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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  March 14, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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what parkland showed us this can happen at any one of our schools and we as students can't take this anymore. >> in the united states we have gun control for the 21st century reality and we have known this solution since columbine but since -- congress has done nothing. >> today students across the country walked out of class to demand action on gun control. the demonstrations come one month after 17 people were shot to death at morjory douglas high school. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm mike -- i'm mike mibach. those chanted demands for change. beal share the change in parkland florida where students at morjory douglas high school met on the football field and
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embracing while music played on the loud speaker before they walked off campus for 17 minutes. there's a small sample of the demonstrations. students walking out of school in colorado on the top left of your screen as well as schools in minnesota, kentucky, baltimore, and on the bottom from left to right, there's pittsburgh, new york, maryland, and the state of illinois. and you can see from this particular map here just how vast the demonstrations were. all those red dots marked the schools where students participated. several lawmakers met with students at the capitol this morning, helping with their demands on passing stricter gun control laws. enough is enough. [cheers and applause] >> whether orlando, san bernardino, south carolina, las vegas, new town, park land, city streets, homes across the street, there's been too much violence and heartbreak.
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the american people overwhelmingly -- 97% of americans support strengthening background checks including 97% of gun owners. what more do they need to hear. speaker paul ryan says tragic violence has no place in our schools and the house will take action to prevent this action to the bipartisan, stop school violence act which implements new training in our schools and security and more. >> there were dozens of demonstrations in the bay area. we have is -- allie rasmus and we begin live at oakland tech. we begin with alex. >>reporter: good morning. students of oakland tech took a stand against gun violence. they walked out of class at 10:00 this morning, but they did not leave the campus. they held a
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large rally on the plaza. >>[singing] >> students took over the stage during the this morning's event. there were passionate performances and heartfelt speeches, and speakers took the stage and honored the victims of mass shootings across the country. they paid tribute to those who have lost their lives to gun violence here in oakland. in the crowd, all 2,000 students took part in this national walkout prompted by last month's mass shooting at a florida high school. and this morning, we heard from 15-year-old samuel getachu who performed a poem entitled "arms." >> i wonder [indiscernible], one wonder how many bullets and bodies and street corner memorials that it will take before we wake up.
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and i sat on home on the 4th of july listening to fireworks go on for hours, i wondered to myself, when did america fall so in love with gun fires that she wanted to hear them on her birthday. we were worried that because of the rain, and people wouldn't come out, but i think the people who stay in the rain and cheering and clapping and supporting us, and i think it shows the power of this movement. and what we can do as youth. >> i'm apart of this movement because my son was recently assaulted, october the 6th. so this is so important to me for everybody to be involved in this movement because you never know when it can happen to you. and the student protestors is taking part at oakland tech today. it did have the support of the many supporters and district officials as they called on lawmakers to pass stricter gun control measures and many taking part today are 18 or soon will be in the
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league of women voters was out here with the boot as well at this event registering people to vote. many of the participants are saying they want their generation to be the last to say never again. in oakland, alex savidge, fox 2 news. >> we'll continue our coverage with paul chambers live at alameda high school, paul. >>reporter: gasia, we marched to the park. you can see the rain didn't stop the spirits out there. there's hundreds of kids out here, but i'll tell you 20 minutes ago, this place was crowded with students all over here from 6 different schools in alameda. they're parking part in this action. those taking part will not unexcused absent. the day started at alameda high with students taking a one minute for each of the 17 people who were shot and killed last month in parkland, florida. from there, the students decided to march down the street a mile and a half across the island into washington park to
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take part in a rally with speakers, voter registrations and a voter writer campaign and the rain didn't the spirit -- i have alex chow. why are you here today, my friend? >> i'm here because we're fed up. i should not have to feel unsafe going into my classroom. and we're tired of congress members not taking action. we want assault weapons to be banned. we want the age limits to be raised to 21. we want more background gun checks. it's not just a mental health issues. we're not the only country with mental health, but we're the only country with mass shootings. and the rain didn't stop you and damper your spirits? >> of course not. gun control is very important and gun control isn't going to hinder us. >> one thing that did hinder students was
