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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  March 21, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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area roads. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thanks for waking up with us here on mornings on 2. wednesday morning, march 21 1á9 i am pam cook. >> welcome back. >> thank you. >> good to see you. >> nice to see you. >> i am dave clark the suspect in the series of bombing attacks killed himself overnight set off an explosive device in his car as the authorities were moving in on him. >> just about an hour ago authorities in austin texas healed news conference where the city's police chief said the suspect was tracked down and found in his car in the austin suburb of round rock. >> as members of the austin police department s.w.a.t. team approached the vehicle, the suspect detonated a bomb inside the vehicle. knocking one of our s.w.a.t. officers back and one of our s.w.a.t. officers fired at the suspect as well. the suspect is deceased. >> now at this point
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authorities are only identifying the bombing suspect as a 24-year-old white man. they say they do not know his motives at this point for the bombings which killed 2 people and injured 4 others since they began march 2nd. now there are reports that surveillance video from a fed ex shipping facility in austin could have helped lead authorities to the bombing suspect. yesterday, a package bomb he can ploded on a conveyor -- exploded on a conveyor belt at a fed ex facility during a employee another package bomb was intercept at a fed ex shipping center near the austin airport. that explosion near san antonio was the 5th bombing in texas in a month. and again, two people were killed in the bombings. several others injured and they are warning that he could have sent other packages out. >> right. >> in his last move. so, even though he is deceased again, that's the news this morning. there could be other bombs out there. >> we will be on it on mornings on 2 throughout the morning.
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at 4:01 we are talking about your weather. it's a wet start to a wednesday morning. >> yeah. >> steve. it's one of the ones all the way in. >> yeah. >> entermitent or using -- intermittent or use wipers whatever. >> very intense on both sides of the richmond san rafael bridge. >> it's one of those. so yesterday, the plume that went through gave us most rain off and on all day long and today will be similar. if we can get breaks in the clouds there's buildups. main plume dips out and dips north as the up are low approaches. as -- upper low approaches. as it does, the air is saturated. it's sending in band after band and some are nuisance and some are picking up sem in the santa cruz mountain area we are keeping an eye on. heaviest rain looks to be down towards big sur. maybe san luis obispo but it's very, very close either way. they are going to get heavy rain. today is the day we focused on. not a lot of rain for us through today, but one of those 10 of an inch to a 1/3 of a
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inch. and thursday is when we get the best rain. the front comes through and then after that a little rain in the weekend and things should wind down heading towards sunday. 50s on most temps. see how the cloud cover thins out but there's so much moisture watch out for fog. it will be off and on rain taking us through the day and the system picks up again tonight into tomorrow. very mild and a south wend might make some pret -- wind might make some pretty warm to tropical field to upper 60s to the south. and maybe to the east. sal. steve, i see 60s this. >> yes, you do. you remember the 60s. >> i remember the 60s -- well. >> these are soft 60s sal. >> like bread. >> no like bread. >> bread was 70s. exactly. >> i am trying to wrap my brain to think about 60s. >> good morning. >> we can think about the 60s. let's lock at the commute now -- look at the commute. i am looking at the commutes and looks like someone may have
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messed with my computer but i can fix it. westbound 580 driving towards tracy traffic is going to be okay. there have been no major issues. right now is a good time to get on the road. you heard dave and steve talking about the wet weather. it's wet and it's going to be another one of those challenging commutes and it's not dry so if you are driving towards the area, give yourself extra time. the airports may be affected. it's raining there and some of the planes will have trouble getting into the area. this is 280 at 880. you can tell traffic is light. at 4:04, let's go back to the desk. all right thank you, sal. sal was mentioning steve was talking about expect the next now days to be pretty rough on the roads. more storms are moving across northern california. >> and for you people worried about another drought, that may be good news. but, as jesse gary tells us even when the heavy rain slows down driving can be dangerous.
