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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  March 22, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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was with us yesterday. yesterday it was more overrunning and such as the santa cruz mountains and marin county. today, the actual dynamics are kicking in and you are getting the rain widespread. heaviest in the morning. sometimes i am hesitant to show this because you can get a burst that will stop but the heaviest is in the morning and when the front goes through it will pick up again later on. due south gusting 30 miles, 35 for some at the front direction. a barometer should be going down. that's the deep moisture that came by yesterday gave us balmy conditions. that's mock onshore and gone through to the north. but there's really heavy rain embedded within this from napa county back over to the east bay pi nines lan south bay. san francisco missed out on it but looks like it's filling inmarin county picking up. some low cage has over 3 inches of rain -- location has over 3 inches of rain. that's picking up. onshore and back over towards hay wavered union city and
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livermore and pleasanton and back over to the peninsula redwood city. there's pretty deep pockets of rain there. all the way back towards the santa cruz mountains. that's the focus. the front is back here. the deep moisture is drawn up by the system and dragging across us. very mild, 50, 60 on the temps but off and on rain and some heavy. 6:01. he is dancing as fast as he can where do you want to start? highway 24 several spinout crashes and now traffic and lafayette is slowing down. we knew it would. highway 24 is going to be slow. it's rainy and windy and there's been at least a handful of crashes on the way up the gateway and fish ranch because -- associated with the wet weather. we don't know what the result of it is. it could be driving too fast for conditions. you drive too fast and you can't stop and get in trouble. let's move along and look at
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the maccart your maze approach almost 30 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze and another 25 minutes for the bay bridge backup which is pretty robust before you make it on to the span. also looking at interstate 880 in oakland. it's been rainy and we have been following one of the crews and just looking at what they see from the windshield and from oakland to fremont and san jose. steady windshield wipers. san mateo bridge traffic getting busier over to the peninsula which had a couple crashes. northbound 101 is one. and i can't mention all the spinouts because we don't have the time. drive carefully out there. 6:02 now back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. we will continue with that theme. the tough morning commute as heavy rain moves through a the love areas in the bay area parts of the north bay may be hit thehardest. allie rasmus is in the middle of it in marin county. what is it like out there now. >> reporter: the rain appears
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to be coming and going in waves. that heavy rainfall that sal was showing you and traffic shot in oakland. that heavy rainfall may have passed through in the mortgage bay. we are in maren county northbound 101. this is lucky drive the closest exit and this is where they have had problems with flooding in the roadways during the overnight hours. looks like it's a little bit better but the wind has picked up. let's show you video earlier when we saw as far as -- cars and trx going through the -- trucks going through that pooled up water on northbound 101. some cars took it slow and easy going through but others weren't reducing their speed and that as you heard sal mention is dangerous when you have a little bit of water pooled up on the roadway, you can have spinout crashes and hydroplaning as well. through marin county on 101 very low visible. windshield wipers going.
