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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  March 20, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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the stadium on game days. the buses leave from downtown san jose. they will loop from the corner of st. john and market street near san pedro square to the corner of earthquakes way and coleman avenue. the bta used to run buses to the stadium but the service would have cost the quakes $233,000 a year. >> i think it is good business sense. so i give props to the -- the administration and the people who were innovative enough to think of this idea. >> the quakes will test the bus service this season to see how well it works. the buses will start running for the quakes games on march 31st against new york city. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> 7:00. welcome back to mornings on 2 this tuesday, march 20th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. it's raining in the ktvu parking lot right now.
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>> right. >> steve paulson knew that. >> it is starting to fall. nothing too bad yet. this is the beginning. it is the start of about four days. our better system will be on thursday morning. also see the wind pick up then and the colder air arrives thursday night and into friday. light rain is falling. reports in oakland and the peninsula and fremont. and it looks like it is getting close to san cruise mountains. associated with the plume of moisture coming in from the southwest. not much in the way of dynamic. the key is when the low gets closer. tomorrow and into thursday. not a lot of precip today. it will be one of the light and steady. and then it starts to pick up tonight and tomorrow night. especially wednesday night and thursday. that is the best opportunity. we're not looking for excessive rainfall here. and that's where they're going to be a setup for what could be exceeding rainfall rates. so far not much is moving in.
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we will keep an eye on it. 50s for many. temps up to 10 to 20 degrees compared to yesterday at this time. picking up towards the north as well. up to mendocino and lake counties. towards the south is the area that will start to light up. 50s and 60s on your temps. 7:02. you had bart. that is better, right? >> yes. >> now you have this accident. >> now we have a crash, steve, at the corner of bush and goff. >> okay. >> that is an area to stay away from. look at these cars. pretty badly damaged here. five people were taken. one car may have been wrapped around the pole here at the fire hydrant at the corner of bush and goff. san francisco fire department says five people were taken to the hospital. and it is -- some of those people are critically injured this morning as a result of this crash that happened at about 5:40 this morning. or 5:26 actually this morning. let's move along and take a
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look at the bart situation and how it is affecting san francisco traffic. highway 101 north and southbound looks okay. i think more people may be in the car this morning because the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up longer than it normally is. getting up to the bart station. getting up to the macarthur maze. 880 is also beginning to slow down past hyde street into downtown oakland. even though bart is running, it will take a while for them to recover. but you don't have to take the car. all of the stations are open and bart is running. 7:03. back to the desk. >> we continue to follow the developing news in san francisco. sal just touched on it. bring you more images from the scene. we just spoke to san francisco fire on the phone and they tell us that five adults have been injured following this two-car accident at bush in san francisco. all five people were taken to the hospital and are in critical condition. crews had to use the jaws of life to get some free from the
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wreckage. at this point investigators are working to learn the cause of the crash. the intersection is shut down there. are flares in the roadway to alert you to that as well as a number of police officers and vehicles on the scene. stay away from this area if you can. it is 7:04. the other big story we're following, if you ride bart, expect delays this morning. smoldering debris was found at the 24th and mission street bart station. >> allie rasmus is live at the montgomery street station in san francisco. for many people, the montgomery stop was the end of the line. but now things are starting to reopen. >> reporter: yes. the good sus, as sal mentioned, all bart stations have reopened. because of this interruption in service for about an hour, expect delays getting through the city. that's because earlier this morning, just before 6:00, smoldering debris is what bart reported found on the tracks or somewhere in the station. firefighters had to go in and
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put the minor fire out. once the fire was out, they had to have bart inspectors go in and inspect everything and make sure that everything was good to go. for about an hour, 24th street and mission station was closed. so there was no train service between the montgomery station and balboa park. that meant a lot of people came out of the station here at montgomery. hundreds of people waiting for the muni buses. sometimes total strangers going in on a carpool just to complete their commute to work this morning. it was a hectic ride into the city for a lot of folks. >> and i got on the bart. they told us to get off of -- they told us to get off somewhere. that the train was going to go back. then they told us you can get off at montgomery. and take the -- it was all a mess. i just got off whatever train and got to the first san
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francisco stop. >> panic. okay. now i have to jump into the next solution. i'm all turned around. i'm thinking the ferry business is that way. now i have to get on the f line. >> there are so many people that unfortunately i heard a lot of people saying they wish they had stayed home today. >> reporter: now, the good news is that bart has resumed normal service. 24th and mission is open. but because of that interruption for about an hour between montgomery and balboa park, you can expect there will be delays even if you are taking bart through the city this morning. back to you guys. >> thank you, allie rasmus. new this morning, we will move to a big fire in san francisco. crews contained it just about two hours ago. >> yeah. mornings on 2 was all over it. this happened near jackson and polk street in a multi residential building. it went to two alarm. a woman rescued from a fourth floor balcony is being treated by paramedics. one person says he heard the
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fire alarms going off in the building and heard smoke and then started knocking on the doors of his neighbors. >> i ran downstairs. there was nobody in the lobby. then i went back up to check the floors myself. when i got to the fourth floor, i saw the smoke and i started knocking on the doors. >> red cross is helping the people who live in the building. the cause of the fire is under investigation. we're following developing news in maryland where a sheriffs spokesperson says that injuries have been reported after a shooting at a great mills high school at st. mary's county maryland. >> the school district's website says there has been a shooting at the school. the school is on lockdown. the event is contained. we're still getting more information. we will bring it to you as we get it here on mornings on 2. news just into the news room from austin, texas. police have sent a hazardous materials team to an austin
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fedex facility. they say it is too early to tell if this is relate today a bombing at a separate fedex center in san antonio overnight. you see new video taken in the daylight that shows law enforcement officers guarding the fedex ground distribution center in the city of schertz, texas, southwest of austin. investigators say the explosion is likely linked to the recent austin bombings. sources say the package contained nails and pieces of metal. a woman nearby suffered percussion-type injuries from the blast. but they are not believed to be life threatening. >> currently what we know, the investigation is underway, the box was medium sized it was on a conveyer belt when the explosion occurred. >> agents from atf, the fbi and homeland security are now on the scene. the "washington post" reports the package was believed to have been headed to boston when it exploded at the fedex facility. to repeat here, a hazmat team has been called in to
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investigate a suspicious package at a fedex center in austin. clearly it is a developing story. we will bring you more information when we get it. this comes as there have been four bombings in austin this month. investigators say they believe it is the work of a serial bomber. before this morning, the most recent attack was sunday night. that attack injured two people and it was triggered along the street by nearly invisible trip wire. the austin bombings have combined to kill two people and injure four others. at this point investigators do not believe one specific group of people or race is being targeted. busy morning. the time is 7:09. since this past weekend, there have been three bay area freeway shootings. investigators think they were all road rage. when we come back, we will tell you about an arrest in one of those shootings. >> reporter: will president trump try to fire special counsel bob mueller? i'm doug luzader in washington. we will have more on that as
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well as an expansion of the president's legal team. all just ahead. it does look like some maybe more people have been on the trains. this is a look at -- getting off the trains on the roads. this is highway 24. and you can see it is pretty crowded on 24 passing lafayette bart station. get ready for spring-at the ross spring shoe event. ross has the must-have styles and brands for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. step one: get to ross. step two: walk out with top brands at big savings... the ross spring shoe event.
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. our time is 7:12. new this morning, an arrest has been made in connection with a shooting last night on interstate 580 in marin county? authorities say this was a case of road rage. the victim was driving on westbound 580 when the suspect cut him off. the victim honked his horn. the suspect opened fire near the main street off-ramp not far from san quentin. there was a sig alert issued and closed the lanes for about 45 minutes to investigate. westbound traffic coming off of
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the richmond san rafael bridge was backed up. this was the heart of the evening commute. the victim wasn't hurt but there is a dent in his car. he gave officers a description of the suspect's car. it was a silver ford mustang and also gave them the license number. >> at one point the suspect vehicle came alongside the victim vehicle and the driver brandished what appeared to be a firearm, a pistol at them. >> just after 9:00, san rafael police found the silver mustang. 18-year-old christian torres perez of san rafael was arrested. they also found a bb gun in his car. >> there was also a shooting on 580 in oakland last night. one that wounded the driver. this happened near the edwards avenue exit in east oakland. a bullet came through the windshield and hit his finger at about 8:30 last night. he got off the freeway and called 911. the highway patrol conducted traffic breaks from seminary avenue to golf links looking for evidence on the road there.
