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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  March 22, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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last night we rode on a bart train with hamilton klein known as the bartist. >> i can ride the same bart, the same stop, the same time every single year for a year and not run into the same person twice. >> and his book, rapid transit, will be available on amazon starting monday. out of the bay area. some of the crashes believed to have been caused by slick roads this morning. >> reporter: the national weather service extends a flood advisory for the north bay through 9:00. we will have a look at the conditions coming up. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> it is a day to try to get out of the house a little early. >> yes. >> thursday, march 22nd. we will help you get there. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it is raining around the bay area right now. we're seeing a lot of problems and telling you about it on the roads. >> we have continuing team
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coverage on the latest storm. let's begin with meteorologist steve paulson over in the weather center right now. >> it has let up for some, towards sonoma county, lake county, but there are plenty areas where it is still lit up. currently 57, bar 29.57, that is the barometer. you can see it is picking up in the last 15 -- right there. 20 minutes. vallejo, american canyon, over to crockett, benecia, that will pick up in intensity. it is all part of that deep tropical plume of moisture coming up from the west/southwest. yesterday, it was mild to warm. now on the back side of that, here comes the upper low and the colder air. that is enhancing some of that. as it does, some has gone through the north. it is getting intense from marin county out to the south towards napa. look at that sacramento back to
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lodi. there will be severe weather and maybe a line or two forming here. thunderstorms could be possible. right there. san rafael over san pablo bay right back in the golden gate bridge and san francisco. that is a moderate to heavy, heavy rain. that line maybe let up a little bit in the east bay. there are still signs of that picking up now. then right back over towards the peninsula, there are lines around redwood city and fremont and into the santa cruz mountains. that is what is coming ashore right now. also in the santa cruz mountains, ben loma is up to three inches of rain. very mild to warm. but be patient. cold air is on the way. the wind has cranked up to 20- 25 miles per hour. below that it is rain for us. off and on rain for us. and then colder air comes in. highs in the 50s. so rain and wind this morning, for most. a little tapering off to the north. all right, sal. you could probably do a half
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hour show but you want to start off with what. >> the east bay. a lot of solo vehicle collisions. people losing control of the car and spinning out. this is highway 4. just a new collision reported. noncommute direction. 680 is slow from concord to walnut creek. and then 24 is very slow. we had numerous crashes on the way to the caldecott early this morning. we keep getting crashes coming in. most are non-injury. people are not going fast enough to get into injury crashes, most of the time. we've had some. this is a look at 80. 44 minutes between the carquinez bridge and the macarthur maze. a 25-minute delay to tack on to that if you're driving to san francisco and you have to wait in line. just got word of a new collision as we were speaking east 80 just before the willow exit in the non-commute direction. we're also looking at interstate 880. a couple minor things going on
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here and flooding here and there. mostly a decent commute. san mateo bridge, this commute is busy getting out to the peninsula. when you get to the peninsula, traffic will be slow on 101. it is also slow out of daly city this morning, driving down to san bruno. backed up from highway 1 all the way down to 380. and northbound 101 slows from candlestick exit all the way up to san francisco and the 80 split. 7:04. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. sal just spelled it out well. the commute is tough because of all of the rain moving through. >> parts of the north bay are getting hit hard. allie rasmus is up there right now to show us the conditions there. >> reporter: the rain has been nonstop since we got here at 5:00 this morning. a relentless rainfall and wind gusts as well. you can see evidence of that out here on the pavement, the lit-up pavement at gas station
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in addition to the lights that they have. you see the rain moving in at a sideways angle. it has been a tricky commute for drivers across the bay area. as you mentioned, a lot of spin- outs and flooded roadways. let's show you video of earlier this morning when you see drivers taking it slow, splashing through standing water that was on northbound 101 earlier this morning. a lot of the drivers that we talked to that have been out on the road describe challenging driving conditions thanks to the wind and heavy rain. >> it is pretty heavy. it is really coming down. just outside coming down this way. >> it has been lovely weather in seattle really. and it is interesting to come down here and see this. you expect it more in the november time. >> reporter: and the national weather service for the bay area extended its flood advisory for the north bay through 9:00 this morning. so they expect these rainy, windy conditions, stormy
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conditions to continue. in fact our expert, meteorologist steve paulson says that over the next 24 hours, there will be at least one to two inches of rain in parts of the north bay. back to you guys. >> thank you, allie rasmus. we will talk to you later. new this morning, all classes are canceled for the day at pleasant hill campus of diablo county college. it says all classes at the pleasant hill campus are canceled because of a potentially serious threat that is being investigated. the college says it is closing the campus as a precaution. the class is at the dbc location will continue as scheduled. it is a developing story, one that we're working to get more information on. when we get it, we will bring it to you here. >> an oakland high school student was arrested yesterday accused of bringing a loaded gun to school. fremont high school was briefly put on lockdown. officers disarmed the student and secured the gun. no one was hurt. the gun was found after the student was brought to the
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office for an unrelated issue. a school security official says that the student was acting suspicious. it turned out that the student had a loaded gun according to the officers. a loaded gun in the waistband. investigators are trying to figure out why the student had the gun. >> stop. stop. police shot at 23-year-old stephen clark 20 times. he was hit several times. he died at the scene. witnesses told police he was breaking car windows. helicopter video shows clark climbing over a fence heading into a backyard that police later learned belonged to his grandparents. when he sees police approaching him, he does appear to start to run. that's when the officers open fire. police found that clark did not have a gun on him. he only had a cell phone.
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>> we have released this video very quickly because we know the significance of this event in our community. there are still a lot of answers we're looking for. it is still very early. >> clark often stayed with his grandparents at the home where police shot and killed him. family members said he was trying to get inside but didn't know why he didn't have his key that night. the officers have been placed on paid an my -- administrative leave during the investigation. there were six people hurt in a shooting at a barbershop. alex savidge is in the neighborhood now where it happened. this is near the amazon crocker playground. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, dave and gasia. and san francisco police were initially responding to reports of a man armed with a gun who was involved in some sort of a dispute. he apparently ran here to this corner barbershop. it is called the amazon barbershop, right at the corner
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of geneva avenue and london street. this is where the shootout unfolded between san francisco police officers and the man with the gun. it happened around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. someone driving by at the time captured this cell phone video showing the chaos. we saw police officers ducking behind cars to take cover. and one officer crawling along the sidewalk after he was shot in the leg. we're told this morning that injured officer is now in fair condition at the hospital. along with the officer, five people who were inside that business were also shot and wounded. investigators say that includes the man who was holding the gun. he suffered life threatening injuries, so did one other person. the police chief spoke last night about this shootout. and he says the dispute here involved a number of people. >> officers made contact with several individuals inside of the business and shots were exchanged. this is an active and ongoing investigation and it is in its early stages.
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>> reporter: this all apparently began when police were called to a house nearby on amazon avenue. after getting calls about that man holding a gun and there being some sort of a dispute. we can tell you then that that manmade his way over to the barbershop, which is where the gunfire was exchanged. we're told that someone under the age of 18 was one of the injured. police are not specifying whether if all of the people who were shot and wounded during this gun battle were involved in the dispute or if some of them may have been bystanders. dave, gasia, send it back to you. >> thank you, alex, in san francisco. we will talk to you later. the time is 7:10. facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg apologizing after the personal information of 50 million users was distributed without their knowledge or permission. zuckerberg released a statement
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saying that it knew about the data breach by cambridge analytica which was a trump campaign consultant when it happened in 2015. zuckerberg says facebook asked the company to delete the user profiles but didn't confirm whether it was done or nor conducted an audit. the federal trade commission may investigation and britain is also looking into the problem. >> you really need to do a data audit to see if the personal information was acquired by cambridge analytica, whether or not facebook took appropriate measures whether they found that there may have been a bleach. >> zuckerberg said that facebook has a responsibility to protect user information and the company made a mistake. he also said there is still more for facebook to do and facebook needs to, quote, step up and do it. the time is 7:11. from austin, texas, a confession video of the man suspected of several package bombings. in a minute, details on the
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video that was recorded just before the bomber blew himself up during a confrontation with law enforcement. plus, a new first at the sacramento state capitol. when we can come back, the new era beginning in the california senate. it is a tough drive as you might imagine. we're looking live at the san mateo bridge. you can see traffic is busy all the way out over to san mateo. well, there's a really intense little line moving through from about american canyon and going through hercules, right over to richmond and then right back towards oakland, berkeley. look at that. right there.
