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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  March 27, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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undocumented immigrants. and out of state group that has been identified as a hate group went to protest outside a local elementary school. the reason they are here and the plan -- plant response from the community. >> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thanks for joining us here on mornings on 2. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. steve paulson will tell us if it will feel like a spring . >> i think it will. a little later, it will. we do have warmer weather on the way. this is it. real thing going on thursday here. if you're heading out to at&t, 6:05. 64 it looks nice. temperatures will be warming up . northerly breeze certainly helps. a lot of son, quieter pattern for a while. i don't see any rain. if we do, we will show it to you. north. and north at davis equaling some pretty warm
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temps. much cooler for others. high pressure has decided to come back to california. it's deflecting everything about portland to seattle to vancouver. look at fairfield. brentwood 55. napa airport, 58. that's about 20, 25 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. temperatures cool off. 30s in the santa cruz mountains. scott valles is in there. close. that's a big difference there. breeze or no breeze. it will be sunny for everybody today. we are seeing some modification of that. sunny, breezy, probably not as windy for most. temps are on their way up. no continue to thursday. 60s and 70s on the temps. 5:01 on a tuesday. cell tells us -- >> it's getting breeze -- busier out there, steve. a week where we are going to be seeing easter at the beginning of next week. we will see good friday.
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a lot of people take that off. we are going to see some vacations coming on. this is a look at westbound 580. actually, i'm going to start with this early morning chase. i'm sorry, we will get two 580 in a second. look at this vehicle. this driver was trying to get away from police. ended up trying to get on highway 4. flipped the car. believe it or not, and got out of the car and ran off. police were in the area looking for this person. and apparently, not injured enough not to run away. this is at the port chicago highway offramp. car is still smoking. we do have some police activity there. it's not affecting the commute right now. it's still pretty light on highway 4 near port chicago. now, then, i was talking about 580. it is looking pretty good. 580 westbound. were going to have a little bit of a break. i'm thing a little, not a lot. it's still slow. some people this week have the break, the spring break going
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on. dublin that traffic to castro valley, looking pretty good. this is a look at interstate 880 at oakland. traffic in both directions looks fine. already, we see some people lining up there. because traffic on the bridge is a little bit slow. we will talk about that in a minute. 5:03. let's go back to the desk later this morning, a protest outside of a -- an elementary school by members of the controversial westboro baptist church. members of that church travel around the country protesting against the lgbtq community. the protest will target rancho romero elementary school in alamo. we're not sure why that school is being targeted. it may be because of her recent poster at the school that encourage discussion about sexual and gender identity. statement released by the school district says, quote, our primary concern is the safety of the students, staff, and parents.
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we have a plan in place to hopefully mitigate the protest at our school. on sunday, more than 150 members of a walnut creek church sang songs and held signs countering a protest i members of the westboro baptist church. it's not clear why the mount diablo universalist unitarian church was targeted for that protest. one man is in custody after leading the chp on a chase. the chase started on the bay bridge when a yellow van marked black rock city public works drove into a construction zone. an officer was parked on the freeway to help protect the construction crews and reacted quickly when that van driver entered the cone zone. >> he, in fact, did endanger the workers in that zone and almost collided with our officers 'patrol car as he sped through the closure itself.
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>> the driver refused to stop and let police from interstate 80 all the way to pleasant hill. officers say he was going as fast as 90 miles an hour at times. he got off the freeway and ended up on a dead-end street where officers surrounded the van. you can see the driver arrested and is now being questioned. investigators are not saying it why the driver refused to stop. our time is 5:05. new reports that federal immigration agents are using facebook user data to track down undocumented immigrants. a report by the intercept details a case from last year when ice agents were searching for a man in new mexico. they were able to get a log of when he used facebook as well as corresponding ip addresses for each of those logins. facebook says in that particular case, they responded to the ice request for the information because it was part of an investigation involving a child editor. yesterday, the federal trade commission said it's investigating facebook's
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privacy policies. this follows a discovery that the consulting policy cambridge analytica access the personal data of 50 million facebook users during the 2016 presidential campaign. privacy advocates claim the company violated a 2011 consent decree with the ftc. now, congress is also getting involved. the senate judiciary committee has invited facebook ceo mark zuckerberg to testify next month. meantime, the shares of facebook have lost 13% of their value since the scandal broke last week. there are new reports. >> federal immigration agents are using facebook user data to track down undocumented immigrants. that's what we've been talking about here. a report by the intercept details that case. and this is from last year. when ice agents -- but we are
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talking also about this video that we're showing you. it's an uber story. we will talk more about that in just a moment. >> all right, pam. our time is five deco seven. and again, we're talking about uber. the governor of arizona suspending self driver uber -- come up a little bit later. community members are expected to meet with the city council after the police release more video of the controversial shooting death of an unarmed man last week. two police officers were responding to reports of car break-ins when they saw 22-year- old stephon clark. aerial video shows officers chasing stephon clark. they say they thought he had a gun and they fired at him 20 times in his grandmother's backyard. it turns out he was not armed. he was only holding a cell phone. now stephane clark's family is calling for federal and state prosecutors to investigate.
