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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  March 21, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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day along many bay area roads including several accidents right now. steve and sal are following the very latest to help you get out the door into work. >> reporter: the suspect detonated a bomb inside the vehicle. the suspect is deceased. >> police in austin texas says the package bomber who terrorized the austin area is dead. the very latest from texas as law enforcement is warning the community there may be more bombs out there. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thanks for joining us. wednesday morning, march 21st i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. steve paulson. >> this is a marin county santa cruz santa cruz mountains type of situation. >> intense driving in marin county. >> for some, there's going to be really good rain. for others not so much. but it's there and i he don't think it's going anywhere. but -- and i don't think they are going anywhere.
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i am updating them every 15 minutes. mount diablo is probably to 2. santa cruz an inch and 2/3 but other location kentfield 2 1/4. occidental is over 2. mill valley 1.58. scotts valley santa crows mountains. there you get the eye idea. santa rosa over an inch. oakland, 62/100. oakland hills over an inch. moist air will stream in from the west southwest. there's not much organized with this right now. it will be off and on rain. a mist and fog out there. mild on the temps. we are in the 50s. but we are hooking at a quarter to a inch of rain today. forecast models are under forecasting for santa cruz mountains and marin county. everyone else they are close. thursday is the cold front associated with with the low giving us a widespread rain for everybody. moderate to heavy in the morning and a couple systems lingering friday and saturday. 50s on a lot of the temps with
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with any south, southeast breeze. it's going to be very mild if we get sun breaks. that adds to the cloud cover developing. but everything is lifting in towards us. a steady rain for some. 60s on temps. 6:02. i don't know where to begin 880, sal? that right and we have a big problem because of the a crash on 880 on davis street. at one point all lanes were blocked southbound at davis street. some lanes are getting through. northbound is affected. i want to show outbackup in oakland heading south -- you the backup in oakland heading south. traffic is going to be busy as you drive south out of downtown oakland. so if you are trying to get to the airport, really in both directions, i recommend if you know your way around, not to use 880 south. perhaps you want other ways to get to the airport. or you want to think of using
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problems transportation. looking at the bay bridge slow traffic here from early in the morning and backed up to the maze. i want to mention the other parts of the east bay where we have slow traffic. southbound 680 traffic is slow through police annon. 580 doesn't look too bad over the dublin grade and i forgot to mention the first time, if you are using 580 eastbound through oakland, that's a very good alternate to 8 80 which has problem. slow traffic on highway 24 this morning. steve said it had been raining. you can see traffic is slow from orinda to the tunnel. so it has been a tough commute because of the wet weather. 6:03 now back to the desk. >> thank you. we are following developing news out of austin, texas as well this morning where suspected serial bomber is dead. >> during the night, the man believed to be responsible for a string of bomb attacks blew himself up as the police moved. >> alex savidge has the dramatic end to the manhunt. >> reporter: good morning to you.
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the bombings have left the city of austin on edge for weeks. but this morning, authorities are confident the man who died in that overnight blast was behind the string of attacks. investigators began to zero in on suspected deerial bomber's few days -- serial bomber a few days ago. overnight they spotted his suv at a hotel in round rock. just outside of austin. but as the s.w.a.t. team surrounded that suv and tried to move in to make an arrest, authorities say the man inside detonated an explosive device killing himself. there was one s.w.a.t. officer who was injured by that blast. minor injuries we were told. this brought an end to the manhunt but investigators say they are trying to figure out why he did what he did. >> that's the one thing we don't have right now. it's a motive behind this. we do not understand what motivated him to do what he did. and that will also be part of
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the continuing investigation as we try to learn more about him and to understand why he took the actions he did. >> reporter: authorities are not identifying the man who blew himself up overnight only saying he was a 24-year-old white man. investigators are trying to figure out if he had accomplices. these attacks first began back on march 2nd with package bombs being left on people's doorsteps or sent through the mail. two people were killed in those blasts and 4 others were injured. and while there is some sense of relief in the community of austin, the police chief still says that people cannot let their guard down. there is a lot of concern. the suspected serial bomber could have planted other explosive devices before he died. so authorities warning everyone in and around austin this morning to stay vinal lent. >> all right alex savidge we will check back later. thank you. time is 6:05. sal and steve have been telling us the rain is causing all