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>> a confession video was left behind on the cell phone of the serial bomber in austin, texas. mark conditt recorded the video
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just hours before he died when he set off an explosive device. a s.w.a.t. team was moving in. the police chief says the video seems to indicate that conditt knew he was about to be captured but it didn't reveal why he carried out the bombings. >> what is clear from listening to that video is this was a very troubled young man who was talking about challenges in his life that led him to the point to where he took the actions that he took and there were also indications of actions that he was willing to take in the future. >> now, investigators say conditt described building seven explosive devices, including the five that exploded. one that did not. and a seventh that he use today kill himself. two people were killed in the bombings. at least six more were hurt. for now, investigators don't believe there are any more bombs out there. a new era combines at the california state capitol. >> the duties upon with i'm going to enter.
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>> congratulations. >> yesterday, toni atkins was sworn in as the first women and the first member of the lgbtq community to lead the state senate. she is returning to a leadership role. she served as assembly speaker from 2014 to 2016. >> it is the first time and it is about time. now, to be honest with you, i came to the senate to make progress, not history. >> the new senate pro testimony pledges to change the culture at the state capitol where democrats lost super majorities in the senate and the assembly because three lawmakers resigned over sexual misconduct allegations. a rainbow flag was draped at the capitol rotunda in atkins' honor. you had a rough ride coming in because of the weather. >> rain all the way through. >> sal, you've been busy since you came in. a lot happening on our roads. >> gasia, how was your ride
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into work. >> it was fine. i was going slow. and somebody came around me going 07 something in the rain. i hope he is okay. >> that's how people get into trouble. we had four or five crashes early this morning in the 5:00 hour and a couple since. most of the crashes are solo vehicle collisions where people end up hitting something, not another car but they hit a guardrail or something like that. you will see slow traffic all the way from walnut creek to oakland this morning. it has improved a little bit but not enough for you to notice really. i've been looking at this all morning and it has been slow since the get go. moving along to the bay bridge toll plaza. it is taking almost an hour to drive from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. once you get to the maze, add 30 minutes at the bay bridge toll plaza before you get on to the bridge. this is a look at 880. we've had a lot of single vehicle accidents. pardon me. had to cough there. no major problems this morning on northbound 101. but it is backed up from near
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the candlestick exist, the old candlestick park exit all the way to this point, the 80 split. you notice in my traffic spots, it is a little windy. cameras are moving up and down from the wind as steve predicted. slow to the peninsula. 101 is slow in burlingame and san mateo. and it is slow on 280 as well heading south from daly city down to san bruno. 7:18. steve, today's weather is not great for commuting. >> that's correct. you know a little windy back in town. >> okay. >> gusts from 35 to 40 miles per hour. this is the warm deep moisture. if you want to call it atmospheric river, that's fine. i call it deep sub tropical moisture. just over a quarter inch this morning. an inch and a third for this round in he will cerritos. el sobrante, not that far away, had an inch of rain in the last
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24 hours. richmond, point richmond, albany and berkeley and kensington, that is a moderate to heavy rain coming in. it is headed back over highway 24. so there are two areas. the warm conveyer belt, if you will, of the moisture that came in yesterday. i mean it was balmy yesterday. we had the overrunning precip rain. that set up for marin county, santa cruz mountains. now everybody is in on that. you're getting enhancement from the front. so you get better low level jetstream, 5,000 feet and below and divergence. that is enhancing the rainfall. it is coming down to beat the band from areas up in the mother load as well. there are intense lines. i'll show you that coming into the motherload out of sacramento. for us, there has been a let up to the north for some. sonoma county, a little bit. our observer raymond in cazadero says it has let up. but not not before an inch of
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rain. napa, american canyon, hercules and richmond and into oakland and berkeley and heading over to concord, walnut creek and also into the east bay. the line that stretches right back across alameda, that is most intense line right now. and embedded in that moderate to heavy rain. heading into alameda, down to san lorenzo, over towards the sunol grade you can get some of these. that is what is happening as it lifts and comes across. the sunol grade could be tough there. and on the peninsula, they're finally getting pretty good rain there as well. that is starting to intensify as the cold front gets closer. right back into the santa cruz mountains. boulder creek with over three inches of rain in the last 24 hours. ben loma approaching that as well. to the north it has let up a little bit. winds gusting 20 to 25 miles per hour. 30s in higher elevations. there is the storm line.
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winter storm warning out until friday 5:00 a.m. but it's going to really go down as we head towards friday. watch from grass valley to rockland. right there. there's the line of intense rain. blue canyon is reporting very heavy rain. the cold air comes in and then this swings in friday. there will be another system swinging in on the weekend. nothing compared to this one. some rain going into the weekend. next week looks dry. 60s on the temps. cold air is arriving tonight and tomorrow. and then off and on into sunday, not a big deal. but we will be done with it. monday, better. >> okay. get here monday as soon as you can. thank you, steve. helping families that need a hand. the shelter in the bay area that will now be open year round. why the change was made and how it could become permanent. an honor for harvey milk. the important vote happening today at city hall.
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. it is now 7:24. wall street once again affected by the white house this morning. >> pam cook is back in the studio to bring us this morning's dollars and sense. >> traders and investment executives are considered about a trade war. on the president's official schedule it says he will sign the presidential memorandum targeting china's economic aggression. that is scheduled for 9:30 our time this morning. numbers on that news headed down. concerns over those perceived
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tariffs on products from china sent the market downs this morning, even before that opening bell rang this morning. right now taking a look at the latest numbers. the dow jones hovering right about that same level that it hit right when that bell rang. down 240 points. you can see right now about a full percentage point almost. the same for the nasdaq and the s&p 500. they're both down almost a full person point this morning. we will keep watching again. that official announcement coming in at 9:30 our time. china is accusing the u.s. of repeatedly abusing trade rules and the european union is worried that the president wants to get rid of the world trade organization. we don't know the size and scope of the tariffs that the president will announce later this morning. a white house official says the tariffs are blamed at blocking the theft of u.s. technology. the concern is that it will trigg are a trade war. many countries in the european union feel that the tariffs against steel and aluminum are
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just the beginning. the new federal reserve chair jerome powell wrapped up his first policy meeting in his new role. he increased the interest rate. the highest level in three years. just what wall street was expecting as the economy continues to grow. he says he has plans for two more rate hikes for the year. that was after concern that's there could be there if inflation wraps up. that is really the key for wall street and stocks is what is expected. any surprises in the wall street can head in either direction. but they don't like surprises. so if it keeps the steady course, which jerome powell, even though he is the chair, he has been on the federal reserve for quite some time. he is following the precedent set by janet yellen. >> thank you, pam. a vote is expected today
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whether or not to name a terminal at san francisco international airport in honor of harvey milk. the idea to honor milk was first introduced in 2013. at first one former supervisor proposed naming the entire airport about harvey milk. since then a naming committee has been created and it recommended renaming terminal 1 in honor of harvey milk. there should be a plan in place by december 1st. scientists at mit have created a robotic fish to collect information to henry store the oceans in ways morin vase i have machinery cannot. now, they call this robotic fish sophie for soft fish. and tests in the south pacific shows that it can swim near real fish without disturbing the real ones because it is not bulky or noisy as other underground vehicles. it is controlled remotely.
7:28 am
it uses a fish-eye lens built into its nose and sends back high resolution video and photos. >> fascinating. >> it is. we are getting a lot of rain in the bay area. >> yes. and thousands of flights are being canceled because of bad weather across the country. in a minute, we will check on the impact it is having on airports and overall travel. >> reporter: i'm frank mallicoat here on the commuter run. we're in the santa cruz mountains now doing the commuter side of the road heading northbound. we've got a full report coming up. and this morning, we do have slow traffic. check out highway 101 san francisco. it is just slow because of the wet weather. it is just slow driving out there. it's going to take you longer to get to work. we will tell you where the trouble spots are coming up.
