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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  March 19, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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later today. mornings on 2 tense. >> this is ktvu -- continues. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2 in good morning. thanks for waking up with us. i am claudine wong in for pam cook. >> i am dave clark. steve paulson knows about theweather. today is quiet but tomorrow things will change. so get out and enjoy today because rain is on the way. but it is another cold one under mostly clear skies. there's a little patchy fog dancing around. but overall most locations say clear. but some of that fog between now and 7:00, 7:15 could pop up but marty happy opportunity monday steve. thank you. a brisk start to the day at 39 in larksburg with starry skies and a few finkels applaud on the bay. a few are around there a -- a rany week is on the way. not today. this is the only dry day. tuesday rain begins wednesday off and on rain.
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another system and colder thursday, friday and probably into saturday as well. we look to be on the northern edge of all this. very strong low on its way about a thousand miles off eventually it will open up and get here. but until it does, it is tapping into what we say is deep moisture coming in from the hawaiian islands that will start to rotate northward. everything so far shows it's monterey and santa barbara but we will be on the northern edge of it. 30s for many 40s for some but it's cold again. higher clouds from sunday moved off. mostly sunny. clouds moving in by the afternoon. and that system works et cetera way towards us. 60s mostly sunny partly cloudy. 60s and 70s. sal what are you looking at. >> i want to help our friends out in alameda because one lane of the posey tube is closed for emergency repair on the oakland side that was a sink hole that
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opened up and it will be tough getting off the island today in alameda. i want to mention traffic is going to be slow on webster from the island. i reel going to the bridges or getting on the road early because of that. we are looking at some of the other commutes in the east bay at the bay bridge. the metering lights went on almost a hour ago not quite. it will be slow as you drive to the bridge as it normally is. on 280 southbound or northbound 80 connector to southbound 87 we have the ramp partially blocked by an accident. although they are making some clearing progress here. now they are putting the car up on a tow truck. this should be gone pretty soon. 6:02, now back to the desk. >> thanks. the search for whoever shot and injured two people including a young child driving on interstate 80 difference. >> christien kafton is in rodeo near where it happened. the chp is calling this road
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rage. good morning, christien. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. they are. and i talked with chp investigators and they told me they are asking anybody traveling this section of i-80 on saturday evening at around 9 in the evening to check their vehicles for bullet holes just in case they were struck by a stray round. they are asking anyone who was in the area to contact them if they saw anything unusual. again, chp telling me all thisunfolded around 9 on saturday evening. that someone fired at a vehicle headed eastbound on i-80 near the willow road exit. highway patrol tells me two passengers a woman and small child were both hit. the 5 or 6-year-old girl was transported to the hospital with major injuries. and an adult woman was taken to the hospital with injuries as well. she is expected to recover. man driving the vehicle was uninjured. highway patrol officers in contracosta county says it was a case of road rage and they are looking for the shooter. city leaders in hercules are asking or saying this is exactly why they have been pushing to arhigh definition
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camera system along this section of i-80 and highway 4. >> that family traveled last night thinking they are going from where they are leaving back home and travel safely on the freeway. and that's the importance of a camera system to make sure we all are able to travel on the freeways understanding that we are going to be traveling safely. >> reporter: we have talked to the chp and it's unclear if the cameras were in place operational and pointing in the right direction. they will review caltrans track cameras to see if they captured image of the shooting. we hope to learn more about the cameras that may have been op a rational and if they captured a vehicle involved in the shooting. we are hoping to talk with chp later this morning to get a at least some kind of description. when i talked with the chp last this he -- they said they were holding back on the description
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and we hope to get the vehicle description out when it is available to us. >> christien kafton thanks. san francisco supervisor criticizing the fire department over the way the firefighters responded to a four-alarm fire in north beach over the weekendit started saturday night before 7:30 and at union street and columbus avenue in a building that had 27 apartments on the top floors but all were vacant. the flames damaged several businesses at the base of the building but no one was hurt. however, 8 people were displaced from a building next door. supervisor aaron pesk n said the fire department took too long to turn on water hoses. at k4r-67b poo he will -- 6:30 we will have a live report bringing outresponse from the fire commissioner and the fire chief. the chp is investigating the death of a body of a person found before 8:45.