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traffic was backed up on 580 as a result. at this point, no arrests have been announced. our time is now 7:14. president trump shaking up his legal team as the russia investigation gets closer and closer to the white house. >> the changes gave new life to rumors that the president may consider firing robert mueller. doug luzader has more. >> reporter: the white house says that president trump is not thinking about firing special counsel bob mueller but they are clearly building a case against the team that mueller has. president trump travel today new hampshire to talk opioid addiction. back in washington, his legal team was expanding. brought on board, veteran washington attorney joe dejenva who in the past has not hidden his contempt for those investigating the president. >> make no mistake about it. a group of fbi and doj people were trying to frame donald trump of a falsely created crime. >> reporter: and he has aiken dread spirit in the president
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who unleashed a tweet storm. eventually calling the mueller probe a total witch hunt with massive conflicts of interest. will the president try to fire mewler those close to him say no but republicans are concerned including south carolina tray gaudy who had a warning. much of this may be an effort to discredit the mueller probe. we have seen this kind of thing play out before. back in the '90s when bill clinton was being investigated by independent counsel ken star, the message from the white house was similar. star was called corrupt and the investigation was called a witch hunt. now, all of this plays out as these negotiations continue as to whether president trump himself will be interviewed by mueller and his team. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. all right. our time is 7:15. let's get you to where you need to go this morning. sal has a lot to tell you. and it is raining in parts of the bay area as well. >> that's right, dave and
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gasia. i have new information about the crash in san francisco at the corner of bush and goff that happened about an hour and a half ago now. the umbrellas are out, as dave said. the police are there at the corner of this violent crash where a honda collided with an suv and a ford vehicle involved as well. five people taken to the hospital with critical injuries. they had to be extricated. the fire department were on the scene. this is a major traffic issue. a lot of people use this southbound to get down towards the freeways. and a lot of people will be on van ness doing investigation here. we will have a live report again with more information from the scene in just moments. we're staying on this. let's move along and take a look at the commute when it comes to san francisco freeways. northbound 101 looks okay approaching the 80 split. i also want to mention bart is running again. all of the stayings are open. we did have the commute affected by an outage earlier. you may have heard that there
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was an outage at 24th street station. some debris caught on fire. they had to inspect the tracks before everything was restored. big delays on bart. more people may be in the car because for a while bart was not running very efficiently into the city. san francisco bay bridge approach is jam packed. some people are on 880 already. this is northbound 880 driving past the coliseum. you can see at the macarthur maze it is slow. please give yourself extra time. san mateo bridge also taking traffic this morning. and the wet weather is not going to help the commute. just going to slow things down. dumbarton bridge is slow all the way across. and in the south bay a lot of slow traffic on all of the freeways, especially 85 north. 7:17. let's talk about the weather with steve. >> we made it to the 7:00 hour. >> that's good. >> now the rain is coming in. today, that's it. just a couple hours left of winter officially. but it will be -- well, it feels like spring like because temperatures have gone up 15 to
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20 degrees compared to yesterday at this time. good morning, melissa. happy first day of spring. rain has started in fremont. spring officially starts at 9:15 in the morning for us. johnny says raining nicely now in el sobrante. he went back and said i should say it is a steady nice rain. that's good. we'll take it. also some rain beginning to inch closer now right on the peninsula. that looks to be picking up a little bit in intensity. back towards santa cruz mountains, that's the area that we want to focus on. santa cruz mountains down to monterey. rain begins today. tuesday, rain begins. then we will see off and on rain. but more cloud cover on wednesday. thursday is our best system by far. the low will be moving in closer towards us. better dynamics and jetstream and better cold air. friday, showers and probably saturday as well. by sunday, things will come down and we will see a break for a few days. all about santa barbara as the moisture plume moves northward and starts to move in.
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nothing really yet. they've had a .03 or .04 from santa maria to santa barbara. things are picking up south of monterey. that makes sense. throughout the day, this will intensify. and that is the burn areas that are of concern. not too much right now. pretty good so far. but flash flood watch kicks in at 5:00 and goes until 5:00 tomorrow. then tomorrow things start to pick up. certainly wednesday night and watch what happens thursday. that's our best system. nothing excessive though. that is all focused to the south of us. any time -- sometimes it just move -- just moving north can make a big impact on the rainfall projections. everybody is pretty close. moss beach at 54. fremont at 54. truckee's snow level is up, up,
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up. it will go up to 7,000 feet or higher. winter storm watch starts tomorrow. then the cold air comes in. then it goes down to 4,000, maybe 3500 feet by friday. to the north picking up as well. nothing too heavy. a couple one hundredths in marin county. so throughout the day a lot of cloud cover and a little bit of rain. that's the -- almost -- it's almost like there is a donut over the bay area. north there will be more. east there will be more. south will be more. we will get some out of this. 50s and 60s on the temps. cooler to the north. upper 50s to low 60s on the south. off and on rain will take us into friday. gasia. >> thank you, steve. the time is 7:20. tech giants including twitter, facebook and google are taking part in an event at the white house featuring first laid melania trump. the round table to come up with solutions for cyber bullying. what facebook has planned
7:21 am
today after millions of users' information was misused.
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>> 7:23. we will take a look at the markets here. much better than at closing yesterday. we will take that 125 points. s&p seeing a small back as well as nasdaq. facebook is trying to repair damage that user information was used to help donald trump win the election.
7:24 am
the social giant has scheduled a meeting with employees today to discuss this growing scandal. however, facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg will not attend. they have hired a forensic auditing firm to see how the information was obtained and used by cambridge ananytica group. >> this situation shows, you know, 270,000 people took a survey. 50million people were impacted and their data was accessed. there is a massive breach that facebook will have a hard time coming back from. >> lawmakers say they want to know if facebook fail today report the transfer of data as required by law. the time is now 7:24. happening today, first laid yee melania trump is hosting an event on cyber bullying.
7:25 am
she will be joined by executives from social media companies talking about cyber bullying and internet safety. it is her first public event on the topic when she announced it would be her top issue as first lady. all of the major technology companies have strict policies prohibiting harassment and other bullying behavior on their services. but primarily they depend on users to report abuse and weed them out. officials from toys "r" us will be back in court today trying to save the last few stores that the company has. they hope to save stores in canada and the 200 best performing stores in the united states. there is no word if any of the toys "r" us stores here in the bay area are being considered to stay open under the plan. amazon founder jeff bezos is showing off his new friend who might be named roverment
7:26 am
take a look. bezos is seen here walking his robot dog at amazon's conference in palm springs. now, this year the by indivision only conference is focused on machine learning. besides the robot dog, bezos went head to head playing beer pong here against a robot. another robot can teach you how to play ping-pong in case you want to pick up that game as well. nothing is as scary as the giant robot that bezos rode around in at last year's conference. we're seeing rain come into the bay area. meanwhile some people in santa barbara county are being told to leave their homes ahead of too much rain. more on the preparation for tonight's big storm and why crews say it could be worse than the storm in january, the storm that killed 21 people. >> reporter: plus, five people badly hurt this morning after a crash in san francisco involving two separate cars. we will tell you where this
7:27 am
investigation is happening and what we know about the accident.
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>> a very busy tuesday morning. march 20th. >> the news is developing as well. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about our away. that will be a big part of the news for a couple of days. >> yeah. for tonight and tomorrow.
