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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  March 19, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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fire chief. now the mayor is weighing in in the wake of the fire. >> and concerns of a serial bomber on the loose in austin texas. the latest of a 4th explosion in three weeks. >> a self-driving uber car kills a woman in arizona. what the san francisco based company is saying about the autonomous car testing. >> ktvu fox news at noon starts now the. >> i am gasia mikaelian. >> and i am mike mibach. this is a live look from sky fox below on park street. that's one of the alternateroutes to get into oakland. sluggish at time and bumper to bumper but not the traffic nightmare some people were expecting this afternoon. >> we will pop up the traffic maps and you can see the white arrows designate the four other options getting on or off alameda item at the park street bridge and fruitvale and high street and at the bottom
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doolittle drive. the posey tube closure is because of a sink hole let's get more from christien kafton. >> reporter: the road is empty if you look here you can see the two lane tunnel off the island for emergency repairs. oakland road reware crews are fixing a sink hole at the exit in oakland. one lane inside the tube was closed throughout the commute and at 10 alameda police closed both lanes that closure expected to run through midnight. all this to repair a sink hole that formed over the weekend and undermined the road. repairs are taking plagues at 6th and harrison streets in oakland. a full repair is expected to take about a week for today, commuters are encouraged to use public transportation and bridges off the island and anyone going to san francisco they are encouraged to use the ferry on and off the island. this repair work expected to run through today and this evening. again, expected to be wrapped up at midnight tonight.
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in alameda christien kafton, ktvu fox news. a massive fire in the north beach neighborhood has eruptedinto a war of words. >> city super varietiesor -- supervisor was critical of the fire response and called for the chief to resign. >> reporter: well, good afternoon to you. and supervisor peskin was in the available to speak with us today. i am told he is on vacation and couldn't talk about the comments he made over the weekend which are receiving quite a bit of a backlash today here in san francisco. during the height of the massive fire in the north beach neighborhood, the supervisor claimed firefighters were too slow to put water on the burning building and reportedly call for the fire chief to step down. this huge fire started on saturday night in a 3-story building here at the corner of union street and columbus avenue. and according to the san
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francisco examiner, supervisor peskin claims it was more than a half-hour before crews began spraying water onto the upper floors of the building. in response to that criticism, the fire chief fired back. >> as emergency responders we need to be calm and measured and me thoued cal and with all -- methodical a i would like him to stay -- methodical. i would like him to stay in his lane and i will stay in my lane. we understand taftics. >> reporter: the chief hayes- white defended the department saying they got here fast. the first units i am told arrived two minutes after the department got the call and she says firefighters first focused on attacking the flames from inside the building and searching for anyone trapped. in the end, everyone who was inside the structure did make it out safely. this morning the mayor weighed in and says he doesn't think the fire chief should resign. >> absolutely not.
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look, to comment a chief should resign from an elected official during the middle a live fire is one of the most inappropriate things to do as an elected official. so absolutely not. i commend the fire department for the job they did at that fire. >> reporter: supervisor peskin who has had a history of run- ins for the fire chief is calling for a independent investigation into the department's response to saturday's fire here in north beach. at last check, 8 people were displaced by the fire and a number of businesses on the ground floor were damaged and according to supervisor peskin's office this building will have to be demolished. bringing it back out here live, it's unclear how the fire started. that's part of a lengthy investigation. the upper floors of the building were under construction. and there was also an unfinished roof on the place which likely contributed to the size of the fire on saturday night. i also could give you an update on sunday morning, this was one san francisco firefighter who fell from a ladder truck during
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some of the mopup work happening here. i got an updata few minutes ago from the fire department, that firefighter was treated at the hospital and they are home recovering. mike. gasia. >> great news there. alex savidge live. the highway patrol is investigating a death of a person who is body was found on a off-ramp. it was discovered 8:45 last night. as they responded to calls about a crash, so far the chp has not released any details about either the victim or the crash. the off-ramp was temporarily shut down but is back opened to traffic. happening today, preparations are underway for a public memorial to honor the lives of three women killed earlier this month in a shooting at the pathway home in yountville. >> allie rasmus joins us live with more on the story. allie. >> reporter: yes, we are right outside the lincoln theater. the napa valley performing arts center is where the public memorial will be held. i side, the preparations are underway. they have -- inside, the preparations are underway. they have he set up the podium and on the screen the
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individualtors will see a picture of the three women who will be memorialized. they are calling this a celebration of life event. >> someone said to me the other day that we need to consider their loss another casualty of war. and unfortunately, i think that's very true. >> reporter: and because of that's moral for the three -- memorial for the three women will have many of the themes of a military style service a military band from travis air force base will perform. collar guard of the chb will present the families with folded american flags. they worked at the pathway home a nonprofit that helps iraq and afghanistan war veterans suffering from ptsd. 450 vets graduated from the program over the past decade. tonight, one of those graduates will speak at the memorial. >> everybody who works with our returning vets is somebody, you know, who we need to show respect for and honor in our community. it's not easy work.
