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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  March 20, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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we're just a few minutes away from the official introduction of the 49ers new cornerback richard sherman. barry -- bay area for -- in for another soaking as this weather system moves across the region. >> the
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if we shift over towards the peninsula, from the coast. the peninsula has wet weather. as well as 280 from areas over san francisco. and onto palo alto. our bridges are covered at the bay bridge. here's the east bay, where we have light showers falling. union city and one more shift over towards the east, where the rain is steady to light. and then along highway 4, you will find -- it looks like that transition. in the north bay, getting a little bit of a break. you can see no radar being picked up on the beam there or no rain being picked up on the
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radar. as we head into this year, we do have some rain snow mix getting to fall all the way down to 5000 feet. snow levels will remain fairly high and fluctuate for the next couple of days. there are advisories coming for the sierra starting tomorrow. i'll detail those coming up in just a little bit. here's a look at the outlook for us over the next several days. you can see just the on and off rain will continue perhaps all the way into saudi. i'll detail this and how much rain i expect we will get coming up. new at noon, san francisco supervisor aaron peskin has issued an apology. on saturday night, he reportedly called for the chief's resignation after saying fire crews were slow to get water on that for alarm fire. the fire chief says firefighters had water on the fire within minutes. peskin issued a statement, while i reserve the right to ask questions, it was inappropriate to raise them on the scene.
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i apologize to chief hayes' wife, and i intend to personally convey this to her as soon as i return from the spring slate of recess. five people are hospitalized with serious injuries following an early morning crash just down a major intersection. >> the intersection of goff and bush. alex savidge joins us live with what crews had to do to get those people out of the wreckage. alex? >> it took quite a bit of work. good afternoon to you. this was a real bad crash early this morning. and this afternoon, we are getting a look at surveillance video from a nearby building that shows the moment of impact. you can see here in this surveillance footage a silver ford sedan slams right into a light pole here at the intersection of bush and golf. a total of five people were trapped in two different cars and they had to be rescued by
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firefighters. a witness telling us this was all caused by a driver who ran this red light. the violent collision happened around 5:30 this morning and shut down the intersection of bush and golf for several hours. five people were left with life- threatening injuries and san francisco firefighters had to use the jaws of life to free them on these two cars. >> it came flying down. it was in front of me before i could even put on the brakes. >> it was a frighteningly close call for jim reed, the one person involved in this crash who walked away unhurt. he says the driver of this dark colored honda blue the red light , clipped his suv, then plowed into this silver ford, pushing it right into a nearby light pole. but i was coming southbound on paul street and the light had just turned green. i was just darting through the intersection. the black car came flying through the intersection. he took the -- clipped the
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front of me and pushed it into the pool. >> reporter: you walked away? >> oh, yeah. unfortunately. my lucky day. >> reporter: firefighters had to cut the roof off this sedan to rescue the people inside. initially all five victims in this crash rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. two of those people are now set to be in stable condition. and san francisco police were out here for several hours this morning gathering evidence, trying to understand what caused this morning's crash. and whether -- which of the drivers may have been at fault here. so far, san francisco police are not saying whether any of the drivers involved maybe facing any charges or be cited in connection with this crash. the intersection is back open now to traffic following this morning's investigation. >> alex, thank you. it was a rough morning for bart. you can see just by looking at the history of the tweets, the
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problems all began about 530 this morning just as one issue was clearing up, another one started. >> allie rasmus joins us to explain what happened. alley? >> reporter: good -- the good news is there are no service delays or any problems to tell you about on bart. that was not the case early this morning when there were two separate issues at two different stations during the height of the morning commute, making it a rough ride for bart riders heading into the city this morning. >> around 6:00 this morning, san francisco firefighters responded to a car about smoldering debris on the tracks at 24 -- 24th and mission street station. note bart service between montgomery and balboa. >> now i have to jump into the next solution. i'm all turned around. i have to get on the f line now. >> bought writers crowded onto buses and scrambled to find a ride. >> a lot of other ways to get
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around. >> it was all a mess. i got off whatever train. >> reporter: the service interruption led to long lines and crowded trains. >> full capacity. how to get out. it's crazy. >> reporter: the problem was fixed by 7:00. train service resumed through the city. by 7:45, another problem this time at civic center station. a mylar balloon came into contact with the alleged fight third rail. >> sparks came out of it. to me, it was like flames were shooting out of it. red, orange smoke. so that's when i started going for the stairs. >> reporter: firefighters came to put that fire out. then the civic center station was closed. civic center station reopened just before 8:00 this morning. since then, there have been no problems on bart. hopefully it stays that way.