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kinds of dangerous driving conditions around the bay area. and it's been that way since yesterday when it started. some roads are notorious for having problems during the bad weather. and chp says that includes highway 17 over the santa cruz mountains. >> 17 being one of the highways that you know, you can get quite a few crashes and we get drivers that on roadways when it's wet they get the same traction they think on the road. >> the chp warns all of us to go drive slower and -- than usual because our cars don't to as quickly when wet. if you turn on the windshield wipers you have to have headlights on too, so you are more visible and that's the law. after the sierra picked up 5 feet of snow from the last storm more is on the way expected wednesday night tonight through early friday morning. it will affect the higher elevations this time with the
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most snowfall above 7500 feet. and up to 2 feet of snow is expected. if you plan to drive up to the sierra this week, don't forget, take chains with you. facebook is being sued by investors after the company stock dropped 2 1/2% this morning. -- this morning they are looking to open down. shareholders are blaming the losses on the failure to protect privacy of losers that could result in billions of dollars in fines. congress and british parliament want to hear from mark zuckerberg after a data mining company got personal information from millions of facebook users. undercover reporter for british television network recorded a ceo saying they had a prominent role in the trump campaign. the firm purchased 50 million
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facebook profiles and allegedly used them to influence u.s. voters. the lawsuit claims that's a violation of california priest sigh laws and would be illegal under private laws that go into effect in may. facebook top executives have not commented on the facebook user data or the laut suit. did you -- lieu suit but there are -- lawsuit but a expert says there are steps companies can take. >> one thing companies might want to do is exercise those audit rights they have and take a closer look at exactly what some of the actors within with the universe of their third parties are doing. >> the u.s. federal trade commission could investigate how facebook handled the transfer of the information. will the scandal involving facebook over the misuse of your personal data cause you to delete your facebook account? let us know what you think by voting on the twitter page.
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you can comment on the facebook page as well. now here's a look at the results so far. 45% say yes. this is going to cause them to get rid of facebook. 55% say no. we will check nonet response and share your comments as well this morning. so, let us know what you think. >> that's a good one. meantime, an apology from san francisco's supervisor erin peskin. what he is saying about the fire chief after criticizing her response to that big fire in north beach over the weekend. >> and there's a big storm hitting us in california, but an even bigger one an the east coast once again we will have look at the area is blearchged by snow and flights could be be affected. >> one of the biggest traffic issues -- >> reporter: one of the problem
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is the shut down of 880. we will have another update straight ahead. >> well, i won't -- it won't be continuous but off on and rain today and some steady. marin county russian river and santa cruz mount ns will take the most today. but everyone is beyond rain today and tomorrow. ♪
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welcome back. we are waking up to a lot of rainch the east coast is getting hit with a lot of snow
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again. >> doug luzader joins us live with a look at conditions right now. and this comes during a really busy time in the nation's capital. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. pretty busy. this is going to be a pretty quiet place today. believe it or not, behind me, is the capitol dome you probably can't see because we are in the process of getting snowed in here to the point the federal government has shut down schools around here are closed for the day. and this is nothing compared to what other areas here along the east coast are dealing with. start shoveling early today. >> where's the sunshine. where's the 80 degrees. >> reporter: where indeed. this is supposed to be the second day of spring. instead, we are talking about the fourth nor'easter this month. >> in march, and april we have had the worst snowfalls before you know the march came in and beaning it goes out like a lion and whatever that saying is,
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and we get clobbered. >> reporter: however you say it, the scale is massive. >> just about everybody that's watching me this morning waking up to a winter storm warning. >> reporter: hundreds of flights have been canceled. >> this is ridiculous. but it happens right. >> reporter: the streets in washington were largely desserted and mastay that way. and while the federal government closed down, congress will still be at it. largely because they are trying to get a spending deal done to avert a government shut down this weekend. spring blossoms are emerging only to be encrusted in ice overnight. while this thing doesn't usually bowed well for the annual charry bels op festival, not to worry, it's not cold enough to kill theblossoms off before reaching full bloom. keep the images of spring in behind around the corner they say. right around the corner and those famous cherry blossoms are supposed to be in full bloom in about a week despite all this.