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again, right now, it appears there's a little stop in the rain although it's coming down. it's not coming down as har a -- hard as 15 minutes ago but the rain is going sideways and thewind has pecked up and there are some wind ad-- picked up and there are some wind advisories. another gust is coming at us. there are wind advisories for bay area bridges including the golden gate bridge. so it's expected to be like this on and off throughout the morning. so drive safe getting into work today. >> we can see the amount of water as the cars pass behind you. >> and hear the wind. >> thanks for that update in marin county. we are checking in all over the bay area. sal is talking about the problems on highway 24. one of the crashes may have been caused by the storm. it happened about 3:45 in the westbound lanes that's where the crashes are this morning. this one is near the wilder road he canit a pickup truck
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lost control before possibly flipping over. then crashed into the guardrail between the freeway and off- ramp. you can see what's left of the truck. male driver was take don't hospital with serious injuries. this morning, caltrans emergency repair crews will be on the scene to work on the damage left behind and, again, a number of crashes on highway 24. >> many. yeah. it's k4r-6-05. it's rain -- it's 6:05. it's raining in santa barbara and ventura counties forcing thousands to evacuate for the third time in four months. emergency workers posted orange evacuation signs on homes where the fires burned late last year. and then were threatened by mud slides in january. so farther vehicles and streams have -- creeks and streams have drained the water down to the pacific ocean. but officials and the people who live in the burn zone know the worst could still be ahead. >> what we worry about is a big
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downpour and heavy cell centering over the area and the creek could rise in matter of a minute. >> you doesn't know how much rain there's going to be until it starts. so, we are hoping for the best. hope three's no further -- there's -- there's no further loss. >> in january 21 people died in santa barbara county when big storms triggered massive mud slides. also new all classes are canceled today at the pleasant hill campus of diablo valley college. this is the notice on the dvc website that says all classes are canceled because of a potentially serious threat. that is being investigated. we have not been able to find out specific details about the threat but the college says it is closing the campus as a precaution. classes at the dvc location in san ramon will continued as schedule. we are binge to -- continuing to get updates from the situation and we will keep you updated throughout the morning. a high school student was
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arrested yesterday in oakland for allegedly bringing a loaded gun to school. fremont high school was proofly placed on lock down while officers -- briefly placed on lock down while officers disarmed the studentch hand -- student. the handgun was discovered after the student was brought to the office for a issue. he was acting suspiciously and he had a loaded gun in his orher waistband they are trying to find out why the student had the weapon. youtube has new restrictions on videos that involve weapons. youtube will now ban videos that promote or link to websites that sell guns and accessories. they will ban videos with instructions on how to assemble weapon. this has a lot of criticism the site was hosting video about guns and bombs and deadly weapons. youtube says the policies will be enforced beginning in april.
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facebook ceo is apologizing of a the personal information of 50 million user was distributed without their knowledge or permission. now he released a statement saying facebook knew about the data breach by cambridge analytica which was a trump presidential campaign consultant when it happened in 2015. duckerberg says facebook asked the company to delete the profiles but didn't conferm it was done or conduct an audit. federal trade commission could investigate. british authorities are also looking into the issue. >> we need to do a data audit to find out whether this personal information was acquired by cambridge analytica, whether or not facebook took appropriate measures when they found there may have been a breach. >> zuckerberg released a statement saying facebook has a responsibility to protect user data and the company made a
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mistake. he goes onto say there's more for facebook to do and facebook needs to step up and do it. our question of the day should social media companies be regulated by the government? let us know by voting on k-tvu twitter page. you can comment on the ktvu facebook page. >> we will be reading them on the air. >> we will. it's k4r-67b 0 the. here -- 6:09. 6 people were shot yesterday including a police officer and a boy in a barbershop near the crocker amazon playground. >> this apparently started as an argument but escalated into gunfire. >> officers down. >> reporter: the aftermath of a gun battle a corner barbershop where police responded to a call man with a gun. >> two people arguing. and the cops got called. >> reporter: those who live on the block saw it play out quickly.
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a passer-by took this video of a arriving -- of arriving officers taking cover behind the squad car and a wounded police officer shot in the leg crawling across the pavement to safety. other people cor in the door -- cowher in the doorway of the -- cow cowher in the doorway. >> it happened inside the barbershop. >> reporter: san francisco police say five people were hit in addition to the officer. two have potentially life- threatening wounds. and that includes the armed suspect they were responding to. a minor was injured. but police won't specify how many people were involved in the dispute and how many were by standers. >> we don't have the information yet. it's early stages of thinvestigation and it's too early to have that. witnesses need to be interviewed that type of thing. >> the suspect is down. the suspect is down.
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>> reporter: a witness said a nearby business saw several people brought out of the barbershop and taken into custody. the chief checking on his officers alluded to more than one person involved. >> officers made contact with several individuals and shots were exchanged. that is active and ongoing investigation and in its early stages. >> debora villalon. still ahead, a confession video from the man suspected of package bombing. we will show you that video recorded just before the bomber blow himself up. during a -- blew himself up during a confrontation with law enforcement. >> a first at the state capitol. when rereturn a new era begins in the california senate. rnia senate. >> you can see it's going to be a tough commute out there. if you are driving anywhere where the rain is coming down especially hard, you won't be slowed down. we will tell you more.