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students would have an unexcused absence. what do you think about that because you had to choose between coming here and going to the prom? >> our school implemented a policy for seniors that prevented us from attending prom if we have unexcused absences. it feels like they're trying to hinder progress, stopping us from exercising our first amendment rights to protest, we're here trying to advocate for gun control because nothing is being done, so on put that policy in place that makes us choose between prom and this, it seems very ridiculous. >> you made a choice of coming here, right? >> of course. lots of people weren't able to make that same choice, but i'm glad i made it out today. alex, thank you very much. i appreciate you talking to us. we were explained by the school if you came here, you got an unexcused accident, but if you
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took part in the 17 minutes at the school, that was excused. we have information on the protest going on in the bay area at 4:00. gasia, mike. >> paul, thank you. across the bay in the city of san francisco, a march and rally is taking place outside of city hall on the pope street. the rain isn't stopping people to call for tighter gun control laws and they're going to march from city -- mayor baro joined students and a walkout at ruth school of the arts. students declared their solidarity with the youth led national movement calling for stricter gun control laws and the school board president was there and walked out along side the students. >> in the east bay, students at pittsburgh high organized activities during their brunch period to express their frustration with gun violence.
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>> allie rasmus has that part of the story. >>reporter: a group of 200 students at pittsburgh high got with their teachers to talk about what they were going to do today, national walkout day and after spending weeks and planning and organizing and they have spent their hours -- they put this into action today. dozens of students laid on the ground in the rain. the purpose to protest gun violence and pay tribute to its victims. i don't want this happening in my community and my school, and i think it's very important that we do this because a lot of times, us as students, our voices don't get heard because we're seen as children. along with the die in, there was music. signs marching and there were tables set up to register students old enough to vote and they say gun violence is a personal one for -- >> i asked my classes how many of you know someone shot or killed
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and 80 to 90% of my students raised their hands. the students started planning this event after the parkland, florida massacre. they had the blessing of administrators since the activities were held on school grounds during their regularly scheduled brunch hours. teachers expect the activism to continue. some kids are joining to march 24th event. i try to teach my kids, you know, they need to be involved in this world. >> once you turn 16 you can register to vote, so we're trying to get as many people as we can to vote so register to vote. >> and to help with that activity, registering people to vote, students invited a representative from the contra costa electoral and she registered 12 students to vote. >> stay with ktvu coverage. we'll look at
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gun violence and gun control. we'll have the latest on the student walkouts, gun laws and what's changed since the shooting in florida, plus we're going to take a look at the issue of mental health and gun control. that's today on the 4:00 on 2. we're following developments in san leandro. they're in a lockdown after threatening graffiti was found in a bathroom. it said a shooting was going to happen at 1:00. this was the graffiti found. police are at the school investigating. the san leandro school district sent a message to notify messages about the lockdown at school. district leaders say the lockdown is a precautionary move while the campus is being inspected. once the campus is clear, the lockdown is expected to be lifted. so many parents are arriving at san leandro high hoping to pick up their children early. school leaders say the children are safe, but can't be released from campus until the campus is
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deemed safe. we have -- the pathway home on the campus of the veteran's home of california in yountville is suspending operations. this comes after friday's deadly shooting that killed three people. veterans who have been in the programs care will be supported by services with the federal veteran's administration, napa county and nonprofit -- the future of the property hasn't been determined and a celebration of life for the women will be held at the lincoln theater. you can find on our website at under web links. coming up, we're continuing to track scattered showers across the bay area, and even a chance of hail. we'll bring in meteorologist mark for weather. remembering stephen
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of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto oh no, jake. seresto. 8-month... ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto scattered showers across the bay area made for a messy commute on this wednesday, this was in san leandro around 8:30 this morning. taking a live look along 80. the berkeley area, you can see there is some threatening dark cloud in the sky and it can bring good news in the form of rain and snow in the sierra and