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the bart riders have an easier commute during the evening hours. rain, but even more down south. we are monitoring the situation. >> mandatory evacuation orders now in effect. people in the areas devastated by the january mudslides are forced to pack up and leave again. a get ready for spring-at the ross spring shoe event. ross has the must-have styles and brands for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. step one: get to ross. step two: walk out with top brands at big savings... the ross spring shoe event.
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student is dead after a shooting. there were 1600 students at the school during the time of the shooting. the student exchange gunfire -- gunfire with a resource officer. those students were injured. this time, police are working to determine if the shooter died by a bullet fired by the school resource officer or if the suspect turned a weapon on himself. >> this is what we train four. this is what we prepare for. and this is what we prayed that we would never have to do. and on this day, we realized our worst nightmare, that our greatest asset, our children, were attacked in one of our places, our bastion of safety and security, one of our schools. >> it comes as students across the country are calling for tighter gun control to prevent school shootings. it also comes as the white house proposes funding for firearm training for some school personnel. another explosion in the state of texas.
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investigators say two packages were sent there, including one that detonated. 4:package bombs have exploded, killing two people and injuring five others this month. the latest fedex parcels were 2 :qhome. .úz]÷ >> the busá6krñ -- "1jy!a= z conveyor belt when vlaibó9 occurred. >> there was a woman who was released from the scene. >> a bombing on sunday injured two men. it appeared to be more sophisticated than the ones left on porches in the city of austin. a family member of one of the victims says the blast appeared to leave nails below his grandson's knees. investigators say they believe the bombs are linked, but the attacks appear to be random.
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police say right now they have no idea who could be targeted next. a storm in the bay area is also ringing heavy rain to southern california. mandatory evacuation orders are in effect for parts of santa barbara county. the county twitter account sent out this map. the areas in red include montecito, summerland and carpinteria. and an area north of santa barbara. that area and yellow up near the top near santa maria denotes a recommended evacuation warning. people who live in the areas devastated by the thomas and fires had until noon today to leave their home. you'll remember in january, 21 people in montecito were killed by mudslides triggered by big storms. this new storm may bring even more rain between five-10 inches of rain is expected in the santa barbara hills. starting tonight. in january, the area got less overall rain, but they came in a very short time spent.
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>> let's check in with our meteorologist. the southern part of the state taking the brunt of this. >> definitely looking at that possibility of land and mud and water flow in that area. upwards of 5 inches, maybe even more of rain expected by the end of the week. if you take a look at storm tracker 2 you can see the entire state heading in on this event. which is good news. but over southern california and central california, that's where the brunt of that moisture is going to move across and you can kind of see it right in here with all that cloud cover. we are on the northern edge. we will get 1-2 inches of rain, to-4 feet of fresh snow in the sierra, which is some great news. so far, over the hours, a 10th of an inch. you can see the rain continues as we move in closer. we will take a look at where we are seeing some of that light rain right now. from santa cruz over the santa cruz mountains. and if we stretch over towards highway 11, we got some light
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rain in gilroy. along the peninsula, it's pretty widespread, from san francisco down to san mateo, palo alto, crossing over into the east bay, all our bridges are wet at the moment. you can see towards the coast looking at rain over ocean beach , half moon bay, if we shift to the east, it's fairly widespread. 880 and 580. we move over towards 680, we got here as well. it was a fairly dry along the stretch here from danville, san ramon. some light rain falling there as well. it stretches over to the east. light to moderate rain expected for today. one more shift in the area over the north bay, where we have a few scattered showers over areas of napa. and into the sierra snow levels are gohring to fluctuate -- going to fluctuate. it's going to remain fairly high. no advisory today for winter travel. it will start to the -- tomorrow. west slope, meaning highway 50
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as well as i 80, and you can see the lake tahoe area also covered in that shade of blue. winter storm watch in place, which means you expect it to be very messy up there, very slow, hazardous at times. as far as for us by the end the -- of the weekend 1-2 inches of rainfall. we will be breezy at times. you will need the rain gear on and off pretty much for the next several days, until about saturday. temperatures in the 50s as we get into the afternoon. mid 50s to low 60s expected. and then there is a look at your extended forecast. rainy, mostly cloudy, rainy, mostly cloudy. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, and even into saturday, it looks like we will start off with some rain. i know there are some events going on, including one for you. >> the little league parade. >> we are still several days out. maybe they'll clear justin
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time. >> let me get the game in, i guess. >> i'll work on it. people across the southeast are cleaning up from the severe storms. the line of storms blew right through the state of alabama. northern part of the state and large hail shattered car windows and several parts of alabama. the severe weather did leave one person dead in georgia and another person was critically injured there. we will be back after the break.