7:30 am
i don't think we will get that much in the next 24. but they will in southern california. excessive rainfall outlook is high. you usually don't see that. of certainly not in california. but that's what we have here by the national weather service. our good friend antonio says good morning. rain showing up on radar but not reaching the ground in daly city. maybe not there but it is close. so some of that is beginning to reach the ground. and there's been a few one hundredths on the peninsula that i have seen so far. palo alto, .01. rain begins today. nothing too heavy for us. it will pick up over the next few days. the best opportunity is thursday and friday as the cold core low -- well, colder, better dynamics start to move in. this moisture ahead of it is starting to move on shore. that will pick up the rainfall rates. there's a little bit better dynamics to the west/southwest. they are picking up towards
7:31 am
monterey and santa cruz. it looks to be south of monterey, big sur and down towards san luis obispo, santa maria and santa barbara. things have calmed down a little bit. a couple hundredths that i have seen but that's it. tonight and tomorrow the rainfall rates will pick up. nothing too heavy for us. .04 to a quarter of an inch today. maybe a light steadier rain towards the santa cruz mountains. thursday is when we will have steadier and heavier precip for us. more rain northeast and south over the next four or five days than us. 50s on most of the temps. on the peninsula, a few upper 40s and low 50s. the winter storm watch for the sierra starts tomorrow. not a warning but a watch. snow level will go up around 7,000 feet. by the time we get to thursday, friday, another two or three or four feet forecast. 7:31. sal has been very busy. do you want to start in the city, sal? >> yeah. i was just listening to something. we have a problem at civic
7:32 am
center bart. trains are not stopping at civic center due to an equipment problem. now i was listening that muni trains may not stop there either. now there is another problem we have to get to the bottom of. that was just coming in as you did the toss, steve. i apologize for half listening. trains are not stopping at bart civic center station. something is going on. they say it is an equipment problem but this is also affecting muni. let's take a look now at the commute. carquinez bridge to the mac maze, 40-minute delay. i think more people heard about the earlier bart troubles and are taking the car in and got on the road. it is evident that all of a sudden we had a spike at the traffic at the bay bridge, backed up to the maze. so we have a longer commute. the rain won't help. but it is raining just enough for the traffic to slow. this is 880 in oakland. it is slow this morning. san mateo bridge traffic is moderately heavy. i want to talk about the
7:33 am
dumbarton and the san mateo bridge which are okay. in contra costa county, traffic is slow. 7:33. let's go back to the desk. >> straight to san francisco and the developing story we have been covering where five people were hurt this morning in a crash involving a number of vehicles. >> as you can imagine, it was a bad crash. you should avoid the area of bush and golf. alex savidge is in san francisco. what is the latest out there? >> reporter: well, this entire intersection of bush and goff still closed down for the investigation by the san francisco police department. we have a tow truck moving in to tow away one of the cars involved here. there were two sedans that collided with an suv right at this intersection early this morning. this happened around 5:45. again, a total of five people who were in these two sedans were transported to the hospital with what are being described as critical injuries. you can see the roof on that
7:34 am
silver ford sedan right there is gone. and that's because firefighters came in and they had to cut the roof off to extricate the people inside that car. there were three people in one car. two people in a second car. again, everybody transported with very serious injuries this morning. it is unclear exactly what led up to the crash or who may have been at fault here. that is part of a further investigation by the san francisco police department. but a very bad crash has shut down the intersection of bush and goff this morning. tow trucks are here and are beginning to tow away the cars after the accident, possibly getting this intersection open sometime soon. >> all right, alex savidge in san francisco. thank you, alex. hundreds are under mandatory evacuation orders in santa barbara county because of the storm on its way. >> people devastated by the wildfires have until noon today
7:35 am
to leave their homes. stephanie stanton is live to bring us more. stephanie. >> reporter: yeah. good morning to both of you. i want to set the scene here in montecito. i'm right in front of the montecito inn. the sand bags are ready to go. this montecito inn sustained damage during the storm in january. but nothing like what we saw in the canyons above. more than a hundred homes destroyed. more than 20 people lost their lives in the deadly mudslides. and mandatory evacuation orders are in place as of noon today. i can tell you that many people have already left. and of course many have not returned when those same slides destroyed all of those homes back in january. now, officials here though they are really trying to prevent a repeat of what they saw. there were some so-called unintentional gaps in the notification system ahead of the storm in january according to the office of emergency
7:36 am
services. officials this time around are more than prepared. they want to make sure that everyone gets out. it is estimated that last time only about 15% of the people here in montecito chose not to evacuate. so we had the majority of people leave. but there were those small percentage that stayed. and as we know, many of them -- 20 of them, more than 20 lost their lives. so there's a big warning system in place here. people are already gone. officials really getting that word out, making it very clear that people need to leave their homes. the rain is expected to start later this afternoon. it is expected to bring about five to ten inches in this area. and just to give you a comparison, in january's storm, we saw three to six inches of rape. the reason it was so devastating was the rapid rate at which the rain fell. this time around, this is predicted to bring a lot of rain, more rain, five to ten inches but hopefully the rain rate will be a little more
7:37 am
spread out and thus we won't see as much damage. but everybody here on pins and needles and heeding the warnings to evacuate. back to you guys. >> stephanie stanton in santa barbara. this comes as the spring break time of year. so it is a situation we're watching. in the meantime san francisco police are making progress against the epidemic of car break-ins. the amount of uniform foot patrols were doubled after a spike in car burglaries last year. a general car unit was generated to deal with break- ins and other property crimes. the number of car burglaries has dropped from 31%. now car burglaries are down 15 percent. >> going forward, we will continue to evaluate the
7:38 am
resources that we have attributed to combating auto burglaries and hopefully continue in the success that we have seen. >> along with the increased patrols, there's a pilot program in the mission where police officers are specifically assigned to investigate auto burglaries. the city is also continuing its park smart campaign where they visitorrists don't leave valuables in their cars. the time is 7:38. in today's health check, claudine wong is back to explore something that women have been waiting for for decades. >> new information on a new kind of birth control. >> a medical break-through when it comes to birth control. that conversation is geared towards women usually. now early clinical trials are showing a birth control pill for men may soon be a reality. joining us from tampa florida is dr. joe to tell us more about this latest advancement. dr. joe, thanks for joining us.
7:39 am
tell us about how this male pill works. does it work just like the female pill where you take one a day. >> good morning. yes, it does. one a day. a pill. and how it works is it kind of tricks the body into thinking there is too much hormone, too much. the body shuts down production of testosterone and there are other hormone that's are involved in sperm production. those are lowered as well. so when men take the higher dose of this pill, their testosterone levels drop but their body doesn't feel it because the dmu acts like testosterone. they don't see a change in sexual function. maybe a little bit of a decrease in libido in some of the men. they saw a little bit of weight gain. other than that, it seems to be
7:40 am
safe for men. >> which is great news. the bigger problem they have been trying to deal with is liver issues and complications of that and testosterone. do you think that they have kind of solved those problems? >> it does not seem to affect it. in the past they have tried to use high level of testosterone and there were issues. but in this case, they didn't see any kidney or liver impacts. again, it is a little early. this was a safety trial. they hope that they will be able to now extend that. they're going to extend it. they did this for about a month. they will next extend to three months. because it takes about 75 days to kind of use up all of the sperm that was created previously so they're going to see what happens after that point in time next. >> okay. so since we're still early and you are talking about the longer term studies put thanksgiving into play, when would this actually realistically be available if some people are thinking this
7:41 am
is perfect. how much longer? because it can take some time. >> yes. because you have to do long- term studies. i asked about that. there is that concern for men, if you take steroids long-term, do you suppress your system so you can't make testosterone again. she does not think that will be the case. that will take a long-term study. she predicts five to ten years. another issue has to do with funding. they don't have a lot of pharmaceutical backing. funding may also play a role in how quickly we see it or go to parket. >> five to ten years. okay. that's a significant amount of time. certainly nice to see it going to the safety studies. then we have to figure out how to make sure that the guys take the pills every day. dr. joe, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you so much. 7:41. in san francisco, the board of
7:42 am
supervisors will vote to vote whether to ban fur proct dids sold in the sit -- products in the city. the vote happens today. if approved, san francisco would be the third city here in california to ban the sales of fur after berkeley and west hollywood made that move. the we have the day is this: should san francisco ban the sale of fur? 61% say yes. 39% say no. let us know what you think by voting on twitter, tweeting us your comments and also leaving them on our facebook page. the time is now 7:42. you heard sal. we're still following breaking news involving bart. coming up at 8:00, the latest on how long of a delay you will face if you're traveling in or out of the city. nasa taking steps to avoid a serious collision that could involve an astroid hitting the united states.