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hail and our meteorologist mark tamayo tracking a basket of weather. >> it's a variety pack of sunshine and passing showers and the possibility of hail and of course snow fall. these rainfall totals adding up over the past three days and we have been talking about the series of systems and look at benn loman in the san cruz mountains. and kentfield an inch and napa point 90 and those amounts tapering off toward palo alto. we'll have more rainfall to the gauges especially tomorrow. here's the weather perspective and out here in the pacific, we have energy moving from the north and this is the main source of some more rainfall here in the bay area. now it's not constant rain. we have breaks from the actions trying to setup for this afternoon, be we have portions to show you. heads up toward
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napa and heavier downpours for this portion. bay area. as we back the map s to the south, towards portions of the east bay and a blanket, a good portion from concord to antioch and closer to the fremont area, there we go with heavier downpours. back in the mass toward the santa cruz mountains, closer to morgan hill, we have rain east to that area and in the south bay, look at this. sunnyvale to milpedis, there's rainfall rates picking up. around santa clara, this gives us a return of point 2.9 inches an hour. most areas pretty chilly. upper 40s to the 50s. so we are on the colder side of this weather pattern, of course we're on the mild side monday and tuesday. here is our live camera looking toward the golden gate bridge. a break of the rainfall right now. some breaks in the cloud cover for your wednesday afternoon, but still it
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is an unsettled weather pattern. today and thursday, showers likely into friday. we're going to hold onto that possibility into saturday morning until 9:00 or 10:00 saturday morning. so there's a possibility of an isolated thunderstorm, possibly hail today as well. more breaks developing this afternoon. so you'll probably see more sunny breaks for later today. tomorrow, periods of rain and friday, showers likely as a cold front moves in. here is our forecast model showing you this. and still a few scattered showers, 3:00 this afternoon, this is 4:00, and then in the evening hours, we clear things out nicely. tomorrow morning, things get started in portions of the north bay and the coverage increasing a little bit throughout the day on thursday. notice it's not completely covering the bay area so we're going to have more breaks and rainfall into your thursday's forecast. we're going to hold onto scattered showers into friday as well. this is is a snow producer in the sierra with a winter
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storm advisory. another storm moves in thursday into friday, and there's another winter storm watch kick in for that timeframe. 50s to around 60 degrees, so we are on the cold side of this weather pattern. san jose, 59. half moon bay, 54. here's a look ahead to your five-day forecast, keep the umbrella nearby for thursday and friday. don't let the sunny breaks full you because you might encounter a downpour. the weekend appears to be okay which is lingering showers into saturday morning. >> thank you, mark. nobel prize winning physicist -- stephen hawking has died. >> hawking defied the odds and went onto live an incredibly productive life decades after he was diagnosed with als in 1953. we look at -- >>reporter: two ill to attend his 70th birth day celebration for him self in january of 2012,
12:20 pm
stephen hawking addressed the crowd in taped remarks with uplifting remarks. >> remember to look down at the stars and not at your feet. try to make sense about what makes a universe success. [indiscernible] and how your difficult life may seem, there's something you can do and succeed at. >> he was the greatest scientist and most famous and the author of a brief history of time which sold 50 million copies was a -- the universe has no boundaries and put forth the -- diagnosed with a motor neuron disease at 21 and given two years to live, he defied the odds by living passed that prognosis. helping him communicate has been the biggest challenges for him. >> i have neuro motor disease, a condition
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that reduces my powers of movement, but does not effect my ability to feel or think or so i think. >> he had a speech -- computers could detect the pulsing in his cheek which would get translated into words. as his cheek further weakened, speech became slow after he lost his speech in 1985 after a battle of a pneumonia. >> computers make a difference -- >> hawking taught at cambridge university in united kingdom. the 2009 presidential medal of freedom and the highest civilian honor in the united states and he was awarded the albert medal, the many moments in his life when his sense of humor showed through. >> [indiscernible]. >>[laughter]
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>> yes, there was a lighter side to his life. stephen hawking appeared often as himself on tv shows. he clearly relished his cameo appearance on the symptoms. you're serious as a doughnut shape universe, homer. i may have to steal it. on his 60th birthday, his dream of flying in a hot air balloon came true. that is something i always wanted to do. a balloon was a symbol of hope. and the boundaries became -- he was the first to float in gravity and the first time he was able to move without his wheelchair in decades. >> space here i come. hawking says his life's -- he did though and in popularizing theoretical astro physic, he inspired other greg minds, amy kellogg, fox 2 news.
