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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  March 26, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> now is the time for every social media company to come clean. and get out. the you -- united states and several european nations expel several hundreds of european diplomats. a look at how moscow is responding. the four on 2 starts now. in another twist on the a's quest for new ballpark. the team is now giving its current home a second look. the a's are interested in buying the coliseum . we will get to that story shortly. an suv was pulled out of lake merritt in oakland. no one was found inside but they believe that it was linked to the deaths of two people who
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were found in the water more than a week ago. >> a reporters following that initial homicide. henry >> reporter: this suv is now the latest piece of a puzzle that oakland police are trying to put together. they say this suv is part of an investigation into two deaths, one of which is it a homicide. the 1994 chevy suburban was pulled out of the water. the chevy was found in about eight feet of water and 70 feet from the shore. the oakland police went into the water and no bodies were found today. calls came into 911 about a man and a woman apparently fighting in the water. officers pulled 39-year-old man out of the hospital. heat he
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died at the hospital. investigators say the woman signed -- showed signed of pistol injuries and her death is being investigated as a homicide. the man at us -- the man's death is being investigated as an accident. we spoke to the police about the suv was first spotted today. >> a short time ago, we had a vehicle pulled from the lake. the lake was discovered by a drone. we are looking to see if it is connected to the march 15 murder/drowning that occurred about 4:15 in the morning. >> reporter: a memorial sits near the spot where the bodies were found. relatives of the woman tell me she leaves behind two young daughters they wanted me to know that she was a good mother. later today from the sheriff's office -- they went back today
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with a drone and they found the silhouette of the suv. retrieve suv from the water. anyone who knows any information is called -- is asked to called lapd. now we go to san mateo and a very disturbing threat. police say a man told a store employee that he wanted a gun to carry out his -- a school shooting. here is a surveillance video that investigators hope will identify the man. >> in the video you see him having a discussion with one of the employees. >> reporter: san mateo police say the 35-year-old man walked up to to the counter and asked to purchase a firearm so that he could, quote, should up the school. >> he made an odd statement following the statement that he wanted to shoot the school. that he was also looking for a good shirt. the man was turned away by
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employees and asked to leave. >> reporter: the man did not purchase anything and in the video you see him wave to the police. >> reporter: police say the man did not name any specific schools in his threat but that they would like to talk to him and they have been trying to locate him. >> we are not only reaching out to our law enforcement partners but we are also reaching out to other resources like our outreach team. truck today, as a percussion, san mateo police had an increased presence in extra patrols that more than 30 san mateo schools, both public and private. >> this is definitely on the public's mind. the way that things are happening -- you can't called an overreaction. >> reporter: the san mateo police notify the parents about the extra security.
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they said although there is no imminent or impending threat to her school, in an abundance of caution, we have decided to put our schools in a state of heightened awareness and we will ensure that all the gates and doors will be locked throughout the day. the response prompted some parents to have a serious discussion with her kids about a school shooting. >> she is so young that she does not quite understand. you don't want to tell her too much but enough to sort of alarm her enough to be aware. >> reporter: san mateo police say they have received some leads identifying the man in the surveillance video that they would like anyone who may recognize him to give them a call. the santa cruz man accused of killing an eight-year-old girl three years ago appeared in court. prosecutors say he low -- he lured the girl to his mother's apartment and then he raped and stabbed her to death. gonzalez was 15 years at the time of the crime but he is being charged as an adult.