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now to some breaking news in the south bay. you can see the snow -- smoke there over the buildings. this is downtown san jose, where the san jose fire department is confirming that they are working in what is now a two alarm fire at a commercial structure. this is kind of near the s.a.p. center. again, a two alarm fire at a commercial structure behind the s.a.p. center. details fairly limited at the time. you can see some of that smoke coming up there from beyond the building. you can see the s.a.p. center right there. we are trying to get skyfox up in the air and also our newsroom is working the phones, trying to get more information in regards to this two alarm fire burning in the downtown area of san jose. facebook is set to meet with members of congress about allegations that data from 50
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million users were sold and used to help donald trump's resident election. it also had an impact on facebook shares, taking a 5% dip this morning. and auditing firm will investigate the data. the data mining cambridge analytica group. collecting users' personal data through a survey allegedly for academic use. >> 270,000 people took the survey. 50 million people were impacted and this data with access to. there's this massive breach of user expectation. >> the ceo of cambridge analytica has been suspended heading an investigation into what happened. there are also several reports that a meeting was held at facebook in menlo park to discuss the scandal. we know facebook's stock is down about 5%. the dow jones is up by one half
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of 1%, gaining almost 150 points. one 12:45 percent bump on the s&p. a little bit more than that gained on the nasdaq. and arrest made in the bay area. what authorities say led to the altercation on the bridge. san francisco police department continues to search for new recruits. why their new approach is getting a lot of attention in the south bay. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto jake... ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto whatever your dog brings home to you, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto oh no, jake. seresto. 8-month... ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto
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one man is now under arrest in connection to a shooting last night on interstate 580 up in marin county that investigators are calling a case of road rage. this happened as the victim was driving on west on 580 and the suspect cut him off. the suspect opened fire. the highway patrol closed the westbound lanes of 584 for about 45 minutes to investigate what happened. this is at the height of the evening commute and westbound traffic was backed up for miles. the victim was not hurt, but there is a dent in his car. a silver ford mustang. he gave them the license plate number. >> at one point, the suspect's vehicle came alongside the victim vehicle and the driver
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brandished what appeared to be a firearm, a pistol. >> san rafael police found the silver mustang just after 9:00 last night. they took 18-year-old christian torres perez into custody. they found a bb gun in his mustang. 30 minutes, we expect to get an update on the investigation. as soon as we have new information, we will pop it up on twitter and facebook. you'll have the newest information as well on the 4 on 2. another shooting is under investigation. this happened around 8:30 last night. the sun -- man says a bullet hit his finger. they looked for evidence out there. so far, no arrests have been made. firefighters are mopping up after a fire in a multi- residential building near jackson and polk street. it started at around 4 am before it was declared under control some 50 minutes later. one woman had to be treated
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paramedics. one man told us he heard the fire alarm going off in the building and he smelled smoke and started knocking on the doors of his neighbors. >> i ran downstairs. there was nobody in the lobby. i checked the floors myself. when i got to the fourth floor, that's when i saw the smoke. >> six people were displaced and they are helping them now. the cause of the fire is being investigated. it started in the apartment where that woman was rescued. the amount of uniformed foot patrols were doubled after a spike in car burglaries last year. also, a general crimes unit was created to deal with car break- ins and other property crimes. the department says the number of car burglaries has dropped 31% from january to february. compared to this time last year, car burglaries are down 15%. all 10 police districts saw double-digit decreases in car break-ins from january to february. >> going forward, we are going
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to continue to evaluate the resources. hopefully continue in the success. >> along with those increased patrols, there's a pilot program where officers are specifically assigned to investigate auto burglaries. the city is also continuing its park's mark -- park smart campaign. the board of supervisors will vote on whether to ban the sale of manufacturers -- and manufacture of fur products. if approved, san francisco would be the third city hearing calvin it to van fur sales after berkeley and west hollywood. hearing from the top candidates in the race for mayor. what they did not count on was an uninvited guest who managed to get a spot on stage. >> amberley was there as this all happened. >> reporter: soon after four