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>> justice. i want justice. i want justice for stephon clark. please give us justice. >> we are open to all discussions. we want our community to know that we are committed to giving the facts of this incident. >> the police also released body camera video of the shooting. in that video, about seven minutes after the gunfire, you can hear an instruction to officers to mute their body cameras. the audio in that video then goes silent. oakland police pulled an suv out of lake merritt and says it is linked to the deaths of two people found in the water earlier this month. the chevy suburban was pulled out of the lake yesterday. more than a week after man and a woman were reporting -- reported fighting in the area. michael grace was pulled from the lake and later died in a hospital. 24-year-old tayana johnson was
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found dead 50 feet from the shore and police say the two were dating. now, johnson showed signs of physical injuries. her death is being investigated as a homicide. grace's death is being investigated as an accidental drowning. police say that the suburban belonged to him and was first spotted by in elementary -- an alameda sheriffs drone. >> the vehicle was discovered by the alameda county sheriffs drone. we're looking to see if it's connected to the march 15 murders. >> what led up to the fight and why the pair ended up in the lake is not clear. a memorial sits near the spot where the bodies and the suv was pulled from the bottom -- water. johnson's relatives say she leaves behind two young daughters. a judge in the south bay is now clear -- has now cleared the way for voters to decide the fate of a -- embattled judge aaron persky. they denied his appeal of that
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rico i can't. he centered sentence stanford swimmer brock turner to six months in jail for a sexual assault. people collected more than 94,000 signatures for the measure on the june ballot to recall judge persky. judge persky filed an appeal on the grounds that the recall campaign should have been filed at the state level because he considers himself a state officer. the university of california has reached a tentative settlement in a sexual harassment case. a uc berkeley student claimed that she was sexually harassed during therapy sessions at a facility on the cal campus. she said she went there for help to deal with stress of being away from home and during exams. her lawsuit against the therapist was dismissed, but her claims over professional agents continues. there are reports the settlement is for a quarter million dollars. the uc board of regents has to approve that settlement.
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time is now 5:11. an update on a controversial training program that involves law enforcement from all over the country. the decision today to continue involvement with urban shield. the best daily point gain on more than 10 years. we are going to take a look at what might be behind that record spike in the stock market. if you're approaching the richmond bridge right now, traffic looks okay. driving into san rafael from richmond. we will tell you more straight ahead. well, yesterday, the wind machines and napa county were going full blown because of some cold temps. 30s this morning. 58. antioch 57.
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welcome back. we do have some breaking news to tell you about out of san francisco. fire crews tell us that they are just getting control of a fire near the intersection of bush and kearney. you can -- it could still affect traffic in that area. the fire was a three-story marshall building. so no one is out of their home. san francisco fire says the cause is still under investigation. our time is 5:14. the white house ordered 60 russian diplomats to leave the united states. it's part of acorn 80 -- coordinated effort in retaliation for the nerve gas attack on a former russian spy and his daughter in england.