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>> it was all about marin county and in the last 15 minutes it lit up like a christmas tree extending from novato and apretty good line. there are others and we will show you coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. police in austin texas say a 25 minute coninvestigation video was lft -- confession video was left behind on a cell phone by the serial bomb here
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killed high self yesterday as authorities close -- killed himself as authorities closed n he set off an explosive device as a s.w.a.t. team moved in. the police chief says the video cements to indicate conditt knew he was about to be captured but didn't reveal why he carried out the bombings. >> what is clear from listening to the video is this was a very troubled young man who was talking about challenges in his life that led him to the point to where he took the actions that he took. and there were also indications of actions he was willing to take in the future. >> investigators say conditt described building 7 explosive devices including the 5 that exploded. one that didn't and the 7th that he used to kill himself. two people were killed during the bombings. at lowest 6 more were hurt. and for now investigators don't believe there's more bombs out there. and a new era begins at
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california state capitol. >> duties upon which i am about to enter. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> this is what happened yesterday. toni atkins was sworn nats first woman and first member of the lgbtq community to lead the state senate. atkins is returning to a leadership role in the legislature and served as a assembly speaker from 2014 to 2016. >> it's the first time and it's about time. now to be honest with you, i came to the senate to make progress not history. >> the new acceptate pro tem pledges to change the coupleture at the state capitol where democrats lost super majorities because three law makers resigned over sexual misconduct allegations. at kens replaces democrat kevin de leon who is leaving because of term limits and running for u.s. senate. a rainbow flag was draped at
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the rotunda in honor of atkins. >> impressive. >> yes, nice. 6:17. we have impressive problems this morning in the commute. sal has all the details. >> that's right. we have a lot of slick traffic out there. we have what lot of fender benders. earlier in the morning when the roads were wide opened we had a lot more spinouts. now the roads are more crowded. let's go to the east bay highway 4 and you can see that traffic on highway 4 is slow but this may be preventing people from driving too fast and getting into wrecks. a lot of single car wrecks out there that i couldn't possibly name them all because we don't have the time and they keep coming and going. this is 4 crashes on the waythat have slowed traffic in laugh yet and orenda. the last was -- orinda. last woes -- the last one was highway 24. this is macarthur maze approach and tract is slowing -- traffic
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is slowing down. it looks like it is raining or maybe it is. but the traffic slowed down at the toll plaza. you can see it's backed up big time all the way out to the maze i want to mention 880 north and southbound seems to be okay. we had a lot of crashes in raft crow -- castro valley that cleared up. we are in a transition spot where things are slower now and that may help us in the collision department. 6:18 let's bring in steve with the weather. thank you. we will get to it. some areas getting moderate to heavy rain. others let up a little bit but will be a day of on and on rain. this is the warm sector cutting in. hampton said should i build a ark and i said if this continues yeah but no. it's coming down in budgets in orenda. -- orinda. 1 -- in buckets in orinda. 1.09 in the last 24 hours. yesterday it was marin russian river and santa cruz mountains. now it's more widespread. look at lafayette that had
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81/100 so no wonder there's problems on 24. it's letting up a little bit but it was relentless for 15 or 20 minutes or so. it's coming down in buckets as they say. the deep plume of warm subtropical air is moving through. once that goes through, we will see a cold front and that's where you get the colder air. 39 degrees up in crescent city. we are at 59 to 60. very warm for the sierra nevada. snow levels up -- look at this line into marhine can't yoi. it real -- marin county here. it's really lit up. lucas valley and in a vado over forest knolls. wood acre and all the way up towards sonoma glen ellyn and some areas get moderate and heavy and others are light or it is let up. we will have a morning of off and on rain some towards the east bay around 580-6 # 80 and