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chp officers found the body after responding to a call about a crash. so farther chp has not released details about the victim or the crash. the off-ramp was temporarily shut down but is back opened to traffic. our time is 6:06. a developing story from washington. the white house now responding to speculation president trump may try to fire special council robert mueller. as griff jenkins reports from washington, it's been a backlash from some lawmakers. >> reporter: president trump fired off a handful of tweets over the weekend but for the first time, mentioning robert mueller by name. raising the question is the special council now in the president's cross hairs the next to be fired. president's lawyers shooting down reports he is considering fire robert mueller saying in statement, the white house yet again confirms the president is not considering or discussing the possibility. the president's tweets over the weekend for the first time mentioning mueller by name
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raising speculation the special council to get canned. >> if he tried to do that, that would be the beginning of the end of his presidency because we are a rule of law nation. >> reporter: questions of mueller's future on the heels of friday's announcement by jeff sessions that deputy director andrew mccabe has been fired. mccabe fired back saying the attack on his credibility is part of a larger effort not just to slander him personally but also the fbi in law en-- and law enforcement. >> his firing may be justified no way for us to know at this point. but even though it may have been justified it can be tainted. >> reporter: the chairman of the house oversight committee bristling at calls by the president's attorney john dowd for the justice department to end the special council's probe. >> russia attacked our country. let special council mueller figure that out and if you believe as we found there's no evidence of collusion, you should want special council mueller to take all the time and have all the independence he needs to do his job. >> reporter: president trump is getting out of washington today
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turk attention to another matter. he will -- turning his attention to another matter in nam new hampshire to -- matter in new hampshire. in washington griff jenkins, fox news. back here at home, tonight at 7:30 in san francisco five candidates for mayor will appear at a forum in the castro district. angela alioto, london breed,richie greenberg and jane kim and mark leno will take part. that will be at the castro theater from 7:30 until 9 p.m. it will focus on neighborhoods, and issues facing the lgbtq community. a san jose family may be split up officially today. coming up at 6:30, the deportation decision for an undocumented immigrant name fernando carrillo arrest by ice after dropping his daughter off at day care. >> and drivers leaving alameda this morning could have a hard time in the commute. up next, the problems on the
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posey tube and what time this morning both lanes in the tube will be closed. >> mostly sunny for the morning and clouds this afternoon. there's a big system set to move in for tuesday and all the way in to friday. more of that coming up.
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welcome back. time is 6:11. today president trump flies to new hampshire to announce new details about his plan to deal with with the opioid epidemic.
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it includes tougher penalties for drug traffickers including the death penalty. for major drug dealers. also the president wants congress to pass laws reducing the amount of drugs needed to trigger mandatory minimum sentences for drug traffickers. last month jeff sessions announced a new task force focused on fighting the opioid epidemic. >> we will use criminal penalties and we will use civil penalties and whatever laws and tools we have to hold people accountable. >> president's trump three part plan will include raising awareness, cutting illegal drug flow and expanding treatment options. lawmakers recently approved 6 billion dollars to fight the opioid epidemic. the president's plan will spell out how to spend the money. preparations are underway for proposed meeting between president trump and north korean leader kim jong un. the cia will take the lead in setting up the meeting. reports surfaced over the weekend that the agency has been carrying out what they
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call back channel talks. there's also been a lot of speculation about the timing of the meeting, but the white house is remaining tightlipped. >> again, i can't get into the details of the preparation and progress being made. but i can tell you we are continuing to move forward in hopes having the meeting take place. >> meantime, the wall street journal reports representatives from the u.s. south and north korea will hold unofficial talks in fin lan in the coming days. time is 6:13. congress faces another government shut down deadline this week. lawmakers have until midnight friday to approve a massive spending bill. they were supposed to have passed a funding bill back in september. september 30th but the government has been running on a series of short-term funding bills instead. it could happen again this week if republicans and democrats can agree and pass a spending bill by the end of friday. if you are a driver leaving alameda plan to go through the posey tube expect major delays.
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crews are fixing a sink hole one lane inside the posey tube that's closed and both lanes will close starting at 10 this morning. that last until midnight. the repairs are taking place at 6 and harrison streets in oakland. they are expected to last a week. we have a full list of the ac transit lines affected on there be a a -- crews will fix a sink hone between frank loin and goff streets starting at 7 this morning only one lane will be opened to traffic. later this week a san francisco public utilities commission will do emergency sewer repair on hays streets between okay taif yeah and van ness. anow extra time if you go that way during the commute. >> that's for sure. it's 6:14. sal is over there. you got your hands full this morning. >> we do. >> and we have traffic that is going to be busy trying to get on the bay bridge. it backed up out to the maze. and that's not unusual.