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the attorney is trying to get that ruling change. >> we think it is in the best interest of this minor to be treated in the juvenile justice system. we will -- we believe we will have the most long-term success and the public will be insured -- assured by it. >> reporter: the judge continued the case until may 14. he could get life in prison without the possibility of parole. regarding the oakland a's and the teams current interest of a new home -- >> this is the latest in a long and seemingly never ending pursuit of a ballpark. >> this offer doesn't necessarily mean that the team wants to stay at the current location, they just want to buy it. >> reporter: that is for sure. we will explain why. if the a's go ahead and buy the entire property , that will relieve the county of alameda and the city of oakland of a huge debt, but the question remains, how much is all this
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property really worth and are the a's really willing to pay for? >> the oakland a's, following the lead of the san francisco giants are going into the real estate business by offering to buy the oakland coliseum site. >> you will not find a better place in california, we have b.a.r.t., and the artery. it is prime real estate. the of the land there, they can develop it. they can buy the seating county out a do it themselves. i am in favor of this. >> reporter: the oakland mayor issued this statement, i am excited to work with the a's in their commitment to stay in oakland and build a privately financed ballpark. but the offer is not a final price so we consulted with a broker who works in oakland. >> normally, we would do an
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analysis of the property but just as an oakland resident, i see that as a place where many different activities can occur. some might be residential, certainly commercial activities. >> reporter: if it were used only for logistic centers to support the nearby port of oakland, the likely per cost would be about 100 maybe -- $180 million at the city has long craved a massive redevelopment of the site that would include the stadium along with offices, shops and hotels. >> i think the value would be more is a mixed use community. >> reporter: the a's are looking for a discount to alleviate the debt. >> i think guys a lot smarter than me are going to put this deal together. >> reporter: coming at 5:00, we're going to hear directly from the president of the oakland a's , are they willing to pay what the market will bear.
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>> that is a big question. thank you. kick still to come, it is a mass expulsion, the united states kicks out five dozen spies and diplomats. federal officials call for an investigation into facebook. the news, it just gets worse for the company is several businesses have now pull ads from facebook. outside, the warming trend is underway across the bay area. we will talk about how much warmer we will see it for tomorrow coming up.
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the federal trade commission announced an investigation into facebook's privacy practices. this comes after the social media giant revealed as many as 150 million users could have their information unknowingly given to the company. the states attorney is calling on facebook to answer questions about what happened. >> reporter: facebook is still in hot water following the disclosure that data from some 50 million users made it way into the hands of a political consulting group. on monday, the federal trade administration launched a formal investigation into the rules. finds could be in the billions. >> facebook is facing obviously
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tremendous financial losses right now. i think over the longer-term they are going to have to face a whole host of regulatory questions and probably potential legislation. >> reporter: the announcement comes as a new report found that facebook kept records of some texts of those using a friend finding feature on their phone. mark zuckerberg apologized and full-page dads over the weekend. for many, his assurances are not enough. >> i think it is good for people to be aware that these apps are sourcing your information and using it in different ways. >> reporter: still many say they will not unfriend facebook yet but they will be more careful with their personal data in the future. >> it is not a surprise. if you were paying attention, this is something that is going on with all the social apps.
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>> reporter: calls for zuckerberg to testify before congress is growing. at least one house committee has sent a formal letter asking for testimony in the near future. in los angeles, fox news. we move from that controversy to the trove of information that faced book is collecting. let's talk about it more with the professor from san jose university. professor, this is an ongoing topic. this new revelation that facebook saved extensive call and text data of android users, is this new? >> well, i mean, to you and i, i think it is new. my guess is not knowing the technical specifics, but it has probably been collected for quite some time. of course, google is the inventor and purveyor of the android operating system, and so i am sure that there was collection going on. how much, we don't know. >> in fact, the company wanted
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to clarify and say that the data was really of those users who opt in to this feature when installing messenger or facebook life. the question is, if you do not opt in, will those services to work for you? >> i'm sorry, heavy sigh here. for many of the applications, no . you either opt in or you don't use them. for some, they will restrict the types of uses that you will do. so it really depends on the application, but for the most part, opt in means to use and opt out means that probably you are not going to use it at all. >> but for most people, when they click that little box that says i agree to the terms and conditions, do they really understand that what you are doing is allowing access to what you are basically doing, the phone calls are making, the