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. we're giving you a live look if you are behind the driver's seat here going southbound on highway 17 through the santa cruz mountains. windshield wipers are going. rain is hitting the windshield. this is a two hands on the wheel drive even in the best of conditions. today you're under rough conditions on the road. traffic appears to be flowing well as we go around the next curve. a lot of people make the trek from santa cruz to the silicon valley to work every day. it is a busy road. happy to see that everybody here has their headlights on. even though it is daylight outside, it is california law
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to have your headlights on if your windshield wipers are going. that is across the bay area. i'm gasia mikaelian. a busy thursday morning. >> i'm dave clark. let's find out more about our weather. here is steve. >> yesterday it was marin county, san anselmo. it is still marin county and russian river but the santa cruz mountains are now out in front. rightfully so. doug van horn, he threw in a wow with that. 3.2. cob mountain up in lake county, three inches of rain. west novato, 2.82. went cooed had had good rain. two and a quarter. cazadero and the russian river, 2.09. let's see. that is raymond. did i get everybody? i think i did. there you go. thank you for the information. i appreciate it. santa cruz mountains because that moisture is coming in from the west/southwest, that is just a conveyer belt where you
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take it and lift it and cool and condense it and it rains and rains and rains. it was pretty good in the santa cruz mountains but no doubt about it favored marin county. now the cold front is coming in. it is moving. that is the good news. it is also increasing some of the rainfall rates. embedded in that you could get moderate to heavy rain. the wider the -- the wider -- whiter the colder the tops. that is what is coming in later as the front gets closer. one line went through right there parts of marin county and from san pablo bay, stretching back into the east bay. that has been producing moderate to heavy rain. a lot of the freeways have been bad. but 24, again, just doesn't want to let go, does it? >> it doesn't. and i'm looking all over the place. because, steve, we've had slow traffic everywhere. this is one of the things, mostly it is the north bay and mostly the east bay. all over the bay area, we've he had slow traffic. let's start off on the
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peninsula actually. i want to start off on 101 northbound driving up from the peninsula into downtown san francisco. we have slow traffic pretty much from the airport in pockets all the way up to this point, the 80 split. on the right-hand side you see southbound 101. there had been a lot of solo vehicle accidents, too many for me to mention all of them. i can mention some of them. traffic will be a little slow at the bay bridge of course. this has been kind of a normal- ish commute, a 30-minute drive waiting on the toll plaza before you make it on to the bridge. an hour or so from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. and then 880 in oakland will be slow as well. steve mentioned highway 24 this morning. we had several crashes on the way to the tunnel. that's calmed down a little bit but the traffic is very slow obviously. westbound highway 4 is slow as well. i want to talk about the san mateo and the dumbarton bridges. they're slow getting out to the highrise. you can see from the road sensors here. the crash we had northbound 880
7:35 am
in union city has slowed traffic in an area where it is not normally slow from fremont up to hayward. southbound traffic is slow from about san leandro all the way to the southern part of fremont. so we do have a lot of slow traffic. i don't want to forget anyone. 680 of course has been very slow out of pleasanton. everywhere is slow. please drive slowly and carefully. 7:35. back to the desk. >> the rain slick roads are being blamed for a number of crashes this morning. >> sal has been talking about it all morning. frank frank is in the santa cruz mountains to tell us and show us what it is like out there. good morning, frank. >> reporter: good morning. it has been raining like a son of a gun since we left a couple hours ago from ktvu. we made the trek over an hour ago. no spin-outs or accidents to really report. turned around and now we're on the commuter side of northbound 17. let's take a look outside and give you a bird's eye view of what we're looking out.
7:36 am
as you can see, at least we have daylight now. but the rain is really pounding away. we're starting to pump the brakes as we get to summit. we're a couple miles from the summit before we head down the hill into the silicon valley. a lot of ponding. cars have been very good though. people obeying the speed limit and going slow. that you should. and exits as well. we got off in scotts valley and earlier on the southbound side and some of the exits are wet as well. the best advice is to take it very slow. but no major accidents or spin- outs to report in the last hour and a half up here in the santa cruz mountains. let's take you through the bay area. orinda, highway 24, they had issues a little before 4:00. a crash at wilder road on 24. a toyota pickup losing control and flipping numerous times. the driver suffered major injuries and had to be
7:37 am
hospitalized. that westbound exit shut down at wilder road for a while as chp investigates there. another solo crash on 580 westbound in an inuncorporated area of san leandro. a mustang losing control as well. spun out, went down an embankment through a ditch, through a cyclone chain fence and landed on foothill boulevard down below. an ambulance had to be called for that crash as well. don't know the extent of the injuries. let's bring you back live now. you're looking at as we mentioned highway 17. and things are starting to crawl a little bit. i think that is pretty normal for the chew. a lot of people in the santa cruz area working in los gatos and san jose and the silicon valley. the good news is that the roads are wet. but right now no major crashes or spin-outs to report here in the santa cruz mountains. back to you. >> good to hear. frank mallicoat, thank you. the time is now 7:37. well, advocates for the homeless say the rainy start to
7:38 am
spring time emphasizes why shelters should stay open all year. the home first shelter in sunnyvale fills the 140 beds it has every night. usually the county forces the shelter to close by april 14th. but the board of supervisors voted to extend the shelter to year round. if it is successful, the change could become permanent. shelter workers say this could give some families a boost towards a permanent home. >> you know, what we're seeing is, you know, there is an increase in homelessness in general. it is also affecting families with young children. >> these people would be out on april 15th, the last day of the cold weather shelter program and would be out on the street. >> the county has been able to set aside money for a rainy day and this wet march has literally turned into that rainy day. hundreds of flights are canceled again today because of storms back east. we will share live pictures from san francisco international airport. we learned there are now 91
7:39 am
delays and 49 cancellations. some of those is because of the storm on the east coast. but sfo tells us the majority of the cancellations and delays are due to the rain we're seeing here in the bay area. it is certainly slowing down arrivals as well as departures. many of the other airports are trying to recover from yesterday. more than 4,000 flights had to be canceled because of the severe weather back east. in fact more than a foot of snow fell in parts of new york and pennsylvania. it is still snowing in new england. in boston, most schools are closed for the day today. and power is out for thousands in several states. our time is now 7:39. police in tempe, arizona released the dash cam video from sunday night in the self- driving uber car that hit and killed a pedestrian. the video shows the suv going about 40 miles per hour. one camera shows a woman come out of the shadows, jaywalking with a bike in the middle of the road. the car does not detect her. in the interior view, you can
7:40 am
see the uber employee vasquez behind the wheel. she is repeatedly looking down. maybe looking at the console area of the car. until she suddenly appears shocked to see that pedestrian right in front of her. the heads of tech companies developing driverless cars are meeting with the san francisco interim mayor mark ferrell. first responders will learn how to handle the new technology. the mayor requested a meeting before the deadly accident involving an uber car and a pedestrian in arizona sunday which we just showed you. the mayor says it is purely about san francisco and the safety of the city's residents. the time is 7:40. we're closely watching the bay area rainy weather. it is all over the place. coming up at 8:00, we will take you to the north bay for a look at the dangerous conditions for drivers out there. a new pole on the governor's race shows who is
7:41 am
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for a limited time enjoy two free perks like complimentary wi-fi and drinks. plus savings for everyone in your stateroom when you book now during the celebrity cruises sail beyond event. >> the time is 7:43. homeland security is offering more information about friday's controversial arrest by its agents in berkeley. the arrest prompted a protest over the weekend. a spokesman says homeland security investigations or hsi carried out the operation at an apartment complex on parker street. shi says one person, an american citizen, was taken into custody as part of a criminal investigation. >> those that would exploit
7:44 am
children. those that would bring opioids and smuggle them into the country and come into our community. those that would traffic individuals. those are the type of criminals we're going after. >> officials say they're sure once the investigation is complete people living in the neighborhood will be sure that the person is off the street. hsi investigates crime that's happen across the border. hsi deals with criminal investigations rather than immigration status. our time is 7:44. the acting head of federal immigration and custom enforcement may be order today testify in a lawsuit that is aimed at blacking california's sanctuary state law. he is inclined to require holman to testify under oath for four horizon. he wants him to show how the laws are causing the federal government harm. attorney general jeff sessions claims the california laws are unconstitutional. the laws prevent local police
