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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  March 21, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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the company's headquarters in menlo park with more. >> reporter: mark zuckerberg says he wants to make sure this doesn't happen again. however, some facebook users say a few paragraphs posted on facebook aren't enough to allay their fears. it was a breach of trust, says facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg. today he commented for the first time about the scandal that allowed cambridge analytica to improperly obtain data on 50 million facebook users then use that information for political purposes. zuckerberg says, quote, we have a responsibility to protect your data and if we can't, then we don't deserve to serve you. and so he announced steps the company will be taking. among them, auditing apps that had access to large amounts of data prior to some 2014 security changes, removing developers' access to your data if you haven't used their app in three months, and putting a privacy tool at the top of your newsfeed and not just in your settings. zuckerberg added that they,
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quote, made mistakes. there's more to do and we need to step up and do it. taking ownership of the problem is a good first step. >> asking facebook to self- police themselves a problem because they haven't done very well with it. but i do think if they own it and figure out how to correct it and are willing to take the financial hit, they can save themselves. >> reporter: today's news appeared to halt the two-day slide in stock prices, which had facebook taking a $50 billion hit. but users continue to push the hashtag "#deletefacebook." >> i don't want my information sent to the next person. i don't want that. >> reporter: customers say their trust in social media won't easily be regained. >> to try to create privacy on the information highway, it's like, you know, putting a crosswalk guard on a freeway. good luck. >> reporter: coo sheryl sandberg also posted a comment
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saying they will continue to work to make users feel safer on facebook, already two lawsuits filed relative to the case. one of them in san jose. julie? >> ann rubin in menlo park, thank you. now, shares in facebook climbed today after losing more than 8% this week in the data scandal. the stock rose .74% to $169.39 a share with some traders seeing a bargain. as ann rubin just reported, the company lost about $50 billion in market value over the past two days. and if you want to read zuckerberg's and sandberg's full statements, we have posted them on we have also posted suggestions from a tech expert about how you can tighten up your own online security. following russia's meddling in the 2016 election, a bipartisan group of senators is saying more needs to be done to make sure that never happens again. the senate intelligence committee has released its recommendations to protect
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against russian cyber attacks and other forms of political coercion leading up to the 2018 midterm elections. at the top of the list, more communication between states and federal authorities. >> we were all disappointed that states, the federal government and the department of homeland security was not more on their game. >> a more comprehensive election security report is expected to be released in the coming weeks followed by three other reports later on this year. a high school student in oakland was arrested today for bringing a loaded gun on campus. fremont high school was briefly placed on lockdown while officers secured the weapon. the student was brought to the office for an unrelated issue and that's when school security officers say that student began acting suspiciously. it turned out there was a loaded handgun in the student's waistband. investigators say there's no indication of a threat to any individual student or the campus as a whole.
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investigators are now working to find out why the student was armed. we are following a developing story in menlo park that has hazardous material teams there on high alert. hazmat crews were called out to a veterans housing facility shortly before noon today after people there were overcome by fumes from an empty unit. officials say at least three people from a cleaning crew were expected -- affected, rather, by something in that unit, where a tenant had recently been evicted. it happened on willow road. no word on what the material was that caused the problem. the crews continue to investigate. five of the world's largest oil companies were questioned by a federal judge in san francisco today over climate change. this comes after the cities of san francisco and oakland filed lawsuits accusing chevron and four other oil companies of lying about the role of fossil fuels in global warming, all to protect their profits. an attorney for chevron says the company does not dispute
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the findings that global warming is extremely likely that humans are the dominant cause of it. still, chevron has filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit. >> the key argument we make is that you can't resolve issues like this in a courtroom. these are important global issues. we need engagement globally, international cooperation. that's what the ipcc, this intergovernmentable panel on climate change, has focused on. >> the federal judge who is holding what could be the first court hearing to study climate change says he wants to stick to the science and avoid politics. back now to that breaking news in san francisco that we reported at the top of the hour. this is where san francisco police now confirm an officer has been shot. witnesses are telling us that person -- that officer has been shot in the leg. skyfox just arrived over the scene. you're looking at live pictures over that scene. there's a lot of police activity in the area.