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russia's conflict is also ordered to close by the end of next week. at least 18 countries around the world are following suit giving russian diplomats the boot. >> with the steps, the u.s. and are allies and partners around the world make clear to russia that actions have consequences. >> with the right move to kick out russian diplomats. but it will not be enough to get letter ujin's attention -- vladimir putin's attention. >> present trump cannot be silent on this. you got to personally condemn vladimir putin for these actions. >> the unprecedented move comes in response to the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter in great britain. they are still in the hospital with -- in critical condition. accusing russia of using a military grade nerve gas in that attack. russian -- russia denies it. diplomats and their families have six days to leave the united states. stormy daniels has filed a
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lawsuit against president trump's personal attorney. the former adult entertainer is suing michael cohen for definition -- definition -- defamation. denying an affair between daniels and the president ever took place. daniels' attorney is calling on president trump to take the witness stand. >> does the reason why this money was paid. it wasn't paid because she made the story up. if she's not telling the truth, let the president take to the podium and call her a liar. let the president come forward and say it never happened. >> lee -- legal analysts say danielle by suing cohen for defamation, may open the door to get president trump and his attorney michael cohen the post
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under oath. the president's son-in-law is under a microscope. white house officials are investigating a half million dollars -- half billion dollars in loans that went to jared kushner's family business. his spokesman insists jared kushner has not been involved in any business loans, earn projects -- or projects since he joined the white house. california's attorney general will file a lawsuit against the trump administration over a question that will now appear on the 2020 census form. the commerce department has decided to include a question about citizenship on the census. state attorney general javier says the question is illegal and will discourage immigrants from responding. he expects noncitizens and possibly the family members who are here legally to worry because they are afraid of being deported. that, he says, it would mean and -- a less accurate count. should citizenship status be a question on the 2020 census? let us know what you think by voting on our ktvu twitter page and commenting on our ktvu
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facebook page. time is 5 18. sal is right over there. and -- anything in our morning commute? >> things are okay. i would say that they are not terrible right now. you will see that traffic in this area is doing pretty well. we've had a couple of minor things going on. for the most part, the main commute out of gilroy into the silicon valley looks pretty good. we see traffic doing very well. also looking at the commute approaching the bay bridge. still looks good from the carquinez bridge to the maze. those lights are on. this week is going to be just another bit different because at the end of the week, we have good friday with markets closing. we do have a lot of people who are starting spring break around this time of year. the home omer -- opener for the giant on tuesday. let's ring in steve. how's the weather going to be.
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>> beautiful. >> perfect. >> sunny and warm. pretty good. we do have really quiet pattern. but also a much warmer pattern out towards napa, solano county, and eastern time to cuss. -- the eastern part. at this time yesterday, they were 35. that's a huge difference. this will be it. 6:05. 64 nice degrees. sunny and breezy. for some. it will be sunny for everybody and a little bit warmer. 60s and 70s now. we are bumping up a little bit above average. look at that northerly bridge -- breeze. they are up 20, 25 degrees compared to yesterday. and that makes -- seeing a lot of 50s.
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three-week vacation. i'm ready to go back to california. 30s, 40s, and 50s. there's a big difference here. one observation, 39. 56 fairfield. pittsburgh is 54. vallejo 54. another observation is 57 warm degrees. 52. there's some 10, 15 degrees differences. not that far away. sunshine will be for everyone. that cool air mass is being modified and is going to start warming up pretty quick. sunny and breezy for some. not for all. temps are on their way up. they will continue to ride up the old escalator there. 70s if you get that northerly breeze to hang on. you'll get some mid 70s. 60s for others. they'll still be pretty nice. warming up. and that's what we're going to do. into thursday, still nice. >> i love it.
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thank you. new information about the death of prince. toxicology reports from his autopsy just came out. the details are next. apple is hosting an event in chicago today. we will let you know about the new tools for educators. that will be introduced.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. 5:23. we are live again in san
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francisco . obviously if san francisco firetruck right there. developing news, the fire crews just got control of that fire pam told you about at the intersection of bush and kearney. you can see this is the location we are talking about. you see the map right there. it was a one alarm fire. started this morning. it was at a three-story commercial building. the fire is out. you see the fire crews still out there. the flames are out. no one was displaced. the damage appears to be minor. so far. the fire department says right now, they are investigating how the fire started. again, these are live pictures from san francisco. that commercial building that was on fire just minutes ago is out. we will bring you more information as we get it. today, in chicago, apple will hold its first product launch of 2018. they will show off a new ipad, a new macbook any new version of ios today at a high school
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in illinois. they are also going to debut something called class kit for ios. we don't know the details on this yet. apple will focus on how its products help education. that event starts at 2:00 this morning. there will be no live streaming of that event. time is 5:25. fedex placed an order for 20 tesla semi trucks. it's joining a growing list of companies that are placing orders for the all electric big rigs tesla ceo elon musk says the trucks will be able to travel 500 miles on a full battery even when it's carrying a full 80,000 pound load. production is due to begin in 2019 but tesla has been driving the truck around to companies like u.p.s. and pepsi to show them what the trucks can do. kept the is -- tesla is also debuting a training program helping to recruit students as employees. tesla pays students to take a 12 week course.