7:45 am
from participating with federal immigration enforcement and bans officers from asking a person their citizenship status. a new poll in the california governor's race shows a california businessman is in second place. republican john cox has pulled ahead of former los angeles mayor anthony vilaraigosa. gavin newsom remains in first place. john cox now comes at 14% to antonio vilaraigosa's 12%. travis allen has 10%. it shows dianne feinstein holds a sizable lead in his re- election bid over kevin de leon. gasia, the time is 7:45. let's check in with mike mibach to see what is coming up on mornings on 2. mike. >> dave and gasia, good morning
7:46 am
to you both. trips to the grocery store could soon cost you a little bit more. the popular item that's are experiencing a pretty big jump in price. and coming up in the 9:00 hour, we will talk live with the organizer of saturday's march for our lives rally in san francisco. as people in the bay area join hundreds of thousands across the country to call for stricter gun control. it may not feel like it outside, but the a's home opener is just a week from today. and chris giles will join us on the 9 to talk about the new season and where is the new ballpark. we have a lot to talk about. >> see new a few, mike. 8:46. let's get you out the door a little early today. it would be a huge improvement with rushing to get there. >> i like when mike mibach gets that hard hitting journalist face going. >> yes. >> you're wearing oakland a's
7:47 am
colors. you probably know that. >> yes, i do. and that's why i did that. >> this morning we've had a lot of slow traffic. this last hour has been a little bit better than when we got here at 4:00. i went on the air and there were more serious crashes. there still have been crashes. they tend to be less serious, fewer injuries. of course there are exceptions. this is a one-hour drive from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. it is slow to the downtown oakland area from san leandro. things are starting to normalize. frank has been talking about 24. i've been talking about it. we've had a slow morning since 4:00 there. were serious crashes. also in the 5:00 hour. it has been slow and traffic has not recovered. highway 4 and 680 are also slow this morning. and if you're driving out to the san mateo bridge, we do have traffic that is going to be -- it looks like it is raining there out to the pence l the peninsula itself has
7:48 am
really started to get slower and slower. i'm going to push in here and show you. look at 101. both directions from south city to san mateo, i wouldn't want to be on that freeway. southbound 280 is slow from daly city all the way down past crystal springs. i wouldn't want to be on that freeway. if i had to go, i would choose 280. nevertheless, it will be tough. in the south bay, northbound 85 near stephens creek, there's an accident. 85 is the messiest freeway. all of the freeways getting up into the valley, especially 85 and 280 are very slow. if you don't have to go now, i wouldn't. now it is 7:48. let's bring steve in with today's weather. >> i'm not leaving the house, sal. >> it is a good plan if you don't have to. >> you bet. every one of the cameras looks like it has rain. it is not just that i'm focusing on santa cruz mountains or areas to the north. give me time. i'll get the rest of the
7:49 am
totals. boulder creek, three and a quarter. yesterday it was ross and kentville and ma written county. they're still doing okay but not as good as the santa cruz mountains. west novato, 2.82. kenwood going bonkers, two and a third. bennett valley, just shy of two inches of rain. sonoma state has had an inch and a half of rain. the main band, the sub tropical plume is coming through. we will let up on the rain. it is heading north. the most intense lines are stretching back from the north, across parts of the east bay, south bay. look at that. 32 at sfo. 32 at half moon bay. the cold front has not gone through yet. if you have a barometer at home, it is still tracking downward. the colder unstable air will come in behind the system but not until tonight. we will see the off and on rain. the intense line is now moving through and being pushed off to
7:50 am
the east. it doesn't mean that there is not an hour or two of intense rain. it is letting up. one strong line heads up to the east and it -- and it is losing some of its punch. moraga had over an inch of rain. it looks like there is a back edge to this from oakland to alameda. on the sunol grade, focus on them. the peninsula, it is dividing now between pretty good rain and rain letting up a little bit. right back into the santa cruz mountains, heavy rain and heading over towards santa clara valley. 50s and 60s on the temps. the cold air is on its way. in the sierra, the snow, there's wet snow there. mainly above lake level t will start coming down tonight and tomorrow when the cold air comes in. look at the line stretching from grass valley back to rockland. that is an instens line of rain right -- intense line of rain
7:51 am
right there. for us, now the front starts to work its way in. this will probably pick up the rainfall rates towards the north which has let up a little bit here. 50s and 60s overall. we will get a break on friday. there will be some scattered shower activity. and then one more system, dave, on the weekend. monday is looking dry. >> thank you, steve. the time is 7:51, a warning this morning at an east bay community college. come up for you at 8:00, classes have been canceled today because of a potential  threat. plus, riding bart and capturing the moments. up next you will meet a man whose artwork may include a portrait of you. now eye book is coming out with his drawings.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
>> there will now be big discounts at toys "r" us. they are launching the sales nationwide. they announced the bankruptcy liquidation plans. toys "r" us does expect to close all of its stores by the end of june. the time is 7:54. the men's ncaa sweet 16 starts today. last night in the nit, st. mary's lost to utah in overtime. it was st. mary's second defeat at home. close game too. there were 14 ties, nine lead changes. now, st. mary's struggled at the end.
7:55 am
utah pulled away in overtime. st. mary's finishes their season with a record of 20-6. the loss was a disappointment for st. mary's. they were not only selected to the ncaa tournament but they will not make it to the semifinals in new york at mad san square gardens. stanford football players will show off their skills in front of nfl scouts. this is video from last year's showcase. they call it pro day. every college invites all 32 nfl teams to the campus to see their players work out, time their 40-yard dash, test their agility. cal's pro day was tuesday. san jose state is tomorrow. happening today, new designs will be released for a remodeled toll plaza at the golden gate bridge. the designs feature concepts for a new toll collection system. you will remember five years ago human toll takers at the bridge were eliminated. since then several vehicles have crashed into the narrow
7:56 am
lanes between the old toll booths. there will be antennas, lights and cameras. the old toll booths will be removed. the design will be presented tomorrow to the board of the bridge district. it is 7:56. a man who rides bart every day and uses his time to create art by drawing portraits of the other passengers is about to publish a book. he says sketching is a hobby but he has drawn so many, more than a thousand, the portraits are being published. last night we rhoda long on a bart train with hamilton klein, known as the bart-ist. he uses his smart phones and subjects often don't know he is drawing them and each one captures a moment in time. >> i can see a new subject every single day. i can ride the same bart, the same stop, the same time every single day for a year and not run into the same person twice. >> now, mr. klein teaches website and app development at the academy of art in san francisco. his book will be called rapid
7:57 am
transit. it will be available on amazon beginning monday. 7:57. it is a very rainy morning and it continues to be the case all across california. next, the latest on the situation in santa barbara county where people have been forced from their homes due to the risk of mudslides. we will tell you about another security measure in place at the high school in florida that was the scene of the mass shooting. the changes to students' backpacks. good morning. we do have a lot of slow traffic also in the south bay. you can see it is raining right now in downtown san jose. and the south bay commute is very, very slow. okay. our warm plume is moving through. it has let up some to the north. still some embedded moderate to heavy rain. we will get a break before the next part of the system comes on shore.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:00 am
>> the national weather service extended a flood advisory for the north bay through 9:00 this morning. we will talk about some of the rainy, windy, stormy conditions out on the roads. plus, we're learning more this morning about a dangerous shootout that unfolded at a crowded san francisco barbershop yesterday, leaving six people wounded, including a san francisco police officer. we will tell you about this gun battle between police officers and an armed man inside of the business. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> right now a big storm slamming the bay area. you're getting a live look at storm tracker 2. a rough day out at san francisco international as well. cancellations and delays due to the weather. nothing like landing a commercial airliner on a very
8:01 am
windy day. welcome back to mornings on 2. i'm mike mibach. >> nothing like driving through the san rafael bridge. >> two hands on the wheel, i'm telling you, getting knocked around into the other lane. >> my path was 580 into oakland. and steve paulson when i came in a couple hours ago, it was pouring rain. >> it was picking up when i came in. and that is as you know earlier. >> earlier than me. >> the brunt is now moving through. some areas have let up a little bit to the north. jake is up in rohnert park. a break in the rain. a balmy 56 looking out over the water logged pass newer in rohnert -- rohnert park. i'm not surprised by that. two and a quarter to three plus in the santa cruz mountains and marin county. up around the russian river seems to be the heaviest. the main band is pushing through. this is the warm sub tropical band going through. the cold front you can see is indicated right there. that has to swing in.