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this is at geneva and mission. again, a san francisco police officer has been shot. witnesses are telling us they heard a lot of gunshots and they have seen several people in handcuffs. >> we do have some pictures from the ground that we want to show you that were sent to us by witnesses. this is one picture of police responding to the scene. this is another shot. you can see a massive amount of police officers on the scene. again, the headline at this hour, a san francisco police officer was shot this afternoon. witnesses are saying that the person, the officer, was shot in the leg. also, that other people have been reported to be in handcuffs. we are working to get more information. we have a reporter on the scene. we have skyfox overhead. this is happening in the geneva -- in the area at geneva and mission. both of those streets very busy streets in san francisco. this is in the outer mission area. you can see right now the intersection is shut down while police investigate. again, working to get more
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information. as soon as we do we'll bring it to you. a family struggles with the loss of a man they call their hero. and police are now trying to find his killer. >> plus, hoping to provide a boost for early childhood education and college. what people in oakland could be voting on this november. >> also, we just received an update from austin police about the serial bomber there. they let us know new information about a lengthy taped confession from the suspect made before he blew himself up this morning. sorry. i can't make it. it's just my eczema again, but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day.
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we want to update you on the breaking news we're following from san francisco. san francisco police confirm that an officer was shot this
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afternoon. witnesses are telling us that the officer was shot in the leg. this is happening at geneva and mission in san francisco. that's in the outer mission area of the city. some people are in handcuffs at the scene. obviously, a major investigation going on. we have skyfox as you can see overhead. we also have a reporter on the way. as soon as we get more information, we will bring it to you during the course of this newscast and our newscast at 6:00. now to the latest on those deadly bomb attacks in austin, texas. authorities say the suspected bomber, 23-year-old marc anthony conditt is dead. he reportedly blew himself up inside his suv early this morning as police were closing in on him. we are getting late word that the bomber left a recorded confession to authorities that he apparently taped on his phone last night. in a news conference within the last hour, they say he detailed making seven bombs. they say the recording gave no
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explanation for how he chose the targets. >> what is clear from listening to that video is this was a very troubled young man who was talking about challenges in his life that led him to the point to where he took the actions that he took and there were also indications of actions he was willing to take in the future. >> right now, authorities are combing through two homes connected to mark conditt outside austin. they don't know why he terrorized austin for three weeks. those explosives killed two people and wounded four others. the 23-year-old died this morning after setting off a bomb inside his suv as again police were moving in for an arrest at a suburban austin hotel. authorities say surveillance video from inside a fedex office store in south austin was one of the clues that helped them identify conditt as the suspected bomber. his aunt said the family is in shock. >> we had no idea of the
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darkness that mark must have been in. so right now, our prayers are for the families who have lost loved ones. our prayers are for those impacted in any way. and our prayers are for the soul of our mark. >> what do you say to the people of texas? >> well, i would say to everybody, this is just a horrible, horrible thing. you never know. it's just awful. and i'm so sorry that everybody is dealing with this. i mean, it's the culture that we live in, and it's awful. >> police say they seized homemade explosives from conditt's home today. authorities are also questioning one of conditt's roommates. tonight authorities in texas say they believe there are no more unexploded package bombs but they are still urging austin residents to be extremely cautious. investigators are still at the suspect's home tonight. he lived in pflugerville. ashley perez is there this
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evening. can you tell us what's going on right now? >> reporter: right now, let me step out of the way because you can see still the hazmat crews or at least they were there just moments ago. but they are working in the back of the house searching for evidence, processing this scene. the hazmat crews along with atf also put a tarp up in the back because it was kind of open. and they are working -- they have been in and out all day, and they are closing in on a perimeter just searching each and every spot of that home because, yes, homemade devices were found inside which they had to safely dispose of. at the same time, of course, their number one concern was for residents in the area. so at first, they had a four- to six-block radius where they were asking residents to evacuate as soon as possible. as soon as that happened, maybe two to three hours later, they came back and scaled that back down. so it's now a 2.5-block radius
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that they have told residents, please, stay out of your homes, don't come back yet, because they are still trying to find any evidence that they can. like we mentioned, homemade devise were already found and they just want to be sure that before anybody comes near that home, that there are no other devices. again, like you mentioned, a confession was found on his phone where the suspected bomber admitted to what he had done. he knew police were closing in which is why he left that confession. but he does not list a motive. of course, police saying that it was more of an outcry from a very troubled young man talking about challenges in his life and what led up to this point. of course, residents a little bit of a sigh of relief now that they know that, you know, more of these packages aren't going to be showing up. that's what authorities are saying at this time. but they say if you do see anything suspicious, still call 911. they want to make sure that there are no other threats. >> ashley, have you had a
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chance to talk to any of conditt's neighbors about what they thought of him, any interactions they may have had with him? >> reporter: they were just, you know, surprised. they said that this was not what they had expected. of course, his two roommates were also questioned and detained for a short period of time this morning. police say they don't believe that they are connected in any way. but, of course, time will tell. and over the next few days, we'll find out more on their behalf as well as from the family. >> what do we know about conditt? >> reporter: well, what we know was that he had recently, you know, graduated -- well, he had graduated from high school. his mother saying on social media, she was very proud of him and thanking friends and family to get him there and obviously, he, you know, came out of high school already with a lot of college education already so he seemed like a bright young man.