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>> reporter: mother nature's version of march madness is shrouding the south bay in rain and fog creating conditions ripe for traffic collisions. >> 17 here there's accidents every couple hours just people not paying attention. you go slow and make it home on time as opposed to being stuck on the road for three hours. >> reporter: wet roads are partly to blame for a string ofaccidents. over a 3-hour period chp responded to at least 15 accidents. >> we get drivers that on the roadways when they are wet they think they get the same traction on the road. >> reporter: in this case, this driver headed home on the winding mountain roads but lost control and slipped the ford pickup into an embankment. >> my neck is messed up. >> reporter: passers-by saw, stopped and pulled the driver to safety. >> we had to priet door open and all three of us pride it open and pulled him out. >> reporter: the pitfalls from
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rain are a benefit. drier than normal winter has south bay reservoir levels at 60% year to date. some places, barely enough watter to wet your boots. the forecast rein fall over the next four days is a step towards normalcy according to garth hall with the santa clara valley water district. >> march has been some relief. not a huge march, but it's a wonderful opportunity for us to see a little rain, a little rivers begin to run again. >> reporter: sporadic power outages across san jose. as for the records, chp officers say they will be out in force as the seasonal equation of drivers and wet conditions equal a predictable conclusion. jerry-- jesse gary, ktvu fox news. >> and in antioch the investigation goes on into whether a crash yesterday where four people were hurt can be blamed on slippery roads. it happened at 18th and hargrove streets. the car was heading westbound
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on 18th street when the driver lost control, jumped the mode n and crashed into a minivan going in the -- median and crashed into a minivan going in the opposite direction. two adults were seriously hurd and -- hurt and two children suffered minor injuries. the water district depend oncaptured rain and before themonth 75% of the state had seen drought conditions in marin county it's overflowing. one of the 7 reservoirs that people in central marin rely on for water. the marin new nighs municipal water district is at 08%. less rain than last year but the lakes are stocked up and marinmunicipal has two years wort of water in stored capacity. they are still saying they stress the importance of conservation. "los angeles times" is reporting facebook is being sued by investors after the company's stock dropped 2 1/2%.
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facebook stock is down in premarket trading again this morning. the paper reports stockholders blame the losses on facebook not safeguarding the privacy of users which could possibly result in hundreds and billions in fines. congress and british parliament want to hear from mark zuckerberg. that's after a data mining company with ties to the trump presidential campaign was able to get personal information on millions of facebook users. >> reporter: alexander nics he who did -- nicks who did data miking -- mining was heard on a hidden camera explaining they had a prominent role in trump's campaign. >> [audio not understandable] all the and thely thics. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: the firm purchased
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15 million face bock profiles and allegedly -- facebook profiles and aendly used them to pre-- allegedly used them to predict and preamerica's actions at the polls. >> being told what to do by the campaign people. >> candidates are the puppet? >> reporter: the board of cambridge analytical suspected nicks saying in statement in the view of the board, mr. nicks's comments secretly recorded don't represent the values or operations of the firm and the suspension reflects the serious any with with which we view the violation a british parliament committee summoned mark zucker berk to testify about facebook's role. one person says the uk is preparing to implement stricter privacy protections. >> they've comprehensive new global data
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protectionregulation coming into effect in may that is meant to be more comprehensive than what we have in the united states. >> reporter: there are also calls for the ftc to investigate. >> one thing that companies like facebook might want to do going forward is to exercise the audit rights they have and take a closer look at exactly what some of the actors within the universe of third parties are doing. >> reporter: facebook held a meeting for the employees but according to multiple reports, zuckerberg and chief operating officer didn't attend. ktvu fox 2 news. >> our time 14:10 -- is now 4:10. we have more information on the oakland teen who is fool i dash dash -- family who is fighting to prove she was still alive. she was declared brain dead after a procedure. as both sides prepare for a hearing on whether she is dead or alive, the hospital wants to perform another test on brain
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death. however, the attorneys for her family thinks that will cause more damage since her bothing machines would have to be -- breathing hns would have to be turned off -- machines would have to be turned off for 10 minute. the city of san francisco is now the largest city in the nation to ban the sale of fur. the board of supervisors approve the ban tuesday which goes into effect next year. san francisco's fur prohibition applies to accessories with real animal fur. but the ban will not apply to second hand stores and charities. about 50 shops in downtown san francisco sell fur items. one long time salesman says he is not surprised by the vote. he says he -- the animal rights activists targeted him for years. >> i am not going to be able to sell fur. new furs. i am aware all along some opposition about a fur which
