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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  March 26, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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coliseum site if they continue their efforts for a new ballpark. a man who threatened to open fire on a school campus. the precautionary measures being taken at schools in the area. the family of a 22-year-old man who was killed by sacramento police has announced legal auction. the lawsuit just filed hours ago. >> announcer: ktvu fox 2 news at noon starts now. >> good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm mike mibach. the oakland a's are taking steps. >> sending a letter to mayor libby schaaf and city council members telling them the team wants to own the coliseum site. ktvu's alex savidge live now to explain. alex? >> reporter: good afternoon. the a's want to make sure they have a sure thing in place, sort of a backup plan in case there other ballpark options fall through. that's why the team is making a play to try to buy the entire coliseum site out right. that includes the stadium where
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the a's play as well as oracle arena. the a's want to make sure no one else snatches up this valuable piece of property. a's resident dave campbell sent a letter to oakland mayor libby schaaf laying out the team's offer. the a's are willing to spend $135 million to pay off the city and county's current debt on the coliseum site. this was one of three possible locations for that new ballpark. the other option are looking less and let -- less likely. no-go after objections from fellow -- faculty and students. it turns out building the new ballpark could pose a number of challenges. there's the lack of infrastructure and no bart station nearby. the president believes that said would be tough. that's why a number of city and county leaders are cheering this coliseum offer for the a's expected -- >> we have a site that already
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has bart that's central to the bay area and is already publicly owned. so we have a site that is easy to build on. >> i think the price is going to be the big issue. we still owe 13 6 million on both the improvements to the coliseum, improvements to oracle arena. it's going to come down to price. but it's definitely great the a's want to stay in oakland. i think that's the primary site to keep them. >> reporter: and this morning, oakland mayor libby schaaf weighed in on this offer with this statement, saying, i'm excited to work with the a's in their commitment to stay in oakland and build a privately financed ballpark. we look forward to reviewing and considering the offer. a's president dave cavil says he wants to enter into an exclusive negotiation agreement to try to buy the current coliseum site and a lot of folks at the city and county level to believe that this would likely be the quickest
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and easiest way to get a new ballpark built. >> okay. dave joins us tomorrow as well. news mission now on a couple of escaped inmates. deputies now see the two inmates walked away from the glenwood correctional camp are back in custody. that is just west of 280. about two hours ago, the sheriff's office tweeted out that the two had been located and are back now at the camp. san mateo police released video of a man who walked into a sporting's good store and threatened to commit a school shooting. >> police say the threat was not specific, but they are asking the public's help to find him. >> reporter: san mateo police say the 35-year-old man in this video walked up to the counter of the big five sporting good store and asked to purchase a firearm so he could, quote, shoot up a school. >> made an odd statement
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following the statement that he wanted to shoot a school. he was also looking to wear a good shirt. the man was turned away and asked to leave. >> reporter: in the video, you see him wave to the clerk as he walks out the door. police arrived after the man left a, but his threat is under investigation. police say the man did not name any specific schools in his threat, but they would like to talk to him and even -- they've been trying to locate him since the incident on friday. >> we are not only reaching out to our law enforcement partners, but we are reaching out to other resources. >> reporter: today, as a precaution, san mateo police had an increased presence an extra patrols and more than 30 san mateo schools, public and private. >> in light of the recent events, this is definitely top of mind. >> the way that things are happening, you know, you just can't call it an overreaction. >> reporter: the district notified parents of extra
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security in an email last night, saying even though there was no imminent or impending threat, we have decided to put our school in a state of heightened awareness and will ensure that all dates and doors will be locked throughout the day. the threat and the district police respond responded some parents to have a serious discussion with their kids about school shootings. >> you don't want to tell her too much. but enough i guess, to sort of alarm her enough to be aware. >> reporter: san mateo police say they have received some lead so far identifying the man in this surveillance video, but they would like anyone who may recognize him to give him a call. allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. san francisco police are investigating a stabbing yesterday afternoon that left one woman dead and a man in the hospital. happened just after 2 pm outside the chinese christian church. it may have been a domestic dispute, but police have not told us anything about the