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it's hard to imagine hooking around here, but in the meantime, congress is still in theory working to come up with a spending plan to avert a nonweather government shut down later in the week. and dave and pam. >> busy time. all right thanks doug for a look at that. >> wow. >> looks very intense and a lot of people planned the vacations to see the cherry blossoms. >> it's all tied together. this is the fourth nor'easter how has our march been? the pattern is locked in. very cold air over europe and they are getting the nor'easters. once that changes, our weather will change all connected. >> in like a lion and out like a lamb. >> they are getting snow. but as i told dave in a month they will say oh my gosh it's too warm out. when's it going to cool down. you know that's coming. >> you know it. >> but, again, the good news is probably in a couple days lot
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of it will melt. once you get to march, right dave? you get to mid-march and stuff it doesn't stay as long as january or february. >> right. >> but yes, that's going to cause all sorts of travel issues and delays. again, keep an eye on the situation in europe and the northeast. once that changes our weather changes and next week, that might be when it comes starts to happen. for a while i think we will have a active spring. off and on rein today. breaks in the clouds. but humid writ is very high. rain and wind and colder thursday and then into friday one more system will clip us on the weekend most likely saturday into early sunday. rainfall is good. so an inch in a quarter. pacifica 3/4. and yountville .51. clear lake at half inch. far left to the north. far more from russian river to santa cruz mountains. moisture moved off but is streaming back in. so, this is a moist southwest direction bringing in the moisture. light rain for some, fog
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drizzly for others. there's a few breaks but you are getting the kind of break that will lead to more cloud cover. marin county is the set up for mountains. we have rain into saturday, and sometimes even maybe even as we said sunday. heaviest looks to be to the south and tomorrow we will focus on the north. the heaviest rain is north of them. 50s on the temps. will end up with off and on rain and highs in the 60s. am i going to sal now? i think i am going to sal. 880? yes. it's very slow. and in case you are joining us what happened was it was a crash caught on fire southbound 880 at davis street. the traffic was at a standstill and they weren't letting anyone throughch the fire is out and some southbound lanes are
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getting through. alternate route 580 eastbound is better. let's show outnimitz freeway. it's slow. if -- you the nimitz freeway. it's slow. if you have a flight to catch, use a different road or leave the house early. 580 eastbound getting off at edwards and head down the hill is better for you. westbound by a bridge and that's a normalish delay. look at the mcarthur -- when you drive on east bay freeways you will notice it's slower. 680 is slow through pleasanton. 880 is not too bad people are not getting through from hayward to union city. peninsula traffic looks good. south bay commute a live look at northbound 280 getting up highway 17. that traffic is moderate. it's 6:18. let's go back to the desk. >> don't be alarmed, we have details of very special
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training set for this morning simulating a disaster. >> and there's a new unusual employee at a local walmart. we will tell you what it is up to. there's only one word for the all new together forever-a pixar night time spectacular. ooohhhh. ahhhhhh. okay, maybe two. celebrate friendship and beyond at pixar fest. staring april 13th at disneyland resort.