8:02 am
that has been enhappensing this sub tropical moisture. you're starting to get -- yesterday was just the overrunning. today is more dynamics. you get the southerly breeze, turning more southwest. gusts 25 to 30 miles per hour. it is a blustery day. it will cool down once the front moves in. enhancement taking place off of the marin coast. that has to push in. it will pick up soon. there is a definite line where it has been moving and where it is moving to the east. it looks like eastern solano county, some of that is lightening up. in the east bay, for the 680 corridor, back over to dublin, pleasanton, 580. what is new, the sunol grade looks like it is getting hammered there. it is pushing through the peninsula. maybe about another hour or so or two hours. it will be out of the picture and into the santa cruz mountains as well. three plus, three and a half inches of rain falling in a come locations. very mild. 50 to 60 degrees of course. but the colder air will start working its way in tonight. then we will get a break
8:03 am
tomorrow with scattered showers. today, the heaviest rain is in the morning. and more general rain in the afternoon. 60s on the temps. 8:03. you have -- i don't know where you want to start. >> yeah. we're going to start in the south bay but we will move up to the east bay and the north bay. we have a lot going on. first of all, as you mentioned, the rain is moving through. we're seeing evidence of it on our traffic pictures. 280 is slow. this is one of the only areas northbound on the right which is not completely stop and go. if i show you the maps, you will see slow traffic in most of 280, 85. there was a crash southbound 85 at stephens creek. very serious crash there. a brand-new accident northbound 85 right here at 237. and that involving an overturned vehicle on the ramp. 101 has been slow. and we also have slow traffic all over the east bay. 880 south from earlier problems. a lot of fender benders. 101 jam packed from san mateo all the way to san francisco.
8:04 am
going the other way on 280 southbound slows from daly city down to san mateo. 680 is slow of course and so is highway 24. as we have been telling you all morning long. and interstate 80. and even getting to the benecia bridge has been slower than usual. approaching downtown oakland, it doesn't look like it is raining now. one hour drive from vallejo. right here at the teleplays a a 30-minute delay. roadway is closed due to flooding in shellville this morning. it is completely shut down. 121 at highway 12. some cars were getting stuck in the water. so please, if you see standing water, don't drive into it. chp is closing the area so more cars don't do that. 8:04. let's go back to the commute around the bay area. moving through parts of the north bay are getting hit very, very hard. now allie rasmus has more on all of this. >> reporter: the national weather service extended a flood advisory for the north
8:05 am
bay through 9:00 this morning. so you can expect conditions like this to continue, especially during the morning commute. nonstop rain since we have been out here in the north basins 5:00 this morning. at times heavier than others. here is video of what it looked like at lucky drive. northbound 101 at lucky drive in larksberg. you can see drivers taking it slow, splashing through standing water on the roadway. it has been a tricky commute for drivers across the bay area. some of the drivers we talked to this morning already say that the road conditions were pretty challenging thanks to the wind and heavy rain. >> the rain was coming down this way. really coming down. >> it has been lovely weather in seattle recently. it is funny to come down here and see this. especially this time of year. you expect it more in november. >> reporter: the rainfall sometimes lightens up a little bit. you can see from the light here it is moving at a sideways angle because of the wind
8:06 am
gusts. there have been wind advisories on bay area bridges, including the golden gate bridge toll plaza. our ex expert meteorologist steve paulson says over the next 24 hours, the north bay could get one to two inches of rain. allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. >> and we're seeing a lot of rain across the bay area. it continues to fall in santa barbara and ventura counties. that has forced thousands of people from their homes for at least the third time in four months. emergency crews have posted orange evacuation signs on homes where the fires burned late last year and threatened by mudslides in january. officials and people who live in the burn zone know that the worst could still be ahead. you will remember in january, 21 people died in santa barbara county when big storms triggered massive mudslides in the fire zone. we're learning more about a shootout in san francisco that left six people wounded, including a police officer. >> it happened as police were responding to reports of a man
8:07 am
with a gun. he then ducked into a barbershop. alex savidge has more on what happened. alex. >> reporter: mike and gasia, good morning to you. we're learning now that several innocent bystanders were hit by gunfire yesterday as bullets were flying inside of the crowded amazon barbershop. you can see it is right there at the corner of geneva avenue and london streets. san francisco police were exchanging gunfire with an armed man who ran inside of this business. he just chose a place at random apparently. we just went in there a few minutes ago and this is what it looks like. bullet holes are everywhere, in the floor and walls. evidence of the shootout that unfolded about 4:30 yesterday afternoon. now, on cell phone video taken by a person driving by yesterday, you can see a police officer crawling along the sidewalk after being shot in the leg during this gun battle. the gunman was also shot. and at last check, he was in critical condition at the hospital. the owner of this shop who i spoke with a few minutes ago
8:08 am
tells me that two of his barbers were also shot and wounded. both of those men are expected to survive. and he also believes that one of the other shooting victims was a teenager, a young man who is a regular customer here. >> i hope that they be doing all right. i worry about my business. you know, so much publicity on the news. i hope i will be all right. but like investigators told me, it is not your barber, it is just random people -- random person from outside. >> reporter: and police say this all began with a 911 call about that man with a gun involved in some sort of dispute at a nearby home. as officers responded to that home, the man ran over to this nearby barbershop, again, exchanging gunfire with police outside of the shop and then again inside of the shop as well. when the shooting had ended, six people had been hit by the gunfire. and they were left injured.
8:09 am
that includes the san francisco police officer. and now as we're learning and speaking with the owner of the shop, some of the other victims in the case were innocent bystanders, two of the bashers and at least one customer at the shop. >> alex savidge live in san francisco with the update. thank you. all classes are canceled at the pleasant hill campus of diablo county college. this is the notice. all classes canceled because of a potentially serious threat that is being investigated. the college is closing the campus as a precaution. classes at the dbc location in san ramon will continue as scheduled. we will keep you updated about the story as we get new information. youtube has restriction on video that's involve weapons. it will now ban videos that promote or link to websites that sell guns and accessories. it will also ban videos with instructions on how to assemble firearms. this comes after criticism that the site was hosting videos about guns and bombs. the new policy will be in force
8:10 am
starting next month. more security changes coming to the florida high school where the deadly mass shooting happened. starting today, eight police officers will be patrolling the campus. next month, students will only be able to carry clear plastic backpacks and me tall detectors will be at the school. this comes after a number of recent security scares in the recent weeks, including students caught with knives and a security guard found to be sleeping on the job in his patrol car. a facebook apology. coming up next, what ceo mark zuckerberg is admitting after the data of 50 million users was share. it is tough driving in the santa cruz mountains. as it always is when it is raining. we will have a report from there and we will also be looking at some of the other
8:11 am
south bay freeways. you can see here this is not a ride for the wicked -- wicked? for the timid. it might be a ride for the wicked bun the timid. be careful out there. it looks like the rain has let up a little bit. it doesn't mean that more is on the way. satellite picture shows that. the main band is pushing east.