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woman who died. the unidentified man is being treated with -- for self- inflicted stab wounds. they won't tell us how badly he's been hurt. back in court. adrian gonzalez lured the girl to his mother's apartment. then he raped her and stabbed her to death. gonzales was 15 at the time of the crime but is said to be charged as an adult. his attorney is trying to get that ruling changed. >> we think it's in the best interest of this minor by far to be treated within the juvenile system. we think we will have the most long-term success that the public will be the most assured by that kind of treatment. >> the judge continued the case until may 14. if convicted as an adult, gonzales could get life in prison without the possibility of parole. we are monitoring a multivehicle crash in the comic- con tunnel. that crash involves seven vehicles westbound 24 inside
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that third door. about a half hour ago, westbound traffic being diverted to 404. i'm looking at the traffic map on my phone right now. and it is backed up. west 24 pack up -- backed up. we will continue to monitor this situation for you. we are also following a developing story about facebook. facing new questions about its privacy fact -- practices. this after it's been reported that the social media has been collecting personal data. now facebook says it's been collecting information on phone calls and text messages from users with android devices. east bay congressman says facebook went -- may not be the only social media company that hasn't been honest about how it's platforms are being used.
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>> now is the time for every social media company to come clean and be completely forthcoming about how their platforms are used. >> the federal trade commission is now investigating facebook's privacy practices. we will take a look at starts here. facebook's stock went down. the dow jones has had a very good day. dow jones up almost 600 point. 82 and half percent. president trump expelling 60 russian of phil -- officials. this move is in reaction to the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter in england this month. both remain in critical condition. the expelled russians will have seven days to leave the united states. the european union also announces -- announced that 14 member nations have expelled a total of 30 russian officials. russia has announced it plans to counter the expulsions. we're learning more on an adult film actress office alleged affair with president
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trump. >> more on what stormy daniels said in a television interview. >> did you go to the police expect no because i was scared. >> reporter: stormy daniels, the former adult actress allegedly paid to cover up an affair with president donald trump, telling her story on 60 minutes. she said she was physically threatened. the interview was immediately followed by a cease and desist letter on behalf of michael cohen, president trump's lawyer. demanding daniels stop making, quote, false and defamatory stations about him. >> he paid the money. he says he was doing it for his friend and client, donald trump, not to infants auld the campaign. -- insult the campaign. >> reporter: this could spiral into a new level of controversy. the white house insists that the president did nothing wrong. >> the president has directly addressed lee -- these. the case has already been won
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in arbitration. >> reporter: folks in washington say they believe daniels pick >> she seems very relatable. that's something that's probably of great concern to the president. >> i believe her. i think she has better credibility than trump does. >> reporter: the president did tweet this this morning. so much fake news. never been more inaccurate. through it all, our country is doing great. in washington, caroline shively, ktvu fox 2 news. the following breaking news along the central california coast. a small plane crash in marina. north of monterey. according to the faa, the single engine plane crashed for unknown reason as the pilot was taking off. the pilot, the only person on board. there are reports of trash was fatal. we are working to confirm that. they are investigating the crash. we will continue to follow this
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story, bring you new information as soon as it's available. the families of 22-year-old sacramento man who was unarmed when he was shot and killed by police is taking legal action. the action taken by members of the nba. they weigh in on a case that's drawn in national attention. temperatures warming up. we are going to check in with meteorologist steve paulson for that work week forecast. nice picture of the golden gate bridge. orange county. monitoring a developing story. it appears that two wills are stuck between a sandbar and the short. just south of long beach right there. fish and wildlife headed to the scene trying to get these two whales back in open water. we are right back after the break.