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metering lights went on at 5:20. after that you can see traffic is backed up there. and if you are driving on interstate 880 to get to let's say the bay bridge and driving through downton oakland, it's getting busier. we don't see a lot of slow traffic. now, we have been talking about the alameda closure that is going to affect people driving from alameda to oakland. we have a little bit of slow traffic because it's funning -- funneling down to one lane. so give yourself extra time. my recommendation is to avoid the tube altogether go down to one of the bridges, park fruitvale high or go down to doolittle and get off the island that way. also looking at the san mateo bridge looks okay heading off to the high rise. no major problems or if you are driving on the dunn barton it looks good to the peninsula. let's bring in steve with today's forecast. thanks, sal. we have mostly clear skies out there. a little fog and some higher clouds will work their way in later this afternoon. but, mostly sunny this morning. and sunday was a cold one. we had records here. half-moon bay, 34.
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that broke the old market 36 not that long ago. 2014. gilroy tied 33 degrees. now, observer at that location in cordelia told me that was his coldest for that location on that date and goes back 25 to 30 years. and everything is about to change. a rainy week ahead here not today. rain begins tuesday and wednesday and then wind picks up and the colder core of the low begins to work its way in thursday and friday. i think it will go into saturday. we are on the northern edge of all this so far everything looks to be taking aim from monterey to santa barbara and progeeks from 5 to 10 inches of rain for the airs and deep moisture is coming in. so this is a huge issue for the burn areas from santa barbara to l.a. we seem to be far enough north that we may not get into that much. but if it zigs instead of zags it could be a different story. but right now it looks like
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monterey south. sierra will see a snow level go up and come way down so starting tuesday, wednesday, it's high. and thursday and friday it drops way down again. more feet of snow. and all this moisture is entrained by the deep low tapping into moisture that goes all the way back to the hawaiian islands and as it does, it will funnel that in here later today many and set the sustaining for a cloudy start to tuesday and rain developing throughout the day and going off and on for probably the rest of the week today not bad but leading edge of the clouds are getting into the picture. it's cold, 30s and 40s on temps on the mi fins -- peninsula. woodside is in there. anding attar ton and minimum low -- man low park. and -- menlo park. foster city is at 40. so mostly sunny this morning. and turn partly cloudy probably by noon. -- turning partly imlowdy probably by noon. -- cloudy probably by noon. rain starts tomorrow not today.
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the breeze kicking in tomorrow, it will be mild. rain moves in and the focus looks to be about monterey south for the heaviest. but we will get some and it will pick up for us wednesday night and into thursday. cold air will take us into friday, saturday and better by sunday. >> springtime is. >> no kidding. >> a the love activity here. >> thank you. time is 6:18. dmv office in the east oakland has been closed since early february but will reap o-- reopen in less than two hours. the coliseum was closed to repair water damage. thieves stole copper pipes from a roof top air conditioning unit and a water pipe burst in the ceiling.the coliseum dmv office reopens at 8 this morning. law makers demand answers. coming up, the investigation taking place at facebook after reports that 50 million users told data was leaked.
