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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 24, 2018 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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♪ get high speed internet from at&t. $30 per month. no extra monthly fees. more for your thing. that's our thing. visit we want to be safe at school, we want to be safe in our communities and we want to be protected in america. >> margin for their lives, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in solidarity, demanding safer schools. the so-called march for our lives rally in response to the fatal shooting in parkland, florida.
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800 demonstrations in cities across the us and the globe, makes schools safer. [ cheering ]. this is one of the largest protests in washington, dc since the vietnam era. survivors of the massacre at marjory stoneman douglas high school was among the speakers at the wall. >> reporter: good evening, protesters shared personal stories, they also used star power, and organizers are calling it a day of reckoning for lawmakers. either listen to the voice or be prepared to be voted out of office. hundreds of thousands of students, parents and educators were joined by celebrities in the march for life event across the country. singer demi lovato i lo was one of the headliners, in the nation's capital.
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the stage was set early in washington, dc where the event hoped to draw 500,000 protesters. large crowds were on hand in new york, estimates on the number at least 175,000 strong. oakland, florida an considered ground zero for the gun-control youth movement, 20,000 people marched. it's been 5 1/2 weeks since 17 students lost their lives in the massacre. the city has gained attention because of its affluence, one of the largest voices from florida was on stage in washington, dc. >> when . >> w politicians say that your voice doesn't matter, we say no say no more. >> reporter: those who gathered have their sites clearly set on the midterm elections. vowing to remove those
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politicians against gun reform, out of office. >> now we need to get on the phone and call our representatives and push them to stop, and take action. we need to educate ourselves on which politicians are truly working for the people and which ones we want to vote out. >> reporter: ter: and a signature moment, yolanda king, the nine-year-old granddaughter of martin luther king jr. was led to the stage by a survivor. >> i have a dream that enough is enough. and that this should be a gun free zone, period. >> reporter: in a city where his -- her grandfather made his speech. a reminder of how divided the issue of gun control and reform has been -- become. >> the use their comedy shows and award shows to to repeat their narrative over
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and over again. >> what matters is who the enemy is. they are the no good people. >> reporter: yolanda king only nine years old. many students are voting age and you can be certain they will be out in large numbers and midterm elections. to make schools safer and prohibit the sales of high- capacity magazines. >> people in the bay area also got involved with that march, sky fox was overhead. you can see at the rally, in walnut creek. hundreds of people convened at civic park near the library, before filling the streets for that march. the mayor spoke to a crowd of about 1000 supporters who marched up first street, he said the last marched in that city, d in t was during world war ii. similar rallies held in napa as well.
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the largest was in san francisco area, this afternoon. organizers say 40 to 50,000 people took part in this event in downtown san francisco. >> reporter: in front of san francisco's city hall, one by one students broke to a crowd of thousands. calling their generation, to action. >> we are uniting together because we togeth e are the leaders of this movement. just because we are young e are young doesn't mean we don't understand what is happening.>> we need to vote out the politicians who are bought and funded by the nra. i will be voting in 2020. >> reporter: many of the thousands of young people at the rally aren't old enough to vote. but were moved by recent mass shootings including the massacre at marjory stoneman douglas high school , to speak out. >> i am here because i am sick and
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tired of seeing innocent children and people getting killed by the guns. >> it's going to affected the generation, so it needs to on, to be right. we don't want to mess up. we want to fix the problem.>> you can still let your amazing voice be heard. >> reporter: ep identical twins are far from voting age. they are just 12 years old. >> we think it's important to speak out because other people in our community can vote. what we say influences their lives too. you shouldn't be scared that someone is th going to kill you at school. shouldn't be scared that someone is going to come in and you have to a hide in your classroom. ro >> reporter: after the rally, the younger people took ook their anti-gun message to the streets. marching up market street towards the embarcadero calling on lawmakers to ask. senator dianne feinstein
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whose assault weapon ban e t we expired in 2004 has been waiting for decades. at the rally after talking g to the young activists, she said she's hopeful things can finally change. an >> we were >> w successful once, i believe we can be successful again. i think, what's new about this, is young america. young america is stepping up, and they are stepping out and they are saying never again. >> reporter: those protests again gun -- against gun violence made their way overseas. hundreds of people gathered in paris, amsterdam , brussels calling for changes in gun laws in in the united states. some of the protesters were american, and they want to show washington that people in other countries are not pleased with the gun violence in america. not everyone supported the day of action. the nra blasted the marches in a statement released today.