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the family of the 22-year- old man who was shot and killed by sacramento police cong for changes and police reform. the family of stephon clark held a news conference along with the naacp and other organizations. clark was shot and killed last week in his grandmother's backyard by officers who say they thought he was pointing a gun. no weapon was found, only a cell phone. clark's family has hired prominent civil rights attorney regiment from. >> no family should have to endure this pain and suffering as they try to seek answers for an execution of their loved one
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who was only holding a cell phone. shot 20 times. >> clark's killing sparked protests. two officers have been placed on paid administrative leave. all this comes as the case of stephon clark's death begins to draw national attention. >> lastly, the sacramento king, the boston celtics came together to call for justice, accountability, and unity. >> reporter: the message following the sacramento kings game is going beyond basketball. >>'s everybody was one and respectful. >> it is a little bit of a responsibility on their part to help bring the community together. >> reporter: players across jersey lines standing in solidarity. tephonclark. the scoreboard transforming into activism. >> black, white, round, we are one.
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>> we are one. >> one. >> stephon clark. >> stephon clark. >> i think that holds a lot of substance. >> reporter: the nba teams speaking exactly one week after sacramento police shot and killed stephon clark. officers opening fire 20 times. killing the 22-year-old father who was holding only a cell phone. >> we are very fortunate to have a very positive relationship with the kings organization. and we want to remind everybody to stay calm. we know that everybody is angry and they are upset right now. >> the game is the first since demonstrated flooded downtown comments thursday arming on blocking family -- fans from entering golden1 center. >> i am happy that we came. >> reporter: a difficult conversation intensifying with each day. >> that's who we are. that's america right? >> as sacramento police
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complete their investigation. >> we need to stand united as one. everybody together. it's not us against them. >> reporter: activists prepare for more demonstrations. >> we can peacefully protest. we are going to wait and see what the outcome is and get all the facts before we jump to conclusions. >> reporter: and stephon clark's family members plan his funeral. >> and that was the key gonzales reporting. we are not alert -- learning that reverend al sharpton lands to attend clark's's funeral. he says he wants to draw more media attention to the killings and investigation. >> mark farrell no longer supports the ballot measure is sponsored by the police officers union. mayor for -- phil says now that they've approved the taser policy, the ballot measure is unnecessary. the police union is still urging people to vote for the measure because they see the taser use policy is to restricted. chief scott also does not support the ballot measure.
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let's check in with meteorologist steve paulson. getting word that the board is open. >> that's the eastbound direction. >> westbound direction. >> going westbound. 24. well, we have a quiet pattern now. we had three wonderful weeks of rain and snow. the national weather service california, nevada, river forecast center. a wet march. the reservoirs have driven more than 33 feet this month. speaking of good rain and snow, national weather service, snow is piled up. squall, kirkwood, and sierra tahoe this month, 16-19 feet of new snow. i think we will do what will compared to where we were at the beginning of the month. to get that much is really, really good. 65% now. if you melted all that
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snow, how much water would you have? 18 and half inches. northern sierra, that's trinity. 14 1/2. statewide, 56% normal. that's really good. the pattern has ended. warmer pattern. this week starts a little bit today. a lot of it tomorrow, especially as we head toward wednesday and thursday. there goes our system for the weekend. it did wonder for still some shower activity. but now that it's moved off, the breeze has picked off -- up out of the west. out to the valley. at delta, it's crank up even better there. temperatures, which were cold this morning, 30s and 40s. we actually had 29 in lee county this morning. now that northerly breeze beginning to warm up. we are running 2-9 degrees warmer than where we were last time. 9 degrees warmer. everything is now starting to turn very quiet. it will be cold again tonight.
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maybe not vertical. i know some of the wet machines were blowing up in the wineries. it'll still be cold. the coldest air is beginning to get modified a little bit. so breezy, sunny today. there might be a few clouds later. but it's a lot of sunshine. today is a little bit warmer. tuesday and wednesday, we will get to mid to upper 70s. 60s today. these are right around where we should be this time of year. temperatures well drop off pretty fast tonight. all signs point towards a good warm-up. it will feel springlike by wednesday and thursday. >> thanks. a major gun maker is declaring bankruptcy. the wall street journal reports remington outdoor company piled for bankruptcy -- filed for bankruptcy. lawsuits stemming from the standing -- sandy hook school shooting in 2012. a popular store chain set to close its doors.