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>> hawking's three children issued the statement, we're saddened our father passed away. he was a great scientist and man whose work and legacy will live on for many years. where you'll find the perfect dress at the perfect price.. whether you want to stand out from the crowd
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there's russian
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diplomat -- the announcement comes as moscow -- may say cabinet ministers and members of the royal cabinet will not go to russia. they're calling it hostile. germany's parliament reelected her 4th vote. it was 364 to 1 -- we see video of her in german parliament and she received applause as the result was announced and her election was 6 months of political drift. the remainder of marco 16-member cabinet is sworn in later today. >> a closely watched congressional -- lamb is maintaining a slim lead over the republican incumbent and absentee ballots counted and lamb
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stands at 641 votes and elected officials says there's unknown ballots to be counted and lamb has 49.8% of the vote. he has declared victory -- there could be a recount. this is a district that president trump won by 20 points. stocks sinking again. investors worried about the tariff and department stores and other retailers losing ground after retail sells declined and the dow jones down 2 -- ford and lincoln are recalling 1 million cars saying the steering wheel wheel can detach from the steering column. it's the lincoln from -- ford says steering wheel bolts can loosen over time and two crashes have been caused. if your car is covered by the recall, take it to a ford or lincoln dealership for repair.
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ahead, a monterey teacher suspended after accidentally firing a gun in a classroom and injuring students. more coverage on the nationwide day of action. students are walking out and we'll tell you what's happening at bay area schools. the search continues for a driver who hit and injured a 12-year-old girl and drove away.
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back to our top story on the nationwide student walkout. in washington, dc, a power display in front of the u.s. capitol calling on lawmakers to take action on gun control. 7,000 pairs of shoes, organizers say that's one pair for each of the children who died from gun violence since the sandy hook school shooting in 2012. the shoes were donated by people from all over the country and organizers say it's apart of effort to pressure congress to pass control legislation and keep gun violence in the national conversation. >> walkout of their classes and rally for school safety, for gun control, and a lot of the moments captured on social media and one of them at the university of san diego. not just high school students walking out as michelle says here, beyond proud of the students at the university of san diego today. school walkout #enough. also not just in san diego, but i know
12:32 pm
students at college of marine and the university of santa clara walked out today. here's another picture from down in southern california, rebecca chimed in saying standing behind hundreds of students marching in the street of l.a. to -- parkland we are with you. another #schoolwalkout. there's a girl holding a sign saying teachers are not meant to be human shields and i'm glad this is happening, but teacher have helped me and touched my heart in ways others can't. we're coming up on 19 years since the columbine shoot and there's a photo in here right there. there it is. colorado walked out for 17 minutes. columbine walkout #enoughisenough. reporter garrett tanner has more lead by stoneman douglas high school. >>reporter: the high school in parkland high
12:33 pm
school is calling for law makers -- today exactly one month after the shooting students from across the country are marching in solidarity with the school safety movement. they're called to walkout for 17 minutes. one for each person murdered in parkland. >> it's inspiring to see students and others all around the nation taking the leadership positions that we have been thrust into. there's so many people who feel their vote doesn't count and that's not going to happen anymore. people are seeing that their voices matter. in the nation's capitol, lawmakers are taking notice with senators walking off the floor. students from across the dc area are gathering in lafayette park across from the white house before marching to capitol hill where they were joined by legislatures calling for change as well. the senate judiciary committee holding a meeting on school safety. bill nelson and those -- >> it's common sense to get the assault rifles
12:34 pm
and the bananas clips off the streets. the tragedy was the result of two things and the first is of a failure by government agencies at the state, local level and because of vulnerable in our laws that need to be addressed. >> on march 24th the march for our lives rally will take place on -- on april 28th, another mass walkout to take place to commemorate the columbine shooting. i'm garrett tenney. >> san leandro high school was on lockdown after a threatening of a shooting. >> we listen in from the superintendent. >> this morning at san leandro high school, several students reported to principal ronald richardson there was graffiti in one of the school bathrooms indicating a gun violence threat and the
12:35 pm