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>> the television series cops starts filming in sonoma county. >> they will ride around with sheriff's deputies for eight weeks. in may, they will ride along with santa rosa police officers for eight more weeks. let's bring in mike mibach for what he is working on for mornings on 2. >> coming up in the next hour, getting sick after taking a flight? a lot of us worry about it and it happens a lot of times. there is a new study showing the best seat on an airplane for you when it comes to avoiding germs. a pastry chef who got her start in the bay area is playing a big role in the upcoming royal wedding. the story of what she is baking
7:46 am
for prince harry and meghan markle. we will have more on the bart delays we have been seeing this morning and the big crash in san francisco where multiple people were injured. we will see new a few minutes. >> thank you, mike. today is the first day of spring. dairy queen is offering free ice cream to all. dairy queen is handing out small vanilla soft serve cones. how many can we hit on our way home. >> we can hit several. >> we will have to map it out. >> the company will also be collecting donations so if you give a little you get a little bit. >> i'll have to wear the fake glasses. >> right. >> there is no joking about all of the problems in our morning commute. >> right. trains are not stopping at the 16th street station. the fire is out but now they have to go through the whole thing and check to make sure that everything is okay. the smoke has to dissipate. trains are moving through the
7:47 am
station. they're not stopping at civic center. it has been a tough morning for bart. if you take bart to work, you may be late, unless you leave really early. if you're in san francisco, i would recommend using the buses instead of bart today. i think some people took the car. traffic is backed up all the way to the maze. we have had a lot of slow traffic. this is a look at interstate 880 northbound. you can see traffic is slow. all over the east bay, there is a lot of slow traffic out there. this is a look at the san mateo bridge. this traffic is slow all the way out to the peninsula. and when you get there, 101 is slow both directions. burlingame, san mateo and northbound 101 slows at the airport and stays slow all the way to san francisco. southbound 280 is slow from daly city from 19th off to san bruno. we have a tough morning commute. go ahead and bring good attitude because you might need it. speaking of the man with a good attitude all the time. >> i sure try, sal.
7:48 am
>> yes. >> sometimes it isn't, as you know. i always look on the bright side. thank you, sir. well, the rain has arrive. see, we talked about a good march. it has been a great march. not a miracle march but it has been a great march. a lot of .01s showing up. rain is accumulating in the rain gauge there. carol says hey there, steve. hey there, carol. steady rain in the los gatos area. if you love t i love it. dave loves it. tim over here loves it. tim, you love it? he loves it. there he is. we all love it. we need it. we do. not much rain today. .04, .05 maybe. for those who are weather savvy, and you know what i'm talking about, very light. hardly any. that is just the projection on rainfall. as the gfs and euro are painting a much wetter picture. it will be a light rain today. it will pick up wednesday night and into thursday.
7:49 am
we get more dynamics to the south and the low gets closer. you will get better cool air coming in. cold air aloft. some of that light rain she is talking about with towards san jose and willow glenn, santa clara moved through. it looks like it let up a little bit. the rain begins today or it has begun. not a lot but a little bit. better system thursday and friday. that's when the lower snow levels will also begin to develop. there is a serious plume of moisture now taking aims towards it looks like monterey to santa barbara. that looks to be the main focus. if you want to call this atmospheric river, that's fine. also a pineapple express connection. the last time we heard that was back in 1981, 1982. that was the first time that we used that. it is a warm plume of moisture. it is starting to pick up on the monterey peninsula. the key is you get this warm air and lift it, cool it, condense it. it can produce good rain. that's the area that i think we
7:50 am
need focus on today. everybody and their brother is watching towards santa barbara. things are let up a little bit. tonight and tomorrow morning is when the better dynamics really kicks in. much warmer than yesterday. 51 in morgan hill and gilroy. saratoga says we're 52. 40s in the santa cruz mountains. our lows have gone up 15 to 20 degrees compared to yesterday. snow level is up in truckee because of this warm plume coming in. that will send the snow level to 7,000 feet. tomorrow, a winter storm watch and warning by wednesday night. then the snow level will come down. it will be a wet sierra cement compared to other systems. a little bit of rain picking up in santa rosa. part of that system coming in. throughout the day, steady rain, light rain. kind of a day gray. then the situation starts to pick up. honestly based on everything that i'm looking at, there is heavier precip to the north,
7:51 am
heavier rain to the south and more to the east. we're caught in the donut hole. we will get some rain but not as much as others. we have to wait a couple days for the cold air to work its way in. temperatures a little below affect, near affirm. they will go above tomorrow with a strong south wind. then they will drop thursday and friday. and then a rebound sunday and monday. it looks dry sunday and monday. >> thanks, steve. >> you're welcome. the time is 7:51. six months ago today puerto rico was hit by hurricane maria. many people there still have no electricity, no shelter or clean water and food. 100,000 people have no power in puerto rico. that is down from the 3 million who lost electricity when the hurricane hit. water is also hard to find. a nurse who works with the elderly at a medical facility says they often have to use the same water for bathing and for cleaning their homes. >> everybody else washes themselves with that also. then i use the same water to wash the floor every day.
7:52 am
>> fema is still sending aid to puerto rico but the recovery is slow. today in washington, d.c. there is a big rally right in front of fema's offices with protesters demanding action and aid for puerto rico. the time is 7:52. a new report is out that ranks all 30 major league ballparks. coming up at 8:00, we will show you where at&t park and the coliseum are on the list. plus, avoiding a high-speed chase without giving up the chase. coming up, more on a new crime fighting tool that officials are looking at closely in berkeley.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
>> welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 7:55. nasa scientists say there is a good chance that an astroid could hit the ups. but don't worry just yet. it could probably hit us in the year 2135. that gives scientists plenty of time to figure out how to keep earth safe. nasa is looking for ways to reroute the astroid if possible. that includes steering it away from earth. another possible, detonating a nuclear de voice that would push the astroid away. scientists put the odds of an actual collision at 1 to 2700. even if it turns out to not be a real threat, it is a good practice for them. a new tool may be used
7:56 am
during police pursuits. it is a gps tracker that can be fired at an escaping vehicle during a police chase so the car can be tracked even after the high-speed chase is called off. some 50 police departments around the country already use the technology. the plan to use the device is expected to be presented at the march 27th berkeley city council meeting. a new billboard in the south bay is getting some extra attention. now the billboard is recruiting police officers for the san francisco police department but the billboard is in san jose. the sign is using bold lettering promising higher pay with the san francisco police department. now, this comes as san jose's police department is just now getting back to full staffing after a long fight over pension reform. >> the sincerest form of flat re, if another police department believes that you have the best and the brightest and they would like to take some of ours. >> san jose mayor sam liccardo says he doesn't blame san francisco for looking around the bay area for recruits and
7:57 am
says that each police department should be well staffed. one of the stars of "sex and the city" announced her candidacy for mayor of new york. she loves the mayor but the public is sick of politician that's care more about headlines and power than the people that put them into office. she will be running as a democrat in the primary. our time is 7:57. we're following all of the developing news from san francisco. and the latest on the problem at the 24th street bart station that has led to system-wide delays. also we will have the latest on the crash in san francisco that sent five people to the hospital in critical condition and shut down a busy intersection. and good morning. right now we do have traffic on the roads that may be affected by a little bit of wet weather out there, including on that san mateo bridge.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> reporter: list investigate a bad crash that happened a short time ago. five people rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. we will tell you what the driver involved this this crash who walked away says happened. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning, everyone. welcome back to mornings on 2. i'm mike mibach. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. we have been showing it is a busy morning for transit and
8:01 am
traffic, especially in san francisco. let's bring in sal castaneda for more. >> all right. we are going to start with that breaking news in san francisco that we have been talking about for the last few hours. authorities have closed off a major area of the city near japan town. goff and bush, perhaps one of the busiest streets for the morning commute for a multi vehicle crash. alex savidge is on the scene to tell us what we know about the crash. alex. >> reporter: well, sal, good morning to you. we are learning more details about exactly how this crash unfolded. i just had a conversation a few minutes ago with one of the drivers who was involved in this early morning accident and walked away unhurt. everyone else involved had to be rushed to the hospital with very serious injuries. this crash shut down the intersection here of bush and goff. i'm being told by the driver who walked away from this accident that this was all the result of one driver running through a red light, coming down bush street very fast early this morning according to this witness and blowing
8:02 am
through the red light, slamming into two other cars here. let me show you the scene. it happened around 5:45 this morning. it involved two sedans and a silver suv. i spoke with the gentleman in the silver suv. the driver of a dark honda went through the light at bush and clicheed his suv and veered into a silver ford sedan. that sedan was pushed flight a light pole at this intersection. a total of five people were taken to the hospital with what firefighters initially described as critical injuries. now, listen to the gentleman who walked away from this accident unhurt this morning. >> it turned green and the black car, whatever color it is, it came flying down bush street. it was in front of me before i could put on the brakes. i nipped it and then it plowed into the silver car and pushed it right into a pole.