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was understood and argued. >> supporters of the ban cite estimates that the 50 million animals are violently killed every year for their fur. pam, time is 4:12. federal investigators are in arizona. they are looking into the deadly crash involving an uber driverless car. coming up, an update on the investigation and how this is affecting one of the largest automakers in the world. >> plus, another nor'easter hitting the east coast. the problems the latest storm is causing across the country. >> good morning. you can see traffic is doing pretty well in many areas. here's the east shore freeway and it's not a bad commute but it's wet. it could slow you down. >> and it's going to be one of the days off and on rain. some drizzle and some brief downpours and we have a few days to go before we will see any kind of a break.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 it's 4:15. talk about winter weatherch the northeast is targeted for another powerful storm. >> yeah. schools are closed back there. flights are canceled. that can affect flights all across the country. lauren blanchard reports from washington, d.c. >> reporter: marchored in like a march roared in like a lion. the fourth nor'easter in throw weeks. >> unbelievable. we got away easy last year i
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guess we are making up for it this years. >> reporter: the latest storm may be arriving after the calendar says spring but it's got all of the trappings of a classic winter wall op. heavy wet snow has been piling up in pennsylvania and maryland. new york city is among areas that could see more than a foot of the stuff. and city schools are closed. >> doesn't mat are how old you are whether a teacher or kid, the snow day is a happy day. >> reporter: thousands of flights to and from the east coast have been canceled. wednesday is expected to bring plenty of flight delays. forcasters say wind gusts could top 35 miles an hour. strong winds equal power how thages -- outages an near zero visibility on the roads. officials responded to numerous accidents, including one deadly crash in maryland blamed on the weather. transportation crews are issuing the standard warning, stay off the roads. >> a lot of plowing, a lot of salting and we will need a lot of space. >> reporter: for east coasters,
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the latest storm is the final straw. >> i am thinking about the beach already. like this is crazy. >> reporter: despite the storm the u.s. house and senate will be in session today. lawmakers have until friday night to pass a spending bill or the government will shut down again. so no snow day for congress n washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. >> wow. all right. time is 4:17. sal, you won't be able to a sit back and drink your could haveo this morning. we have lots of rain. >> we do. and we are probably going to have more crashs. >> unfortunately. >> yeah. as you know how it goes. let's start off with the gilroy commute and i want to show you the traffic is moving along okay so far despite it being a far away commute and being wet on the roads. you will see the traffic is going to be moving along fine. you can see from the road centers we don't are have -- don't have lot going on right now. traffic continues to look pretty good driving up into the
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area. we are looking at commutes here that look fine. there have within no major problems on the morgan hill commute. driving to some of the other commutes here, for example, at the bay bridge, will see the traffic here is moving along well. but, it is a little bit wet and that means traffic is going to slow down. so this morning, you are listening at home give yourself extra time. windshield wipers on full duty right now. 4::18 let's bring in -- 4:18 let's bring in steve. the deep moisture is moving south and lift north because thelow is brisk it northward. heavy rain around santa maria, santa barbara. santa maria may take the brunt of this. but it's close enough. for us, you can see now coming from the west southwest, the air is saturated. so, a seagull flying by flapping the wings creates enough i do nammics to bring us
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rain. that's what we are had store for today. sometimes the old oregon mist where it missed oregon and hit us but a it's going to be a day -- that is setup where it keeps going and going and going and going. and that adds up pretty fast. main focus is near santa barbara and santa maria and it's north of santa barbara. maybe they are going to get pretty good rain and coastal hills will get a lot. with you maybe it's a little -- but maybe it's a little northward that's the trend. 50s on most of the temps. dew points and temperatures are close. so fog is out there. a misty drizzlely morning for some. steady rain for others. 34 in truckee. snow level is going way up. winter storm warning kicks in at 5 p.m. and goes through 5 a.m. friday. 7,000 feet plus the snow level to 3500 feet. but today it's a heavy wet snow and the sierra cement. water content will be very high
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with that. but the cold air comes in. so look for off and on rain today. it's a brought bush but the system is closer by tonight and tomorrow will be when the cold front comes through. rain forecast look at fresno. i mean, almost 4 plus inches of rain. that's a lot for the central valley. so that materializes sacramento with heavy rain. that's santa barbara in town up in the hills or double triple that amount. we are looking tore 1 to 2 plus -- for 1 to 2 plus. no cold air is here yet but it's on its way friday. off and on rain will take us into saturday. maybe a little break after sunday morning. next week is looking dry. >> friday. so if people want to take advantage of all the. >> snow -- new snow it could be rough. >> yeah because it's coming down. the snow level will come down then, but thursday is the main day. >> i am hearing rain up there as well. >> yeah up to 7,000 feet.