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text messages you are sending? >> no. if you have ever looked at these agreements, they go on and on and they are written in legalese. that is one of the issues that is going to come up in legislation, is to make these a use and access -- to make these excess agreements and plainer language, simpler to understand, with lots of nice will it points. right now, no, people look at it and go whatever, and they simply click i agree move on. >> peter, this is probably a really obvious question, but why don't they make it simple and say by agreeing to this you are allowing access to x, y, and z? >> i think there are a whole bunch of folks out there who would love to see this in very plain language, and they would probably opt out, but because we like to conference with our friends in our high school mates
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from long ago, we just agree, but i think if this were put in very plain language, right up front, you would have a lot of people scratching their head going, should i agree to this? and i think a lot of people would say no. >> we know that the fcc is now looking into this. congress really wants to have top executives from not only facebook but twitter and other social media platforms talk to them about what they should do with this personal information once they have it. what you expect during those congressional hearings and as the ftc looks into this. >> as we looked back six months ago from today, nearly every single one of the internet giants essentially said no to federal and state regulations, to any of the privacy concerns that we are dealing with today. we fast forward to today. we have lots and lots of folks saying maybe we need a little
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bit more regulation. both apple and ibm came out today and are championing this new set of federal red -- regulations. what comes of it, i am not sure, but we have many more people who are saying we need some help in this area. i think that they're going to get it. >> we heard that from congressman eric caldwell net east bay saying he wants all these company platforms to come clean. those are his words. inc. you so much. turn things over to rosemary now with a look at the forecast. sunny start to the day but it chilly start to the day. by the afternoon we did begin to feel the turnaround. temperatures right now 5 210 ski degrees warmer than we were.
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temperatures or stillness 60s at this hour. we are talking the upper 60s in santa rosa. 61 in san francisco. low 60s in livermore as well as san jose. it is a little breezy out there. we will continue with the wind as we get into the evening hours, maybe a little bit lazy tomorrow is the high pressure begins to strengthen over the bay area. eventually those winds will begin to die down. here's a look at the 24 hour change. take a look at napa, 24 degrees earlier than we were an hour ago. here's a look at storm tracker 2 . you can see the winds pushing across the bay area. this is behind the system that brought us that unsettled
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weather during the weekend, and now pushing off to the east and high pressure beginning to build in. so little bit of a pressure gradient there. so reporting 28 miles per hour gusts. a word reporting gusts of 25. half-moon bay sustained at 17. as we get into tomorrow morning, the winds will die down some. and then they will pick back up into the afternoon. temperatures will start in the 40s, a little bit warmer than today but still very cool out there. order to for santa rosa and 49 for san francisco. perhaps just a little bit of patchy fog but it should not be too big of a deal. here's a look at what you can expect for the afternoon, mid 60s to low 70s in the forecast, even 76 for santa rosa. we will go 70 for oakland and 74 redwood city. temperatures will continue to climb as we get to the mid-of the week, peaking at thursday. less than 24 hours after revealing interview on 60 minutes last night, adult film
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actress stormy daniels filed a lawsuit against resident trump's personal lawyer david cohen for defamation. daniels whose real name is stephanie clifford said that the lawyer defamed her by saying she lied about an alleged sexual encounter with president donald trump. this comes after a cease-and- desist letter was sent demanding that the actress withdraw defamatory claims. we sit down with our legal analyst to talk about a suit that was filed today. more of the eye balls you want watching the network... & less of the ones you don't. more experts preventing security issues... & less security threats impacting our customers. more of a highly secure network with more security products available for further protection... & less per month. switch to at&t internet for business. more & less - that's the power of &.
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the family of the 22-year- old berkeley suspect to was shot and killed by sacramento police days ago is calling for changes. the family of stephon clark called for changes today. clark was shot and killed last week by officers who say they thought he was pointing a gun. no weapon was found but he did have a cell phone. clark's has hired prominent civil rights attorney. >> most families should have to endure this pain and suffering as they try to seek answers for and execution of their loved one who was only holding a cell phone, shot 20 times. >>'s killing sparked protests.
