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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 15, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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arizona is left in the pack 12, we do want to mention that stanford won 86-83 in the 1st round. today at 9:00 we hear from a student injured after a teacher accidentally fires a gun inside a high school classroom. and what the stars of the new movie "love simon" have to say about a new twist on love and relationships. it is thursday march 15th, that sun still shining down on the city by the bay. the great city of san francisco. as we hit the middle of march i say let the madness begin. welcome. you were very gracious to deliver your bracket. we do a little tradition. usually we leave it up to the viewers.
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reach us on twitter. don't even give me your final. let's save it for later. do you know who did a bracket this year for the first time, my son. he is 7 years old. for some reason he likes houston. i asked him why, he said, the astros beat the dodgers, now i like houston. >> what a deep thinker. >> how does he feel about the houston rockets? don't answer that. >> we saw the sun is shining in san francisco. let's bring in steve. will the sun disappear? >> it will. i thought you were talking about march weather madness. it is going to be an interesting next couple of days because we will have some low snow levels. as you know southern california went through winter with hardly any rain. it does not take much for the burn scar areas around santa barbara.
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they only had a half inch but that is enough to cause problems. one of the driest winters ever. so, the rainfall continues to move through the area. there are signs next week that it could get even worse. if that is the case this is only going to make the situation worse. although they are getting snow, big bear has had a lot of snow. but any rain can cause more problems with mudslides. take a look at the satellite. it is clear now. again, only one half inch of rain. there is still up in the higher elevations. that is good but watch the projection, as we head towards next week, watch what it does, it could be a very interesting situation for them. look at the snow in parts of lake county. a winter weather advisory
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kicking in just about now. sierra nevada is at 5:00 p.m. for that winter storm warning. there is going to be a lot of snow, although, the snow liquid appreciate might be 15-1. rain is moving into parts of sonoma county. you can see it now moving into san francisco. it is a cool pattern. 40s and 50s, some systems will be stuck in the 40s. tomorrow we will see not only rain but we will see some low snow levels, down to 2500 feet. it will continue into saturday morning, then it will start to leave us. high today is 50. well below average on the temperatures. 40s to the north. the next three days a little of everything.
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it will get better sunday and monday. two people dead in connection to a reported dispute at lake merritt. allie rasmus has been at the lake all morning with new information. >> reporter: we just got an update from police, they have their homicide investigators working the case. they are trying to figure out what happened and how a man and woman ended up in an altercation in the water of lake merritt. police got the call for multiple witnesses this morning in the area, reporting seeing and hearing a man and a woman in the waters of lake merritt fighting. when police arrived they saw the man thrashing around in the water. four officers jumped into pulled him out. they perform cpr and he was transported to the hospital. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. rescue crews could not find the
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woman immediately, firefighters called in from help for san francisco dive team, around 6:31 of the divers found the woman's body near hanover street. we spoke to a neighbor who says she heard and saw the man and woman is shouting in the lake early this morning. >> initially i thought they were in a fight. it was continuous. it was a multiple times where she was screaming, i could here for -- i could hear her screaming "help". it was clear her voice is very clear to me. >> at this time witnesses reported there was an altercation. that is the only information we have. if anyone heard anything we encourage you to please contact the homicide division. >> reporter: police are looking for more witnesses to
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help them with this. there are still a lot of unanswered question. police did not have any information about a possible relationship between the two. they were not able to tell us where the man or woman were from. the only information we have about these two is the man was in his 40s, and the woman, whose body was pulled from lake merritt this morning was in her 20s. back to you guys. ice agents arrested a man yesterday as he was dropping off his child at school. the man was picked up at the elementary school and he was targeted. they say they man had a credited -- had a criminal record and an outstanding warrant. the school says for it to happen near the school was an appropriate. >> picking up kids at school, on the way home from school, it is totally inappropriate. if we have kids that are afraid to come to school they will stay home. we need to reach out to parents.