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>> reporter: they dedicated their time and work to helping veterans including the gunman who took their lives. 36-year-old albert wong was an amy veteran who sought treatment at pathway. loeber was the executive director and golick and shushereba were counselors. gonzales was 26 week pregnant and the baby didn't survive. the memorial will focus on their lives, contributions and psychologist and social workers and impact on their friends, families and the communities. >> we are -- community. >> we are here to stand with their families and show appreciation for our vets and all the people who served them. >> reporter: now the lincoln theater seats 1200 people. organizers are expected -- expecting it to be at capacity they have a overthrow and they are providing a shuttle service to take people to this theater because parking may be limited. that shuttle will leave from
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the yountville community center and the veterans park in yountville to the theater and the doors open at 4:30 this afternoon. seatings is on a first come first serve basis. the program starts at 6 tonight. back to you guys. >> thanks. we will be covering it through the evening newscast and streaming online. >> that's right. 6 vince of the florida pedestrian bridge collapse areremembered in florida. a moment of sile enwas held at florida international university where the bridge collapsed and five of the victims were in the vehicles a 6th was a construction worker doing structural engineering work on the bridge. at the time of the collapse workers were tightening cables on the bridge. >> we are going to find out. it's my expectation with this investigation and we if somebody has done anything wrong they have to be held accountable. that's what you should expect out of your government. >> the ntsb is investigating whether cracks that were reported by an engineer just two days before the collapse may have caused that bridge to fall.
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the first lawsuit has been filed. it was filed on behalf of a bicyclist who was injured when the bridge came down. the suspect or suspects that we are dealing with have a higher level of sophistication than maybe we initially thought based on them changing the methods to a more difficult device. >> investigators in austin, texas believe they are dealing with a serial bomber. >> this after another explosion injured two more people over the weekend. >> now 115,000 dollar reward isoffered for information that leads to an arrest. reporting casey siegel brings us more. >> i don't know a cause i don't understand why this is happening. >> reporter: austin residents still shaken following an explosion on sunday night. it was a bomb, possibly connected to three others here in recent weeks that left two people dead. the latest explosion injuring two men in their 20s who are either riding or walking their bikes nearby.
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and authorities say they believe it could have been triggered by the victims themselves. >> this device was a device activated by someone either handling, kicking or coming in contact with a trip wire that activated the device. >> reporter: police chief brian manly says more than 500 officers are currently following up on hundreds of leads and he is asking the public to keep calling with with possible tips. he has also urged an extra level of caution in the city. telling residents not to touch sus specious packages and report anything out of the ordinary. folks here say they are rattled by the string of bombings in the hometown. but they do want to do the part to help police catch whoever is responsible. >> where the bombing was was not far for me. one of the bombings so that could have been me. i get packages all the time and my roommates get packages all the time. so it hest home. >> reporter: earlier sunday before the latest explosion, a reward was increased for anyone
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that can provide information leading to an arrest and conviction of who ever is responsible. that's the latest from austin casey siegel, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> still ahead another shoot og and bay area freeway. this time a woman and child were injured. the reason road rage may be to blame. >> and sunshine dry conditionsacross the bay area today. but change is on the way. we will check in with meteorologist rosemary orozco for when the rain is coming back. >> the white house is responding to rumors that the president is looking to fire special council robert mueller. is he in or on the way out? >> and keeping an eye on the market right now. a sharp loss for facebook. dragging tech companies down. dow jones down 13 4 points. facebook on pace for the biggest loss in four years. more on the numbers after break. poor mouth breather.