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>> reporter: and three workers memorial we will have details on event to honor the victims of the pathway home shooting. does this map show the
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celebrate friendship and beyond at the first ever pixar fest with all new fireworks and your favorite park parades. only at disneyland resort. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 6:21 a memorial service will be held for three mental health workers who were shot and killed at veterans home in
6:22 am
yountville. >> they hope the service will help people cope with grief. allie rasmus is live with more on what's happening. allie. >> reporter: yeah, the sign for the pathway home is covered with candles and fresh flowers. some bouquets lock like they were left -- look like they were left recently. mourners will have a chance to pay tribute to the women at a public memorial tonight. 6:00 is when the memorial starts. and happening at the lincoln theater in the yountville veterans home campus. christine loeber was the executive director jennifer golic and gone discal --k and dr. gonzalez were -- gonzales were cline dal psychologist. they were -- clinical psychologist. they were all killed by a former client. pathway is helps veterans reintegrate. albert wong sought treatment at the facility before with he was asked to leave the program because of problems with his
6:23 am
behavior. ten days ago investigators say wong took the women hostage and shot and killed them during a nearly day long stand off in the pathway home building. tonight's memorial will focus on the women's lives their contributions as clinical psychologist and social workers and people throughout thecomoont say they plan to pay re-- community say they plan to pay their respects. >> those women were splendid people. i talked to them about twice a week at least. and it's tragedy. >> you are not able to believe it. you are -- eds still sinking in especially when you are used to seeing people every day and they are not there now rushes pathway home shut down operations because of what happened. lobar was executive director -- lober was executive director -- loeber was the executive
6:24 am
director. the 6 veterans living at pathway home when this happened ten days ago have now been moved to other facilities to continue their treatment. but the lincoln theater here on the yountville campus seats about a thousand people. orering -- organizers are expecting a pretty full crowd tie tend tonight's memorial and they are make preparations and plans for overflow crowd at the event later tonight. back to you. >> thank you so much. allie rasmus reporting leave. it's 6:24. in other news a performer for cirque du soleil died saturday after falling during a show in tampa florida. investigators say the performer's hand slipped off the double rings and he fell 20 feet. the show was stopped immediately. the audience was horrified by what they saw. the rest of the shows were canceled over the weekend. cirque du soleil says they are mourning the death of a performer and is supporting the man's family and other performers. this morning people in one austin, texas neighborhood are
6:25 am
told to stay inside their homes until 10 a.m. after an explosion injured two people in the area last night. it's the 4th explosion in the past few weeks. police are looking for possible connections. earlier this month, three package bombs left outside homes in another part of the city killed two people and injured two others. this morning, austin's police chief said last night's explosion was set off by a trip wire and showed a different level of skill than the previous blast. there has been speculation the bombings may have been hate crimes targeting minorities. but authorities say both men hurt in last night's explosion are white unlike the previous bombings. meantime, authorities in austin raised the reward money for information leading to an arrest to $100,000 up from 50,000. the texas governor's office is offering a separate 15,000 dollar reward. your time is 6:25. we have an update on the parkland florida shooting investigation a new report shows some school officials and a sharif's deputy recommended -- sheriff's deputy recommended
6:26 am
that nikolas cruz be involuntary committed for a mental health --involuntarily be committed for a mental health evaluation. but it was never acted on. if he had been committed, it would have made it harder for him to legally get a gun. florida law allows for involuntary commitment for mental health examinations for at least 3 days. the shooting at parkland high school claudine. >> it has school districts from the country thinking about their different security options. , prts say metal detector at urban schools to stop gang violence made it more difficult to get the guns into schools. and now some rural and suburban districts around the country are thinking it could be a option too. some say the extra time it would take students to pass through the detectors every day would be a minor inconvenience if it prevents another school shooting. our question of the day is this do you think area schools should add metal detectors to campuses? vote on the ktvu twitter page and comment on the ktvu
6:27 am
facebook page. and here's a look at results. 64% say yes. 36% say no. our time is 6:27. still ahead, new ads at bart stations are stirring up a controversy up next. take a look why some say these ads at bart stations in oakland and san francisco are antiimmigrant. we will tell you how much a group paid to put up the billboards. >> reporter: plus san francisco's fire chief taking heat this morning over the department's response to a massive weekend fire in the north beach neighborhood. we will tell you why one city supervisor is calling for fire chief joanne hays white to step down. sorry. i can't make it.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thanks for a joining us on mornings on 2 it's monday. and it's march 19th. i am dave clark. >> i am claudine wong. pam cook is off today. your time is 6:30 and time to go over to steve paulson who is watching the break in the rain and the coming rain. >> that's correct. >> i pay attention. >> today is the break. tomorrow we start the rain. yes you do pay attention. it's cold out there for this monday morning. and temperatures are a little fog. couple of fingers of fog drifting around. they tend up to pick up until 7:15 or 7:30. staysy ross says good morning
6:31 am