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castro -- 680 and castro. that's getting pretty good rain. on woodside over to palo alto and back into the santa cruz mountains that's a good setup to get moderate to heavy rain as that the lifts up. 50s and 60s. we are very mild. the cold air is on its way. the breeze at 35 miles per hour. napa airport due south at 20. 60 in sacramento. winter storm warning until 5 a.m. friday. but you have two big extremes here. way up. 7,000 feet or above for heavy wet snow. by friday it will go down to 3500 feet. the low is getting closer. look at that cold air on the backside of that. that's going to start feeding in friday. that could give us another round of thunderstorms. if you missed it there was a
6:21 am
tornado in marysville. 60s on the temps. off and on wind. colder with showers on friday. one more system on the weekend and we will get a break next week. in did that do damage in hairysville? >> not that i heard of but i saw a picture of it touching the ground. >> it happens. >> we were in the discussion yesterday believe me. >> time is 6:21. helping families that need a hand. the bay area seasonal shelter that will stay open year-round. we will tell you why. >> and a special honor for the late san francisco supervisor harvey milk. the important vote at city hall today.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. just a disturbing story. 300 cows have been founded at a ranch in northern california. the ranch is in humboldt county near arcadia about 15 minute from the city of eureka. the rancher raymond frank christy was arrested monday on animal cruelty charges. authorities say they found hundreds of dead cows left near waterways. some stacked this piles. authorities found live cows malnourished and dogs kept in
6:25 am
unsanitary conditions. an investigation goes on at travis air force base. a car at the main gate burst no flamesch the -- flames. last night first responders and emergency teams from the fairfield area rushed to scene a car plowed through the main gate and crashed and the driver was killed. the main gate is still closed today. drivers are being told use the hospital gate until that investigation is over. the city of palo alto is turning to technology to help prevent suicide. they have security guard at four train crossings in the city for nine years. they were hired after a series of suicides on the train tracks that started in 2010. now palo alto is install cameras that use artificial intelligence. they can detect deaning possible danger behave and be monitored by security guards who can call authorities or use
6:26 am
loudspeakers as part of the setup. >> somebody is lightering around the tracks or look like they want to harm themselves we willhave the ability to say something with the speakers. >> the city will install extra signs letting people know the cameras are there. and they can get help. the cameras are expected to be working by this summer. a vote is expected on whether or not to name a terminal at san francisco interring international airport in honor of harvey milk california's first openly gay elected official. the idea was introduced in 2013. at first propose fed naming the -- proposed naming the airport at milk but since then a naming committee recommended. the name. thousands of flights are being canceled. when we come back, we will
6:27 am
checkon local airports and travel and see the impact. >> reporter: all right dave i am frank mallicoat live in on highway 17 into the santa cruz mountains. the commute is treacherousch the rain is come down like you wouldn't believe. we will check all your bay areas coming up after the break. >> all right. we are looking at highway 24 because of earlier problems. it's not doing well. check it out. you can see it's very slow from walnut croak to oaklandin we are a much talked about system arrived. there's two parts the warm sector and cold front. both are on tap for today.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thanks for joining us here on mornings on 2. thursday morning. march 22nd i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook at 6:30. and aid intense morning in terms of weather and traffic. let's go right over to steve. >> there's plenty going on. >> yeah. >> heaviest is where right now? >> marin county over the east bay and peninsula. let up a little bit and napa county is lighting up. johnny said good morning. sound like a -- sound like a river outside. my window in pleasanton at 6:15. i've seen 2/3 of an inch in the past 24 hours.