4:25 pm
two officers have been placed on administrative leave. ? families -- family also wants the officers charged. michael, in this video, it is dark and it appears that the officers never actually identified themselves, but you can hear him sing show me your hands, gun and then opening fire. now the attorney representing the grandmother of clark said this, he said they didn't give him a chance to comply. does he get the benefit of some consideration? does ava point? >> he does have a point. let's take a step back. remember what they got called out therefore, it was car burglaries. we don't know whether stephon clark was doing that are not. we see from the helicopter video, if you watch that where he is running in the backyards and jumping fences. >> you can hear them saying it looks like he might have
4:26 pm
something with them. >> rights. and then you have -- the thing that jumped out me is you hear the helicopter pilot say to the officers in the street, he is running toward a car in the driveway, when in fact he was walking. i think that amps up the adrenaline of the police officers that are on the street, that miss -- that misperception of what is happening. what i see this problem to be, if you say there are two sides here -- both sides want perfection. they want the police to be perfect. on the other side, they want suspects to be perfect in how they act when they are stopped. it is not going to happen. neither side is going to get perfection other the other. >> we talk about what happened in the confrontation. there might not even be a perfect way to describe this, but the officers go around the side of the house and they're
4:27 pm
chasing him. it appears, that they don't know that they were police. we don't know that. they never said we are the police, but they did say put your hands up. the grandmother wants to know could they have used some lesser form of force, but you can hear the officers are really amped up. >> and look at the number of times they shot, 20 times. when he hit the ground, they kept firing. in a sense, i understand it, they are amped up, they start a fire, you don't want people shooting back. maybe they are just wounded. what you see that tape and there are all sorts of questions that come to mind. it's not a perfect situation. >> breaking into car windows and evading lease, what kind of crimes are those. >> they can be felonies, misdemeanors but of certainly do not want to kill somebody over that. >> so the officers were reaction when they approach someone like this? >> i think you have to approach -- you have to look at the officers and what they are doing. they are amped up and i could
4:28 pm
not help but think at that time, because i know in the black community, parents talk to the kids and say the cops aren't perfect, the cops are unfair at times, but when they stop you it is no time to start getting in their face are not doing what they tell you to do, so they tell the young black men in the community, look, if they say put your hands up, put them up. even though it is not right. because we love you, we want you alive. don't turn towards them and walked towards them because they might think of a weapon. but what happens here, and i think it is that old adage, the cover-up is worse than the crime , because after you hear one of the police officers say, turn off your audio. turn off the audio, let's talk about this. you can but that she can help but think all they are trying to think of something to say.
4:29 pm
how about just honestly from the police officers? we thought he had a gun. we were wrong in that sense, but we thought our lives were at risk. i think the community would accept that more than let's covered up, let's lie and let's say at first he had a gun, he didn't have a gun, or yeah the club or some type of crowbar. oh he had a phone. people don't like that. it will be interesting to see how it settles. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> well, another shakeup in the legal department. what prompted the united -- the president to deny the appointment of two white house lawyers. also washington diplomats kicked out of embassies around the world, including here in the united states.