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if they score above 80%, they are promised a job as a technician at one of the company's service centers around the country. the program is available at a school in charlotte, north carolina. and at rio hondo college right outside of los angeles. 5:26. guess what. you could win almost a half billion dollars today. all you have to do is match up the numbers to the mega millions lottery. tonight's estimated jackpot, $458 million. the fourth biggest jackpot ever for the mega millions. it surpasses the giant $451 million prize that was won back in january. by the way, you can buy tickets until 7:45 tonight. aman's dog fell down a steep hillside in marin county. we will tell you what first responders did to bring man's best friend back up to safety. tourists targeted by
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thieves at an east bay parking lot. the plea from a couple from michigan to get their engagement ring back. good morning. right now, traffic is moving along pretty well. if you are driving on west 24 from oakland to walnut creek. skies are clear. there are plenty of 50s. 20 degrees warmer than at this time yesterday. looks like a lot of sun and warmer temps. i'll show you how much warmer coming up.
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good morning. welcome back. keeping an eye on the stock market. futures up, inching up a little bit. as the morning progresses. looks like another good day for the stock market. dow futures up 143 points. indicating that -- about that point on the upside. that's after the dow is up more than 600 points at yesterday's closing bell. third-biggest single day gain in u.s. history. it does come after a month of sharp ups and downs. the volatility continues. last week, of course, the markets had their worst week in two years. after the president's announcement about imposing new tariffs. the tensions over global trade war has eased of it. the treasury secretary says negotiations with china still underway. he thinks a deal can
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be reached soon even with yesterday's rally. the dow has just recovered half of last week's losses. still down about 9% from the peak in january. again, nasdaq, s&p, and the dow looking like a good opening today. >> we will say good morning to you. welcome back to mornings on 2. tuesday, march 27. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. 5:31 is the time. it's a very nice warming -- morning. >> mother nature is buying the dip, pamela. ring it up. bring those temps up. yesterday morning was quite cold. we had a few 20s, lots of 30s. napa county, parts of solano, -- ♪ -- there you go. >> love it. >> oh, yeah. >> is it baseball season already, sal? >> my goodness. you're going to distract me for my job here. i have to to wait until the
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hockey season. they are playing great. 6:00 tonight. so it will be a nice, sunny, warm. temperatures bumping up. the coolest day of the week, was yesterday. every day the rest of this week will be warmer. there's a robust fresh northerly breeze. also out to the eastern county. that's keeping the lows in the 50s, upper 50s. it has sent the storm track up the pacific northwest. those of you in there. fear filled at 56. antioch is at -- same for dublin. there's a good he -- 15 degree difference. warmer temps today. 60s and 70s. 5:32. right now, -- >> go time, right? >> go time. if you're getting on the road,
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we are going to have that solano county super commute. as you head out to the mccarter -- macarthur maze. it's getting a little bit more crowded on 37. but definitely not bad just yet here. as you drive to the carquinez bridge, from the carquinez bridge to the maze. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, it is crowded. so this is about a 15-20 minute delay before you make it onto the bridge. let's go back to the desk. happening today, the alameda county board of supervisors will vote on whether to continue funding the sheriff's department's urban shield training. supporters say it gives teams a chance to work and learn from each other. last year, it became really controversial when it was reported that the federal immigration agents took part in urban shield. a coalition that proposes urban
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shield will be holding a news conference this morning. that will take place before the supervisors vote today. oakland police are looking for the driver of a pickup truck who ran off after crashing into some parked cars. police say they received reports of gunfire just before 8:00 last night near the intersection of 27th avenue and foothill boulevard. when they arrived, they found a pickup truck that had been driven onto the sidewalk and had crashed into a couple of parked cars. witnesses say they heard gunfire and saw the driver take off running. police are now trying to locate him. no reports of any injuries. 5:34. a tour bus driver was arrested over the weekend for allegedly driving drunk with a bus filled with passengers. chp says the driver was going north when -- and was headed for sonoma county when the driver allegedly hit the bridge rail. investigators say she kept