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but as authorities say, did he have some challenges in his life -- he did have some challenges in his life. he didn't mention on that confession what type of challenges but it was that, that drove him to do these crimes that he did. he did not say it was any type of terror or hate crime or not even mentioning the target, not even saying that, you know, these were actual people that he meant to hurt or anything in any way. so police still believing that it could be random. >> yeah. as his relative said, they had no idea the darkness that was going on inside him. ashley, thank you for your report. with more rain on the way tonight, expect more scenes such as this tomorrow. we received this video of flooded roads in western sonoma earlier today. green valley road and highway 1 were close. drivers were still making their way through several inches of water there. >> some people in santa barbara county are evacuating for the sixth time since
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december because of the possibility of mudslides. sandbags are already lining streets in montecito. by friday, the system is expected to bring up to half a foot of rain in the coastal foothills above montecito. mandatory evacuations have been ordered. all of this comes after the fires in that area and months after mudslides there killed 21 people. >> and in the sierra, a snow slide blocked highway 89 where it goes around emerald by. that's on the southwest side of lake tahoe. caltrans says the slide is 15 feet high by 150 feet long. the road will be closed for the next few days in that area. authorities say because of safety concerns and another storm on the way, they will start working to clear the road when it's safe to do so. let's talk more about the weather and a storm system hitting the bay area with our chief meteorologist bill martin. it was really coming down at some points today and then it would just stop like that. are we still looking at more rain? >> yeah. the real rain -- i mentioned it last night. i mean, today, not that -- fairly reminiscent of yesterday.
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tonight is going to be the main event for us and for southern california. and then back up to tahoe, it's been raining up there all day. it's been raining up on 80. it's been raining up on 50. they have lost a lot of snow. it's going to turn over to snow tonight but it's been very warm. and you noticed outside today with temperatures in the low 60s, snow levels up around 6800 feet. those will drop down as this next system comes in. this next system is going to have a direct bull's eye on the morning commute. if you look at that 6 a.m., 10 a.m. kind of wheelhouse there, and then it backs off real quick. clears out afternoon commute is dry like this evening but tomorrow morning i think will be our brush with the heaviest rain so far which could be a quarter to half inch. again, none of this is, for us, a major, major event at all. but in southern california, that flood watch is in effect. and they are looking for, as frank mentioned, nearly a half foot of rain, maybe a little more over the next day or two. and that's going to set them up with problems as you know. we talked about it here.