8:12 am
we need to be ready for my name's scott strenfel and r i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
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8:14 am
>> 8:14. if you're heading out the door, i hope you grab a jacket and rain boots and an umbrella. two pictures tell the story of the day. that is an awful lot of rain. storm tracker 2 shows yellow and orange. those are intense areas of rain. over on the right-hand side, that is the drive from 17 heading north from santa cruz up to los gatos. it is a two hands on the wheel drive on any day but here we are with lots of wind and rain. it is two hands and lots of attention. traffic looks to be flowing well. keep that in mind. >> that is the story here. a different story back east where more than 90,000 people are without power after a big storm hit the east coast for the fourth time in three weeks. >> lauren angle brings us the latest from queens, new york. >> not what we expected in march. it is cold. but it is beautiful. >> reporter: the snow is still falling in some areas but it is mostly tapered off. now storm war eresidents from the ohio valley to the east
8:15 am
coast are digging out from the fourth nor'easter this month. up to two feet of snow reported with new england, new york and pennsylvania among the hardest hit. >> let's hope this is the last one. >> we had to do snow removal on my driveway to fit our three vehicles. it has been tough. >> reporter: winter storm warnings and advisories are being extended up and down the east coast where the snow is lingering in some areas, leaving many schools closed for a second straight day. that is not sitting well with some parents who say it is time to get the kids back to class. >> i don't think calling them out of school is called for. these kids need school. missing more school than they are in school. >> reporter: airlines are doing their best to get back on track after canceling more than 4,000 flights on wednesday. but the cancellations are already spilling into today's schedule, with hundreds of flights preemptively grounded. >> at first the text message said our flight was canceled. we just checked in at the terminal over there and we could not get our flight until friday. >> reporter: new york airports were among the hardest hit by
8:16 am
the storm, with about 75% of all flights canceled. it is not clear if they will be able to make up those flights today. but there is a piece of good news. most airlines are waiving the rebooking fees for the stranded passengers. laura ingle, ktvu fox 2 news. let's show you pictures from san francisco international airport. there are 49 delays because of the storm on the east coast. but the majority of the cancellations and delays come from the rain we're seeing here in the bay area. they say the rain is certainly slowing down arrivals and departures. facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg said he would be happy to testify before congress about the compromised information of 50 million facebook users. he made the comments on cnn last night. he posted a statement on facebook saying facebook knew about the data breach by cambridge analytica, a trump presidential campaign
8:17 am
consultant when it happened back in 2015. he says that facebook asked the company to delete the user profiles but did not confirm whether that was done or ever conduct an audit. broke his silence saying mistakes were made and they need to be corrected. >> we have a basic responsibility to protect data. if we don't do that, we don't deserve the opportunity to serve people. >> zuckerberg says facebook is already changing its rules and there will be more protection for its users. members of congress say they will watch for any changes. if they don't see anything soon, they will demand answers. straight to our question of the day then. should social media companies be regulated by the government? 25 percent of you say yes. 75% say no. let us know what you think. vote on the ktvu twitter page or leave comments on twitter and the facebook page of ktvu. let's go to sal and see how we're doing on the commute. >> we do have a lot of slow traffic out there. ways going to say frank's crew
8:18 am
is driving down from the santa cruz mountains. i want to just show what chip von and frank mallicoat are in the car driving northbound heading out to highway -- on 17, heading towards 880, getting nolos gatos and the campbell area. that is northbound 17 on the right. where they're driving on the left is the other way. i've been watching for their vehicle. the windshield wipers haven't come off. they haven't for really any of the commutes all over the bay. steve was dead on when he said we will get a lot of slow traffic because of heavy rain on the thursday morning commute. and here we are with heavy rain on the thursday morning commute. 280 northbound on the right and southbound on the left. a little bit of slowing near bird avenue. a little farther up, it is jammed trying to get into cupertino. 85 is slow from 87. 101 is slow. we have a serious crash and minor crashes too. northbound 85 at 237.
8:19 am
overturned car and just a lot of slow traffic. east bay commute, i'm not for getting about you either. 880 is slow in both directions due to earlier crashes. 580 getting over the dublin grid. i want to focus on this right now. look how slow it is. both directions. and castro valley is a mess. and other adjectives that you can use if you want to in the privacy of your own car. concord to walnut creek and 24 is slow. 880 is slow as i mentioned getting into downtown oakland. taking more than an hour to drive on the east shore freeway from vallejo out to the macarthur maze. bay bridges you add 30 minutes to that. we're talking two-hour drive. wow. deep flooding in shellville is causing a big traffic jam on highway 101 and highway 12. i'll keep watching it for you. now let's bring in steve with the weather. >> all right. there's plenty going on, sal.
8:20 am
i'll try to get to as many as i can as well. take a look at our san rafael cam. when you say look -- let's take a look out the window, i think -- there it is. i mean, there's amounts now two that of to three inches in marin county. and santa cruz mountains and also up into lake county, around cob mountain. look to be the leaders here in the last 24 hours. it is really coming down. jenny is out in pleasanton. i've had a lot of wows this morning. more than the previous two day total of .57 and still coming down in beautiful pleasanton. rainfall, it is tough to add on to these. santa cruz mountains, boulder creek, three and a quarter. not far away i have seen more than that. west novato, 2.82. sonoma state, an inch and a half. there is an urban and small stream advisory in effect until 12:00. there is still good rainfall
8:21 am
coming in. it is enhancing as the cold front works its way in. or the colder air. the sub tropical band is moving through. the wind has been front and center. it has been picking up. gusts around 30 miles per hour around sfo, half moon bay, due south at 23. now it is picking up a little bit. nothing too intense. extending back from ukiah to cloverdale. there is a lot of moisture coming on shore. that is the main band. that is out towards eastern solano, contra costa county, right back into san ramon and danville. look at that swinging in towards 580, 680. pleasanton and livermore, heavy rain. of course on the sunol grade some of that moisture still lingering. but still rain santa cruz mountains. boulder creek, that is a situation where today i think they will end up with the most
8:22 am
rain. 50s and 60s on the temps here with the southerly breeze. 36 in truckee. mainly rain at lake level. heavy wet snow below that. winter storm warning goes until 5:00 a.m. look at the line forming out of grass valley and the moreload. that is intense rain. that snow level will go down tonight. once that works its way in, it will squeeze out more rain. turning more light rain or showery later today. tomorrow, though, colder system as rain develops and i think thunderstorms are a possibility tomorrow. this morning, there's a lot of fog reports as well along with rain off and on. this is the main system. there will be colder unstable air moving in friday. one more system on the weekend. nothing like this. then a break starting next week. >> thanks, steve. >> thank you. new information to bring you about the serial bomber in austin, texas. what police have discovered from conditt's recorded confession.