8:03 am
>> reporter: and san francisco firefighters had to use the jaws of life to -- to extricate the people who were inside of the silver sedan that was pushed up against the light pole this morning. it took quite a while to get the people in that car out and to the hospital. again, according to the fire department at last check, five people rushed to the hospital this morning with critical injuries after this very bad crash here at the intersection of bush and goff. you can see here you have san francisco police continuing their investigation into this accident at this scene. the intersection remains shut down. but the tow trucks have come and removed these cars from the scene. so the expectation is that we may have this intersection back open to traffic here shortly. >> alex savidge live in san francisco. that's going to put more traffic on van ness heading down south toward the area of the freeways so be aware of that and give yourself plenty of time. let's talk about the other commutes around the bay area right now. i want to talk about the east
8:04 am
shore freeway. i think when that situation happened with bart, when we had all of troubles, more people got into the car. that means if you're driving from the carquinez bridge to the mac maze, it is taking you 45 minutes, just slightly longer than usual and at the bay bridge as well. steve has been talking about rain. and we're going to talk about some of the rain effects. but it will be a tough commute if you're driving around in the bay area. and the morning commute on 880 is slow as you drive on interbe state eight -- interstate 880 northbound. now, a lewded to the bart problems. it has been a difficult commute for bart passengers this morning. service was interrupted for about an hour on the pittsburgh bay point line through san francisco. it has resumed. now we're hearing about another problem near civic center. allie rasmus has been chasing the trains all morning long. allie, what is the latest. >> reporter: yes. a rough commute for people taking bart this morning. you mentioned that service
8:05 am
interruption on the pittsburghberg bay point line. that is now over. about 20 minutes ago, the civic center station was closed down for a period of about 20 minutes because of equipment problem on bart. it is because of a balloon that was on the third rail. it caused friction and sparking. we talked to a person who was on the platform and saw it happened. he described a loud popping sound and then saw sparks and flames because of it. but civic center stationary opened in the last ten minutes after being shut down because of the incident with the mylar balloon earlier this morning. the 25th station was shut down for a period of about an hour because of a report of smoldering on the tracks. san francisco confirms it was railroad ties that were smoldering, possibly caused by friction because of debris on the track. that issue was reinvolved but for about an hour there was no service on the pittsburgh bay
8:06 am
point line as bart technicians looked at the tracks and made sure that everything was okay. people were crowding on to buses and ride sharing services to complete their trip into work during that time. >> we will get lyft or uber. a lot of other ways to get around nowadays. >> i'm trying to get to 1650 mission street. i'm the front desk relief for the person. i'm sure that they want to go home. i've had my cup of coffee and donuts. now i want to throw the coffee away and just get to work. >> reporter: and just to recap, service is back to normal here on bart. again, last -- last check, the civic center station was closed for 20 because of a problem with a mylar balloon causing a minor fire on the tracks. the civic center stationary opened. but because of the problems this. more, you may want to anticipate delays getting through the city on bart. back to you guys.
8:07 am
>> thank you, allie. from commute to weather. another storm starting to roll into the bay area. i had a few drops of rain coming down in the lower east shore on my way in. nothing heavy but enough to get the roadway wet as we take a live look at storm tracker 2 here. most of the rain expected in the central and southern part of the state. right now parts of santa barbara county are under mandatory evacuation orders. those who live in areas devastated by the wildfires last fall have until noon today to leave their homes. back in january, 21 people in montecito were killed by mudslides triggered by storms. this new storm could be worse. between five to ten inches of rain expected in the santa barbara hills in a 72-hour period. that is starting tonight. >> we had a live report in the last hour on mornings on 2. it is dry there for now. it is a situation we're watching. in the bay area, our station in oakland, we have been getting steady rain in the past hour, hour and a half. >> it is light. january 9th was -- that was a
8:08 am
lot of rain in a short period of time. >> right. >> they hope this is spread out a little more. not that -- it could still be bad. but the projections anywhere from five to ten, certainly up in the higher elevations. the better dynamics is to the west/southwest. that comes in tonight. patrick says light rain and donut holes over here in redwood shores. good morning, patrick. i appreciate that. he is right. over towards foster city, redwood shores, maybe right there at oracle, you may get a little rain. right there. a little bit. san mateo, not a lot. but i saw the most rain, mountain view, .04 in the past hour. look, you think this is easy? santa cruz is just starting to rain lightly. look how it is lit up monterey south. that continues to be the focus to the south. but rain continues to pick up. now, it is very light today. it will pick up later tonight. and then wednesday night and
8:09 am
thursday looks like our pest bet. and then cold air will arrive on friday to continue this probably into saturday. look at that. if you want to call it pineapple express, whatever you want to call it, it is taking aim at california. 50s on most of the temps. look for light rain today. there will be some areas that you don't get much rain at all. it will start to pick up over time here. 50s and 60s. >> thank you, steve. we're following developing news in maryland where there was a shooting at a high school. three people were injured, including the shooter. the sheriff's department says it has the situation contained. but it would not release any more information right now. in the meantime the bombings that started in austin, texas appear to be spreading. early this morning there was an explosion at a fedex facility near san antonio. this mortgage authorities in austin, texas are investigating
8:10 am
a suspicious package at a fedex facility near austin's airport. jonathan hunt reports on all the developments from austin. >> reporter: another package explosion in texas just after midnight tuesday at a fedex facility in schertz, near san antonio. the package as addressed to austin and follows a string of bombings there over the past month. investigators say the explosion may be linked to the austin bombings. the good news, no one was badly injured in this latest attack. >> the box was medium sized from what i'm told. it was on a conveyer belt when the explosion occurred. >> reporter: police in austin are following up on hundreds of leads as they intensify their investigation. the latest bombing here injuring two men on sunday. the blast appeared to leave nails stuck below his grandson's knees. >> we had just gotten my
8:11 am
grandson out of surgery. he has been doing good he is in pain. >> reporter: investigators are pleading with the public to keep the tips coming in and also asking the bomber to communicate with them so they can start to understand why the attacks are taking place. >> they like the attention when they see these kinds of things. that is the most troublesome. you don't know what is motivating them. >> reporter: the blast on sunday was triggered by a nearly invisible trip wire. the attacks seem to be random and so therefore they have no idea who could be targeted next. in austin, jonathan hunt, ktvu fox 2 news. two more shootings on bay area freeways. coming up, we will tell you where the latest incidents happened and how officers were able to make one arrest. also an emergency meeting for facebook employees. more on a growing scandal after allegations that data from 50 million users were stolen and used to help donald trump's presidential election.
8:12 am
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narrator: public education has been valued for centuries. man: the direction in which education starts a person will determine their future in life. woman: the highest result of education is tolerance. woman: it's the road to equality and citizenship.