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that is the headline. the weather headline is southern california. you have an atmospheric river, there it is, right in there, and you see the focus of it. that's high density moisture pushing in and right around point conception, right here, so this whole area -- even -- you know, you don't think about it a lot, but this area, um, just south of point conception, let's see -- right in here -- this area kind of faces south. so when these winds come in, they -- it's like when the winds come in south in big sur, they hit the hills perpendicular so santa barbara, ventura, those hills have a kick to the south. and that really enhances rainfall from an already wet system. you're going to see amazing and impressive topographic increases in rainfall. so there's no question they are going to have problems there tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon and probably friday morning. the storm door is wide open! we're on the wrong end of it, sadly. we are getting rain but, boy, we could really -- if this was our atmospheric river, it was
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up to 6" easy for us which we could handle at this point because we have had a lot of dry weather. current radar shows that. current radar up here shows that. so your afternoon commute is pretty dry. when i come back, we'll set you up with what you can expect for the morning commute. i'll have the computer model. the morning commute will be sketchy. afternoon commute looks good. the fourth nor'easter in the past three weeks is dumping record amounts of springtime snow across the northeast. this latest storm is bringing heavy snow, strong winds and the threat of coastal flooding to several states in the region. many schools were closed today and new york city, which is expected to get a foot and a half of snow. many people back east say they have had enough of this stormy weather. >> we got away easy last year. i guess we're making up for this this year. >> i'm thinking about the beach already. like, this is crazy. >> this latest storm is forcing the cancellation of thousands of flights at airports across the northeast including many in new york and new jersey. the storm is also affecting air travel here in the bay
5:21 pm
area. you're looking now at a live picture at sfo. an airport spokesman says there have been at least 177 cancellations at sfo today due to the stormy weather on the east coast and the bay area. delays at sfo are averaging about one hour and 10 minutes. weather delays are also being reported at airports in oakland and in san jose. anyone catching a flight in the bay area tonight should contact their airline before heading off to the airport. still to come here, getting kids more prepared for kindergarten and then keeping them in school through college. up next, the new tax that oakland may be voting on this november. >> and later coming up new at 6:00, dramatic dashcam video of a deadly crash involving a self-driving uber car. what it shows happened in the moments before a woman was struck and killed. >> plus, history at the state capital. more about the first woman and the first gay lawmaker to lead the california senate. that's coming up at 6:00.
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there's new information on a story we brought you earlier this month about a painting stolen often the wall of a hospital in the -- off the wall of a hospital in the south bay. it was a $16,000 painting just taken from the wall of the new valley medical center. there was a clear surveillance shot of the suspect walking out holding the painting. he was arrested over the weekend but the painting was still missing until today. the sheriff's department tweeted out this picture saying that they have
5:25 pm
recovered the painting and they have returned it to the building. oakland children could get a big boost to their education. mayor schaaf and several community leaders are pushing to put an education initiative on the november ballot. it would allocate millions to help children from birth to college. ktvu's cristina rendon explains. >> in oakland, every year, 2200 babies are born as medi- cal-eligible, born into poverty. we need to lift these children up right away. >> reporter: oakland mayor libby schaaf is pushing to get the oakland children's initiative on the november ballot. it's a $198 parcel tax that would generate $30 million in revenue each year to extend access to early childhood education and help fund the oakland promise program. that program supports low income children by sustaining a college savings account at birth as well as continued support through school and college. >> we want our children to
5:26 pm
obtain post-secondary credentials so they can be career-ready and have life success. >> reporter: schaaf says right now, only 15% of ouse graduates are earning a college degree within six years of high school. when it comes to kids, only 43% of students are entering kindergarten ready. this person has seen this firsthand the principal at an elementary school where roughly 90% of students come from low-income families. he says a lot of time and resources are spent catching students up to grade level standards. >> being in education, i'm going to support any funding that comes into education. i think that, um, you know, currently we are still underfunded and -- and it's a challenge to provide all of our students with what they need. >> reporter: organizers need 35,000 signatures to put the initiative on the november ballot. assemblyman rob bonta believes it has a great chance of being passed by voters. >> i have seen a number of initiatives form and the coalition that is got built behind them, and rarely do you
5:27 pm
see one with this unanimous level of support. so it's an exciting unprecedented investment in our children here in oakland, which are our most important resource. >> reporter: more than 10,000 children in oakland stand to benefit if the oakland children's initiative passes in november. in oakland, cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. a family struggling with the loss of a man who they called their hero. coming up next, police trying to find his killer while calling him an innocent victim. >> also ahead, a new tactic to put an end to suicides on the train tracks in palo alto. >> and we're continuing to follow breaking news from san francisco near the intersection of geneva and mission. an officer was shot in the leg late this afternoon. more information coming up.