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>> okay. >> wet snow. >> all right thanks, steve. >> all right. 4:21 is the time right now. an unusual sight in milpitas the a walmart. later in the newscast a row boat employee. we will tell you how walmart says it will provide better service for customers. >> another airline problem involving a pet on a flight. when we come back, how this little dog had to take a wild and windy route from virginia to idaho.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. airports hope it never happens but this morning the airport will prepare for potential disaster. now the scenario involves a mid- sized plane striking a bird while attempting to land. this causes the aircraft to lose its ability to use the flaps which then -- those help pilots safely land the plane. they conduct the emergency response every three years to comply with federal aviation regulations. this year's full scale exercise will be from 9 this morning until 11:30 no matter the weather. so be propped for that. delta airlines -- prepared for that. delta airlines apologizing for sending a puppy to the wrong destination over and over again. the dog there he is supposed to fly from virginia to idaho. instead, the puppy was flown to detroit before going to las vegas. and then salt lake city and then finally landing in boise.
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mistake was reported when the owner went to pick up the new pet at the airport and found another dog instead. this is the latest airline involving a dog on board a flight. united airlines is suspending the pet shipping program since last year, 18 pets have died being transported in the cargo comartment under united pet safe program. that's triple the number of deaths on american delta and alaska combined. united says the program is on hold while the animal safety ebb perts review policies. passengers can carry small pets in the carry on luggage. it's 4:25. steph curry is expected to play on friday against the hawks. yesterday his injured right ankle were reexamined and doctors say he is cleared to take part in full practices starting today. look at that injury again. he has been out since he
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injured the ankle two weeks ago. the 4th averageel injury this season. tonight, st. marys knees needs to would have been to move on in the nit. they have to meet utah today. the game is in moraga and starts at 7 tonight. bay area reservoirs are filling up with with rain. we will take a closer look at where our reservoirs stand after the storms and what it means for water districts that rely enmaterial on the rain. >> but -- entirely on the rain. >> but first the breaking news coming from austin, texas, in thatter's yeah. the bombing -- in that area. the bombing it is expect is dead we will have a update. it's wet out therech the commute is not going to be optimal. we will tell you more about what it's like to be driving in the bay area including here in san francisco.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning many welcome back to mornings on 2. it's wednesday, march 21st. i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook and we continue to follow the breaking news out of texas. the suspect in the series of bombings killed himself overnight as authorities were closing in on him. >> at a news conference early this morning, authorize had said the suspect set off -- authorities said the suspect set off a bomb in his car as the s.w.a.t. team was moving n these are live pictures from round rock texas. that is suburb of austin. investigators zeroed in on the suspect and they found his car at this hotel. police say the suspect started to drive away the s.w.a.t. team closed in. the suspect set off a bomb inside the car and killed himself. the authorities say even though they believe suspect who they
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are only identifying as a 24- year-old white man is behind the bombings, they still want people to stay on alert. >> we don't know where this suspect has spent his last 24 hours and therefore, we still need to remain vigilant to ensure that no other packages or devices have been left through the community. >> austin texas has been targeted by four package bombings since march 2nd. two people were killed, four others were hurt. a 5th package bomb exploded at a fed ex distribution center near san antonio yesterday. authorities say they identify the suspect in the past 24 hours based mostly on information from the fed ex store in austin where that package was shipped from. just about an hour ago, president trump tweeted this. austin bombing suspect is dead. great job by law enforcement and all concerned. all right. 4:30 is the time right now. back here to the bay area, big


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