6:31 am
580, 680 that's intest. that's in the last two hours. so if your commute is 680, watch your language. it's going to be a slow ride. we have a little break to the north up towards northern sonoma county in mendocino county lake area. but will's plenty going on. it's painting it towards the north bay and in yontville st. aleava and walnut creek and 6 -- yountville, and wall netcreek and hf -- walnut creek. and 50s on the temps to 60 san jose. very breezy to windy. off and on rain and all sorts of traffic issues and sal has more on that right now. >> right now, we are going to look at highway 24 because we had 4 or 5 different crashes on the way to the tunnel. at one point it was raining
6:32 am
from they hard near the tunnel where there was a crash and there were -- as the traffic helps us out because people don't spin out, and drive too fast and that's what chp says leads to most of the collisions. people driving too fast for the conditions. let's look at some of the other delays. 80 westbound, 36 minute drive between the carquinez bridge and mccarth your -- maccart your maze. this is the bay -- maccart your maze. there is the -- maccart your maze. there's the -- macarthur maze. look at my list of accidents. we have what lot of them that are the minor fender bender types where people are spinning out and hitting the guardrail. this one came in a big rig slid out of control and hit a stop sign and no one is injured. but that's what we have out there. that's eastbound 80 at highway 4. and we do have a look on the
6:33 am
road sensors on the peninsula. there's a little bit of flooding on highway 101 near 92. so just give yourself plenty of time. flooding northbound 17 in campbell. and in the santa cruz mountains the roads are not doing well. it's a tough drive although we don't have major crashes reported there yet. 6:33. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. and the wet roads blamed for several crashes this morning. >> yeah. ktvu frank mallicoat is in the santa cruz mountains. what's it like. >> rough spot. >> reporter: i got to tell you our commute down here was to the too bad. once we head south of hayward 880, it was pretty smooth sailing. we got down here in 45, 50 minutes from ktvu to san jose. we are heading through the santa cruz mountains 2 or 3 miles from the summit. let's go outside right now. you can see a slow go going up. not a lot traffic going up.
6:34 am
a number of big rigs wait for a couple cars that stalled out. the commute from santa cruz into the silicone valley and moderate -- no major crashes to report on 17. but it's very dark. that's one thing we in theed coming off 880. once you get here you have to slow down and take it easy. crashes earlier this morning in the bay area orinda westbound 24 at wilder road toyota pickup losing control a solo crash. it lipped numerous -- it flipped numerous timesch the driver suffered major injuries and an ambulance was called. westbound exit shut down at wilder while the chpinvestigates. no update on that right now. but an hour ago that was shut down. so if you need to get off at wilder go to fish ranch turn around and come down and take the exit on the other side of 24. another solo accident this on
6:35 am
580 westbound a little before 5 this morning. this is unincorporated san leandro. a mustang lost control and spun out. went down an embankment and through a chain link fence and landed up on foot hill boulvard woa. don't know the extent of the injuries -- we don't know the extent of the injuries butlooking at the car i imagine someone gotinjured. most of the crashes we have seen related to speed and a lot of ponding up there, too. we have noticed that. especially up here in the santa cruz mountains. when you get off at the exits, too. take it slow, mind your manners and be courteous to other drivers. we will see what's on top of the summit on the other side of highway 17. that's the latest in a van and staying dry and happy about it. frank mallicoat. >> be careful yourself.
6:36 am
a time is -- the home first shelter in sunnyvale almost always fills up 140 beds it has every night. usually the county tells the shelter to shut down by april 15th. but the santa clara board of supervisors voted to deep the shelter -- keep the shelter opened year round and if it is successful, the change could be made permanent. shelter workers say this could provide the certainty that gives some families a step towards a permanent home. >> what we are seeing is there's an increase in homelessness in general. it's also affecting families with young children. they would be out april 15th the last day of the cold weathershelter program and would be on the street. >> the county says they have set aside one for a rany day and this march has -- rany day and this march -- reiny day -- rainy day and this march turned into that rany day. flights have been -- rainy day. flights have been canceled
6:37 am
because of the storms. live pictures from sfo, san francisco international airport. we have been checking in with the airport throughout the morning to see if there's major delays or cancellations because of the storm. so far just 19 cancellations, that includes several flights from new york and new jersey. we are not hearing of any major delays. many airports trying to recover from yesterday where more than 4,000 flights had to be canceled in all because of the severe weather back east. more than a foot of snow fell in parts of pennsylvania and new england. in boston, most schools are closed and the power is out for thousands of people in several states. >> the time is 6:37. san francisco -- san francisco police will take several days to investigate a shooting yesterday that happened in a business. >> 6 people were injured in that shooting at a barbershop including a san francisco
6:38 am