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more now on the breaking news from san francisco. skyfox overhead in the city where you can see a police investigation going on. about 45 minutes ago, an officer was shot in the leg. we don't know the circumstances of the shooting. we do know that the officer was a male and has been taken to the hospital. we're working to get more information. all we know right now is that the officer was shot in the leg and has been taken to the hospital. >> this is taking place at the intersection of geneva and london in san francisco. here's a map of the area. again, all taking place within
5:31 pm
the last hour. geneva obviously a busy street. the traffic is affected in this area. police and emergency personnel have sealed off the area now. they are scouring the scene for clues. again, a san francisco police officer has been shot in the leg and rushed to the hospital. we're working to get more information as to what happened and how long this area will be impacted. but clearly, it's going to be some time as there is a huge police presence in the area. when we learn new information, we'll bring it to you. investigators say it appears a man who was shot and killed near hayward after celebrating his birthday was targeted for his expensive car. our crime reporter henry lee reports. >> reporter: workers replacing the glass here at this hookah lounge off mission boulevard where the victim was sitting in his brand-new mercedes when
5:32 pm
he was shot. investigators say this is most likely a carjacking attempt. ajmal "aj" faroqi known as aj was shot and killed days after celebrating his 40th birthday. his friends and family are struggling to make sense of their loss. >> it's a loss that we will never get over. he was more than an uncle to us. he was a father figure. he was a brother. he was a best friend. and he was one of our role models, a true hero. >> reporter: faroqi was sitting in his mercedes parked outside a hookah lounge on mission boulevard near hayward when he was confronted at 3 a.m. on sunday. >> there was a quicken counter there where they fired into the vehicle multiple times. he was struck. we know that he accelerated away to get away. >> reporter: he crashed into a light pole. paramedics tried to save him but he died at the scene. faroqi had spent the night in san francisco with friends. investigators are reviewing surveillance video. they say the attackers may have been after his all black 2018 mercedes s560. >> truly a case where aj was
5:33 pm
an innocent victim in this. >> reporter: family members gathered in brentwood to mourn. they describe faroqi as a devoted husband and father of two daughters one of whom will be 9 this weekend. he was a gifted musician who once bought all the flowers from a struggling street vendor. >> he looked around. what am i going to do with all these roses? he handed them out one by one to whoever he could just to make people smile. that's the type of person he was. >> there's crime everywhere. people do bad things. but for it to happen to him, it's shocking. we are living a nightmare. we are trying to wake up. >> taken away an angel. and now they have given him a set of wings. but we're left with a hole. hopefully together as a family, we can bounce back. >> reporter: investigators are asking anyone with information or surveillance video to give
5:34 pm
them a call. in hayward, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. today marks nine years since the deadliest day in the history of the oakland police department. family, friends and fellow officers gathered at st. benedict's church in oakland to remember the four officers who were killed on this day nine years ago. a convicted felon shot two police officers during a traffic stop. during the manhunt that followed, he also killed two s.w.a.t. officers. shortly after that, the gunman was killed in a shootout. officer roman's widow says today's support is much appreciated. >> just to have a little blessing bestowed upon not just me and my children, our family, but my huge heart as part of oakland pd. >> the four officers had a combined 49 years on the oakland police force. three of the four left behind children. the former minneapolis
5:35 pm