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driving with 40 passengers on board. one of the passengers called 911 saying she was driving erratically and at unsaved -- unsafe speeds. they weren't able to get out in front of that bus. the chp says the driver was finally detained in the parking lot of the graton cristino. angela teasley was arrested and booked on dui charges. authorities say her blood alcohol level was almost four times as high as a legal limit. a local ranch owner is facing animal abuse charges after a dead horse was found on his property. the dead horse was among a dozen animals found malnourished on the ranch last week. it was one of the -- week. one of the horses was 3 pounds underweight. >> our deputy went up there and found it's a small pasture with
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saturated mud and puddles of water. these horses were being forced to stand in sometimes knee-high water and mud. and they looked unhealthy. you could see some bones coming through the skin and they look emaciated. >> all of the horses are being care ford -- cared for and are expected to survive. authorities have charged the owner of the horses with multiple felony and -- alan -- animal abuse charges. a young couple visiting the bay area had their dreams dashed. thieves stole a backpack that contained a diamond engagement ring. they are supposed to be on a trip of a lifetime. but just an hour after they landed in oakland, there renter -- rental car was broken into while they were in and in-n-out burger near interstate 880. they didn't touch their luggage. but a single backpack with that
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engagement ring was gone. >> as i'm looking at the root window, i see someone grab a backpack out of my car because they had busted the window. he ran over to the next car and busted that one, too. and then they went away and had -- i had my backpack with my diamond engagement ring stolen. >> the girlfriend said she tried on the ring weeks ago but had no idea her boyfriend plan to propose on this trip. the san mateo county sheriff department is asking for the public's help to find a missing teenager. 15-year-old tiana levett smith was last seen on march 16 at about 5:00. she was leaving the san mateo children's receiving home when -- which is a transitional home for young people. detectives say they have -- are returning to the public for
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help. if you have any information that could locate her, please call detective myers. the number on your screen, 650- 3634 city -- 4050. bart's newest train cars are making their way cross country on semi trucks. says two cars are right now making the 3600 mile journey from plattsburgh, new york, to here in the bay area. 22 of those new cars have already been delivered. they are taken to hayward. that's where they undergo inspections and testing be -- before they are put into service. one marin county man -- >> -- is very grateful to have his dog back. the dog was trapped off the side of the road where it's
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very steep and covered with thick brush. a helicopter search began will rescue crews searched on the ground. almost an hour later, rescue crews found the dog and under some brush. not able to park for help and after giving the dog some water, it was reunited with its owner. a 92-year-old man is still recovering after he fell more than 20 feet down into a well. 92-year-old anna silva had a sore back and bumps and bruises . he didn't want to show you his face. he had been in the house on his property on saturday when his 100-year-old for -- floorboards collapse. he said he pressed his feet and back against the walls, trying to keep his head above water. yesterday, he was able to thank the firefighters who rescued and saved his life. >> we looked down the hole. i saw him down there. i said, are you okay? he said, yeah. just get me out
5:40 am
of this hole. >> i'm very thankful for them. very much so. i'll always remember that. anything that happens, those are the guys to get. >> he was taken to the hospital before he was able to thank the firefighters. the firefighters are not finished helping mr. silva. they plan to go out to the house to replace that old pump house. >> that's so great. oh, i love that part of the story. i'm glad he's okay. 5:48 is the time right now. suspect is in protected custody. police apparently found the man who made the threat against a san mateo school. how he's describing his threat. also, there's a new proposal from the oakland a's that could keep the team in oakland. the push to buy the entire coliseum complex. good morning. traffic is moving along relatively well. if you're driving on westbound 92. san mateo bridge.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. san francisco systems tackling the growing homeless problem. jana katsuyama shows us how that money will be used and the challenge for other tech companies to step up. >> reporter: tom is a san jose contractor building homes for people. at the end of the day, he returns to his tarp and his dog, beau, at the side of a railroad track. >> you have to have an apartment. if you don't have 2000 a month, how are you going to afford it? >> that's what destination home is trying to solve. the ceo of cisco got a standing ovation when he announced the company would put $50 million