sp. good morning. chilly 39. are begoing -- are we going to continue to get rain in march. yes starts tomorrow and farther south is better opportunity than farther north. a lot of 30s. campbell cupertino, st. martin, gilroy is down to 43 tying a record high on sunday 33. but our focus will be on tuesday, wednesday and thursday and friday. and rainy pattern kicks in and awindy one as well. especially wednesday night and thursday and a colder patterntowards the end of the week. there's your system. again, it's tapped in. the low it's dry monday. clouds later this afternoon. rain develops tuesday into friday and the focus of this moisture plume looks to be about monterey to santa barbara. that's how it looks for right now. we will get some rain 3/4 of an inch to an inch and a half maybe 2 for some depending where it sets up. but the forecast for santa barbara is very, very wet which means it's going to probably cause issues when you get that
6:32 am
much rain. today's okay. but increasing clouds are on the way and the low is tapped into a lot of moisture and will funnel. leading edge is just coming in to the peckture. sunshine in the morning. and clouds will start to roll in. 30s and 40s a lot of 30s with wind chills. and even in the upper 20s or low 30s. yesterday's he clouds moved off. highs -- yesterday's clouds have moved off. tomorrow we start the rain. all right. sal. i have no idea what time it isism can't see a thing here. it is. i can't see a thing here. >> 6:32. 28 minutes before the hour of 7. >> all right. old radio guy you count backwards. 28 minutes to 7. 80 westbound slow traffic. san pablo richmond we had an earlier accident at central. it was gone rather quickly. pardon me. but traffic is going to be slow as you head out to the mcarth -- macarthur maze. who iway 4 is slow and 680 slow. and we are looking at the bay
6:33 am
bridge backed up to the maze. a typical delay. i want to mention that 880 northbound doesn't look bad driving from oakland to coliseum area to downtown oakland. we do have a major closure in alameda. one lane of the posey tube is closed. it's going to be a tough commute. and get this, they are going to shut down the tube at 10:00 for emergency repair on the other side in oakland. there's a sink hole that opened. so at 10 this tube is going to be closed. getting off the island, all day long as a result is going to be tough. people are going to be on the other bridges and they are not going to be able to use the tube getting off the island. that will put a lot of pressure on the other exits to the island. give yourself extra time today. this is a look now at the peninsula traffic. it's okay on 101. that's been a nice light commute san mateo and millbrae and let's go back to the desk. this morning san francisco's fire chief is dealing with criticism over the department's response to the big weekend fire in north
6:34 am
beach. >> we have ktvu alex savidge at the scene on more why aaron pestkin calling for the -- peskin is calling for the chief to step down. >> reporter: supervisor peskin is calling on the fire chief to resign and is angry over the department's response to the massive fire that broke out on saturday night here at this apartment building in the north beach neighborhood as we push in here you can see the top floors of the place were absolutely gutted by the fire. supervisor peskin says firefighters were too slow getting water on to the flames here on saturday night. he tells the san francisco examiner it was more than a half-hour before crews began to spray water on to the upper floors of the burning building at the corner of union street and columbus avenue. in the end, it was no one hurt in the fire. but 8 people were displaced. and a number of businesses on the ground floor were damage by
6:35 am
fire and obviously by the water that was put on to the fire. fire chief haze white at the scene on saturday -- hayes white at the scene on saturday said firefighters initially attacked the flames from inside the building. and also they searched for any one who may be trapped inside. >> as million responders we need to be calm, we need to be measured and methodical and with all due respect to the supervisor i would like him to stay in his lane and we will stay in our lane. >> reporter: supervisor p etch skin had a history of run-ins with the fire chief and he is calling for an independent investigation into the fire department's response to this fire on saturday night here in the north beach neighborhood. still remains unclear exactly how the fire started. we do know, however, the upper floors of the building were under construction and we understand there was an unfinished roof on the three- story building that helped to fuel the flames on saturday night. a massive fire which has now
6:36 am
led to a war of words between one city supervisor and a chief of the fire department. >> all right. we will see how it plays out. thanks so much. decision by an immigration judge is expected today on whether or not a father of 3 who was detained by ice agents is going to be deported. fernando carrillo is an undocument imgrant from mexico living in the u.s. tore 20 years. he was dropping off his 4-year- old daughter at day care back in october when he was detained by ice agents and he has been in federal custody ever since. demonstrators and faith groups held protest outside the ice headquarters in san francisco asking for his release. time is 6:36a new ad campaign at bart stations in oakland and san francisco is causing quite a controversy. >> because it does seem antiimmigrant. >> i saw those this morning and i was not sure who was behind it. i was a little bit suspicious because of it seemed like they
6:37 am
were targeting nonu.s. citizens. so that generally makes me a little bit suspicious. >> now the ads they are talking about call on tech workers to force congress to fix the h1b1 visa program that program allows foreign workers were marketable skills to get jobs. the nonprofit group progressives for immigration reform paid 80,000 dollars to put up the ads. they say they were created to inform tech workers and others of the growing trend of trading american workers for h1b1 visa holders. in an effort to reduce corporate costs. >> the vast majority of the h1b workers that are brought in are other ordinary in terms of skills and education and they compete directly with the american tech workers in this base. >> now the group progressives for immigration reform say they received positive social media
6:38 am
