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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 25, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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young the athletes -- young athletes who traveled from all over the country to play basketball at oracle arena are left turned away. ktvu fox 2 news at 6 starts now. high school students from up and down the street had their basketball dreams dashed today. the teams were supposed to play on the golden state warriors home court and instead left without even getting to lace up their shoes.>> reporter: the billboard outside oracle arena still flashed the message, welcoming california all-stars to the tournament several --
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set for monday morning. >> i was excited. it is my senior year. this is my last year. >> reporter: at the entrance, a different sign saying the event had been canceled. renie rothberg said the teens did not learn they would not be playing until the buses were stopped by security at the gate.>> now i just feel like everything i did was a letdown. all this hard work i put in to be ready, all of the weightlifting, what is it for.>> reporter: 30 boys and 30 girls from northern and southern california were supposed to take the court for the annual all-stars game, a fundraiser for the hill toppers, and co-organization aimed at teens getting to college through sports. >> we as parents feel completely helpless. >> we showed up and nobody knew
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about the event.>> reporter: this video was shot about a brief meeting organizers held to tell parents the games were called off. parents are left with questions about how this could have happened. >> it is on the building at oracle. i want them to be held accountable and explain to us what happened. secondly, where was the disconnect? >> reporter: coach lewis shaw held -- heads up hill toppers. he says they only learned there was a problem friday when they heard from the warriors organization. hill toppers say they are not trying to bash the warriors but they say someone dropped the ball. michael anthony, a board member for world or games tournament said he shares the family's frustrations and is looking for answers.>> it is really frustrating for us. it is frustrating for the kids. we really don't know. that is something that we need
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to get involved with on monday. >> reporter: the warriors weighed in, saying groups are sometimes granted the opportunity for a shootaround at oracle arena a few hours before the game. what the organization says seems to have happened here is the hill toppers used that opportunity to sell tickets for their fundraiser. this sort the public event would require rentals. it would require payments of applicable fees. the warriors and hill toppers both say they want to work something out for the team.>> event organizers are telling us they want to get to the bottom of what happened as soon as possible. they are already planning the event in june and don't want today's cancellation to undermined anyone's confidence. in oakland, christian mccaffrey, ktvu fox 2 news. more than 150 members of the walnut creek church sang songs and held up signs and solidarity all against a planned protest by the kansas- based westboro baptist church.
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congregants of the mount diablo universalist unitarian church received word that members of the westboro baptist church's plan to to picket in front of their church this morning. the southern poverty law center has listed westborough as a hate group. four members of the westboro baptist church ended up showing up around 8 am.>> we are responding with nonengagement in terms of not countering hate with hate. we are going to counter hate with love. our response will affirm that we are out here to witness for a faith that includes all. all people have worth and dignity. >> it was not clear why the westboro baptist church trojan this particular church. the protesters plan to continue
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the demonstration in the bay area tuesday morning in front of an elementary school in alamo. a 92-year-old man is recovering after falling into a well in fremont. fremont fire was called out yesterday morning to a farm near driscoll and mission streets where the elderly man fell into the 26 foot deep well when the florist pays -- floor of his pumphouse gave way. the man spent 20 minutes treading for water waiting for rescue teams to arrive. they threw him a life jacket. the 92-year-old man suffered minor injuries but otherwise was okay. the facebook ceo ran an apology letter over the data controversy affecting tens of millions of users. mark zuckerberg said the social media platform does not deserve to hold personal information if it can't protect it. facebook's privacy practices have come under fire after cambridge analytica, a political consulting firm affiliated with the trump campaign received user data inappropriately. government allegedly created psychological profiles to
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influence how people vote or think about politics and society. a legal team who was to assist president donald trump in the russian investigation cannot join his defense because of conflicts of interest. the president's attorney says that they were said to represent the president in the probe into russian meddling in the 2016 election. president donald trump added the husband and wife team after john dowd, the top member of his team resigned last week. the turmoil comes as president donald trump's attorney negotiated critical interviews between the president and investigators with special counsel robert mueller's team. it is not clear who will represent the president in the talks. the white house is bracing for tonight's 60 minutes interview with adult film star stormy daniels. daniels is said to tell all about her alleged affair with president donald trump a decade before he took office. no word on whether the president will watch the interview. he spent the weekend at his palm beach estate but is scheduled to return to
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washington before the interview airs. the first lady is staying behind in florida. daniels sign a nondisclosure agreement barring her from speaking about the alleged affair in exchange for $130,000 that was paid for by the president's lawyer during the 2016 campaign. she is now suing to be released from that agreement. lawmakers are reacting to the more than 800 march for our lives protests around the world yesterday. the biggest by far was in washington, d.c. led by students who survived the massacre at a marjory stoneman douglas high school in florida. jillian turner tells us there message of common sense gun reforms appears to be having an impact.>> reporter: many of those hundreds of thousands of people were american students directly impacted by gun violence in their own schools. some of them only in elementary school. there message could not have been clearer. they are demanding stricter gun control measures from washington policymakers. >> i want to see an assault weapons ban. these are things that not only