police officer charged with murder and manslaughter in last year's fatal shooting of an unarmed woman made his first court appearance today. the judge ordered mohamed noor to surrender his guns and ammunition while setting his bail at $400,000. he faces a possible 35-year prison term. a woman called 911 to report a possible sexual assault outside her home. noor's partner says they feared for their lives when the woman suddenly approached their patrol car after they responded to her call. more than 1,000 people turned out today for a vigil honoring the six people killed in the florida pedestrian bridge collapse. the ceremony was held at florida international university in the community of sweetwater near miami. one of the victims, 18-year- old alexa duran, was a student at that school. in his speech, the president of the university spoke of unity as families and loved
5:36 pm
ones struggled to cope with their loss. >> now is the time to grieve together, to heal together. so let our sadness galvanize us to stay the course on goodness. >> after the vigil, the mourners walked together to a memorial set up near that collapsed bridge. officials are still trying to figure out what caused that pedestrian bridge to collapse. still to come, a former california governor trying to save his own party. up next, the new direction arnold schwarzenegger says the republican party should go. ♪
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palo alto says it's time to go high-tech to try to prevent suicides on caltrain tracks. the city is in the process of installing new security cameras which will replace guards who have been posted there for almost a decade. rob roth spoke with the city and is in palo alto with more. >> reporter: the city is about to install security cameras at all four of its railroad crossings in palo alto including here on charleston road. it's a high-tech system aimed at preventing suicides on train tracks. for the past nine years, the guards were posted at all four
5:40 pm
crossings in palo alto 24 hours a day every day. if they saw someone looked like they would harm themselves, they called authorities immediately but the city is phasing out the guards. instead, palo alto will soon have high-tech security cameras like this one at each of the rail crossings. they will be equipped with artificial intelligence that can detect certain behavior. >> they will be identify objects or potentially humans along the tracks that really the human eye cannot do. so it will be a better system. >> reporter: the city says secure guards will be monitoring the cameras at all times. they can call in troubling behavior and may speak to the person having problems. >> somebody is loitering or looking like they want to harm themselves, we will have the ability to say something with those loud speakers. >> reporter: the cameras have an advantage. they can also see in the dark. the security program began in
5:41 pm
2009 after a series of teenaged suicides at the tracks. caltrain reports 17 suicides on the tracks between 2010 and 2016. >> we have consulted with national experts on suicide prevention who have identified cameras as well as additional signage which we will be installing as among the best practices in restricting physical access to the rail corridor. >> reporter: mental health specialists support the new cameras and so does caltrain. >> train tracks are a dangerous place. and, you know, certainly either through, you know, through an accident or someone who is looking to harm himself, that is a potential threat. we want to make sure people stay safe on the tracks. >> reporter: in the long run, the cameras should be cheaper than security guards. they should be up and running by the summer. in palo alto, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. all right. more now on the breaking news in san francisco. that's where a police officer has been shot at geneva and london streets. we are learning the officer is from the ingleside station and is now at sf general. paul chambers has just arrived
5:42 pm
on the scene. paul what can you tell us? >> reporter: frank, it's an active scene behind us with a lot of officers working in front of the green building. we are told that's where the barbershop is where the shooting took place. according to a witness, a shooting took place inside the amazon barbershop. several officers stormed the place and took people out of the shop in custody in handcuffs. now, an employee at a nearby business says an officer was shot in the leg. also, i found out that an officer was shot in the leg and as we said the officer is from ingleside taken to san francisco general. i found out a witness told me that another person was shot possibly a juvenile in the ankle. so right now, it appears both people have at this time nonlife-threatening injuries. of course, we'll find out more about it but you can see this is a very active scene. there are dozens of officers out here and it appears to be no actual threat anymore because you can see there's so many people relatively close to the incident, relatively close to the scene.