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we know the parents are very supportive of education. this kind of activity is ludicrous. >> the superintendent also says the incident has left some students in fear. some of the kids will not come to school today because they are afraid. berkeley police must go through surveillance if they want to use new technology to help with investigations. the council approved the resolution requiring police must obtain civilian oversight. berkeley becomes the first city in california with this requirement. the oversight applies to devices, including cameras, license plate readers and cell phone tracking. across the country tens of thousands of students walked out of class yesterday in a show of support for tougher gun laws. the national school walkout was
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timed to happen one month after the deadly shooting in parkland, florida. local students marched, and moments of silence in the memory of the 17 students and staff members who died in florida. the school said they supported students who held on campus events but others threatened the student with unexcused absences or suspension if they went off campus. most students said that was a small price to pay to have their voices heard on the most important topic they are facing. the house of representatives passed the stop school violence act yesterday. the legislation addresses school safety but not gun control. the bill authorizes $50 million to train school personnel to identify signs of potential violence. it also pays for locks on classroom doors and reinforced entryways. >> that gives students, teachers and law enforcement more tools to actively identify
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a potential shooter before the tragedy happens. >> the bill has overwhelming support, some democrats say it does not go far enough. they support several gun- control bills that have stalled in the house. ouse. >> we are learning more about a story we told you about yesterday morning. anne rubin has more from a student injured when his teacher accidentally fired a gun inside of the classroom. >> reporter: this photo shows the bullet fragment that was lodged in his next. he said he was struck when his teacher accidentally discharged a weapon inside of the high school. >> i looked down at my shirt. there was blood on my shirt.
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>> reporter: the teacher, dennis alexander, shown here in a previous interview, was in a administrative justice class about to demonstrate gun safety when the weapon ran off. gonzalez said the bullet struck the ceiling causing bullet fragments to strike three students. >> i had to leave school. >> reporter: his father took him to the hospital but he said alexander apologized and class continued. >> this is an event that should never have happened. it is an excusable. california law is very clear around guns in the school safety zone. >> reporter: john burris unified policy does not allow guns. the superintendent says normally a fake plastic gun is used in the class. >> we are investigating the incident. >> reporter: also investigating , seaside police, who were not alerted to the incident until several hours after it happened. >> we responded as soon as we were alerted to what had happened.
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i can't speak to what the delay was outside of someone calling the wrong number. >> reporter: dallas -- dennis alexander is also a reserve police officer and a seaside city councilmember. he did not respond to a request for comment. student say he is well-liked and there is season a petition circulating in hopes he does not lose his job. >> this was a incident with a trained professional. this could happen again and again, it could be a lot worse. >> reporter: alexander will remain unpaid administrative leave until the investigation is complete. only then will it be decided if any disciplinary action is taken. anne rubin, ktvu. toys "r" us has announced it is going out of business. the company will present its --
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the company will be in a bankruptcy court hearing this afternoon. the announcement comes a few months after the company filed for bankruptcy. toys are us had hoped to be able to keep some stores opened but realized it did not have enough cash. the company says it has enough money left to pay its employees for two more months. toys "r" us has been in business for seven years. >> i bet some of those employees have been looking already. coming up, another controversy for united airlines. how another dog ended up thousands of miles away from its family.
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a good day on stocks so far the dow jones is up gaining 230 plus point.
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changes sometimes affect the market. the reason shakeup at the white house may just be the beginning. president trump is hinting now more changes could be on the way. >> reporter: the president confirming reports he is hiring larry kudlow as his next economic advisor. tweeting the move will mean "unparalleled innovation, fair trade and an ever-expanding labor force." larry kudlow joining the as ministration as many other big names made leave. departures could include a make asked her, white house chief of staff, john kelly and veterans affairs secretary john choking. the shakeup comes as former cia director mike pompeo looks to be confirmed as secretary of state after the president fired rex tillerson of this week. gina haspel has been tapped to replace mike pompeo.
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both will need to be confirmed. already some congressional members have said they will oppose their confirmation. >> i think the debate is an important one. >> reporter: the justice department with possible shakeup of its own. jeff sessions considering a reclamation nation to fire andrew mccabe before the outgoing deputy director retires and likes his pension. given several contract of interest complaints related to a probe of hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server. >> i am sure that jeff sessions is aware. >> reporter: all of this is taking place as robert mueller continues his investigation into russia's election meddling. a possible interview with president trump is said to be on the way. in washington, lauren blanchard, ktvu news. republicans in pennsylvania asking for a recount following the special election.