police officer in the injured. ktvu alex savidge in the amazon crocker neighborhood where the shooting happened. what can you tell us alex. >> reporter: good morning to you. i can tell you this all began with a 911 call about a man armed with a gun in this neighborhood. and before long you had bullets flying. as san francisco police officer were exchanging gunfire with an armed man who was inside this corner barber shot called the amazon barbershop. it played out around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. someone driving by at the time captured the scene on cell phone video. some officers were sown duck and we saw one officer crawl along the sidewalk -- crawling along the sidewalk after being shot in the leg. that injured officer is now in fair condition at san francisco general hospital. five people inside the business were also shot and wounded
6:39 am
here. investigators say the man who was holding the gun suffered life-threatening injuries as did one other person. and as the shooting unfolded you can imagine people nearby took cover. >> i just heard gunshots and i wanted to be because i live right there on the corner. i heard a lot of gunshots about 5 and # returning. >> and this began yesterday afternoon when officers responded to reports of a man with a gun at a home nearby on amazon avenue. and apparently that armed man- made his way over here to the amazon barbershop a few blocks away where the shootout began to unfold. we are told a minor, someone under the age of 18, was injured during the shooting. their condition not released. san francisco police have not specified how many people shot and wounded during the exchange of gunfire. we are involved in the initial
6:40 am
dispute or whether they may have simply been buy bystanders at the wrong place at the wrong time. that willch -- we are hoping to get more information as we move throughout the day and pam and dave, as is protocol, the san francisco police department will hold a community town hall meeting opened to the public to discuss more specifics about the shooting involved san francisco police and that's within the next ten days. >> we will check in how the the -- throughout the morning. the acting director of federal immigration and customs enforcement is likely to be ordered to testify in a lawsuit that aims to block california's sank wary state law -- sanctuary state law. magistrate says he is likely to have tomia holman testify unoath for hours. he wants him to show how the laws are causing the government to irreparable harm. attorney general jeff sessions
6:41 am
claims california laws are unconstitutional. they prevent local police from participating in -- and prohibit them from asking a citizen status from a tentative agreement on 1.3 trillion dollar spending plan the voting on it could start today. if approved, the deal would prevent a government shut down tomorrow night. and keep the government agencies operating through september. now it includes 4.7 billion to deal with the opioid ep dem he can, 2 billion for new school safety measures, and tougher background checks for buying guns. there's extra money for the military and 1.6 billion for the border wall with mexico. the top two democrats and two republicans in both houses they are the ones who negotiated the deal. lawmakers say they don't like the process. >> it's 1.3 trillion dollars in
6:42 am
spending and 4 people deciding it. and it's not a good way to do business and i hope we can do it better in the future because it's not very transparent. >> here's something else. the spending bill doesn't address the daca program which gives protection from being deported for undocumented immigrants who were brought to the u.s. as children. the white house launched an internal investigation into recent leaks to the media. the washington post recently reported that president trump had been warned in briefing materials not to congratulate russian president putin on his reelection but he ignored that advice. now in a statement, the white house said it would be a fireable offense and likely illegal to leak the documents. our time is now 6:42. coming up at 7, a scare that happened at a east bay community college. classes canceled today at
6:43 am
diablo valley college in pleasant hill. the alert sent out and what officials are calling a potentially serious threat. >> a surprising poll on the california's governor's race the candidate ening out antonio see are a goesa for second place -- villaraigosa for second place. >> some areas are getting a break. not much of one but southbound 101 not raining hard. still a little windy on southbound 101 and the traffic from san rafael is slow. >> we are hard pressed to find much range during winter months but spring and march is awesome so far and today the system arrived. look at it. there's intense lines. look at the lien out to the valley but there's plenty more on that coming up. ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2. take a look at that. dow jones down 240 points almost 1 full percentage point that happened right away when that opening bell raining. s&p 500 and -- rang. and s&p 500 down. a lot of concern over what will happen in about 3 hours when the president is going to talk about tariffs, specifically on china and that has wall street businesses pretty concerned about that. that's the reflection there. we will follow wall street this morning. >> time 6:46. a poll on the governor's race in california shows the republican businessman now in
6:47 am
second place. the poll by the public policy institute of california says that republican john cox has pulled ahead of former l.a. mayor antonio villaraigosa for second place ahead of the june 5th primary. lieutenant governor new some is in -- newsom is in first place. 28% of the likely voters surveyed support gavin newsom. cox came in at 14% villaraigosa at 12%. and republican assembly man travis allen at 10%. now that same poll shows senator diane feinstein with a sizable lead 42% in her reelection bid over fellow democrat and forel state senate leader kevin de leon who comes in at 16%. police in tempe arizona released the dash cam video from a self-driving vehicle that hit and killed a pedestrian late sunday night. we want to warn you the video can be upsing. it shows the -- upsetting.