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we come back to mornings on
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2. 6:to -- 6:21. san francisco is the largest city in america to ban the fur. it was approve by the board of supervisors and takes effect next year. ban applies to clothing and accessories that contain real animal fur. the ban will not apply to second hand stores or charities. there are 50 downtown san francisco shops that sell fur items. one long time salesman says he is not surprised by the supervisors's boat vote and says animal rights activists targeted him for years. >> and i am not going to be able to sell new furs. i am aware all along of opposition about the fur which was accepted and understood. >> supporters of the fur ban say 50 million animals are violently killed every year for their fur. delta airlines is apologizing for sending a puppy to the wrong destination over and over and over again. that dog is named rin supposed
6:23 am
to fly from virginia to idaho. instead, the puppy was flown to detroit, before going to las vegas and then salt lake city before finally landing in bowsy idaho. the mistake was reported when rin's owner went to pick up a new pet at the airport and found another dog instead. this is the latest airline mishap involving a dog on board a flight. and now, united airlines is suspending the pet shipping program. since last year, 18 pets have died while being transported in the cargo compartment under unite's pet safe program. that is triple the number of animal deaths on american delta and alaska combined. united says the program will be on hold until may 1st whileanimal safety experts review the policies. passengers can still carry small pets with them in the plane in a carry on bag. it's 6:23. fed ex and walmart are teaming
6:24 am
up opening 500 fed ex shipping locations in walmart stores all over the country. you will be able to ship packages or pick up deliveries while you shop. now a pilot program has been running in 46 walmart stores. that's going to expand to hundreds of new stores by the middle of 2020. the partnership increases the number of fed ex locations in the u.s. by more than 25%. what could be the future of retail arrived at bay area walmart store right there. the milpitas walmart has a robot roaming the aisles. there it is on wheels. it was made by the southern california company bosanova robotics. it rolls up and down the aisles scanning stock on the shelves making sure it's what customers expect. >> scan the shelves. they are looking for out of stock items, and prices that are incorrect, items that are in the wrong place. >> they are able to more
6:25 am
effectively restock the shelves, remerchandise the shelves and robots will never be good at that. >> one shopper said what a lot of people were thinking the robot will take somebody's job be away. however, walmart says the robot is a tool a way to give information to walmart employees so they can better serve customers. disney is welcoming some new super heroes to its park. the new marvel super hero themed areas will be opened by 2020. at disney's california adventure, guardians of the galaxy will be joined by spiderman and the avengers replacing bugsland in paris, the marvel themed area of walt disney studios park includesironman and other avengers and hong kong disney guests will be able to team up with and the man and --ant man and the wasp. time is 6:25.
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new concerns one bay area school district is. [ inaudible ] students and parents are wondering where the money is coming from now the school district is not supporting it. it. >> reporter: slick conditions led to collisions and spinouts and a car fire on 880 this morning. we will talk about that and how a good samaritan pulled over to help two drivers in that incident. >> good morning. you can see traffic is going to be busy because of the wet weather and a big problem on interstate 880 heading out of downtown oakland. down towards hayward. i will tell you what happened and how long it will be there. we use our phones and computers
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> santa barbara county thousands there ordered to evacuate because of the rising mud slides danger officials are warning this newest storm could be the worst so far this rainy season. >> and many people who ignored the eevacuation orders in january will not take chances this time. 21 people died in mud slides after heavy rain fell in the neighborhoods that were ravaged by the wild fires earlier this year and in december. people who live there say they understand the dangers but it has been very hard to go through four evacuations since december.
6:30 am
>> yeah officials say you have to leave anyway. >> oh gosh. good morning. thanks for joining us here on mornings on 2. it's the middle of the woke wednesday march 21st. i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook. time is 6:30. and that rain southern california up here a lot of people fly back and forth that could affect things. >> it's been north of santa barbara. >> okay. >> santa maria sane lieu business bow. they have had a lot more. they are not done yet but so far about 4/10 and a half in. we have our own rain issues here and that's pretty good for russian river marin county and for the santa cruz mountains. off and on rain today. cold front comes in along with the low thursday. rain, wind and cold air spills in friday. one more system on saturday. and people are asking me steve, we have a baseball or softball game do you think? write me friday the answer is no i he doesn't think you get it but things could change. i can't keep up. 2 1/2 in marin. mount debe a lo over -- diablo
6:31 am
over 2. kentfield 2 1/2. occidental over 2. mill valley 1.68. scotts valley. and san francisco, now.9. oakland hills have had a inch plus. sfo.46 and san mateo is in there as well. we have some of that demoist -- deep moisture move out but it's lifting back in because the -- because the low is tapping into eat. coming from the west southwest very muggy and humid. the air is saturated off and on rain. we will take it -- it will take us throughout the day. and that is big time steady event for santa cruz mountains. 50s on the temps. off and on rain. fog is out there. and breaks in the clouds will add to the development of even more rain. 60s on the temps. 6:31. 880 is sold out and we are starting there. we have to start there because if you are taking a flight out of oakland airport, i don't yant could you -- don't
6:32 am
want you to be surprised. two vehicles were on fire and there were injuries and the traffic is going to be very slow southbound. a little slow northbound northbound i think you could probably wade through but southbound i wouldn't recommend it's backed up on southbound 880 almost to downtown oakland not quite. you can see for yourself. things are getting a little bit better now they are clearing the crash. but i would recommend using eastbound 580 as an alternative route. westbound bay bridge that's backed up. wet weather obviously is going to make for a slower commute around the maccart your maze. see the brakes lights in the oakland emeryville area. slow traffic around east bay. you don't see slow traffic in hayward to union city. that's because a lot of people are stuck a little farther north on the peninsula, it looks decent from san mateo up to south city and into san francisco. and this is a look at 280 in san jose. south bay commute is just ramping up. 6:32 let's go back to the desk.