5:44 am
over five years to help destination home reach its goal of providing support of housing to the homeless. destination home says they were thrilled to get the news and the vote of confidence. >> since 2015, we've housed over 5000 people. 93% of those people have stayed in their housing. >> reporter: the goal will be to use the donations to build more housing similar to the site . >> at the same time, we are going to fund programs that can prevent homelessness. >> reporter: the san jose mayor says it will go a long way to help. the city estimate it will need another billion dollars to build the housing needed. >> in our last count we had more than 4350 homeless residents in the city of san jose on any given night. more than 7400 throughout the entire county. we've got a long way to go. >> reporter: pastor scott wagers has been working for
5:45 am
decades helping the homeless and says these men and women need immediate help. >> we want to build housing. what do we do in the meantime? people are dying out here in record numbers. 138 was number last year. >> reporter: i asked about accountability and transparency . destination home says they plan to issue annual reports to the public about their -- their progress. sal is right there. you've been busy since you came in this morning. >> yeah, although, you know, compared to last week, dave and pam, this isn't really busy like last week. but i know what you mean. we are getting busier. i do want to mention that traffic is going to be a little bit slower on some of the key points. for example, the 205, 580 interchange. we are definitely seeing speeds here get pretty slow. 9 miles an hour. that's not very good obviously.
5:46 am
livermore to pleasanton, much better. getting off to castle valley, you see slow traffic already building. making that transition. it looks pretty good here at the bay bridge. we are back up to the bay. it is looking kind of typical. as we get closer to the end of the week, we will see if that holds up. 5:36. let's bring steve in. >> much colder than last week. we do have a break in our pattern. wonderful rain and snow for three weeks has given way to a pretty quiet ending for the last week of march. your baseball forecast, this is it's. sunny little breeze out there. it's pretty mild. lots of sun. quiet pattern. warmer. 70s for some. we will split the difference. that northerly breeze means they are 23 degrees warmer than at this time yesterday. 58 balmy degrees. fairfield north at 16. davis, due north.
5:47 am
parts of napa county, a few others are held up by that breeze. high pressure is back in a big way. it's not all the entire west coast. up the pacific northwest. 30s and 40s on the temps. some mild conditions. there are some cool ones as well. 53. 42 over to fremont. 41 los altos. in las vegas, 63. 19 in truckee. that's 12 warmer than yesterday. yesterday, they made it to 7. they are warming up in the sierra as well. the air is being modified by that northerly breeze. there's a big 50-20 degrees spread. it's all going to be sunshine and warmer temps. you and me and tim over there and dave and pam. temperatures will be above average. they are on their way up.
5:48 am
they are heading up to the upper 70s. still nice going into the weekend, but a little cooler. >> what about those sharks? >> they are on fire right now. they are really playing well. >> i'm hoping for a little cup. >> they have the talent. >> they definitely do. >> that was a great trade for them. he has played really well. >> we will talk about the sharks. san jose sharks won again last night. they beat the chicago blackhawks 4-3. trailed 2-1 late in the second before they tied it up. they went ahead 3-2 in the 3rd. and then the blackhawks tied it up again. they went into a shootout. kevin labanc makes the shot hit. then lifted the puck into the net. i'm sorry, mr. goalie. san jose has now won eight games in a row. the longest winning streak in seven years.
5:49 am
they play again tonight in st. louis. the following up on a story we first reported on yesterday. we are learning more about the efforts the oakland a's to stay in oakland. team resident dave kaval says that they would like to enter into an exclusive negotiating agreed and -- agreement. it's co-owned by oakland and alameda county. the terminal site remains under consideration. the site near lake merritt is off the table because of opposition from the community college district. at least one city councilmember says the coliseum site is ideal. >> it means owning your home. it's important to actually be in a place where you control your own destiny and that you can chart your own course for success. and owning our own location is the way to do that. >> we have a site that already has art, that has freeway
5:50 am
access and parking that central to the bay area and is already publicly owned with the completed environmental review. and so we have a site that is easy to build on. >> that does save a lot of time and money. kaval says that he would pay the $135 million in debt currently owed by the city and county. coming up on the nine, he will be here right with us in the studio to talk about the plan to try to buy that the coliseum site. 5:50. oakland students saving their library. what high school students did about the widespread closures of school libraries.