8:23 am
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>> british police say a suspicious package has been found near the headquarters of cambridge analytica, the
8:26 am
company at the center of the facebook controversy. they have closed nearby streets. so far no injuries have been reported. as we get more information about the story we will pass it along to you. police in austin texas say a 25-minute confession video was left behind on cell phone by the serial bomber that killed himself yesterday as authorities were closing in on him. mark conditt recorded that video just hours before he died when he set off an explosive device as s.w.a.t. team officers were moving in. the police chief says the video seems to indicate conditt knew he was about to be captured but it did not reveal why he carried out the bombings. conditt described building 7 explosive devices, including the five that exploded, one that did not and the seven that the he use today kill himself. two people were killed in the bombings the. at least six others were hurt. the heads of tech companies developing driverless cars are meeting with san francisco mayor ferrell to discuss safety. first responders will learn how
8:27 am
to handle the new technology. the mayor requested the meeting before the deadly accident involving an uber driverless car and a pedestrian in arizona. he says it is purely about san francisco the and the safety of city residents. condo lisa right will speak tonight. she served as secretary of state under george w. bush. san jose state students can get free tickets to the speech. for everyone else, it will cost $20. a new call to keep cold weather shelters open in the south bay. the pilot program that will keep a homeless shelter open year round. >> reporter: i'm frank mallicoat. a first for me. a commute from the santa cruz mountains into the silicon
8:28 am
valley. it is a slow roll. we will have an update on all of the roads and what the rain is doing coming up in a minute. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto jake... ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto whatever your dog brings home to you, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use,
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>> 8:30. a busy rainy thursday morning. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning, everyone. i'm mike mibach. weather definitely the big story on this thursday morning as we look towards the san francisco bay. and the bay itself probably a rough commute for a lot of the ferries going around the bay right now. >> a very wet ride. we were hoping to show you a live picture of 24 in walnut creek. take a look at this new video just into the news room from the streets of walnut creek. you see the rain is coming down hard. people have their umbrellas out once again. we do see some puddling in the streets locally in walnut creek. we will continue our live team
8:31 am
coverage for you on the weather. frank mallicoat is in the santa cruz mountains. >> sal is tracking the roadways. let's get over to steve with where the heaviest rain is. >> it is moving out but not before leaving behind impressive totals over the last 24 hours. lake county, almost four inches of rain. mount diablo, over two. that is about four and a half for mount diablo in the last two days. that gets the creeks going. santa rosa an inch of rain. dublin had an inch of rain. sfo, .6. san francisco, .48. san jose, a third of an inch. urban and small stream flood advisories out for napa county until 9:00. although it has let up a little bit. the main sub tropical band is pushing inland. there is a cold front coming in. as it does, it enhances the cloud cover and we will pick up a steady rain. from about the east bay right
8:32 am
back over towards the south bay, i'll show you that in a second, the breeze is 32 miles per hour at sfo. a blustery day. to the north, not to much. it is a little bit of rain moving back into rain county. some of the rain picking up over marin county. the heavier band is out to the east. also in towards livermore, altamont pass and back over to fremont. on the peninsula, things have let up a little bit. on the santa cruz mown taps, rain is still moving in. boulder creek is approaching four inches of rain. for an update on a super busy morning, here is sal. >> thank you, steve. it has been slow everywhere. there hasn't been one area that didn't get it because all of the areas are slow. we will start in the south bay because recently it has been raining there. taking a live look at 280 and 87 here. traffic will be slow on northbound and southbound 280. mostly southbound in this picture. look at this northbound 280 at
8:33 am
a stand still near highway 17. barely moving. i'll show you on the map why. we had an earlier accident up near 280, 85. southbound 85 at stephens creek. overturned vehicle. 85 is a mess. so is 101. this is not the typical commute. you say it is always slow. this is more than always slow. this is adding an extra half hour to 45 minutes slow. in just a moment we will go to frank mallicoat who has been driving in the santa cruz mountains. i want to mention the east bay commutes are all jam packed. northbound 13 at park, a tree has been in the lanes for a while. 580 is jammed almost from castro valley. 580 is also very slow from castro valley over the hill to dublin. we've had slow traffic on highway 4, 680, the benecia bridge, on 80 getting out to the benecia bridge or from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. bay bridge toll plaza will be goinged up. and this morning of course we have the flooding in
8:34 am
shellville. you heard steve talking about it for the flood advisory. it is happening here in sonoma county. chp has closed a lot of the roads here because of floodings. the wet roads are believed to have led to several crashes on the highway. frank mallicoat has been driving around in these conditions. frank, i imagine it hasn't been a pleasant drive. >> well, heading up this morning was not so bad. about an hour and a half ago, we headed south into santa cruz through the santa cruz mountains. the commuter side a different story, as you might know. i love santa cruz. my aunt owned a home there. we use today go there all of the time. i'm not sure i want to do that commute every day. it can be difficult. we're on highway 880 about five miles out of the santa cruz mountains, working our way towards the santa cruz airport. it is a sea of taillights right
8:35 am
now as people are crawling into work. as i said, this is not an easy commute on a good day, let alone with all of the rain. but not too many accidents to report. no spin-outs. nothing, at least from what we could see in the last hour coming out of the santa cruz mountains. not the case at summit road. let's take a look at video that we shot about half an hour ago. this is three quarters of a mile off of highway 17. a pine derootedded. it got saturated and came down and is now resting on power lines there. i spoke with a pg&e person there. likely an entire day fix to get that cleaned up. they have to get public works in there to get the lines tightened up. if you live on summit road, about a quarter mile from the tree on either side it will be closed for much of the day. earlier this morning, a little
8:36 am
after 4:00, a crash westbound 24 at wilder road. speed probably a factor here. a toyota pickup losing control. probably hit some water and flipped numerous times. took out a guardrail. the driver did suffer major injuries. you can see the aftermath of the car. it was pretty beat up. westbound exit was shut down for quite a while into wilder on 24 as chp investigated. i don't know the extent of the injuries of the man. judging from the car, i imagine it was severe. back here live on 880. we're going to work our way 880 and then take 680 through fremont and up through sunol and pleasanton and work our way back towards vu-- ktvu. right now slow going but no headaches in terms of crashes right now. >> frank, i have a quick question for you. this morning, there have been a lot of spinouts and hydroplaning. you were on the road from early on.
8:37 am
did your -- did chip your driver or you experience that hydroplaning or see cars involved in single car crashes in did you see a lot of that. >> i'll be honest with you, sal, it was a pretty easy commute down here. we left the station at 5:00 and took 880 southbound and got into san jose in less than an hour in less than an hour on a rainy commuter day. we didn't see many crashes or spinouts but a lot of ponding. a good inch or so. so you really have to slow it down. we hit a few of those. especially when you get off on some of the exits where the water collects. just slow it down. >> all right. that's frank mallicoat live right now in san jose on interstate 880. thank you, frank. by the way, you're just about to break out of that slow traffic. be patient there, buddy. thank you, frank. >> reporter: thank you. . 8:37. lots of rain here. just to the south it is the same story. thousands in ventura and santa
8:38 am
barbara counties have been forced from their homes because their homes are at risk of mudslides. many canyon communities are now under amanda terry -- mandatory evacuations. if mud starts to fill up the water ways, there coulding serious problem -- there could be serious problems. the home first shelter in sunnyvale usually fills the 140 available beds overnight. usually they have to shut down by april 15th. but the santa clara board of supervisors voted to extend the shelter to year-round status. if it is successful, the change could be permanent. shelter workers say it could provide certainty that gives families a stepping stone towards a permanent home. >> we're seeing there is an increase in homelessness in
8:39 am
general. it is also affecting families with young children. >> these people would be out on april 15th, the last day of the cold weather shelter program and they would be out on the street. >> the county has been able to set aside a fund for a money day and that is the money that is being used to keep the shelter open. up next, a price jump for cheerios and yoplait yogurt. why the increase and how shareholders are reacting. our well advertised system has arrived. some of the heaviest bands have pushed off towards the east.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
>> welcome back to mornings on 2. on this busy thursday morning. left side of your screen, live storm tracker 2. you can see the heavier pockets of rain moving out of the north bay. the damage done there as we gave you a live picture in that other box. this is in rohnert park, specifically the rohnert park expressway and stoney road. this on the west side of 101. it is closed because of flooding. there is a creek nearby that often floods when we experience heavy rain in a short amount of time. the rohnert park expressway is closed. stocks are dropping on more concern below zero a trade war.
8:43 am
>> let's get over to pam cook in this morning's dollars and sense. >> on the president's official schedule for today, he says he will sign the, quote, presidential memorandum targeting china's economic aggression. that is scheduled for 9:30 our time this morning. but before that opening bell rang, the stocks -- the stock market headed lower. they are waiting to hear what the president has to say. and in the last hour, the dow dropped another 100 points from the last time actually 200 points now from when i was here last. live look at the dow. now down 2%. 481 points. the nasdaq also down 2%. hanging on to the 7200 level. 7204. and the s&p 500, where frankly a lot of 401(k) plans sit. that is down one and three quarters of a percent. we will continue to watch the numbers this morning.