8:14 am
man: education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. narrator: brought to you by the california teachers association. woman: because we know quality public schools make a better california for all of us. if you're looking for anbloom incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross >> new this morning, san francisco firefighters are packing up after putting out a fire near jackson and polk streets. it went to two alarms. it was brought under control about three hours ago. one woman who was rescued from a fourth floor balcony was treated by paramedic. one person heard the fire alarm go off in the building and
8:15 am
smelled smoke and then began knocking on the doors of neighbors. >> i went back up to check the floors myself. when i got to the fourth floor, that's when i saw the smoke and i started knocking on everyone's doors. >> the red cross is on scene helping residents who need it. the cause of the fire is under investigation. but firefighters say it did start in the apartment where the woman was rescued. the time is 8:15. facebook is trying to repair the damage of the allegation that data from 50 million users were sold and used to help donald trump's election. the social media giant has scheduled a meeting with employees at 10:00 to discuss the growing scandal. the verge reports that mark zuckerberg will not be there. facebook has hired a forensic auditing firm to see how the data was obtained and used. it is believed that the company purchased the data from a professor at the university of cambridge who had been collecting users' personal
8:16 am
information through a survey allegedly for academic use. >> the situation shows, you know, 270,000 people took a survey. 50million people were impacted and their data was accessed. there is this massive breach of user expectation that will be hard to come back from for facebook. >> lawmakers say they want to know if facebook fail today report the transfer of data as required by law. and there's a movement on social media encouraging upset facebook users to leave the platform. the hashtag delete facebook was trending yesterday after news surfaced much the data leaks. first lady melania trip will be talking about cyber bullying and internet safety. it is her first public event on the topic after announcing more than a year ago that it would be her top issue as first lady. twitter, snap, facebook and google are among the companies that are expected to attend. all of the major tech companies
8:17 am
have strict policies prohibiting harassment and other bullying behavior on their services and rely on users to report on abuses. 8:17. we can't get you enough traffic information here, sal. you have been very busy. transit also interrupted today. >> yes. it has been tough out there. as a matter of fact i'm making sure that i'm not missing anything here. let's start off with the east shore freeway. i want to talk about why more people are on the road. the rain that is being felt in some area is coming down in some areas. 45 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. and then at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a lot of people getting into town. so if you're trying to get into san francisco and if you have the middle of the day window, you might want to think about doing that instead of coming right now. things will eventually get better. but probably not until after 10:00. as we look at interstate 880, it is pretty slow from san leandro through the oakland area through downtown. and 580 is slow out to the lake shore curve.
8:18 am
san mateo bridge traffic is moderately heavy. so is the dumbarton bridge. as we look at the east bay, we have a filled in commute, slow from hayward to fremont as normal. 680 is slow from dublin to pleasanton. pretty much all of the east bay commutes are slow. likewise for the south bay commutes. just because we haven't talked about crashes here doesn't mean it is a light commute. look at 101. it is backed up from blossom hill road all the way to mountain view. that's a long one. 8:18. let's bring steve in with today's weather. >> thank you kindly, sal. >> you're welcome. >> let's get to it. light rain so far. that will be the theme for today, unless you're heading down south when the rain will pick up later today. a couple one hundredths in santa barbara. they are expecting heavier rain to move in this evening. not much has happened there. for us, a couple one hundredths to a quarter of an inch should cover it for most of tuesday. it should pick up wednesday night and really pick up on
8:19 am
thursday. nothing excessive for us at least not yet. everything looks to be to the south of monterey down towards santa barbara. bless you, gasia, by the way. continues to get bursts of moderate rain. the most rain is at mountain view. that's a .04. look at the line here from monterey. heavy south. to the north it is light. that's what we're dealing with here. there's a fine line between who gets moderate and heavy rain and areas that get a light steady rain. rain starts today and it will pick up again thursday morning. that looks to be a tough, tough thursday morning commute. friday and saturday, we will see off and on rain. then decreasing. the moisture plume coming in from the west southwest is the key there. then the low moves close you are to us. the better opportunity for rain on thursday. the next 24 hours, again, mostly down towards monterey and santa barbara. we get light rain. not a big deal for us. we will take whatever we can get. everything is pointing towards more rain north and south and
8:20 am
more snow to the east. 50s and 60s on the temps. very mild. lows are up 10 to 15 degrees compared to yesterday at this time. look for an unsettled pattern friday and saturday morning. >> thank you, steve. >> you got it. getting sick after taking a commercial flight. it is common. now the key to staying healthy could be where you sit on the plane. we will explain coming up.
8:21 am
♪ ♪ get high speed internet from at&t.
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$30 per month. no extra monthly fees. more for your thing. that's our thing. visit >> uber has suspended all road
8:23 am
tests of the self-driving cars after a woman was killed on sunday night by one of the vehicles. it is the first known death of a person caused by a driverless vehicle. police say the woman was not in the crosswalk and there was a human driver in the car but he wasn't actively driving. >> they are going to attempt to try to find, you know, what -- who was possibly at fault and how we can better be safe. whether it is pedestrians or whether it is the vehicle itself. >> the deadly accident in arizona comes just two weeks before the california dmv will approving applications to test anonymous vehicles without a person in the car. the dmv says it takes the safe operation of autonomous vehicle license holders serious le. they will follow up to get more information before issuing the permits. the board of supervisors of san francisco will vote whether to ban the resale of fur
8:24 am
products in san francisco. if approved, san francisco would be the third city in california to ban fur sales after berkeley and west hollywood. the question of the day, should san francisco ban the sale of fur? 61% say yes. 39% say no. let us know by voting on twitter and leaving us comments on facebook. a new report from the cdc shows the number of flu cases continues to decline across the country. for the fifth week in a row there was a decrease in the number of doctor visits for flu- like illness. the b strain is more common than the a strain virus. people who got the flu vaccine were 30% less likely to get sick with the flu compared to those who did not get vaccinated. best seat on the plane if you're looking to avoid getting sick, a window seat and don't leave it until the plane lands.
8:25 am
the window seat is best because it cuts down on a passenger's ability to move around the cabin. the more movement, the better chance of coming into contact with a sick person. the study found that if a sick passenger will only infect one person on a flight. a breakdown of every major league baseball park in the country and it shows a disparity between the a's and the giants. the giants at&t ballpark is rated as the best in the country. while the a's coliseum finished 29th out of 30. slightly ahead of the tampa bay rays home. the writer says it is all his opinion. the too i am is 8:25. we've been reporting on a string of problems affecting bart this morning leading to delays in san francisco. where operations stand right now and more on a crash that is
8:26 am
impacting a busy intersection in san francisco's japan town. >> reporter: and that crash here near japan town this morning sent five people to the hospital with critical injuries and it shut down the intersection of bush and goth. the information is now back open. we will tell you about the circumstances that led up to the early morning accident. the commute in general has been tough for a tuesday. as we take a live look at the san mateo bridge. no crazy rain yet but light steady rain has started to fall. a couple hundredths in the last hour, hour and a half. look for that to pick up, but not until later. more on that coming up.
8:27 am
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>> good morning, mike and gasia. the major crash we had in san francisco at the corner of bush and goth is a serious one and still affecting san francisco traffic. let's go straight to alex savidge who is live at the scene with an update on the crash. now it looks like cars are moving through. >> reporter: yeah. actually better news here in the city, sal. good morning to you. san francisco police just a few minutes ago reopened the intersection of bush and goth. we have traffic moving freely through the area. but the intersection has been shut down for a few hours because of the early-morning accident. we will take you to video. this happened around 5:45 this morning. the crash involved a couple of cars and an suv. i'm being told by one of the drivers involved in the crash this was caused by a car that ran through the red light here
8:30 am
this morning. again, we have told you that five people were taken to the hospital this morning with critical injuries. now, the man who was driving an suv, a silver suv says he was waiting at a light. it turned green he and pulled out and that's when a dark- colored honda blew through the red light and clipped his car and ran into a silver sedan. that was pushed into a light pole, trapping all of the people inside. the firefighters had to use the jaws of life to rescue the people inside of the car. i talked this morning with the one man who walked away from this crash unhurt. >> i was coming southbound on goff street. the light had just turned green. i was starting through the intersection and the car came flying through the intersection. he clipped the front of me and then plowed into the silver car and push touchdown into the pole. >> you walked away from it.