6:48 am
it shows the suv going 40 miles per hour. one camera shows the victim out of the shadows there jaywalking, not a crosswalk but she was walking with her bike and police suggested she dart out in traffic and it looks like she is moving fairly slowly but the car doesn't detect her. in the interior view, you can see the uber employee behind the wheel she is seen repeatedly looking down perhaps towards the console until she appears to be shocked to see the pedestrian right in front of the car. >> wow. all right then. time is now 6:48. let's check in with gasia to see what's coming up in the next hour on mornings on two. >> good morning. coming up in the next hour, footage caught on the sacramento police officer's body camera. >> hey. show your hands. >> we will have more of the body camera footage and audio
6:49 am
from a deadly officer involved shooting that happened on sunday in south sacramento. that's when police shot a young african american man 20 times saying they believed he was armed with a gun. turns out the man was carrying a cell phone. the report the sacramento police chief is waiting on and what happened to the two officers involved in the shooting. also pam you reported on the fatal crash involving an uber self-driving vehicle. today tech companies working on driverless cars are mashing with san francisco mayor and other city leaders. how the safety briefing came about and the goal of today's gathering. and, of course, weather and traffic is the big story of the day. i will see you in minutes. >> all right thanks gasia see you then. 6:49 is the time over to sal because sal you are covering a number of incidents this morning. because of the weather. >> yeah. the number of incidents is stabilized because people are going so slow pam. >> good. >> the spinouts we had when we wept on the air at 4 and 5 when the road were empty there were more of them. now minor accidents as well.
6:50 am
a lot of slow traffic let's start on highway 4 westbound and going up to the willow pass grade slow from antioch out to concord and most of the way is going to be traffic that looks like this. but that could be a hidden blessing as i say. we have a number of crashes out there traffic is going to be affected for sure when there's a crash. and what the problem is people have trouble stopping on days like this in the normal amount of time. so you might see something and want to stop and the car doesn't stop because it's slick and slippery. highway 24 and we have had 4 or 5 accidents on the way to the tunnel this morning. and that traffic is going to be not recovered yet. you can see how slow it is. also 80 westbound taking 40 minutes to the maze and we have what couple crashes there. this is a look at the bay bridge and traffic is going to be backed up for a 25 minute delay as it normally is. southbound 880 at marina
6:51 am
boulevard is word of a crash involving injuries there. the fire department is on the way if not already on the scene. and now there's a report of a wrong way driver northbound 101 near candle it can i don't know what that exit is. but right where the candlestick exit is. a lot to be careful of public transit is doing okay. 6:51 let's bring in steve. >> thanks for some there's moderate rain and for others it's light a few area it's coming down and the rainfall is starting to lite up. heavy tension rain. not buckets but cats and dogs. 24 hour rain total. 2 1/2 inches of rain. that's where the radar site is. that is about 3400 feet i don't thick michael is up that high. you can see the rain keeps going at the radar sight. might be enhanced because it's so close. but there's plenty coming in. our deep plume of subtropical
6:52 am
moisture is moving onshore and the low which has been sitting out there for the-tire week is now -- the-tire week -- the entire week is moving onshore and as it does it gets closer to the plume and air 5,000 feet coming together converging and going up and diverging aloft. that triggers the dynamics and gives you the better rainfall. yesterday it was overrunning and a set up for the russian river marin county for sure and santa cruz mountains that now are getting their fair share. almost 3 inches. look at that line right there. more thunderstorms are possible out in the valley again today. that line stretching from napa county right back over san pablo bay into marin county. that can add up. i am seeing about an inch and a half to two inches of rain quickly in marin county. pretty good rain up in napa county even so lono and might be -- solano and might be letting up but it's a steady rain and pockets out of fremont back over to hayward.