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well, the united states is giving russian diplomats the boot. today the trump administration announced the move in retaliation of the operatives poisoning diplomats. >> reporter: when they do things like they did in england, the poisoning of that
4:33 pm
individual, they are sanction. >> reporter: the trump administration is coming down hard on russia in -- retaliation for a nerve agent poisoning that critically injured a man and his daughter. >> it is part of a pattern of increasingly aggressive russian behavior but also represents a new and dangerous phase in russia's hostile activity in europe. >> reporter: disconsolate was thought to be a center of russian intelligence operations. outside expert say the message has been received. >> this does not destroy russian relations it just says that you are going to pay a very high price if you think twice about doing this again. >> reporter: russians fiercely
4:34 pm
deny that they are behind the poisoning. in washington, caroline shively , fox news. the expulsion was accorded efforts between the eu and others. in response to russia's a unacceptable behavior we are expelling several russian diplomats from our country. canada will stand in solidarity with the other countries. the president of the are being counsel said additional measures include further expulsion and have not been excluded income in weeks. and this from ohio senator rob portman says i support the decision to export russian spies. we go to this next one here. like many other representatives, this one applauded the decision
4:35 pm
and he tweeted that we cannot allow other countries to flout norms at the expense of our alleys. joining us now from new york is john walker. these diplomats now have one week to pack up and leave. do these expulsions really matter? will they make a difference? >> i think typically diplomatic expulsions -- a lot of them are treated as mostly symbolic but this is a very large one if you include all the different countries. it is the largest expulsion of soviet or russian diplomats in history. so it is a very substantial measure and it is going to -- in all likelihood it will substantially interfere with the ability to gather intelligence in the west and in the united states. i expect probably the closing of both the san francisco consulate earlier and also the
4:36 pm
seattle consulate is going to make intelligence gathering more difficult for the russians. >> you mention the fact that this is extraordinary. but what do the u.s. and the other countries, germany, france, italy, would they hope to accomplish? >> i think they intend to send a small -- strong message to russia that this kind of activity, which they have apparently all concluded is almost certainly a russian intelligence operation and very likely ordered and approved by the kremlin since it is difficult to believe that anything this sophisticated and significant would go on from some type of rogue intelligence operation. they have concluded that this was a deliberate message sent by the kremlin and they are standing in solidarity, trying to convey to the kremlin that this kind of thing will not be tolerated. i expect that it will lead to
4:37 pm
further sanctions, economic sanctions that are going to be targeting the russian economy and are a harbinger of things to come. in particular, i think it is important to appreciate that this may be a turning point for the trump administration, which as we all know has been very -- let's say basically sympathetic to put in and opposed to taking a hard line on russia. it is possible that this is a turning point for them. >> and while this sounds dramatic, the largest expulsion, talk to me about the real consequences of this. >> well, as i said, it is mostly about the actual practical consequences. it makes life difficult for diplomats and they are almost certainly going to retaliate and make it difficult for western diplomats who have to leave russia with their families. but it is mostly an impediment
4:38 pm
to intelligence gathering, so there is that practical aspect, but also, as i said, it suggests that the united states and its western allies are going to be tougher on russia and that there are more economic sanctions coming, in those economic sanctions can make a big difference. >> i know you were talking about this being of a symbolic nature, but we have already seen the response from resident latimer wooten, okay you are going to kick out my diplomats, i am going to take action myself. does it appears though putin is actually listening to what is happening or that he even cares? >> he may not care. i cannot believe that they -- i mean, i think it is very likely that this was kremlin ordered operation, it is not certain but it is very likely. and i do not think that there
4:39 pm
is any doubt that if it was, that they understood that there would be a sharp reaction. they might not have anticipated the extent of the reaction, and they may not have anticipated that it would be a turning point for the trump administration, but they certainly anticipated that it would be discovered -- that the western investigators were going to ascertain that it was a nerve agent and that there would be a big reaction. so it is quite possible that they do not particularly care, it is quite possible that they are trying to ramp up the internal atmosphere -- the sort of external threat inside of russia, and it is also possible that the kremlin has decided that they would rather see russian money fleeing places like london and returning to russia as part of the whole sanctions fallout from this. >> we shall see. thank you so much, former professor walker. north korean leader kim
4:40 pm
jong un may be in china. this is video of a convoy that was bothered heading from the great hall of people toward the direction of the guesthouse. for the reports indicate that a train might have carried a foreign official through a chinese border city, security in beijing and testified at yemen square which normally happens for important meetings. if the north korean leader is in china, it would mark his first official foreign trip since assuming power in 2011. major league baseball is back in the bay area. game 2 of the series tonight at at&t park. the giants trying to reverse the fortunes of last year. i have a live report coming up. if you're going out to the game, bring along a jacket. it will be cool and breezy. outside at this hours -- tomorrow will be warmer.
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i will have a look at what you can expect coming up.