8:31 am
>> yes. fortunately. my lucky day. >> reporter: and obviously that gentleman feeling grateful that he was not injured here. again, five other people were hurt. and at last check, they were taken to the hospital and they're being treated for what were described as critical injuries. we have not received an update over the last couple of hours from the san francisco fire department or the police department on their current conditions. but we do know that san francisco police were out here for some time gathering evidence here at the scene of this crash. the intersection all blocked off as they investigated. they're still trying to understand the circumstances of this accident. but, again, the gentleman who was involved in the crash, whose suv was clipped here this morning, is telling us this was the result of a driver blowing through a red light here at bush and goff. this intersection is now back open to traffic. >> alex savidge live in san francisco, thank you. it has been a rough morning for people taking bart throughout the city, from the east bay to san francisco.
8:32 am
two different stations in san francisco had one point in the morning had to shut down. one briefly and one for a longer time. allie rasmus will wrap this up for us. allie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, civic center station was one of the two stations that were shut down for a period. it reopened just after 8:00 after being shut down for 20 minutes. according to bart spokespersons, it was shut down because of a mylar balloon that came into contact with the third rail. according to witnesses who were on the platform and saw this, it caused sparking and a little bit of smoke. those witnesses -- one of the witnesses says he didn't see the balloon but definitely heard a loud popping sound followed by sparks and smoke. >> sparks came out of it. to me it was like flames were shooting out of it. it got bright. it started smoking. like red, orange smoke. and so that's when -- like i
8:33 am
started like going for the stairs. >> reporter: and firefighters and bart technicians checked out the tracks. and civic center station was reopened before 8:00. at 6:00 this morning at the 24th and mission street station, that was closed for an hour because of smoldering on the tracks. san francisco fire confirms it was railroad ties smoldering, possibly caused by friction on the tracks. for about an hour, there was no service through san francisco bart service between the montgomery and balboa stations. people poured out of the montgomery street station and packed on to buss and uber and lyft, ride-sharing options to complete their morning commute. just to reiterate, civic center station, 24th is reopen. bart service has resumed. but it has been a hectic commute on bart this morning. back to you guys. >> allie rasmus, live in san francisco. thank you, allie. the bart delays i think
8:34 am
just looking at the pictures -- let's go right to the bay bridge. it put more people on the roads. we've had a bigger crowd at the bay bridge and in san francisco. it is correlated with exactly when the bart train started having difficulties. i think plan b for a lot of people is get into the car. we have seen that. and it is raining as steve will talk about in a moment. that will also slow your commute down as you take a live look at san francisco. obviously raining here. we saw people with umbrellas in both allie's and alex's live shots there. a lot of the east bay took some pressure on the roads when bart was having its troubles. let's bring in steve with today's forecast. good morning, steve. >> thank you, sir. good morning. let's get to it here. we do have light rain. so far the peninsula looks to be the winner. also around mountain view and
8:35 am
sunnyvale, a .06. not heavy. but it is on its way. spring starts at 9:15 this morning. sweet steady rain drops in my outer richmond. birds still singing away. that's a good thing. you see the rain picking up from the embarcadero back to alameda starting to pick up a little bit. there's a heavier band this looks to be just south of santa cruz. monterey, watch in the last few images, there. that makes it really tough. i mean, you just go, you know, 25, 50 miles in the atmosphere, a big difference between the moderate steady rain or a steady lighter rain. rain starts today. tomorrow will be more off and on. it will really pick up on thursday. that is our best opportunity for decent rain. nothing excessive. that is all focused south, especially from monterey down to santa barbara. the whiter the tops, the colder the tops, the better dynamics. we are looking for rain off and on. that could add up to a quarter
8:36 am
of an inch for some. the moisture plume coming in from the west/southwest. 50s and 60s on a mild air mass. colder air arrives on thursday. about to gasia and mike -- back to gasia and mike. >> thank you, steve. chp says the victim was driving west 580 when the suspect cut him off. the victim honked his horn and the gunman opened fire right near the san quentin exit. the highway patrol issued a sig alert and closed the lanes for about 45 minutes as part of the investigation. westbound traffic coming off the bridge was backed up during that evening commute. the victim was not hurt but was able to give officers the license plate of the vehicle, a silver ford mustang. >> at one point the suspect vehicle came alongside the victim vehicle and the driver brandished what appeared to be a firearm, a pistol at them.
8:37 am
>> just after 9:00, san rafael police located the silver mustang. 18-year-old christian torres perez of san rafael was taken into custody. they also say that they found a bb gun in that mustang. there was also a shooting on 580 in oakland last night that wounded a driver last night year edwards avenue exit. the bullet hit his finger. he got off the freeway and called 911. the highway patrol conducted traffic breaks from seminary avenue to golf links looking for evidence. no arrests have been made. in the meantime two people including a young girl are recovering from a freeway shooting that happened saturday night in hercules. a girl and a woman in her 60s were in the car when someone drove by and opened fire. the chp says this incident appears to be a case of road rage. the girl just five or six years old suffered major injuries. the shooting happened in an area that is waiting for a camera surveillance system to be installed. >> if we had the freeway camera
8:38 am
system working right now, we would know who shot them. the shot spotter would have picked up the shot and the cameras would have picked up the shooting. >> california responding to a string of freeway shootings has agreed to buy security cameras, shot spotter detectors and license plate readers but it won't be ready until the summer. the vice mayor of hercules welcomes the technology but says that it won't stop road rage. be fremont police are asking for the public's help to find a 14-year-old boy. he is 5'5", weighing 130 pounds. he was last seen 5:00 last night. he was on carol off, not far from the high school. anyone who has seen him is asked to call fremont police. people packed into the lincoln theater last night as family, friends and strangers came together to honor the three women who died at the
8:39 am
california veterans home 11 days ago. >> they were devoted to our veterans. service was their calling and nothing would get in their way of working to help others. >> dr. go lick, christine loeber and jennifer gonzales died when a former client shot them and then turned the gun on himself. more than 1200 people gathered to honor the women in a celebration of their lives. the women were remembered as loving friends, devoted colleagues, and dedicated people working to make the world a better place for men and women who served in the military. >> they were willing to spend their lives, toiling in obscurity, doing that a job that was thankless. who does that? only the best of us do. [applause] >> though the women never wore military uniforms, they were honored as heroes ask their families were presented with american flags.
8:40 am
a military tradition. governor jerry brownish you'd -- jerry brown issued the following statement. nt. we are following developing news out of maryland. we have now learned that the shooter who opened fire at a high school in maryland this morning has died. authorities say he shot a girl and a boy at great mills high school. and that it was a school resource officer who fired at the shooter. the boy and the girl who were shot are in the hospital. the girl is said to be critically injured. we will continue to follow this latest news and of course bring you any more updates. the time is 8:40. while toys "r" us may be closing, there may be another place to buy toys. how a store could be making a big come back. boy, what a commute we've had. i think you're right to be weary of anything new happening. right now this is highway 24. you can see traffic is
8:41 am
moderately heavy driving past the lafayette bart station. ♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, michaela deprince could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while performing a grand jeté between two grand pianos. she could... in a commercial. in real life she uses it to pay her sister, from her couch, for that sweater she stained. what sweater? (phone buzzes) life, lived michaela's way. chase. make more of what's yours.
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8:43 am
>> 8:43. trade has been underway for just about two hours now.