feedback about the billboards. they will evaluate the success and possibility of yet another ad campaign. the search continues for a richmond man missing in the sierra. thomas malarkey went skiing at bear valley mountain resort last wednesday but never return. dozens of search and rescue teams searched over the weekend. authorities questioned a air force plane with infrared technology to find him. severe weather conditions slowed down efforts in the physical few days of his disappearance. florida international university will hold a moment of silence later this afternoon. it will be to honor 6 people who died in last week's pedestrian bridge collapse. the bridge had just been put in place days earlier when it collapsed thursday onto a busy road connecting the campus to the community of sweetwater near miami. we are getting information about some of the victims. the youngest victim was 18-year- old alexa duran who was studying political science -- sighents a florida international university --
6:39 am
science at florida international university. >> she was still in her vehicle. one of the last ones to get out. you know. luckily, her passenger god bless him, he walked away. he is going to have to live with that. >> the ntsb is investigating to find out if the cracks that were reported by an engineer two tase before the collapse may have caused that bridge to fall. in the meantime, the first lawsuit sek sped to be filed today on behalf of one of the victims of that collapse. a richmond man is under arrest after a search warrant led to the discovery of guns, cash and drugsp detectives found over a half pound of cocaine he can as it sigh and nearly 300 xanax and amphetamine pills and it was 38,000 dollars in cash and richland police say one of the guns found was reportedstolen in georgia. the warrant was issued on 25th streets after several weeks of an investigation triggered by
6:40 am
an anonymous person. there's a unusual crime stopper story after visiting the bay area. a couple was driving on skyline boulevard in oakland and saw a bmw crash into a tree about 1:30 saturday morning. the man from texas got out of the car, ran to see if he could help, and that's when the driver of the bmw pulled out a shotgun and tried to rob the good samaritan. then pointed the gun at the woman. the two men struggled and the texas tourist pulled out a pocketknife and stabbed the other man. the woman from texas called 911 and the police got there a short time later. police say the bmw was stolen. the driver was arrested and is expected to recover from several stab wounds. police in contracosta county say a gunman is on the run this morning. coming up at 7, we will tell you what they said led to the shooting on interstate 80 that left a mother and child injured. >> it's going to be a tough day in many places. and we have slow traffic in a
6:41 am
lot of spots. highway 101 in marin county looks okay a little slowing from novato to central san rafael. otherwise a nice drive to southern marin.
6:42 am
6:43 am
checking your stocks it hasn't been a great morning this morning. the dow is down by almost 200 points. and a lot of news coming out in facebook of being focused on this morning the stocks down over 3% in the premarket.
6:44 am
this is coming out after facebook was accused of allowing a foirm collect data on 50 million people's profiles without consent. we will keep an "on the numbers all morning long. time is 6:44. today is the start of the trial to decide whether at&t and time warner can merge. at&t is willing to pay 85 billion dollars for time warner. and it says the merger would give it more programming and also make it more competitive with amazon. and netflix. the government is arguing that the deal would hurt competition in the tv business. and it could lead to higher prices for consumers. the trial will last two month but chances are good of whatever decision is reached it will be appealed by the losing side. law makers demand answers from facebook. analytics company collected data from social media users from the2016 election without
6:45 am
their consent. cambridge andly the cay gained information from 50 million facebook users. they say it was collected for academic purpose but was transferred to third party violating policies. u.s. senators are asking whether facebook did enough to protect data. some are calling for facebook to testify before the senate commerce committee and the senate judicialary committee. facebook says they are conducting internal and external reviews. federal regulators launch an investigation into why air bags in some hyundai and kia vehicles failed to inflate in 6 crashes that left 4 people dead. last month, hyundai recalled almost 155,000 so in theas after determine -- sonatas after determining a electrical problem failed to inflate the air bags. other failed to deploy in 2012 and 2013kia forte vehicles. they are trying to figure out if both companies used the same
6:46 am
component to trying eater air bags. if so -- trigger the air bags. if so, a recall may be required. san francisco public schools could receive soda tax revenue along with nonprofit organizations that provide services to low income communities of color. the sugary drinks tax advisory committee making recommendation on how to spend the ren. >> you have generated by the soda tax which went into effect in january. the committee is recommending that funds be used to encourage students to drink fewer sugary drinks, drink more water andincrease physical activity. they are recommending half the money go to nonprofits that provide services to low income community of soda because it soda is blamed for heart disease and heart disease in the communities and diabetes. let's see what's coming up in the next a hour of mornings on 2. good morning gassia. >> welcome back -- gasia. >> welcome back. we know the song stevie wonder part-time lover and there aremillions of part-time
6:47 am
workers. there's evidence that parts time diet are more effective than a traditional plan. it's the plan that lets you eat chocolate cake, five times a we will what you have to do is -- what you have to do to help you lose weight make it ease year to clear fat and lowering the blood pressure as well. also do you feel like you're online more often than you are not? a new study by the pew research center shows americans are moreamore attach to the internet. why it says the attachment is likely to get stronger. and what age group is the most connected of all. and clawedeen and dave i was surprised by the age range they gave. >> thanks. >> time is 6:47. guess what black panther again was number one at the weekend box office. >> you are telling moot king of a third world country runs around in bulletproof cat suit?
