedly discharged for bringing knives to the facility. >> i do. how could they released him from the program and probably give him no alternatives. it seems like not enough.
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>> wong had been licensed as a security guard and had a permit to openly carry a 9 millimeter firearm. both licenses were canceled last year after wong did not renew them. sheriff's former -- the former legal guardian says that wong suffered from ptsd. no one is being -- saying that he was being treated. the halfway home helped veterans cope with the effects of ptsd as well as depression, anxiety, and other effects related to military department -- deployment. mental health issues say it's unusual for people with mental illnesses to commit violent acts against strangers. >> it's hard to know if at all ptsd played any part in the gunman's behavior.
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but if it did, it would be one component not necessarily the complete information. >> the doctor also emphasized that the majority of people with severe mental illnesses will never engage in gun violence at all. our coverage from yardville continues at you will find our reporting on the three victims as well as the veterans home of california there on our website. attorney general jeff sessions is calling for title enforcement on existing laws for those who lie under gun background checks. federal background checks. that can be punished by up to five years in prison. the crime is really prosecuted. according to the washington post, sessions also says that state and local officials need to make sure that they are providing mental health and criminal history to those background check systems. justice department also plans to increase the amount of law-
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enforcement officers at schools and continue to review the weight law-enforcement agencies respond to tips. sponges last night, warriors head coach steve kerr joined two bay area congressman for a -- town hall meeting on gun violence. students directed most of the questions at coach kerr, who says his life was changed forever by gun violence due to a personal tragedy with his father. coach kerr hopes the deadly school shootings in florida last month has dramatically changed the gun control debate. >> for the first time in my life, i feel like there's a movement happening. i truly believe that. i've never felt this way before. i feel it. but it only happens if the momentum continues. >> reporter: kerr's father was president was -- of an american university when he was shot and killed by terrorists in 1980 for when kerr was only 18 years old. congressman ro khanna and mike
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thompson also spoke to the highschoolers. tomorrow will be a month since 17 people were killed at stoneman douglas high school in florida. it will also be the first coordinated national demonstration in support of gun control. organizers of the women's march are calling for students and staff to walk out of their classrooms at 10:00 in the morning for 17 minutes. one minute for each of the people killed in the florida school shooting. more than 185,000 p -- students are expected to participate in wednesday's walkout. coming up next walkouts have been organized for many schools here in the bay area. it does not mean they are being allowed. some schools are allowing the protests. to happen as planned. others are permitting them in a limited form as long as students don't leave campus. and some schools are not allowing the lockout. they will issue absences if the students leave the classroom. that includes students attending
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-- san ramon valley school district will discipline students walk up. students want to put this should ask their school administrators what is and what is not being allowed. up next, outrage in san francisco over a deadly officer involved shooting. the town hall meeting last night that included very heated debates between people who attended and the san francisco police. coming up next former governor arnold schwarzenegger is looking to take on the big oil companies. the reason he is considering suing them. we still have traffic that is light. however, rain expected this morning. you may want to get on the road early. steve and i will explain. in fact, here's the man right now. >> thanks. we do have rain moving in. that's going to be a rainy move -- morning, that's for sure. more on that coming up.