5:43 pm
so if there was an active shooter they wouldn't allow us to be this close. but we do know one officer was taken to the hospital at san francisco general. a person outside, i don't know whether it was a stray bullet or the person was inside but a second person was shot possibly in the ankle also taken to the hospital. of course, we'll have the latest as it develops. >> we are looking at live pictures above the scene. traffic simple packed at the area. geneva is busy. how hard was it for you, paul, to get down where this is happening? >> reporter: it took us a while because we were coming from the other side of san francisco. and it was a traffic incident in that area. but when i got closer to geneva, it wasn't that big of a deal but there's a lot of side streets turned o madrid is cordoned off at geneva and i can't see the other side behind us but it stopped at madrid on one end and up
5:44 pm
paris. they are stopped there also. so it's a one-block radius. that's where everything is blocked off. >> do we have any of what was going on inside the shop when it happened? also, how many shots were fired? >> reporter: i don't have a number of how many shots. witnesses saw numerous shots fired. they are not sure what was going on. they saw the officer go inside the shop. so it appears according to one of the witnesses right now, which we're still working to confirm, there was a commotion, something going on within the barbershop. and then the officer went inside. that's when the officer was shot in the leg and then taken to the hospital. i don't have an exact number of how many shots. but according to witnesses out here there were numerous shots fired inside the barbershop before the officer went inside. >> paul, i know you just arrived on the scene. we know that officers from the ingleside station -- do we know anything else about the officer -- we know that the officer is from the ingleside
5:45 pm
station. do we know anything else about the officer shot today? >> reporter: most police departments wait until the investigation is a couple of hours into it before they give us any specifics about it and, of course, they will let us know if it's life-threatening or non. right now non-life-threatening and from ingleside. that's all we know about this officer. >> this juvenile shot in the ankle, was this person involved in what was going on or -- or do they think this was just a person who just happened to be in the neighborhood? >> reporter: frank, i'm not sure right now. all i know is that according to sources, that a person was shot and it might be a juvenile shot in the ankle. we'll say "might be" until i can confirm that but a second person was shot in the ankle and i'm not sure if the person was inside or walking by. i'm working to get that information. i just arrived here moments
5:46 pm
ago before -- before we came on the air. >> the headline a san francisco officer from the ingleside station shot in the leg during an incident near geneva and london. and he has been taken to san francisco general hospital. coming up, the scenario, a plane strikes a bird and crashlands at san jose airport. the result, injured passengers all over the tarmac! coming up, the major disaster drill that emergency crews took part in today. >> we are tracking the rain that's coming back for tomorrow morning's commute. it will be wet for thursday morning. you ♪
5:47 pm
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5:49 pm
tracking a couple of showers out there in the area. but for the most part it's over. we had some showers this morning. they ended. now it's a dry commute. tomorrow morning's commute rain. thursday morning looks wet. santa barbara, talking about it, they are going to be real wet as all that moisture heads south of point conception or at point conception and pointed out the features here, the reason that the -- the -- the -- santa barbara will have so much rain because of south winds. that's the way the coastline faces southwest. so it will be perpendicular to the winds driving the rain up to the mountains and a half foot of rain is not out of the
5:50 pm
question and the area is vulnerable to mudslides and flooding. i don't know how big but something. scattered showers in bolinas and morgan hill and then temperatures -- look how warmer this. what's going on with that? 67 in fairfield. that's subtropical moisture. it's hawaiian type -- this stuff came from the hawaiian islands essentially. it's cooled a little bit but it's retaining a lot of its warmth. that brings a lot of water in the air. there's a lot of water in the air right now. the atmosphere is saturated. so tomorrow morning, when this -- late tonight, tomorrow morning, when this main system gets here, which is tonight and tomorrow morning, um, it's going to unload for us. and so the morning commute, you saw that right there, but this is 7 a.m. you saw that down here. that was south by big sur but this is our event 7 a.m. and, wham, around 10 a.m. -- 6 to 10 a.m., pretty significant rainfall rates big time like half inch an hour, quarter inch an hour kind of thing and that causes problems. and then look how quickly it clears out. so those are the dynamics as they push through. southern california keeps
5:51 pm
going for a while. then we get into friday morning, hm, right, no big deal. friday afternoon, no worries. there's a chance for a sprinkle in there but it's not, you know -- tomorrow morning is the main event for us this week. tonight and tomorrow morning are the main event for santa barbara, too. so here's this system now. that's the atmospheric river focused south. that's rain and wind. then this friday system is a whole different thing, coming from the north, lower snow levels and not a lot of moisture so just drizzle drips, a little bit more wind but a different system. if we get a half inch tomorrow morning, we're going to get .10" out of this guy. so now, there's a model -- look at that for southern california. big-time rain. then there's the five-day forecast. so, um, really it's all about santa barbara right now. and, um, there's no way they won't have problems. it doesn't mean it's going to be like last time. but malibu, too, the way the hills are set up facing south, a lot of moisture coming in
5:52 pm
there's going to be flooding and mudslides. there will be concerns in la conchita area, could have some problems. they evacuated a lot of people out of montecito yesterday. >> they did yesterday with heavy rain rain tonight. >> they are right there, so it's going to be ventura, santa barbara, oxnard, up to even -- up to -- i was thinking what's the school up there? um -- north of town. gosh, i can't believe i can't think of it. >> pepperdine? >> no, nevermind. anyway, so -- uc-santa barbara? >> no. um -- i can't think of the name of the place. oh, san luis obispo. so but, yeah, they are definitely getting the bull's eye for this thing and even if they didn't have the problems before and even if they didn't have the burn zones, this thing is going to be a problem half foot of rain in a place that can't handle two inches of rain. thank you. a famous song about san francisco made its way into the national recording archives. >> "i left my heart in san francisco" ♪
5:53 pm
>> tony bennett's famous 1962 ballad was among 25 songs included in the archives this year. the others include kenny rogers the gambler, raising hell by run dmc and rock around the clock by bill haley and the comets to be inducted in the recording archives, at least 10 years old and reflecting the american experience. wounded passengers spread across the tarmac at mineta san jose airport. they were all taking part in a disaster drill today involving april plane crash. up next tonight, what emergency responders are training to look for first. >> also, we are continuing to follow the breaking news from san francisco where an officer from the ingleside station has been shot in the leg. coming up at 6:00 the latest from the scene plus an update on the officer's condition. again, that's coming up in just a couple of minutes.