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congress faces another government shut down. lawmakers have until midnight friday to approve a massive spending bill. they were supposed to pass a funding measure on september 30th. but the government has been running on a series of short- term stopgap funding bills and that could happen again this week if republicans and democrats can't come together and spas a spend -- pass a spending by by the end of friday. the white house is spooning
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that the president may try to fire robert mueller. >> that's creating backlash from some lawmakers. griff jenkins has the story. >> reporter: president trump fired off a happened full oftweets but for first time mentioning robert mule are by name raising -- mueller by name raising the question is he in the president's cross hairs the next to be fired. the president's lawyer shooting down reports that mr. trump is considering firing special council robert mueller saying in a statement, the white house confirms the president is not considering or discussing the possibility. the president's tweets over the weekend for the first time mentioning mueller by name raising speculation that the special council could get canned. >> if he tried to do that, that would be the beginning of the end of his presidency because we are a rule of law nation. >> reporter: questions of the mueller's future coming on the heels of announce pent by jeff sessions that former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe has been fired. mccabe fired back saying the attack on his credibility is
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part of a larger effort not just to slander him personally but also the fbi and law enfosment. >> -- enforcement. >> his firing may be justified there's no way to know but even though it may have been justified it can be tainted. >> reporter: the charm of the house oversight committee bristling at calls by the president's attorney for the justice department to end the special council's probe. >> russia attacked the country let special council mueller figure that out. if you believe there's no evidence of collusion you should want him to take all the time and have all the independence he needs to do his job. >> reporter: in washington, griff jenkins, ktvu fox 2 news. >> president trump is in new hampshire announcing new details on the plan to deal with the opioid epidemic including tougher penalties for drug traffickers including the death penalty for major drug dealers. the president wants the congress to reduce the amount of drugs needed to trigger
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mappedtory minimum sentences for traffickers. he says -- mandatory minimum sentences for traffickers. >> we will not rest until the end and i will tell you this drug addiction in america will stop. it will stop. failure is not an option. addiction is not our future. >> the president's three part plan is expected to include raising awareness, cutting the flow of illegal drugs and expanding treatment options. law makers approved 6 billion dollars to fight the opioid epidemic. let's check in with meteorologist rosemary orozco feeling more like spring. >> it does. temperatures 5 to 10 degrees warmer right now than where we were at this time yesterday. and today could be the warmest day of the week. we have changes coming our way for the first day of spring. and beyond. giving you a look at storm tracker 2. we will start out with the view. so that ridge is in place over california for the time being. but look at what's on the
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backside. have our eye already on this system. tapping into what we call the atmospheric river. it will bring a plume of moisture. it looks like central and southern california will be the main targets of this. we will be on the northern edge but in any event, we have got rain coming our way. it will start tomorrow last into wednesday and thursday and perhaps into friday. this week could feel like last week with the rain on and off for the next several days. make sure to have the rain gear. by the end of the week, we are looking at anywhere from an inch to two inches of rainfall for our urban areas. more than that in our hills. could be a little windy at times. snow levels will start out fairly high for the sierra but eventually they are going to drop. here's the rainfall forecast as we get into, i will take it to the end of the week because it will be hard to pinpoint day and day after anywhere from an inch in san francisco and inch and ahalf over areas of the north bay and more than that the farther south you go.