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i want to see but everybody.>> reporter: one day later, the consensus in our nations capital is that the students efforts should be applauded. senior lawmakers are weighing in with messages of encouragement. >> the activism in these young people is actually changing the equation. this gives us a moment to finally do with the american public wants us to.>> reporter: even trump administration officials are taking care to commend their activism and engagement with the political process.>> i think that there is a sense of understanding that these students can go out and speak their minds and that is important. at the same time, it is understanding that the president and his administration are supportive of the second amendment.>> reporter: despite the sympathetic rhetoric, it is unclear whether washington will undertake any major reform. just friday, president donald trump signed a $1.3 trillion spending bill. the last opportunity for congress to enact major gun legislation before the midterms in november and yet,
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legislators declined to include any significant reforms. while the bill includes some additional school safety measures and modestly strengthens background checks, it does not impose new limits on assault weapons or increase the legal age for purchasing rifles and semi automatic weapons from 18 to 21, something the president expressed support for just earlier this month. in washington, jillian turner, fox news. organizers estimate about 800,000 protesters attended a gun- control rally in washington, d.c.. if they are right, the march for our lives event would be the largest single day protest at the nation's capital in history according to usa today. so far, there have been no official police estimates on crowd sizes. during a speaking engagement in tokyo, former president obama said he was encouraged by the march for our lives demonstrations around the country.>> this was all because of the courage and effort of a handful of 15-year-olds.
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they took the responsibility that so often adults have failed to take in trying to find a solution to this problem.>> the former president and michelle obama have sent several messages of support to young people taking part in the march for our lives movement. gas prices are on the rise. the average price of regular gasoline has shot up $0.07 over the past two weeks to $2.66. the increase is most likely because of rising crude oil prices and they expect prices will continue to go up. the bay area has the highest average gas prices in the country. san francisco, one gallon will cost $3.59. that is almost 1 dollar more than the average u.s. price. in oakland, the average is $3.47 per gallon. the pope celebrates palm sunday mass at the vatican. his message geared toward young people. authorities release the
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cause of death for the iowa family of four found dead at a mexican resort. we are still tracking a few scattered showers out there for the rest of the sunday but things change dramatically over the week.
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thousands of people packed st. peter's square to hear pope francis celebrate palm sunday mass. the pontiff urged young people not to be silent and to let their voices be heard even in the face of corrupt or silent elders. that message comes on the heels of a catholic youth conference at the vatican and more than 800 gun-control marches around the world yesterday. palm sunday is the beginning of holy week on the christian calendar ending with easter
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sunday. in russia, at least 37 people are dead and many more injured after a fire broke out at a shopping mall. it happened 2200 miles east of moscow in the siberia region. authorities say there are dozens of people still missing, many of them children. it is believed this fire started in one of the children's play areas. it has been six months since puerto rico was devastated by hurricane maria and the governor of the island is frustrated by the rate of recovery. the governor says disaster funds are taking too long to arrive and he is blaming congress. the governor is not alone. last week, nearly 2 dozen puerto rican activists were arrested in the rotunda of the u.s. capitol when they demanded that congress provide more financial aid to puerto rico.>> i want to see shovels in the ground. i want to see houses being built to code. i want to see a power system that is under construction that could withstand a storm.>>
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puerto rico claims it needs $94 billion in aid but congress has appropriated only about one fourth of that and less than $2 billion has been send. the governor has appointed a new head of the bankrupt government owned power company widely blamed for puerto rico's failing electric infrastructure.>> the trump administration is pushing congress to pass legislation allowing the president to veto parts of a bill that he does not like. this comes after the president last week signed a massive spending bill reluctantly.>> reporter: president donald trump's reaction to last week's spending bill to keep the government open through september, the $1.3 trillion plan, ignoring many of the president's top priorities. his treasury secretary steve mnuchin defended the bosses decision to sign the bill. >> the democrats, in order to get us military spending, demanded a massive increase in
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nonmilitary spending. the president made the decision this time that it was worth it.>> reporter: it is time for congress to give it president donald trump the power to veto parts of a spending bill he does not like. such a move would require a constitutional amendment.>> i think they should give the president a line item veto. these things have been ruled unconstitutional by the supreme court. >> democratic leaders say this budget was a big win for their top ironies.>> -- top priorities. >> we feel good about being able to succeed in so many ways. we don't have the house, we don't have the senate, we don't have the presidency but we produced a good bill.>> the president firing off several tweets on sunday, confident that despite his latest budget below, he will get more money for his border wall and welcoming the increase in military funding.