school went into protocol with the san leandro police department and all procedures went into effect. the school went into immediate lockdown per district protocol. authorities are still currently on site and have deemed the school safe. the lockdown has been lifted. however, in order to ensure a smooth and calm dismissal, we are releasing students at 1:00 p.m. today. all other schools in the san leandro school district are safe and unaffected by today's events. the safety is the up most important and we're letting the police department do their job. because the threat indicated a date of thursday, march 15th, as a precaution, the school will be closed tomorrow unless we notify you otherwise. i want to thank our staff, our
12:36 pm
teachers, security, and first responders for their quick and well-trained reaction this morning. thank you. >> good afternoon, i'm lieutenant isaac with the san leandro police department and behind me is ted anderson. we were notified around 9:30 this morning from the school district that this threatening message was located and there was graffiti found on the bathroom walls in the boy's bathroom at the school. as a precaution, the decision was made by the school district to place the school on lockdown. we brought in police department staff, and we systematically searched the school, and we brought in some k-9s to search the hallways and search the bathrooms and do a very comprehensive search the best we can just to ensure the safety of the school, students and the staff. however, this message was written with the intended violence to
12:37 pm
take place tomorrow. we didn't want to take the chance and have this take place tomorrow. we decided to work with the school and clear the grounds today again just as a precaution. there was no violence. there were no guns found. there's no indication of any sort of threat that took place or that will take place. this is graffiti that's found and in light of the recent violence, we don't want to take any chances and discount that message, so we came in again with staff, cleared the school, and everyone is safe at this time. >> say your name and title for us and also we did have students sending text saying they heard there were guns found in that bathroom? >> so my isaac, last name benabou. there were no guns found. as you know, the students
12:38 pm
are in classrooms, they talk amongst each others and messages go out and messages are lost in translation, social media takes a big part in this, but i can tell you officially that no guns were found. >> anything suspicious found, anything at all? >> nothing suspicious was found at all. i'm going to let lieutenant ted henderson talk about the coordination effort in regards to the search done by his officers. >> good afternoon -- >> san leandro high school has been deemed safe. there's no longer a lockdown situation there. however, we got some key information, school is not going to take place tomorrow at san leandro high unless the students and teachers are notified. this is in response to a threat that was found written on the wall of a bathroom there at school. you heard the officer say that no guns or weapons or anything unusual was found on campus, but they're taking the unusual step of cancelling step for
12:39 pm
cancelling school. thursday was the threat name day. important news for the 2700 -- >> very proactive by officials not taking chances especially when a lot of the schools across our country are coming together to talk about stricter gun control laws. it's unfortunate. opening statements began in the trial of the wife of omar mateen who was the gunman in the deadly nightclub shooting. the 31-year-old is charged with aiding and abetting her husband when he killed 49 people in orlando. she's charged with providing information for providing information -- mateen pledge an allegiance to the islamic state and she denies that she knew anything about her husband's plans. she says she was abused by her husband and afraid of him. she was arrested after she moved to her mother's home in
12:40 pm
row rodeo. two students were shot -- he was teaching a course on gun safety when his gun went off as he pointed it to the ceiling and pieces of the ceilings fell to the ground. teachers cannot possess firearms in california classrooms and he's placed on -- the palo alto school board met to talk about how to improve sexual assault cases, first uncovered by two investigates. palo alto has a title two coordinator and she's in charge making sure -- last year two investigates learned the district failed to report two cases of sexual assault involving a palo alto student athlete. since the start of this academic year, the district received 144 new complaints. the district also announced it will launch a training boot camp on
12:41 pm
how to handle future accounts. police are searching for a driver who hit a 12-year-old -- this happened on north 17th and east julian street. the entire thing was caught on surveillance camera which we'll show you now. as we share that video, take a look on the left. you see a girl with a black backpack and she's waiting for the crosswalk light to turn green. she starts to cross and a car turning the corner hits her as she's in the crosswalk. and the young girl is sent flying. the driver did pull over for a moment after hitting the girl, but then took off. >> i was furious. i want this girl to be caught. for her to be out there, to be cold hearted person, heartless, not to go help a helpless little girl. >> the 12-year-old girl hit is expected to be okay. police have a vague description of the woman driving the color. they're looking for the
12:42 pm
four-door light-colored toyota expected to be a model 2008 -- spending time with -- running back carlos hyde found a new home. we'll tell you about the new team he's expected to sign with. a few scattered showers around the bay area. and there's a chance of hail expected. we'll check with meteorologist mark tamayo as he's tracking your bay area forecast. hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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it appears the 49ers have a new running back.