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where you will still be able to find the aaron brothers brand. get ready for spring-at the ross spring shoe event. ross has the must-have styles and brands for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. step one: get to ross. step two: walk out with top brands at big savings... the ross spring shoe event.
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ross has the brands your whole family will love get ready for spring-at the ross spring shoe event. for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. step one: get to ross. step two: walk out with top brands at big savings... the ross spring shoe event. new at noon, speculated chin intensifying that -- speculation intensifying that kim jong-un may be in china. heading from the great hall of people to the direction of a guesthouse where foreign visitors traditionally stay. reports indicate a trade may have carried -- train may have
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carried an official into the city. if the north korean leader is in china, it would mark his first official foreign trip since assuming power in 2011. officials are continuing to defend the president. >> over the weekend, it was also announced that the president will not hire two lawyers. kevin got the latest from the shakeup at the white house. >> reporter: the white house continues to absorb the punches over the president's decision to sign that bill last week. he also added he never would do it again. >> i'm calling on congress to give me a line item veto for all government spending bills. >> that comment about a possible line item veto certainly garnered a great deal of attention over the weekend. at the president's treasury secretary steven mnuchin, told
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fox news the president wasn't making a specific argument about something that already been deemed unconstitutional. more broadly, he was i about the fact that congress needs to do a better job and sent him better spending bills. >> my comment is it's clear what happened. that -- the democrats, in order to give us military spending, demanded a massive increase in nonmilitary spending. what has continues to be a big -- a bit cryptic about what conflict led to the departure of the weekend of don't you -- joe digenova. both highly regarded attorneys. while the white house wouldn't say why their complex kept them off the team, james did issued this statement. it reads in part that the present is the pointed that complex prevent joe and victoria from joining the president's special counsel legal team. however, those complex do not
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prevent them from assisting the president and other legal matters. the president looks forward to working with them. at the white house, i'm kevin corke , fox news. aaron brothers is closing its framing stores for good. all aaron brothers including 13 here in the bay area will shut down by july. aaron brothers is owned by texas-based michaels. it plans to use the aaron brothers brand as a store within a store. >> attorneys for that widow of the pulse nightclub shooting are calling for a missed trial. -- mistrial. a chinese space station that has been orbiting out of control. now expected to crashed on earth later this week. when and where it could happen coming up. n:3:3:3
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berkeley city councilman, kriss worthington, says he has a plan to help fix the affordable housing problem for students. the plan would require the city to change its zoning rules on height limits. councilmen worthington says increasing the limit would help house more students. >> i love students have to commute from a further distance or they are crammed three or four into a room or some of them are homeless and living in their cars. >> councilmen worthington also
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wants to turn unused office space into student housing. to help with the housing crunch at san francisco state university, staff are facing eviction from the university's employee housing. the school says the evictions are to make room for students and current faculty. student loan borrowers are getting under the chance to qualify for the public service loan forgiveness program. was using 350 million dollars to fund the program. those who work with the government or nonprofits. hours recently found out their employer and repayment plans may not qualify. some of the pavements they've been making -- payments they've been making wouldn't count. funds will be first come first serve. >> seems like the rain is i think of -- a thing of the past. we are moving a different action. >> we've already shifted gears.
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we're going into a warmer pattern. baseball tonight in san francisco. it may feel like delight temperature-wise, but it will be clear. so that's the good news. i would take a jacket. clear, breezy. 7:15. temperatures around the bay, san francisco officially 58. although out by the sunset, 55. one upper 50. oakland has three temps that are saying 60. 57 richmond. as mike said, the rain is done. snow is done. a warmer pattern is taking in this week. next hint of rain will be april 4 or fifth. we are still behind on seasonable rainfall. santa rosa 65%. over 20 inches for the season. san francisco just shy of 13 and a half. only 52%. there are many who have a lot more than that, not
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that far away. severe clear. lasted three weeks. lots of clear skies here. the breezes picked up, though. it will be nice today. but that is going to drop off really fast. 60s on the temps. upper 50s. everyone is pretty cold. san jose is only 57. 60 in santa rosa. 57 and half moon bay. 58 in las vegas.. he is now 30. 54. that's it for ukiah. and with skies clearing tonight, the airmass has not been modified yet. temperature will drop really fast. but it will recover starting tomorrow. breezy, sunny today. and then even more sunshine tomorrow. one more day, they'll be tomorrow, after that everything warms up. even the lows will start to come up wednesday, thursday. it could be near 80 degrees by thursday.