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it's now 5:53. the trial continues in florida today for the widow of the pulse nightclub shooter. 31-year-old nora salmon is accused of helping her husband plan the 2016 attack where 49 people were shot and killed. her lawyers say they just found an -- out the government's father was an fbi informant for 11 years before the attack. they asked for a mistrial thing prosecutors should have revealed that information earlier. but the judge denied the request, saying this case is about nora salmon, not her husband's father. >> i'm really upset. they are using my niece. they are throwing her under the bus to cover something else. i
5:54 am
know my niece from day one. i've been telling everyone that she's innocent. >> reporter: nora solomon was arrested in january 2017. she's being tried in federal court in orlando. her defense is due to wrap up this week. there are new reports that say singer prince had an exceedingly high level of fentanyl in his body when he died. prince was found alone and unresponsive in an elevator in his minnesota estate two years ago. the coroner said his death was from an accidental overdose of fentanyl. no decision yet, though, on whether or not any criminal charges will be filed. time is 5:54. energy secretary rick perry will be here in the bay area at the large berkeley national lab. he'll tour the lab and meet with employees. that lab is managed by the university of california. but it's a member of the national laboratory system.
5:55 am
secretary perry is expected to arrive there at 3 pm. some oakland students are taking matters into their own hands when it comes to improving their school library. wearing masks and carrying cleaning bottles, a group called students for library improvement cleaned their outdated library. for years, oakland tech has not had a librarian and students could not check out books. in december, 2 investigates revealed that this is a common situation across oakland public schools and found almost a third of oakland campuses libraries are closed. at oakland tech, the principal has now budgeted for a full- time library technician for next year. and the computer system has been fixed to allow students to check out books. >> be good -- got a good amount of stuff done. we've wiped down, disinfected them.
5:56 am
we are getting a lot of progress done. at the same time, there's still a lot more that we need to do. >> the school district blames it on budget cuts. community members say they're hopeful after seeing the hard work by the students. >> bravo to them. >> yes, and i hope that they can get some volunteers, somebody in there to keep the libraries open. time is 5:56. new information this morning about facebook and user data. coming up at 6:00 the how ice officials were able to get information on a wanted suspect using facebook. plus, the latest discovery in connection to last week's death at lake merritt. how police say the's suv is related to the case. on the road right now, tried to get to the bay bridge. maybe you'll see some slowing here at the maze coming around
5:57 am
the corner. we will tell you more about the delay at the bay bridge toll plaza. usually by this time, temperatures are going down. but for some, they are going up. san francisco being one. only 57. napa airport is 58.
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning. members of the controversial westboro baptist church are in the bay area this morning. how parents at an east bay school are fighting to protect their kids from the group and what many call their hate speech. new police video from sacramento and an emotional cry for justice. we hear from sacramento police and the family of the unarmed man who was shot and killed by police. the family and their supporters demand charges be filed. mornings on 2 continues. >> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. tuesday morning, almost the end of march, march 27. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about whether or not. steve knows everything. he is right here. >> i try to know some things. much about everything. okay, we do have -- spring
6:00 am
training, a smalltime. last one. some nice weather, though. 6:05. 64. the city is sitting at 57 degrees, so it will be a nice little breeze there. i'm thing may 50s across the city -- mid 50s across the the city. 60s to 70s on the temps. looks like it's kind of waning a little bit. it's still out of the north northwest. the napa airport is 22 degrees warmer than at this time yesterday. fairfield is 18. oakland only one. santa rosa 4. for some, it's a big difference. for others not so much. sunshine today unless you have a flight or travel plans. you'll get some rain. 30s, 40s on the temps. 50s on the temps around the bay. 57 alameda due to a northerly breeze. along do


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