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conor lamb lees republican rick saccone by 627 votes. there are still about 375 uncounted provisional military and overseas ballots. conor lamb has artie claimed victory but rick saccone has not conceded. dozens of people crowded a bookstore yesterday to get a glimpse of chelsea clinton and an autographed copy of her new book. in the book she introduces readers to a group of women who shaped history around the globe. >> i think that she is a great example for young girls. i know she has written this book for young girls about persistent. i think it would be great for them to meet her as an example.
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>> united airlines says it is looking into how the airline mistakenly flew a family's thought to japan instead of kansas city. the woman went to pick up her german shepherd, instead found a great dane. the great dane was supposed to be on the flight to japan. those dogs were apparently mixed up. the airline says it is flying the dogs back to their respective cities. >> at this point all i can do is be hopeful that my dog will be okay. i don't know what else to do at this point. i can't cry anymore. i have cried too much. >> the woman says she was told by the airline that the dog was on his way back to kansas city but did not say when he would arrive. meantime united airlines says
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it is putting safeguards into place the following the death of a dog on a flight from houston to new york. they say they will issue bright colored tags with carriers for pets. the airline says it is taking full responsibility for the tragic accident. they say the flight attendant did not understand a dog was in the bag. coming up, controversy over a sexual education program coming to an east bay school. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto
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surveillance video from the florida high school mass shooting is expected to be released today to the public. the releases due to a judge a's order -- the releases do to a judge's order.
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the proud county sheriff's office and the county school board tried to prevent the video from being released, they claimed it would be exempt because it was evidence in an active investigation. a judge has entered a not guilty plea on behalf of nikolas cruz, the 19-year old charged in the mass shooting. the judge entered the plea after nikolas cruz remained silent during the hearing. in attorney said nicholas cruz was standing mute to the charges. meaning he was declining to enter a plea. nikolas cruz is facing 17 counts of attempted murder and murder. a man who says he was shot in florida is not channeling those feelings into drawing. he is an artist from santa rosa who is sketching portraits of each of the victims. the sketches are being turned into a mural.
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>> i feel like i could have gone to high school with these kids. >> reporter: tony speirs draws at his dining room table. this is his last portrait of 14 florida students shot at school. >> i want this to look like carmen. i want that to look like peter. >> reporter: for a month he has neglected his professional studio and the paintings his customers wait for. because when the massacre grew to 17 and he saw the names and faces, their beauty, their promise stopped him. >> this time i did not want it to just rolloff and become another event. i think it was the next day where i said, i can draw, you know, that is something i can do. >> reporter: sometimes he works on more than one photo. sometimes he has to fill in what is missing. in each drawing the teenager looked out with a direct gaze.
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>> i am really looking into their ipodss a little bit. >> reporter: another artist pledges to enlarge his drawings and mount them on this abandoned building. it is in intersection where some 40,000 cars pass by each day. but what means even more to him, the families of the students are asking for copies. when he post the portrait on facebook he also rights -- he also writes a brief biography. >> the day of his death, he just sprung into action. >> reporter: details that make tony speirs feel even closer to his subjects. he starts each drawing with an apology. >> i say their name then i say i am sorry. >> reporter: sorry they are gone, but, also personally sorry. he hopes those who see his portraits ask the same questions.
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>> it is enough. can this be the last one? officials with the pathway home have announced it is closing its doors indefinitely. the executive director and two therapist was shot and killed friday in california. police say the gunmen had been a client of the program which focuses on helping veterans. >> we just don't have a building. we don't have a clinical staff. we don't have a license which is what we need. >> last night people gathered for a memorial at the community center. a larger public memorial is scheduled for monday night. a candlelight vigil was held last night for the three women who were killed at the veterans home. people gathered at veterans park in brentwood. there they
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shared stories, sang songs and lit candles in hopes of helping the community deal with the tragedy. >> there is no reason for a veteran to be in pain. there certainly is no reason for a person who is caring for veterans to be hurt. >> organizers of the vigil say they wanted to recognize the three professionals who were killed while trying to help others. we have learned that a sheriff's office deputy was killed this morning on highway 1 in west marin county. the sheriff's office says he was involved in a traffic collision. this was on highway 1 in west marin county. >> we do have information, it appears he was responding to a call. he lost control of the vehicle. the vehicle went down a hill. that road is very wind the. it is a heavily traveled road on the weekend. this happened after midnight. >> also from chp they said we
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have always enjoyed an incredible relationship with our partners at the marin county sheriff's office. the marin county sheriff's office is scheduling a 1:00 news conference on this death of a deputy. coming up next, a different take on the typical high school romance. coming up we hear from some of the actors in "love, simon." also, shaving your head to support children with cancer. sorry. i can't make it. it's just my eczema again, but it's fine.