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more for your thing. that's our thing. visit exciting times. we are just days away from the opening days for both the a's and the giants. joe?
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i'm going to wax poetic a little bit about the start of baseball season, there is always something special about the good weather. it is come just in time. nobody has lost a game yet. there is always something special about the giants and the a's playing each other before the days of interleague play, that only happened in their preseason. so this year, the american league west played the national league west, so not quite the novelty. they will see each other six times during the regular season. we can help it, looking around the stadium, think about the fact that this opened in the year of 2000. this is the ninth season. we were shooting a special earlier pick up his little bit grimy and it had the winners worth of dust on the seats. it is just about opening day ready. the giants open at dodgers
4:45 pm
stadium and the a's open at home at the coliseum. they played each other a little during the preseason this year, but there is always something about, number one, playing each other and then getting used to the big stadiums because that is what they're going to see on opening day. >> i am looking forward to it. it will be packed and everybody will be excited. we will be feeding off of that. it might not be a regular- season game but it will have the field to it. >> you want to treat it like a real game. it definitely feels like it when you are out there, but it is baseball. >> i think we all kind of get that feeling. we are only a few days away. we're back you're playing in a real wrigley stadium and playing in front of more fans and we get during this bring training. and some news concerning the giants, they announced that they hired former manager dusty
4:46 pm
baker is a assistant. they also announced their starting pitcher who is going to be ty blach. we have more for you at 5:00. joke i think you so much for that update. you have a great assignment today. looking forward to hitting at&t park for gamer to. it's beautiful out there for life shot. you are right. it is gorgeous, still little cool and breezy in some areas but much better than it has been. if you like the warm weather, you have a tree coming your way. we have great weather coming in that great -- in the coming days. if you are thinking about heading out to at&t park orey of tickets, ring along a jacket because once the sun sets it will be a cool one out there. it is the breeze that will cut right through you, as we all know. so yes, just be prepared for that and you should be in goal -- good shape for good game.
4:47 pm
so here's a system that brought us a good amount of rain last week and the unsettled weather throughout the course of the weekend. now it is moving off to the east. high pressure will be building and in the coming days. it will also push. temperatures will be back into the 70s by tomorrow. here's a look at the storm tracker 2 up close. you can see the pressure between the two is what brought on the wind. that could continue until tomorrow but it shouldn't be as strong or as widespread. oakland reporting gus about 25. i-80 going the opposite direction. . that includes for the bay bridge and san mateo. having you look here at some of the rainfall amounts as we do close out march, and it does look like the rest of the month will be a dry one.
4:48 pm
65% above average in santa rosa. even with all that rain we received of the last two weeks, we are still in a deficit. we will continue to check this, but again, some of us ready for the break in the warmer weather. 60 degrees in oakland right now. 68 in napa. as we get into the overnight hours, there will be another chilly one. not quite as cool but still very cool. 42 in the inner east bay. 49 expected for your start in san francisco, as well as 45 for san jose. afternoon highs for tomorrow. take a look at this, we will -- anywhere -- we're going to keep it going tomorrow with another 5 to 10 degrees of warming expected. low 70s for the east bay shore, 71 for the afternoon high in hayward. we will get into the inner east bay, 73 in antioch, take a look to the north, one of the warmer spots for tomorrow. a little warmer, thursday perhaps the warmest day of the
4:49 pm
week. some of the south bay locations could get into the 80s. i will have a look at the extended forecast coming up. thank you very much. frank joins us now with a look at the stories that we are looking at for 5. i have had my car broken into, this happened to me. -- actually that happened to heather. frank i tell us about it. what happened here, happen across the bay. it was a dream vacation that was expected to and with the marriage proposal, but those plans were raced just minutes after they left the oakland airport. these were targeting cars, coming up with the heartbreaking couples thing about what happened. new information out of oakland about a car that was pulled out of lake merritt. it was a suburban that was pulled out of lake merritt this afternoon. please now say there is a direct link between the suburban and a homicide investigation where woman was
4:50 pm
found dead in the lake earlier this month. frank, we will see you here in just about 10 minutes. my heart really breaks for that couple. i had my car broken into but nothing so special was taken from me. in the meantime, city leaders going out to the streets to get a firsthand look at some of the changes that need to be done. stay with us.