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which reads, gun hating billionaires and hollywood elite are manipulating and exploiting children as part of their plan to destroy the second amendment. ame . and strip us of our right to defend ourselves and our loved ones. are coverage for the march of our lives continues on our co website at at ktv your weather authority, there was a little break today in the weather and the bay area. the rain is back you can see the slick roads heading towards the toll area over the bay bridge. let's take a for a look at the forecast. >> the next system moving in tonight and tomorrow morning, reports of a pretty good downpour this evening. parts of the north as well, saw some rain up around santa rosa, these rainfall amounts adding up in the past seven days.
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can filled over five inches of rainfall. santa rosa over 2.5, concord, san francisco, oakland all over one inch of rain. fremont 3.72, we will add to the total over the next few hours. here's what's happening on the satellite and radar. the main action up to the north, some snowfall in the sierras. it's cold enough we could see a dusting of snow up above e 2500 feet, above 3000 feet also. right now, there is a band of rain moving out towards the peninsula, towards half moon bay. the east bay covered, there's a little bit of snow that could be showing up out toward mount diablo as di well. we will hold onto the possibility of a few showers in n your sunday forecast, then some big warming changes in your five day, more of that coming up. we want to go
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down some developing wn ng news where police are responded to a suspect that is barricaded inside of a house there. authorities say the first responded to a report of a person with a gun on monticello on monticello avenue near fairfax avenue just before 5 pm this evening. you can see the heavy police activity in this video. officers have set up a perimeter and say they are still trying to make contact with the suspect. police are asking people to avoid the area, av ea, we will keep you updated here at ktvu and that $1.3 trillion spending bill that resident trump signed, gives a lot of money to the military. li border security didn't get as much and we are learning of the other contentious nten items that did make it into the spending bill, jillian turner has more. >> reporter: president trump signed a $1.3 trillion spending bill that runs 2200 32 pages in length and keeps the federal government open government open through september. he is not pleased about it. >> i told congress i would never sign another bill like this again.>> reporter: r: of the thousands of pages, the
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president made it clear he only backed a handful of the provisions including $80 billion in increased military spending. $1.6 billion boost for border security, and $5 billion to fight the opioid epidemic. id with a price tag of $700 billion, this is the largest payout from a single bill the united states military has ever seen. . it includes fighter jets and submarines to a pay raise for every service member. when it comes to homeland and border security however, the president was sold short. he initially asked the congress for $35 billion for the border wall but this bill includes only $1.6 billion ion for border security in total. other points of contention for the president and many gop lawmakers, is expanded funding for planned parenthood, mckesson, the national institute of health, and the national endowment for the arts. in spite of all of this, the vice president insists that overall the bill is a success for this
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administration. >> earlier today, the spending bill the president signed into law, we saw the promises of f this administration. make something your lawmakers have already made their disagreement on the point public since the bill was signed into law little more than 24 hours ago. in washington, jillian turner. he is being held a hero, how police officers being remembered tonight after convincing a terrorist in france to swap his life for one of his hostages. details ahead. look at the trend that is spreading through more than one hundred 80 countries around the globe.
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we go now to the tragic story in france. the death of a courageous police officer in yesterday's terror attack. this 44-year-old lieutenant died after offering himself up to annette islamic extremist gunmen in exchange for a female hostage. female hostage. >> reporter: lots of morning today in france for the people killed in france. lots of people paying tribute to the policeman who offered to take the place of the woman, who was serving as a human shield for the terrorist. lieutenant colonel arnaud beltrame, ran into the supermarket unarmed, but kept his cell phone on so that there could be an open line for the policeman outside of the building. and they could keep th keep tabs on what was happening. when they heard shots being fired inside the building, they stormed in. the police man was shot and stabbed, and sustained wounds that he would later succumb to. however, that is effectively where it ended.
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now the president of france has held ld the policeman as a hero. n ro. his mother, who yesterday spoke with reporters before her son succumbed to the injuries said when she heard the policeman had run into the building, and offered to swap places with one of the hostages, she knew that it was her son. >> i am not surprised, this is how he was, helping others and doing his work in the most noble way possible. >> the policeman's mother has to live with the pain of outliving her son, another 15 people were injured in the attack. a woman who was replaced by the policeman is said to be in serious shock and very distraught. monuments around the world went dark for an hour tonight to highlight climate change as part of earth hour. people were encouraged to turn off their lights for an hour, times square, the eiffel tower, gone dark.
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among the monuments, here in the bay area, city hall and the golden gate bridge turned out their lights li tonight. the events started more than 10 years ago to show the importance of addressing climate change and has now spread spread to more than 180 countries. cou >> time to get a look at your forecast. we had a mixed bag today. we had some rain out there. e. >> a few light showers, some heavier downpours across portions of the bay area this evening. we are tracking that one system moving in from the north, and spread to the south tonight. the rainbow has th has been increasing across parts of the area. here is the imagery over the past few hours. the snow fall out towards the sierra they have a winter weather advisory in place until 5 am tomorrow. here is the coverage right now. we could have a dusting of snow up above 2500 or 3000 feet, you can see some of the coverage out towards san mateo.