12:45 pm
the 49ers agreed to a $49 million deal with minnesota viking back mckinnon and he had 1,000 combined yards last season and he replaces carlos hyde who spent his career high with the 49ers. he had 8 touchdowns last year and hyde signing with the cleveland browns in a three-year deal worth more than $15 million. sebastian's kicking days may not be over. this won't be in the silver and black. according to espn, the former raider kicker is expected to visit the chargers and the raiders announced that he would not return next season after an 18-year stint with the team. he missed last season with a back injury. he joined the team as a surprise first round pick back in the 2000 draft and is the raider dio owe and he's-- and he's the all time raiders --
12:46 pm
thompson will miss the home game against the l.a. lakers and curry suffered a right ankle sprain last thursday against the spurs. the earliest he's expected to return is next friday. they want to give him -- espn is reporting that thompson has a broken thumb. he's expected to miss a week. in college hoops, tournament games get underway when texas southern faces off against -- syracuse takes on the pac-12 arizona state. in the bay area, a couple of teams who missed out on the men's [indiscernible] are focusing on the national invitation tournament. st. mary's took out their frustrations of getting snubbed by pounding south eastern louisiana last night and st. mary advanced and they play the winner of boise state washington game. and the stanford men host byu in the nit and that game is at 7:00
12:47 pm
at maple. stanford is third and favored over the 6th seed, byu. back to our meteorologist mark tamayo tracking showers that can impact our afternoon and then evening commute as well. >> that's right. but although things should be kind of decreasing in coverage by 5:00 or 6:00 this evening, so yeah we have these waves of moisture rolling through the bay area. one minute it's dry and the next minute it's dry with a downpour of hail. a chance of scattered rain showers. best chance is early this afternoon. we start to back off on the coverage of those chances by this evening and into early thursday morning. you can see those rain tubes going up a little bit by 2:00 tomorrow. by mid morning for your thursday. as another system comes onboard, so there's a lot happening out here in the pacific and the overall flow is moving in from the north and from the west. so we're seeing a lot of energy moving from this direction and that's setting in the clouds and the rain -- the rain showers our way. here is the radar coverage over the past few hours. lightning strikes as
12:48 pm
well. and look what's happening out toward the sierra. these are rain and some snow reports. in fact the snow -- with the snow levels dropping, we're seeing that cold, that fresh, dry powder and you can see out toward tahoe city, alpine meadows reporting 12 inches of snow fall at 7:00 this morning. here's the coverage across portions of the bay area. and there we go with coverage up in portions of the north bay toward napa county as well. and we back the maps, toward antioch, rain coverage and we have thunderstorms trying to pop off here out toward pleasanton and the sanole area so we're not dry. the thunderstorm chances remain in our forecast for today. as we get the clearing sky and the sunshine out there, that destabilize the atmosphere to trigger the thunderstorm chances. here's the coverage in parts of the south bay toward the santa cruz mountains as well. current numbers, cool, in the 40s and the 50s. and here's our live camera looking toward the golden gate
12:49 pm
bridge. you can see still some renascence traces of water on the roadways here, but drying up, but still lingering clouds. keep the umbrella nearby. we have the period, or the rain in the forecast for tomorrow off and on for your thursday. showers likely into friday and a chance into saturday. so for today, the bulk of the action, that was from this morning and the early portion of the afternoon to 2:00 and periods of rain and showers likely in your friday forecast. one piece of energy moves in by saturday morning. it's going to keep the shower chances in our forecast. here we are this afternoon, notice the coverage decreases by 3:00 later on today. by 5:00, and by tonight, actually not too much happening. this is thursday though. the clouds rolling into the bay area, off and on rain showers for your thursday, and then still we're going to hold onto scattered showers into your friday forecast quickly passing showers