6:48 am
>> why yes. movie was in first place for the 5th weekend in a row. took in another 27 million dollars. black panther is the second highest grossing super hero movie ever after the avengers. if it has another strong showing this coming weekend, it will jolt black panther past the avengers to number one. the tomb raider reboot debuted with 23 million at the box office. put out pretty good unless outside the u.s. and brought in more than 100 million dollars internationally. and another new movie i can only imagine made its debut with 17 million in sales. that was good enough for third place this week. 6:48 on this monday morning. and sal, we always hope we can give people an easy commute as they head back into the workweek. but. >> yeah, monday kind of tough. you know. everyone is on the road it seems. 80 westbound, we will show outtraffic is slow. we had a newly -- you the traffic is slow. we had numerous slow
6:49 am
downsbetween the carquinez bridge and maze. you will see slow traffic on highway 4 and 680 as well. the commutes checking in just like we thought they would which means slow traffic. interstate 880 doesn't look bad driving up to downtown oakland right now. you might want to take advantage of that. at posey tube leaving alameda heading out to oakland, one lane is shut down for emergency repair on the other side of the tube. and today, at 10, it's going to shut down all day long as they do this repair and that's going to make tough traffic in alameda all day long. people will be trying to get offthe island and using the bridges-stead of the tube and that's going to put a lot of pressure on alameda traffic. that is look at the bay bridge that's backed up this morning as it normally is. san francisco a little slowing on southbound 101. the peninsula traffic doesn't look too bad. but, northbound 2 will 0 -- 280 might take more traffic. a accident at northbound 101 at
6:50 am
mckey. it's time for the weather forecast. thank you. we will get to it. we have clear skies this morning. maybe a little patch or two of fog but it will be sunny in the morning and clouds will start to roll in the afternoon and by this time tomorrow, it will be cloudy and probably raining if not it will be close. sunday morning, though, it wasdarn cold as we have the records. half-moon bay 34 breaking old record out 36. gilroy tied 33 and they are 23 -- 33 this morning. one observe here said they were 31 was a record in cordelia and i put that in there i. 31. oakland airport tied 38 going back to 1948. it's cold this morning. but before we get to that, we have a lot going on. it's going to be a rine week ahead. not today -- rainy week ahead. not today, but tuesday and wednesday and the wind picks up and our rain will pick up wednesday, thursday. and the cold air arrives thursday night, friday and goes into saturday with off and on conditions. this is going to be a big time
6:51 am
setup for probably about monterey down to santa barbara. and all eyes will be near san luis obispo to santa barbara especially santa barbara us about it looks like the moisture plume will just pummel them. they are projections of 4 to 8 even 10 inches of rain sometimes forecast models don't account for the topography but it looks very wet for the burn areas and that's a major concern. we will not get as much rain. that's the sign right now. the snow levels are going to be all over the place and be very tricky and go way up tuesday into wednesday. and by thursday into friday, it's going to drop big time. but i think they will get another feet easily by the time we get to friday. moisture is beginning to move towards us. so we start off with sunshine in the morning. and cloudy in the afternoon. look at the big low. that's impressive and it's tapping in moisture back to the hawaiian islands. the key is on the moisture plume where it sets up. this is way above average for this time of year. but then you start to get low level jet called the llj around
6:52 am
5,000 feet. you take that moisture and then you start ramping it up 35, 40 miles an hour. and it is that deep. you lift it, cool it condense it and that's why they are looking for heavy rain from monterey south. 30s, 40s on the temps. 32 in lakeport. 39 and livermore at 36. brentwood 38. 34 in palo alto. to the north 31 kelseyville. lots of 30s vallejo and mill valley. okay dental 33. so yeah, it's cold. but the clouds are racing ahead. so sun in the morning and cloud in the afternoon. moisture is taking more towards monterey and southern california than us. but the rain will make it here as well starting tuesday. today 60s to near 70 on the temps. so sunshine in the morning. get out and if you want, take care of what you have to or play tennis or golf because by tomorrow, claudine all bets are off and you will need the rain gear. >> okay. i've got it with me. 6:52 on the clock.