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monterey could pick up more than 2 inches anthills likely picking up a pretty good amount as well. good rainfall. gear up. and if you are headed to tahoe or sierra for the week ahead, snow levels start out high today, tomorrow, into wednesday and they start to drop. thursday and friday. perhaps all the way down to 3500 feet again. and we are looking at a good amount of snow. 1, 2, maybe 3 and 4 feet by the end of the week. so let's enjoy today where we have partly sunny skies seeing a increase in clouds ahead of the system moving in for tomorrow. temperatures ranging in the low to mid-60s for today. and a few upper 60s and other areas of the south bay going to 66. inner east bay 66 for concord and 65 in santa rosa. san francisco 64 and hayward 65. the afternoon high for you there. here's the extended forecast. temperatures will fall off a bit as we get into tuesday, wednesday, and but notice relatively mild and again, that's an indication of snow
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levels remaining high. the storms will start out a little bit warm and as we get into the back end of the business, temperatures will cool off and snow levels will fall and as we get into your bay area weekend, looking like at least now we will dry out. but next several days going to have the rain once again. >> okay it's the march we hoped for. >> yes. thank you. >> thank you. the dmv office in east owningland closed for more than a month is back opened. the office closed in early -- oakland closed for more than a month is back opened. the office closed in early march. the dmv says thieves stole copper pipes. office is back opened today. talk about -- taco bell restaurant in danville is closed after a out of control car crashed through the front door. this happened at the green valley shopping center off diablo road. eye plowed through the restaurant's front window. no other information has been released about what led to the
12:21 pm
crash. fortunately no one was hurt. still to come, facebook under fire. how the personal data of millions of users may have been shared without their permission during the 2016 presidential election and the impact it's having on facebook's stock today.
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with pg&e in the sierras. and i'm an arborist since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. the trial to decide if at&t and time warner can american is
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underway today. they say it would give them more programming and make them more competitive with net flicks and amazon. the government says it would hurt the industry. the trial is expected to last about 2 months but chances are good what ever decision is reached that it will be appealed by the losing side. let's look at stocks here. we are tracking quite a slide not just on the dow jones but i -- which is down by 1 1/2 points. stocks and tell nology and retail skidding after the market's gains over the past year. dow jones is down sharplych the story is the same facebook dragging down tech companies lower today. facebook stock is down about 7%. >> the company having the worst trading day since 2012. this comes as law makers are demanding answers after an analytics company collected data from social media users during the election. >> the information from 50 million facebook users was allegedly collected for
12:25 pm
academic purpose but was transferred to third parties which violated the policies. >> reporter: this boils down to the personal dateo and -- data on facebook. a profiling company harvested private information for more than 50 million facebook free files. according to the reports, they could take that information and build psychological profiles so voters can be targeted on social media. cambridge and lit leticca said no data from gsr a third party firm was used as part of the services it provided to the donald trump 2016 presidential campaign. according to the new york sometimes they says they deleted the information when it learned about the problem. but facebook posted a statement saying several days ago we received reports that contrary to the certifications we were given, not all data was deleted. we are moving to determine the accuracy of the claims if true, this is another unacceptable violation of trust and the
12:26 pm
commitments they made. and edward snowden saying facebook is not victim, they are accomplices. a the love finger pointing going on. we know that the attorney general in massachusetts has launched an investigation and law makers say they are keeping a close eye on the situation. >> i think another part about it is sometimes the companies grow so fast and get so much good press they get up high on themselves and they start to think perhaps they are above sort of the rules that apply to everybody else. so we will learn more about this in the days to come. but, i am disturbed about that. >> we need to find out what we can about the misappropriation of the privacy and the private information of tens of millions of americans. that misappropriate information used by this digital arm of the trump campaign to manipulate american voter. >> reporter: space is conducting internal and externalrow views. will carr fox news. a story that claims it has experienced more than 1 million ears is filing for bank suptry
12:27 pm
protection. claire's executives say they are can he -- bankruptcy protection. claire's executives say they are sure they will survive. there's a claire's store in 99% of all u.s. malls. there are 7500 claire stores in 45 condition tries and they say there are no plans to close any location or lay off any of the 17,000 workers. and it says it hopes to emerge from bankruptcy in time for the upcoming holiday season. a major announcement by uber after a crash involving a self-driving car in arizona. >> what we are learning about the investigation as testing is stopped in cities including here in the bay area. >> reporter: two people shot. now authorities are look for a road rage shooting. we will -- shooter. we will have details coming up.