6:33 am
>> thank you, sal. be careful as you head out on the roads. a lot of wet roads standing water we have been running into. it has led to crashes and spinouts as sal has been covering. >> that includes one big one on 880 in san leandro that closed three lanes of traffic for the past hour and half. ktvu allie rasmus you have more on that. what do you know? >> reporter: well, those lanes have reopen. but as sal mentioned it's slow going on southbound 880 because of the earlier collision. looking at where we are now, this part of 880 at marina boulevard in the southbound direction traffic looks pretty good here. but about an hour ago, traffic was inching along because of the collision that happened at the davis street exit. according to one of the people involved in the crash, the driver of an suv hit the center divide, spun out and then slammed into the white sedan. both drivers were able to get out of the vehicle. shortly after the engines of the -- engine of the suv start
6:34 am
stod smolder and it was a foyer and both cars because they were connected were engulfed in flames. the two drivers got out safely and standing on the side of the freeway in the rain with trafficgoing pass them -- past them when another driver pulled over and helped. >> the drivers were pretty disappointing. going all around us and right -- he was sitting down and this gentleman pulled up and said hey, the truck's on fire you need to get in my car and pulled us back 50 yards and called 911 and did everything else and took care of us. >> no one else was stopping i was like you know i am not going to a sit there and let the people be in the rain and stuck in this situation. >> reporter: now firefighters and paramedics arrived both drivers are going to be okay. although the driver who was in the suv that spun out was treated by paramedics at the scene. one of the other drivers mentioned he was limping when he got out of the karch the crash now has been cleared.
6:35 am
-- karch the crash has been cleared and towed away but the impact may be felt and southbound 880 through san leandro davis street through oakland as sal mentioned for a while. so just a reminder to take it easy on the roads this morning. slick conditions and that's what caused apparently this spinout crash earlier this morning. bang to you guys. >> that's -- back to you guys. >> that's too bad. thanks allie. also, other big story this morning, from texas law enforcement officials identified the austin bombing suspect as 24-year-old mark anthony condit. he killed himself overnight as investigators were closing in. authorities say that condit set off a bomb inside the car as the s.w.a.t. team was approaching. investigators zeroed in on him and located his car at a hotel in the austin suburb of round rock texas. that's what you are looking at this morning. police say that as he began to
6:36 am
drive off, the s.w.a.t. team closed in and condit detonated a bomb inside his car killing himself. authorities say even they they believe he is behind all the bombings, they still want people to be on alert. >> we don't know where the suspect spent the last 24 hours and we still need to remain vigilant to ensure that no other packages or devices have been left through the community. >> austin texas has been targeted by 4 package bombings since march 2nd that killed two people and injured 4 others. a 5th package bomb exploded at a fed ex distribution center near san antonio yesterday. authorities say they did identify condit as the -- in the past 24 hours based on information from the fed ex store in austin where the package was shipped. our time 6:36. the airports hope disasters
6:37 am
never happen but later this morning mineta san jose international airport will hold a special drill to prepare for a potential disaster. it involves a mid sized plane hitting a bird while attempting to land. the plane would not be able to use the wing flaps that help a pilot safely land the plane. every three years the mineta san jose airport conducts a emergency response drill to comply with faa regulations. today's full scale drill is scheduled from 9 a.m. to 11:30. now to san francisco where supervisor erin peskin is admitting he misspoke and issued an apology to the fire chief of the there are reports that last saturday night following the large fire in his district he called for the chief'srestmation -- resignation. he accused the fire crews of not dousing the building with water. the chief says the first priority was make sure no one was inside and they had water
6:38 am