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mayoral candidates took their seats on stage, candidate amy farah weiss rushed on stage, despite attempts security to stop her. after a brief back and forth, she was allowed to dissipate. for many, this was the first time hearing from the fields, only republican candidate, richie greenberg, a self- described business consultant. >> i will fight to ensure that we have proper funding for research for medicine, to ensure that the lgbt community is properly taken care of. >> reporter: jame says she is the candidate to fight for affordability in the housing crisis. >> i'm from -- proud of the fact that i've won affordable and low income housing. >> reporter: board of supervisors president london breed said in the brief time
12:35 pm
she was acting mayor, she made the controversial decision to save lives by moving forward with safe injection sites. >> we have to be brave. we have to be bold. we have to be fearless. >> reporter: amy farah weiss says she will work to solve the homelessness crisis. >> we actually work with dpw and sfpd. >> reporter: angela says she will fight to make sure ridesharing companies pay their fair share to find infrastructure projects. >> when it comes to uber, lyft, and chariot, they are a business doing business in the city and county of san francisco and they need to be taxed. >> reporter: judging by the size of the crowd and how early people lined up to attend the event, interest in this race is high. i spoke with a number of people who are undecided. in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu, fox 2 news. a new police recruiting billboard is getting some extra
12:36 pm
attention. the ad is recruiting police officer for the san francisco police department, but the billboard is in san jose. it promises higher pay. this comes as san jose's police department is just now getting back to full staffing. >> the sincerest form of flattery if another police department believes that you have the best and the brightest and that they would like to take some of hours. >> the mayor says he's denies -- he does not blame san francisco and says every police department should be well staff. city council will decide which steps it will take to meet the affordable housing goal. san jose issued permits for a total of 475 apartments. that's just 20% of the goal the city set for itself. more than 2600 market homes. a single person would qualify
12:37 pm
for affordable housing in san jose. judge persky is trying to stop the recall petition against him. oral arguments are underway as he tries to appeal the decision. he sentenced swimmer nocturnal -- brock turner to six months for sexual assault. people who thought that sentence was too lenient wanted him recalled. he's appealing that court decision. present trump is shaking up his legal team. >> giving new life to rumors that the president may consider firing robert mueller. our reporter has more. >> reporter: for the white house, president trump is not thinking about firing special counsel robert mueller. they are clearly building a case against the team that
12:38 pm
mueller heads. talking opioid addiction. back in washington, his legal team was expanding. brought on board, veteran washington attorney joe did event of a -- joe digenova. >> a group of fbi and doj people were trying to frame donald trump of a falsely created crime. >> reporter: digenova has a kindred spirit. eventually calling the mueller probe a total witch hunt with massive conflicts of interest. will the president try to fire mueller? those close to him say no. the potential has some republican's concerned. including south carolina's trey gowdy. a warning for one of the president's attorneys. much of this may simply be an effort to discredit the mueller probe. we've seen this play out before. back in the '90s when bill
12:39 pm
clinton was being investigated by can't start. the message was similar. start was called corrupt and the investigation was called a witchhunt. all of this lays out as these negotiations continue as to whether president trump himself will be interviewed by mueller and his team. in washington, doug, fox news. we showed you the 49ers welcoming the newest member of the team back into the bay area. speaking with richard sherman in the middle. for many parts of the bay area, it's still what out there. we will check in with rosemary, who is tracking the latest storm. fire fighting is a very dangerous profession.
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we have one to two fires a day and when you respond together and you put your lives on the line, you do have to surround yourself with experts. and for us the expert in gas and electric is pg&e. we run about 2,500/2,800 fire calls a year and on almost every one of those calls pg&e is responding to that call as well. and so when we show up to a fire and pg&e shows up with us it makes a tremendous team during a moment of crisis. i rely on them, the firefighters in this department rely on them, and so we have to practice safety everyday. utilizing pg&e's talent and expertise in that area trains our firefighters on the gas or electric aspect of a fire
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and when we have an emergency situation we are going to be much more skilled and prepared to mitigate that emergency for all concerned. the things we do every single day that puts ourselves in harm's way, and to have a partner that is so skilled at what they do is indispensable, and i couldn't ask for a better partner.