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uber is suspending the anonton mouse self-driving car. the woman was crossing outside 56 crosswalk in tempe and -- tempe and the car was in autonomous mode but someone was in the driver's seat. uber has been testing the self- driving vehicles in tempe and phoenix for months. uber has not said how long it plans to keep ateton mouse cars off the roadway.
12:31 pm
and an investigation is currently underway. uber did send out a response in a tweet to the crash saying our hearts go out to the victim's family. we are fully cooperating with the police and local authorities as they investigate this incident. the highway patrol is looking for person who shot a woman in and child in an apparent case of road wayne in the east bay. >> as christien kafton reportspolice are look for the public for help. >> reporter: they are asking anyone to check their car to see if they were struck by a stray round from this incident. they are asking anybody who was driving the stretch of road to call them if they notice anything unusual that evening. the highway patrol says the incident the latest shooting happened at 9 on saturday evening. they say someone fired at a vehicle heading eastbound on i- 80 near the willow road exit. highway patrol says two passengers a woman and small child were hit. the 5 or 6-year-old girl was trance ported to the hospital
12:32 pm
with what -- transported to the hospital with what we are hearing is major injuries and an adult woman is transported to the hospital with injuries. the person driving was uninjured. here in contracosta county shall it was a coast of road rage be a -- county, it was a case of road rage and they are looking for a shooter. nearby neighbors say this is pushing for a high definition camera system. >> that family traveled last night thinking they are going to be able to go from where they are leaving back home and travel safely on the freeway. and that's the importants of the -- importance of the camera system to make shore we travel on freeway -- sure we travel on the freeway safely. >> reporter: it's unclear if the cameras were in place and operational on saturday night. investigators will be reviewing caltrans traffic cameras to see if they captured any images of the shooter. at this point we are wait fought crips of the vehicle -- waiting for the description of
12:33 pm
the vehicle involved. a man died after deputies found him shot in a car in hayward. a friend called to report the gun fire at mission boulevard near blossom way around 3 yesterday morning. other people were inside the vehicle at the time of the shooting but were not hurt. so far the sheriff officials have not released information on a motive or suspect. we have new details about last week's home invasion robberys in petaluma. sonoma county sheriff department announced an #th aremember the. the latest was tracked -- 8th suspect. the latest was tracked down in north carolina. deputies say they were looking for marijuana, but got the wrong home. tourists from texas are going home with an unusual crimestoppers story to tell. they were driving on skyline boulevard when they saw a bmw crash into a tree about 1:30 saturday morning. a man from texas got out and ran to see if he could help. that's when the driver of the bmw pulled out a shotgun and tried to rob the good samaritan and the woman he was with. the two men struggled and the texas tourist pulled out a
12:34 pm
pocketknife and stabbed the other manch the woman called 911 for help. police say the bmw was stolen and the driver was arrested and is expected to recover from several stab wounds. a decision is expected by a immigration drum whether or not a father of three detanned by ice agents in san jose -- detanned by ice agents -- detained by ice agents in san jose will be deported. he was dropping his 4-year-old daughter off at day care when he was detained by ice agents. he has been in custody since. demonstrators have protested outside the ice agent to ask for his relief. a ad campaign at bart stations in oakland and san francisco is creating a controversy. >> because it does seem antiimmigrant. >> i saw those this morning and he was not sure who was behind it. i was a little bit suspicious because of that because it seemed like they were targeting
12:35 pm
nonu.s. citizens. so that generally makes me a little bit suspicious. >> yeah. they want to force congress to fix the visa program. the nonprofit group paid 80,000 dollars to put the ads up and says the campaign is meant to inform tech workers and others of the growing trend of trading american workers for h1b1 visa holders to reduce corporate costs. >> the vast majority of the h1b1 workers that are brought in areordinary in terms of skills and education and compete directly with american tech workers in the base. >> the progressives for immigration reform officials say they received positive social media feedback and will evaluate the success and the possibility of another ad campaign.