on the fire minutes after arriving. the supervisor issued the statement saying "while i reserve the right to raise questions as more information comes out about sfsd leadership, response to saturday night's fire, the -- it was-appropriate to raise -- it was enappropriate to raise them on -- inappropriate to raise them on the scene. we have new information in the legal battle over the oakland teen who was declared brain dead but her family is fighting to prove she is alive. when she was just 13, she was declared brain dead after a medical procedure in 2013 at oakland children's hospital. according to the east bay time both sides prepare for a hearing on whether she is dead or alived the hospital wants to perform another test on brain deaths. however, attorneys for her family think it would caught more damage because the breathing machines have to be turned off for 10 minutes. the hospital says the testing is needed before the two sides can argue had court. our time is 6:38a former
6:39 am
employee of the boys and girls club of sonoma valley was convicted of child molestation. 70-year-old paul dwayne kilgore was found guilty of two counts of continuous sexual abuse of a child and four counts of committing lewd acts. his victims were boys under the age of 14. the crimes occurred at kilgore's home and local swimming pools. he be sentenced in may and could go to prison for the rest of his life. south korean president says that a three-way summit with north korea and the united states is possible and that talks should aim for an ento the nuclear threat on the korean peninsula. president moon is planning a meeting with north korean leader next month and president trump said he would be willing to meet with the north korean lead are by the end of may. south korean officials are considering setting up meeting between president moon and kim jong un at a village on the border between the two
6:40 am
condition tries. it's 6:40. president trump met with conservative politicians talking about sanctuary city laws. the trump administration is cracking down on those cities that refused to cooperate with federal immigration officials. and the president says there are people in this country illegally who are "bad actors. predators and rapist. >> i don't think anybody in the room can understand when it comes to the other side. it's so basic. it's called law and order and safety. >> the administration has sued the state of california over its sanctuary laws. during the white house meeting arizona republican congresswoman martha mcsally received a nod of approval from the president and jobbingly suggested building a border wall to protect arizona from california. los alamitos in orange county became the first california city to reject the state sanctuary state law. monday night, the los alamitos
6:41 am
city council took action to on the out of the state law limiting cooperation between the police and federal immigration agents. a second vote is recierd for that measure to take effect and that's set for next month. immigration advocates including the aclu threaten to eu the city if that measure passes. the count down is onto another possible government shut down. congress has until midnight on friday to pass 1.3 trillion dollar budget. republican leaders want to send their plan to the rules committee today meaning the house will take it tomorrow and senate on friday hours before the deadline. daca and border wall funding have been at the center of the negotiations. >> they don't want daca. they really don't. they want to use it as a political football, and guess what, i think it plays better for us. >> not everyone is going to be happy. that's the nature of a
6:42 am
compromise. lawmakers have an extra incentive to get out of dc by saturday night. on saturday a half a million demonstrators will take place in the march for our lives event in dc to complain congress has not done enough to fight gun violence. weather is affecting all of that as well. so we will continue to watch that. >> all right. thanks. it's 6:42. we have an update on the still developing story from texas. the suspect in a string of deadly bombings was killed during the night. we will tell you the efforts of local and federal law enforcement to track him down. >> and there was a daring rescue in pennsylvania where there was a man trapped inside a burning car. we will show you the efforts from people stand i by and police to get him out before the car went up in flames. >> official in palo ato -- palletoality -- palo alto is hoping a high tech collusion will help prevent suicides. a camera that's going up along busy rail lines. >> it's been one of those
6:43 am
commutes. let's put up a picture of highway 24 on the screen. this is what you are dealing with as you drive up to the tunnel. s are, 880 had a serious crash that's now clear but left a lot of slow traffic as well. >> i am sure you hear the term atmospheric river pineapple express. want to see it? right there. we will show you coming back. ♪
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there are seven continents, seven seas but at celebrity cruises we'd argue more than seven wonders.