8:44 am
manufacturing company kidda has recalled almost half a million dual sensor smoke detectors. a yellow cap that was left on during manufacturing can compromise the act to detect smoke. they were sold at home depot, wal-mart and online at amazon. if you have one, contact kidda to request a free replacement. the price of cheerios and yoplait yogurt could be going up. prices for some meals and snacks went up 9% after the costs surged to a 20-year high last month. general mills shares have dropped this week on the news. it is trading at about 45 and a half dollars a share which is testing its five-year lows. and university and as toys "r" us begins its liquidation sales a well known toy maker has launched a campaign to save
8:45 am
it. the man behind bratz dolls started a campaign online and has pledged $200 million with other investors. he owns a california based toy company. according to "usa today" and other reports, he is hoping to raise another $800 million to make a $1 billion bid for all or most of the toys "r" us stores. executives at toys "r" us have not commented about the potential bid. they expect to close all of the stores by the end of june. in the meantime, huge sales as they begin the going out of business sales and the liquidation. it is an interesting new development. i mean, his quote was, if we don't have toys "r" us, we don't have a toy business. >> oh. >> even though a lot of toys are in wal-mart and target and online, that's where the competition has come from. >> we heard that amazon may be interested in picking up the empty buildings and using them. >> they're very big spaces. >> yeah. >> if those stores close, it affects the malls they're in
8:46 am
and affects the other stores. having a big empty space is not good. >> and 30,000 employees. >> thank you, pam. let's help you get to where you need to go. sal has been guiding us through the wind and rain since 4:00 a.m. this morning. >> that's right. flooding has affected a lot of north bay roads. one of our crews is on the rohnert park expressway between there and stoney point. completely unpassable. this road is usually relatively crowded as people head west on 101 or east over to 101. right now you can see you cannot get through. there's five creek near there. washo creek, they come in there and overflowed their banks. they have spilled over on to the roads. the rohnert park expressway is a no-go. there is flooding in another
8:47 am
part of sonoma county at shellville at highway 101 and 112. it is taking one hour to drive from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. and then -- and then you add half an hour to wait at the bay bridge toll plaza. and then you add 20 minutes to drive across the bridge. we're talking about almost two hours to drive let's say from vallejo to san francisco. better bring some good music because it will be quite the drive. northbound 880 slowing from san leandro. we also have slow traffic on 24 that has not recovered after early problems this morning. we have a lot of slow traffic on the bridges. san mateo and dumbarton. the peninsula traffic is slow on 101 and 280. really too many items for me to mention. the south bay commute, we just saw frank mallicoat driving around in that. it is wet and slow and driving into cupertino and sunnyvale is going to take you more than an hour if you're at the east end of the valley.
8:48 am
be careful out there. 8:47. let's bring in steve. >> sal, we have a flash flood warning from rohnert park to sebastopol. i'm surprised there is not one at 121 and 12. >> there is one. >> oh, there is one. >> yeah. that's where -- >> the new one is rohnert park. >> yes, sir. >> yes, sir. just making sure. things are changing fast as sal touched on. that goes until 9:15. so about another half hour or so. then the urban and small stream flood advisory in the green. napa county as well. my good friend bob, copious amounts of rain since 4:00 a.m. in danville. gauge has measured over an inch of rain. and jim in san rafael yacht harbor, rain and fog for our morning walk. thank you. some of the rain has been really good. boulder creek, almost four inches of rain. cobb mountain good rain.
8:49 am
west novato, 2.82. windsor, an inch and a third. clearlake with over an inch of rain. mount diablo over two. i tried to get as many as i could in here. santa rosa over an inch. dublin over an inch. napa probably an inch by now. sfo, two thirds. san jose, a third of an inch. you don't have time to update them. going so fast. gusts 20-25 for some. that will turn more westerly later as the cold air moves in. the sub tropical band is moving off. there is still some to the south. to the north, a lot quieter but a little bit of rain to the north. marin county is picking up a little bit. some of that moisture moving on shore. and, again, some of the heavier rain towards eastern contra costa county pushing out to the valley. from livermore, dublin, pleasanton and the sunol grade. now pushing off towards the valley as well. quieter on the peninsula.
8:50 am
half an inch to an inch of rain. no wonder they're getting good rain. it has been lit up in the last few. 50s and 60s on the temps. it looks like another mild day. but temperatures in the mountains are not whatting up where it is mainly rain, not snow. some of the ski resorts reporting gusts of 85 miles per hour. they have shut some of that down. a lot of that is a wet sierra event. and then the -- and then the cold air will work its way in. same with us. this will enhance the rain. even though it let's up, it will be a cloudy, gray day with off and on rain. cold air moves in tomorrow, mike. and we will get scattered showers. one more system over the weekend. next week is looking dry. >> thank you, steve. how the program could help children from low income families pay for college.
8:51 am
8:52 am
>> right now, big storm slamming most of the bay area. getting a live look at storm tracker 2. on the left side of
8:53 am
your screen, the yellow being the heavier rain in our area. the right side there is a look out at san francisco international. about 100 delays. 50 cancellations. the majority of the delays and cancellations is because of weather we're experiencing right here in the bay area. congressional leaders announced a tentative agreement on a 1.3 trillion dollar spending plan. a vote could happen as early as today. it would prevent a government shutdown and keep government agencies operating through september. it includes $4.7 billion to deal with the opioid epidemic. $2million for school safety measures and strengthening background checks for gun purchases. extra money for the military. and $1.6 billion for the border wall with mexico. the two top democrats and two republicans in both houses are the ones who negotiated the deal. lawmakers say they do not like the process. >> 1.3 trillion dollars in spending and you have four people deciding. it is not a good way to do business. i hope we can do it better in
8:54 am
the future because this is designed -- it is not very transparent. >> the spending bill does not address the daca program which protects undocumented immigrant who's were brought to the country. the president tweeted the following this morning. well, it may be up to voters if children in oakland get a boost for their education. mayor schaaf and community leaders are pushing an education initiative on the november ballot. it would help fund the oakland promise program. that program supports low- income children by establishing a college savings account at birth as well as continued financial support through college. >> being in education, i'm going to support any funding
8:55 am
that comes need indication. i think that, you know, currently we are still underfunded and it is a challenge to provide all of our students with what they need. >> more than 10,000 children in oakland could benefit if the initiative passes in november. young parents are breaking with convention when it comes to naming their children. we will tell you about those names that embrace gender fluidity. step one: get to ross. step two: walk out with top brands at big savings... the ross spring shoe event.
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♪ for the latest styles where you'll spend less. ♪ spring dress. ♪ ♪ you gotta go to ross. if you want to save big on dresses for every occasion, you gotta go to ross. >> the time is 8:57. hazmat crews in menlo park say a mixture of cleaning products likely caused three people to get sick at a housing facility for veteran who's were once homeless. they were called just before noon after three members of a cleaning crew were overcome by fumes in a vacated union. the tenant had recently been evicted. first responders were not sure what was causing the strong odor. a vote is expected whether or not to name a terminal at
8:58 am
san francisco international airport in honor of harvey milk. the idea was first introduced in 2013 when a former supervisor proposed naming the entire airport after harvey milk. since then a naming committee has been created and it recommended renaming just terminal 1. the vote would require the airport to have a plan in place by december 1st. the sweet 16 begins today in the ncaa tournament. a disappointing time for st. mary's. they have missed a chance of going to mad san square garden in new york. they lost in overtime in the quarter finals. the second defeat at home. it was a close game throughout. st. mary's struggled at the end and utah pulled away in overtime. they finish the season 20-6. today is audition day for some of stanford's top football players this past season. they will show off in front of nfl scouts. this is video from last year's
8:59 am
pro day. every college invites every 32 nfl teams on campus to watch the players work out and test their agility. cal day was tuesday. san jose state is tomorrow. it looks like more and more new parents are choosing gender neutral names foretheir new babies. parents are more willing to embrace the chance of gender fluidity in their children. there is a top ten list put out every year. popular names for both boys and girls include finley, skyler and royal. name watchers say general neutral names have not overtaken the top spots on the lists. a new study suggest that's when an expectant mother eats green vegetables during pregnancy it has the same effect on the baby. the study found when pregnant women ate a significant amount
9:00 am
of greens in the first trimester, sure children saw a 52% decrease in asthma symptoms by the age of two. we're downed by composer kevin cho -- joined by composer kevin chou. a wild and wet thursday morning out there across the bay area. spinouts and crashes. wind and rain as we give you a live look at the stormy weather in the south bay. easing up a little bit in thing in bay. what is not easing is up the wind. i know on my drive across the bridge today to work, it was two hands on the wheel. th


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