12:36 pm
middle school teach are defends his detention -- decision to give a failing grade to student after she left class to join in the student walkout march 14th protesting gun violence. according to the mercury news, the teacher david kissner says he believes school districts allowed students to take part were disrespecting the u.s. constitution. the superintendent of the school district where he teaches says any student whose parents sign them out would not be punish. he calls that a violation of school policy. protesters faced off outside a oakland cafe that refuses to serve uniformed police officers. >> there's antiamerican people down here right now. and we are using our first amendment rights by protesting in front of the hateful antiamerican antipolice officer coffee shop. >> about a dozen demonstrators who oppose the cafe's policy gathered at the cafe. they declined toer is of a officer in uniform earlier thismonth. on social media they said they asked police to leave for the
12:37 pm
physical and emotional safety of the customers but counter protesters showed up to support the policy of now allowing officers in uniform inside. >> they are not saying cops can't come in. they are saying uniformed with weapons and they are saying because most of our community will feel traumatized as a result of it. >> uniformed police responded to the demonstration that ended when the cafe protested moved onto rockridge farmer's market and went to confront the mayor about the cafe as well as the controversial announcement about ice raids earlier this month. the search continues for a richmond man missing in the sierra. thomas malarkey wept skiing at the -- went skiing last wednesday but didn't return. dozens of search and rescue teams searched over the weekend. authorities also requested a special air force plane with infrared technology to find him. severe weather conditions slowed down theer is hech efforts in the first few days.
12:38 pm
the search continues for 27- year-old david kempker who was seen in the delta near sherman island. he was reported missing when he didn't return home. his truck was located by sacramento county sheriff's kep tis -- deputies on wednesday in the sherman island area. police say there's not been any activity on debit or credit cards or phone. his family and friends searched for him over the weekend and say it's not like him to disappear. a few hours ago, san francisco's mayor farrell and other local leaders announced a funding measure to strengthen the seawall. assembly man david chu introduced the legislation to call for 250 million in state funding to reconstruct the embarcadero seawall. it's in need of repairs to protect against earthquakes and flooding from rising sea levels. current seawall was built in 1879. it rns along 3 miles of water front from fisherman's wharf to the park. along with nonprofit organizations, that provide
12:39 pm
services to minorities and low income communities the sugar ris tax advisory committee is making recommendation how to pend the ren new -- spend the revenue generated by the soda tax that went in effect in gatch the committee recommends that funds be used by public schools to encourage stewed don't drink fewer sugary drinks, drink more water and increase physical activity. and they recommend about half the money go to monday profits that provide services to low income communities of color because soda is blamed for chronic health problems like i do bite why is a-- diabetes and hart disease in the communities. tonight five dan dates for mayor will appear in a forum at the castro theater at 7:30 to focus on neighborhoods, communities and issues facing the lgbtq community. a southern california lawmaker will make history this week at the state capital. tony adkins from san diego will take over as senate president
12:40 pm
pro tem for kevin deleon and will be the first woman and first openly gay lawmaker to hold that post. adkins will need to be formally elected by her fellow state senators. still ahead, a little boy with a rare disease from north carolina is heading here to the bay area. this part of the wish that's being granted. >> we will check back in with rows marchy for the workweek forecast.