6:53 am
protesters faced off outside a cafe that refused to serve uniformed police officers. >> there's antiamerican people down here right now and we are using our first amendment rights by protesting in front of this hateful antiamerican antipolice officer coffee shop. >> about a dozen demonstrators who oppose the cafe's policy gathered at the haste muerte cafe they declined to serve a officer in uniform earlier this month. it posted on social media they asked please to leave for the "physical and emotional safety of its customers. but count are protesters showed up to support the cafe's policy. >> they are not saying cops can't come in. they are saying uniformed with weapons. and they are saying because most of our community will feel traumatized as a result of it. >> uniformed police responded to that demonstration that ended when the cafe protesters moved onto a rockridge farm
6:54 am
are's market to confront the mayor about the cafe and the comments about the ice raids earlier this month. the mayor says she talked with the demonstrators and shook hands with them. well, an annual event to help girls heading to prom. up next how nearly a thousand teens have chance to get a beautiful dress for the big dance without having to worry about the cost. we use our phones and computers the same way these days.
6:55 am
so, why do we pay to have a phone connected, when we're already paying for internet. shouldn't it all just be one thing? that's why xfinity mobile comes with your internet. you can get up to 5 lines of talk and text included at no extra cost. so, all you pay for is data. choose by the gig or unlimited
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plus for a limited time get a $250 prepaid card when you buy any new samsung. xfinity mobile. it's a new kind of network designed to save you money. click, call, or visit an xfinity store today. welcome back to mornings on
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2. rescue teams in sonoma work together to rescue a man whose kayak field with water and was thinking yesterday afternoon near hogg allen -- island. fire crews authority sent out a rescue team, and a sonoma county sheriff's helicopter crew found the man of the water. paramedics were then flown in to pull the man from the water and attaching to a line to the helicopter. both were brought back to the parking lot where the kayaker was treated for hypothermia. sepsis khmer will announce the new funding measure to strengthen the seawall of san francisco. legislation will be introduced today that will call for as much as $250 million in state funding to reconstruct the seawall. that seawall is in need of repairs to protect against earthquakes and flooding from
6:58 am
rising sea levels. the current seawall was built back in 1879 and runs along three miles of the waterfront. the mayor will join them at 10:00 a.m. this morning to announce that funding effort. a southern california lawmaker will make history this week. toni atkins will take over as president pro tem and will become the first woman an openly gay lawmaker to hold that post. she will still need to be formally elected though. part of the lawyer's practice facility in oakland was transformed over the weekend into a prom dress showroom. more than 1800 teenagers from all over the bay area had a chance to choose and try home and take home a new formal dress. it is all part of the annual dress court by west event. it was organized by the wife of the warriors power forward david west.
6:59 am
this was her second year to hold this year in oakland. west shops for and buys hundreds of the dresses herself. bay area businesses also donated money and allowed organizers to buy 1300 dresses this year.>> prom is one of those experiences that will create memories that will last a lifetime. so if i can give you the address that will be in that memory, that makes me feel that much more connected. >> it is not like i can just drop living and spend money on all the senior activities. so with something like this, where i can get a free dress, and this opportunity is amazing. >> earlier this year, the oakland public education fund helped spread the word. it also help organize the volunteers needed to put on that great event. that march madness upset in the ncaa tournament between virginia and
7:00 am
umb see -- means free pizza. little cedar is coming through on a bold promise it made. it says if anything crazy happens like a number 16 seed team meeting a number 1 team, it would give away free pizza for lunch. that is just what happened with the loss by virginia. little caesars says that everyone in america can get a free lunch, from 11:30 am until 1:00 p.m. on monday, april 2. honoring the victims that were shot and killed at a veterans home. details on the memorial that we be held for them later today. shots fired on a east bay freeway and a woman and a child were hit. the hunt is on for the road rage shooter.


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