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welcome back to mornings at 2. vice president mike pence is the latest trump administration official to criticize libby schaaf for warning people in advance of an impending raid by ice agents. >> all of us who take the oath of office take an oath to the constitution of the united states. and to have an elected mayor in oakland, california, say that they are not going to uphold the laws of the united states of america. >> president trump and attorney general jeff sessions have also criticized oakland's mayor. mayor schaaf has defended her actions, saying oakland is a
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city of immigrants and is committed to making sure people know their rights. coming up next a lawsuit has been filed against the trump administration in san francisco on behalf of immigrants and their u.s. born children. the -- violating their constitutional rights. >> reporter: the lawsuit was filed monday in the u.s. district court in san francisco by the aclu, and on behalf of nine immigrants and five other children who are u.s. citizens. one is 14-year-old krista ramos . who is facing a dilemma. her mother, christina, might have to return to el salvador after 20 years here in the u.s. that's because the trump administration has declared an end to temporary protected status for her and more than 500,000 immigrants from el salvador, nicaragua, haiti, incident. who were allowed to stay in the u.s. due to natural disasters or armed conflicts in their native country. >> the essential problem we've identified is that nobody in the administration out about
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the fact that there are 100,000 american and who are now facing this really horrible choice. >> reporter: the lawsuit says that violates the children's constitutional rights to do right. -- due process. uca law professor says the lawsuit also argued that the trump administration violated the procedure act. >> it directs how administrative agencies can change roles, change regulations. and the core of it here would be the argument that the administrative has not given sufficient reasons for changing the interpretation of this statute. >> reporter: the lawsuit comes when the before president trump is due to arrive in san diego. he's expected to view eight prototypes of the border wall.
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rallies are expected when the president arrives. >> we are going for what we hope to be an incredibly positive trip. the president is going to look at prototypes along the border and also meet with and speak to the members of our armed services. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news. coming up next former california governor arnold schwarzenegger says he his planning to sue oil companies according to the website the hill. he says that oil companies are knowingly killing people all over the world. he says they are irresponsible with their practices. short and eager says he is speaking with a private law firm about the case. right now, 4:35. we want to check in with sal. look at traffic. maybe some wet roads out there. >> absolutely. it is going to be wet out there. as matter of fact, we do have traffic deaths getting busier anyway what or dry -- wet or dry. we do have traffic that is
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always slow, which is nothing unusual. what spent 580 into a five, a little bit slow through here. livermore, traffic looks good. out toward the hayward area. this is a look at interstate 80 in both directions. traffic is off to a nice start. at the bay bridge, we are getting a little bit of a crowd. especially people who wake up and hear that it's going to be kind of a rainy morning to me. extra time is needed. perhaps you might want to think about using public transportation. let's bring steve in with the weather forecast. >> i think it -- if they leave now, they might get half of the way through. our system is approaching. it's producing rain for some. santa cruz mountains, also west of healdsburg. rain and wind moving tuesday. showery cooler pattern. and then a cloudy thursday morning. rain moves in thursday night, continues into friday, and
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probably even saturday morning before we get a break on sunday, monday. here's your system getting to move in. along with a strong south southeast trees. we have a ways to go before we get to the back edge of that. it's not going to be for a while. the morning does look wet here. windy as well. apparent low is going to set up shop in a series of systems will rotate around it. three quarters here as we had to wednesday. -- head to wednesday. so maybe some 1-2 inch amounts to the north. also in the santa cruz mountains. inch and a half in ben lomond and mount hermon him -- it will be rain in the morning. temperatures, 40s and 30s. winter storm warning does. in in -- at 1:00 -- does kick in at 1:00. once they get going, one, two, maybe 3 feet is likely over the
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next 36 hours. 50s and 60s, very mild pattern. concord, 61 degrees. antioch 63. pittsburgh is in there. 57 moraga. really close with low 60s. strong south wind. 21 do sal. 18, gusts of 25. gusts about 35. not as strong through the delta. it still out of the south. 63 in monterey. 61 sacramento. windy conditions. that rain developing for the morning. and then we will get some some breaks. then the cool air will start to spill in. the rest of the week looks very good for sierra snow. also, rain to the north. veteran is favorable for us. for at least five days year. 60s, 50s on the temps. temperatures which were in the 70s yesterday for many, they are taking a tumble and you're not going to warm up anytime soon. i think the next break will be saturday afternoon into sunday.
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so until they -- then, keep the rain gear handy. next week, too, more tuesday, wednesday. looks pretty strong for southern california. we will get to some of it. it looks like the will -- that a week away. >> thank you, steve. the warriors compare the relationship with oracle arena to that of a tenant and a landlord. they won't owe any money once daily for san francisco. the warriors president say that they agreed to to help pay the bonds used to renovate the arena. oracle arena underwent about $100 million worth of renovations in 1996. and the warriors have paid 7 million towards that that. -- debt. coming up next san jose sharks closing in their homestand.