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the san francisco 49ers new quarterback is here in the bay area. >> introducing richard sherman a few minutes ago. sports anchor joe fonzi was there and joins us live. good afternoon to you, joe. >> good afternoon, you guys. being in the bay area is something richard sherman is used to. don't forget the fifth -- fact that he played for stanford. someone who certainly is your he did and me in terms of -- heated enemy in terms of rivalry. knocking the 49ers out of the nfc championship game, intercepted by malcolm smith. the celebration of thanksgiving along with russell wilson. but richard sherman is now a 49er
12:43 pm
and he talked about some of the reasons why he decided to choose the 49ers as a free agent. >> obviously innovated offensively and had respect for the way he called the game for a long time. we've played him since my rookie year. he always gives us issues with place that we've never seen, routes that we've never seen, and piggyback on what he has. literally, they are copying. congratulations. >> sherman talking about kyle shanahan, the 49ers head coach, who is also the author of their offensive plays. he's talking from the perspective of a defensive player. he said that was part of it. he feels like the 49ers are headed in the right direction. under john lynch and kyle
12:44 pm
shanahan. he was asked about the achilles energy -- injury. he expects to be on the field april or may. i asked him, does it feel weird to be standing there in red as someone who's been a rival of the 49ers? he said, don't forget, i won a lot of games in red for stanford. richard chairman, very much in a happy mood for his press conference. winning over the reporters and winning over the bay area. it is weird to think of him in a 49er's uniform, but get used to it. >> good news for workers fans. steph curry should be back later this week. last night, there was no staff, no duran, no clay. and then things got worse in the second quarter when dream on green got hurt and did not return. the team says he was diagnosed with a pelvic contusion and
12:45 pm
they hope he won't miss any games. the spurs took advantage . lowest point turtle -- total of the season. the next game will be friday night at oracle. back to the big story, the weather, the rain moving its way into the bay area, affecting most of our state. >> you're right. central and southern california actually going to be hit. worse than we are. when i say worse, i mean maybe the rain. we will take it. in areas over central and especially southern california, where they have the burn star areas, really some big concern going on. we could pick up 1-2, maybe 3 by the end of the week. keep it coming. we are still in a deficit, after all. taking a look at the gray skies. san francisco, a little bit of visibility issue out there as
12:46 pm
well. not too bad on the roadways. 54 right now santa rosa. 52 in san francisco. 54 in olympic low 50s livermore. 55 degrees. here's a look at your storm tracker to. we talk about that subtract google -- subtropical moisture. you can see how it really takes aim we are going to get some beneficial rain out of it. we will be there right on the north edge. the sierra is going to pick up some impressive snow. here's a look at up close and personal. you can see, it was fairly widespread earlier this morning. even pockets of moderate rain. it has since slowed down just a little bit and lighten up just a little bit. here's a look at the coast. as we shift over towards the south bay, mountain view, down towards san jose, you will find it there along that stretch. it moves down areas like gilroy. santa cruz mountains, picking up some rain. union city, fremont, over
12:47 pm
towards some all -- it's a wet commute. and areas over danville. as we shift over to arts highway 4, -- towards highway florida dry at the moment. -- 4, dry at the moment. towards the east, i-80, from hercules and in towards fairfield, we got some light rain. rain snow mix all the way down 2000 feet. looks like the rain line right around 6000 feet. the rain and the snow will continue. the snow will continue to fluctuate. there is an advisory that moves into place tomorrow because by the end of wednesday and thursday, the snow levels will begin to drop and will begin to impact highway 50 and i-80. as for us, notice here's tuesday afternoon. wet evening drive. here's tomorrow morning.
12:48 pm
wet morning drive. we get into wednesday afternoon. scattered showers. but the takeaway is we will need the rain gear and the patient's for the next several days. temperatures in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. rain for the first day of spring, which happens to be today. those spring showers will continue wednesday, thursday, friday, even into saturday at this point. it looks like it could be on and off for most of the morning, trailing into the afternoon before we dry out on sunday. the posey tube that carries traffic from alameda into downtown oakland is open after being closed for emergency sinkhole repairs. it was finished around 9:30 last night, ahead of schedule. it's one of five ways to drive their. -- there. and underground pipe broke and created a sinkhole at the oakland end of the posey tube.