6:53 am
look at these starting to formburst of moderate to heavy rain on the peninsula. that kind of missed out the last couple days. it's picking up. the line moving onshore or marin coast san francisco and is a matano -- san mateo coast and picking up in the mountains again. highway 17 will be really tough. 50s on the temps to 60scoldest air will arrive tonight into tomorrow. gust out of the south at napa airport at 24 miles an hour.  and the snow -- bear valley had 7 inches of snow. it's snowing at donner so snow levels up lake level and a little above. but below that it's rain. this is a -- that's a wet sierra cement but tonight from 7,000 feet by friday 3500 feet so the deep moist your is moving onshore now. and the cold front is beginning to move in and as it does that's enhancing some of the rainfall rates and pushing it to the east. rain and wind here heavy at times and by tomorrow, a colder system. colder core comes in and we will get off and on rain maybe more thunderstorm activity and
6:54 am
temperatures will drop big time. 60s on temps today. tomorrow, though, temperatures are on their way down. cooler with showers and another system one more week around the weekend. monday looks like a break pam. >> thank you, steve. we will follow forecast and take look at your morning commute when we come back.
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> welcome back to mornings on
6:57 am
2. manufacturing company kiddeo has recalled the fire detectors. the smoke alarms were sold at stores nationwide. they include home depot, wal- mart and online at amazon as well. customers are being told to contact a manufacturer and replace a free replacement. the ncaa sweet 16 starts today. for st. mary's who lost to utah, it is a really disappointing time. not only did they miss on the big dance, they missed a chance to go to new york madison square gardens. it was only st. mary's second defeat at home. it was a close game. 14 ties and nine lead changes.
6:58 am
st. mary's struggled at the end and utah pulled away. well, today is audition day for some of stanford's top football players this past season. they will show off their skills in front of nfl scouts. you're looking at video from last year's showcase. every college invites all nfl teams to the from to show them -- to show off to them. san jose state's day is tomorrow. we have an update on a story from tuesday about oakland high school students struggling to pay their ap test fees. the principal at oakland prep says that the school has collected about $15,000 to pay the costs of the tests which the students need to get college credit. each test costs $94 but many families didn't have the extra
6:59 am
money for it. last year the oakland school district had grants to pay the fees but not this year. new designs for a remodeled toll plaza at the golden gate bridge. images will be released at the concept designs for a new toll collection system. five years ago, the human toll takers were eliminated. since then several vehicles have crashed into the narrow lanes between the old toll booths. the new booths will have antennas, lights and cameras and the old toll booths will be taken out. the time is 6:59. a man who uses his daily commute on bart to create art by drawing portraits of some of the other passengers is about to publish a book about it. he says sketching is a hobby. he has drawn over a thousand images. now they're being published.
7:00 am
last night we rode on a bart train with hamilton klein known as the bartist. >> i can ride the same bart, the same stop, the same time every single year for a year and not run into the same person twice. >> and his book, rapid transit, will be available on amazon starting monday. out of the bay area. some of the crashes believed to have been caused by slick roads this morning. >> reporter: the national weather service extends a flood advisory for the north bay through 9:00. we will have a look at the conditions coming up. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> it is a day to try to get out of the house a little early. >> yes. >> thursday, march 22nd. we will help you get there. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it is raining around the bay area right now. we're seeing a lot of problems and telling you about it on the roads. >> we have continuing team


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