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because of health concerns cleveland cavs head coach announced he is taking a leave of abaccepts from the team. he said some of the symptoms included chest pain and loss of sleep. he spent the second half of saturday's game in chicago in the locker room because of an illness. this is the second time this season he left the game because he was not feeling well associated head coach larry drew will take over. penny hardaway will be the next man's basketball coach at university of memphis. memphis's is where he played college ball. he will be introduced as the new coach at a news conference tomorrow. he was drafted with a third overall pick back in 1993. and he played in the nba until 2008 with orlando, phoenix, and new york and miami. a 7-year-old boy from charlotte north carolina who has a rare disease will have his dream come true. jonathan page found out yesterday he is going to meetstephan consider iest war
12:44 pm
jurors. he was diagnosed when he was 2 years old with a rare disease that affected his motor skills leaving him in a wheelchair or his mother's arms e loves watching basketball so wednesday he is travel here to the bay area with his family for sightseeing. friday, he is going to meet with steph. it is made possible by a organization called dream on 3 that grants sports dreams for children with mainly medical conditions. we are in the thick of march madness and ncaa tournament has been narrowed down to the sweet 16. 5th seeded west virginia rounded out the field. they will play top seeded villanova in the east semis with perdue and texas tech in the other game. in the midwest kansas will face clemson while duke will take on syracuse and in the west region after a buzzer beater michiganwolverines will face texas a&m and gone discalla -- gonzaga faces florida state. kentucky takes on kansas city and nevada takes on loyola, chicago. stanford women's basketball team will try to make it to the sweet 16. they host 12th seeded florida
12:45 pm
gulf coast. cardinal team was on point saturday easily defeating gonzaga at home and they are hoping to careity momentum into the game. tip off is at 6>> the stanford men are on the road in still watter to take on oklahoma state. they played a nail biter last week but came out on top. today's tip is at 4 in the afternoon. number one seeded st. mary's takes to the court in the nit as well and they blew out southeastern louisiana in the opening game last week. now st. mary's hopes for the same results as the huskies are in town. that is scheduled to tip off at 8. a new service for earthquake fans. they are offering two free charter buses traveling to and from the stadium on game day it's available for those with tickets and leaves from downton san jose. the buses will loop from st. john at market street near san pedro square to earthquake and coalmon avenue. the free service begins march
12:46 pm
31st. hopefully you've been able to enjoy the wonderful day because things are changing quickly. >> yes indeed. and we are seeing a cloud move across the bay area. they are ahead of a system bringing us rain in time for tuesday. we have more rain on wednesday, thursday, and friday, and it's going to feel a lot like last week. giving you look across the oaklandest wary where we are -- oakland he is wary where we have pardonly cloudy skies. temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. 58 in san francisco. and the lunp hour oakland 61. livermore 60 and san jose checking in at 63. as we get into the second part of the day. temperatures are creeping up a few more degrees. this is the system offshore. you can see the clouds approaching california. so talk about the last half- hour the moisture plume is going to aim towards central and southern california. they are likely to pick up the most amount of rainfall. we will be on northern edge but
12:47 pm
we will get one or two inches of rainfall between now and the end of the week. so we are dry for today, changes occurring a bil of a transition going on. wet weather will hold off until tomorrow morning. and then we will have rounds come or way for wednesday, thursday and into friday and it's not going to be steady. but, again, you are going to need the rain gear for the next several days. here's the futurecast. as we get into the evening hours, tonight, the clouds will be with us. hoare etomorrow morning. knocking on the doorstep. all you have to do is shift in a little earlier and faster and we now have it. >> time for the morning drive. be prepared for that. if you are worried about the morning drive for tomorrow, may attention to the forecast as we get into tonight and, of course, tomorrow morning. and here's wednesday, starting out with mostly cloudy skies. perhaps light scattered showers and then as we get through wednesday, more rain moves through. thursday it keeps coming with friday expected to have showers as well. as far as rainfall amounts, i talked about the possibility of one to two inches or so.
12:48 pm
one and half the projection for santa rosa and more than that in san jose and if you noticed the farther south we go, areas over monterey more than 2, 2 1/2 inches. hills could take up 2 -- pick up 2, 2 1/2 inaches and the sierra will get a good a snow. snow levels will start out high but by thursday, friday, they drop perhaps all the way down to about 3500 feet. and we could see anywhere from 2 to 4 feet of new snow by the end of the week. afternoon highs for today low to mid-60s around the bay area with increase in cloud cover going to offset some of the warmth we had expected originally. and here's tuesday, wednesday, the temperatures don't change a whole lot but as i mentioned, colder systems by the back end of the business week and into the weekend. we look mainly dry and could start out with a few scattered showers in the morning and you said some of the little leaguers will have their opening day. >> parades. >> going on. >> and some have had theirs and are waiting. >> first weekend of spring we will get dry weather. >> it will be good spring skiing.