8:44 am
dow jones about where we saw it before. up 125 points. and a slight bump on the s&p and nasdaq. officials from toys "r" us will be back in court trying to save some of the stores. they hope to save stores in canada and the we have performing stores in -- best performing stores in the united states. there is no word if some stores in the bay area are being considered to stay open. according to bloomberg, amazon might use the stores to sell its echo speakers and other tech hardware or provide a place for shoppers to pick up online orders. as toys "r" us is closing, kb toy stores could be making a cup back. it closed up shop in 2009. but the california company that bought the brand in 2016 is now in talks to open stores in malls before black friday. the company originally hoped to
8:45 am
relaunch kb toys online but jumped at the chance at brick and mortar stores when toys "r" us announced the liquidation of all of its stores. apple sent out an invitation to the march 27th event saying let's take a field trip and join us to hear creative new ideas for teachers and students. apple is holding the event at lane tech college prep high school. analysts say with the event focused on education, apple is expected to announce new ipads. dairy queen is offering free ice cream because of the first day of spring. this is dairy queen's fourth annual free cone day. they will be collecting donations for the children's miracle network hospitals. 8:45. sal has been troubled. most of the issues centered in san francisco. >> that's right. we also have a lot of slow
8:46 am
traffic in the east bay. somebody tweeted me a picture just now. i can't put it up. but the trains are so crowded. the trains are coming to the bart stations and people aren't getting on. they're stopping but no one is getting on because they're too crowded. some people gave up on bart and are using the car to get into san francisco. and you can see traffic is going to be busy here on the westbound bay bridge. give yourself plenty of time to get into san francisco. san francisco itself northbound 101 backed up from south city all the way up into san francisco. it's been a long line of cars. this is a look at 880 northbound. and you can see traffic is going to be busy. now, with all of this traffic heading in with the car, that means that this afternoon when you try to get home, you will say why are there so many cars? because so many people took the car this morning. bart is now back running. after all of the problems, i can't -- i can't blame people for being a little shy to use the system today. 8:46. let's bring in steve. >> all right, sal. we will get right to it.
8:47 am
rain has begun. la honda with a tenth of an inch. and linda says raining in beautiful pes coo der -- pescadreo. here is the line. oh, look at that. so close. santa cruz mountains and then monterey. everything is pointing southward. a better opportunity for that moisture to come in. the better dynamics show up later on. that will really pick up the rainfall rates. 50s on the temps. lows are way up. look for a swath, if you will, of cloud cover and off and on light rain. nothing too heavy. an oregon miss. it missed oregon but is hitting us. the key is down towards central
8:48 am
coast. again, towards santa barbara tonight and tomorrow. that will be the critical time on the heavy rain. everything is saying more rain north, more snow east and then more rain south than over us. we will see our fair share. thursday morning will be the key for us. that's when the low gets closer. we could get brief heavy rain on thursday. 50s and 60s on your temps. overall we're looking for a quiet day. light rain and picking up over the next few days. thank you, steve. cutting down on the number of car break-ins san francisco. the specific warning for tourists from police. at&t has a network with thousands of best-in-class security experts.
8:49 am
which means... more of the eye balls you want watching the network... & less of the ones you don't. more experts preventing security issues... & less security threats impacting our customers. more of a highly secure network with more security products available for further protection... & less per month. switch to at&t internet for business. more & less - that's the power of &.
8:50 am
>> this morning people across the southeast are cleaning up from severe storms that included tornadoes and hail the size of baseballs. at least one person was killed. a line of storms blew right through the state of alabama.
8:51 am
three tornadoes were reported in northern alabama and large hail shattered car windows in several parts of the state. the severe weather left at least one person dead in the state of georgia and another severely injured. today marks six months since hurricane maria slammed into puerto rico. they still don't have water or shelter. 100,000 people are wattape you are in puerto rico. that is down from the 3 million in the dark when the hurricane hit. a nurse says they often have to use the same water for bathing and cleaning. >> everybody else washes themselves with that also. then i use the same water to wash the floor every day. >> fema continues to send aid but the pace of recovery is slow. today in washington, d.c., a big rally will take place in front of fema's offices with protesters demanding action and aid for puerto rico. a public memorial service is being planned this week for marin county sheriff's deputy who died in a car crash while
8:52 am
responding to a 911 call. ryan was killed on thursday when his patrol vehicle slammed into a tree near paint reyes station. san francisco police say they're making progress against car break-ins. the amount of uniform foot patrols were doubled because of a spike in burglaries last year. the department says the number of car burglaries has dropped 31% from january to february. and compared to this time last year, car burglaries are down 10%. all 10 police districts saw double digit decreases in break- ins from january to february. >> going forward, we will continue to evaluate the resources that we have attributed to combating auto burglaries and hopefully continue in the success that we have seen. >> along with the increased
8:53 am
patrols, there is a pilot program where officers are specifically assigned to investigate auto burglaries. the park smart campaign continues, encouraging tourists not to leave valuables in their vehicles. a city councilman is introducing a tool that can be used in high-speed chases. the car can be tracked without a high speed pursuit. about 50 police departments around the country use the technology. >> a peaceful bullet that attaches to a vehicle so the police don't need to race along, keeping up with somebody in a get away car. and they will be able to identify where is that car at and catch them without having these reckless driving through stoplights. >> the plan to use the device is expected to be presented at the march 27th berkeley city council meeting. a new billboard in the south bay is getting extra
8:54 am
attention. the ad is recruiting police officers to san francisco but the billboard is in san jose. the sign uses bold lettering that promises higher pay at sfpd. this comes as san jose police department is getting back to full staffing after a long fight with pension reform. >> the sincerest form of flattery. if another police department believes you have the best and the brightest and they would like to take some of ours. >> san jose mayor sam liccardo says he doesn't blame san francisco for looking around the bay area for recruits and thinks that every police department should be well staffed. the san francisco board of supervisors will meet to decide on key issues other. they will consider fees for delivery robots. you might have seen the robots zooming around the bay area. now the supervisors will consider annual fees ranging from 800 to $2,000 per robot. supervisors will also decide on a smoking ban at yet to be completed trans-bay terminal. the board of supervisors will
8:55 am
decide if current city park rules will apply to the new green space. smoking is prohibited at all city parks. a break for students impacted by the north bay wildfires. what the school district is doing to help the students when it comes to the annual standardized testing.
8:56 am
we need to be ready for my name's scott strenfel and r i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
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it is 8:57 am. judge persky is trying to stop the recall against him, trying to appeal the court decision that got the decision on the ballot. judge persky sentenced brock turner to six months in jail due to sexual assault and many people thought that was lenient gathering 94,000 signature, putting the measure on the ballot to recall judge persky. the school district was forced to close for three weeks after the north bay wildfires last fall and one campus was
8:58 am
destroyed in the fire. the district leaders have applied for the waiver from the annual state test, the standardized testing, and school leaders are creating a learning plan assuming it will be a granted. the santa rosa city schools will take the time generally spent preparing for the standardized testing to catch up on lost class time. the large crowd turned out into san francisco to listen to the top mayor candidates. the candidates took their seats on the stage and candidate amy farah weiss rushed on stage despite the security attempt to stop her. there was a brief back and forth and she was allowed to participate. these candidates, those that received at least 5% of the votes in the recent poll. the bay counsel will decide what steps need to be taken to meet
8:59 am
the affordable housing goal after missing it for wide portion, san jose issuing permits for 405 apartments in the affordable category, only 20% of the goal that the city set for itself. they approve building market rate homes, 600 for the targeted category. the single person earning $95,000 a year would qualify for portable housing in san jose. -- affordable housing in san jose. in the court this morning the justice voiced skepticism about a lot of requiring the center to tell clients about the availability of abortion, the centers saying they are being forced to deliver a message with which they disagree. california says the law is needed to let women know about all their options. the band performing in las vegas this year, 182, the kings
9:00 am
of the weekend starts may 26 we shows on several weekends ending movember 17. blink-182 is promoting the latest record, california. we kick off with some rain, tracking the latest storm to hit the bay area. millions of users on facebook had their personal information late. -- information late. getting your children to eat healthy when they play with their food, coming up. it is a busy tuesday morning across the bay area. here's a live look at the san jose international airport. there are delays out of the sfo right now. the levi's stadium, home of the san francisco 49ers, and about three hours richard sherman will have the media availability once the 49er fans


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