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pretty close to seasonal averages. this will be the coolest day of the week as temperatures are way there -- on their way up. the weekend looks okay but cooler. the big change. going out like a little lamb. >> thank you. attorney for the pulse nightclub gunmen are now while -- calling for a mistrial. they say they are just being told that the shooter's father was an fbi informant. they say the information should have been disclosed earlier by prosecutors. the waiter -- the widow of omar mateen is accused of helping her husband plot the attack. she has denied knowing anything of his plans. arrested after she moved to her mother's house. investigators are working on the clock to find a motive for the man who slammed a minivan into the front gate of travis air force base. he died after the van burst
12:34 pm
into flames. officials have ruled out the collision being an act of terror or religiously motivated. they also say they've found no writings that could indicate why he rammed the main gate there at the base. investigators are talking with relatives and friends. so far, though, no one has been able to come up with a reason for the collision. corner of wells avenue and elm st., friday, and officers -- friday, officers found a man dead from a gunshot wound. they do not to think the shooting was a random act. anyone with information is asked to call police. police released these photos of a man suspected of robbing these banks. between march 10 and march 19. if you have information, call the richmond police department. mayor mark fellow -- feral
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-- mayor mark fellow -- mark sayre -- mark farrell. street can this and homelessness is the neighborhood. >> we cannot solve the problem until we find places for people to be off the street. and what is really hard for me is that we are starting to see a loss of compassion. one of the reasons the people have come to the castro's is the castro's has a history of compassion. >> the supervisor says he would like to see more navigation centers for adults. the ceo of the self driving car company waymo is speaking out, saying his company's technology would have safely identified a woman crossing the street who was hit and killed by a self driving uber in arizona.
12:36 pm
this comes less than a week before california can you can issuing permits for driverless cars. california attorney general javier says his office will continue to defend the rights of transgender people after president trump announced he is moving forward with a policy to ban them from serving in the military. the attorney general says california will take every measure available to prevent donald trump's discriminatory action that harms or marginalizes transgender servicemembers or any other transgender americans who wish to courageously defend our nation. present trump issued an order friday night saying transgender people will not be allowed to serve in the u.s. military with two exceptions. president donald trump first announced the policy last year but several court rulings prevented the pentagon from implementing the ban. witnesses say fire lines were silent as a fire tore through a russian shopping mall packed with the children and their parents. >> at least six people are dead and the search continues for many more who are missing. kelly right has the story.
12:37 pm
>> reporter: a massive and deadly fire broke out at the shopping and entertainment center. a coproducing city in siberia. more than 2000 miles from moscow. the complex was busy one sunday afternoon when the fires started. officials believe the fire began on the top floor where the entertainment center is located. >> translator: at 4:10, we see -- received information on smoke from the fourth floor. >> reporter: the fire caused the roof to collapse in two of the santa's helpers movie theaters. more than 200 emergency personnel responded as part of a large-scale effort to rescue those inside and extinguish the blaze. about 120 people were evacuated from the burning building. some victims who were trapped inside were seen jumping from windows to escape the flames. more than two dozen people died and more are still missing.