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detroit did get out an early start. san jose quickly shut them down and san jose when ahead at 2-1 on eric fehr's first goal. san jose held the lead for the rest of the game. keeping the sharks in second- place. two point up on the kings. they will head up north. canada for three games starting against the oilers in edmonton tomorrow. >> all right. right now, it's 4:50. a close encounter with a great white shark. the big fish these boaters did not expect to hook. >> that's not the movie either, right? >> nope. >> okay.
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4:33 is the time right now. people in austin, texas, word after a deadly package bomb killed two people and injured two others. killing a teenager any 39-year- old man. investigators say in each case, a plain looking box was placed outside the victim's house overnight. they went off after they were open. it's too soon to say whether the incidents are the work of a
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serial bomber. the recipients are minorities, black and latino in the devices are sophisticated. they also say that it's likely the suspect or suspects is not an amateur. >> to be able to build a device like this and deploy it to your intended target without having it explode in the process there is a certain level of skill that's going along with this -- what this individual or individuals are doing. >> the fbi and atf have joined the investigation. they are advising austin residents to be on alert for anything unusual and for unmarked boxes left outside homes. charles manson's grandson has won a bizarre court battle over the body. ruling that jason friedman of florida can have the remains. manson died less than november. he had been serving a life sentence for orchestrating the murders of sharon tate and eight others in 1969. two other people are fighting
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in court for manson's remains. coming up next concord police are reminding hikers to always carry their cell phones and a first aid kick -- kit after rescuing a man who was rescued by a rattlesnake. the snake bit him sunday. officers hiked to the hill and got the man to paramedics. he was taken to hospital and is expected to recover. ralph stakes do come -- rattlesnakes to come out of hibernation this time of year. a fishing expedition off the coast of florida. they got some video. they spotted a 14 foot great white shark. there it is right there. eastern coast of the state. great whites are not uncommon in that area. they usually stay pretty far offshore. the shark ended up actually getting hugged by one of the
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anglers on board. they were smart. they cut it free. reeling him in, probably not such a good idea if they could. >> right. >> where would they put it? >> right. oh, gosh. coming up, president trump coming to california today. we will detail his planned stop as protesters also landing to make a show. san francisco sheriff deputies cooperating with federal immigration officials. how i officials were -- ice officials were able to interview city -- people even though san francisco is a sanctuary city. you might want to leave the house early. it's already wet in some areas, like in the east bay. rain has started for some. very windy for others. we have a ways to go here in the morning.
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a very heated discussion last night about a deadly officer involved shooting in san francisco. a packed house as police report officers fired nearly 100 thoughts at a man who was killed last week.
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he didn't represent our california values. we are going to fight back. >> protests around the state as president trump makes his first visit to california since taking office. many demonstrators are planning to make their voices heard. >> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us for mornings at 2. i'm pam cook. >> happy tuesday. i'm frank mallicoat . in for a slumbering dave clark. we've got quite a week ahead. and the rain is coming and we got some already in the bay. >> that is correct. yes, we are starting right out of the gate here. we had rain last night, especially santa cruz mountains. they took all the rain. we will show you some totals here in just a second. steve is up and fort bragg, not to brag. not too shabby. i know copper mountain has also had three quarters of an inch of rain. ben lomond an inch and a third.
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canfield at just quarter a -- of record. even though ben lomond had 1.32, san jose gets .01. the shadowing effect there. take all of them. system is moving through right there. some of that rain continues, certainly toward mendocino county, back into marin county. looks like a pretty steady rain. 2/3 to 3/4. it's not going anywhere. the main upper low continues to send in a series of systems. really mild because of that south, southeast wind. more so than a breeze. it's out of the south direction. it's going to be a blustery morning. then we get a break later this afternoon. and then the colder air begins to work its way in. rain and snow


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