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yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. eczema exposed. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more.
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san francisco police officers can start carrying tasers by the end of the year. last night the police commission
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approved the policy-setting guidelines on how and when offices can use a weapon. the commission has been grappling with this issue after approving tasers back in november. under the guidelines only officers who go through crisis intervention training can carry the taser. officers can only use them when the suspect is armed with a firearm. officers are permitted to use them on pregnant women, elderly, children or if the suspect has a mental health issue. >> officers are trained to understand what level of force we are talking about. we are talking about the personality, we want the force to be proportionate to the actions being used. >> the police union is backing proposition 8 on the ballot. if approved officers would have tasers sooner and with your
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restrictions. the union says "70 8% of voters want police officers to be equipped with less lethal options." some parents in the south bay are challenging a morgan roof course in fremont. at a school board meeting parents said the curriculum is inappropriate for children as young as the fourth grade. >> reporter: health and sexual education are sensitive topics for some parents, worried that the school district is exposing their children too early to unnecessary and graphic details about sexuality. >> it is too much detail. >> reporter: this mother says he opposes the sex-ed that begins in the fourth grade. she says, it includes topics such as different kinds of
9:32 am
sexual intercourse. >> why do they need to know about this? it is too much. >> reporter: she is among a group of parents who have signed a petition, they had more than 4000 signatures ahead of the meeting. it calls the new curriculum "inappropriate." some parents a fourth grade is too young to begin sex-ed. -- some parents say for debate is too young to begin sex-ed. other parents support the curriculum and the descriptions of sexual intercourse survey an important purpose. >> those topics are covered in the topics that relate to aids and transmission of certain diseases. it is important for students to know how to protect themselves. they need to know what behaviors can transmit the
9:33 am
diseases. >> reporter: supporters say the lessons are in line with the national health education standard for sex-ed. >> we always try to promote the transparency and accountability of the school district. >> reporter: the school board president said the district posted the curriculum online for parents to see. >> under the current california educational code each district has the discretion to decide the curriculum for sex-ed for elementary school students. we have been asking you at what age should sex-ed be taught in school? 25% say elementary school, 54% say junior high, a lot of tweet on this one. "
9:34 am
to those who say it never, no matter how good of a parent you think you are kids will find this stuff out on their own, on the internet, if you don't teach them." >> sandy says, "it is more than just the birds and the beast." >> "not until my daughter is out of college with seven years of work experience, basically when she is old enough to have a midlife crisis." >> i don't think he was serious about that. >> we do appreciate all of your responses. thank you for using our hashtag. >> for more information on headlines let's go to frank. >> reporter: good morning. here are some of the top stories we are following. san jose state police arrested a student for sexual assault and are asking for witnesses to
9:35 am
step forward. police say the attack happened on march 3rd and was reported by the person who was assaulted. police who learned of two other attacks in less than -- and it -- and arrested a 21-year old two days later. san francisco is closing in -- is close to be heading for sales in the city. a committee voted to send the legislation to the full board for a vote next week. if it passes san francisco would be the third a city in california to ban for sales. business leaders are opposed to the ban saying it will negatively impact the cities retail economy. a man accused of trying to escape from chp has crashed
9:36 am
into a fire hydrant. he was seriously injured. chp says officers had broken off their vehicle pursuit of the man before he lost control of his car. the unidentified 24-year old man has been arrested for evading officers. it took about two hours to shut the flow of water from the fire hydrant. that is some of your headlines on this thursday morning. back to you. george lucas broke ground yesterday on his own museum. he search for a site for that museum for years. he plans to have it in san francisco, it never got on the ground, same story in chicago. so the museum is going to be built in exposition park near downtown los angeles. george lucas is funding the cost, it will feature his collection of artwork, it will include costumes and stage sets
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from his movies. this morning students at cherry lid elementary are taking part in a community service project. the students are handing out hygiene products to the homeless. there teacher said she wanted the students to learn to for service. the class got to decide how they wanted to help the homeless people they see in their community. >> we actually have a curriculum that we built around the concept of homelessness, they get to learn about how many people are homeless, that homeless is not just for people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. that there are many families that are homeless. >> the students reached out to others who donated hygiene products. this saturday is the annual "st. baldricks event" it is a
9:38 am
fundraiser in which some people shave their heads to share in celerity -- to share in solidarity with kids who are fighting cancer. welcome doctor. >> thank you. >> this is about raising money for an important cause. things are much better but compared to the 50s and 60s, that shows how important it is for research. >> you are right. at this point we can expect one in five children will not survive cancer. that is more than 80% of children and teenagers that are diagnosed now that will survive. it is more than surviving. many of these kids have side effects from the result of their treatment. they could lose their division or their hearing, they all -- they may also have heart disease later in life.