12:38 pm
russian officials say they believe a majority of the victims are told in. >> translator: currently 20 psychologists are working with 17 relatives. those who have called us and say they cannot contact their children or some adults who, according to their information, were in this shopping mall. >> reporter: a state new -- news agency reports that the fire -- an investigation is underway. in washington, right, fox news. south korea is cracking down on government employees who work too much. the plan to shut off government computers during the weekend. government employees work more than 50 hours a week on average. some aren't thrilled at the force -- forrest reese -- relaxation. chinese space station is set to crash after spending a year and a half orbiting out of control. the space agency says it will reenter earth's atmosphere
12:39 pm
between friday and sunday. they are not quite sure exactly where this is going to land. the list of potential cities including new york, chicago, beijing, toronto, rome and barcelona. chinese scientists say they lost control of the space station. in september 2016 while the object is expected to burn up, pieces weighing up to 220 pounds could still make impact. dozens of high school basketball players from around the state are left wondering why. >> i want them to be held accountable and explain what happened. >> the players and their families are demanding to know why the game was canceled. a familiar face. we will tell you what former skipper justin aker will be doing as he rejoins the san francisco giants. investors appear to be much more optimistic than they were at the end of last week. gaining 2 3/4 of a percent with
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just about 20 minutes to go. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto
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12:43 pm
say the quintuplets' homecoming was made possible for the -- by the doctors. >> all the nurses and doctors, you guys are all the reason why we have five healthy babies in our cart right now. and that's preston there crying. and it's beautiful. it's annoying, for sure. but it's a cry of life and health. >> they also have two little girls already here on the left- hand side of this picture. they sailed will be getting a lot of help with all that feeding and changing. will be changing about 80 diapers a day. and i'm sure they are happy to do it. 60 high school basketball players from around the state are still trying to figure out why any -- event scheduled to be held yesterday was canceled. >> the warriors told the young
12:44 pm
players last week the event had been canceled after the families try to sell tickets to the event. >> the billboard outside oracle arena still flashed the message welcoming california high school all-stars to their tournament set for sunday morning. back i was excited because this is senior year. it's my last time to play for oracle. so it was year than last year's. >> reporter: at the entrance, a different sign, saying the event had been canceled. the teams didn't learn they wouldn't be playing until the buses were stopped by security at the gate. >> now i just feel like everything i did is like, eight letdown. because all this hard work i put into be ready, all the weightlifting, everything, it's like, now, what is it for? >> reporter: 30 boys and 30 girls were supposed to take the court for the annual all-stars game. a fundraiser for the hilltoppers an organization aimed at helping teens get to college through sports. one of dozens of families out
12:45 pm
hundreds of dollars apiece in tickets for the event, travel, and hotel expenses. >> we as parents, felt completely helpless. >> we showed up and nobody. nobody knew about the event. >> reporter: bird shot this video of a brief meeting to tell parents that the games were called off. she says parents are left with questions about how this could have happened. >> it's on the building, oracle all-star game. i want them to be held accountable and it's plain to us what happened. secondly, the hilltoppers academy. where was the disconnect? >> reporter: coach tells ktvu that after months of planning, they only learned that there was a problem friday when they heard from the warriors organization. hilltoppers say they aren't trying to bash the warriors but say someone dropped the ball. the warriors said, troops are sometimes granted the opportunity for a shoot around a few hours before the game.
12:46 pm
the organization says teams -- what happened here is the hilltoppers used that opportunity to sell tickets for the fundraiser. this sort of public event would require rental from the arena manager and payment to aeg of applicable fees. the warriors and hilltoppers both say they want to work something out with the team. christian casta, ktvu fox 2 news. the warriors are in their biggest slump of the season. the defending champ struggles without staff -- steph curry and clay. they just kept coming after the warriors. really putting the game at a reach. they are five games behind the rockets. they do maintain a nine-game lead over portland. coach steve kerr has already ruled out steph curry for the rest of the regular season and that first round in the
12:47 pm
playoffs. he sprained his knee and friday's game after a collision. hoping to prove his coach wrong by being medically cleared for the playoffs in three weeks. there are just nine games left in the regular season for golden state. a familiar face may be back. the former manager who was fired is expected to rejoin the giants. they contacted baker in february. he will report to executive vice president brian fabius. baker will be officially introduced today. baker managed the giants for 10 season. -- seasons. the giants took game one of the three-game set yesterday. jumping on oakland for three runs in the 3rd. what a spring he's had.