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as we come in closer, , some  rainfall activity. some moderate cells out here, black hawk out towards the brentwood area as well. the rain a little bit of a burst moving into the area for tonight. it has been a cool start to the weekend. right now we are some -- we are now showing some 50s in the area. you get the idea, we have a little bit of some moisture on the roadways. keep that in mind for tonight and tomorrow. some rainfall making it come back and will make it slick in the bay area roads. first thing tomorrow morning, , 30s and 40s, to start out the day. lots of cloud cover's, especially up until 6 am. by 4:00,
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temperatures in the 50s. we are trending dry in your sunday forecast. he is a very low pressure we've been been watching. it's anchored up to the north for the past few days. tomorrow, it's close enough we have to keep the possibility of a few showers in the forecast, behind that, strong high- pressure pr returns. monday, tuesday and wednesday lots of 70s by midweek. by thursday, the warmest locations, flirting with 80 degrees. here's the forecast model. sunday morning 4 am, some rain showers out there. lots of cloud cover at 7 am. a tiny chance of left over sprinkle late in the afternoon on sunday into sunday night. mainly in the 50s, the warmest locations closest to 60 degrees. s. after tomorrow, we get a nice break . we deserve it, look at the five day forecast. things will warm back up to the 70s. it will spur
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-- feel like spring coming up. mac we will have that and more in sports coming up. my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck.
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time for sports, all eyes on stephen curry and the warriors. >> we've been saying for a while now that obtaining the number one seed in the west is not a realistic goal for the warriors. the priority has to get everyone everyone healthy for the playoffs. stephen curry made his return to the lineup in atlanta. he will be lost to the warriors
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for three weeks. a freak injury last night. mickey ran into curry's last -- left knee. e. it was revealed he suffered a grade 2 mcl sprain of the knee. he will be out at least three weeks wee and then reevaluated. no more regular season for him.>> things happen, there is no karma or juju. we are well aware this is just sports. keep it in perspective, it could be a lot worse. it's not a major injury. the timing is not ideal but he's going to be able to come back. we've got to hold down the fort and understand it's all part of the journey. >> there is no question about the identity of this year's cinderella team. loyola chicago's 1963 in, the members did not shrink in the spotlight. gh he made a four-point play, finished with 23.
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kansas state, coach taking his frustration out on the clipboard. have 13 loyola chicago headed to the final four after winning 78-62. the ramblers unofficial mascot, 90 or-year-old sister who got a piece of the net. don't tell the ramblers they are not supposed to be here.>> all summer long we are like why not us? the opportunity and how much they invested in it, this is not something where it just started. these people have been investing in a long time.>> there to play the winner of michigan florida state. michigan up 4, the wolverines add to the lead. wagner for the follow, he made the foul shot for three-point play. late second half, he couldn't overcome simpson, he was all
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met with the three michigan is on on its way. the wolverines in the final forza. it hasn't been a good weekend for northern california high school basketball teams sheldon of sacramento has just last the division title this year. scottie pippen on hand with his son playing for the sierra canon chain in the third quarter, when words charisma hit at three from beyond the nba arc she was six of eight at 26 in all, pinewood goes down 58-47. the other bay area team playing today with san francisco's division five, sierra pacifica, alayna roberts, went for 20 points. they close the game on a 16-0, winning the state title, 52-26.
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it's been proven in hockey it's about getting hot at the right time of the year. . that's what the 's the sharks are doing with just seven games left in the regular season. se still sidelined by injuries, the sharks and calgary scoreless midway through the first. sharks lead 2-1. the puck ricochets off the post, goes all the way down the ice, runs it down, evander kane, , kane had two goals in the game giving him six into games. the flames exception to that was travis try to intimidate kane, didn't happen. their seventh straight win. golf, babbling out for the championship in texas. one of them is bubba watson. putting for birdie on the ninth hole, he one of pair of matches today. watson will play justin thomas
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first. thomas one matches today , winning the whole thing thomas will be the new number one in the world. d. we started with an injury to a key player. unfortunately that's how it will end. the giants father season negatively clouded yesterday. that shot off the bat, hit madison bumgarner on his throwing hand. the result was a fracture of his knuckle . pins have been inserted. he is lost for at least two months. that was to be his last tuneup before opening day on thursday. so the giants are without their ace. stay tuned next, we will air a half hour special on the oakland a's. klan coming up. >> thank you so much, have a great night.
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