12:50 pm
in your friday's forecast as well. highs for today, lots of 50s out there. so on the cooler side of this weather pattern, san jose has 59. and look ahead at your five-day forecast, and off and on rain showers, it's not a complete washout where we have rainfall all day long, every minute of the day, but still you're going to have periods of rain in your thursday's forecast, scattered showers on your friday. if you want to get outside saturday morning, go for a hike or the park. at least we're talking about all this instead of dry weather. we had 25 -- >> we don't need that. >> the rain is back, thank goodness. mark was mentioning here, there's good news for the sierra as well as more snow is falling overnight. >> reporter bryan hickey shows us the conditions if you're thinking about heading up for spring break. >>reporter: here in the sierra, the snow piles up 17 inches of new stole in the last 24 hours and that's consistent with a lot of resorts. a good doze of snow overnight. the snow at blue canyon
12:51 pm
around 5,000 feet. it's heavier which means it's good on water content. something we need down in the valley. but heavier here for skiing and snowboarder. further up the mountains, lighter and dryer snow and more is on the way. a beautiful scene at 5,000 feet. on interstate 80, we're down to 3500 feet. but they've said -- it will likely go up higher before they come back down as the colder air and storms settle in with the next round heading into the sierra. if you're heading this way, make sure you're ready for winter travel conditions with those chains and four-wheel drive and the snow coming in time for spring break. at blue canyon, i'm rick -- eastbound 80, traffic not moving. caltrans reports a big rig jackknifed all lanes. this is a mile east of baxter. cal tran doesn't have an estimated time of
12:52 pm
reopening. if you do plan to make a trip to alpine, it can be a long commute today. coming up, it has been in theaters for a month, already there's talks of a sequel to the box office hit "black panther". after the break, what the president of marvel studios has to say about those rumors.
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today at 4:00, we're going in debt on the topic of gun control and gun violence. >> we'll be speaking to experts about what's been done on capitol hill and across the country following the parkland shooting. and we'll drive into the history of movement started by steins and young people. that had on the 4 at 2:00. >> the closing bell a few minutes away. one last check of the stocks, dow had better days and down about 258 point. >> the nasdaq and s&p 500 in negative territory. >> "black panther"s can expect to see more of the superhero. in an interview, the president of marvel studios confirmed the sequel to the block bluster hit is definitely happening. the film recently crossed the 1 billion mark in global sales and it has been number one for four weeks in a row. >> it's almost time to journey back to the whizzing world of harry potter and the first trailer for the next
12:56 pm
fantastic beast movie is here. >> i know he's working under your orders. what do you have to say for yourself, [indiscernible]. >> if you ever had the pleasure of teaching him -- >> the sequel jooud law plays a double -- he's working with [indiscernible] played by eddie redman to stop the village played by johnny depp. the crimes of grendle wall hits theater in november. >> you don't have to be a mass scholar to celebrate. it's pie day. today's date, the first three digits in an endless number depicting a surrender -- pizza chains are celebrating pi day and papa murrays and -- they're selling
12:57 pm
special pizzas for $3.14. >> can't go wrong with pizza. >> or a berry pie. >> we're here for you,, twitter and facebook and it's going to be a nice afternoon in the city in the bay area.
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dr. oz: since columbine in 1999, there have been 146 mat u.s.ings in the is there a link between psychiatric drugs and these big shootings? o -- t being on benz we're going inside the minds of a mass shooter. >> the dr. oz summit, next. ♪ ♪ a oz: in the aftermath of mass shooting, we're left with lost lives, broken


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