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for a limited time enjoy two free perks like complimentary wi-fi and drinks. plus savings for everyone in your stateroom when you book now during the celebrity cruises sail beyond event. welcome back to mornings on 2. taking a look at stocks this
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morning. just a little drop for the dow. down about 3 points. nats tax and s&p 500 -- nasdaq and s&p 500 down. tech stocks getting hit. we have been talking about facebook and there's something going on in europe that's affecting bay area stocks. we will talk about that in our next half-hour. pam time is 6:46. city of palo alto taking new action to prevent suicides on cal train tracks them week video cameras will be enstalled at several locations to replace the human security guards who have been monitoring train tracks for years. the cameras will provide a live video feed and it will be monitored around the clock. the city decided to install the cameras because of the high number of suicides along train tracks in recent years. a growing concern that stew antioakland tech high school won't be able to afford an important test, a.p. students need to take test at the end of the school year to get college credit. last year the oakland unified
6:47 am
school district used grant money to pay the fees but says it will not be able to do that this year because of budget cuts. each test cost $94 and many low income families say that's something they can't afford. >> my parents struggle already and it's hard to pay bills and go grocery shopping and ap doesn't seem as worthy as grocery shopping ha you see your hard work and it goes well you don't have the money to pay for it so how are you going to make it? >> we are not poor. and we are middle income. but in the bay area, you know, with the cost of rent, it's crazy. i mean, we just are struggling. >> some stew enters do qualify for a lower rate through the college board. the deadline to pay the ap test fees is march 30th. our time is 6:47. let's check in with gasia to see what's coming up in the next hour of mornings on 2. >> i saw that darling pink raincoat in the dressing room and u knew you were back. >> that's me.
6:48 am
>> welcome bush and i knew you were back. >> that's me. >> we will follow what you have been covering and former uber ceo has found a new gig. he's the head of a small real estate startup and acquired it and how the company is different than uberch and how he is hanging out a virtual help wanted sign. also look at this. tell me, what kind of shop do you think this is? you have to look very hard before you realize this is a starbucks. we will take you inside the newstarbucks and explan how it's a first and -- explain how it's a first and the opposition. i will join you in minutes. pam and dave. >> okay. looking forward to seeing that. thanks you. 6:48 is the time. let's check back in with with sal. it's been kind of a mess in some spots. >> yeah i have better news pam and dave. the crash on 880 at davis has been cleared. but the traffic is very slow still. things are getting better in the southbound direction.
6:49 am
you can see for yourself i can put up a picture of southbound 880 and it's no longer slow out of a area near high street of the northbound we see slow track. the freeway is a mess in the northbound direction that's the typical commute direction getting up to downton oakland. give yourself extra time to do any of the commutes the bay bridge backed up to the maze and the traffic is slow on east shore freeway as well. this is some of the east bay road sensors. 680 is slow. 880 is filling in and the crash is clear. now more slow traffic getting through into hayward. san mateo and dunn barton bridge not too bad. 6:49 let's bring in steve for the weather. thank you. >> you are welcome. >> we have off and on rain today. some of it steady and some heavy. and there's some breaks in the clouds and the air mass is really dense right now. very saturated so off and on rain today. tomorrow, the front comes through. i think tomorrow morning we are going to get moderate to heavy
6:50 am
rain. then the colder air works its way in instead of coming from the southwest, it will drop from the northwest and that will be friday into saturday and probably lingering into sunday. although the weekend systems looks to be a lot less on rainfall but something. angela has been a steady rain. marin county is by far and a ray out in front. ross and marin county 2 1/2. santa cruz hills 1.65. kentfield 2 1/2. occidental and russian river is doing okay. 1.79 scotts valley an inch and a half. now san francisco officially 9/10 but there's a couple locations over an inch in the city. alameda 83. other location greaten a inch and 2/3. and pacifica 3/4 and outville
6:51 am
at .63. and clear lake is up to .58. everybody is make up grouped and as soon as i update these they collect along again. atmospheric river there it is. that's the column of water okay. and transport of water and sometimes there's a narrow band and sometimes a wide band. this is very wide. but that's the low lifting it towards us. in the warm sector that southerly breeze or south eastern kicked in and look at half-moon bay. 16 to 22 that is warm air mass that's in place. and tropical feel higher humidity. and so much moisture and the cloud cover it dips a little out of there and now watch it's coming back in. an with break in the clouds it won't last very long. and there's off and on rain throughout the daych this is a setup for russian river no doubt about it marin county for moderate to heavy rain and it can go and go. next thing you know you have 3 or 4 inches. say for santa cruz mountains.