12:48 pm
it doesn't look like stephen dugger made the big league team. what could have been a home run. the a's matt joyce, nice draft. many of the giants fans were actually at two pay a little extra to see that when. they say they're going to do it again during the regular season series. a's fans paid $30 to park at the coliseum. unless they were willing to yell, go a's. bart seemed to solve the issue for them. in the end, they paid the normal price. physical tickets will soon no longer be used.
12:49 pm
next season, in 2019, the nfl plans to switch to a league wide digital system. fans will have to use a mobile app to display their electronic barcode to get into the game. they will have one wearable credential. for the first time in 25 years, snow has postponed a nascar race. snow created bad driving conditions there at martinsville speedway in virginia. the last race to be postponed because of snow was back in 1993. katie decided to end her collegiate career early. final two seasons of college eligibility. she says it will help her focus on the 2020 games in tokyo. the 21-year-old says she intends to continue to take classes. she set for two different records while at stanford.
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the music festival what you need to know about the festival.
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christians around the world held palm sunday processions. hundreds gathered to commemorate the jewish reentry
12:53 pm
into jerusalem. gathering at st. peter's visalia. young activists called for gun reform. the poached earned -- hope -- the pup warned -- warning it being added to 13 reasons why. the series might not be right for you. the reasons why was filmed here in the bay area and is centered on a teenager's suicide. it premiered nearly a year ago and the second season is scheduled to premiere later this year. other changes include the addition of a warning video that will plate at the start of each season and a list of resources to help parents and teen viewers. a new set of emojis may be coming. apple is proposing two new emojis that represent people with disabilities. a meeting to discuss the emojis is set for the beginning of april. if approved, the new
12:54 pm
images will likely be released early next year. on the wake of a nerd -- nerve agent attack, president trump expelled russian diplomats. we are going to break down the potential diplomatic ramifications. >> we will speak with an expert on user data collected by facebook. how that social media giant was able to collect records. that's today on the 4 on 2. a great start to the week. u.s. stocks claiming sharply. given the dow average gain of more than 650 points. we are now at 685 points. big losses that we saw last week. nasdaq is also up more than 3%. the s&p 500 is up nearly 3%. chrissy teigen is the latest celebrity to jump snapchat. commercial at about rihanna and chris brown that appeared to laud domestic violence. she said, i stopped using snap. muscat the rihanna hole, no
12:55 pm
bueno. snapchat is -- has issued an apology. the stock tumbled after rihanna criticized the ad on twitter. spotify says people used it's free service without paying for it. spotify says hackers used modified apps to get around the firewall for premium 60 addiction -- subscription service. those users represent a little more than 1% of all spotify users. title music streaming is coming to amazon fire and android. that means users can enjoy the music on android auto. it will allow android users to use tidal 's folders.
12:56 pm
the lineup for the 2018 cinema harvest music festival has just been announced. the everett brothers will headline. follow on the 23rd. it takes place at the winery. tickets go on sale this wednesday. fans of the royal family have a chance to see them up close, at least in the laps. madam to so it's in london opened a replica of the balcony today. it includes a display of wax figures of the royals. including the queen and prince williams. wondering if meghan markle's image will be feature. do not worried -- were you. it will be ready in time for the wedding. >> thank you so much for joining us today at noon. news continues right now on, facebook and twitter. the rain is gone. enjoy these next few days. it's going to be nice and warm.
12:57 pm
>> we will be out there. for the oakland a's opener. if you're going to the baseball game, warm now. bring that jacket. let's hope for a good ballgame. have a great rest of the afternoon. 4 on 2 is our next newscast. n:3:3:3
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>> are we overhyping peanut allergies. we have answers. undeveloped countries the food allergies are dramatically less than the united states. is the difference? rooms.lthy conference these are knock outs with assausalt.a >> coming up next. dr. oz: are you ready? yeah. dr. oz: b


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