9:39 am
many times some may even develop another cancer. so research is really important. we have come a long way, you are right, in the 50s not many children survived cancer but now the majority of them will. >> the medical aspect is another part of it, there are some studies that say the attitude you bring to the doctor that you bring to your treatment, do you believe in that entire mind, body connection? >> i do, i think treatment, being part of the treatment is such a difficult process to go through. having a positive outlook and working together at a team with all your care providers is really important. >> i imagine if a little one is going to fuzz cancer, seeing their neighbor, their class may, hanging in there with them, that will help. it certainly gives them a boost. >> i think it does. this event is really special.
9:40 am
we have families that come out, we also have a lot of doctors and nurses and staff that participate in the event. we have many communities, the oakland police always come out, the fire department, so it is really such a community driven event. it is important to come out to show support for these kids. >> when it comes to childhood cancer research is that in any way what you are discovering, having an effect on how cancer with an adult is treated? are the two combined at all? >> they are actually very different. when you think about adult cancer, you think colon cancer, breast cancer, there are a lot different types of cancer we see in children. typically we see brain tumors, leukemia, there is an interesting overlap, this group,
9:41 am
we do see teenagers and young adults up to 25 what 30 that share similar types of cancers. >> i have a brother-in-law who was diagnosed with colon cancer, what stage is it when you find out you have cancer, is it the same with the children? >> it is staged differently. leukemia we really don't have a staging process. it is very common that when children are diagnosed their parents have noticed something unusual going on. the last thing that we think about his cancer but often we can find out there are symptoms that may have been weeks to months. >> i have heard a lot the parents say that he complained about a pain or his stomach kept hurting. how can parents be more proactive, i also don't want to scare them unnecessarily.
9:42 am
>> childhood cancer is rare. if your child has signed and symptoms that are concerning you should also -- you should always your pediatrician. i would leave it in their hands to figure it out. >> you have been involved with this event for more than a decade. >> it is a pretty exciting event. we hope to raise $196,000 this year. that number will bring us to an even $2 million. >> that is wonderful. keep it going. for more information about the event just go to you can also found the information on the ktvu mobile app. thank you very much for joining us. we will be right back after the break.
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recently at the toy convention more than 10,000 companies came together to show off their new toys. for more let's get to jacqueline. >> reporter: thank you. we were just talking about some of the cool new toys. before we start with the skateboard how do the toy experts come up with what is trending? >> inventors, designers, they work around the year being very creative. they come up with great new products every year. this is a skateboard, it comes in different colors. i have it in skateboard mode but you can easily turn it into a scooter. it is a good transforming, active, physical toy for kids.
9:46 am
this is for kids 8 in back up. >> reporter: what about this one? >> this is a new york times bestseller, kids can have someone to read the story with. >> reporter: cool. this looks like a little younger . this is one of my favorites. >> reporter: -- >> with this game it is a game of skill and speed, after you flip the cards you have to knock this over. >> reporter: check this out. see if you can get this. >> kids will have a great time with this. >> reporter: cool, my kids will love that. >> this one is for kids 13 and up. it is a game where you flip over cards and you have to pick out the best punchline to finish the joke.