12:49 pm
one lane of the tube was closed. the estimated that it would take about a week to complete the repairs. a councilman is proposing a new type of high-tech crime fighting tool. a gps tracker that can be fired at and escaping vehicle during a police chase so the car can be tracked without police actually chasing it. >> reporting on how this tracker could help the berkeley police department. >> reporter: kriss worthington is prepared to pitch the council and police chief on some high-tech help for the department. it's a product made by -- technologies. >> it attaches to a vehicle so the police don't need to race along keeping up with somebody in a getaway car and they will be able to identify where that car is at and where -- catch them. >> this chase started in walnut creek and ended in san
12:50 pm
francisco. this one ended with the car slamming into a car -- house. this demonstration shows how the device works. it is retrofitted in the front grill of the cruiser. during a chase, the officer can fire a 2 1/2 inch projectile that sticks to the fleeing vehicle. >> when they are chasing someone in a serious crime and their getaway car is racing away at full speed, so the police have to race to catch up to them, and they are risking the public safety and their own safety in that chase. >> reporter: worthington says that the idea was brought to him by two members of the public. >> we've had several scary chases over the years, including injuries, serious injury. >> reporter: a device that can attach to your car can -- has prompted privacy concerns. years was -- here's what the aclu says. as long as it's used only in police chases that
12:51 pm
commences when the police officer has probable cause. worthington is working on an ordinance for the city of berkeley. >> a policy on how this equipment can be used so it will be able to be used in high speed car chases. it will be able to be used without a search warrant. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news. police can use this gps tracker on a driver who flees temporary detention. outside of that, authorities need a warrant. the company says the device is being used by more than 100 different agencies across the country and internationally. students in santa rosa city schools will not take standardized state tests this spring. one campus was destroyed in the fire. the press democrat reports district leaders applied for a waiver. the federal government
12:52 pm
still needs to approve that waiver but school leaders are trading learning plants. students in santa rosa city schools will use the time usually spent preparing for standardized tests to instead catch up on class time that was lost. the invitations are out to apple. one surprise is the location of the event. coming up, we will tell you where and when it's going to be. a
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back to breaking news. what is now a three alarm fire burning at a vacant commercial building. we said scott -- sent skyfox to give you a much better look. the smoke is driving from the fire. right next to s.a.p. this is in the area of that proposed google village development. the fire started right around noon today. we showed you some thick smoke rising from above a building there. we see that a number of fire crews are on the scene. we know pg&e is on the scene as well. firefighters are taking a defensive stance. we can't see any active orange flames. we still see some gray smoke rising from what's believed to be a vacant marshall holding that is on fire here in san jose. not far from downtown, right next to the s.a.p.
12:56 pm
center. are jesse gary is at the scene, tweeting more information. we continue to track the rain that's moving through the bay area on this first day of spring. following the school shooting at a school campus in the state of maryland. we are looking at bay area schools that have armed guards. the latest on this debate coming up today on the 4 on 2. we are ending today much family then we did yesterday. scanning about one half of 1%. s&p and nasdaq also showing small increases. apple's not -- big product announcement is scheduled for a high school in chicago. apple sent out an invitation to the watch 27th event, saying, let's take a field trip. apple is holding the event at blaine tech college prep high.
12:57 pm
apple is expected to announce new ipads. >> interesting. i will follow that certainly. the rain is the big story where following. you can see rain on the camera screen here. we will have more coming up for you today on the 4 on 2. thanks for joining us at noon.
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dr. oz: sex trafficking in america. >> the southeast of children hang in the balance. dr. oz: are tech giants enabling this crime? the law is protecting these activities. and exclusive with the flight attendant who saved two girls. >> i had an odd feeling something weanl right. i said i am not comfortable with checking these kids in and letting them go. dr. oz: how can you stop this from hang to your loved one. >> coming up next. dr. oz: every few minutes a child is being groomed for sexual exploitation. that means while you are watching the show, 30 more children will join the estimated 200,000 who are trafficed every year. wore not talking about just in some foreign done. i am talking about here in america. today's true crime, we are


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