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an ohio congressman has become the longest-serving female member of the u.s. house of representatives. democrat marcy copter has been a member of congress now for 35 years. she had been a domestic policy advisor for president jimmy carter and was pursuing a doctorate degree at the massachusetts institute of technology when friends encouraged her to run for congress in 1982. one of her first campaign fundraisers was a bake sale in which she raised $8000. she now sits on the powerful house appropriations committee. new information about what caused the death of a family from iowa at a resort in mexico. autopsy results now reveal the sharp family died after inhaling some kind of toxic gas. the couple and their two children flew to cancun last thursday and then drove to their condo. relatives started raising concerns after the family missed their return flight home. mexican authorities say there are no signs of violence or suicide. students at oakland tech spent the day cleaning up
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the library and weeding out old books. the group say with no librarian on staff, the room serves more as a study hall. they say students can't even check out books. they took matters into their own hands. the students spent today dusting shelves and getting rid of books that are either out of shape or outdated.>> ideally, the library would be where you can come for help, to study, or check out a book. there should be a librarian to assist you with research. >> the students are hoping that the school hires a librarian next year and brings in computers for research. it looks like we will turn the rain faucets off for the next few days. it is going to feel like spring. we have had a stormy week and we are still tracking some rain showers right now.
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take a look at the rainfall totals over the past seven days. santa rosa with 2 inches. redwood city, san francisco, concord and oakland all with over 1 inch of rain. here is the satellite and radar. we are still tracking some showers moving from north to south. it is still not completely dry across portions of the bay area. you can see some of the action and portions of the north day. we have this one a cell coming through southern sonoma county right now. we will move the maps out toward the east bay neighborhoods as well. union city and fremont still has some rain coming down. this will continue to be a factor. we have a chance of rain for this evening up until 7 pm today. we are heading into a drying trend. current numbers right now, santa rosa 57.
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san francisco, 52. we are checking out some of the current wind speeds. it was a bit blustery. right now winds are at 15 miles per hour . here is our live camera looking out toward the bay. you can see the clouds and rain showers falling. we will still keep things unsettled in the short term forecast for tonight. as far as overnight lows, tomorrow morning will be dry. 30s and 40s, partly cloudy skies. some paunchy -- patchy fog over the next few mornings. still, lots of sunshine tomorrow afternoon. temperatures are on track to reach the low 60s. this is the current weather pattern out there and now. tomorrow, partly sunny skies.
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lots of 70s over the next few days. tomorrow will be the transition day. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy skies. the main storm track is up to the north of the bay area. santa rosa, 66. san jose, 65. take a look at this forecast, temperatures get back up into the 70s thursday. the weekend should be dry with a partly sunny sky. april is usually a very stormy month so we will be watching. the final four is set with the last of the elite eight games being played today.
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10,000 people ran through the streets in downtown oakland this morning for the oakland running festival. it includes a marathon, a half marathon, a 5k, a relay, and a kids fun run. the starting line was at lake merritt. this was the ninth lear -- year of the event. for the first time since the running festival began, the marathon did not go through the oakland hills. instead, the course took runners through downtown, across the port of oakland, to the base of the bay bridge and then back.>> i just like the oakland marathon because of the vibe of it. it is not like a big huge production like the san francisco marathon. it is just a small group. it is a hometown feel. the course is amazing. it is a great race. >> the director of the running festival says keeping the marathon course out of the oakland hills also uses fewer police resources from the city because not as many residential streets need to be closed off. now we are talking about the really fun
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interleague rivalry, the a's and the giants. opening day is thursday for the giants and a's. they continue to tuneup with s- series that used to have a little marquee value. a sunny day at the coliseum. the giants jumped on daniel gosset for three runs in the third inning. two runs scored as buster posey goes to second with a double. it appears stephen dugger has made the team for the giants. watch him. he will make his case on this drive off the bat of matt joyce. the giants took a 4-1 to the a's. the giants win 5-1.
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>> the ncaa basketball tournament has its final four while michigan and loyola chicago were a surprise pairing. top-seeded kansas against number 2 duke in the midwest final. the jayhawks are down 3. into overhead -- overtime titus 72.'s malik newman hits the 3. he went 32 for kansas and later in ot, newman from the corner. it turned into a free-throw battle down the stretch. the jayhawks are headed to the final four for the 15th time in school history. villenova trying to get to the final fourth -- final four for the sixth time in school
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history. michael bridges misses. the wildcats role 71-59. it will be villenova against kansas on saturday. coming up, it is no secret dashcam enough on the 10 pm news, it is no secret that we are facing a housing crisis. >> how one city crisis -- city councilman is looking to solve that issue tonight, tonight on the news that 10.
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good evening. i'm your guest lecturer dr. sheldon cooper. i was expecting applause, but i suppose stunned silence is equally appropriate. i agreed to speak to you this evening because i was told that you're the best and the brightest of this university's doctoral candidates. hmm. of course, that's like saying you are the most important electron in a hydrogen atom. (chuckles) 'cause, you see, there's only one electron in a hydrogen atom. best and brightest, my sweet patootie. all right, let's begin. show of hands, who here is familiar with the concept of topological insulators? don't kid yourselves.


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