12:49 pm
>> there you go. >> it will. it will be excellent spring skiing and snow boarding tomorrow is the start of spring. sierra ski reports are preparing for more snow over 2 feet fell last week and according to the national weather service, the area will see a snowstorm that could run from late tomorrow night through next weekend. if you plan to go up to the sierra expect to be impact on the mountain passes through most of the week. rescue teems from sonoma and marin county worked to rescue man whose kayak was sinking yesterday afternoon near hog island in marin county. a sonoma county helicopter crew found him in the water a paramedic was flown out to pull him from the water and attach him to a long line out of the copter twhre. brought back to the parking lot -- helicopter. both were did -- both were brought back to the parking lot. the ferries run out of room sometimes. they say people use it more than a million times last year. that accounts for almost half of all ferry rides in the bay area. the number has gone up by 2/3
12:50 pm
over the past five years. ferry operators are trying to add three more boats to vallejo service before the end of the year. they plan to expanned service to and from richmond in the near future and say to make that happen, they need more money. operators tay is a to -- say that could testimony a november ballot -- that could come from a bolt measure that could increase the tolls over 3 dollars. the royal wedding two months away. after the break what we are hearing about a potential prenup.
12:51 pm
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12:53 pm
robots are taking over construction sites. a former google engineer start up called built robotics is developing technology for construction vehicles to operate themselves. the drones and robots are aimed at improving the safety and speed of operations and, of course, it could save money. designers say one prototype a bricklaying robot can lay as many as 3,000 bricks in 8 hours. let's look at markets before we g minutes before the close the dow jones has rough day down 366 points. down by 1 1/2% and the percentage wise drop is similar on s&p and nasdaq down 2 full percentage spoints. with toys r us closing the stores in the united states, the company is answering many customers questions as for when exactly toys r us will close the stores. the company says most stores will likely shut their doors
12:54 pm
within the next two months. toys r us will pay employees through the next 60 tase. the company says -- days. the company says if you have a gift card act fast they will be honored for 30 days and if you have something that you bought you want to return do it at any location that's still open. do you spend too much time on the internet? most of us show. one in four american adults say they are online almost constantly. it's a 5% jump from 2015. 42% say they go online several times a day. young people are more likely to be web obsessed those between -- 20% of those between 18 and 19 are say they are constantly connected. we are following several developing stories. we will have more today for you on the 4 on 2. >> the governor issued a proclamation declaring today a day of recommendance in the yountville -- remembrance in
12:55 pm
the yountville shoting as they prepare -- shooting as they prepare for a memorial this evening. we will stream the service for you in the entirety live on we will have live reports for you starting today on the 4 on 2. >> prince -- prince marchy doesn't plan to stine a prenup before marrying meghan markle. harry who has an estimated 54 million collar for -- dollar fortune has faith he woand neat it follow in his proper's footsteps who refused to sign a prenup. they will get married on may 19th. after months of separation, and thousands of miles travel the veteran is row unite with a dog he befriended overseas. apole joe showed up in a camp ground in afghanistan and was dangerously thin so he started to feed him every day. after refreshing home in december he teemed -- returning home in december he teamed up with puppy rescue mission to
12:56 pm
flyapollo to arizona. they raised the 5,000 dollars needed to bring apollo to the united states. >> a flight from afghanistan all the way to turkey and from turkey to dc and then from dc to here. so he had a long travel period. it's amazing to have him back home. >> he says apollo was shy when i first arrived by made -- but made himself at home. >> a great story. you get the bond with a dog and whether you are overseas or war or in your backyard. so, it's great to see him and take the time and raise the money to get him here. >> together again. >> yep. >> very good. thanks for being with us today. our news continues on twitter and facebook as well. have a great one.
12:57 pm
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