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
well, the music streaming service spot if i reported about 2 million listeners got into its premium service without paying for it. that information comes from an initial public offering filing as the world's largest music sharing service prepares to sell shares.
4:53 pm
the company is now telling members that their accounts will be terminated if they continue to use the hacked apps. those users represent a little bit more than 1% of all spot if i users. a san francisco man took a walk this morning and we will see firsthand what many people in this city complain about. the mayor walked through the city with city officials and community leaders. they say that cleanliness and homelessness in the neighborhood are their top priorities. we cannot solve the problem until we find places to be off the street. and what is really hard for me is that we are starting to see a loss of compassion. one of the reasons that people have come to that castro is that it has a history of compassion, but i see compassion fatigue setting in. kitty becky has decided to
4:54 pm
end her collegiate career early. the olympic champion will forgo her final two seasons of college eligibility and turn pro. that decision will help her focus on the 2020 games in tokyo. the 21-year-old says she continues to day she intends to continue to take classes. she led stanfords women team to back to back championships. a trafficking bill is awaiting the president's signature. [ indiscernible ]
4:55 pm
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4:57 pm
a new warning is being added to the netflix series, "13 reasons why." the warning says this series may not be right for youth. it is centered on a teenager's suicide and premiered a year ago. the second season is scheduled to premier this year. sex trafficking survivors and advocates are calling on president trump to sign a bill which would hold websites criminally and civilly liable for sex trafficking. >> but, they are in opposition from some internet companies and free speech advocates. >> as a child when i was trafficked, nobody was looking for me.
4:58 pm
this law says we are looking for you. we are here looking at we care. >> reporter: victims of sex trafficking and their advocates are urging president trump to fight legislation -- signed legislation to fight online sex trafficking. >> donald trump out to put his signing pen where his mouth is. if he cares about sex trafficked children, let him sign this bill. >> the bipartisan bill which overwhelmingly passed that house and senate makes it easier for law enforcement to prosecute websites that knowingly facilitate sex trafficking and allows victims to sue those websites. >> sexual exploitation of our children must end. time is up for those who benefited from the use and promotion of online solicitation, to exploit our children. >> reporter: some big internet companies and free speech advocates have expressed opposition to the bill because of the men's parts of the
4:59 pm
communications decency act, a federal law that grants immunity to websites that host content created by others. the proposed legislation is having an impact and has prompted websites like craigslist to take down personal sections in the u.s. while reddit removes some forms related to sex from its site. the white house touted a legislation as an important step forward to biting human trafficking. in washington, i'm garrett tenney, fox news. it stopped traffic and caused a crowd to grow around the scene. this afternoon, police pulled this suburban from lake merritt, and investigators say this suburban is linked to a bizarre homicide investigation. good evening, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. authorities pulled the vehicle out of the lake after it was spotted by a sheriff's drone. it was on the eastern side of the lake in the same area where a woman was found dead in the water. crime reporter henry lee joins us with more on the investigation. henry? >> reporter: no more bodies were pulled out of the water
5:00 pm
today, but the discovery of the suv was a big surprise to oakland police. they say that the vehicle was owned by the man who killed the woman he had been dating before he ended up drowning himself. take a look at this video of a 1994 chevy suburban, pulled out of lake merritt about 1:30 today, more than a week after the vehicle's owner and woman died near the waters. the chevy was found in 8 feet of water in a 70 feet from the shore near lakeshore and have a new -- near lakeshore and hanover avenues. dive teams went into the water to make sure there were no other victims. police say the suv is owned by a man they suspect of killing his as -- his girlfriend back on march 15th. on that day, calls came into 911 about a man and woman fighting in the water. officers pulled 39-year-old michael grace from the lake. he died at the


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