9:47 am
it is a great way to get the family around the table. >> reporter: this is something my girls would love. what does this do? >> they are celebrating their 35th anniversary. kids are going to love this. also, adults that loved them going up will want to collect the original set. >> reporter: i did not know these are collectibles. check this out. >> this is robotic soccer. it comes with two different robots. it comes -- it is for kids who love soccer. it is also great -- >> reporter: can you turn that on? >> you can play against each other. >> reporter: okay. it was just working during the break. maybe i am not doing it right. there we go. cool. so you get to move the robot
9:48 am
with the remote control. >> the goal is to get the soccer ball into the net. there are two different robots so you can play against each other. >> reporter: let me give it a try. >> there are different stickers that you can customize your robot with. >> reporter: i am still bitter that the u.s. won't be in the world cup. there you go! goal! thank you. i want to ask you for the toy trends, is there anything that you see as a trend in general? are we going with more thinking toys? is it more kind of like learning? >> educational toys are always hot. but this year we have sold a lot of toys of for kids to inspire their imaginations. >> reporter: i love it. thank you.
9:49 am
i think i want this one. we will be right back.
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welcome back. tomorrow the new movie "love, simon" hit theaters. michelle has more on this twist on the film being billed as the first gate teenager romantic
9:52 am
comedy released by a major movie studio. >> reporter: the new film gives a fresh perspective on teenage romance, when a gay 17- year old boy is forced to come to terms with his identity after his secret is threatened. >> it is a high school coming of age story. it is about one closeted gay teenager who meet another online. >> in some ways we are honoring the teenager and the romantic comedy. it just happens to be about people of the same gender. >> this really is the first major studio making a film with a gay teenager for a mainstream audience. i think we are ready for it. >> reporter: the cast feels the movie could not have come at a better time. >> it is important and critical to celebrate and highlight
9:53 am
marginalized voices. to give them a platform in stories that are interesting and moving. >> the presentation is crucial. you need to see people who look like you, who think like you, who speak like you, that is -- that is what filmmakers can do so beautifully. >> reporter: the teen stars admit to facing their own struggles in honoring their true selves. >> going into an adult you want people to respect your opinion. at times people seal for the person you were before. >> it can be a little bit of a letdown for your parents. >> reporter: michelle foligno, fox news. here is something i have
9:54 am
never in all my years of doing traffic seen on the bay area freeway. i have not seen this. a car driving in fairbanks alaska recorded a sled dogs running down the side of the road with an empty sled. their owner says her children are giving a friend a ride in the sled when the children fell off, the dogs eventually made their way to the freeway. one car pulled in front of the dogs to box them in. the owner eventually came to get them. yes, we have never seen that here. >> they could go on forever here. fans of beyonci and jay-z are threatening to boycott ticketmaster after the sight but crashed. customers say they were logged on completing their orders when the site crashed. they say when they went back to get their tickets they were told everything was sold out. minutes after that they saw tickets popping up on stub hub
9:55 am
for inflated prices. this afternoon javale mcgee is trading in his jersey for an apron. he will serve as a coffee barista in san francisco at the ferry building. he took part in this event last year and today he will once again give fans a jolt. a 10-year old boy in washington is drawing comparisons to lebron james. he is said to be the best basketball player in his age group. even the harlem globetrotter's have heard of him. they recently paid him a surprise visit. his mother says she will always try to keep him grounded.
9:56 am
>> i still hug my son, i still kiss my son, so before the world gets to him i tried to make sure that he cares -- that he has a great foundation. let the madness begin. the tournament officially began tuesday and wednesday with us four play in games. for most folks the main tournament starts today. arizona the only one left after that ucla lost. on the women's side stanford and alone among six teams in the women's tournament. cal plays tomorrow. stanford on saturday. the brackets are done. we still have to work on the wager. i have arizona and villanova in the championship game. >> i have virginia and michigan
9:57 am
state in my championship game. >> i have duke because my sister in law went there and san diego because i went there. >> san diego? a long shot. >> we will figure out who wins in a couple weeks. thank you for watching everyone. we will see you at noon. i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california.
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