6:52 am
otherwise quarter to a -- same for the santa cruz mountains. otherwise a quarter of a inch of rain. here's next system that will linger no sunday. look at -- it's 58 in san jose. 56 oakland. 57sfo. so all this is coming from the southwest. and as it does, it is going to paint with us off and on rain and cloudy mugy forecast today. then the low comes in starting tomorrow. and the cold front and then much more cool are by the time we get to friday. 60s on the temps. really muggy warm and if there's a sun. [ i wouldn't be surprised it may be down towards morgan hill. rain is on the way into thursday on and off friday lingers sunday. monday looks good. >> okay. we will look forward to that. thanks, steve. 6:52 is the time right now. many people are deleting their facebook accounts. up next, the latest on the report that your personal information may have been compromised. plus, one of the newest 49ers certainly looks the part during
6:53 am
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♪ get high speed internet from at&t. $30 per month. no extra monthly fees. more for your thing. that's our thing. visit >> welcome back to mornings on 2. it is now 6:55. you heard of steph curry. he is expect today play friday against the atlanta hawks. yesterday his injured right ankle was reexamined. this is where he hurt the ankle right here. doctors say he is making good
6:56 am
progress right there. he is cleared to be back in full practice beginning today. he has been out since he injured that ankle two weeks ago against the spurs. the fourth ankle injury he's had this season. st. mary's needs a win to advance in new york. they beat washington on monday. they have to beat utah another pac-12 team today. that game is in moraga. the game begins at 7:00 p.m. the san jose sharks are on their longest winning streak of the season after beating the new jersey devils 6-2 last night. they got off to a fast start, scoring three goals in the 1st period. they scored three more in the 2nd period. it was a real team victory with half of the sharks goals scored by the fourth line. those are the guy that's come in to give the starters a rest.
6:57 am
tomorrow they host of the knights. the newest member of the 49ers was welcomed yesterday. sherman. the former seahawks star was introduced yesterday in santa clara. watch this catch. yeah. that one there. right. he says he's happy to be with the 49ers. he says coming here was a tough decision but says the moves by the coaches and the executives makes him believe that the 49ers are ready to win. >> it's john and kyle. they brought stability to this organization. they brought fun. they brought belief. they brought faith. kyle is obviously innovative offensively and i've had respect for how he calls the game for a long time. play that's we've never seen, route that's we have never seen. the rest of the league piggy backing on what he has done. >> he is a great player.
6:58 am
smart guy too. very smart. he missed most of last season with an achilles injury but expected to be back on the field in either may or june. we're just about a week away from opening day for the giants and a's. there are plenty of new faces in san francisco which has many people thinking this might not be a long rebuild after all. we will have a preview of the upcoming giants season where it looks like the future is now. also over in the east bay, there is a youth revival underway for the a's. several seasons of draft picks. the young oakland players are asking to produce for the big league club. we will have an inside look at the 2018 season for the athletics where youth is bringing hope to a fan base eager to be playing october baseball. >> thank you, pam. new video to show you this morning. there was a bit of a parking problem at the port in pakistan. take a look.
6:59 am
two cargo ships collided, sending at least 20 big containers into the harbor. one ship was anchored just off of the dock. the other tried to squeeze in but couldn't make it. the cargo container chaos followed after that. into the drink. some containers just sunk immediately. others were out there bobbing in the water. the crews are trying to retrieve those containers now. and we are getting a look at a very daring rescue caught on police dash cameras in pennsylvania. police in west town east say a car parked into a couple of parked cars. one flipped over and burst into flames. the driver was still inside. you can see police and good samaritans putting the fire out and then pushed the car over to get the victims out of harm's way, dragging him out of there
7:00 am
the police say they rarely release video of these kinds of incidents but wanted to show some really courageous acts so you could see. slick conditions have already led to some minor conditions, spin-outs and even a car fire on 880 this morning. we will show you how a good samaritan in that incident pulled over to bring both drivers involved t safety. the suspect is deceased. police in austin, texas say the package bomber that terrorized the austin area is now dead. we have the latest on texas as law enforcement is warning the community there may still be more bombs out there. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> 7:00 on a very wet wednesday, march 21st. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. our weather is a big part of our news this morning. let's go over


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