5:54 pm
>> also coming up, new at 6:00, dramatic dashcam video of that deadly crash involving a self-driving uber car. what it shows happened in the seconds before a woman was hit and killed. mystery at the stateplus, history about the first female gay lawmaker to lead the california senate. that and more at 6:00.
5:55 pm
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today emergency crews took part in a major disaster drill at mineta san jose international airport. alex savage explains the real life scenario facing the first responders. reporter: injured passengers all over the tarmac at san jose mineta international airport this morning. some able to walk, others lying motionless. the scenario during in -- the scenario during this disaster drill, a regional jetliner strikes a bird during its final approach and crashlands. all of these victims are volunteers, mainly from the red cross, and some of their realistic looking injuries are worse than others. a makeup artist helped it feel like a real-life emergency. the first priority for first responders, figuring out which of these passengers have the most severe injuries. >> and then we're going to do the most good for the most amount of people so we'll do triage and find out who we can help and then it's just a tiered response from there. we'll get a lot of people here, hopefully really quickly.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: one of today's volunteer victims was angela, a delta airlines ticketing agent. >> i'm an injured passenger with a head injury. >> reporter: looks like it hurts. >> it doesn't really hurt. delta airlines is very into safety so i kind of want to learn this along with my other coworkers and our leadership. >> reporter: close to 200 volunteers and emergency workers took part in today's exercise that included members of the san jose fire department, police department, paramedics and airport employees, all coordinating their response to a serious crash. >> today is just the culmination of ongoing training and communication we do just to test the system and specifically for faa to meet their requirements. >> reporter: the faa requires these real-life disaster drills to happen every three years at major airports, a way to make sure first responders are on the same page during an emergency. in san jose, alex savage, ktvu fox 2 news .
5:59 pm
breaking news. a massive police presence in san francisco tonight. what we've learned, a police officer has been shot near a busy intersection. and witnesses are telling us the officer appeared to having shot in the leg. officials now saying that wound is non-life-threatening. several other people may have also been wounded by gunfire. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. all of this is happening in the outer mission district on geneva avenue at london street. that's one block from the intersection of geneva and mission and about three blocks from the crocker amazon playground. live pictures now from skyfox where there's still a heavy police presence in the area. you can see the officers down there investigators scouring that scene right now for any
6:00 pm
clues trying to get a better understanding of exactly what happened this afternoon. this started near the amazon barbershop at the corner of geneva and london there. there are a number of small retail businesses all along that street out there. and muni service in the area now delayed. more now on this breaking news from paul chambers, who is on the scene. paul what have you been able to learn. >> reporter: frank, we have been on the scene for a half- hour right now. you can see that there's still a large police presence out here and, of course, this is expected when you have an officer-involved shooting. a lot of officers come to the area. we are in the ingleside district. we can go to some video we just shot. we are told that the shooting happened inside the amazon barbershop. a witness says they heard multiple shops and saw several officers storming into the place. the officers took multiple people out of the shop into handcuffs and the officer -- one of the people


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